Der König der Löwen (e)

Andere Lösungen

     Super NES Version FAQ, Version 1.2
by Tim R. Geier

0   Introduction
0.1 Game description
0.2 Cheat code

1   Stage by Stage guide
1.1 The Pridelands
1.2 Can't Wait to be King
1.3 The Elephant Graveyard
1.4 The Stampede
1.5 Simba's Exile
1.6 Hakuna Matata
1.7 Simba's Destiny
1.8 Be Prepared
1.9 Simba's Return
1.10 Pride Rock
1.11 Bonus Stage info

2   Flaming section
2.1 It's too hard
2.2 Play control sucks
2.3 You don't get enough hits
2.4 It's too easy

3   Revision history and credits

0-  Introduction

0.1 Game description
This is another good game, well, I could be a bit prejudiced, this is
my favorite movie!  :-)  This game features 10 stages, different characters,
STUPENDOUS animation, 24 megs, a soundtrack based on the movies, and
a storyline similar to TLK.

For those who wanted to know, here is Nintendo Power's rating of this game.

+ "Great graphics created by Disney animators.  Creative stages.  Excellent
sound including music from the movie."

- "Possibly too challenging for young players who might be attracted by
the game's themes and characters.  Some moves are incredibly difficult to

-Volume 68, page 104

NP's power meter rating
Graphics & Sound	  4.7
Play Control	      3.7
Challenge		 3.9
Theme & Fun	       3.8
(on scale of 5)

The file will be in the form lking_sn.txt.
This file will be available via FTP at Andy Eddy's Game FAQ site, ftp.netcom
.com in the directory /pub/vi/vidgames/faqs.
It will also be posted on

0.2 The Cheat code

On the option screen press b,a,r,r,y (Barry?  Who's Barry?). He's a programmer!
you the cheat mode, turn invul on for god mode, and pick your stage.
Btw, you can also choose "easy" on the invul option.  This gives you
unlimited men, but no god mode.  This is good for Can't wait to be king
and other stages that take a couple run throughs before you get them right.

1 -Stage by Stage guide

Stage 1- The Pridelands
In this stage, Simba starts out as a young lion cub who has the following

Pounce-Simba uses this to destroy most of his enemies.

Roar-This can stun, flip over, or explode enemies. You need to have your
roar meter built up in order to have full effect.  This also comes in
handy in the Can't Wait to be King stage to change the directions of the

Roll-This is done by running, then pressing down.  This can bowl over enemies
and is useful for squeezing in close quarters.

Ok, now for the stage.  Take it easy, stomp on the enemies, making sure you
flip over the porcupines before you stomp them.  Get every bug in sight.
There is a life meter powerup on the left side of the stage, it's kinda
hard to get to, but the other powerups are not that difficultly obtained.
Make sure you touch the icon that looks like the drawing of Simba Rafiki
did in the movie, that is the equivalent of a midway point.

Right before you get to the end of the stage, there is a rock tower below.
Climb over it and go down, you'll find a one up and a circle of life symbol,
which is an additional continue.   The boss of this stage is a hyena.  Run
under him when he jumps, and pounce on him when he pants.  A few hits and
he's toast.  After this, you hear Mufasa intone. "Everything the light touches
is our kingdom."  (GREAT voice reproduction!)

Stage 2-Can't Wait to be King.
This stage is a puzzle stage that is pretty close to what happened in
the movie when Simba sang, "Oh, I just can't wait to be King!"
First off, jump on the rhinos horn. (And heed the opening message, roar
at monkeys).  The monkeys will fling you on a giraffes head.  Jump from head
to head, but make it quick, because those dumb giraffes will dump their
future king in the drink. (What if Mufasa showed up?  Bloody giraffes, that's
what would happen!)  Then you come to a tree.  Roar at both pink monkeys
then jump on the rhino's horn.  The monkeys will fling you to a giraffe,
who dumps you on an ostrich.  Now, when you see an up arrow, jump to avoid
the stupid pink rhino on the ground.  If you see a down arrow, duck
to avoid the nest.  If you see a double up arrow, double jump to miss
both the rhino and the nest.  After this, Simba will jump, slide off a
giraffe, then land on a midpoint.  Then you have the first of many
instances where the jumping gets tricky.  But because there is a 1up for
you when you cross, you can try it as many times as you like.  Swing on the
tails across to the 1up, then jump to the left as far as you can to try to land on
the mouth of the hippo, then collect the continue, go left, up, then right and
try to jump on the head of the far right giraffe.  Then you'll go through
another ostrich riding sequence, but you don't get the arrows this time.
(As if it wasn't hard enough already!)  Here is the sequence that you must

