Gilbert Goodmate und der Pilz von Phungoria (e)

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Gilbert Goodmate and the Mushroom of Phungoria
Developed by Prelusion Inc. and Clear Water Interactive Ltd.
Published by FastTrak Software Publishing Ltd.
Copyright of Prelusion, Clear Water Interactive and FastTrak

This FAQ is copyrighted by me. It is intended only for purpose of helping
people who get stuck in this game.
You may use the FAQ in any way you want it to be, but DO NOT change any part of
this FAQ or charge people money for it.

Note: This game is a simple point-and-click puzzle adventure games kinda like
Monkey Island series (my favorite), only this  mushroom game is very funny and
I guarantee you will have a lot of fun playing this game. I wonder if there
would be any sequel considering this game is as good as other old-school
adventure games. I will divide the chapter based on cutscenes which happen
between story. You can always talk to Olliver, newspaper boy, who will inform
your completed action. In this game, you have to perform certain actions before
you can do another things. For instance, give sock puppet to Saul before he
left and join Crazy Pete at the canon tower (to get fuzzy bunny slippers). Or
give dog to Vandersteen (to get secret hideout key) and show him the broken
spring (to find a clock) before you call him from Lipton's house as he will
disappear for quite some time. If you miss these task, you might have to load
your saved game to previous section.

Getting around the house

  After Gilbert wakes up, pick up biscuit ingredients. Open the cupboard and
search the toiletries. Examine it to get dental floss, toothbrush and hair
grease. Pick up pillow from the bed. Take dust bunny (look at monster under bed
first). Go outside to the backyard. Pick up underwear and crank from washing
machine. Pick up sock from clothesline. Take tree sap from tree and resin near
the lower right corner of window. Pick up flower. Never mind the beeswax and
honey as you don't need it right now. Then use crank on crank case. The crank
will broke and you need to fix it. Put biscuit ingredients, tree sap, resin and
hair grease into mixer to create super glue. Use broken crank with super glue.
Use super-glued crank on crank case and use the lever. Cutscene shows elevator
going down and crashing to the ground.

Stopping the execution

  The elevator is broken but you still can use it with the lever to go to
Gilbert's house. Open mailbox and get junk mail. Talk to Michelle, the
princess, and get collector's card, describing King's disguise needs a robe,
crown, fake nose and fatter look. Then meet a sad boy wanting slingshot from
the toy machine. Talk to Pete Fedurski, canon operator who hates Viking. When
all topics has ended, he will drop a sword. Use sword on loose stone and it
fall down crushing the toy machine. Go down and pick up false nose and bottle
of soap as a prize. You got FAKE NOSE! Meet Arver, the hypochondriac and get
empty box of corn flakes from him. Notice the crown image on box, but you need
something sharp to cut it out. Pick up book of poems lying in front of
Dr.Fraud's wagon. Talk to Vandersteen, the blacksmith, and you learn about VIP
card. Pick up glove lying on the floor. You may talk to Madame Zyz, the
clairvoyant and Sergio, the switchboard operator.
  Go to dock and use glove on tar to make tarred glove. Talk to undercover
agent. He will give you sleeping powder. Talk to old man in yellow suit and ask
him to tell you a story. Do this until he falls asleep. He should fall asleep
if you have finished all the conversation topics. Take pocket knife when he
dropped it. Use pocket knife on the box and get paper crown. Go inside to talk
to bartender and two Vikings. You will learn about secret Viking hideout in
southern forest and Viking village up North. Go to Elton laboratory. Use
doorbell speakerphone intercom thing four times to enter the door. Inside, take
vacuum cleaner, empty feather pen, ink and blueprints. You have to talk to
Elton first before you can get vacuum cleaner. Turn over blueprints to reveal
slaughter description of a pig. Talk to Elton and ask him to demontrate his
time machine. The robot will break down while removing the boxes from control
panel. Go outside and take aluminum bar from junk. Go to telephone switchboard
and cut telephone cable using pocket knife. Use cable on paper crown to create
paper crown with wire. You got CROWN!
  Go to Strawmusket farm and notice red cloak hanging on scarecrow. Take straw
from scarecrow and use it with pillow to make stuffed pillow. Take corncob from
corn field. Talk to Gilford Strawmusket. After conversation ends, immediately
show slaughter description to pig and it makes the pig and farmer go away. You
have to talk to farmer before you can show it to the pig. Take red cloak as
unfinished King's disguise and sack of wheat. Use sword on sheep and get wool.
Now you got all the necessary item, use false nose, paper crown, stuffed pillow
on the robe and it turns into full King's disguise. Watch the cutscene showing
Gilbert dressed up as the King and the Sheriff postponed the execution for a

