Crime Cities (e)

                          Crime Cities
                Unofficial Strategy Guide and FAQ
                         by Kasey Chang
                   released November 16, 2004

0    Introduction
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This FAQ is about "Crime Cities", a hovercraft shooter set in
futuristic cities from Techland (of Poland). It is published in
the US by either EON Digital or Strategy First (the info is

 I don't see a good FAQ for it, so here it is.


There doesn't seem to be any FAQ for this old 3d shooter, so here
it comes.

This is a FAQ, NOT a manual. Not that you really need a manual to
play this budget sim.

This USG only covers the PC Version, which is the only one that

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I am just a game player who decided to write my own FAQs when the
ones I find don't cover what I want to see.  Lots of people like
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Previously, I've written Unofficial Strategy Guides (USGs) for
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Techland is the creator of Crime Cities

Strategy First / Big City Games is the publisher of Crime Cities
in the US. While the package does say Big City Games (which is a
part of Strategy First), there is no mention of the game on
either company's website. Weird...

This USG is not endorsed or authorized by Techland or Strategy

The information compiled in this USG has been gathered
independently through the author's efforts except where noted

This document is based on the retail version. Thus, any patches
applied later may affect its accuracy.  On the other hand, I
can't find any patches.


16-NOV-2004         Initial release

1    Game Information


The intro movie is pretty well done, as it sets the tone.

You are Chaim Tiger, and you are going undercover in the Pandemia
system as "Johnny Red". The system has three inhabitable
planets... All used as penal colonies. The crimes in the system
shows sign of being organized, and strange shipments of high-tech
components have been intercepted destined for the system. For
what purpose, nobody knows, but the Federation suspects that some
sort of weapons research or genetic research is being done in
secret there.

You will go undercover and locate clues as to what is going on in
the Pandemia system. Several agents are already on the planet and
they will give you hints. One agent has already disappeared. Your
first job is to locate Agent Alvarez and see what he knows. The
rest is up to you.

At first you will appear on Tavaroon. This city is your normal
city with low-risk criminals (white-collar crimes) and the police
(Starpol) enforce laws when they can.

As missions continue you will move on to Quarzon, where the place
is rougher, but there is a semblance of law with Starpol running
around, albeit in reduced numbers, and the gangs openly challenge

Finally, you move on to Blackloud, where no law exists. The city
has HUGE skyscrapers with extremely narrow streets... and you are
completely on your own. The entire city is controlled by Insight
Corp, whose flyers intimidate everybody... except the Rebeliants,
who fight back when they can.

And you will find out who or what is behind the crime wave
gripping the cities...


- Windows 98, ME, Windows 2000, WinXP

- at least DirectX 8.0

- OpenGL(r) 3D accelerator card (see with
4MB video memory.

- Pentium compatible CPU (200 MHz or better)

- at least 32 MB RAM, preferably more



- Sound card (any DirectSound compatible card)

- Creative EAX 2.0 API

- Aureal A3D 2.0 API


The best way to describe Crime Cities is imagine a city like
Blade Runner, with traffic constantly running, and you are racing
through this 3D city similar to that taxi chase scene in Fifth
Element... And you get to shoot weapons!

All the missions are set in the cities. They range from search
and destroy, to destroy installations, to protect installations,
to escort, and a couple more oddball missions.

Download the 94MB demo and see for yourself.


I can't locate any patches

2    Weapons
Not all versions will appear at once. Availability will be
limited depending on your GMC access level (which is improved as
you gain reputation) and the planet you are currently at.

So don't be surprised if you don't see all the alternate versions
available in the GMC shop.


Lasers come in four types: plain, AX, BX, and VX.

Lasers are energy weapons, meaning you don't run out of ammo, but
if you exhaust the "capacitor" your firing rate goes way down
until you stop firing and the capacitor recharges. They shoot red
beams that may seem to "bounce off" your target if you hit.

The better versions have larger capacitors (so you can fire off
more shots) and faster firings rate, as well as do more damage.

One possible trick is own more than one laser onboard. As you
exhaust one laser's capacitor, switch to the other laser, and
back when necessary. On the other hand, your money will be quite
tight to make this nearly impossible.