Double Jump
Duck (at once!)
Double Jump
and Jump.
Now you come to the last puzzle in this stage, a hard one.  Start out by
jumping on the second rhino's horn, this will give you a 1up.
Then, roar at the monkey close to the first rhino, then bounce off that
rhino.  You'll end up on the other shore.
Roar at the monkey close to where you land, then go back to the left using
the logs, don't forget the 1up.  Don't stand on the logs, as they will sink.
Launch yourself off the first rhino, and you should end up at the end of the
stage.  If you don't land at the end after going off the first rhino's horn,
then change the monkey closest to Simba's direction, that should get you

Stage 3-The Elephant Graveyard
You'll run into a lot of hyenas and vultures in this stage amongst the
remains of numerous elephants.  To start out, pounce on the hyenas on your
left, take 'em one at a time.  Proceed to the left, then down, and to the
right. Don't pick up the bug on the left ledge, as it is a power-down.
After jumping the pit, beat the hyena, then jump up to a ledge on the left.
Pull yourself up, then jump to a ledge holding a bonus bug.  Get it and
continue.  Swing off the ends of the bones to the left.  There will be
some vultures around.  Wait for them to swoop, then pounce on them.  De-
pending on difficulty, it'll take 1-2 hits to defeather them.  Proceed to
the right, remembering (no, not who you are!) :-) that the bones are brittle
and might break under Simba's weight (Must have had one too many zebras for
lunch.) :->.  You can get an 1up by swinging up a row of bones and then
making a running jump to left to a ledge that holds the ol' 1up.
When you reach the lower right hand corner of the stage, you'll see two
fountains of water.  Get Simba up the crevase FAST.  One touch of the water
will render the future king dead.  With quick jumping, you should be able to
get Simba up safely.  Now, go to the left where you will find more vultures
and hyenas.  The tarps (or whatever those things are) are good for a few
bounces, and then they break.  If you fall, you'll have to go through the
lethal fountain again.  Going to the left, don't miss the continue which
is under a spinal column with two ribs protruding.  Use the tarp to get back
up.  Jump on the elephant skull, and head left to find the goal.  Scar is
above it.  Enter to finish the stage.

Stage 4-The Stampede
In this stage, Simba is running at the player, while wildebeasts run amuck.
Not only must you dodge the wildebeasts, but you must avoid the rocks as
well.  You can tell when there is a rock coming when a (or some) rock(s)
flash on the screen.  This will also tell their location.  Count to 4 when you
see it, then jump on 4 and you should avoid tripping over the rock.  Having
extra hits in this stage is a big bonus.  Another hint:  If a slow moving
wildebeast appears, run along side him, making sure to jump rocks, of course
and you should avoid a few hits.

Stage 5-Simba's Exile
Scar tells the hyenas to "Kill him."  Simba's in trouble.

This is a tough, very tough stage on account of the falling rocks, the rolling
boulders, and the difficult jumping that has to be done.
First off, go right, drop down and go left.  Stay out of the pit on the right,
it's hard to get out without taking a few hits from the falling rocks.
Kill the enemies ASAP, and keep moving.  This is a guideline to follow
throughout this stage.  Continuing on, you'll see a pit in the left.
Drop in and roll to the left for a shortcut. To illustrate, it's time for
some _beautiful_ ASCII art. ;-)

	    |		 \
	    |		 |\
	    |		 | \
	    |      + (Beetle) |  \
	    |		 |   \
	   XXX (Roll here)    |