Find the mushroom thief

  First thing after Gilbert wakes up, go to backyard and use vacuum cleaner on
bees. You will get beeswax and honey. Return the bees to its nest and leave.
Use sleeping powder on honey to make drugged honey. Go to Sheriff's house
(previously locked) and take Sheriff's diary (the destiny of mankind). Go to
tavern and talk to Harrison Davenport, the ship owner. He wants a crystal ball
to exchange for a boat. Pick up napkin on the table and
napkin-with-lipstick-on-it lying on the floor. Use empty feather pen with ink.
Use feather pen on napkin-with-lipstick-on-it to make love letter. You must
have book of poems to make this letter. Talk to Saul, the shoemaker and learn
about 3rd PVA member, a sock. Pick up shoe polish and use it on sock to make
sock puppet. Give sock puppet to Saul and he gives you fuzzy bunny slippers. Go
to canon tower and put napkin on canon sight. Pete will overlook this as Viking
ship and start blasting his canon like mad. Saul will join him at the tower.
Get the belt from sewing machine while he's gone. Use belt on robot and Elton
will demonstrate the time machine for you. Unfortunately, the machine broke
down and Elton is nowhere to be found. Pick up broken spring.
  Go to tavern and give fuzzy bunny slippers to Snorri, the Viking sitting
alone near the table. He will sit beside Arnbjorn, his Viking friend, and
notice the golden key hanging on his belt. Use beeswax on key to get key
imprint. Go to Vandersteen and show him the broken spring. He cannot fix it and
tells you to find a clock which spring you could use.  Give Vandersteen the key
imprint and he will ask for a dog. Use tarred glove on sack of wheat. It
removes the tar into tarred sack of wheat. Combine wool with tarred sack of
wheat and you get fake dog. Talk to Sam, the blind man outside Elton's lab.
Exchange fake dog with his dog. Give dog to Vandersteen and you get secret
hideout key. Talk to Louise (after the telephone cable has been cut) and she
will give you bras. Tie bras to make bungee cord. Go to secret Viking hideout
and talk to Erik the Brave. Give him bungee cord and he'll be hanged upside
down. Use secret hideout key to open the door. You will get a lot of gold and
Viking ticket.

Dr. Fraud Miracle Medicine show

  Talk to bridge guard. Give him love letter and raise the gate. Go to a house
under the bridge. Pick up cannonballs. Go inside the house and talk to Lipton.
He needs a filter and something sweet to drink his tea. Talk to Arver as he has
the filter you need. But he wants Dr.Fraud's Miracle Medicine before you can
get the filter. Use canonballs with aluminum bar to make fake weight bar. Talk
to Dr. Fraud in the wagon and he will put on a show. After the cutscene, you
receive miracle medicine, starch and juice press. The juice press will
disappear once you look at it or use it. Give miracle medicine to Arver and
receive filter. Go back to Lipton. Give him filter and drugged honey to make
him asleep. You will get golden key. Take VIP card and call Vandersteen to come
over to Lipton's house. Go to blacksmith's place and take the hammer.