Mezon cannons are the first "heavy" weapons you get. They do 40+
damage if you hit, which is pretty impressive early on, as some
targets can be killed with one shot. Later, they are outclassed
by Plasma and/or Blaster.

They shoot blue "sparks" that has a torpedo-like sound when shot.

Mezon guns come in three types: regular, VTR, and S-Z (sub-
zero?). Higher versions have slightly more damage, but less
shots. As you only get 20-30 shots, keep them in reserve for the
big hits.

2.3   CANNON

Cannon is a very fast firing low-damage weapon with lots of ammo
(up to 1000 rds). Each round only does like 4-5 pts damage.
However, you can just "hose" the area.

Comes in 2 versions... regular, and 2GEN. The 2GEN does slightly
more damage per hit.


The two "-ser" weapons are extremely heavy weapons... Maser can
do 500 damage, and Tyser can do 700 damage per hit. However, they
are very slow firing and holds very limited shots (like 6 or 8).
Thus, reserve them for special demolition job, like against
heavily defended buildings.

2.5   PLASMA

Plasma weapons have few shots (about 20), but they travel
extremely fast and acts almost like lasers. They do over 100+ pts
damage, enough to kill most vehicles in one shot.

Comes in two versions: 2K vs. 3K.


Blaster is a fast-firing medium-high-damage weapon. They do about
40-50 pts per shot. You can hold about 200 shots.

When fired, you look like you are firing small energy balls.

Blaster comes in three versions: regular, Volcano, and T-Sun

2.7   ROCKET

Rockets are guided missiles that fly to the destination and go
BOOM. However, if there's anything in between, it'll go boom
against that thing first.

The explosion has a pretty big radius, so beware of killing
civilians as collateral damage. Starpol may get mad at you if you
use rockets indiscriminately.

Comes in three versions: Dragoon, Warhammer, and Hellwind.

2.8   SONIC

Sonic weapons shoots this "cone" of energy that causes damage.
Being energy weapons, you can shoot them at the fast firing rate
as long as your capacitor holds out, which is about 10-12 shots.
Ultra improves that to about 18-20 shots. .

Comes in two versions, regular, and "ultra".


Elektro is the only weapon that disables the target. You will
likely need several hits. Only holds 15 shots, so make your shots

When fired, it looks like you're shooting small bolts of

Comes in two versions: Elektro, and Elektro Volt (sometimes

If you need more shots, buy both versions.

3    Equipment
Some of the extra equipment you can buy to enhance your craft
that are NOT weapons.


Shields comes in 4 varieties: regular (600), Ixian (+100), Voltar
(+200), and finally, Gorzon (+300).

If you got the money, you can buy all three improved models and
get 1200 shield pts.


There are two additional thrusters you can buy: Abdomenizer, and

Your default speed is 90 kph.

Abdomenizer gives you extra 15 kph

Nitrox gives you extra 30 kph

You can actually buy both, and get total of 45 kph in addition to
your 90 kph, for the top speed of 135 kph. (Or maybe not, I'll
need to test some more)

4    Tactics and strategies


4.1.1     Circle-strafe!
Yep, circle-strafe in hovercar works. Use the side-ways move and
constantly turn to maintain the circle. You will probably also
need to backup in order to maintain the distance.

Circle-strafe also serves to keep the enemy bunched up together,
and this often causes them to shoot each other in the back. This
works great in situations where you get a TON of enemies bunching
up, like "Hunting".

4.1.2     Zig-zag wiggle
If there's no room to do the full circle-strafe, then move from
side-to-side to dodge shots. This is especially important against
turrets and/or rocket firing enemies.

4.1.3     Fight in open space
If you can, lure enemies out to the edge of the city or way up
high where you are not going to run into anything while circling

4.1.4     Use lighter weapons in crowds
Don't use those super-heavy weapons in crowded conditions, esp.
on the first two planets. If you accidentally destroy civilians
the Starpol would be chasing you, and the only way to get rid of
them would be to pay for a 2500 cr ID change. Save the money
instead, and just don't hit civilians (or at least hit them
gently so they have a chance to escape).