This will skip a rolling stone, but lead you right into another, so get
Simba into high gear!  Dive to the left at the end of the ledge.   Now,
you've got a bunch of columns to cross.  Use the guideline explained above,
then drop down and to the right.  You'll reach a bunch of little ledges
suspended over a spiked pit.  Be careful as you swing Simba over these.
Touch the continue symbol or you'll be sorry (i.e. the tricky jumping at
the end of the stage might do you in and you wouldn't want to start at the
beginning of the stage).   Proceeding left, you'll find a bevy of porcupines.
Flip 'em over and stomp on them.  Now, you've got one thing to do before
exiting the stage.  You must jump on a bunch of little ledges that you
must hit on the money or it's the pits (har har) for Simba.   After this,
run off into the thorns.   The hyenas yell as a parting salvo "If you come
back, we'll kill ya!!!!"

Stage 6-Hakuna Matata
It may mean "no worries" but you'll have a few worries in this stage.  But
if you keep your cool, you'll get through this stage o.k.  To start out, the
enemies in this stage are best left avoided.  They are a major pain to hunt
down and kill.  Explore for treasures also.  The first half of the stage
is pretty straight-forward until you reach the continue symbol.  You will
encounter some more of those narrow ledges from here on out.  You know
what do with them.  From the continue symbol, hop the first pit and jump in
the second.  Hold right on the control pad to make sure Simba goes right
(where you want him to go) on the water slides you'll encounter after
jumping in the second crevase.  Continuing to the right, you should encounter
what makes most TLK players give it up.  The waterfall with the falling logs.
To get up it, the best way is to first hop on slow moving logs, then wait
for two logs in the center that are about a jump's height apart.  Move up
these, and you'll rise rapidly!  Keep trying!  With no time limit, you have
as long as you need.  If you fall, try to fall to the left so you can
land on the ledge you started on and try again.  When you get up on the log,
go right, making sure you avoid the black widow spider.  Don't even THINK
about touching that thing.  Carefully climb down the ledges.  BTW, Simba
can look up or down by holding that direction on the control pad.  This
goes for big Simba as well (whom you'll get in the next stage)  When you
reach the end of the stage, you'll find a hard to beat Gorilla.  He'll
smack you silly if you approach at the wrong time.  "Hit and run" is the
strategy to apply here, and you should only hit him when he is throwing
boulders.  Jump 'em and pounce on him, and get back at once.  After a few
hits, he'll jump onto a higher ledge.  Keep following him and repeat until
he's sunk.
				Time Passes

Stage 7-Simba's Destiny
Simba is now older and stronger.  He no longer pounces, but uses his
claws in hand-to-hand combat!  His roar is a lot better from his younger
His moves are:
-Swipe Use the Y button to swipe at your enemies

-Two pawed slash.  Use the X button to make Simba stand on his hind legs
and slash with his front legs.

-Low swipe.  Duck and hit Y for Simba to poke at his enemies.

-Downswipe.  Hit down and X while above an enemy and Simba will slash
down at him.

-Throw  Hit X while close and Simba will toss most enemies off the screen!
Use this after roaring to stun the enemy for an easy victory.

This stage isn't so bad, but there some more rolling stones here as well
as a lot of thorn pits that require good jumping to cross.  The enemies aren't
too hard to dispatch with Simba's new abilites, they include hyenas, leopards,
and monkeys.   The best way to deal with the leopards is to roar at them,
which will stun them, then throw them for an easy victory.  The hyenas are
tougher, so use hit and run tactics and them, and be sure to hit them
when they pant.  The monkeys are easily taken out with a swipe.
The stage itself is fairly straight-forward, but there are some places where
Simba will be forced to pause to beat up a bunch of leopards.  After he is
done, Rafiki will open the way forward for Simba to proceed.  Also, when you
see a stone held in place by vines, get right next to it, but not too close.
Then, jump up in place and slash.  You should let the stone loose.  If not,
get a little closer and try again. There is also a hidden Bonus Bug near the
midway point (which now has a mane around it.)   Near the end of the stage,
there is another power-up to the right of a rock-in-vines.  It increases
Simba's roar power. When you reach the end of this stage, Simba will look up
into the sky and hear his father intone, "You must take your place in the
Circle of Life."