Time travel and finally, the crystal ball

  Go to Larry's caveshop. Talk to him and ask about crystal ball. He will give
insane price of 10,000 for a crystal ball. Give Larry the gold to buy crystal
ball and he'll break 3 crystal ball into pieces due to his conveyor belt. Then
he gives you a crowbar. Use crowbar to pry open the chest in Sheriff's house.
You will get Diary of the Expedition To Bury Karn and pick up a piece of paper
falling from the book. Talk to Barry and he wants Gilbert to sign a contract,
thus he needs paper to write on and pen to write with. Give him the paper and
feather pen. He'll become so generous he give you the generosity potion.
  Go to Madame Zyz and she is not around. But you cannot take the crystal ball
as the genie watch over it. Talk to genie and get glow-in-the-dark pal. Go to
Gilbert's home and smash cuckoo clock near the bed with the hammer to get
spring. Go back to blacksmith's place to return his hammer. Use spring on time
machine at Elton's lab. Operate the control panel and you will be whisked away
to Madame Zyz's place in the future. She won't give you the crystal ball. Use
generosity potion on perfume and she gives you crystal ball and feather duster.
Give crystal ball to Harrison Davenport and he rent you a boat.

Journey To The Island of Karn and Retrieve the Mushroom

  You landed on the island. Talk to old man who is actually Elton stranded on
the island when the time machine malfunctioned. He need 3 things to finish his
raft, which are rudder, set of pedals and rope. Notice a white rock lying on
the sand near the tent, use glow-in-the-dark pal on it to make fully charged
glow-in-the-dark pal. Meet a bunch of nerdy pirates who are digging for
treasure. Talk to the pirate leader in red jacket until he and the pirate cook
threw away their spectacles. They will become blind, so take the shovel and
apron. Examine apron to get hammer and nails. Talk to pirate cook and he make
jelly for you. Exchange the sugar on the ingredients shelf with starch and he
make you incredibly firm jelly. Use shovel on sand outside the cave with iron
  You have entered the cave with treasure chest in your possession. Use crowbar
to open the chest and you'll get small chest. Use it again to reveal tiny chest
and finally you get insignificant chest. Open it and you receive potato and a
note. The cave is too dark so use fully charged low-in-the-dark pal as a light.
There's a stone puzzle on the wall. Read the Diary of the Expedition To Bury
Karn on first and second puzzle. First puzzle will require you to move those
painted stone on a pattern to form an image of a mushroom. It's quite simple
and I won't explain it in here. However, you have to be quick before the lights
fade out. Or you have to charge the glow-in-the-dark pal again. I recommend you
to save the game right before you solve this puzzle, as it is time-consuming
and you won't have to charge the lights every time the lights gone out. Just
load the game and solve it again. The next cavern has second puzzle with the
bridge has to be lowered with 4 liters of water on the scale.
  This puzzle is quite simple if you do the math correctly. Pick up bamboo
pole, broken 5-liter bucket and 3-liter bucket. You cannot fill water on broken
5-liter bucket, so use jelly on it and fill the water. What happened? The jelly
dissolved as it could not hold the water very good. Use incredibly firm jelly
on broken bucket and it is fixed. There are several ways of solving this water
puzzle, and my own way will be:
1). Fill 3-liter bucket with water to make 3-liter bucket full of water. Pour
it to 5-liter bucket to make 5-liter bucket holding 3 liters of water. This
empties 3-liter bucket.
2). Fill 3-liter bucket with water to make 3-liter bucket full of water. Pour
it to 5-liter bucket holding 3 liters of water to make 5-liter bucket full of
water. This make 3-liter bucket holding 1 liter of water.
3). Empty 5-liter bucket full of water and pour 3-liter bucket holding 1 liter
of water to 5-liter bucket to make 5-liter bucket holding 1 liter of water.
This empties 3-liter bucket.
4). Fill 3-liter bucket with water to make 3-liter bucket full of water.
Finally pour it to 5-liter bucket holding 1 liter of water to make 5-liter
bucket holding 4 liter of water.
Many other ways you can experiment on how to solve this puzzle, it's fun and
you should try it yourself before you really head for the solution above.
  After the bridge is lowered, go to next room to find the Sheriff trying to
cook the mushroom and chanting spells to wake up Karn, the evil wizard. Grab
the book of magic he's holding and you are doing tug-of-war with him. Use
feather pen to tickle the Sheriff and he ran away. Use glove to pick up
mushroom. Leave the cavern. Go back to find Elton hiding behind the trees and
your boat has been destroyed. Take flotation device using bamboo pole. You will
get broken rudder. Use hammer and nails on broken rudder to fix it. Untie
flotation device with rope to get rope. Pick up pedals from old bicycle near
the pit dug by the pirates. Use rope, pedals and rudder on raft and off you go
with Elton. Cutscene showing the raft sunk in the middle of the ocean and you
will be captured by Vikings.