On Blackloud, there is no law, so use all the rockets you want.

4.1.5     Some equipments are stackable
Some equipments are stackable.

For example, the three different shields do NOT require you to
remove one for the other. You can buy all three (if you got the
money) and get up to 1200 shield pts.

Similarly, you can get both Nitrox and Abdomenizer and get top
speed of 135 (with Nitrox alone you get 120). NOTE: This may or
may not be true, I'm still testing.

4.1.6     Buy multiple versions of the weapon for extra shots
The ammo for different weapons are counted separately. So by
having both Mezon and Mezon VRT you have roughly doubled your
ammo capacity (though you have to switch weapons yourself).

Obviously, you don't need to do this with energy weapons, which
comes with unlimited number of shots. On the other hand, having
more than one energy weapon means you can shoot more often as
each weapon has its own "capacitor".

4.1.7     Turrets are best hunted with rockets
Those pesky ground-based turrets should be killed with guided
rockets, as they are too painful to pick out with your guns, and
they fire too often / too fast for you to hit with your own guns,
unless you can somehow come up from slightly below it.

There are two other ways to kill turrets, but that will be
explained in the opponents section.

4.1.8     Sometimes, you just need speed
Some missions, such as the great race, or pick-up items, or grand
prix, just require speed. Don't bother shooting... Just go
straight for the target and ignore any defense turrets. If you
wiggle they can't do you too much damage.

Having thruster upgrades will help.

4.1.9     How to save money
Two of the most significant drain of money are shield recharge
and ammo consumption.

You want to avoid being hit, thus you will save all the money you
put into recharging the shields. While some hits are unavoidable,
spending 1000 cr per battle will destroy your bank account
quickly, esp. on the third planet where pay jobs are few and far
in between.

While most ammo types are pretty economical, some of the most
exotic ammo can cost up to 500 per SHOT. By using energy weapons
more, you can help yourself save $$$ for where you need it. Thus,
the advanced lasers like BX or VX are worth it. Later, when you
get sonic weapons, use them to save on combat costs.


4.2.1     On "collect" missions, collect things first, fight
On missions where you need to collect things, collect them first,
ignore the escorts. Those fly and shoot too slow to matter.
Instead, fly around them, and keep collecting / delivering until
you are done. THEN find an empty place and take out the chasers.

4.2.2     On fixed targets, lure away the fliers first
The fliers that defend fixed installations can be lured away from
the turrets, and killed there. THEN you can mop up the ground
turrets at your leisure.

5    Enemies and Obstacles

5.1   FLYERS

Hostile flyers comes in all shapes and sizes, and ranges from no
shields (strength 14) air scooters to the mutant homicidal school
bus (with 1400+ shield!). The bosses, at the end, have 3000 to
7000 shields (eeek!)

They can be employed by a wide variety of factions, from Starpol
(police) to gangs to the Order (religious fanatics bent on
anarchy) to mercenaries (like you) and other factions. For combat
purposes, they are the same.

The most dangerous ones are the ones armed with plasma guns or
rockets, as those can do significant amount of damage to you in
just a few hits. The idea is, of course, don't let them hit you,
or at least minimize the hits. You can dodge easily from side to


The ground turrets are TINY (compared to vehicles) and their
firing rate is incredible, just a non-stop steam of fire aimed at
your direction with whatever weapon the turret is equipped with,
from Mezon to Cannon to Laser to Plasma. Shooting them with guns
is, personally, a waste of time, as those are heavily shielded
and require many accurate hits to destroy. You can circle them
all day and not get in a good hit.

If you see both flyers and turrets, take out the flyers first, as
they tend to follow you. After you got rid of all the flyers,
then go back and toast the turrets at your leisure.

Personally, I'd just use a rocket on each turret and save the

If you are a bit short on rockets, you can try to sneak up to the
turret from BELOW its plane of fire, then try to "ping" it with
the laser and see if you can find a spot where you can damage it
without coming into its fire zone. Clearly, you need to have that
target selected so you can see if its shields are draining.

