Demon's Tomb - The Awakening (e)

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Demon's Tomb: The Awakening



Turn off torch, get bag, go North, and put bag in hole. Drop torch, go East, get plaque, go
West, West and open coffin. Put plaque in coffin. Go East, North, get all and go South. Get
bucket and torch. Go West, put sandwich and notebook in bag, tie knot in bag, put bag in
bucket, put all in coffin. Close coffin, point at coffin... you "die"!


Open letter, read letter, read map. Go South, South, South, South, South, move small boulder
and take steel spike. Go West, open door, wedge door with spike. Go North, North, take
charcoal. Go North, West, examine outline, open coffin, take bucket, drop bucket, look, take
bag, open bag. Look in bag, take notebook and sandwich, read notebook, look in notebook,
take letter, open old letter, read old letter, and examine notebook. Rub page with charcoal,
read page, drop charcoal, take biro, cloth, torch and plaque. Go East, South, South, South,
East, North, North, North, North, North, North, West, West, North, North, West. Say "stay"
to Sam, and go down.

Examine vaulkar, examine torn note, read torn note Go West, South, turn on torch. Go South,
West, up, South, up, up, drop torch, West, South, East, South, West, East, North, West,
North, North, East, East. take hammer. Go West, West, West, and open window. Go East, and
sit on chair. Examine desk, put biro in tiny hole, look under chair. Take documents, read
documents. Go East, East, take key, knock on panels, move loose panel. Look in compartment,
take rod, open french windows.

Go East, East, give sandwich to duck. Go East, examine folly. Go West, South, examine chest,
hit clasp with hammer. Look in chest, examine statue. Go North, West, South, West, South,
and say "come" to Sam. Go South, open mailbox, look inside mailbox, take grubby letter, open
grubby letter, and read grubby letter. Pull gates, then go South, South, South, East, East,
drop rod, plaque and hammer. Put all in bin, take hammer, and go South, South, South.

Hit pole with hammer, then take pole, and go North, North, North. Drop hammer. Go West,
South, take bone. Go South, West, South, point at glove, and say "fetch" to Sam. Take glove.
Go East, South, West, West, give pole to Sam. Go West, South, take pole, get in punt. Go
East, North, South, look at monolith, get out of punt, read word, say "kwah", and get in
punt. Go North, East, South, North, and say "kwah". Go South, West, West, and get out of
punt, put pole in punt.

Go North, East, East, South, East, South, and get Sam. Go South, South, and get fish. Go
North, North, drop Sam, get Sam. Go East, North, West, West, North, North, East, East, East,
South, South, South, South, and wear glove. Drop bone and Sam. Go up, and give fish to crow.
Get coin, examine coin, and go down, North, North, North, North, North, North, North, North.

Look in bin, and take cloth and key. Take plaque and stone rod. Go West, West, North, North,
East, East, East, and rub gravestones with cloth. Read gravestones, unlock door with key,
and open door. Go East, North, and tie knot in rope. climb rope, hit bell with stone road,
again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, again, and
again. Climb rope. Go South, and close door. Go West, South, South, and down. Show plaque to
Thai... to complete the adventure!