Dark Fall - Das Journal des Geisterjägers (e)

Andere Lösungen
                     Dark Fall: The Journal
                  Unofficial Hint Guide and FAQ
                         by Kasey Chang
                     released March 12, 2005

0    Introduction
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This FAQ is about Dark Fall, the adventure/puzzle/terror game
from XXv, published by The Adventure Company.


There doesn't seem to be any FAQ for this budget superhero game,
so here it comes.

This is a FAQ, NOT a manual. Not that you really need a manual to
play this little gem.

This USG only covers the PC Version, which is the only one that

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I am just a game player who decided to write my own FAQs when the
ones I find don't cover what I want to see.  Lots of people like
what I did, so I kept doing it.

Previously, I've written Unofficial Strategy Guides (USGs) for
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Jonathan Boakes is the creator of Dark Fall. It was licensed to
Dreamcatcher Games, who also owns The Adventure Company.

This USG is not endorsed or authorized by anybody.

The information compiled in this USG has been gathered
independently through the author's efforts except where noted


12-MAR-2005         Initial release

1    General Info


Q: Can you send me the game (or portions thereof)?
A: No. It's like $15 in local stores.

Q: Can you send me the manual? (or portions thereof)
A: You don't need one! How hard is it to click?

Q: Can you tell me how to play the game?
A: Point and click, enough said.

Q: How big is the install?
A: 502 megs of space is used on the HD.

Q: Is there a patch?
A: No.

Q: How about a sequel? Expansion packs?
A: Dark Fall II: Lights Out is already out.

Q: Are there subtitles?
A: Yes, there actually are subtitles. Hit F1 to toggle the
NOTE: You must do this every time the game starts. Subtitle
status is NOT saved.


Jonathan Boakes created this very atmospheric game using
Macromedia Director. As this is his first effort, there isn't
much history behind it.  Read his website, and you'll find that
it's based on a short story he wrote, and a British TV series he


Windowsr 95/98/2000/ME/XP

Pentiumr 233 (or higher)

32MB Ram (64 MB Recommended)

24x CD ROM (or PC DVD ROM)

SVGA capable graphics adapter

32 bit color at 640x480

Mouse / Keyboard / Speakers


It's your basic point-and-click type adventure... Onscreen arrows
and such let you know if you can turn or move forward, magnifying
glass lets you take closer look at items, and so on. Save when
you feel like it.

Oh, bring a notebook. You will be taking a lot of notes, and
solve quite a few puzzles.




Sequel is already out. Dark Fall II: Light Out takes place in an
abandoned lighthouse.


Explore all avenues. You can't really "die" in this game, so
explore all you want. There is no time limit.

Take LOTS of notes. You never know if something is important or

Observe everything. Relationships between the characters are
important clues for you as well.

All puzzles have clues scattered elsewhere. If you can't solve
one, skip it and come back to it later, when you have gathered
more clues.

Some puzzles are optional. The coded messages are optional, but
add to the story. The code is relatively easy to decode any way.

2    Dark Fall Hint Guide
Read the hints only ONE at a time. First is general hint, the
subsequent hints are more and more specific.

2.1   WHERE THE **** DO I GO?

-- Just follow Tim's advice at the beginning. He'll tell you to
go right onto platform, and turn on the power in the electrical

-- Here are most of major locations of the station

Platform 1, Platform 2, station lobby, footbridge, buffet, hotel
lobby, hotel 1st floor, hotel 2nd floor, hotel 3rd floor, bar,
restaurant, kitchen

There are some locations NOT listed... it's your responsibility
to find them!

2.2   HOW DO I OPEN THIS &#^$*$^#*! ___________?

2.2.1     The safe
-- Did you find the safe yet?

-- It's in the hotel lobby

-- At the front desk, almost to back office

-- Note the manufacturer, search for related items nearby

-- Check the drawer in the back office.

