Phantasy Star Online (e)

Andere Lösungen
			Final Version + :

This is the perfect version of this faq, dedicated to my own site. I have already
moved to PSO version 2, but it's always a pleasure to update this faq.

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At least a Phantasy Star for the Dreamcast. Well, you need a powerful guide,
full of informations, a complete guide with the missing link to others Phantasy Star
and some tips that no one mentioned before now, this is it !

Version 1.0 : Was the first version, it's a complete walkthrough.
Version 1.2 : I added rules 9 and 10 in section 3, this information was submitted to me,
check the credits section.
Version 1.3 : Someone e mail me that it's possible to use the scape doll. Also i
added a section for the download quests, i'll complete them later.
Version 1.4 : Correction of misconceptions and difference between the japanese version
and other versions . Added some advice against pirates. I changed the title. I
corrected a tips.
Version 1.5 : corrections of other misconceptions, i changed the example for the
monogrinder cause everyone told me it's not a good one. I added a little something about
the mag in the mag section. I have also learned that there are 10 guilds. Some of you also
call them Section IDs, sorry if it confused you.
Version 1.6 : i added again something in the mag section. Problem with the download quests.
Updated section 12 and section 3.
Version 1.7 : I added other differences between the versions, not in section 2 but in
the walkthrough here and there. Ah...i created this walkthrough with the japanese version
and that's the price to pay for the official one. Don't hesitate to e mail me differences
between what you read here and what you have found. I have corrected a lot of things.

Version 2.0 : I'm playing in hard mode and i have a tons of news. Look at section 5, look at
the advice for the battle against Dark Falz, 2 news sections appeared, SIDE QUESTS and FAQS,
and i added information about download quests.
Version 2.1 : Minor correction for the Delsaber's buster, updated some information in the monster lists.
Version 2.2 : I obtained the download quest and explained what they are. Updated section 14.
Thanks to someone, look at the credits section, the english in this faq was corrected. The text is
not 100% perfect but it's a more readable version. Updated sections 5,6,7,8,9 and 12 (fourth phase of Dark Falz).
Version 2.3 : updated section 14, download quest 4, title and description, added a credit, and updated
section 5 about shops.
Version 2.4 : updated section 5 as usual, and opened a new section for rare items. Updated the tips with
a secret area in the ruins and opened a complete new section, the HUmar guide submitted by Yann Dubois.
My walkthrough was also a HUcast guide because it's my character.
Version 2.5 : A new tips appeared in section 11. Updated section 14, download quest 2 and i gave the
maximum level for a mag in section 6.
Version 2.6 : Added new special weapons and 2 units. I added also the 3 last monsters you can see in very
hard. It's over, the rest is up to you.

Final Version : updated all sections. Bye bye PSO.

Final Version + : I added the degree of piraty on line. Be sure to check it in section 3. I also found
another link with the original saga : updated the beginning of section 12. Thanks also to Guy Morgan
he told me of a problem with the name of the racaseal, check section 4.

Please, keep in mind that i'm french, so in a gigantic faq like this, i can't avoid
grammatical errors.


6  MAG
10 BUGS IN THE OFF LINE MODE TO KNOW (to avoid some crisis)


The beloved saga that has begun on the Master System and continued on the
Genesis touches the collection of the Dreamcast. I'm so happy to find this game
on my way even if it wasn't exactly what i expected as a huge fan of the
original saga. Phantasy Star On Line (PSO for everyone) is an ACTION RPG, yes
one more unfortunately, and not a RPG. The vocabulary of the saga is here but
that's all. The story is simple, Pioneer 1 leads by commander Ryco Tyrell has
found a planet where all the survivors of her old world can live in peace. All
is going well when suddenly the contact was lost. Pioneer 2, which was sent to help
Pioneer 1 to prepare the planet for a massive arrival and leads by the father
of Ryco, decides to stay in orbit around Ragol, the planet. Then the commander asks a
powerful hunter, you, to find his daughter Ryco and any survivors. Around this
tragedy leads a mystery and even some internal problems with pirates like Black
Paper and Black Hound. The governments knows more that they wanted to say but
nothing is sure. The only way to discover the truth is to investigate.
Especially at the beginning this scenario confuses the player because when you
are on Pioneer City you have to fulfill some missions to gain EXP and money.
Sometimes you completely forget this main plot or why you are here. After
this first cold contact the game becomes interesting.
The presentation of the game is so cool with a good FMV, not very good however
(we can easily obtain the same on a Playstation), AND in the language you wish.
It's so cool from the Sonic Team to think to other people in the world. I think
that if each Dreamcast game was like that the Dreamcast will obtain a large
following in the future (even if...). The translation is very bad but it exists.
Graphically, even if i love Eternal Arkadia and even if PSO is not as various
as EA, it's the best game of the Dreamcast. You can only see the forest and the
city at the beginning of the game but you can't imagine how good the rest is.
However it's not really a japanese game, look at the design, look at the
general atmosphere, we are in Star Trek and not in Phantasy Star...I'll finish
with the furies which are ridiculous compared to Eternal Arkadia.
The animation disapointed me a little at the beginning. Not 60 fps, the same
engine as "The Nomad Soul", with a better sprite of course but the same animation
for the hero. Where is the speed of Sonic, the differences between each
character ? The battles are good but at the beginning they are very annoying. In
hand to hand there is no possible combos and even if you do so they are not
fun. You must wait for the middle of the game to obtain fun fights, fun
weapons and interest. Well, don't despair cause the battles with the boss are
really excellent. Imagine Burning Rangers with more speed, in more oppressive and
with giant boss. There isn't a game with better boss battles on earth.
The sound is fantastic. Some music reminds me Ecco the Dolphin, so it's weird for a
RPG, but the music of the bosses, the music of the dungeons are excellent. At
least it's a very good background music. The sound effects are not so excellent
and there is no voice.
The manuverability is good but not excellent. The hero spends one second before he
moves or turns and he begins to walk then runs. In a battle it's a problem cause some
time you can't lock correctly on the foe and when a NPC is with you, you
can lose a mission cause of this : The guy begins to walk when you run...
I come to the difficulty. You find that the game is hard, so am i. There will
be always someone to say the contrary but believe me, it's a difficult game.
And when you'll finish the game you will be surprised to learn
that the difficulty can be increased (see my walkthrough of course). At least
PSO is a good game but just as Record of Lodoss and every action RPG i played on the
Dreamcast (and i hate this style for this reason) i think the game is good only
after i have completed it. I remember the good point and the incredible action i
deploy to win. During the off line game, when you'll be stuck ,and you'll be
stuck once in a while unless you use a gameshark, you'll think to sell this game. The
challenge is real and can be a potential problem. Of course if you buy it for
the on line game it's different but even in that case i can show you a problem.
Ok, so i like this game, it's a good one and the on line game is really good,
but don't expect to play alongside my "Dandroid" before i reach the maximum level
and find the best weapon. Actually my character is good but he can be better
and you'll discover here how to increase your hero's power.
Next time Mister Sega, before you make some games for Sony and Nintendo, be
sure to create a real phantasy Star RPG and a supreme Shining Force. Think to
the huge sega fan i am and people are, all around the world.

GRAPHICS     : 20/20
ANIMATION    : 17/20
SOUND        : 19/20
CONTROLS     : 15/20
INTEREST     : 16/20
FINAL NOTE   : 90 %

							ADK, Alias Dandroid in


In fact i played with the japanese version first and now i'm playing with the european
version, which is my official version.
Believe it or not, it's not the same game, not exactly.
I noticed less loading when choosing your skin.
I noticed a faster character animation, the difference is small but exists.
When you look at the sprite, it seems more thin in the european version but less large.
The bad translation has been corrected. (cool...)
You can read the message of Red Ring Ryco in the mine when you are looking for the boss
and especially in front of the door, it gives the tips to open it. (good idea...)
At the very beginning, when you have to choose between 50 or 60HZ, if you press A, you
make the test in the japanese version and B, you begin in 50HZ. Now if you press A you
begin in 60 HZ and B you play in 50 HZ. (this point concerns only the european).

DEAR EUROPEAN, if you wish to play on line with american and japanese, you have to play
in 60 HZ mode.
DEAR AMERICAN, when you meet an european, try a mission with him instead of ignore him
Sometimes some of us, want to play with foreign players.
DEAR JAPANESE, disconnect sometimes so other people can play with you. Your server is
always full.

If you wish to play with a japanese player you must have a great level, like 85 to 100 (the

With the european version only, when you play in 50 hertz, you can access to a secret ship named
Mimas. It's not really a secret for a guy who plays only in 50 hertz, but it was a surprise
for me because i always play in 60 hertz mode. Maybe the american and the japanese players
have secret ships we can't access.


1 : Once connected, you open your account for the game and you have two choices :
	1 connect to the main server
	2 connect to the download server.
Choose 1 to connect on line.

2 : As you are on line, you can create your own team and choose the proper parameter
(difficulty, hit team mate (not in USA) or not, password) or simply join a team.

3 : If you are alone, travel from ship to ship and then visit the lobby to see who is
on line. Then chat with people so they come with you. (it's better to have a keyboard
for this).

4 : Once the team is created, the game on line is the same as the off line game,
except that you played new missions. (don't count on me to play 43 Hours on line to
obtain all of them).

5 : You can exchange your guild card with someone on line so you can send him e mail to
tell that you are connected.

6 : It seems that some people, (i receive mails that says that there are also european in
the group) plays on line like pirate. They wait for you die, take all your
money and weapon and then disconnect or search another victim. The game is not for that,
as everyone know. The best thing you can do is to shoot them. be sure that you can shoot
your partner (not in the USA) when you are in a team, if you detect a pirate, send a message to other
people so you can shoot him.
it's the only solution as long as there is no "police net" or "Sega police". USA players can keep a scape doll
in inventory to stop pirates.

7 : Once on line, if you press R, your name will change.
EXAMPLE : on line my name is DANDROID.
When I press R, it becomes DANDROID F025.
It means your username is Dandroid, F like french AKA the language you are using and 030 is
your current level. You can also see that the maximum level is 100.

8 : I'm sad to admit it that but beware of people who join you during a quest
cause most of them are pirates. I played on line to test my skills and a group of pirate
joins me. They were waiting for me to die... To avoid this problem protect your team with a

9 : I know that i said i wiould wait to play on line but i have change my mind and now i'm using
this fantastic mode. So if you meet a DANDROID, you will be playing with a contributor of
gamefaqs, me.

10 : It's clear that on line the normal game is more difficult. The monsters have more hp and they
are numerous. I played the ruins and i had the feeling to be in hard. It's also true for
the boss, especially Dark Falz. The third phase will abuse the grants technique for a lot of unblockable
damage. Items found on line are more interesting than those find off line.

11 : On line to use ground switches you must stay on them. Each member of the team must press
one to open the door. If you have two players in a team and there are 4 buttons, you will not be able to open
the door.

12 : Be sure to have other weapon in your bank in case of problem like pirate or sudden death.

13 : They can hit us ! Yes, the japanese player can hit us. For example, a japanese player tested the power
of the delsaber's buster on me accidentaly, i lost 110 hp. Another one cast Megid and i lost 67 hp.
It's because the japanese version allow players to hit (or not) a partner when you create a team. You can count
on them to heal you immeditely after, they have honor (i agree with them), it's bad to hit a partner.

14 : i want to say that PSO on line is not Quake 3. I mean that it's a game where we can chat and except for the
japanese players, no one chat. I like to ask if a person has or has not a keyboard for the dreamcast. A lot of
people take the question as a taunt. I just ask it to know if i can chat with a guy on line or if i can just
obtain a "yes" or a "no" to a question. I can't believe that everyone bought a keyboard for his dreamcast, even
if it seems to be a reality.

15 : Using the Spread Needle on line : It's one of the ultimate weapon of the game, but you can be banished of
a team if you use it too much. You can use it to paralyse ennemies and let a partner killing them. If you rip
too much exp you will regret it.

16 : Some rares items can be found only on line. As if it wasn't enough complicated, with a section ID you
can't find all rares items. You need at least a character of each section to obtain all rares items.

17 : the degree of Piraty in PSO :

1) The item snatcher :
This guy is not dangerous. He usually walks through door and barrier (you can do it without an action replay)
and steal all items in the boxes. He will not help you in battles. Once he has done his job he exits of your game.

2) The basic thief :
This guy acts only during an exchange. He takes your item and then go away. To lure him, simply make him believe
that your weapon is a cheated one and that he needs a special code to go on line with it. It works good because
these guys are not intelligent.

3) The Player Killer (PK) :
This guy is a real pain in the neck. He comes in a team and uses Grantz or Resta to pk you. Then he can steal
your weapon. You can avoid the problem by having a scape doll on you. A player killer doesn't need a gameshark
because he thinks he is invincible. You can also avoid his attack by pressing start. He can't hit you when you
are in the item menu.

4) The freezer :
This guy is extremely dangerous : He uses a gameshark code to kill you with grantz or resta
but on the contrary of a normal PK, he decides when you revive. He has all the time to decide which weapon(s) he
wants to steal. If you awake with a scape doll, he will cast a fury to freeze your character. These guys fear
a death by a pk because at this time, Sega can banish them from the PSO world. Once the game is frozen, and
believe me it's impressive to see that someone on the other side of the planet can interfere in your game, the
only choice is to disconnect and reconnect. It's possible to use the erase skill on them as a revenge.

5) The eraser :
They are rares, but i think that only androids will become erasers. It's the worst thing you
can expect. There is a skill, and not a gameshark code, to erase the character of anyone on line. It's simple
but i will not explain it, even if you e mail me about this. Androids will like it because they can't pk without
a gameshark code.


These basic character skins can be encountered during the game. That's why i named
them. When you press start you are on ASH and then i named them from the left to
the right in selection mode.

ASH         : (humar) hunter + human, good in close combat, he can use some healing
SUE         : (hunewearl) hunter + newman, a well balanced character.
KIREEK      : (hucast) hunter + android, Has more HP than the other class, very
              powerful in battle but he can't use any techniques.
BERNIE      : (ramar) ranger + human, good with a gun he can also use some healing
TYPE 0      : (racast) ranger + android, he can use all weapons but has no technique.
ELENOR      : (racaseal) ranger + android, identical to a racast, but has best dodging skill.
ALICIA      : (fomarl) force + human, it's a very good magician and has a great
DR MONTAGUE : (fonewm) force + newman, it's an expert magician.
CICIL       : (fonewearl) force + newman, identical in the way of the TP to a fonewm
              but has more defensive point and less health point.

Note : In previous versions of my faq, i said that Dr Mome was a racaseal but he is not.
It's a ranger like Bernie. Guy Morgan helped me to find a solution, the racaseal Type 0
can be met in the download quest named Pso Famitsu Cup.

I personally choose a "hucast" and named him "Dandroid". Why such a choice ? In
ancient Phantasy Star i loved powerful and charismatic characters like Odin (PS 1) Rudo
(PS 2) and Wren (PS 3 and 4). Even if they can't use techniques (except for Wren in PS 4 who
gained skills and Wren of PS 3 who can use only attack magics).
My advice is to take a character which can use techniques cause the game is more fun for
a magic user than an android. Also the magic effects are excellent and best of all,
SUE for example can use the Megido technique (i know it's Megid in the game but the "d"
has a bad translation) which is the most powerful magic of the world of Phantasy Star.


During the game in level normal, you will find weapons and armor that goes from
one star to five in power.
The game in hard is not so hard. The only difficuty comes from Dark Falz phase 4. Others
bosses are the same as in normal, it's easy to defeat them (i killed DE ROL LE in five minutes).
In very hard, it's very hard to gain level (i gained 6 by doing all the missions until the ruins).

Here are some rules to know on how about to obtain them :

1 : The game analyzes your data and stats all the time and then updates the store for your level.
EXAMPLE : i was at level 29 with a lockgun + 18 and i find a rail gun which i
can use at level 31. It's the same thing for an armor (only for a hucast)

2 : If you find useless weapons sell them to the weapon shop so he can create new
weapons for you.