Stage 8-Be Prepared
A _very_ well chosen name for this stage, as you must be prepared to make
it through alive!  This is the toughest stage so far.   It has the leopards
and hyenas as enemies, as well as some very annoying bats who will just
love to knock Simba into the lava (Where's Batman when you need him?) :-)
Take the enemies on one at a time, if you can.  Take care of the bats first,
as they are a major pain in the ***. One slash will take care of them.
If they approach, use the standing slash (X) to get 'em.  Another hazard
in this stage is the mini-volcanos.   Timing is everything, as it always
has been in the history of video games.  To start out, head right, keeping
in mind the aforementioned strategies.  There is a secret passage in
the first part of this stage.  Time for some more ASCII art to show
			     /----\	rib cages
			     |    |	   |
		      ---------------	/ \
				    X      )     )
		  secret passage----X      )     )
				    X      )     )
This will get you a power-up bug to increase Simba's roar.  Proceeding right,
you'll come to two triangular rocks in the ceiling.  You have to slash at
them 3 times to let them loose.  Take out the left one and fall where it fell
for a midway point (Essential!)  Note:DON'T let Simba touch the rock or
it's l'morte de Simba. (The death of Simba)
Going left from the midway point, you'll come to a major source of anguish
amongst TLK players.  You will take a few hits from the bats, so be ready
for it.  Stand on the left of the log and constantly use the X slash to
take out as many bats as you can.  If there are no bats around, jump for
the 1up.  If there are, you could get it and then lose a life by being knocked
into the lava.  Not much point in getting it.  When you reach the rock for-
mation, don't stop to fight or you might miss the log and be stranded.
Get back on ASAP.  You'll find another 1up here.  If not harrassed by
the bats, get it otherwise don't, unless you got the other one, then get
this one and die on purpose for unlimited 1ups (The old get 2, die trick)
At any rate, when you reach the second rock formation, you don't have to
catch the log on the other side so take your time.  As you climb to the
upper ledge go left FAST, or Simba will be bulldozed by another one
of those rolling stones.  Proceed left, jumping up the rock columns.  You'll
have another log to jump on to get to the final sequence in this stage.
Watch out for bats, of course.  Climb up and get the life bug, then go
left and get the midway point you will REALLY be sorry.  You do NOT want
to have to go through those !$!# bats again.  You'll reach the goal now,
and the goal here is very confusing.  As near as I can figure out, you
must dodge everything while boulders plug up the mini-volcanos.
Stay to the right at first and gradually work your way left.  Good luck.

Stage 9-Simba's Return
This stage is quite a maze.  As is true with most mazes in video games, there
are two ways out, the quick way or the long (but power-up laden) way.

The only enemies in this stage are hyenas, so use the same techniques that
worked before.

The Quick Way
Go all the way to the right and enter the cave there.  Now go into the next
cave and do the same when you come out of that cave.  You should see the
next cave just to your left.  Go in.  You'll now find a series of caves.
Clean up this area and collect all the power ups  Go in the second cave
from the right.  Go in the cave to the left of there, then climb up the
cliff and enter the second cave from the right.  Beat up some hyenas,
go all the way to the right, and you've finished this stage.

The Powered-up Way
Go to the right and enter the second cave from the right.  Enter the cave
on the right.  Go all the way to the right into the wall to find a life-
meter extension (which come in handy during the next stage's battles with
the sinister Scar.)  Retrace your steps to where you began.  Enter the same
cave, only now climb up to a cave on the rocky ledge.  Jump over
the spiked pit and collect the ??? (not sure what's there, somebody fill
me in).  Retrace back to the beginning.  Follow the route of The Quick
Way up to the series of caves.  This time, enter the fourth cave from
the right.  Work your way through these caves and you'll find yourself
in the fifth from the right in the series of caves.  Now follow the route
from there in the quick way and you'll make to the end, and to....