-- Look under the ETTO SELF-RISING FLOUR label

-- The dots on that card tell you what sequence to move the

2.2.2     The three-portraits puzzle box
-- Did you see the three-portraits puzzle box yet?

-- It's in room 3B (though rooms up there are not labeled, so go
by position)

-- Do you recognize the portraits?

-- All three of the portraits are used to decorate the hallways
(though only one is labeled)

-- Perhaps you need a lesson on British monarchs.

-- Answers are: eight, five, and one.

2.2.3     The seven dots puzzle box
-- Did you find the seven dots puzzle box yet?

-- It's in Andrew Varney's room (the astronomer)

-- Did you see the paper that tells you how the buttons are

-- That's in cabinet. Front is blank. The writing's on the back.

-- Did you read his journal?

-- Did you notice his new constellation?

-- Did you see the telescope at the end of the hall?

-- Did you see the constellation Andrew was talking about?

-- Do you have the name of that constellation?

-- Did you see the starcharts in the cabinet?

-- Can you find that constellation's index number?

2.2.4     The wheels and buttons puzzle box
-- Did you locate this "wheels and buttons" box yet?

-- It's in room 2C

-- The trick is push the seven controls in the right order.

-- Have you been to the hotel front desk yet?

-- Does the inkblots on the writing pad look familiar?

-- Did you try the pen and paper there?

-- Can you match up the numbers and the inkblots? (Move the paper

2.2.5     The tricky clock
-- Have you found the clock yet?

-- It's in room 2B (Fly's room)

-- It's the one where she said "Clock with buttons! How odd!"

-- The buttons make different sounds depending on the sequence
you push them.

-- That's actually very similar to the wheels and buttons puzzle
box above.

-- The light sound is the one you want. The hard sound means
wrong sequence.

2.2.6     The Suitcase (i.e. Trunk)
-- Did you find the suitcase yet?

-- It's in the attic

-- Go through the 3rd floor storage

-- There is no key. You'll need to... pick it.

-- You'll need a screwdriver.

-- FYI, the screwdriver is in the barn, upper level.

-- Picking something is a pain, you need to go back and forth,
then down.

-- There are only three positions to jiggle: left, right, and

-- The proper sequence is left, right, left, right, left, right,

2.3   HOW DO I GET TO...

2.3.1     How do I get into the bar?
-- bar key is in the safe (see above for hints to the safe)

2.3.2     How do I get into room 2D?
-- You'll need to find the key in a teapot

-- explore all the rooms

-- teapot is in the corner of 3rd floor storage room

2.3.3     How do I get into room 3F?
-- the room is locked from INSIDE with the key

-- think about it... you can push the key out, but how would you
get the key after that?

-- you need to make the key fall on something, so you can pull
that something, along with the key out

-- push that piece of paper you got just under the door

-- got something to push the key out?

-- your screwdriver, of course.

2.3.4     Where is the cellar?
-- You do know there is a cellar, right?

-- Nigel's computer says the thermal scanner is in the cellar.

-- Look carefully at the buffet room, which, based on the map,
should be touching the stairs.

-- There's an empty space that can't be explained.

-- The entrance to cellar is under the stairs, from the lobby

2.3.5     How do I get through that locked door in cellar?
-- the lock is another combination lock, push the right sequence

-- the button patterns are based on one of the known sequences

-- the sequences are based on the tables in the restaurant.
However, only one table has a number. Which way do you count?

-- Do you recall any where the table numbers are mentioned?

-- Try the complaint book in the kitchen

-- Ms. Fly was moved from table 3 to table 4. Table 3's lamp was
flickering. Which actual table did Ms. Fly use?

-- If you have the goggles, try to use it in the restaurant at
each table...

-- In Arther's studio, there is a page sketch that says "table
4", with the pattern. With that, you should be able to deduce
which is 1 and so on.

2.3.6     Where is the barn?
-- Did you take a look through the crack in the wall on the
footbridge? Notice anything... odd?

-- There's a gap in the fence on one side...

-- Head down there and go through the gap...


2.4.1     Picture of a bird
-- did you get the paper with a bird on it?

-- did you check Arther's studio?

