Strange Odyssey (e)

                    STRANGE ODYSSEY             Part One

Good old outer space! There´s nothing else quite like it! This time around,
you´re on a strange planet, with no fuel and no apparent way to get back to
the mother ship. However, appearances can be deceiving!

     From the control room, go down and get the space suit, phaser and
shovel. Set the phaser to destroy, then go back up to the control room. Push
the red button, which opens the inner airlock door, then go out the door.
Wear the suit, then push the red button in the airlock. The outer door will
now open. Go out the door, and jump. Don´t worry, you´ll land safely!

     Go North twice, which will bring you to a cave. Enter the cave, where
you find a large boulder with strange writing on it. There is no way of
finding out what it says, and you have other things to do, anyway. So, shoot
the boulder, which will reveal a shimmering curtain of light (shades of Zork

     Go curtain, and you will be in a strange hexagonal room with some odd
machinery inside. The first thing to do is remove the suit. This will help
to conserve the oxygen in the suit for when you really need it. The air in
this room is quite breathable. Now drop the phaser, because you won´t be
using it for awhile.

     Most of the rest of the game centers on the machine. It is a portal to
other worlds (or dimensions). The basic operation is to pull the rod, then
push it, which will cause the plastic panel to glow. Touching the panel,
then walking through the curtain, takes you to some other world. Which one
depends on how many times you make the panel glow.

     Now that you know that, pull and push the rod until the panel glows 6
times. Touch the plastic (becoming momentarily disoriented, which happens
whenever you do this), then wear the spacesuit and go through the curtain.
You are now in an alien museum of some sort.

                    STRANGE ODYSSEY             Part Two

Once in the museum, pick up the painting and the sculpture, and return
through the curtain. Remove the suit, then wear the goggles and look at the
painting. Now drop the painting and the goggles, and get the belt from the
statue. Push and pull the rod again. This time, the plastic should glow
seven times. Touch the plastic. Wear the belt, and now drop everything but
the belt and the suit. Twist the buckle (aha! anti-gravity!), wear the space
suit, and go through the curtain again. This time, you have been transported
to a deserted Jovian mining  the colony, pick up the remaining item, and
once more walk through the curtain to the Hex room. Remove the suit, then
twist the buckle and drop the belt. Also drop whatever it was you just
brought back from the colony. Now pick up the shovel and the phaser. Make
sure the phaser is set to stun.

     Now things get a tiny bit tricky, because you have to "reset" the
machine. Pull the rod, then touch the plastic, then push the rod. The panel
glows once. Now, pull the rod, and push the rod. The panel glows twice.
Touch the panel, then go through the curtain. You are standing at the edge
of a jungle.

     This is an Earth-like area, so you don´t need to wear the suit. Dig
right where you are standing, and you will find an ice pick, of all things!
Get that and drop the shovel. Go jungle, and from there go East into the
ruins of a zoo. Shoot the ice-hound that´s there, then pick him up. Go South
into the jungle, then West to the curtain, and through it back to the room.

                   STRANGE ODYSSEY            Part Three

Returning to the room, pull and push the rod. The panel should glow three
times. Touch the panel, wear the suit, and go through the curtain. This
time, you are in the middle of a methane snowstorm. Drop the hound, then
wake him up. He will burrow off out of sight, but don´t worry! Just go west,
and you will come to a large ice mound.

     Aha! Now you know what the pick is for! Pick mound (really!), which
will bring you inside to where the hound is, as well as a treasure. Shoot
phaser. Pick up all 5 treasures. Pull the rod, touch the plastic, push the
rod, and touch the plastic again. Wear the suit and go through the curtain.
Now you are back in the cave.

     Go up, then go West and enter the ship. Push the red button, then
remove the suit. Drop all the treasures here, then wear the suit and push
the button again. There are still a couple of things you need yet, so make
your way back to the Hexagonal room. Once there, get the metal, and then
(alas!) break the rod, for that will be your power supply. Now return to the

     Once inside, remove the suit. Go to the control room, and then down to
where the maintenance hatch is. Open the hatch (the metal helps!), then go
hatch to where the power supply is. Put rod, then return to the control

     Drop the hatch and the metal, then push the blue button. When the ship
stops, go to the airlock, pick up all the treasures, wear the suit, then
push the red button. Go out to the hold of the mother ship, and drop your
treasures. When they´ve all been dropped, say "Score". How about that! You
won the game!! Well, after all this, you need to relax a little. How about a
trip through the Fun House....