Savage Island - Part 1 (e)

                         Savage Island - Part 1

This is game number 10 in the Scott Adams series and is a higher degree
of difficulty than those that have gone before.  Save the game
frequently.  The mystery that unfolds is quite intriguing but all is
not revealed until Savage Island Part 2.

You start on the beach of an idyllic island.  After taking a look
around, check out the stone head and then do some digging in the
sand with your hands.  In the resultant hole, you´ll find a bottle
of rum.  The rum is not for´ll need it later in the game but
the bottle will serve a dual purpose.

Armed with the rum, head south.  Climb the volcano on the plain and go
into the large crater inside.  There is no climbing out the way you got
in.  Here you´ll find a lake and a cave and somewhere about, an
unhealthy looking bear.  The poor beast has been trapped in the crater
for years and is deficient in a certain mineral that only you can supply.
In the process of obtaining this you´ll be eaten so be careful.  Save the
game frequently from now on and avoid the bear until you can supply his
needs another way.

Go into the cave and empty the bottle of rum into the stone basin you
will find there.  Keep hold of the bottle.  There are other exits which
you can explore if you like, although you´ll need a light source
(obtained later) for one.

Exit the cave and drop the bottle and the watch.  The watch records your
moves but it´s not much good for anything else.  You can´t carry anything
across the lake without assistance.  Now go for a swim in the lake.  Swim
west (not an obvious exit) and you´ll come to a sheltered ledge.  If the
hurricane hasn´t started by now type "wait", and it will.  SAVE THE GAME

Move through the crevice onto the sand ledge.  Then "jump" to get down
to the beach.  Yes, it IS dangerous to move in a hurricane but as far
as I know you don´t have a choice.  At some stage you will hear a crash,
which is a palm tree falling over.  Go along the beach to where the palms
are and get a log.  Gee, this would come in handy for ferrying goods
across the lake.  Take a log and make your way back to the volcano.
Once there, pick up the bottle, go into the lake and head west.  Drop
the bottle on the sheltered ledge and go back to the lake.

In the middle of the lake, let the log go and hold your breath.  Then
swim down and go north.  Get the knife.  Swim east.  Get the small
plastic block and swim up.  Get the log, swim west and deposit this
with the rest of the goods.

OK., now time to get the bear what he wants so he won´t bother you.
Go through the crevice and jump down to the beach.  Move along it and
then down to water´s edge.  Get some seawater, then take it back to the
volcano.  Enter the cave and then go through the crevice to the hot rocky
ledge.  Hopefully the wind won´t blow you away.  Empty the bottle and soon
you´ll see a pile of salt as all the seawater evaporates.  Take the
salt and drop it in front of the bear.  The bear will gobble it up and
leave you alone.

Go to the cave, (if you´re not already in it) and take the rum from the
basin where you left it.  Drop it by the lake shore and swim across to
get the log.  Swim back, get the rum and then swim to the secluded ledge.
Drop the bottle here.

The next task is to get the log out of the volcano because you´re going
to need it.  There is no way it will fit though the crevice so still
holding it, swim back across the lake (you´re a strong swimmer by this
stage) to the other side.  Climb up the volcano slope.  You won´t get
to the other side but the log will.  Swim back to the secluded ledge.

By this time it should be getting dark.  What better place to sleep
than exactly where you are, a secluded ledge.  Type SLEEP for a rest.

Morning, and still there is a lot to be done.  Today, you´re going to
travel.  Something´s out to sea.  You may have heard a cannon offshore
and seen the island from the top of the stone head.  Collect your items
(knife, block and bottle of rum) and go through the crevice and jump
down to the beach.  Do you remember hearing TWO crashes during the storm.
Go along to where the palm trees were and collect the other log that´s
fallen.  Drag this down to the water´s edge.  Leave it there, and head
back to the volcano.  Surprise, surprise, here´s your other log lying on
the slopes.  Pick this up and head back to the beach.  Cut some vines
from the jungle and take everything down to the water where you´ve left
the other log.  Everything you need to make a raft is now here.