-- did you see what's under the gas stove?

-- did you see Arther's invisible lemon ink?

-- do you recall what makes invisible ink show?

-- the answer is heat, you need to heat the paper. It's mentioned
in one of the written notes. Now where can you get some heat?

-- remember the gas stove?

-- turn on the gas supply to the stove.

-- turn on the gas stove

-- hit the igniter to get some flames going

2.4.2     Coded message that starts with "TFZIW"
-- This is clearly a substitution cypher, where you substitute
one letter for another.

-- a ripped piece of paper should have given you some clues

-- A is Z, and Z is A

2.4.3     Coded message that starts with "ZIGSVI"
-- Same key as previous one, actually.


You're on your way to the final confrontation... There are three
trials, basic sequence puzzles.

2.5.1     Trial 1
Push the four symbols in the proper order

-- The solution was mentioned in Crabtree's journal

-- The solution is in the bedspread made by Edith

-- The solution is in room 1A

-- The solution is only visible with the spectralvision goggles

-- The solution is a sequence of colors

2.5.2     Trial 2
Push the four symbols in the proper order

-- Each of the four symbols represent one of four elements

-- You can tell which is which only by sound they make

-- The solution was given to you in 3rd floor of hotel

-- More specifically, in the room with the projector

-- It's one of the reels in the stereoscopic viewer.

-- Remember the sequence, then push them properly.

2.5.3     Trial 3
Push the six symbols in proper order

-- You did not receive any hints for this trial before, but that
doesn't mean there aren't any lying around

-- Perhaps "hanging" around may be a better word

-- Turn left and observe the wall, try touching it.

-- Replicate the sequence of sounds to solve this trial.

3    Characters
These are some of the characters you'll encounter in Dark Fall:
The Journal.


Your brother, who called you to the Dowerton station.


Timothy Pike is a young kid who'll guide you for the first part
of your journey.


Owner of Station Hotel, possible murder suspect, avid
photographer, owns various photographic equipment, including
stereoscope and projector.


Descendent of George Crabtree, hopes to renovate the Station
Hotel. Lives at the Crabtree Estates nearby.

3.5   NIGEL

One of the ghost hunters from Weymouth. Disappeared.

3.6   POLLY

Nigel's partner in ghost hunting, also from Weymouth. Also


Local artist, friend of George Crabtree, explored the caves
together? Painted many of the paintings in the hotel, as well as
table patterns. Went to join the war, and died in December 1944
in the war.


Avid astronomer, may have discovered a new constellation? Also
disappeared, April 29, 1947.


Ex-actress, retreated from London due to some extremely...
hostile reviews. Also disappeared, April 29, 1947.


Unknown past, drives a sports car? That may not be her real name.
Also disappeared, April 29, 1947.


Works as cook in the hotel. Also disappeared, April 29, 1947.


Works as maid in the hotel. Also disappeared, April 29, 1947.

3.13  THOMAS

Local farmhand, may have a relationship with Betty? Also
disappeared, April 29, 1947.


Local legend, was severely wounded fighting the Monarchy, and was
betrayed by a friend, except he was never found. This would be in
the... 1300's.


Local law, wanted to talk to one of the guests, Ms. Grable, about
the car that's... too nice?

3.16  DOCTOR

Prescribed a bunch of sedatives and narcotics to calm the nerves
of George Crabtree. Did that have something to do with his
erratic behavior before that fateful day?


Long time supplier to the restaurant.

4    Dark Fall Full Walkthru
Please watch the entire intro. It gives you a lot of background.

Please have a notebook and writing instrument ready, as you will
have to take notes.

The hints are given in relation to location. Almost every floor,
every room has a clue or two. Solve all of them, and you may be
able to save your brother and the rest of the people...

On the other hand, a lot of bits and pieces are there just to
give you more background on the other... inhabitants of the

All important characters are delimited like @this@.

All important items are delimited like *this*.  Unimportant items
will be mentioned, but NOT highlighted.