3 : In each shop, except item shop, prices and items available are random.
EXAMPLE : You find a grand armor for 10 000 mesetas, it is this low of price because the slots
are 0. A 4 slots Grand Armor may be up to 34 000 mesetas.

4 : Dimate and trimate appears when you advance in the game normally.

5 : To obtain rare items like digrinder, scape doll, moon and star atomizer,
you need to find one in a dungeon and sell it to the item shop. She prepares
some randomly each time you visit the item shop. (japanese version)

6 : Each weapon is good against one race. For the others it depends on
percentage of hit (use L or R on the weapon to access it) and your stats.

7 : If you find a weapon like ????partisan, bring it to a tekker. He will tell
you which weapon it is, but if you don't believe it and exit then come back and he can
identify it as another thing. You could be surprised by the result. In the european version
the tekker proposes only two choices. This is a very good way to increase the Bonus % vs a certain race

8 : As long as you can reach a superior level you can find new weapons in the
off line mode, even if you have a weapon with all stars illuminated.

9 : In caves and ruins, you'll see some enemies with colored blades, blue,
purple and yellow.  This tells you which elemental they're weak to.
Blue is weak against fire, purple is weak against ice, and yellow is weak
against lighting. Yellow is immune to fire, purple is immune to
lightning, and blue is immune to ice. It's a very good info  for force players.

10: In hard and very hard, there is a 4th phase to Dark Force.

11 : I was at level 43 when all shops changed. Now i can't buy a monomate, but only dimate and trimate.
Also a Star Atomizer choice comes often. It's the same thing for the weapon shop, nothing under the
absorb armor (for level 47). The weapon shop changed only in very hard.


Mono/di/trimate : to heal 50/200/FULL HP.
Mono/di/trifluid : to heal 50/200/FULL TP.
Mono/di/trigrinder : to increases the power of a weapon. Explore a dungeon and
use frequently a telepipe to see if there is one available (after you sell one
to the item shop of course for the Digrinder and Trigrinder).
Scape doll : if you die, this item revive you with all HP and TP. It works only
in the on line mode GRRRRRR !!!!! (wrong in other version than the japanese one).

This fact was corrected fortunately.
Here is the proof (thanks to Jeff Roberts).
 Well the first time i done it i was in the mines. I got surrounded
and killed, then after about 3-5 seconds i was brought back to life
from the scape doll.
Second time i was fighting De Rol (the caves boss) on Hard and died
twice but both times i was brought back with a scape doll.


Moon Atomizer : it can revive a friend near you and in your party. Only in on
line mode : double GRRRRRRRRR !!!!!!!!
Star Atomizer : is the most important item in off line mode. It can heal you
completely and also the jester who comes with you during a mission in off line
Telepipe : to escape from a dungeon and return to the town.


It's better to have an armor with 3 or 4 slots to equip a maximum of them.

Knight Power (--, -, +, ++) : to increase the attack.
Marksman Arm (--, -, +, ++) : to increase the precision.
Warrior Body : to increase the defense.
Thiefs Leg (--, -, +, ++) : to increase the evasion stats.
Priest Mind (--, -, +, ++) : for a priest, androids can't use it.
General Power (--, -, +, ++): to increase the power, upgrade of the knight power.
General Arm (--, -, +, ++) : to increase the precision, upgrade of the marksman arm.
General Body (--,-, +, ++) : to increase the defense, upgrade of the warrior body.
General Mind : for a priest, upgrade version of the priest mind.
General Leg (--, -, +, ++) : upgrade version of the thiefs leg.
Ogre Power, Arm, Body (--, -, +, ++) : third version of the battle units.
Elf Legs,Elf Arm, Angel Mind (--, -, +, ++) :third version of the battle units.
Resist Dark, Light, Cold, Fire, Shock : to protect from magic.
Resist Evil, Saint, Freeze, Flame, Thunder : to protect from superior magic spells, like Grantz.
PB Amplifier : it increases PB if you walk a lot in a dungeon (walk, not run ok ?), PB = Photon Blast.
HP Restorate : if you walk it restores HP.
TP Restorate : same as above but for TP, androids can't use it.
Trap Search : if you equip it, you can see all traps in a room. Androids can't use it.
God power, health, body, legs, mind,luck (--, -, +, ++) : the ultimate units.
God Ability
God  Battle
God  Technique
PB create : ultimate version of the PB amplifier.
Super resist
Perfect resist (--, -, +, ++) : Ultimate version of the resist unit.
All   resist
Dragon HP
Metal Body
Angel Luck
HP Revival
TP Revival
General Battle
Devil  Battle
Wizard Technique
Devil Technique
Master Ability
Hero  Ability
State Maintenance
Resist Burning
Resist Blizzard
Resist Storm
Resist Holy
Resist Devil


Hit, Luck, Power, HP, Def, Mind, Evade.
TP material exists.


About the versions :

Heat,Fire,Flame,Burning for the fire.
Ice,Frost,Freeze,Blizzard for the Ice.
Shock,Thunder,Storm,Tempest for the lightning.
Panic,Riot,Havoc,Chaos for the confusion.
Draw,Drain,Fill,Gush for Draining HP.
Bind,Hold,Seize,Arrest for the paralyze power.
Dim,Shadow,Dark,Hell for the instant death.
Charge,Spirit,Berserk for the Double power attack, but eat HP, TP or meseta.
Heart,Mind,Soul,Geist to steal TP
Master's,Lord's,King's to steal ennemy's exp.
Devil's,Demon's to reduce ennemy's HP.

Note : The color of the weapon is related to its power.

Note that you can make combos with all weapons in all versions, i give a special
mentioned to the autogun cause Kyapiko and me were able to make combos only after we
found this gun. I though it was normal, but again i received a mail that says it's
possible to make combos with all guns. It's up to you to make them. It's a matter of
finding the correct timing of hitting the attack buttons.


Mech gun : the lowest version of the assault (with an extra attack). You have a gun in each hand.

Assault : a gun in each hand, you can perform a 8 hit combos with it. Very fun
but not so powerful. You can find it after you kill Dark Force (japanese version)
or in the ruins (european version). It's a more powerful version of the mech gun.

Repeater : an upgrade version of the assault. Small difference in power.

Gattling : it's the best version i have for the moment (update 2.0). It's more powerful,
quickest attacks, so with a heavy attack you can make a 12 hits combos and the impact of the bullets
are excellent.

Vulcan : The vulcan is more powerful than a gattling, but the bullets haven't a good impact (max +15).

Handgun : The normal gun, ridiculous..., max +75

Autogun : A cool gun, the first with which i performed a three or four hits
combos. Also you have great chance to hit with a super attack.

Lockgun : You never miss an ennemy with it in your hand. COOL !

Railgun : A most powerful version of the lock gun but you can use it only at
level 31.(hucast) this weapon maximum upgrade is +25.

Railgun (special) : This weapon is in the ruins, it's green in the inventory, more powerful
(as powerful as a railgun +2) and you earn more money when you sell it.

Raygun : Is smaller than a railgun and has a less good precision. However it's extremely
powerful and quick. The maximum upgrade is +15.

Fill Raygun, Master's Raygun, Lord Raygun, Fire Raygun, Burning Raygun : I found them with good percentage
against each creatures.


Dagger (and other versions) : Short sword, ridiculous, weak and useless.

Knife (and other versions) : A japanese style for this excellent weapon.

Blade : Upgrade version of the knife.

Edge : The best visual combos award is for this weapon. Powerful and speed.

Ripper : The best after the blade dance (max +15).


Saber  : A weak version of a brand and it's the initial weapon often.

Brand : A more powerful version of the saber.

Buster : You find it in the mine but it's really powerful and excellent.

Pallasch : You find it in the ruins, it's good against a dark creature (max +25).

Dark Pallasch : More powerful than a normal Pallasch, it can also kill an ennemy
in one hit with the extra attack. Max +25

Gladius : It's a light saber with a lot of power. The pallasch is far behind. Max +15


It's easy to make a 3 hits combo with those weapons. You have simply to wait the end
of the movement and press A with the rhythm.

Partisan : You hit the ennemy like the death. Cool against a machine.

Halbert : A more powerful version of the Partisan.

Glaive : Is the most powerful version i have found for the moment of the partisan (update

Berdys : Superior to the glaive in all ways.

Gungnir : A powerful partisan. It's a good weapon. Max +10

Sword : A lowest version of the gigush.

Gigush : Like Nightmare of Soulcalibur you hit a large group of foes. Found only after
the third boss.

Breaker : An intermediate big sword, nothing special.

Claymore : The third version of the sword or soulcalibur.

Calibur : The fourth version. Very powerful compared to the third version. Max +10
Note that the Soul Calibur exists in PSO.

Slicer : Same as above but you can launch it from far of the ennemy. It acts
like a boomerang.

Spinner : A more powerful version of the Slicer.

Cutter : The most powerful version of the slicer i have for the moment (update 1.7).

Sawcer : It is a slicer for short range, i don't like it (max +15).

Diska : The same but for normal range. Max +10

Here is a short list of weapons i can't use with my character :


Here is a short list of the basic armors you can find in shop or off line :

Frame,Giga Frame,Soul Frame,Solid Frame,Hyper Frame,Shock Frame,King's Frame,Dragon Frame,Protect Frame,Perfect
Frame,Valiant Frame,Ultimate Frame.
Armor,Psy Armor,Cross Armor,Brave Armor,Grand Armor,Absorb Armor,General Armor,Imperial Armor,Holiness
Armor,Guardian Armor,Divinity Armor,Celestial Armor.

Here is a short list of the basic shields you can find in shop or off line :

Barrier,Soul Barrier,Brave Barrier,Flame Barrier,Plasma Barrier,Freeze Barrier,Psychic Barrier,Protect Barrier,
Imperial Barrier,Divinity Barrier.
Shield,Core Shield,Giga Shield,Hard Shield,Solid Shield,General Shield,Glorious Shield,Guardian Shield,Ultimate
Shield,Spritiual Shield,Celestial Shield.

Thanks to Cold Gun for these short lists.

6 MAG :

The real originality in this game is the Mag. With it you can perform a fury :
Farlla (level 10)
Gorlla (level 35)
Varlla (level 50).
But there are more to discover, with another mag i discover new furies and new
form like apsarras, bana, kama at different level. To obtain furies like Etlla at level 35
or other, you need to take care of your mag :
	1 Increase the SYNCHRO and IQ stats
	2 Be sure that all the parameters have identical level or around.

I want to add that if you feed your mag correctly and rise the synchro stats he can
become very powerful (i have a fury that makes 3000 points of damage) . It's very
important especially in the mine and the ruins. The mag has also great possibility like
protect you from damage after a fury if his IQ is high.

The maximum IQ of a mag is 200, and i have found that 120% is the maximum synchro you can expect.
The maximum level of a mag is 200.

It's sure now that each class can obtained particular fury for a mag. I have heard from a
guy using a magician that one of the fury is healing the other member of his party.

To gain a fury you need to feed your mag so he can gain levels. You can give him
all potions like monomate, monofluid etc...

To perform a fury you must increase the gauge near your life bar. When it's
yellow and show 100 you can perform a fury. Hold R button down and then use an action button.

The name of the mag depends on how you feed him. The name will show the class
like mind class or strengh class for example. There are a lot of possibilities. It
depends also of your fighter. The fury's visual effect stays the same.

You can obtain other mag and feed them, in level normal it's rare (Kyapiko
obtain a new one after the third boss and me only a gigush). It's random in
fact. You will find more in hard and very hard or even in on line mode by
exchanging it with a friend.

I received this information :
"I noticed that whenever a ForceMag's Mind goes up a level, their master/mistress gains
3 more Technique Points."

Each time you quit the game, on line or off line, the mag lose 5 to 10% of his synchro stats.
Why ? He is sad so let him alone... to avoid this, put him in the check room. The next time you
will play he will be at the same stats. It allows you to not feed him when you connect and when
he has reached the maximum level, IQ and Synchro.

Rare Mags : Mech Chaos, as in Sonic adventure.
	      Opa Opa : the ship of Fantasy Zone.

To obtain them find these items :

Heart of Opa Opa
Cell of Mag 213
Heart of Chao
Parts of MechChao
Heart of Pain
Cell of Mag 502

You can find it by killing a Al Rappy in Vhard in the forest.


Thanks to a mail i received, the theory becomes a reality, there are 10 guilds.
I maintain that the card is called a guild card for two reasons :
1 : It's called guild card in the instruction manual,
2 : it's also the name of the file in your VMU,
I found it natural to call Grennill or Yellowbose a guild and not a section ID.
However i retract and prefer to call it a section id which is the true name.

If you don't like the name i give to the guild card, you can tell me but i will never
change it.

There is an equation to choose your guild but i don't search for it :
For example, ADK is of the Yellowbose and Dandroid is of Greenill.
You notice on your guild card your nationality and you can enter a comment about it. You can
exchange it with a friend on line so you can send to him a mail.

Here are the name of all the sections ID :

8   ORAN

Each section ID has a speciality.


I write the name of the monsters and a litlle description, Cody submitted a full description of
each monster.

FOREST MONSTERS : (normal and hard for the moment)

Rag Rappy : same as in PS 3.
Booma/Gobooma/Gigobooma : slow in normal, powerful in hard. it becomes faster and more strong in Hard & VHard modes.
Mothmant + Monest : a plant that throw insects. In hard it gives lot of exp.
Hildebears : a king kong.  Can punch in close range, fireball at midrange, and Jump Attack from long range.
Savage Wolf/Barbarous Wolf : difficult to shoot cause they circle around you.
Hildablue : upgrade version of an hildebear, only in very hard.
Al Rappy : same as above.


Nano Dragon : hit them in close range. Don't let them fire. It can fly to a different area.
Grass Assassin : it can freeze you in place with a breath attack. It may also charge at you from midrange.
Evil/Pal/Guil Shark : upgrade version of the booma. Faster & more powerful in Hard and VHard.
Pofuilly slime : it's long to kill. Use the heavy attack. You will only get one attack attempt each time it
appears out of the ground. It can drop good items in VHard mode.
Pan Arms : kill it when it split in two. Force classes can use spell attacks while it is joined, also
use weapons that have a special attack of decreasing Enemy HP by 1/2 or 1/4. After that they died in one shot.
Hidoom : the right part of the pan arms.
Migium : the left part of the pan arms.
Poison Lily : funny, after you laugh kill it.
Nar Lily : it's rare to kill one in normal but you will see a lot in very hard.
Pouilly Slime : upgrade version of a pofuilly slime, only in very hard.


Guilchik : classic guard robot.
Dubchik : you must destroy the disk to kill them all.
Canadine : it's gray and move quickly.
Canane : it's a red canadine, if you don't destroy it, it turns into other bots.
Sinow Beat : The blue big bot is hard to kill. Can split into 5 to
confuse you. Can jump back and forth to attack from long range.
Sinow Gold : The gold bot is here to heal, less powerful than his brother.
Garanz : it's a machine with missile. it appears only when you are looking for the third boss.


Chaos Sorcerer : You must kill him quick before he cats his magic.
Facing towards him, his left gem is for attacking, his right gem is for healing.
Chaos Bringer : A big centaur. He is able to use a powerful sword
attack at close range. He will also charge you from a long distance, this attack has a chance
to confuse a victim.
Claw : easy to kill but they are numerous.
Bulkclaw : give more exp. It's four claws combined together. It will try to bite onto
you. This monster is slow and easy to kill.
Dimenian/La/So Dimenian : the equivalent of the booma here.
Increasingly faster and more powerful on hard and VHard.
Delsaber : a pain in the neck. This monster give hard time to all heroes.
Becomes very powerful and fast on VHard mode.
Dark Gunner : Very annoying monster. Magic users can use lightning
attacks against this monster at all times. Most
hunters and rangers will want to wait until the Dark Gunner goes into
attack mode (An Eye will pop up from his body), at this point the monster is
vulnerable to melee attacks.
Dark Belra : this gigantic monster has very high HP. At close range he
will try to crush you. From long range he will launch a fist at you. This monster
is weak to middle range attacks, he will be too close to launch the fist,
but too far away to crush you.