Clearly, this only works if there are nothing else shooting at

If there is no "below", hide behind a building and play "peek-a-
boo", where you scoot out, fire a shot, scoot back under cover,
and repeat.

Turrets can be either mounted "alone" on buildings, or mounted as
a part of small buildings. In the latter case, if you destroy the
small building, the turret will be destroyed as well.

5.3   OTHER

Other than these two, there are really no hostiles in the city.
Collision with buildings and other vehicles don't do any damage.

6    Campaign walkthrough
The walkthru will be in three sections, for the three planets:
Tavaroon, Quarzon, and finally, Blackloud.

Each planet has roughly 25-30 missions. Obviously, not all
missions will appear together. And I can't even guarantee that
these are all the missions.

The order you take the missions will depend on your whim.

I may not have listed all the missions. if you see missions not
listed here, please write me.


Tavaroon is your typical "Blade Runner" type city. Lots of
buildings all over the city. Some are very tall, others are at
ground level. Neon signs everywhere, with video panels. There are
even those flying billboards. On the outskirts you get the
industrial type places, and beyond that the wilderness has

The garages where you go for the GMC upgrades look like a pyramid
with top chopped off and 4 doors opened from the four sides. You
can enter from any of the four sides. They can be at ground level
or on top of buildings.

6.1.1     Steiner Corp: Atmosphere Probes
Pays 3000

Collect all five atmosphere probes around the city (just run into
the boxes), then deliver to the destination garage. There is a
five-minute time limit, and you may run into armed resistance.

This will likely be your first mission. Just run REALLY fast and
collect all the probes (just cargo boxes), then take them to the
destination. Avoid all the armed guys chasing you. Deal with the
armed guys after you collect the money.

6.1.2     Widal Johan: Protection (Urgent!)
Pays 4000

Mr. Johan's daughter's limo is under attack. Rescue her!

This will open up all Widal Johan missions, so this one is
critical. Basically, fly over to the limo, then destroy all
hostiles in area, then all hostiles on the map while keeping the
limo safe. The limo will eventually make it to the destination.

6.1.3     Widal Johan: Confidential Assignment
Pays 5500


6.1.4     Widal Johan: Protection of Warehouses
Pays 5000

Destroy everybody who shoots at the warehouses specified.

6.1.5     Widal Johan: Garm Tiger -- contact me!
Pays 7000


6.1.6     Dalmir Arrab: Interception of Criminals
Pays 4000

Intercept the targets, and disable at least three.

6.1.7     Dalmir Arrab: Protection
Pays 6500

Protect all the pleasure domes and the girls in limos from

Basically, run to each place and kill all the hostiles. Best use
rockets as heavy weapons can kill civilians and the vehicles
you're supposed to protect.

If you do so, one of the girls will wish to thank you personally.
And she'll keep sending you e-mail...

6.1.8     Starpol: Reward for heads of murderers
Pays 4500

Kill who did the Chinatown murders. Chase down the perps now
before they can kill any more innocents.

6.1.9     Starpol: Special Task
Pays 6000

Another "bounty hunter" mission.

6.1.10    Starpol: Stolen Limousine
Pays 4000

You have 3 minutes to disable the stolen limousine. Do NOT allow
it to be destroyed. Disable only!

6.1.11     Starpol: Illegal Warehouses
Pays 6500

Destroy the illegal warehouses the gangs are using to store
illegal substances. One is outside the city, the other place on a
building's rooftop.

Except they didn't tell you that there are two spots you need to
clean up. Each spot is rigged with at least 4 ground turrets, and
guarded by 2 groups of 4 flyers.

6.1.12    Starpol: Dangerous Criminal
Pays 3000

Another bounty hunter mission.

6.1.13    Federal Bank: Liquidation of Robbers
Pays 6000

Hunt down the robber's flyers and destroy them.

6.1.14    Starpol: Liquidation of given subjects
Pays 4000

Another bounty hunter mission.

6.1.15    Starpol: Operation 'Silent Justice'
Pays 4000


6.1.16    Starpol: Protection of transport
Pays 4000

Gangs are preying upon citizens. You will protect this transport
from gangs.