All important locations are delimited like $this$. Note that each
room may have several vantage locations, and not all will be
mentioned, except when necessary to advance the plot.

Some spoilers are given in the SPOILER section.


Your answering machine has a frantic message from your brother:

"Something is wrong, very wrong... I am in Dorset with 2 students
from Weymouth University - Polly and Nigel, ghost hunters. I need
you to come here!  Whatever they have been hunting has found
them, found me too... Take the train from Paddington to Weymouth
and then take a cab to Dowerton station. I really need your help
on this. I can hear it.... It's right outside the door...
whispering... whispering my name.... it knows my name.. I have to
open the door... got to open the door... "

The message ends right there. You don't believe in ghosts...
Still, he is your brother. You jumped on the train... and fell


You woke up, and you're already inside the tunnel. A boy is
talking to you, but you can't see him. He calls himself @Timothy
Pike@. Listen to what he has to say.

As he suggested, look around a bit. There's a piece of newspaper
on the ground (turn to see it).

[NEWSPAPER] Dorchester Messenger dated May 16, 1947, says at
least six people have disappeared from the hotel, and the hotel
owner, George Crabtree, is the prime suspect.

Proceed to the station. Your brother is nowhere to be found.


You can see the station in front, to your right (facing the
hotel) is $platform 1$, and to the left is $platform 2$. The
$footbridge$ is directly above you (can't see it).

Go on $platform 1$, which is to your right.

4.4   PLATFORM 1

There's a small $back alley$ further into the station side, or
you can turn left and continue down the $platform 1$ to the
$lobby$ and $restaurant$ (labelled "The Buffet").

If you try to head down the platform, @Timothy@ says you
shouldn't do that, it's too dark.

Head into the alley instead, as @Timothy@ suggested. You need to
get some lights turned on.


The back alley connects to three rooms... $electrical shed$,
$lady's room$, and $gent's room$. You'll need to make a right
turn to see the $electrical shed$.

Go inside the shed, by clicking on the door handle/lock area.
This applies to ALL doors.

4.5.1     Electrical Shed
The electrical shed is dark, with a bare lightbulb, off, and what
seems to be a switchbox on the wall.

Turn on that single light bulb to cast some light inside the

Open the switchbox on the wall. Flip the left, then the right

Turn left. Note that there's a sign inside... This shed has been
here since 1917.

Head back out and explore other rooms.

4.5.2     Gent's room
The gent's room has one toilet stall, and a couple urinals and

Look at the various graffiti on the walls. BP 4 TT. Who's BP and
who's TT?

Look in the stall, then on its right wall. A peephole shows a
strange symbol on the wall, and the word "LARSUS" below it.

NOTE: This is important, so write that down. You will need that
symbol and the word later.

NOTE2: Actually, it's not that important, as you get this
glyph/symbol later in Nigel's computer.

NOTE3: You actually get a hint at the ticket office about a
"peeping Tom" in the toilets.

4.5.3       Lady's room
Nothing important in lady's room.

Head back to $Platform 1$. Once there, explore either $lobby$ or


You are in the station lobby. The door you came through obviously
goes back out to $platform 1$. You can also go up the $stairs$ to
the footbridge (where you'll find @Timothy's@ note). There's a
small $ticket office$ near the ticket machine. There's also a
$waiting room$ behind closed doors next to the door out to the

See the payphone in the corner? It needs some coins.

Go to the ticket machine, try the handle, and get some coins.

Now go feed the payphone. Wow! You got a call from @Nigel@, one
of those who disappeared! Conversation is one-sided, so hang up
when it stops. You know what to do with the clue now?

"... saw that... Huh! Is someone there? I'm Nigel, me and my
colleague Polly were working on the hotel... not much time... he
probably knows I'm talking to you... find the key... left it in a
silver teapot. "

4.6.1     Ticket office
The ticket office is small and full of items needed to run a
station. Tickets, maps, and other items littered the desk and
walls...  If you look carefully, you'll see that Dowerton is off
the main line (lower left, zoom in) which explains why it can be

Check the desk. Read the thoughts of the stationmaster about the
closing of the station in Dowerton.