9 BOSS :

Cody added to my boss section his own vision of the bosses. I found it excellent.
If you wish to read my vision of the bosses, simply read my walkthrough for the off line mode.

GOLD DRAGON : Excellent fight and very fun. Use a gun or a magic on
him. Even the beginning of the battle he will fall to the ground if you shoot his legs, this is your chance
to get a very large amount of damage to him in a short time. If he burrows into the ground, he will try to
charge at you. Attempts to dodge this attack become increasingly difficult on Hard, VHard.

DE ROL LE : a giant water snake, very hard and very long to kill. You need a
powerful sword or a gun. When he latches onto the side of the boat, try
to use a weapon that can attack multiple targets, also move every few seconds to dodge the tube he shoots at
you. If he charges at you dropping boulders from the ceiling, move to the front corner of the boat to dodge
this attack.

VOL OPT : If the first boss is fun, there is no word to describe how fun is this
one. The best fight of all the game. Imagine the last boss of Burning Rangers
with more speed, multi ways to kill him and an oppressive timing.
Phase one, attack the computer screen that glows red (virus will be inside the screen),
also attack the electric pillar that has a red flashing light.
Phase 2, all of his attack can be dodged by running around him for a few seconds,
then stopping to attack. It may be easiser for you to use the Radar map to run, rather then
looking at the screen.

DARK FALZ (Dark Force with a bad translation name as in PS 1, I talk only of the translation
name, for the japanese name it depends on how you read the katakanas. The best is to hear how a
japanese player pronounces it.) : don't panic during the first phase and then the battle will be
very easy in normal.
You need to kill between 3-10 floating skulls during phase 1. The skulls will have a purple light in them.
During phase two, concentrate your attacks against one of the dragon heads.
Phase three is very easy, keep attacking him until he dies. You can not dodge his attacks here.
Hard & VHard will have a phase 4, you may only attack him while he is not
glowing, he will be solid black. If he is glowing colors don't bother attacking. If he goes high
in the air, run around then circle to dodge his fireballs. You can use
Resist-Holy/Saint to lower the damage dealt by his unavoidable grants attack. Be sure to keep full
health during this battle, his attacks are very strong.


There is a big bug in the mine. You cannot read the message of Red Ring Ryco. If
you click accidentaly on it, use a telepipe to unlock you (japanese version) .

Sometime if you hadn't find a pillar in mine 2 before fighting the third boss,
after him you arrive in a room with a door and the game freeze. You need to shut
down the dreamcast and switch on it again...

Well it's not really a bug but when you are in melee with the magician and a
centaur in the ruins sometimes the magician teleports you to the begining of the floor...

It's possible that those bugs have been corrected in other version, but they are
confirmed in the japanese one. If you have the japanese version and never encounter
them it means you are lucky, but don't tell me it's a lie cause i experienced them.

11 TIPS :

During the first loading of the off line mode or the on line mode, move the
analogic thumb to see a light following the moves. you can play with it during the
horrible loading.

In the off line mode, press Y then X to make appear all the sentences you can use in
the on line mode. It's useless, but sometimes the people in the game try to answer and
the answer can be very funny.

When you died you have 2 possibilities :

1 : return to Pioneer 2 but you lose all moneys, items and your main weapon.
However you can go directly to the boss without replaying the dungeon. If you don't buy
a new weapon, you will find the one you had lose in the same room even if it's the
boss room.

2 : you can make a reset after you died. When you reload your game, you have all
exp, money, items you have found in the dungeon and even your main weapon. The
drawback is that you must replay entirely the current dungeon.
CAREFUL ABOUT THIS ADVICE, it's only for the japanese version, i have experimented it
with an european one, and i lost all the items and missions i had completed. When i reloaded,
i was at my last save.

The game has an auto save after you finish a mission. You can save a game during
a mission but if you keep exp, money and items, you must restart the mission from
the beginning.

Note about the auto save feature : it has been removed of the us and european version,
that's why when you make a reset you return to your last save...

Secret Areas :

Forest 2 : In room 7, a part of this room is hidden behind a mountain. Once you are in it, this
part appears on the map.

Forest 2 : There is a room 9, i haven't mentioned just aside the room 7. In it you fight usually
Rappy and Hildebear. It's the only room locked in the mission Journalistic Pursuit. In this room,
a part of the map also appears only when you walk through. It's right of the entrance by room 7.
It's a little way, you find here a barrier switch and box.

There is nothing valuable in these secret areas.

Ruins 1 : In the room i called test room 3, in the mission Doctor Secret Plan, you see a hole and
a waterfall. Go toward the waterfall and walk on the border, you will go behind the waterfall.
This area never appears on the map. On line in very gard, you can find very rare items.

To avoid shooting flying mine, or simply to avoid they explode on you, press start button and walk
quietly between them. It's easy to do that, more easier than to customize your menu without a weapon
in it. (submitted by Renaud Mottier)

These codes can be found on a lot of sites. I just added them so you don't have to search for them. I take
them on gamefaqs and i thank all the guys who sent and checked the following tips.

On your Dreamcast keyboard, hold down the Alt key and press any of the F-keys (F1, F2, ...F12).
Your character will perform an animation.
This only works in the online lobby; it doesn't work offline or in an online game.

Extra Costume Colors :
To get extra costume colors while creating your character, enter
the following names for your class. Hit (B) to go back after
entering the name and you will be able to select 2 extra costume colors!

             HUmar     = KSKAUDONSU
             HUnewearl = MOUEOSRHUN
             HUcast    = RUUHANGBRT
             RAmar     = SOUDEGMKSG
             RAcat     = MEIAUGHSYN
             RAcaseal  = NUDNAFJOOH
             FOmarl    = DNEAOHUHEK
             FOnewm    = ASUEBHEBUI
             FOnewearl = XSYGSSHEOH

Hero Screen on Dark Falz Battle :
After the battle with Falz when your on the hero screen, hit L or R to twist the characters in a
circle using these two buttons.

Hidden Artwork :
Insert the Phantasy Star Online GD-ROM into any PC CD-ROM drive.
Inside the folder ''extras'' there is wallpaper art from Sonic Team
in two resolutions. This does not work on Mac CD/DVD-ROM drives, for some reason.

Screen Shot :
For this you need an extra controller, aswell as a VMU with 195
free blocks on it. Plug the 2nd controller in to the 4th socket (D)
with the VMU in the 2nd slot of this controller. Get to where you want
to take the screen shot, then hit X, Y and Start simultaneously on
the 2nd controller. You should now have an image in that VMU.

To view your teammate's camera views while in the areas (Forest, Caves, etc.), simply have a
controller plugged into Controller Port 3, then on that controller, press and hold the L and
R Triggers, the press Up on the D-Pad. If done right, your view will change to a view of one
of your teammates.

Negate Enemy and Trap "Slowdown" :
Enemies and Traps when in close vicinity of the player, tend to force them to walk when they
should be running. Simply hit START to bring up the menu, and the effect is negated. You can
run past a string of traps or a convergence of enemies this way...

Chain Blast : (own source)
On line and on line only, you can make a chain blast. If everyone have the PB maxed to 100,
Activate your furies one after the other an in rhythm. You can make a quadruple fury on the boss
or the foe. Each player can choose the fury he wants to perform. Visually excellent.


You begin the game after a good FMV. Listen carefully to this music. The fans of
the original saga will recognize the opening theme of Phantasy Star 2. The other
will zap this introduction. Create your character then log in the PSO world.
You find yourself in the principal's office. He asks you to find his daughter
"Red Ring Ryco". Then talk to the secretary and then to the doctors and exit.

Welcome to Pioneer City, an artificial city made for spaceship. Here you will find a
hospital, some shops to spent money for armors, weapons and items. You will also find a
guild to obtain a work. So what are you waiting for, become a hunter and buy your own
house. Obtain a free ticket to Ragol and death. Cool, isn't it ?

More seriously find the guild and accept the first mission to enter the first


The last report of the scientists of Pioneer 1, confirmed existence of those creatures.
They weren't so dangerous and they began some experiments on them to see if they can
use them for their personnal needs. They also succeeded in fixing the weather as they
wished but suddenly the weather became crazy exactly like the monsters who attacked
human without any reason. People of Pioneer 1 hide underground and we never heard any
news since this.


Go in the forest. I have divided the dungeon in room so you don't need a map.

ROOM 1 : Use a barrier switch to access the chest here, then use a normal switch to
open the door.
ROOM 2 : Kill the monsters here and collect items. Now exit.
ROOM 3 : There are two exits here, one is locked so forget it. Focus on the monsters to
open the other exit.
ROOM 4 : You see a barrier and a door. Kill all the monsters to open both. Collect
items behind the barrier then pass the door. You find Elenor here. After you talk, she
joins you. Use the switch near her to access room 5.
ROOM 5 : Here use a barrier switch to collect items and pass the door.
ROOM 6 : Kill all the monsters. Use the barrier switch for items then exit.
ROOM 7 : Use the barrier switch to collect items, kill some monsters then use a switch
to open the door.
You are back in room 3, now go in room 1 to find the mag of Elenor and yours. After
that return to Pioneer City and talk to Garon at the guild. Now you can receive the


You must find a guy in the forest and rescue him if he is alive. Go in Room 3 to find
him. But he wants you to find some capsules, three to be exact. The first is in room
6, the second after the barrier in room 4 and the third can be find by using the way
you used with Elenor. Now return to room 3 and talk to the guy. A warp opens, use it to
return to the guild. Talk to your customer and then to the women at the guild to
obtain the reward.


Once you have met your customer, search in the guild for Kireek. After you talk he joins
you. Return to the customer and talk. Now Ash lets you go in the forest.You begin
randomly in the forest but you must reach room 1 to find the guy you are looking for.
Once you find him, search the disk near and talk again to the guy. Kireek saves him
and leaves you. You have just to use the warp or create one with a telepipe to
return to Pioneer City. Talk to the customer and obtain the reward at the guild.


You begin this mission in room 4. Circle around until you reach Room 3 to find a warp
to Forest 2.

ROOM 1 : You begin here and see 5 exits. One is close. Try the one on the right.
ROOM 2 : Activate two switches here, collect items and kill some monsters. exit.
ROOM 3 : (It's the exit on the left in room 2).Collect items here. exit.
ROOM 4 : (it's the exit straight)collect items here.
ROOM 5 : it's the last exit and the good way. you must build the way to the computer.
Exit by the way that goes up.
ROOM 6 : collect items then go down to the exit.
ROOM 7 : activate 2 switches here and pass the door near one of the switch.
You are back in room 5, click on the computer here. Then the mission is over. Return
to the guild, talk to your customer and receive the reward.

NB : Forest 2 is not complete, you will visit more in an another mission.


It's simple, find your way to room 7 of Forest 1, open the door by using the switch
here and click on the yellow giant monster called a rappy again and again until the
scientist talk to you. Now return to the guild to receive the reward.


You have 20 minutes to collect 5 samples of DNA of native monsters. Info 4 is in room 7 of
forest 1, it's a wolf. Info 2 is the rappy in room 1 of forest 1, and Info 1 is the
Booma in room 4 of forest 1. Now go to forest 2 and find the two last infos.Info
5 is in room 1, you must kill a giant gorilla to obtain it. Info 3 is the most
difficult to obtain. Go in room 4 and kill the flower. Search the ground and press A
to find the last info near her dead body. Return to the guild quickly and give your
report to Alicia. you can now receive the reward.


Alicia comes with you cause one of the data samples seems to be wrong. You begin in room 6 and
you must go in Forest 2 by using the warp in room 3. Kill everyone in room 7 and don't
live this room before you meet a baby monsters. Behind a mountain is a small path, use
it to meet the monster. He runs cause he is afraid of you. Now reach
the computer that opens the bridge to the computer in room 5, then go to it after a
big fight in room 1. Use this weather computer to learn about the animal here. Now go
in room 3 for a very difficult fight and search again the baby. This time he can't
run. When Alicia talk to you answer "it's not a good idea" (answer 2), and the mission
is over. Go in the guild and collect money.


A boat has crashed here. you must find it. You begin to find Bernie in room 4 of
forest 1 and answer "yes" when he offers to come with you. You need him to open some
doors here and reach Forest 2. In Forest 2, find you way to the room 3. After the
classic battle, you find a new teleport that wasn't here in previous mission. Use it to
access to room 8 (sometimes, this warp can be in another room) .
ROOM 8 : here, kill everyone of course, then use a warp to use a barrier switch and
collect items once you come back, and then advance to find the girl Bernie was
searching. He left you to save her and you have just to use a telepipe to return to
the guild and receive your money.

Now the game is blocked and doesn't offer the new set of missions. So return in the forest
and go in room 8 of forest 2. You will see a new teleport that wasn't here before. Use
it to reach the first boss.

It's simple, with a gun, at level 8, i circled around him and shot his head. Exactly
as in Record of Lodoss War you must be sure that the monster never flies. If he does, he
may dive in the ground and does great damage to you. To be sure he never flies, stay
not so far away from his head so he keeps trying to eat you. Takes a little time to get used to,
but he is the easiest boss.

After this awesome battle talk to the principal and now a new set of missions is

CONCLUSION : the data Alicia found wasn't wrong, she concludes that this monster is
not a native but an altered beast. The cell have mutated and only human can do this.


Now you will reach a new dungeon, the cave. There you will find the upgraded
version of natives, the altered beasts. Your real mission is to understand who did this
to the underground creatures on Ragol, or how it happened.


After you talk to the customer, go in the weapon shop and talk to the man here. Answer
"NO" and "YOU ARE STUPID" or something like that. Then go to the customer, talk to her
then return to the husband in the weapon shop. Talk then return to the guild for the
last time. Talk to the customer, then to the guild to receive the reward.
After this awesome mission, choose the next one...


A women want to eat sweet food. You learn in town that three sisters have disappeared
and they were the bakers of Pioneer 2. You must find them to help your customer. Go
in the cave.


CAVE 1, MAP 1 :

Two new things appear, a ground switch on which you must walk on to activate it and
healing ring in which you stand under to... heal HP/TP (there are some in the forest but i have never
used them) .

ROOM 1 : Exit to the next room.
ROOM 2 : To kill a nano dragon, try to hit him in close range. You see 2 exits. the
north one is closed and you use the left one.
ROOM 3 : Kill then pass a door and use a switch to open the north exit in room 2.
ROOM 4 : You see 2 exits, north and left.
ROOM 5 : (left) if you go left you can use a warp to a room where you must kill
monsters and then you arrive in room 7 on the other side to use a switch.
ROOM 6 : (north) Kill the flower and exit.
ROOM 7 : Here exit.
ROOM 8 : You can use a switch, then kill a lot of monsters and exit north.
ROOM 9 : Kill few monsters and exit north to 2 switches. Now you exit left or right.
ROOM 10 : (left) It's a simple room, no exit.
ROOM 11 : (right) Kill then exit north.
ROOM 12 : Kill then exit north.
ROOM 13 : There is a warp on the other side that you must reach, exit.
ROOM 14 : Exit.
ROOM 15 : You can exit left or right.
ROOM 16 : (left) You use a switch to reach the healing ring.
ROOM 17 : (right) You can use a warp. After this room you are on the other side of
room 13 and you can go to CAVE 2.