6.1.17    John Doe: Confidential Assignment
Pays 4000

You are requested to destroy one of the Order's Mercenary
transports, and its escorts.

6.1.18    The Order: Crusade
Pays 8000

Destroy all designated buildings (they look like steakhouses?).
Should be like six of them.

Bring a high-power weapon so you can take out the buildings
quickly. Three plasma shots ought to do it. Beware of LOTS of
flyers as guards. Pick them off one at a time AFTER you've
destroyed the buildings.

6.1.19    Good Pilot Needed
Pays 1000

Just take this guy from hotel to specified destination, and back.
Easy money, no weapons needed, straight taxi service.

6.1.20    Grand Prix
Pays 5000

Touch each of the waypoints, with ground turrets shooting at you.

That 5000 is only if you place first. If you place like second or
third you get much less.

The trick is once you see the destination hit M to bring up the
next way point so you don't lose seconds trying to figure out
which way to turn next. Also, don't collide with anything as that
slow you down. Having those auxiliary thrusters would also help.

6.1.21    Scientific Expedition
Pays 2000


6.1.22    Work for a Good Pilot
Pays 2500


6.1.23    Back and Forth
Pays 5000

This guy claims he knows a hidden alien city to the north and
wants an escort.

If you follow him, once outside the city, he'll suddenly to go an
impossible speed (200+!) and you will loose track of him
visually. He'll get to distance of like 15000+, then disappear
from radar.

At that point, there's no point to continue, since you can't find
him any more. Abort the mission and turn back.

6.1.24    Angela Hubber: Operation "Taifun"
Payu 5000?

The Sherba Synclide appears to be holding Alvarez. You will lead
the assault to rescue Alvarez.

SPOILER: During the attack, you get e-mail from Alvarez. He
reveals too much. He's dead.

Attack the installation on the city's edge. First get rid of all
the flyers, then take out the turrets one at a time. Finally take
out the buildings.

6.1.25    Angela Hubber: Operation 'Storm'
Pays 5000

Adler, after losing the Sherba agents, is now furious, and he has
assembled his bodyguards to come after you! Fortunately, you get
a lot of Starpol *undercover) help in a minute. So start blasting
hostiles until you see Adler's special flyer... 3000 shields!

Once you kill Adler, the mission is considered a success. After a
few minutes, you'll get congratulations, and Angela Hubber will
tell you to fly to Nav Point Delta. Unfortunately, Adler's final
few bodyguards decided to come after you... You need to destroy
the last few hostiles now, or just fly around them.

Once you fly to Nav Point Delta, the mission ends. You get the
cutscene, and you will go to Quarzon.


Quarzon is a watery world that's perpetually dark with a lot of
towers, some small, others large.

The GMC garages are set into the sides of certain buildings. Once
you get to the building, look about half-way up to locate the bay
and fly in. There is only one entrance and one exit.

You need to get in favor of Lo Pan Huang, who will lead you to
what needs to be done.

As soon as you arrive and get the message from CyberDog, the
Order sends fanatics after you. You need to kill like five of

Missions are listed in the "mission order", not in the sequence
in which they appear, though they will appear "roughly" in this

6.2.1     GMC: Protection of Service Point
Pays 2500

Some gangs are attacking the GMC service point. Destroy all

This one may be difficult as while you're chasing one guy the
other guys are shooting up the station. You're best bet is sit
still near the point and be a "turret".

6.2.2     Help!
Pays 4000

The man's child has been kidnapped, and rather than pay the
kidnappers, he decided to pay you instead. Fly to the location,
and help the vehicle escape.

When you get there, you find the location has several turrets.
Kill the turrets and the hostile flyers, and escort the flyer and
kill hostiles until you get "mission complete".

6.2.3     Lo Pan Huang: Lost Containers
Pays 4000

Retrieve the containers from the enemy quickly before they react.

6.2.4     Lo Pan Huang: Escort
Pays 3500?

Escort the incoming VIP and destroy all attackers.

Run ahead of it and kill all bad guys, preferably using only
light weapons or rockets, so you don't kill any innocents or
accidentally shoot down Starpol cruisers.