Look at the cubbyholes. Read the GWR memo tacked on the wall
about the closing of the station on Easter Sunday and about the
events in the Station Hotel.

Read all the memos in the cubbyholes written by the stationmaster
- vandalism at Points 001-005 on the 13th, Edith Penfold who runs
the hotel is a goldmine of information, disappearance of @Tim
Pike@ -- age 11, and a peeping Tom in the platform toilets. Don't
forget the lantern on top of the cubbyholes. Grab it.

Turn 180 degrees and check the tickets.

When ready, it's time to check the other rooms.

4.6.2     Waiting room
You see a red cell phone on the ground, cracked. This must be the
phone your brother called you on... And left the message on the
answering machine.

Turn and you'll see a table with bunch of papers on it... and
your brother's *PDA*.

Turn on the *PDA* and read all content.

Basically, the info indicated that your brother was contracted by
Jonathan Crabtree (clearly a descendent of @George Crabtree@,
original owner of this hotel) to try to renovate it. The PDA
contains of map that mentioned Crabtree Estates. Your brother
arrived on 4/17 and disappeared on 4/29, the evening he called
you. Something about the Whistling Man is here...

Make note that he encountered anomaly with the *theodolite* on
$platform 2$ at 271x632, and the word KARS keep popping into his
mind. The theodolite is that survey scope thingie in the middle
of $Platform 2$.

There are letters all over. Read them all, as well as the
pictures and drawings. He mentioned KARS twice. What's going on?

When ready, come back to the lobby.


You should find a note from @Tim Pike@ here on the ground.

There's a hole in the middle of the bridge where you can see the
whole station. The main thing to note here is that there is a gap
in the fence on platform 2 (left side) next to the theodolite.

This is one of three way to get from platform 1 to platform 2.
The other way is to cross the tracks right at the alley. The
third way is go through the hotel.

4.8   PLATFORM 2

Platform 2 leads to $barn$, $footbridge$, and $hotel$.

NOTE: You don't have to go to the barn now. Explore the hotel and
you'll eventually come across references to the barn.

To go to the barn, head for the hotel, stop just short of the
staircase. Turn left. There should be a Dowerton sign in front of
you. Exit is on the lower right. Go through the bushes, make a
left, then you should see the barn.

If you're on platform 2, you may as well play with the
theodolite. Set it to 271x632  (NOTE: Y is 271 and X is 632) as
specified in your brother's PDA... You should get a strange
symbol, sort of a triangle with a bit of outgrowth on upper
right. Copy that symbol down, and associate it with KARS.

4.9   BARN

Once you're at the barn, go inside, and turn on the lantern. You
can't move without it.

Forward, right, and right. You should see a ladder. Climb to
upper level and grab a screwdriver by inspecting the box. Come
back down.

Go behind the car, turn, and inspect the floor. There's a
trapdoor there. Go through it.

4.10  THE CAVE

Follow the cave down by going forward, then left.

It is dark and you can illuminate only a small portion of the
cave with your lantern. You should see a cave that ends in two
strange sculptures, one covered with symbols on left, the other
with what looks like a constellation with 12 black dots on right.

Look to the right of the sculptures. You should see a rock where
you can put down the lantern to light up the room.

Inspect the right sculpture VERY closely. You should see in each
of the dark dots there is a symbol, and you should have
recognized at least one, perhaps two of these already. One is
LARSUS (8th dot), and the other one is KARS (2nd dot). Now you
know which sequence they are supposed to go. You need to find 10
more of these. But what do these do?

Write down numbers 1 through 12, one per line, in your notebook,
then next to each put the corresponding symbol, then if you know
the name for that symbol, put it down.

Inspect the left sculpture... One thing surrounded by circles
with 4 T's each.

When you're done, head back up to barn, then head back to the

Now you have a choice, doesn't matter which one you pick. You can
either check the $The Buffet$ or head into the $Hotel$ via
$Platform 2$.


