The Battle of Olympus (e)

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 Battle of Olympus

Q: How do I pick up items?
A: By crouching on top of them.

Q: Where are all the ambrosias?
A: 1. In Argolis, down the fifth pit in the second cave. You need 50 olives
      to purchase it.
   2. In the forest of Peloponese. Hit the tree to the right of where a
      cyclops attacks.
   3. In Laconia in a lower-right room. Defeat the cyclops there.
   4. In Phthia. Go left, down the stairs; continue left, and through a 
      door. The ambrosia will appear on a ledge.
   5. In Phrygia, in the upper-left area of the stage.

Q: Where're the sandals?
A: Firstly, talk to Zeus in Arcadia. Then go to Hermes' temple in Argolis;
   you'll be told to return to the temple of Zeus. Go back and you'll get the

Q: Where's the staff?
A: In Attica, defeat the vampire Lamia (snake-woman) to get the staff.

Q: What about the harp?
A: In the peloponnesian forest. har

Q: Where's the red sword?
A: In the peloponnesian forest, you find a water dragon (Hydra). Kill him to
   get the red sword.

Q: Where's the first nymph?
A: In Argolis. Enter the first cave and use the crystal; a door leading to
   the nymph will appear.

Q: What's the harp for?
A: In all of the stages, you'll see a small carving of the sun on a rock.
   Stand in front of this and use harp to summon pegasus, who will take you
   back to the first stage so you can get a password.

Q: Where's the second nymph?
A: After you get the key in Athens, go to Phthia and go right till you find
   a waterfall. Climb to the top of the cliff just to the left of the water-
   fall. Jump right and press Up on the control pad. Go through a secret
   door into a cave at the top of the waterfall. After you get inside the
   cave, activate the crystal to find the nymph.

Q: Where's the golden apple?
A: Go right to leave the phthia waterfall and go through the garden. When
   you find a dragon, kill it to get the apple.

Q: Where's the third nymph?
Q: Pay attention now: Go to Crete, and pass the barrier. Walk left and enter
   the first door. Walk right and enter the second door. Walk right and enter
   the first door. Walk left and enter the second door. Kill the minotaur
   and go through the door behind it to the nymph.

Q: How do I get through the last part of Tartarus?
A: Tartarus is divided into several stages - the maze, forest, first golden
   area, outside area, and the blue mansion.
   - in the maze, enter the left door.
   - from where you exit, enter the next door to the left.
   - enter the door to the right, and then enter the left door. You'll now 
     be in the forest.
   - Walk right until you come to the second and third big trees.
   - Stand between them and press Up. You'll enter a new area of the forest.
   - Walk right and enter the door next to the last tree to move to the
     first golden area.
   - Take the top door to move to the outside of the cave area.
   - Go to the right (in the outside cave area) across the upper level to a
   - enter the door, and go left across a bridge to another door. Enter it to
     go to the second golden area.
   - go left to the end of the corridor and through a door to enter the blue
   - In the blue mansion, walk to the right past the lady with the bow, and
     climb the stairs.
   - walk left and climb the next flight of stairs.
   - at the top of those stairs, walk right and climb to the top of the next
     set of stairs.
   - continue right, being careful not to fall.
   - jump to the ledge on the right, and go up the stairs.
   - jump left to the middle ledge and go down the stairs.
   - go right and through the door to get to hades, the final boss.

Q: So how do I kill him? Don't leave me hanging that way!
A: Shaddup. Use the moonbeam to see hades' shadow. Sword away and back hades
   into the right corner. Kneel down and swing the blue sword to kill him