CAVE 2, MAP 1 :

ROOM 1 : Exit.
ROOM 2 : Kill then exit.
ROOM 3 : Kill then exit.
ROOM 4 : You see 2 exits here. north and left.
ROOM 5 : (left) Use a switch and kill 2 foes to access room 6.
ROOM 6 : Kill then exit to room 7.
ROOM 7 : A little room with cool items. Now come back in room 4 and use the exit
ROOM 8 : (north) Once here, exit right.
ROOM 9 : You go to a warp and kill everyone. You can use a switch. Come back to room 9
and pass the door.
ROOM 10 : Kill then exit.
ROOM 11 : kill then a door open to a switch and healing ring. Now exit by the other
door in room 12.
ROOM 12 : Kill then exit.
ROOM 13 : Use all the switch here. you have 3 exits, right, left and north.
ROOM 14 : (right) You find after this room some items.
ROOM 15 : (north) Kill to collect items.
ROOM 16 : (left) Kill then exit.
ROOM 17 : Now you can go to CAVE 3.

CAVE 3, MAP 1 :

ROOM 1 : You see 3 exits, one is locked north, one is open north and use the left exit.
ROOM 2 : (left) Kill to open a door north, pass it to use a switch and come back to
exit left. You see a warp use it.
ROOM 3 : After the warp, kill and exit.
ROOM 4 : Kill then go left to a switch and a way. If you continue, you find a room
with a switch that opens the locked door in room 1. So use the exit of the right.
ROOM 5 : (right) Here you can buy a cake. There are 2 exits, right and left.
The mission is over once you have the cake. The crazy sisters want to prepare some
again before they return to Pioneer, if you use a telepipe and bring it to your
current customer you can receive the reward. Other people will continue to explore cave 3
to find items and earn exp, that's why i have finished this floor.
ROOM 6 : (right) Kill and exit to room 7.
ROOM 7 : Kill to collect item then come back to room 5.
ROOM 8 : (left) You see 2 exit, north and left.
ROOM 9 : (north) Kill then exit to room 10.
ROOM 10 : Kill then cllect items. Return to room 8 and use the other exit.
ROOM 11 : (left) kill and exit.
ROOM 12 : Kill and exit.
ROOM 13 : you see 2 exit. the one north, leads to room 1... so go right.
ROOM 14 : Kill and exit.
ROOM 15 : Kill and exit.
ROOM 16 : Use 4 switches and exit.
ROOM 17 : Kill then exit to collect items.


Cicil comes with you and she mustn't use a healing item. You must find the waterfall
of cave 2. First find your way to cave 2. It's long but easy. Beware cause the map can
be different from the one you now. It could be Cave 1, map 2. (Try to use the map of
WATERFALL TEARS, even if you don't begin in the same room).

CAVE 2, MAP 2 : (i just give the good path for now cause later you will have the
opportunity to explore it. Of course you will begin in other room so i will change the
room number)

ROOM 1 : Exit by the right.
ROOM 2 : Go straight and follow a corridor.
ROOM 3 : Go straight and follow another corridor. Go left then and you arrive in the
waterfall room. Look at the scene and return to the guild by using a telepipe. receive
your reward there.


You have 45 minutes to save Elenor. Go in the cave.
ROOM 1 : Kill then exit.
ROOM 2 : It's a corridor , follow it and kill everyone on the way.
ROOM 3 : Kill then exit straight.
ROOM 4 : Switch on the light, kill and exit.
Now you will find your way to cave 2. Near the end of this floor you meet a hunter,
exit to cave 2. In cave 2, you can use the map of ADDICTING FOOD, the only
difference is that you must find a purple switch further in the dungeon. NEVER talk to
the robot you find or you will have to fight him. Once you find Elenor, return to the
hunter you have meet, talk again and use a telepipe to exit.


The map of cave 1 is the same as in ADDICTING FOOD. So use it to reach cave 2. Search
the waterfall room in cave 2 and read the message there, then use a switch to exit. Pass the
door and you return to Pioneer City to collect the reward.


After you meet the customer, go in the cave.

CAVE 1, MAP 2 :

ROOM 1 : When you arrive, enter and kill one of the three hunters. Exit.
ROOM 2 : Kill then use a barrier switch and. Now use a switch and exit.
ROOM 3 : Kill, one door leads to items, and the other is the good exit.
ROOM 4 : Pass a door to use a switch. If you decide to pass another door, you go in
room 1. So now use 4 switches to pass the second door of room 4.
ROOM 5 : Kill and collect a tons of items. Return to room 4 and pass the third door.
ROOM 6 : Kill, use a switch and exit.
ROOM 7 : Kill, collect items and exit. In the next corridor a switch opens the locked
ROOM 8 : Switch on the light, kill then exit. Use the warp to collect items and come
back to the corridor. Use the last exit now.
ROOM 9 : Kill then exit.
ROOM 10 : Kill then exit.
ROOM 11 : On your left is a room that leads to a fight and healing ring. So exit
ROOM 12 : Switch on the light, kill and exit to cave 2, map 2.

CAVE 2, MAP 2 :

ROOM 1 : Kill then exit.
ROOM 2 : Use the switch to open the way left. Exit right.
ROOM 3 : Kill and exit.
ROOM 4 : Kill and find a hunter. Return to room 3 and exit north.
ROOM 5 : Kill then exit.
ROOM 6 : Kill, use a switch and fight a hunter. Once he stops, the mission is over.
Use a telepipe to return to the guild.


After you meet the customer, read the letter on the quest board, then go to the cave.
You can return to cave 2 cause the map is the same in theory. In cave 2, search the waterfall
room and kill a hunter. Now go straight. In the next room go left to use a warp and
reach the switch that opens the door right. Exit straight in the next room, then right
and you find the warp to cave 3.
In Cave 3 (MAP 2), go straight, kill and exit north. Follow the way to the room with a barrier
switch to see Black paper. Exit right and kill. Exit south and kill the monsters and
then a hunter. Exit, talk to Kroe to end this mission. return to the guild to receive
your reward.

Now it's time to meet the second boss. Unfortunately the game reveals the third map of
Cave 1, 2 and 3.

CAVE 1, MAP 3 :

ROOM 1 : Kill then exit.
ROOM 2 : Kill then exit.
ROOM 3 : Kill, you see 2 exit. Straight leads to items, and left with the message is
the good way.
ROOM 4 : Kill then exit.
ROOM 5 : Use tehswitch to shut down the barrier in room 4 then take items and last
exit of here.
ROOM 6 : You see 3 exits. First use 3 switches on the ground and pass the door. Switch
on the light here, kill and collect items. Return to room 6, pass the second door to
reach a switch and open the third door in room 6.
ROOM 7 : Kill then exit.
ROOM 8 : You see 2 exits. Left leads to items, then use the other exit to reach a warp.
Use it.
ROOM 9 : Kill then exit.
ROOM 10 : Kill then use a switch and barrier switch. Exit.
ROOM 11 : Use a switch to open the door. Kill and you see 2 exits. Right exit is
useless so exit straight to room 12.
ROOM 12 : Kill and exit to cave 2, map 3.

CAVE 2, MAP 3 :

ROOM 1 : enter, kill then exit.
ROOM 2 : You see 2 exits. Go straight first.
ROOM 3 : In this room you see 3 exits. Left and right lead to items. So exit north to a
warp. Use it to find a barrier switch, exit and use a switch to arrive in room 4.
ROOM 4 : The exit of the left is the second exit of room 2. Use the barrier switch
then exit.
ROOM 5 : Kill then exit.
ROOM 6 : Kill, use all ground switches here to exit.
ROOM 7 : Kill then exit.
ROOM 8 : You see 2 exits. Straight leads to items, so go right.
ROOM 9 : Go left to use a switch,  straight to items and north right to exit.
ROOM 10 : You see 2 exits, left leads you to 4 ground switches, then a room with a
barrier switch and later items. So exit north.
ROOM 11 : Kill and exit to cave 3, map 3.

CAVE 3, MAP 3 :

ROOM 1 : Kill then exit.
ROOM 2 : 2 exits. Right to collect items, so go go left in a corridor with 2 exits. North
leads to items so go left.
ROOM 3 : One exit is locked so exit right and use a switch. You open the other door so
use it.
ROOM 4 : Kill, then you see 3 exits. Use 4 ground switches. Left leads to items, south to
a barrier switch and last you can exit north to room 5.
ROOM 5 : kill, then use 2 switches on the ground. The exit west leads to a room then to
room 3, so exit straight to room 6.
ROOM 6 : Kill then exit.
ROOM 7 : Use 4 ground switches to exit.
ROOM 8 : Kill then exit.
ROOM 9 : Kill then exit to the boss.


I was at level 20 when i killed him. Be sure you have 10 dimate, 10 monomate with you.
You can hit him with a gun but the battle is very very very long, that's why i used a
sword (in this case the battle is difficult...) .
You can hit him when he attaches his head onto your boat. He will attack with his tentacle
but you must break his head. Give 6 hits the first time and run from the tentacle,
then you can give 4 hits and run from the tentacle. You will see his true head then.
When he flies, be sure you are on the corner of the boat and no stone will touch you.
When he switches off the light and show his head, you can give 2 hits to his head with a
gun and run from his laser beam.
After 25 to 45 minutes he will escape. You will kill him later.


CONCLUSION : By reading the message of Ryco you have learned that this snake use his
tentacle to mutated the underground native into altered beast. But you also learn that
he is an altered beast and probably the first. So the real question is what happenned
to him ?


After you talk to the principal, a new set of missions appears. It's clear that
to find what happened to the altered beast you must go further in Ragol and find the
explanation in the mine, the place where experiments began.


Elly comes with you to find Calus. Go to the Mine.

ROOM 1 : Exit by the open door.
ROOM 2 : Kill then use a switch to open the locked door in room 1. You see 2 exits,
left and north.
ROOM 3 : (North) Is for an item so go left.
ROOM 4 : (left) Exit to room 5.
ROOM 5 : Left you find items so go right to use a switch. Enter the room and use the
warp to access the center of the room. Return to this room and use the other exit.
ROOM 6 : Kill then exit.
ROOM 7 : You see 2 exits. use a barrier switch to collect items, exit left to find a
second barrier switch. Return to room 7 to exit by the right exit.
ROOM 8 : Enter this corridor and Elly receives a mail.
ROOM 9 : Kill 2 big bots.
ROOM 10 : Kill then you see 2 exits. Begin by the right exit to room 11.
ROOM 11 : You see 2 exits, one leads to an item, and one to 2 ground switches. return to
room 10 and use the exit north.
ROOM 12 : Use 2 ground switches and exit.
ROOM 13 : Kill one robot.
ROOM 14 : Kill and exit right.
ROOM 15 : Use 2 ground switches and exit.
ROOM 16 : Kill, one exit leads to 2 ground switches, use them, and a room with items.
Then come back in room 16 to exit north and find Calus. It's a computer and something
very powerful has corrupted him and the machine. The machine killed all humans, but
the body of Ryco is not with them. Return to the guild to obtain the reward.


Go to the mine after you talk to the customer. You'll begin in Mine 2.

MINE 2 :

ROOM 1 : Kill then you see 2 exits, left and north. Go north first.
ROOM 2 : Use a barrier switch and return to room 1, exit left this time.
ROOM 3 : Kill a hunter and exit south for items and north for the good way.
ROOM 4 : You see 2 exits, north and left. Left leads to room 2 so go north.
ROOM 5 : To kill the robot, destroy the disk with spike on it. You must exit north to
find an ally and cool items, then come back to exit left.
ROOM 6 : Kill then exit, use a switch to open a locked door, exit by the door near
the switch to collect items and the hunter will open the last door of this room.
ROOM 7 : Destroy the disk to stop the robots. Exit.
ROOM 8 : Kill then switch on the light on the left. North exit leads to items so exit
ROOM 9 : Run to the disk to destroy the robots. Near the entrance is a room with items
and a switch. However exit by the left exit.
ROOM 10 : Kill the mine of the corridor, enter the room and kill. Pass a door left to
find a purple barrier switch. Return to room 10 and this time, exit north.
ROOM 11 : Switch on the light here and exit. You find the computer. Use the disk on it
to collect datas. You are free to say your name or not to SUE, but it's better to not say
your name if you wish to obtain the Soul Eater in normal mode. The mission is over,
return to the guild and receive the reward.


Doctor Mome has decided to come with you, unfortunately. This guy is like a millstone
round your neck. You will find it difficult to drag him than walk in the dungeon...It's the most
difficult mission of the game, so again don't e mail me about it, all is here, the
rest is up to you and you only. Defeating the Worm boss with this NPC is truly difficult
and it requires skill and 10 star atomizer.

First bring him to the computer, you can use the map of Mine 2, there is no problem.
Then exit of the room by going straight, to find three ground switches and an access to
mine 1.

MINE 1 :

ROOM 1 : Kill and exit.
ROOM 2 : Kill, switch on the light and exit. You arrive then in known rooms so use the
map of Mine 1 above to eventually reach room 16. Things have changed. Killed two big
bots and pass the door to the last part of Mine 1.
ROOM 17 : Kill then exit.
ROOM 18 : Use 4 ground switches, exit.
ROOM 19 : Use 4 ground switches and exit.
ROOM 20 : Use a barrier switch, kill and pass the door for items. Return to room 18
and exit north now.
ROOM 21 : Kill, you see 2 exits. Right leads to items so exit north.
ROOM 22 : Kill, you see 2 exits. Right is the good exit, cause the other leads to a
couple of rooms and items. You have find the warp to the underground channel.



1 : As i say above, before you fight him with Mome, you must be sure to have 10 star atomizer. You can
find one in mine 2, in Room 5 after you destroy a disk. exit by using a telepipe, and
cancel the mission. Replay the scene until you have 10 star atomizer.
2 : Mome has 5 monomate with him. Be sure that in the dungeon he never uses one. Don't
e mail me it's impossible, it's possible cause i do it many times.
3 : During the fight with the boss, choose to shoot with a gun. If the boss focus on
Mome, try to receive the tentacle hit instead of letting Mome receive it. Then the
monster will focus on you.
4 : The most difficult thing is to protect Mome from the purple fireball, cause it
makes combos on him and kill him. Be sure you protect him.
5 : When the light disappeared, don't even try to shoot the head cause of Mome. If you
do one shot and run, Mome will be hit cause he runs later after you.
6 : Be sure you have all your time cause this battle is very very very.... very long.

I was at level 25 when i succeed. It's possible but you need all your skills.

AFTER the battle, Mome concludes that Beta 772 has infected this monster after Calus
releases it in nature. But the cell has disappeared in it and this boss is nothing but a
monster. The last question is who corrupted the computer and realease the virus in
nature ? It's the one responsible of the death of humans.

Now the game is blocked again and you need to return in the mine to look for the third


PHASE 1 : shoot the spike in air so it goes down, then shoot the screen when you see
the virus inside.
PHASE 2 : You can choose the part you wish to destroy, then he died. Now you collect items,
use a warp to a room and access to a path with a sealed door, it's the only enigma of the game
so  be careful.


1 : NEVER try to read the message of Ryco. It's only for the japanese version, sometime
you can use a telepipe but sometimes the game freeze. If you have other version you can
read the message.
2 : Use the warp to Pioneer 2 only if during Mine 2, you have find a pillar and
activate it. IF YOU HAVEN'T FOUND IT : quit the game and save after you have seen the
door, you can return to Pioneer City if you wish.
3 : you will replay the dungeon and in mine 2, you find a pillar this time. kill the
boss again and this time use the warp to Pioneer 2 to save your victory.
5 : Search a second pillar in Forest 2, and a third in Cave 2. Activate them.
6 : The door is now open, enter the ruins.
7 : You have two choices, one is going directly to the last boss and finish the game,
the other is to exit by using a telepipe to look at the three last missions.

CONCLUSION : Mome has analyzed the research of Doctor Osto. The cell Beta 772 was
released and altered the native cause the computer was corrupted. In the ruins is the
secret of all of this, so it's time to finish this story.

SCENARIO 4 : "A VERY DARK AND ANCIENTS EVIL AWAIT" (From the helpful guide of PS 3) :


Elenor comes with you to test a new weapon.


