Metal Gear (Mini-FAQ) (e)

Andere Lösungen
Metal Gear

first and most importantly - DON'T SHOOT POW'S! If you do, you lose rank and
cannot win the game! You have no choice but to restart if you do shoot a 

Q: How do I get through the lower maze?
A: Left one screen, left one screen, upper-left, and left. If you did it 
   right, the music will change..

Q: What about the upper maze?
A: Left bottom, left bottom, up, left bottom. Again, the music changes if you
   did it right.

Q: Where's the rocket launcher 'n' compass?
A: First, get four stars. Next, stand outside the rooms of the rocket 
   launcher'n'compass (B2F2, near the top right). Radio Jennifer at 120.48; 
   she will put them in the room for you.

Q: How do I blow up the computer?
A: Get four stars, rescue all the hostages, see Dr. Petrovich, rescue Ellen
   (she's in the pitfall area in building 4), see Dr. Petrovich again, and
   he'll tell you how to blow up the computer (the game won't let you blow
   up the computer until you do all this..)

Q: How do I get past the pitfall area?
A: Enter the room, then exit. Return and you'll find that you can just 
   squeeze past the pitfalls. Use the Select button to keep the pitfall from

Q: How do I get past .. .. ..
A: the transmitter (which tells enemy soldiers where you are): Use the Star,
   then hit your A button.
   the heat panel: use remote control missiles.
   the gas area: use the gas mask, and quickly quickly take it off to get
   through the doors.

now for your perusal is a complete list of items in the game.

"1-1" means "building 1, floor 1"  r=roof, b=basement

1. Weapons

Grenade Launcher        - 1-3, top center, after the silencer (card 1 needed)
Baretta Hand Gun        - 1-1, top center, leftmost truck
Mines                   - 1-1, top center
Plastic Explosives      - 1-3, bottom (the open room)
                          Outdoors, in the top-left truck
                          1-2, top center (card 3 needed)
                          5-1, top right (card 3 needed)
Remote-control Missiles - 1-3, lower left (card 2 needed)
Rocket Launcher         - 2-2, right center (radio 120.48 when at 4 stars)
Silencer                - 1-3, top center (card 2 needed)
Submachine Gun          - 1-1, right (card 2 needed)


The truck you enter to get arrested is in 1-1, lower right.
The room where your weapons are after you escape from jail: 4-1, center.
   Hit the left wall and right wall, then go to the right.


2. Ammunition
  1-2, top center (card 3 needed)
  1-3, left side (no card needed)
  1-r, left (no card needed)
  2-1, lower left (card 4 needed)
  2-1, top right, left door (gutter area)
  2-2, lower left (no card needed)
  outside, in the truck outside building 3
  5-1, lower left (use Iron Glove)


3. Items

Antidote                - 2-2, top right (card 6 needed)
Antenna                 - 4-1, center (card 2 needed)
Binoculars              - jungle, look in the first truck
Body Armor              - 4-1, center (card 2 needed)
Bomb Blast Suit         - 4-1, right (card 2 needed)
Card 1                  - jungle, top left truck
Card 2                  - 1-3, bottom right (card 2 needed)
Card 3                  - 4-1, center (card 2 needed)
Card 4                  - Outdoors 1, right hand truck
Card 5                  - 2-r, bottom left (card 4 needed)
Card 6                  - 2-1, top center (card 5 needed)
Card 7                  - 2-2, center, kill the two Arnolds
Card 8                  - 2-1, top right, kill Coward the Duck
Cardboard Box           - 1-3, top center (card 2 needed)
Compass                 - 2-2, top right, radio 120.48 when at 4 stars
Flashlight              - 5-1, top left (no card needed)
Gas Mask                - 1-1, middle (card 1 needed)
Infrared Goggles        - 1-2, lower left (card 3 needed)
Iron Glove              - 1-2, bottom center (card 1 needed)
Mine Detector           - 1-r, bottom left (destroy the heat panel)
Oxygen Tank             - 3-b, bottom center (card 7 needed)

and finally, a password:

21J12 14J13 16641 11116 41112
inside compound; look for Grey Fox and Metal Gear 

mission nearly accomplished; get out of the compound alive