6.2.5     Duel
Pays 5000

Sarcophagus, a mercenary pilot, challenges you to a duel.

6.2.6     Illegal Antennas
Pays 2500

Destroy the illegal antennas put up by the pirate radio station
throughout the city.

Once you've destroyed the antennas the leader tries to escape.
Disable him with Elektro.

6.2.7     Mercenary Needed
Pays 4500

You were summoned to a certain location. When you get there, you
were told that Sarcophagus was already there and took the
contract. You came back empty-handed.

6.2.8     Bombs
Pays 4000

Starpol needs you to pull the terrorist bombs. You have five
minutes. The first bomb is guarded by a turret. You can rush
inside and out and don't lose too much shields, better than stay
and fight it.

Just "collect" them as you would any cargo, and fly to the
destination point. Then deal with any terrorists chasing you.

6.2.9     Lo Pang Huang: Ying
Pays 6000

Your ID will be switched as Huang tries to set the gang and the
Order to fight each other. You will pretend to be the Order to
take out the Corsairs Synclide (crime syndicate).

This one is in the outskirts of town. Deal with the fliers first,
then the turrets, and finally the buildings.

6.2.10    Lo Pan Huang: Yang
Pays 6000

This is the reverse of Ying: you will become the Corsairs to take
out the Order.

Again, fliers first, then turrets, and finally buildings, if any.

6.2.11    Starpol: Terrorists
Pays 4000

Search and destroy?

6.2.12    Operation Trojan
Pays 3500

You are needed to deal with attackers that wish to destroy a
factory. Take out about 4 waves of 4 enemies, and that's it.

6.2.13    Starpol: Support for an agent
Pays 5000

Help the 2 Starpol agents chase down suspects in a gang-related
area. It's likely they will be attacked, and you must keep them

Simple enough: run ahead and destroy all hostiles.

6.2.14    Lo Pan Huang: Transport
Pays 4000

Escort the transport in.

6.2.15    Cleanup
Pays 3000

The city wishes you to chase down the number of flyer-bikes used
by juvenile delinquents who tagged graffiti to city property.
Disable only, do NOT destroy them!

One solid shot with Elektro each should be enough to disable, if
you can hit one.

6.2.16    Solar Casino
Pays 4000

With opening of Solar Casino the master criminal may try to
disrupt the meeting by taking out the VIPs. Defend the VIPs at
all costs.

Use your rockets as you can't afford to get Starpol mad at you

6.2.17    Packages
Pays 3000

Deliver the packages to various vehicles (just bump into each
one) within the time limit... Enemies will be chasing you!

As before, delivery first, enemies second.

6.2.18    Factory
Pays 3000

Defend the factory from attackers.

6.2.19    Hunting
Pays 5000

You are the "game"... All the others are to hunt you down.

Take down everyone who's chasing you. Basically, back up into the
sky, and destroy all comers.

6.2.20    Hunting for the second time
Pays 5000

Again, be the game that fights back.

However, this time you get like 4x the number of hunters. Keep
circling and try to herd the four groups together so they shoot
each other down. Then pick off the survivors. Use lasers as much
as possible as you want to minimize your ammo expenditure.

6.2.21    Job for a tough guy
Pays 4000

Another search and destroy mission.

6.2.22    Initiation
Pays 4000

Son is joining a gang and the father wants to make sure his son
survives... by hiring you to help his son attack any targets.

Basically, join the friendly flyer then fly ahead and kill any

6.2.23    Anarchy
Pays 30000

Yes, 30K. The Order wants EVERY SINGLE Starpol vehicle in the
city destroyed. Do you care to do it?

The truth is... You cannot finish this mission. Starpol vehicles
are generated so there's ALWAYS a couple flying. So, don't pick
this mission.

If you did pick this mission, run away and change your ID.

6.2.24    Liquidation of an object
Pays 8000

???? No detail available at this time.

6.2.25    Fishing
Pays 1000

Just take this guy to the location, and then wait for him to go
back. Easy money.