ROOM 1 : Use 2 switches to exit.
ROOM 2 : Test 1. You see 3 exits. Straight and 2 at the right.
ROOM 3 : (straight), Kill and use one switch. The door leads to items. Now come back
to room 2. Use the second exit right.
ROOM 4 : Use a barrier switch here and pass the door.
ROOM 5 : Use a switch and exit.
ROOM 6 : Kill, and exit to a warp.
ROOM 7 : You are now in the first right exit of room 2. Use 3 switches here.
ROOM 8 : Kill you see 2 exits. Right leads to items. Go left.
ROOM 9 : Test 2. You see 2 exits. Left are healing rings, so go straight.
ROOM 10 : Items and an exit.
ROOM 11 : Test 3, kill then use a telepipe to return to the guild.


Shino decides to come with you. Go in the ruins.


ROOM 1 : Kill and exit right for items. Then exit left.
ROOM 2 : Kill and exit.
ROOM 3 : Exit to use a barrier switch. Come back collect items and use 2 switches to
exit by the locked door. You are in test room 3, so use the previous map
to reach test room 1. One exit leads to healing ring, one leads to some rooms and
items and last one is the good.
ROOM 4 : Kill then exit.
ROOM 5 : Straight exit leads to items and then go left.
ROOM 6 : Here sraight exit leads to a useless warp, so go left and use the warp here
to 2 switches.
ROOM 7 :This room can be reach by the third exit of room 6. Kill and exit.
ROOM 8 : Kill and exit to RUINS 2.


ROOM 1 : Kill, you see 3 exits. Exit left to a barrier switch and straight to feel a
false earthquake.
ROOM 2 : Kill you see 2 exits. Exit left.
ROOM 3 : Near 2 switches, Shino feels her master. Pass the door.
ROOM 4 : Kill, you receive the Kamui Sword. Exit.
ROOM 5 : Left is the good way, right is a barrier switch.
ROOM 6 : Here you meet a dead hunter.
ROOM 7 : Fight, you obtain the Yasha Sword. 2 exits, left and straight. Left is a warp
to items and straight, you feel another earthquake.


ROOM 8 :  Kill then you can talk to Zoke and receive the Sange Sword. Collect items
and return to the guild now to receive the reward.


Meet the customer and go in the ruins.


ROOM 1 : Use 2 ground switches, exit right to use 2 more. Exit left then for items. The
exit straight is the good one.
ROOM 2 : Kill then exit.
ROOM 3 : You can exit straight to a couple of rooms with items and then come back to
exit left. You find two hunters here.
ROOM 4 : Continue to find two more and kill the monster. 2 exits, one to items and the
other is the good way.
ROOM 5 : Kill then exit.
ROOM 6 : Kill then  exit right to a warp and collect items. Return in room 6 and exit
by the left.
ROOM 7 : You find a women, talk to her until she attacks you with monsters, kill them
ROOM 8 : Kill, exit right to healing ring then exit left.
ROOM 9 : Earthquake. Right exit is for items, so exit left.
ROOM 10 : Earthquake then kill. You see 2 exits, right for items then exit left.
ROOM 11 : Use the bridge. Avoid the box that falls on you and exit.
ROOM 12 : Kill a centaur and exit. You can now go to ruins 3.


ROOM 1 : Meet ASH and he joins you. Kill and exit.
ROOM 2 : Kill and exit.
ROOM 3 : There are 5 exits. "Left exit 1" leads to a barrier switch after some rooms.
"Left exit 2" leads to a barrier switch in a dark room. "Exit right 2" leads to the fifth
exit and a warp. Use it then fight in a dark room. Switch on the light to see the red
switch. Now use the "exit of the right 1" to use a new warp. Use the machine here to
collect datas. Exit then Ash leaves you and you can return to the guild by using a

Now all the missions are cleared. You see them in yellow and can replay them for exp
and money. But don't do that.

CONCLUSION : Ryco is possessed by Dark Force and she corrupted the computer and
created all the problems. You must chase her now.

Return to RUINS and go in ruins 3; Now the last door have opened. You can explore
RUINS 3 easily that's why i don't give a complete map. At the end you find
the teleport warp to the last boss.


A cool equipment against Dark Force in Vhard is :
Attribute Plate 4 slots,
Perfect Resist ++ in all slots
Attribute Wall

In this case, Grants is limited to 100 points of damage maximum. Dark falz will do only, 200
to 300 points of damage according to your character and your level.

When you arrived here, click on the Pandora's box in front of the obelisk. DARK FORCE

PHASE 1 : You are surrounded by 1000 mines, don't panic and shoot two of them and
they disappear. You must shoot those with purple smoke inside them. It's important to know
it cause in on line mode you must shoot more than two.
PHASE 2 : the monster have 3 heads. Destroy the one on the right cause it's the
healing head. To do this try to circle around him, and stays behind him so he can
never use ice or fire on you. Once this head is destroyed, all are destroyed
PHASE 3 : It's time to stay in front of him with 10 dimate or 10 star atomizer and
shoot the ball under him. I used 9 dimate for this battle and he died. Also you have great
chance that he didn't use the grantz technique on you. If you are near he will hit you with
a freeze spell or a fire spell. Grantz is when you are far from him. In hard on line, it casts
also a fall rain, like Zyo of PS4. You can avoid this attack but you must run.

I was at level 30 when i won in one battle. This battle is very very easy in normal.
However i received news from Kyapiko and he wasn't able at level 26 to win against
him. I have also heard of the multi players technique on gamefaqs but really i don't
know why everyone finds this boss so hard. It's a real easy fight in normal.

PHASE 4 :(only in hard and very hard) I have fought it on line with a japanese player at level
100 and it wasn't easy. In this phase, Dark Falz takes you in the air. It turns into a giant
creature and has several attacks. First you can shoot him only when he turns "solid". Usually he
goes in the air and launch light ball on you. In this case you must run around him. Then he casts
Grantz, With Resist Saint on you you can survive and heal, but you must be quick to heal unless it's too
late. Even without Resist Saint, you can survive but you have also great chance to die in one
hit. I think that it depends of your current speed. If you begin to run when he casts the spell
it's too late. You must shoot the same ball as in phase 3 when he is solid but this time it's his
heart. If you are not in front of him, you can have some problem to lock on it.
To be simple, run, equip yourself with Resist Saint, be sure to have 10 trimate and 10 star
atomizer and don't forget 3 or 4 scape doll. If you win, you will see the soul of Red Ring Ryco
flying in the sky. Yes in hard she rests in peace, not in normal.

ENJOYED THE END, Commander is crying, you go on Ragol to leave in peace, then there
will be an auto save. Reload your file and you see that you have played in level
normal. Now begin to play in Hard with your character and all items, exp and gold.
Later you will play in very hard. Why this ? just to obtain a powerful character for
the on line game. It's important if you wish to play with a japanese player. Also i noticed that
the game makes a screenshot of your skin and includes it in the image during the credits,
it also shows to you the "oav" version of your skin, impressive.

Now hero, the rest is up to you.



When you met Sue in unsealed door, she talked of Black Hound but i have never
fought him. NOW HERE IS THE WAY.

First complete doctor's osto reasearch quest, and answer NO to Sue. If you have said your
name it's too late and you must wait for the next difficulty level to obtain it.
Second complete the unsealed door quest and be sure to talk to Bernie in the room that look
likes a S and split in two parts. Talk again to Sue and finish this quest.
Third complete the Waterfall Tears quest, after you beat Anna, continue to meet the Black
Hound, Kireek. Kill him, very easy.
Fourth, complete the Black Paper quest, on your way to cave 2 you will meet again Kireek, my
advice is to use the map of Cave 1 in the inventory to see the triangle of Kireek on it. It's easier
to find him then. Kill him, it can be long, and finish the quest.
Last complete the From the depths quest. After Ash leaves you, Return to Pioneer by using a telepipe and
re enter in Ruins 1. Look on the map to find Kireek and Ash. This time Kireek is possessed by Dark Force
and is easy to kill. You obtain the Soul Eater and kill the Black Hound.

Note that Kireek talk of another pirate to you. You will probably fight this pirate in the appen disc.

To complete this quest easily you have just to wait untilafter the last quest (from the depths)
is available and then complete. The most important thing is to not says your name to Sue.


There is a fourth sword to find in this game. HERE IS THE WAY.

You must be in hard mode and in the ruins after you collect Kamui, Sange and Yasha (Yasha
was the name of a ninja in Shining Force 3 Saturn, Kamui is a ninja girl of this saga and
last Agito is the last boss name of the Story of Thor). You will find in the ruins the book
of katanas (1 to 3). Go to the tekker and he will say if it's the true sword or not. You can find 16
different versions of it. The true version is the model of the year 1975.
After you collect the fourth sword there is someone that can create the ultimate one for you.
It's the tekker who appears in the mission Seek my master. He will create HOROSHI AGITO (agito of
the killers) which was badly translated in Orotiagito (HOROSHI is the last boss name of one of
the king of fighters (1998 if i remember correctly)).


I remember that Doctor Montague offers to create a special weapon for me after the
mission DOCTOR SECRET PLAN, if i bring some material. However i didn't find any in
the normal level. Update 2.0 : I have found in the ruins in normal at level 32 the
delsaber's right arm and obtain the DELSABER'S BUSTER from Montague. He can create also a shield
if you find the left arm. Kill a lot of delsaber in the ruins to obtain it. The shield is very rare.
Last, If you bring to him a Sinow Beat Arm, Montague will create the Sinow Beat Blade.
You can also bring to him : a chaos bringer's arm, a sorcerer's arm and a pan's arm to obtain a Chaos Bringer's
Rifle, a Chaos Sorcerer's Cane and a Pan arm blade.


In the mission Secret Delivery talk to a guy, and answer !! both times. He will give you the
WEAPONS EMBLEM. Now complete the mission.
Go in Claiming a Stake, talk to another member to be accepted (in town) and complete this
Go in Value of money and talk to another member to be accepted, complete this mission.
Go in Gran Squall, talk to the member and answer 1 to him to be accepeted. Complete this
Go in the Lost Bride and talk to the last member. Complete this mission.
Now return to the secret delivery and talk to the guy who gave the emblem and then you will
talk to his wife near the bank. You obtain the Pan.


Well, let's begin by how to find them.
0 : you can find all the downloadble quests in
1 : You need to go on line, yes connect yourself on line. You need the correct game
nationality and the correct dreamcast of course.
2 : If the game said that your username is incorrect, it's because you have donwload
some files from a foreigner site with it. In this case you need to reinstall the
3 : Once connected, you open your account for the game and you have two choices :
	1 connect to the main server (ship select)
	2 connect to the download server.
Choose 2 to find the download quest.
The problem is that you cannot access to this menu during your connection.
you can only choose your ship. The download server is not ready for the moment
in other version than the japanese one.

(update) :
 Now the american server has opened the download server, with the letter from Lionel.
 There is no download server available for Europe.

The quests are excellent. You will do and see things and corridors you have never seen in the game.
Actually only one quest, Letter from Lionel, is international. However it's limited to the language of your
dreamcast. The japanese downloadable file can be used with other version but can be downloaded only if you
have an account on Isao net. In Japan, before the appen disc, Sega has opened a challenge between players,
you can download it, but can't enter the contest if you haven't a japanese Dreamcast.
Each quest is built to help people to reach the level 100.

Ok Let's go :


The guild has received a mail from Lionel, an android. First read the quest board. Now go to the
forest. Find your way to Forest 2. Go in Room 3 and talk to a hunter. Then you can use a warp
to room 8. You can kill the monsters first but it's better to use the other warp. You arrive in a
small room with the head of the android. It's alive. Read the quest board to chat with the head
of Lionel. You must chat until it gives a clue about the next part of him you must find. You have
probably noticed a room locked in forest 2. Once Lionel says : "i must be in a stomach", this
room opened. Go in and kill the hildebear. You obtain the arm of Lionel. Talk with the arm by
using the quest board and it gives a clue for the legs. Go in Forest 1 and in room 2 you find the
left leg in the river. Talk to the leg by using the quest board and you learn that the other leg
is in the cave.
To go in the cave, return to room 8 of forest 2 and do as if you wish to go to the boss. The
difference is that the warp takes you to the cave. The right leg is in cave 2.

Fourth map of the cave :

ROOM 1 : Kill and exit.
CORRIDOR 1 : be careful.
ROOM 2 : Kill, you see 2 exits, north leads to a dark room and then to items. Go left.
ROOM 3 : Kill and exit.
ROOM 4 : 3 mines, exit.
CORRIDOR 2 : Go right to go in room 5, you can also go straight.
ROOM 5 : Kill and exit, use the warp. Use another warp to open the door, you are back in the
corridor, go straight now.
ROOM 6 : Kill and exit.
ROOM 7 : Kill, you see 2 exits, One to a healing ring and the other is the good.
ROOM 8 : After a third corridor, kill, you see 3 exits. Left for an isolated room, the north door
is locked, you can go right.
ROOM 9 : Use 4 ground switches, go in the dark room, switch on the light and kill. Once you
return in room 9 you see a Pan Arms in Cave 1 (it's impossible normally). Use the second door of
room 9.
ROOM 10 : The exit left leads to room 8, and the other to cave 2.

Once in cave 2, you will visit a maximum of 3 rooms, i can just say that you follow the way to
the leg because it's simple.
Talk with the leg and now use a telepipe. Near the guild is the hunter you saw in the forest,
talk to him until he gives the body. Congratulations, Lionel is complete. Now go in the guild
talk to him and receive the reward.

You can gain at least 23 000 exp in very hard mode.

This quest is very fun, and the monsters appear and attack as in very hard, even in normal. This quest is
available now in America, but not in Europe.

DOWNLOAD QUEST 2 : A NEW WEAPON : (66 BLOCS) (A.K.A Rare Material Quest)

You must set up the language of the game in japanese to play this one. Otherwise the VMU will
not recognize it. This quest is excellent for two things : you can find a lot of Monogrinder, and materials and
you can earn a lot of exp in very hard, due to the presence of the Monest and Mothmant. By playing this one you
will gain about 17 000 exp in very hard mode. But if you kill all the mothmant, use a telepipe and come back to
the forest area 2, you can gain all the exp you need for your next level.

The customer, Oswald wants four "ingredients" to create a photon weapon. He obtained an access to the
secret research about photon weapon and now, he wants to make one. He offers to give it to you in
addition of the reward. You have access to two dungeons, forest and cave. Read your quest board to
see the list of items you must find.
Go in the forest, in room 1 and room 7 you find a "Moon Tyte" (you have 2 now). Go in
Forest 2 and fight the dragon. You obtained a "Dragon Scale". It's time to return to Pioneer 2 and to
enter the cave. Advance in the dungeon and find a room with 2 exits. One leads to a healing ring and
the other to a rock with shining stars on it, this room is splited into two parts and i'm talking of
the part with the rock, search the rock to obtain an item. Find your way to cave 2 and search the
waterfall room. You see another rock. Search an item in it. Now you can go to cave 3 for exp or
simply return to Pioneer 2.Talk to the customer, he offers 3 choices in kanji. It's Sword,
Staff and Gun but the kanjis were so small that i'm not sure. Anyway, talk to him and choose one of
the three until he gives a weapon. Then talk to him and you can receive your reward as in a classic

Note :
1)You can obtain a lot of weapons, all are using the photon. I'm sure that rare items aren't in
this quest unfortunately. I obtain a poor Frost Sword and a poor Frost Staff because i used the first choice
and the second. With the third i obtained a Frost Machine gun.
2)In fact you need only 1 moon tyte, 1 dragon scale and 1 item in the cave to obtain a fire weapon. If you
bring a second moon tyte and a second item of the cave, you obtain a frost weapon.
3)you can earn a total of 20 000 exp if you explore cave 1,2,3 but it's long.


You must set up the language of the game in japanese to play this one. Otherwise the VMU will
not recognize it.
Donoph, a hunter wants you come with him in the ruins to kill 99 monsters in less than 30 minutes.
Zoke the great swordman didn't do better. You can answer "??" or "!!" to Donoph. It's better to answer
"!!". You go in ruins 3 alone and find him there. Kill 99 monsters to complete this mission. It's easy
and Donoph count them for you.

