The Battle of Olympus (e)

Andere Lösungen
The Battle of Olympus FAQ Version 1.5
Started on 12/5/99 by Earthshaker (, with co-author 
credit to Pelivor (
Last updated on 3/21/01
Copyright 1999/2000 by Earthshaker and Pelivor

Anyone may print out this FAQ on a normal printer. Any webmaster may 
post this FAQ on their site, but be sure to inform me you are doing so, 
disclaimer intact!  Also, do not change or alter it in ANY WAY.  If 
there are any questions, comments, submissions, corrections, 
complaints, musings, babble, or insanity, send them to Earthshaker 

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Due to the maps in this FAQ, I strongly recommend you view it at 
Courier New, 10 point font.

1. Revision history
2. Introduction
3. Travelling Around Greece
4. Items
5. Bare-bones Walkthrough
5. Bosses
6. Repeat Warning!

========================1. Revision history============================

3/21/01- Version 2.1- Pelivor's Email has been added, and Earthshaker 
has added a bare-bones walkthrough, much like those he has seen other 
FAQ writers do in incomplete walkthroughs.

12/14/00- Version 2.0- This has been a long time coming.  I have an 
emulator now (along with a broken "v" key that never types the said 
letter when needed, so be aware if some words look odd.)  This FAQ now 
has a new co-author, due to the tremendous (and I STRESS tremendous) 
help he has given me.  Contributions include most of the lost maps, a 
boss listing of damage, and an odd little trick for a glitched ending… 
check it out!  Oh, and Pelivor, I forgot your email address (or more 
precisely, I didn't write it down with the other info) so send me a 
confirmation notice right away (hopefully with the remaining maps!)  
Walkthrough will come later though.. Muhaha!  I still need a map of 
Phygria, by the way.

1/5/99- Version 1.5- I've survived Y2K!  Of course, my computer reads 
as the year 1988 due to a foresight from me… at any rate, I've been on 
a long winter vacation, and I'm going to start a map section today.  

12/14/99- Version 1.05- I have done nothing but add a new web address 
that this can be found on.  Why just that?  Because I haven't had 
enough time!  I hate Christmas shopping…

12/5/99- Version 1.0- First version of this FAQ.  It includes an items 
section a boss section, and a world section.  Later versions of this 
FAQ will contain a walkthrough and a passwords section.  Submissions 
are welcome!

===========================2. Introduction=============================

Well, here it is finally, a Battle of Olympus FAQ that so many people 
asked about.  I decided to do it not only for that reason but also 
because it is my second favorite game on the NES.  And why is it my 
second favorite game on the NES?  Well, it can be summed up in three 
words: Zelda meets Greece.  The graphics and sound are unrivaled on the 
NES, IMO.  So, before I start a full review, let me start the FAQ!

====================3. Travelling Around Greece========================

Greece is divided into several areas.  Here I will list them, a 
description of them, the god ruling over them, and other things of 

This is where you first begin.  Arcadia is a small forest where the god 
of all gods, Zeus, resides.  As you can imagine, Zeus will summon other 
gods to him, meaning that you may find something useful every now and 
then in his temple, mainly Hermes's sandals.  In Arcadia you will find 
the Bull and entrances to Attica, Argolis, and Peloponnesus.  

Here's a map!

A   -   B   -   C   -   D                         E   -   F          G

A- This is your starting area in the entire game.
B- There is an entrance to section F here.
C- There is an entrance to Attica on the far right of this screen.
D- On the far right of this screen, there is an entrance to 
Peloponnesus.  Through the stone house is an entrance to area G.
E- There is an entrance to Argolis on the far left of this screen.
F- On the far right, a doorway leads to section B.
G- The bull is in the middle of this screen.  The entrance to section D 
is here on the right side, and Zeus's temple is on the left side.

This is where the brunt of the population of Greece resides.  Athena 
presides over this area, which is currently being plagued by the Lamia.  
If you can kill the Lamia, you will find an artifact passed down 
through the ages, the Staff of Fennel.  In Attica you will also find 
entrances to Arcadia, Phthia, and Phygria.  

Here's a map!