Escape from Vikings village

  You are in a slave pit with Arver and Indian chief. Talk to Arver and you get
slave guide automatically. Talk to Indian chief and learned about his pipe
smoking. Go upside. Talk to feminine Viking and you learned he want his leg
shaven. Notice the barrel near him. Open it and take rotten salmon. Take
firecrackers and Viking helmets. The helmet will drop a horn for you to pick
up. Talk to executioner and learn about feather torture. Talk to Viking painter
and you learn about flying off the mountain. Use horn with paint and slave
market festival will begin. You are in the backstage, waiting to be sold to
slave buyer. Read slave guide carefully and talk to Indian chief to learn slave
have to be healthy, has shiny white teeth and good, strong backs. Pick up
mirror and use it on counter to make a broken mirror. Pick up broken glass from
the floor. Use broken glass on potato to make potato stamp. Use potato stamp on
horn full of paint and Gilbert will stamp his body red like he got rashes. Then
use toothbrush with ink and Gilbert will brush his teeth black. You will go
outside and rejected by slave buyer. Use pillow on apron to make hunchback
appearance and you're done. You got slave market certificate in inventory.
  Talk to Indian chief, he ran out of tobacco and wants something to smoke
with. Give him bottle of soap and he gives you headdress and matches. Take
sticky advertisement from bulletin board near Viking painter and immediately
use it on feminine Viking before the glue dries off, or you'll have to pick it
up again. This took care one leg. Talk to ticket taker sitting in a booth and
you need a ticket to go inside the door. He will reject your Viking ticket, so
use broken glass on slave market certificate to make certificate clipping. Use
it on Viking ticket to make manipulated ticket. Give manipulated ticket to
ticket taker and he let you enter the door. Notice the flypaper. Show rotten
salmon to Viking chef and you receive flypaper. Use flypaper on feminine Viking
and he gives you cream face. Use cream face and go challenge Viking executioner
for feather torture. You got big feather. Go to boxing ring where 2 roosters
are demonstrating. Use firecrackers on roosters to make them go away (you must
have matches in inventory). Take the feathers. Go to dining room and you meet
Lullabelle became roast pig on wooden frame. Notice Gregur Toothberg drinking
mead. Use sleeping powder on mug of mead to make him asleep for a while. When
Viking chef using marinade on pig, spill marinade and immediately take the
wooden frame. Use big feather, feathers, headdress, feather duster, feather pen
on wooden frame to make unfinished wings. Use dental floss on unfinished wings
and you are ready to fly off from the mountain. The cutscene is very funny as
no one actually dies when they jump off the cliff. The Indian chief is saved by
an ant. Arver make it down safely unharmed due to his scarf. And Gilbert will
fly with his wings.
The wings does not last very long and he fell down right in front of Sheriff's

Saving Princess Michelle, The Final Battle!

  You will hear a conversation between Sheriff and Princess Michelle about the
Sheriff's plan of getting the throne from the King. Use corncob on chimney to
start a noise. The Sheriff will come out and fight you. The rest is cutscene
showing Gilbert fighting Sheriff with the mushroom. The mushroom is destroyed
so Gilbert use a carrot instead and defeat the Sheriff. The Sheriff meet his
doom with the pink beast, I thought it maybe the pink hare Gilbert was talking
about when he give fuzzy bunny slippers to Snorri at the tavern.

Congratulations! You have finished Gilbert Goodmate and the Mushroom of
Phungoria. I hope you enjoy the game as much as I do and don't forget to watch
the final credits carefully. It is very funny, they are mocking Titanic and
Star Wars. And watch the dialog too, how Gilbert get slapped in the end. I
think the red herring part is intended for Lucas Arts, Monkey Island fans
should know this...

Gilbert Goodmate walkthrough is created by Hendra and copyrighted by me also.
questions or enquiries about this FAQ, please e-mail me at
Thanks for reading my FAQ !