No one in town is happy to learn about Donoph's success. If you remember correctly the soul eater quest,
Kireek talked of another rival in Pioneer 1. This rival ruled the black market of Pioneer 1. This person
is Donoph. He managed to survive after the crash of Pioneer 1 and then became a retired hunter on Pioneer 2.

Here is the beginning of the side quest :

To play this side quest you must be only in Very hard mode.
You notice in town Alicia Baz, the yellow force. She knows Donoph and wants you to bring him to her (after you
complete the side quest of course).
1) Answer "!!" to Donoph.
2) Complete the challenge, kill 99 monsters. Donoph leaves and say that he has just one monster to kill to beat
the record. Collect items and return in town by using the warp to Pioneer 2, at the beginning of the dungeon.
If you use a telepipe the next sequences won't occur.
3) Now talk to Alicia, instead of going to the guild. You hear a shime of victory. She opens for you Forest
area 2. Visit this forest. You can kill everyone, there are 2 points of interest :
The first is the locked room.
The second is the mail, written by Flowen (the same as in Flowen's sword, armor and shield), about Donoph. I
don't really understand it, but it talks of High Scriff (a title probably, like master or general) and it talks
of Donoph. Answer yes to read the mail.
4) Return in ruins area 3 and you see a message. The message you see is :
"go go, there is one monster to kill". If you find this monster you will open the locked corridor, i think.

That's where i am stuck because i can't find any monsters in ruins 3 and Alicia doesn't give a clue. I think
that the goal is to fight Donoph or maybe someone else in the locked room of forest 2, after you opened the
locked corridor in ruins 3.

I begin this side quest after i read the faq of Darthsif. I submitted to him informations about the japanese in
this quest, and i invite everyone who is reading this part to read his faq of the retired hunter. I hope he
will update his faq with the informations i sent to him.


This quest is sponsorized by Famitsu the great video games magazine in Japan. I really doubt of a
translation, but who knows...
You must set up the language of the game in japanese to play this one. Otherwise the VMU will
not recognize it.
This quest is special. You go (off line) in the forest, cave and mine and play some mini games.
Once the quest is completed the game store your time in memory. A japanese player can
put his record on the official site of the challenge and there is a ranking between all the japanese
players. If you haven't an account on Isao net and a japanese dreamcast, you can play this quest but you
will not enter the contest.
Ign, has announced a similar contest in America. Nothing for Europe...

During all this quest when you have a choice it's yes or no. The question is each time : "Do you know
the rule of this mini game ?". Answer yes each time to gain time.
The goal is to complete this quest as fast as possible.

Forest :

The commander asks you to go in the forest to begin the contest. In town everyone say a lot of interesting
things about it and you can see signs for Famitsu. Go in the forest.
You know the game, stone, cissor and leaf ? This is it. Shino appears to explain that you need 11 points
to be as strong as Sakura 66 (who is she ?). To obtain points you must beat four opponents.
	First oppopnent : Rag Rappy :
You find him in room 6. Talk to him and you have three choices :
If you win with a go, you earn 2 points, with a shyoko 1 point and with a bar, 5 points. It's the same
thing for others opponents. Use the warp to go directly to another opponent.
	Second opponent : A scientist who works with Alicia.
	Third opponent : in the same room, pass the blue barrier and talk to a ship. Yes it is the third
	Fourth opponent : in room 7, near the Rag Rappy, is a stone hidden somewhere. Talk to it to meet
	the fourth opponent. Once you have 11 points talk to Shino and she opens the path to the cave.

Cave :

Very fun and very freak at the same time. You talk with Morrigan (not the one of Capcom ok ?). She asks
you to find a friend. Search for a door that can be opened. In it talk to Type 0 and he comes. He is a
witness. Talk to Morrigan and she disappears. You must chase her. (She is the girl possessed by Dark Force
In the mission From the Depths).

1 : You must go through this corridor without dying. Type 0 will wait for you at the end of the corridor.
2 : You see rocks and a barrier. To open the door you must reach the switch. This room has a particular
property : It acts as a giant warp. You must find the good pixel to be teleported near the switch and
then near the door. Begin to go right and near the rock to reach the switch and then go near the entrance
to reach the exit. Long but not hard.
3 : Each time you destroy a box in this room, an ennemy appears. Kill them all. Exit.
4 : Morrigan is hidden on the left of the room. She is invisible, so lock on her. Once you talk she
escapes again.
5 : Kill all monsters and protect Type 0. Exit.
6 : In the waterfall, Morrigan stuns you and you lose precious time. Exit as fast as possible...
7 : Go right instead of straight. In the next room switch on two ground switches and pass the door on the
left (not the one north left) to switch on two more ground switches, Then you use a warp. You are now in
a room, kill and exit. You are in the path that went straight. Return to the room with 2 ground switches
and pass the door north left for a little challenge. Kill some monsters quickly (talk to the creature to
begin the challenge). Last pass the door north right. In this new room, search four invisble ground
switches and each time you use one, kill a monster.
Last pass the door straight for items and the door opened with 4 switches to reach the end of this floor.
8 : Talk to Morrigan and she opens the way to the mine.

Mine :

You meet a hunter. It's the guy who helped Kroe at the begining of the mission Waterfall Tears. He wants to
test your speed. The goal here is to touch him. Once you lock on him press A repetively to touch him a lot
until he admits you are faster than him.

Stage 1 : in the room you meet him, begin to chase him. In the next room kill all monsters. You find the
next stage.
Stage 2 : He is in the center of the room. Use a warp to reach him.
You must touch him and 2 doubles of him (the impact are not the same). It's long. You can access from here
a small room, in it there is an invisible man who gives an item a price because you search him. You can
visit all rooms here for items and fights but find stage 3.
Stage 3 : The hardest and the longest of all. Our dear hunter continues to teleport from a corner to
another but never in a corner you are. Simply go in the opposite direction and be on the corner once he
is to win. After this stage, follow him, talk to him and you can exit to Pioneer 2.

To quit this mission talk to the commander and then to the girl. She will ask if you wish to quit (no or
yes in this order) and if you wish to record your time (no or yes in this order). After that you quit
this challenge.

It is simply excellent. Congratulations Sega !

CONCLUSION : We lost the best part of the game with the downloadable quests. Sega of America and Sega of
Europe must translate it as soon as possible. It's unforgivable to let players of the entire
world outside of the fun. The server must be the same for everyone. PSO has a big success in Japan
and when we will have the four quests (and maybe only three) the japanese players will play with two
or three others. It's sure that other downloadable quests will be available in the future.
Keep in mind that names of the quest 2, 3 and 4 will be different and items in quest 3 also. It's not
an exact translation. I will fix everything with the official version.

It's not over ! not yet ! another one please ! it's ok.


This quest is the sequel of the famitsu cup. If you have a japanese DC, be sure to play the famitsu cup before
this one. After you complete this quest you can change your record in the contest. This quest was written to
salute the three ways to connect to PSO, the split (the DC modem), the ADSL (other machines and DC connected to
a PC) and the broadband adaptor (in America also used for Quake). If you know perfectly these three tools, no
problem for the quiz, if not read the following. This quest is a mix of a normal quest and a side quest to
obtain a rare item.

Keep in mind that with one character you can obtain only one rare items, you need 3 characters to obtain them all.
In Normal    : Chain Sawd
In Hard      : Flame Visit
In Very Hard : Sting Tip

Make your choice and begin. Once again, set up the language in japanese to play this quest.

During the Famitsu cup, Black paper and some other people stole an ADSL and a SPLIT. Your mission is to find
them and bring them back.

1) Talk to the customer. You receive the Instruction Manual (in your quest board).
2) Refer to this guide for the map reference, it's the one of unsealed door.
3) Go in the mine area 2.

Mine 2 :

4) Enter in room 1. Use the computer to watch a scene between Black Paper and Red Hunter, and then a second to
learn that 3 scientists (3 clones of doctor Mome...) have secured the Split and the ADSL.
5) Press start and go in Item/area map. Locate the blue arrow scientist. In order to activate the side quest you
must spy him 3 times in the first part of this mission. To spy him you must use the correct computer when he is
in the correct room. As long as you haven't watch 3 scenes, you must talk to him and answer 1 and 1 so he can
move. If you get the idea, read the following.
6) You must spy him in room 2 (the S room) when he is on the part accessible from room 1. To spy him there use
the computer in the small room of room 3.
You must spy him when he is in the small room of room 5 (where you usually find a star atomizer). To do this
use the computer of the small room in room 6.
You must spy him when he is in room 6. To do this use the computer in the small room of room 2.
Note that it can be long, and all the positions of "blue arrow" on the map are random...
7) To complete this part, talk to "blue arrow" and answer 1, then 2. Beat him and you obtain a SPLIT (in the quest
8) Now look at the area map to see two arrows. Go there and you find Black Paper and Red Hunter. Follow them in
the corridor. Now you can continue the quest.
9) You can now access to the last room of mine 2. This time when you talk to "blue arrow", he displays a new
menu : 1)information about the split
       2)information about the ADSL
       3)information about the broadband adaptor.
If you understand japanese i think it contains the answers to the quiz of the side quest. You have this guide
in any case.
10) You must spy blue arrow in the following rooms :
The second S room, by using the computer of the small room of room 11.
The corridor after the S room 2, by using the computer of the small room of the room full of boxes (near room
11 and the corridor).
In room 11, by using the computer of the small room of this room before the S room 2.
It can be a major problem to obtain "blue arrow" in the correct location.

Once down talk to him answer 1, then 2 to kill him and obtain an ADSL. You will see the message "quest clear".
Don't return to the guild now. Return in room 2 (the S room 1) to use the coputer and watch a last scene. Now you
can go to the locked door of mine 2. Use the instruction manual in your quest board, you will see a message, the
ground will shake and the door will open. Go in mine 1.

Mine 1 :

Here you must fight. When you are stuck, search in the center of a room for a gray robot. Sometimes he is invisible
due to a bug (you are not playing with the japanese PSO on a japanese DC with the quest of the Isao net server).

Q1 : price of adsl in japan = 5500 yens, answer 2, it's wrong (choose the cross).

Fight until you meet gray robot 2.

Q2 : It's related to the number of bauds per second, the answer is 24, answer 3.

Then you will fight until Black paper and Red hunter stop you. It's time to kill them once and for all. Continue
until question 3.

Q3 : it's related to a caracteristic of the adsl, the answer is Analogic, answer 2.

Now finish the floor and go in the underground channel to fight De Rol Le.


Be sure to have scape dolls, if you die you will lose definitely your weapon.
During the battle take a second before you answer, the order is always the same : 2,3,1,2,3,1...
After you kill him, you receive the rare weapon. Return to the guild.

Talk to the customer and then to the guild. You notice the URL : I didn't go there but i suppose you can post your result in this page.
Remember do it only if you have the japanese DC, japanese PSO and the quest downloaded from the Isao net server to
avoid any problem, like your key is banished the next time you will connect to your on line server.


During 1987, PS 1 appears. It was the first japanese RPG ever made.
Scenes in town are like in other PS but in dungeon there was a first person
view and free movement like in a doom like and not as in dungeon master for
example. This "four mega plus" cartridge was full and i used more than 20 hours
to finish this game. WHY ? the dungeon was like labyrinth, i need to draw a map
for the multi level. The package talked of 16 multi level dungeons, i have found
31. Few towns were available but the game wasn't linear. You can go where you
want, explore the dungeon in the order you want and you can visit Parma, Motavia
and Dezolis by using battle station, ships, hovercraft or your feet. Sometimes
you must find the dungeon and what to do to advance in the story cause the game
gives little information about the quest. There were 4 characters in your party,
Alys the legend, Odin the hunter, Myau the strange cat and Noah (known as Lutz in other
episode). PS 1 was a gigantic surprise when i played it on the master system and
i buy the re edition on the genesis only released in Japan. It was the same but
more beautiful. PS 1 had also beautiful images in the game. They were increased in
the genesis version.
In 342 of Alys World (A.W), Nero (Nei in the japanese version) was the first who
discovered Dark Force inside the heart of Lashik. He was killed and Alys, her
sister, decides to avenge his death. She meets Myau and Odin and later Noah on
the way. Alys begins to visit Parma, then Mota to meet the gouvernor and fight
a habitant of Mota (which were one of the heroes in PS 4 (GRIMM)) and then
Dezolis. Of course her quest finished on Parma. She meets Medusa and some other
boss. She completed a quest for the Laconia Sword (Nero's sword or Nei's sword)
and armor which was the only one able to kill Lashik. Myau became a dragon to
fly to Sky Castle (Game Arts used this idea later on Lunar). At the end of the
game they killed Lashik and Dark Falz (it's "Force" of course but it was badly
translated). There were two endings : Alys does or does not become the queen of

In 1989, the second RPG of the genesis appears after Super Hydlide.
This was also an excellent surprise for me. The story was excellent but
the technique so poor. This 6 mega cartridge has long labyrinth (more than 19, as
they said on the package).
This is the story of Rolf, an orphan saved from a crash by an unknown person. In
1284 A.W, he was haunted by nightmare more often. He found a creature that grows
into an adult and named it Nei (a girl this once). All Mota was ruled by a computer
named Mother Brain which appeared mysteriously. Strange events occured and Rolf
began to search why. He met 8 other characters in this game. My favorite was Nei
of course, Rudo the clone of Odin, the girl with green hair and the slasher and
Cain. You can change their name. The hero gained the Megido technic at level 34 or
35. After a long time, Nei was killed by Nei first, her darkside. Then Rolf killed
her. They found that the problem was a bug in mother brain. They decide to cut
all transmissions with it by opening four dams and they were arrested. Sent in
Gaya the space prison, Mother Brain used it to destroy Parma. They were saved by
Captain Tyler (who has a town of his name in PS 4). In Dezo they found Myau's
children all Nei's weapons and armor and met Lutz.
After he awaked from his cryogenic sleep, he told to Rolf the truth :
he is an esper and can live more than 200 years, he was the one who saved
Rolf from Dark Force and the crash and last Rolf is the last descendant of ALYS.
They were teleported and opened the pandora's box to kill Dark Force (a crude
joke appeared, "oh a new weapon, huh ? oh no, it's Dark Force..."), Using all the
power of the Megido Technique they killed him and a wonderful mother brain. Last
they discovered the truth :
100 earth men escaped from a collapse in noah's arch. They built Mother to help
the people of Mota but their anger awoke Dark Force. They enclosed him in the
Pandora's Box. But he escaped and corupted them and Mother Brain. Now they are
THE Dark Force. Without a chance to win, they engaged a desperate battle and
all (earth men and heroes) died. Rolf asks who in Mota will kill Dark Force in
1000 years and then disappeared.

