The Last Ninja (e)

Andere Lösungen

                                The Last Ninja


General Points

The first point to make is about weapon selection. For the majority of the game 
it is relatively unimportant which weapon you use; sword or nunchukas will deal 
with all but the last levels quite easily, The best way to tackle most opponents 
is probably to lunge at their mid-section as they approach, and then rapidly jab 
at their heads; this keeps them at a distance, and weakens them considerably 
before they have a chance to strike you. The staff is particularly good at this 
distance fighting.To make fighting somewhat easier, fight very close to the edge 
of the screen, then should you run into difficulties - such as a fast opponent 
managing to rush up and start hitting you - you can run out of the room, Using 
this tactic you can erode an opponent's energy by running in, hitting him at 
distance, then running out again. Where necessary I have included instructions 
for jumping water and swamp, at various points in the game, However, you should 
try to avoid having to jump these, or at least keep the crossings to a minimum, 
as there is always the risk of a slight miss-alignment or joystick error 
resulting in death. Save the suriken for especially tough opponents, such as 
same found in the dungeons and lower levels, as you only have a few.


Pick up the sword first, having passed the man immediately below the start, then 
double back, and head for the bog, then the key, then the nunchukas. Now get the 
smoke bomb, cross the swamp. get the apple and shuriken, and then head for the 
dragon. To pass this beast, use the smoke bombs; stand just where the rocks 
which form the cave start, facing the dragon and wait for the dragon to emerge 
fully (i.e. stop moving). Now throw a bomb - if you have got the range right the 
dragon will slump to the ground and you may run past, It may take a few throws 
to get this right, but they give you quite a few bombs to try with, (NB Do not 
re-enter this room once you have passed the dragon - he incinerates you almost 
instantly.) WATER - cross with two long jumps, standing on the upper side of the 
path for an E to W crossing, and the lower side of the path for W to E. SWAMP - 
cross it with five long jumps, starting from the bit of wood on the first screen 
going W to E (you don't need to go E to W.)


Collect the claw from the lion's paw, and head for the sheer wall: you can only 
climb it by having no weapon ready and the claw held. Make your way along the 
narrow cliff path, remembering to pick up the apple on the way, and now descend 
the other sheer wall.. This is done by again having no weapon ready and holding 
the claw, but this time you must walk backwards towards the cliff, being careful 
to choose your descent so that you avoid the missing brick - failure to do so is 
fatal. Now cross the water, get the glove and then get the Ninja Magic (from 
when you get the Magic try to be fairly quick, as it doesn't last indefinitely}. 
Now go back across the water, cross the swamp, get the staff and run past the 
fire-lions. If the magic wears off (you stop glowing) before you get to the 
lions, do not try to pass them! This may be the end of the game, however, as I 
know of no reliable route back across the swamp E to W. WATER - W to E: Two 
medium jumps followed by a long jump, starting from the bottom edge of the path. 
E to W: From the middle of the path(i.e. where you landed going W to to E) make 
one long jump and two medium. SWAMP: W to E: From the middle of the path make a 
long, medium, long {to change screens) then short, long.

Palace Gardens

Head for the amulet first, crossing the water to get there. Now return, heading 
for the apple, which is hidden among some rushes on the room indicated. Now get 
the rose, remembering to hold the glove before you do so. Now head for the 
Buddha, somersaulting (long jump) over the small stream just before you get 
there, and give him the amulet. Before doing this, however set your weapon used 
to nothing, as you would for the Buddha or fountain normally. WATER - W to E; 
Two longs (screen changes), followed by short, medium, long, starting from the 
bottom of the path right at the edge of the water. E to W: Short, long, short, 
any (to change screen), medium, long. Start just above the blob of water on the 
path and remember that this is not a fail-safe crossing.


Remember to collect the rope and apple on the way and use the rope to escape the 
ladder. To kill skeletons use one blow from any weapon - but make sure you do, 
as they are lethal once they start to hit you.

Lower Palace

Collect the apple, and use the key to pass through the door of the apple room to 
enter the palace proper. To pass the statue, you must be using nothing and have 
no weapon readied (i.e., be holding nothing at all). Then pass as close as 
possible to the statue very slowly, until he throws his swords. You may now pass 
him, and go and collect the Ninja Magic from the urn in the room indicated. 
Using this you can cross the poisonous carpet and end the level.

Palace + Inner Sanctum

Collect the bottle of sleeping potion and head for the shogun. Open the door 
into the dog room by touching the furthest vase in the receding room while 
holding the rose. To pass the dog, hold the sleeping potion but no weapon, and 
fire gas at him as if you were using the gas bombs. If you miss him, run quickly 
out of the room and try again. Once past the dog, you must pass the giant 
archer; this is achieved by touching the brown spots on the floor in the archer 
room, just after you enter. This gives you ninja magic, and enables you to pass 
the archer unscathed. Your next task is to kill the shogun. This can only be 
achieved by attacking him with the sword, probably most effectively with quick 
jabs to the head. You can expect to lose at least one life fighting the shogun, 
but don't worry. If you keep hitting him with the sword he'll die eventually. 
You will now be teleported to the scroll room, and must somersault into the 
middle of the area in front of the scrolls, as the surrounding strip is fatal to 
touch. Now walk forward slightly and pick up the scrolls.