6.2.26    Great Hunting
Pays 5000

This guy, named Ahab, want you to escort him so he can hunt a

Once he gets to the location, he just weaves around forever,
while you can find NOTHING... Then CyberDog sends you a
message... The client just got out of a mental hospital 3 days

Feel free to abort the mission, or disable the client and leave
him out there.

6.2.27    Operation: Shanghai Dragon
This is the final mission... And it has two parts. First, you
need to destroy the two transports, heavily shielded, and lots of
escorts, but do NOT use your missiles. You need it for the second

Once you destroyed the transports and all the escorts, you get to
see Energuman... A HUGE ship with 7000 shields, and lots of
firepower (infinite shots of Mezon and cannon). It will take you
a LONG time to kill this one unless you packed some serious
weapons like Tyser or Hellion Rockets.


Blackloud is a city with EXTREMELY tall skyscrapers and very
narrow streets. The streets are VERY DEEP between the buildings.
Traffic exists at all levels. You can spot wreckage everywhere
like the slums.

The GMC garages are spread out every couple blocks, and are
either near the top sections, or at the bottom sections, but
never in the middle. They have only one entrance. Use the map to
figure out which side the entrance is on.

You start with 10000, but no jobs for a while. There are very few
jobs on Blackloud and money is scarce.

Then Cyberdog warn you about the Rebeliants, and how helping them
may help you. So when Cyberdog spotted an Rebeliant vehicle in

6.3.1     Help for Silver
Pays 2000

Silver, one of the Rebeliants, is under attack by Insight's
unmanned drones. Go help him escape by taking out all the hostile

6.3.2     ????
No info at this time

6.3.3     ????
No info at this time

6.3.4     Exterminators
The exterminators, advanced attack craft from Insight, have been
launched in retaliation. Destroy them.

6.3.5     Operation "Freeman"
We need to convince Insight you're dead. Rebeliants have prepared
a decoy car with your transponder on it. You are to attract the
attention of the hostiles, then have then chase you. The lead
them toward the decoy, then run like hell so they can destroy the

Head to the hostiles, shoot at them a few times so they will
follow you, then head to the decoy point (in the "corner" of the
city). Then turn and keep running until the decoy's destroyed.

6.3.6     Escort for a minesweeper
Pays 3500

Escort the Rebeliant "bus" and destroy any Insight attackers. The
bus will get to its destination and perform demolition on an
Insight facility. Once the facility goes boom, your job is done.

Fly ahead of it and engage any hostiles. Should be 2 groups of 3-
4 each.

6.3.7     Important Thing
Pays 6000

The jilted wife wishes you to take out her cheating husband and
his whore.

Don't do it. The cheating husband in this case is a major gang
boss here and you'll stir up the entire hornet's nest.

6.3.8     Dirty Work?
Pays 2000 supposedly

A Rebel hacker wants to unleash a virus on the Insight system. He
needs you to take him to the terminal next to the power plant.

Fortunately, this one is easy, and has no enemies. Unfortunately,
he can't pay you the money now. However, later (couple missions
later) you get 10000.

6.3.9     Mines
No info at this time

6.3.10    Back up
Pays 6000

You got called by the Widow to help them get out of a jam.
Apparently they're blocked by some sort of minefield.

When you get there, you find a couple mines hovering above the
powerplants, and lots of turrets nearby. Carefully destroy all
the turrets without touching the mines (use the rockets!). Don't
shoot them (or it's automatic fail).

Notice Ted in a friendly vehicle at ground level? He's the
specialist that will diffuse the mines... if you can get it to

So climb back up, bump (grab) one of the mines, then dive down to
Ted and bump his vehicle. That will transfer the mine to him. Do
it in 15 seconds or you fail.

Now repeat this 3 more times and this mission's done!

6.3.11    Bargain?
This guy claims one of FSB's satellites fell from orbit and
landed somewhere in city limits. If you fly really fast you can
probably pick it up before Insight get there.

Except he'll lead you on a wild goose chase. You will fly here,
and there, and there... and got nothing. In fact, the guy jumps
out after the fourth or fifth stop, being so embarrassed.