Stage 10-Pride Rock
It's the final stage.  It's time to take care of Uncle Scar once and for
all.  And you'll meet him for the first time at the start of this stage.
You'll meet him once more before the fight to the finish.  When fighting
him, don't, and I mean don't use the X slash, or he'll use his fatal slap
attack where he jumps on Simba and claws him to death.  Use your swipe
and the downswipe. You can also use the ducking slash safely. Throw him when
you can.  When you've worn him out, he'll smirk and run off.  Go left, jump
from rock to rock, fight the hyena, go up, fight, watching out for
lightning strikes that will ignite the ground.  Proceed to the right taking
care not to fall, otherwise you'll fall to the beginning of the stage
and have to go from when you scared Scar off.   Jumping from rock to rock
cling to the right wall, work your way to the top (reminded me of Ninja
Gaiden II).  Then jump to the left.  Fight the hyenas and proceed to
the left.  Preserve your life because there are no midway points in
this stage (you know what that means).  Jump on the rocks and swing up
and around onto the ledge.  You'll meet Scar again here.  Same deal.  After
you scare him off proceed right.  You must now climb to the top of Pride
Rock.  There are frequent lightning strikes now.  If you have enough health,
go through the fire, if not go around.  Keep working your way up until
you can't go up and higher.  Go to the left and you'll find Scar.  The final
battle will ensue.

1.11 Bonus Stage info
There are 4 bonus stages, Bug Toss and Bug Hunts I, II, and III.
In Bug Toss, you control Pumbaa as Timon throws you bugs.   Miss one and
it's game over.  My record is 55 bugs.  (Note:if you eat 20 or more, Pumbaa
says, "I ate like a pig!")
In the Bug Hunts, you control Timon.  Get all the bugs and power-ups except
for the black widows, as they will end the stage.  You also have a time limit.
I'm not quite sure how these stages get you more 1ups, email me someone.
(I don't own this game, I rented it one night)  Honest to God!

2- Flaming Section

2.1 It's too hard.
1-Play on an easier difficulty level.
2-Cheat (See 0.2)
3-Pick up as many power-ups as you can.
4-Practice more often.
This is a complaint most people have, but I can see why they juiced up
the difficulty.  Play Aladdin for SNES and you'll see what I mean.  That
game is too easy.  I beat it the first night I played it (kinda like Shaq
Fu, I guess)  If you're looking for a challenge, this is the game you

2.2 Play Control sucks
1-Practice with the play control when you first use characters (i.e. practice
with little Simba in Stage 1, big Simba in stage 7)
2-Be more precise.  You're probably used to DKC play control where all
DK or Diddy have to do to grab a vine is jump in the general direction of
it and they'll catch it.
3-Remember play control is not that big a deal if you don't think about it.

2.3 You don't get enough hits.
1-Cheat (0.2)
2-Find the life extending power-ups.
3-Get all the golden 100% life bugs you can.

2.4 It's too easy
1-Play at a harder difficulty level.
2-Don't cheat
3-Don't get power-ups
4-Rush through the game

3-Revision history and credits.

Revision history
1.0-First version.

1.1-Added info about the barry code.  First version posted on
video.nintendo and first version on ftp site.

1.2-Changed name of file to lking_sn.txt.

Credits and Thanks

Disney -For making this great movie, and for helping with the game.

Virgin -For making this game.

Westwood Studios- For scanning all the Disney animation

Hans Zimmer, Lebo M, Elton John, Tim Rice - For making The Lion King:Original
Motion Picture Soundtrack and Rhythm of the Pride Lands-Music inspired
by The Lion King, the albums listened to while writing this FAQ!

My sister- For hooking me on The Lion King.  :-)

Andy Eddy-For making this guide available via FTP at

Nintendo Power-For the maps used to make this guide (found in Volumes
68 and 69)

The readers-For whom this FAQ was intended!

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villain from The Lion King)"
The proof is mounting.    It should be "Can you paint with all the colors
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I will be prepared to practice hakuna matata in the circle of life while
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