In the $buffet room$, inspect the unlit candles and such to left
and right. Continue.

Approach the door, then turn left before you open it. You should
see the $ghost detector$ device that will detect paranormal
electromagnetic fields. Grab it and click the green button, and
it'll minimize to part of your screen, as well as tell you how
close you are to paranormal activities. It's not required, but it
helps you detect the ghosts easier.

Head through the door to $Hotel Lobby$


Hotel Lobby has a $front desk$, and a $back office$, plus door to
$bar$, $restrooms$, and stairs up to $hotel, first floor$, plus
corridor to $kitchen$, and door to $cellar$.

The phone may be ringing in the $back office$. If so, feel free
to head inside and answer it.

The door to the $bar$ is locked. You'll need to unlock it first.

The $cellar$ is under the $stairs$.

The rest are obvious.

4.12.1    Front Desk (i.e. Reception Counter)
Inspect the counter. You see a stack of paper to left, and pen to
right. There are strange inkblots on the pad with a few doodles.
There's another letter to Betty asking about George. There are
also some business cards.

Try the paper and the pen on the front desk. Drag a piece of
blank paper to the center, and click on the pen. You'll get a
drawing/tracing of numbers and lines.

See anything familiar between the design, and the inkblots
beneath it?

If you drag the drawing and move it so they correspond to the
inkblots beneath the paper... You can get the first 7 (1 to 7) to
line up perfectly in the blots... And get a ghost voice about
Betty should not waste paper.

Copy that design into your notebook, at least the first 7 dots.

Turn toward back office, and read the notes in the cubbyholes.
The notes are:

-- Noises on second flight of stairs

-- Room 1E is Miss Grable

-- Appointment with Miss Grable for 7 PM at the restaurant from

-- Room 2A is Miss Fly

-- Note to Edith from George about not meeting her and to tell
Verney about drinks at midnight.

You'll also see the safe below you inside the office. The safe
has a cross-shaped combination lock. As you don't know the combo,
leave it for now. Note its maker though.

4.12.2    Back Office
The back office has a desk with a phone... If the phone is
ringing, answer it, and listen for multiple people calling for
help after initial burst of static, or some other messages about
this place is not safe.

Note that the April Calendar on the wall only has 29 days. April
29th is music night. Hmmm... That's the night everything
happened... Or for better word, stopped.

Inspect the desk. Look at the orders on the desk to the butcher.
Open the desk drawer. Inside is a brochure of flood insurance,
with an attached note from the Constable, where the barn was
discussed. The car's owner is suspicious to the constable, and
he'll be here to check people out.

NOTE TO SELF: Explore the barn, if I haven't already!

Next to that, beneath the cover for the "Etto Self Rising Flour"
is a card, with something cross-shaped...

If you read the title carefully, you'll notice that this is the
safe combo, with the dots signifying the sequence.

Back out of the desk and turn around. You should see the switches
for all the other locations in the hotel. Note these down as
places you'll need to explore.

Try the safe with the combination you found in the office drawer.
You should be able to claim the $bar key$ once you got it open.

The combination is left, up, center, all the way down and then
right. Try the handle, and the door will pop open, revealing the
bar key.

4.12.3    Station Bar
Click on the handle will just rattle the door. Click on the *bar
key* instead to open the door.

Bar has inner room and outer room.

4.12.4    Bar Inner room
Move forward, and read the *Ballad of Tom Oliver* on the wall.

There is a leaflet on a table advertising music night by Edith
and Betty Penfold. Note the piano in the corner.

There is nothing else here. Go back to the "lobby". From lobby,
check the restrooms

4.12.5    Lobby Gent's Room
Remote camera is on the sink... Try flushing the toilet.

4.12.6    Lobby Lady's Room
The mirror got smoky for a moment...

Look in the toilet stall, come out. Did I saw something? A man's

There's a note from Betty to Thomas hidden just below the sink.

4.12.7    Kitchen
Go through the corridor, and make a left, to go into the kitchen.
Your EM tracker shows activity...

Turn right and try to close the dripping faucet at the sink.