In 1991, appeared the third episode. It was the first RPG i played so don't ask
me if it's good. Many people said that it was not as good as PS 2, but in fact
they didn't understand the link with other episodes or never finished it because
of the poor battles. You can change of hero during the game with a system of
generation and only Wren and Mieu stays all the game.
There were three quests (one and two were long and three very short), seven worlds
and two moons to explore. It's the longest of the saga. There were 4 endings. PS 3
has the best sprites for players but also the badest fights of all the saga.
Another problem of the american translation was the names. They called Siren Wren
and the Siren of the american version had another name in the japanese one. That's
why everyone asks how Wren flew from Alisa 3 to Mota in PS 4. In fact it's not the
same robot. In addition of that, Wren was the real japanese name for the cyborg of
PS 4 in the japanese version.
Before the crash of Parma, and due to their experience of it, the people of
Parma built a fleet of 400 ships to save everyone. They felt the danger of
Mother Brain. 398 ships were destroyed but they landed in Mota or Dezo (it
includes the one of Captain Tyler). Orakio, Laya, Miun, Siren and Lune fought
against Dark Force on Alisa 3. They enclosed it in Sunken Palace under the sword
of Orakio. Lune and Siren were sent in two moons to supervise the security and
were in cryogenic sleep, Miun was wounded and wandered in the desert
searching Orakio desperatly and Orakio and Laya mysteriously disappeared after
the final fight. Rulakir, the young brother of Orakio, was so jealous of his
brother that Dark force came in him and helped him to survive during 1000 years.
He stayed in Lashute dungeon (it's Lashik dungeon in fact) and divided people
into Orakians and Layans. Last after 1000 years of rest, he kidnapped the
princess of the layan, Maya and brainwashed her. Then he abandoned her on a
In 2224 A.W Rhys found a girl on a beach and decided to marry her. Unfortunately
a layan dragon (Lyle) came and kidnapped her. Rhys, helped by Lena, escaped of
the prison and began his personal war against Layans. He met Mieu and Wren, a
more powerful version of Miun and Siren built by Orakio for his last descendant,
Rhys. Last he met a powerful and hip character named Lyle, the dragon knight, and
discovered that Lena was his sister. Eventually he saved Maya. At this point players
can choose to marry Maya or Lena to obtain Ayn or Nial. Each one had a quest to
perform. They met Siren for the first and Lune for the second. If Siren died, not
Lune who was in the third generation. Each can marry Laya (the sister of the original
Laya, the girlfriend of Orakio) or the sister of Lune. it gives four different heroes for
the last generation. All of them discovered they were the descendant of the people of
Parma and that Orakio and Laya were friends. They also discovered Rulakir's treachery.
They found Orakio's sword, Laya's bow, Lune's Slicer and Siren's Shot. After they show
Orakio's sword to Miun she calmed down and gave Miun's claw, then she died in peace. The
legendary weapons became Nei weapons (the first who fought Dark Force) and last the ultimate
weapons (to kill Dark Force). They obtained the Megido technique and the Grantz power. After
they killed Rulakir, they opened the Pandora's box (and read the crude joke again) to kill
Dark Force.

Story 1 : After the fight they come on our earth.
Story 2 : They find a solar system identical to Algo and land in a planet that
looks like Parma.
Story 3 : They destroyed Neo Parma (the 399 th ship) and Dark Force sworn to
bring back to life all people who fought for and against him for the final battle
in 1000 years.
Story 4 : All the ships were destroyed but they were all saved cause they land
on a solar system identical to Algo.

The explosive final (a second subtitle given by Sega of America) came in 1994
to us. This game was full of references to other episodes. If there was always
a doubt on which one is the best, PS 4 calmed down everyone and was simply the
best of the saga. Imagine the best technique, the best fights (real fun like in
Streets of Rage but for a RPG) original macro commands, skills, a guild, and 24
mega of power for a lot of dungeons. The sound was excellent and the ending
fantastic. Last the quality of the english in this translation was superior to all
RPG until now. PS 4 introducing powerful characters like Demi and Wren, a computer
created Rika from the data of Nei and Nei first and you meet Rune (Slayne in japanese)
and Grimm.
The story begins in 2284 A.W. Alis Brangwin (Leyla in japanese) and Chaz Ashley
(Rudi in japanese) are 2 hunters and work for money in a world abandonned by
Mother Brain and surrounded by monsters. Hire for a job at Mota university they
were involved in a battle with Zyo a dark magician. On the way they met Rune and
we discover that Alis and him kwow each other (but this part of the storyline
was forgotten and we never know how they have meet). They also discover that 398
ships landed on Mota and Dezo and only 2 escaped from Algo. Alis was killed by Zyo
and Rune joins you to avenge her death. They landed on Dezo near Tyler town and then
fly to a satellite where they encountered Dark Force for the first time. One
thing too bad in this game is that Dark Force is banal here. Then Rune said that
he is a descendant of Lutz and everyone goes in the Esper mansion. After this,
they learned that Lashik and Sky Castle were back. They fought him in a dungeon
with the same map as in PS 1 and came back on Dezo to kill a second Dark Force.
They also met Myau, Alys's friend, and his children and received Myau's claw.
Last they killed a third Dark Force and found a way to Ryukross the fourth
planet of the Algo solar system. There was "the roof" on it and it explains the
whole story. The great light fought the profound darkness, his counterpart, and
enclosed him behind a seal, the Algo solar system. The people there, were like
guardians. When Mother Brain destroyed Parma the seal became unstable and that's
why Dark Force came everywhere and revived four times (3 in PS 4 and 1 in PS 3).
After that, Chaz obtained the megido technique, and the sword of Elsydeon built from
all the soul of people who fought Dark Force. So the monster was right at the end
of Phantasy Star 3, everyone will be here for the last battle, ennemies like heroes
but he was wrong about the time. Then Chaz destroyed the Daughter of Mother
Brain, named Daughter, and the Profound Darkness. Peace is here forever and the
ending was very long (30 minutes).


The possible next episode can be :

1 : The great light comes back to destroy Algo and take all people to another
seal. It could explain why a new Dark Force exists in PSO.
2 : The Dark Force in the Pandora's box became independant and can revive. So
the people create a seal to enclose him but even with this, the last ship landed
in a new planet and all died.

Phantasy Star 4 used the ending of Story 3 and PSO also used it. That's why i
considered it's the real ending of Phantasy star 3. Phantasy Star On Line takes
his story in the second possibility and is linked with PS 3.


Commander Ryco Tyrell found the planet Ragol. They discover some native beasts and
decide to fix the weather. But it changes dramatically and they hide in the
mine, where they study new cell like beta 772 and find a strange door and some
remains of an ancient civilization. Ryco finds a way to open the door by using some
pillars and discovers Dark Force. Dark Force uses her to corrupt the computer
in the mine. It releases in the nature the cell beta 772. This cell mixes with a
monster and this monster creates the altered beast from the native (the monster
is the second boss). The human were blocked in the mine and can't escape. the
machine became crazy and all were killed. You arrive and discover that the ruins
are in fact the rest of Alisa 3 and the door a seal not t be opened. After a long
dungeon you unlock the Pandora's box and kill apparently once and for all
Dark Force. You learn this missing link only at the end of the game and it's a
good surprise at least.


Ok, for a special weapon you need to play in hard or very hard in off line mode or on line mode.
Once you find a special weapon, bring it to a tekker. He'll give you the name. There are a lot

This board was originally created and submitted by Yann Dubois.
I have added the rare items Yann didn't find. Note also that the value of attack Yann gives in this
section is for a HUmar. For example, with the Varista my minimum ATA (with a Hucast) is superior to the ATA
of his HUmar. So I give my ATA sometimes. Also if you see ATP, it is the minimum required, as well as for MST.

In this section, "On line" means that i obtained them by exchanges.

Here are some items you will find :

Name		Lvl	Stars	Max	Found		Description		Characteristics
Agito		ATP195	9	?	>Hard ruins	Depends.    Saber		ATP+?ATA+?
Akiko Frying Pan ATA185	9	+9	Any difficulty          It's quite speed, but not the ultimate
Alive Aghu	MST480	9	+9	>Hard Caves	            A legendary battle cane made for a Force
					       VHard Ruins            for intense fights. Its special attack
                                 			            steals enemies' HP.
Battle Verge    ATA214  9      ?    >Hard ruins             A powerful staff, it steals half of the
					       around level 57        HP of an ennemy.
Blade dance	ATP385	9	+9	>VHard mines	      Two short blades with 	ATP+ATA+EVP+
							                  paralysing special attack.
Bloody Art	ATP412	9	+9    >VHard Caves,	      A legendary short sword named after all
					       ruins 		      the blood that it spilled. Its special
							                  attack halves enemy HP.
Brave Hammer MST470	9	+9    > VHard Mines           A legendary battle cane for brave
							                  Forces. Its special attack uses TP to
                                 			            launch a powerful hit.
Brave Knuckle ATP250	9	+55	>Hard/VHard  	      Gear for the fists and feet to boost
					       Forest		      attack power for unarmed combat. Its
                                 			            special attack causes paralysis.
Brionac	  ATA196	9	+9	>Vhard ruins	      It steal TP.
Bravace       ATA118    9	+9    >Hard Caves             A legendary pistol reserved for high-
		                       			            ranking officers aboard Pioneer 1.
                                 			            Adds lightning damage.
Club of       ATA210    9      ?	>Vhard mines	      This Staff is very powerful and forged in
Laconium				       around level 60        the legendary metal, the laconia.
Club of Zumiuran MST450	9	+9	>VHard Forest           A legendary cane made of the magic stone
				                                    Zumiuran. Its special attack can cause instant
Cross Scar	ATP463	9	+9    >VHard Ruins            A legendary short sword that leaves
		                       			            cross-shaped scars on its victims. Adds
                                 			            Lightning damage.
Crush Bullet ATA122	9	+9    >VHard Mines            A legendary shotgun made with concentrated
		                   	 in shop also	      pure Photons. Its special attack steals
                                 			            enemy HP.
Custom Ray v.00   ??	9	+9	>VHard Mines	      A pistol used by mechanic group
					       or Ruins               "team00". Proves the bearer to be a member
                                 			            of the team. Adds fire damage.
DB'S Saber	ATP265	9	+9	>Hard ruins	            Short sword with strong	ATP+250ATA+40
							                  attack using TP
							                  DB is printed on the sword.
Delsaber's              9     +9    >Normal ruins
Buster					 around level 32,       A powerful sword that uses photon.
					       or Hard ruins
Diska of Liberator ATP480 9	+9	>VHard Caves	      A legendary throwing blade used by a Hunter
					      or Mines    	      called "The Liberator." Causes confusion.
Diska of Braveman  ATP495 9	+9	>Can be bought	      A legendary throwing blade for the brave.
					       in Whitill ID.	      Sacrifices HP for a powerful special attack.
Double Saber ATP235	9	+20 	>Hard caves	            Double bladed photon
							                  sword. Special makes TP	 ATP+ATA+EVP+
Dragon SlayerATP495	9	+9	>Hard forest            A sword born of a dragon.
					                              after killing the dragon.
Durandal	ATP310      9	+9    >Hard/Vhard Forest      Steals exp of the ennemy.
Final ImpactATA125	9	+9	>VHard Forest           A legendary shotgun with tremendous power.
                     			  mines/ruins	      Its special attack steals experience
Fire Scepter :  ATA199  9      ?    >Hard ruins             A staff that cause great damage with a
Agni					        around level 57       fire attack.
Flowen's sword ATP385	9	+9	>VHard mines	      Special attack gives	ATP+ATA+EVP+
Gae Bolg		      9	+9	>VHard forest	      Long sword with
							                  freezing special attack	ATP+ATA+EVP+
Gush GungnirATA199	9	+9	>Vhard mines	      It steals HP of the ennemy.
H&S Justice	ATA168	9	+9	>Vhard ruins	      This is the most powerful gattling, freeze
							                  the ennemy.
Ice Staff: Dagon MST480	9	+9	>VHard Ruins            A wand with the Freeze ability.
Justy 23 ST     ATA208  9      ?	>Vhard mines            A rifle made bu Justy, one of the 3 masters
					       around level 60        can stole half of the hp of an ennemy
Kaladgolg       ATP295  9	+9	>Hard ruins	            A legendary sword, freeze ennemy.
					       Vhard forest
L&K14 Combat    ATA124	9	+9    >VHard Mines	      A legendary machine gun from the Combat
				                                    Corp. Its special attack paralyzes
                                 			            enemies. Also raises Luck by 10.
Last Survivor   ATP480	9	+9	>Vhard Caves            A sword said to protect its bearer
		                       			            in battle. Its special attack steals HP.
M&A 60 Vise	    ATA165	9	+9	>Vhard ruins	      An excellent gattling, but a little slow,
							                  sacrifice HP for a powerful attack.
Mace of Adaman  MST440	9	+9	>VHard Forest           A mace with the Storm ability.
Meteor Smash    ATA125	9	+9	>VHard Ruins            A legendary shotgun with power that
                       					            rivals a meteor strike. Its special
                                 			            attack steals TP.
Slicer of	ATP475	9	+9	>VHard mines	      Throwing blade. Special	ATP+ATA+EVP+
assassin						                  can kill instantly
Soul Banish ATP500      9     +9    >VHard ruins            use HP for a powerful attack.
Soul Eater              9     +35    Any difficulty         It's the most powerful partisan i have
							                  and it can kill an ennemy in one hit.
Storm Wand:Indra MST490	9	+9	>VHard Ruins            A legendary magic cane containing the power
							                  of lightning. Add lightning damage.
Varista	     ATA192	9	+9	>Hard ruins	            Gun with paralyzing	ATP+ATA+EVP+
					       around level 56	      special attack
Victor Axe	     ATA195	9	+20	>On line	            It can take half of the ennemy's HP.
Visk 235 W       ATA200 9      +9   >Vhard mines            A rifle made by Visk, one of the 3 masters
					       around level 60  can   paralyse several ennemies
Vjaya           ATP495	9	+9    >??		            A legendary long sword for the wealthy.
							                  Can launch a powerful attack at the cost
							                  of meseta.
Wals-MK2        ATA120	9	+9   	>VHard Caves	      A legendary rifle crafted by Wals, one
				                                    of the three masters. Its special attack
                                 			            confuses enemies.
Angry Fist	ATP??	10	+30	      >??                     Gear that boosts attack power for
                    					            unarmed combat. Its special attack freezes
Egg Blaster	ATA100	10	+99	>??        	            A special gun made by a mysterious scientist out
							                  to conquer the world. Does fire damage.
Photon Claw	ATP215	10	+20	>Vhard mines 2	      These claws has a beautiful attack and is
					      around level 80         very powerful.
Silence ClawATP336	10	+15	>??  		            Legendary Claws that kill silently. Its
							                  special attack can fell enemies with a
                                  			            single blow.
Stag CutleryATP343	10	+15	>V.Hard Forest          A legendary double-bladed sword usable
							                  only by male Hunters and Rangers, causes
Supressed GunATA110	10	+40	>Hard Mines             A small gun that fires Photon Bullets.
Twin Brand 	ATP470	10	+9	>VHard Mines            The ultimate double-bladed sword, only for
                      					            masters. Its special steals attack halves
                      					            enemy HP.
Caduceus	MST320	11	NO	>??                     A special cane created based on a legendary holy
							                  cane. Casts Foie as a special attack.
Chainsawd	ATP470	11	+30 	>VHard ruins	      Long sword with very 	ATP+ATA+EVP+
							                  strong attack. Special
							                  attack makes HP
Chaos Bringer Rifle ATA133 11	+9	>Vhard Ruins            A enemy weapon made from the arm of a
		                     			            Chaos Bringer's hand. Its special attack
                                  			            cuts enemies HP to 1/4.
Chaos Sorcerer's Cane MST433 11 NO	>VHard Ruins            A magic cane made from the cane of a
							                  Chaos Sorcercer. Reduces TP cost by
                                  			            10% and steals enemy TP.
Flame Visit	ATA185	11	+15	>Download quest         It burns ennemy.
God Hand	ATA215	11	+15	>On line	            The best item to fight with your hand,
							                  Steal the exp of the user.
Heaven Punisher ATA135	11	+15	>VHard Forest           The ultimate gun, a weapon veiled in mystery.
		                     			            "Divine Punishment," its special attack, is
							                  based on internet time...
Holy Ray	ATA120	11	+30	>On line	            The best gun. It paralyses an ennemy.
Inferno Bazooka ATA190	11	+9	>On line	            Launch very powerful bullets, take half of
							                  the ennemy's HP.
Magical Piece   MST390	11	NO	>VHard Ruins            A special magical cane with the magic rock Heart
							                  Key on its tip. It can cast Zonde without TP cost.
                                  			            Adds 30 to MST.
Pan Arm's Blades ATP300	11	+25	>Hard Caves	            An enemy weapon made from the hands of
					Vhard Caves	                  a Pan Arms. Its special attack
                                  			            paralyzes enemies.
Psycho Wand	MST450	11	+15	>After killing	      A mysterious cane known only as the ultimate
					       Nar Lilly.             cane. Its abilities are unknown.
Sinow Beat	ATP485	11	+15   >Hard Mines    	      A dagger with that can confuse the foe.
Spread NeedleATA185	11	+15	>On line	            This shotgun paralyses a lot ennemy, can
							                  be used by a HUcast !
Sting Tip	MST260	11	+45	>VHard Ruins            A special battle cane withneedles on its tip.
							                  Its special attack steals TP. Adds 30 to MST.
Technical Crozier MST285 11	NO	>VHard Ruins 	      A special magical cane made for Forces. Made by
							                  an adept in science and magic. Casts Barta.
Lavis CannonATA222	12	+15	>On line	            Its power is unknown for now. I suppose
							                  we will learn more in PSO version 2.
Orotiagito	ATA225	12		>Vhard ruins	      It can takes half of the ennemy's hp.
Sonic KnuckleATP200	12	?	>??    		      Unarmed combat gear that allows attacks at
							                  sonic speeds. Its special attack steals
Nei's Claw	??    	12	+9	      When you have Sue in your party, let her
							die and if you are lucky, you will grab it
							from her body. Can't be used on line.
							Only for female character.
DB'S Armor	LVL76			>VHard Forest     Mysterious armor with "DB" carved in the
                                  			plate. It is said that there is a matching
                                  			sword and shield.