6.3.12    Insight's Spies
Insight's spies have captured some of our comrades. Rescue them.

When you get there, and take care of the flyers and defenses, you
found that each of the friendly flier is accompanies by a hostile
"bus". The bus has BIG shields, and you need to destroy the bus
without harming the friendly flier. Do this to two targets, and
you got them.

6.3.13    Mystification
No info at this time

6.3.14    Technical Crafts
No info at this time

6.3.15    Protection of Cyberdog
Cyberdog need to drop this virus into Insight's system and get
some data out. During that time, he can't move and he can be
traced. It's up to you to destroy all attackers.

Fly up to Cyberdog's coordinates. He's hiding on the top dome
spar. Then head down to where the enemies are heading in, and
blast them one by one. You will need to destroy like 3 groups of
4 vehicles each.

6.3.16    Alpha Servers
Steal the alpha servers from Insight. Fly really fast, take the
server away, then drop them off (one at a time) at the collector
place. Destroy the guards when you can. Remember, you can only
hold one server at a time. So fly fast and true.

6.3.17    Big Hunt
Take out the enemy gang.

6.3.18    Job for a professional
Storekeeper wants you to hunt down the robbers who robbed his

Basically chase down the bad guys and destroy them.

6.3.19    Operation 'Wisdom'
Disable two Insight scientists' fliers so the Rebeliants can get

What the Widow didn't tell you is these scientists have a TON of
firepower and LOTS of escorts. If you hit the wrong target you
lose. The escorts are VERY trigger happy and will likely kill
your target. So this mission should be best left UNtackled.

6.3.20    Payback
A jilted wife wants you to take out her husband and his...

Do NOT take this job. It turns the gangs against you.

6.3.21    Operation 'Rat Trap'
Pays 5000

One of the local gangs has decided to join Insight. The
Rebeliants will not tolerate that. Go destroy the gang.

6.3.22    Help Needed (urgent!)
Pays 4000

6.3.23    Sabotage
No info at this time

6.3.24    Operation "Logoff"
No info at this time

6.3.25    Operation "Thunder"
Pays 20000

This final mission, you are to penetrate the Insight tunnel walls
and figure out what they are hiding once and for all...

Once you've destroyed the guards at the entrance and take down
the gate, you realize the insides are FULL of enemies and
turrets, all of which are armed with the best money can buy, and
in some cases, beyond what is offered.

Once you made it to the end... You found a HUGE ship bristling
with weapons... With like 7000+ shields. You shoot at it... and
the shields will NOT go down!

Cyberdog tell you to head back into the city and take out the
generators in the city.

As you can imagine, the generators are ringed with defense

Once you've taken those out, you head back into the tunnel... Try
shooting at the ship again... Still no effect! Cyberdog then tell
you that one of the tunnels around the ship leads to another set
of generators. Unfortunately, you have to bust it open.

So you fly into the chamber and fly around the ship in circles,
popping a few shots at the door when you can. Then you fly in...
and past the defenses in the tunnel... and destroy the generators
in the chamber beyond.

Then you make your way back to the chamber, hiding... and destroy
the ship by hitting it for a very long time.

When you approach the ship's former position, the game ends, and
you get the Outtro movie.


If you don't get it, maybe I can explain it.

Basically, that alien presence that destroyed the exploration
ships in orbit of the planet somehow did get free, and it can
influence human minds. Those that survived are actually under its
control. Those then started making deals and became The Order,
and Insight Corporation. The two are actually different sides of
the same coin, as Lo Pan said. Its purpose is to build that extra-
galactic ship... so presumably the alien can escape from whatever
prison it was held in on that planet. It was probably dismayed
that humans do not possess the ability for inter-galactic travel,
so it will help the humans make such a ship... for itself. As for
what will happen after that... One shudders at the

7    Misc. Information


Hit Tilde (`) to bring up the debug prompt, then enter any of the
following codes

_givememaxenergy recharge shields to full

_givemethemoney  get 10000 credits

_givemeallammo   refill all guns to full ammo and get full load of rockets

NOTE: There is an UNDERSCORE (_) in front of each "code"