                B   -   C   -   D                        E   -   F
Phygria-  G  -  H

A- This is the entrance from Arcadia.
B- This is one of the two cities of the level.  Heading down from here 
leads to another city section, H, while heading right leads to a 
mountain region, C
C- There is a cave that leads to the second city, at E.
D- Gaia is located here.  When you wake him, the path to Phthia opens.
E- This is the other city section of Attica.  Nothing of interest is 
F- In this section is the man with the key, a nectar fountain (it is 
hidden cleverly in front of Athena's temple.  Kneel in front of what 
LOOKS to be a normal fountain, which turns out to be a NECTAR fountain.  
Also of note is Athena's Temple.
G- The Lamia is in this section.  Also, heading left, you shall enter 
H- You can obtain the Staff of Fennel here.

The dank and deep caverns of Argolis hold more hostile animals such as 
bats and snakes than they do humans.  Hermes, the god of dexterity, 
resides above a pit where salamanders lurk.  Deep in Argolis you will 
find a token of love, the power to control fire, an entrance to 
Arcadia, and sea routes to Crete and Phygria.  Beware the lion roaming 
deep within!  

On another note, here's a frequently asked question.  "How do I cross 
those two rocks to get to the other shore where I can call the 
dolphin?"  Well, it's simple.  YOU CAN'T!  The jump is too far to make, 
don't even bother, you'll just lose half of your olives when you die 
trying to make it.  Find another, easier route to Phrygia: via Attica, 

Map is courtesy of Pelivor.

         A - B - C
           | |
           | D - E blocked shore to Phrygia
           |-F - G shore to Tartarus and Crete
             |   |
             H   I

A. Starting point. Top leftmost door leads to Arcadia. And the two 
doors lead to sections B and F.
B. Use the Crystal near the left side of Section B to reveal an 
entrance to 
section D.
C. Lion boss and Prometheus (draw fire from staff)
D. Go left to see the first Nymph and get the first heart.
E. Nothing here but the blocked shore to Phrygia.  Don't waste your 
F. Take the last pit on the right side to fall into a pit with snakes 
(section H)
G. The last pit going right (just before Hermes' temple) is the 
Salamander Pit (Section I) Note that Hermes will be gone if you visit 
him. Talk to the guy, then head back to Zeus' temple in Arcadia to meet 
Hermes and get his sandals.
H.  The Pit of Snakes. The middle room is a nectar waterfall (kneel to 
use it.) The rightmost door takes you back to the beginning of section 
I. The Salamander Pit. The middle room you can buy an Ambrosia for 50 
olives. Kill the Salamanders until you get 20 salamander skins, and 
exit through the far-right door.

This deep forest maze holds many items of interest, such as a sword and 
ambrosia.  Be sure to visit Apollo for a harp, and beware the Hydra and 
the Cyclops living somewhere in the woods!

                                E   D2 - D1 -- C
                                |              |
Row 3 (Bright Green)       1    2    3    4    5    6--|
                                          |            |
Row 2 (Green)              1    2    B    4    5    6  |
                                |                      |
Row 1 (Blue-Green)         1    2    3    4    5    6--|
A. Starting point from Arcadia
B. Apollo's temple (Harp)
C. Thorn Forest
D. Hydra and Forest Nymph (Sword)
E. Cyclops, path to Laconia, Ambrosia in the second tree.

To Apollo: From row 1, take door #2 to enter Row 2
           From door #2 of Row 2, take door #3, and get the harp.
To Hydra: From Apollo's temple, take door #4 to Row 3
          Take door #5 in Row 3 to get to the Thorn Forest. Use the
          staff of fennel to rid of the red thorns. Use the barrier
          method I told you for Crete if you don't have fire from the
          staff yet (let a bat push you through the withered thorns).
          Take the left most door to D1 and D2, where you battle Hydra.
          Kill him to get the sword from the forest nymph.
To Cyclops: From door #5 in Row 3, take door #2 instead to get to
            screen E. Jump on the only branch of the second tree, kneel
            down and thrust. An Ambrosia should fall from the tree. Now
            kick the crap out the Cyclops with your sword, and the path
            to Laconia will be open.
To Arcadia: From Laconia or the Hydra, take Door #6 in row 3 and it
            will take you back to row 1. Door #4 is the way back to

These ancient sea ruins house many monsters and secrets.  Striking some 
of the pillars may cause the ground to collapse in front of you, or 
reveal a hidden treasure!  Be sure to speak to Poseidon to obtain his 
ocarina, so you can ride the dolphins to do battle with the Siren, the 
Gray Sisters, and the Cyclops.  In Laconia you will find an entrance to 
Peloponnesus and a sea route to Crete.

And here's a map…

A   -   B   -   C    -     Crete              /---------------------\                            
!       !                                     !                     ! 
D   -   E   -   F                             \> G   -   H   -   I