Pyramid of Doom (e)

Andere Lösungen
                    PYRAMID OF DOOM             Part One

Ahhh, the desert!  A nice place to visit, but you really donīt want to stick
around here too long.  Looking around, you notice an oasis and a pole in the
sand.  Get the pole, then take inventory.  Aha!  The pole was actually a
shovel.  You also notice you are carrying a flashlight and an empty canteen.
Might be a good idea to fill it, so get water.  Now, before you head on to
bigger and better things, take a quick dip with "Go Pool."  Look at that!
Thereīs a big key here.  Get the key, then leave the pool by going East.

Feeling more refreshed, you trudge through the desert sands North, then
Hmmmm, thereīs the pyramid, but there doesnīt seem to be any door. Reading
the sign isnīt helpful, but what about that stone?  Get the stone and voila!
The door to the pyramid appears.  Donīt go running off to open it just yet,
though.  Those old pharoahs were pretty tricky, and the entrance might be
trapped.  Dig again, and go into the hole you just made.  Aha!  A tiny door
with a tiny lock.  "Unlock Door," and then get out of the hole.  Now itīs
safe to open the door (you didnīt really want to get squashed flat by a huge
stone slab, did you?).

You can drop the shovel, by the way.  You wonīt need it any more and thereīs
a limit to how much you can carry.  Now, itīs going to be dark in there (no
electricity), so "Light Flash" then "Go Door," and there you are, inside the
pyramid.  The first thing you notice is a pistol.  It might come in handy,
so get it.  (At some point in the game, a desert nomad will appear and
follow you wherever you go.  Most of the time he is harmless, but sometimes
he has been known to turn vicious and attack you.  If it makes you feel
safer, you can shoot him whenever he appears -- there are four bullets in
the gun.) You can also drop the two keys here. You will need them later, but
for now you donīt have to carry them around with you.

Now, which way to go?  Well, head North into the dining room, then East.
Hmmmm, thereīs a rather large oyster here, and at the moment he isnīt about
to let you pass through the archway. So, just get the flute, then go West
and South, then South again to the sitting room.  Look at the ashes, then
the fireplace. Aha!  A lump of coal and a gold necklace!  The treasure hunt
is getting off to a good start! Things are not always what they seem,
however, so "Wash Coal," then take inventory.  The coal is actually a ruby!
But, although it looks like a treasure, it is really something far more
important, so hang on to it.

                    PYRAMID OF DOOM             Part Two

Okay, let the musician in your soul loose with "Play Flute."  A cobra
slithers out of the basket, and into the fireplace, revealing a secret
passage.  At this point, you should save the game.  In the passage are rats!
Eight times out of ten, you can pass them safely, but that other twenty
percent of the time they will kill you (itīs a random thing).  With the game
saved, drop the flute (which you wonīt need anymore), then "Go Passage,"
then head North and East to the hieroglyphics room. Reading the
hieroglyphics tells you to store your treasures here, so drop the necklace.
You can also drop the stone;  you only needed it to read the message here.
Now get the camel jerky and go West, then North, which will bring you to the

Feed the oyster, and get the pearl.  From now on, you can pass through the
archway instead of having to go through the passage and being eaten by the
rats.  Itīs time for more treasure, so head West, then South, and youīre
back at the entrance.  Open the sarcophagus, then "Go Sarcophagus."  Gosh!
Itīs actually a stairway down. Go down, and come face to face with a fierce
mummy. Fortunately, thatīs no problem. Burning tana leaves are nearby, so
just "Pour Water," putting them out and the mummy to sleep. Drop canteen (no
more use for it), and get the tapestry, which reveals an alcove.  "Go
Alcove," and you will find a box and a skull.  Get the skull, then look at
it.  Aha!  Gold teeth!  Get the teeth, then look at the box twice.  Ignore
the bones and get the glove. Well, youīre getting kind of overloaded, so go
West, then back upstairs to the entrance. Go West to leave the sarcophagus,
then North, East, and through the archway, and East again.  Drop off the
tapestry, teeth, and pearl. Then itīs back West, North, West, South, and
down the sarcophagus again (get used to this;  youīll be doing it again!).

This time, go North of the burial room to a passage with a bricked-up
doorway.  Wear the glove, then smash the door. Remove the glove and drop it.
Now, "Go Door."  This is the mirror room, and you wonīt be able to keep the
light on.  No matter.  "Feel Floor" and you will discover a coin.  Get it,
then go East (yes, in the dark). Now, "Light Flash," and you find yourself
in a dressing room. Get the scarab, then go West (back in the dark again).
Go West once more, and light the flash.  Whew!  Youīre in the passage.  Now
head South twice, and youīre in a tall room with a skeleton.  Drop the
skull.  The skeleton comes alive and pulls a lever that exposes a ladder up.
"Go Ladder," which takes you to the revolving cavern.  Go South to the
ledge, and pick up the sapphire.  Now, throw the ruby.  It flies over the
ledge and into the acid pool below. You have just taken care of a nasty
obstacle, but more about that later.

                   PYRAMID OF DOOM            Part Three

Go South to the prison cell. Look at the dead explorer and also the rubbish.
Get the pin and the carving, but under no circumstances should you open the
door (unless you like being a purple wormīs dinner!).  From here, go West,
then down again and North to the burial room. Go up and make a trip to drop
off your treasures.  On the way back to the sarcophagus, pick up the two
keys (you will be needing them).  Now go down, and from the burial room,
first go North and get the rope and the glove, then back South twice to the
ladder.  Get the saw, then go up.

Back in the revolving cavern, you go South to the ledge. "Throw rope," which
mysteriously attaches itself to something in the hole allowing you to "Go
Rope."  This is the throne room, where you find a chain, a chest, and a pile
of metal.  The metal used to be a statue of a pharoah, which would have done
nasty things to you had you not destroyed the ruby (which was its heart).
Open the chest and get the crown, then pull the chain, revealing a spiral
staircase.  "Go Stairs" to the treasure room.  Now, wear the glove and
unlock the chest.  You need both keys to do it, and the glove protects you
from the poison needle (sneaky, huh?). Okay, drop the keys and the glove,
then get the bracelet.

Thereīs still a little more to do here, so "Saw Bars," and then you go to
the window, get the platinum bar, and return West to the treasure room.
Itīs time to drop off the goodies again, so go down the staircase, then down
the rope, West to the cavern and down the stairs.  I think you can find your
way to the treasure room by now, so just head along over there and leave the
treasures.  Now, thereīs still one more to get.  So, head West, then North,
then West again (hmmmm, havenīt you gone this way before?) into the dining
room.  Bet youīve been wondering about that table! Well, just saw it, and
out comes the final treasure!  Grab hold of it, go back to the treasure
room, drop it and then "Score." TA DA!  A perfect 100 points! The game is
over!  (You can now relax and soak your feet after all that running