Hunter Field			>Vhard Forest     Protective gear for Hunters. A thin
                                  			defensive field.
Flowen's Frame   ??		>VHard Forest     Bears the serial number 52-0003.

Force Field				>Hard Mines       Protective gear for Forces. A thin
                                 			defensive field.
Ranger Field			>VHard Forest	Protective gear for Rangers. A thin
                                  			defensive field.
Parasite Wear :         9	>Hard Cave	      This armor absorb energy of the damage
De Rol           					      Androids can't use it.
PARASITE WEAR: 		?	>around lvl 89	Parasite Armor that boosts Def, but
Vajulla							decreases HP. Not equippable by androids.
General armor	LVL55	9	>Hard caves
Stink Frame		9		>VHard Caves      Protective gear that truly reeks when worn.
					around lvl 71
Holiness armor	LVL71	9	>VHard mines
					Also in shop.
D-PARTS ver1.01	LVL51	10	>dropped by       Special defensive parts that can be
                               VHard Forest	equipped only by Androids.
Graviton Plate  LVL54	10	>VHard Mines 	Highly protective gear that also lowers
                                   			accuracy. Not equippable by Forces.
Guardian armor	LVL75	10	>VHard, in shop
Sense Plate		10		>On line	      Can't be used by force. Show traps to the
Attribute Plate		11	>VHard
CustomFrame ver.00LVL76 11    > VHard Caves     Protective gear used by military mechanic
                                  			group "TeamXX". Proves membership in Team.
Divinity armor	LVL78	11	>VHard after Dark Falz.
D Parts V2.10		11	>VHard		A special armor for androids.
PARASITE WEAR:         11	>VHard Forest     Parasite Armor that boosts Def, but
Nelgal                         around level 54	decreases HP. Not equippable by
Revival Garment	LVL58	11	>??               Protective gear that stimulates the natural
                                  			healing process for gradual HP recovery.
Celestial armor	LVL85	12	>VHard ruins, after Dark Falz.
Spirit Garment	LVL71	12	>??               Protective gear that calms the wearer's
                                  		      mind for gradual TP recovery. (Useless for
Custom Barrier
S-PARTS ver1.16
S-PARTS ver2.01
Invisible Guard		9	>Vhard ruins	It's not a beautiful shield but it boosts
					On line.          defense.
Light Relief		9	>VHard Ruins      A special protective screen for the left
                                  		      hand. A barrier of light boosts resistance
                                  		      to darkness.
DB'S Shield	LVL66	      10	>??  		      A shield with "DB" engraved on it. It is
                                 			said that there is a matching sword and armor.
Flowen's Shield	LVL66	10	>VHard Forest     Bears the serial number 52-0003.
Proto Regenerate Gear	10	>On line	      A prototype of regenerate gear. Don't heal.
Attribute Wall		11	>On line	      Increase the resistance of all classes.
Combat Gear		      11	>VHard Caves	Gear for the left hand that boosts
                               around lvl 41    attack power instead of defense.
Force Wall	LVL41	      11	>??      	      A special protective screen usable only by
                                  			Forces. Boosts Mind Energy.
Hunter Wall	LVL41	      11	>??     	      A special protective screen usable only by
                                  			Hunters. Boosts Attack Power.
Ranger Wall	LVL41	      11	>??    		A special protective screen usable only by
                                  			Rangers. Boosts Accuracy.
Regenerate Gear		11	>On line	      Heal the user's hp/tp if attacks are dodged.
Sacred Guard		11	>VHard Ruins      A protective screen that guards the wearer
                                 		      with holy light and prevents any adverse
Secret Gear	LVL41	      11	>VHard Caves      A special protective screen designed for stealth.
Divinity barrierLVL63	12	>VHard ruins
Regenerate Gear ADV	12	>On line	      Heal TP/HP if attacks are dodged.
Shield of DelsaberLVL41	12	>Vhard ruins      A barrier made from the left arm of a
							      Delsaber. Evasion is doubled if used with
                                  			the Buster of Delsaber.
God arm			11	>VHard mines	Upgrade			ATA+15
God body		      11	>VHard ruins	Upgrade			DEF+25
God mind		      11	>VHard ruins	Upgrade			TP+25
PB Create		      11	>On line		Upgrade
Perfect Resist		12	>On line		Upgrade


This guide was submitted by Yann Dubois.

Humar beginner and advanced guide :

The Humar is the most classical and balanced character in PSO. It's a Human plus a Hunter profile.
He's good in close combat, can use middle distance weapons such as guns and some riffles and can use
techniques which allows a balanced potential developement.

1 : At the beginning :

When you create your character, you can choose a large panel of faces, hairs and bodies. The aspect
of your character doesn't affect his fight abilities ; so you can make a small funny fighter and he
will be as strong as the giants robots you will meet.

If you want to have a original color body : select HUmar at the character selection screen, name your
character "KSKAUDONSU" and valid this strange name, after you've heard a sound you will have two new
body colors in the menu "BODY" and you can rename your character at your will.

Be sure to go Online after having take some experience in order to make your partners crazy !
After creating your dreamed hunter, you can start the game and go down to forest 1. It easier when you
have a weak level to use a gun that is not very powerful but allows you to make distanced attacks.
Remember to use combos such as Normal/Hard/Normal attacks or Normal/Normal/Hard.
In the first levels, you will find many weapons such as guns, sabers and some protection items :
-try to equip each gun to see if it's better than yours and keep every sabers or weapons you can't equip
for trading in the shop.
-try to equip each protection item to improve your defense and try to find armor with slots
(you will find or buy upgrades for those slots)
-use every technique disks to learn new techniques and be able to use magic
-don't forget to feed your Mag to improve its level, synchro and IQ.

Customize your paddle as follow :

   Hard attack-Normal Attack-Monomate
R: Attack technique-Heal technique-Monofluid

The technique for a Humar beginner is :
-enter rooms and spot enemies on the radar
-run in a safe corner of the room and shoot enemies until they are close to you
-run to another safe place and shoot again !

Return to the shop as soon as you have a Telepipe and sell your unused items. You can buy Monomates and
Monofluids, Techniques disks
(Resta is the most important at the beginning), and a **Telepipe**
You can buy stronger guns and protections if you have enough money. Note that feeding your Mag is not
your priority when you are level 1-10.

**Forest Boss**
The dragon is not very hard to beat but you will need 10 Monomate to survive and Resta technique could
be useful ! If you're not strong enough, make some quests (battle training is good...) to increase your level.

After some levels, you will find more Technique disks, and you will find more powerful guns (Autogun,

2 : Intermediates levels :

You should now be level 10-20. At those levels, magic Techniques is as far important as normal attack
Techniques. You should buy all available disks to increase your Techniques levels.
You should have too a good defense which allows you to use Swords and Sabers in closed combat.
It's your choice to continue using Guns (upgraded with Mono/Di/Trigrinders) or Swords.
I prefer use Guns even at level 6x because of the safety they offer when there are many enemies.
But some long Swords are also good and can hit multiple targets.

Here is my configuration for the paddle :

    Hard attack-Normal attack-Razonde (or Gizonde)
R : Resta technique-Dimate-Difluid

Why ?
Because you will need Normal and Hard attacks to perform combos.
You will need a Technique that can hit multiple enemies in order to make EXP online (Razonde)
You will need to heal yourself and your partners (Resta)
You will need to heal yourself quickly when you are surrounded (Dimate)
You will need TP !! (Difluid)

Note that you will have to change this configuration depending in which world you are (mine, cave...)
because of the efficiency of certain Techniques. And the configuration has to change during boss fights
(Replace Dimate by Moon Atomizers).

At your level, you have to feed correctly and regularly your Mag to make a good angel at your side ! Find
a Mag guide on the Net to feed him equally.


Go online as far as you can ! And be sure to find teams with high levels characters to make EXP and to
make good deals with.

3 : Confirmed levels :

You will be able to join online Hard and Very Hard teams at respectively level 20 and 40.
Do it ! You'll meet great companions and you'll find nice items and lot of experience points.

Depending of weapons you prefer, you will find efficient sword-likes (Busters, Palaschs, ...) and guns
(Bindgun, Autogun, ...). I recommend using (if you level is sufficient) the great Chainsawd (12 stars,
rare but you can upgrade it at >+30 and it can stole HP) or Varista (9 stars, easy to find, upgrade max +9).

At high level, Humar is very balanced and you can use powerful Techniques and powerful Weapons.
You will be able to play Hard game at level 30 (not a limit but it's an advice...) and Very Hard game at
level 60.

This is my actual configuration with a Chainsawd +25 :

    Hard attack-Normal attack-Special attack
R : Resta technique-Razonde technique-Trifluid

This is my boss fight configuration with a Varista +9 :

    Hard attack-Normal attack-Magic technique (depends)
R : Resta technique-Revive technique-Trifluid

18 FAQS :

What is te black screen of death ?
It's a bug of the on line mode. This bug will be fixed with the appen disc in May in Japan.
The screen turns dark. If this happens (it's rare) simply remove the cable from the modem
of your dreamcast to save and disconnect. Avoid resetting, it works but in other version
than the japanese one you will restart from your last save, so imagine the mess if you do
it after 2 hours of play on line.

If i kill on line Dark Falz may i play in hard mode off line ?
No, you will just gain an access to hard mode on line. You can now play in hard team before
you have 40 levels (which is the normal conditions) .

Where are the download quests ? They talk of it in the manual but i don't find them ...
It depends of your version. You cannot download them if you have the european one and the
american one for the moment.

What is the appen disc ?
It will come in June in Japan and will offer a new maximum level (200), you will play new
stages and fight new bosses and last it will correct the Black screen bug in on line mode.
Also you can expect a Master System as Mag for example.

How can i obtain a download quest ?
You must have an account on Isao net, the japanese server. After you download a quest you can play it
with your japanese version and also with your official version. You can also go to

How can i obtain an account on Isao net ?
Fairly simple, buy a japanese dreamcast with a japanese dreamkey, or ask to your friends a japanese
dreamkey, or with a PC, search on the net for the special dreamkey that allows you to open an account on
Isao Net, Sega Net and Dream Arena. With it in your pocket you can configure your dreamcast as you
wish. Anyway a japanese version of PSO with key and serial number is required.


If you are just reading this section, here is a short description of my character :

Name   : Dandroid
Color  : Black
Height : very tall
Section ID : Greenill
Level : 100 (until PSO version 2).

I live in France at Paris. I begin to play when it is 22 hours (internet time = 870).
If you wish to meet me i always connect first in the European ship, Dione, Bloc 5, Lobby 1.

I usually play in the following teams :

Burning Rangers (a famous saturn game) : When i want to kill Dark Falz on Vhard. You must be ready for
the hell if you connect in this team.
Delphinus (skies of arkadia) : When i help lower characters to gain level. I play in hard or in very
Welcome ! : When i am just playing with no particular goal. This team is always create in Vhard.

If you find me in other team, then i am not the captain. I join the team, that's all.

You can find me (after i connect) in EU : Iapetus or Titan
				             US : Oberon or Umnbriel
				             JP : Europa, Leda or Calysto

I want to show you the list of Guild Cards i have obtained, i would like to play again with people
i met, if you are reading this, e mail for an appointment.

It's not because i don't say something about a person that i don't want to see him. I have all these guild
cards, in order of appearance in my card list.

Hiroko (FR) : My true partner on line. It becomes rare to play with her, but it's always a pleasure.
Lestat (FR)
Bots (US)
Honey X (JP)
J Rock (US)
Hyuga (JP) : It's one of the best partner i met. He always thinks to you before himself.
Haine = Zaito (JP) : probably the most powerful Sorceress i met. I kill Dark Falz with her in Vhard
and i was only at level 67.
Tom Rossi (US) : Hi Tom ! i would like to meet you again.
Takuma (US) : His master plays with Takuma only on line.
Kaiya (US) : I meet you at the same time as Tom and Takuma. I would like to meet you again.
Fudgikan (FR)
Seth (FR)
Fleg (FR)
Rhyaozuki (FR)
Kenshin (FR) : Salut Kenshin ! He is the contributor who sent the discoveries faq of Skies of Arkadia.
Kenshin, thanks to your faq, i avoid a lot of answer by saying : "look at the faq of Kenshing Leo on"
Kyo (US)
Robo Smoke (FR) : The connection was awful the day we met, we exchanged guild card, so if you wish to
contact me, don't hesitate.
Nic (FR)
Survivor (FR) : Sorry, i miss the appointment but if i connect again on saturday afternoon, i will
contact you.
Philly Chilly (US)
Daniel (Jack) (FR)
Simox (European)
Darkswarmer (Portuguese)
Athena (FR) : Ah lovely Athena. If you wish to play with me again, i would be happy.
Koujia (FR) : A friend of Athena.
Ikki (FR)
Charles (FR)
Hucast (FR)
Big E. (US)
Zelda (US)
Diego (Spain)
Relina (US)
Miss Price (US)
Storm (US)
SSS_Goku (US)
Farooq (US) : Huge thanks Farooq, you gave to me very rare weapons. We will surely meet again. I will
contact you without a doubt.
The Game (US) : When The Game is in the place, it's over for the ennemy.
Vangor'(European) : Behind this character is the contributor of the move list of Shenmue on
We are playing often together now. Hiroko, he is your rival for the title of true partner !

I hope that i will meet a lot of people as cool as the one in this list. Farewell PSO, i'm moving on the
next episode. I have 2 goals now : raising Dandroid to level 200, and begin a character with PSO version 2.


Thanks to Kyapiko for some tips and bug's confirmation.
Thanks again to Kyapiko for giving me the download quests.
Thanks to Napalm who checked this walkthrough even if he thinks it's not a Phantasy Star (and i can't blame him).
Thanks to Sega for what seems to be the best on line game ever made on Dreamcast.
Thanks to Edgars Klepers for rules 9 and 10 i have added to this faq.
Thanks to Cody. He corrected a lot of grammatical errors in this faq.
Thanks to Yann Dubois for his help about Special and rare weapons, and for his HUmar guide.
Thanks to Renaud Mottier for the information about the Sinow Beat Blades and the tips.
Thanks to Cold Gun for the short list of weapons,armors and shields.
Thanks to Farooq who gave me a lot of rares items.
Thanks to the "warriors of the shadow" (5 persons who want to stay secret) who submitted all
the informations about the special weapons i missed or i can't find.
Thanks to Phantom Photon for the informations about shields and very rare units.
Thanks to Guy Morgan for the problem of the racaseal.
Thanks to Shaun for typos errors correction.
Thanks to all the heroes of the net, who helped me to reach level 100.

This walkthrough is copyright 2001. Ask me the permission to use old versions on your site. Keep
in mind that the final version + is dedicated to my site and gamefaqs first. I will not allow anyone
to post it elsewhere without my permission.