One move later and you´re ready to set sail.  SAVE THE GAME AT THIS
STAGE.  Get onboard the raft and sail in any direction.  There are two
locations to be found.  The first is a atoll, the second is a beach.

There doesn´t seem to be any way to get to these locations in an
ordered way, at least no way I´ve discovered.  Simply sail this way
and that until you hit them.  You should visit the atoll before the
beach.  Hopefully, you will get to them before your raft disintegrates.
If the latter starts to occur you can always get off at the tidepool,
cut the vines, get some more vines and make the raft up again.  You may
also run out of daylight.  If night is coming on, you must abandon the
quest, make you´re way back to the tidepool and from there to the volcano
to sleep on the secluded ledge.  Don´t forget to leave all objects with
the raft or you´ll lose them in the lake.

When you set foot on the atoll, there may or not be a surly pirate
waiting for you.  If not, wait for him.  Once he arrives, give him
the bottle of rum.  He´ll leave you an important note and a bandanna.
Read the note and take the bandanna with you.

Now to the beach.  Get off the raft and go into the cave.  Note the
drawings.  Weird aren´t they, and this gives you a taste of the sort
of thing the adventure will start to turn into.

There is a dark crevice but you can´t go up there.  Hit the stalactite
with a coconut.  Egad!, a crevice opens in the rock.  Leave the
coconuts here, you won´t need them again.  Go into the crevice and
you´re in a metal-lined tunnel with exits in all directions.  Things
are certainly becoming strange!

Explore the rooms east and west.  Then go back to the tunnel, go north,
then west.  Examine the control console and go into the force field.
Nothing´s there so go out again.  Notice anything different?  What
about the plastic block you found.  It´s now glowing!  What use is a
glowing block?  Well, it´s a light source for a start.  Go east and
then east again.  Now go south into the darkness.  Ah, ha...alien

An examination of the machinery will reveal a wire missing. Where could
this be?  Well, remember the dark opening right back in the cave in the
volcano...the place you couldn´t explore because you had no light source?
You guessed it...!

Go back to the raft and sail to the tidepool.  Cut the vines and take
one of the palm logs.  You´ll need this to cross the lake, remember.
Trudge back to the volcano and go into the dark opening in the cave.

This is a maze, so don´t get lost.  Go south and then north.  Phew,
bat droppings!  Dig in the bat droppings to find what you´re looking
for.  Take the wire, go out the opening, exit the cave and swim the
lake to the sheltered ledge.  Drop everything but the log and swim
back.  Haul the log up the volcano as before, swim back, collect
everything and go through the crevice back to the beach.  Collect
the palm log, get some new vines, rebuild the raft and re-find the
beach.  Now for the final phase.

You´ll need to re-charge you´re light source so make your way to the
force field, and go in then out.  The go to the alien machinery and
fix it with the wire you collected from the cave.  Go to the place
where the caveman resides in the sealed display case.  Press the button.
This time it works!  Don´t try this with the T-Rex in the other display
case otherwise its Jurassic park all over again!

Return to the control console. The Neanderthal will follow and when you
get there, he will push the button.  Say the password (remember what was
on the note the pirate gave you).  Then go into the place the Neanderthal
is pointing at.

Hey presto, a password is delivered and you´ve reached the end of the
game, with many questions still unanswered.  The answers to these and
other mysteries, can be found in Savage Island Part 2.

Good luck!

Terry Stewart

                      SAVAGE ISLAND - PART 2

Ok, so you´ve solved Savage Island Part 2 and now have the password (123),
but where to now?  First, you´re in a state of extreme undress except for
the bandanna given to you by the pirate in Savage island!  Second, outside
the force field, things are a little lacking too, particularly in the
oxygen department.  You can´t get very far, even if you do expel all the
air from your lungs after leaving the force field.

The lack of clothes is the least of your problems but you can get
somewhere providing you breath properly.  The answer, of course, is to
hyperventilate.  Do this, exit the force field and then breath out.  Then
go east, south, west and west again.  You should be in a room with another
force field and your air will be getting very short indeed!  Enter the
force field and suck in the good air.

Hmm...strange room.  Look in the hydroponics and you´ll see some plants.
Look at these and you´ll see a flower.  Take the flower, you´re going to
need it.  Wake the Neanderthal man in the display case by pressing the
button.  The Neanderthal man is dangerous so crush the flower to put him
to sleep.  HOLD YOUR BREATH FIRST!  Then drag him north, north and then
east.  Leave him in the red room whilst you go west back to the control
console.  It´s time for Psychotransfiguration!

Wear the bandanna.  This is a rayshield to protect your brain.  Press the
button and say the password (Free).  Then press the button again and zap!
Open your eyes.  Strange, your in the red room?  That´s because your mind
is now in the Neanderthal´s body!

Go back to the room containing the hydroponics.  You´ll pass yourself on
the way. Take the bandanna from you, as you´ll need it later.  Being a
strapping Neanderthal, you can now fit a lot more air into your lungs.
Hyperventilate as before and move out of the force field.  Don´t forget
to breath out once you´ve done this.

Move east, east, east, then north, north and north again.  You´ll go past
a weakly flickering force field but don´t go in there just yet.  Close
your eyes as protection against the flickering red light and enter
"go field".  Open your eyes and you´ll find yourself in a sort of
gymnasium.  This section of the ship seems to have been the living
quarters of the alien beings who were in charge of this "project".

Play with the ball and punching bag if you like (you don´t have to) then
go exploring.  Move north and then east.  Examine the viewscreen there.
Look over the console but don´t be concerned if nothing seems to happen.
It´s not for you.  Move west and the north.  Ah ha, the captain´s quarters.
Pick up the wafer.  This will give you some explanation of what is
happening.  Drop the wafer when it´s finished otherwise it will play
incessantly each time you move.

Have a look around the other rooms, and eventually make your way back
to the gymnasium.  Read the dial on the console.  Eight electrons...hmm
could that be oxygen?  How can you get the thing to work?  There is a
treadmill and a lever that won´t budge.  Remove your bandanna.  Examine
it closely.  You´ll see some golden threads.  Unravel the threads and
tie one end to the lever. Tie the other end to the treadmill.  Then
go onto the treadmill.  Take the railing and run.  The lever will move.
Then release the railing and walk off the treadmill.

Don´t go through the force field to check out the air on the other side
otherwise you will get sucked into outer space.  It´s the weakly
flickering force field which must be reset, as beyond this lies a
door open to the void!  Untie the thread and take it.  Then move
north and east to the room with the viewscreen.  Now for something
cunning.  Tie the thread to itself to make a loop. Drop the loop and
go into it.  Surprise, another part of the ship!  Take the alien
device you find in the machinery and then turn your attention to
the console.  Read the dial and push the button.  It´s done.  Go
through the dark hole back to the room you came from then take the
loop and return to the gymnasium.  Now go through the force field.

Hmm..fresh air. Make your way back to the room you first entered after
leaving the force field at the beginning of the adventure.  Check out
what´s beyond the now-reset force field on the way back if you like
but don´t stay there too long.  There´s no air!

Now to deal with the dinosaurs.  You´re about to send the bomb back
through time.  Read the dial and press the button on the console.
You can´t talk so move the red switch on the alien device to provide
the password.  Take the block and go through the force field with it.
Drop the block and exit the force field.  Press the button to send the
bomb on it´s way.

Now for the final phase.  Drop the loop and go into it.  Move the
blue switch on the alien device.  You will be moved to a new location.
Now all you need to do is press the button in front of you.

The game ends, and you are left with a coded message.  Deciphering this
reveals what happens next and answers any remaining questions you may
have about what has already happened.  If you don´t have the instructions
for the game then the meaning of the code can be found on the
"interactive fiction" archive site under the IF-ARCHIVE in
the Scott Admas subdirectory, in the file

Terry Stewart