Turn around and look at the desk. Look at the picture of Edith by
Arther, and the cookbooks.

Check the table by the window. Read the recipe for brawns and
pig's trotters.

Look in the box and see a funnel.

Look in the cupboard to the right of the window. Read the note
from Betty's mum - Edith and turn it over to read about the
complaints book.

The bottom of the cupboard has a bottle.

Back out and look for the stove.

Look closely at the top of the stove and at the bottom left ash
drawer of the stove that has part of the actress' complaint note
- Monday, 24th, draft from doors on table 1 and lamp flickering
on table 3. Open the bottom right ash drawer and the complaint
note continues - actress moved to table 4 where Mr. Verney was.

Hear a voice humming 'As Time Goes By'. Is that Edith?

Enter the door to the restaurant.

4.12.8    Restaurant
Look around, see the tipped lamp under table 3. But which one is

Turn around, and see ad on table.

There are five tables, each has a different pattern. However,
which way are the tables numbered? No idea yet.

SPOOKY MOMENT: Stand by the restaurant's stained glass double
door and face the window for 15 seconds. You'll see a ghost train
pass beyond the window.

There's nothing else here. Go back through the kitchen to the

From lobby, it's time to head upstairs, to $hotel, first floor$.


As you first step in, you are at the STAIRS side. There are the
restroom and storage room on the far end, along with an exit to
$platform 2$. The rooms are arranged thus

DOOR -- S/R-- F/E -- D/C -- B/A -- STAIRS

On the wall is a picture... Zoom in, and you'll see it's Henry V.

4.13.1    Restroom, 1st Floor
The only thing to note is that one of the pictures on the wall is
signed "Arther", and if you recall the painting in the station
waiting room... It's in almost the exact same style.

4.13.2    Storage room, 1st, Floor
The only thing of note is an ad for "stereoscopic camera". There
is one in the building, but where? Keep that in mind.

4.13.3    Room 1F
There is a ghosthunter remote camera inside on the desk. Open the
desk drawer and you'll see a thermometer... And if a ghost is
nearby... The temperature drops...

4.13.4    Room 1E (Grable's Room)
There is nothing in this room except a painting on the wall in
darkness, and ghostly voice... A girl says "it's ghastly, why did
I ever come here?"

The note at hotel front desk in the cubbyholes says this room is
Ms. Grable's.

4.13.5    Room 1D (Thomas's hiding room)
The room has a few poker cards and beer... And a letter... From
Thomas to Betty. Note that the card that has the female statue
changes to a Joker...

The letter said some guy whispered Thomas's name, but he didn't
open the door.

4.13.6    Room 1C
There is nothing important in this room.

4.13.7    Room 1B
This purple room has a scrawl on the wall: EM EVAEL ENOLA, plus
some of that funny looking circle with 4 surrounding T's.

If you remember the statue in the cave, this is the same symbol.

It is actually LEAVE ME ALONE written backwards.

4.13.8    Room 1A
This door is already open! The window overlooks the station, but
there's nothing in the room... Ack! The whistling man! Didn't
your brother mention the whistling man in his PDA journal?


Almost same layout, but you start on the STAIR end.

R/S -- F/E -- D/C -- B/A -- STAIRS

4.14.1    Room 2A
This room contains a note from the restaurant... in 1947. Next to
it is a brochure about the restaurant designed by the late Arther
Johnston. A pair of scissors is embedded in the wall.

4.14.2    Room 2B (Mathilda Fly's room)
This RICH RED room has two theater programs feature Matilda Fly.
The other nightstand has a drawer, inside are a bunch of
newspaper clippings... all bad. Also note a story about a female
bank robber, nicknamed "Sly Fox", made another successful

On the table is a letter, about some Mr. Crabtree told her to
hide a piece of paper, so she did. Then someone is at the door...

The clock on the desk has strange buttons along the bottom. It's
probably some sort of combination lock. The third button makes a
different noise than the other three. If you got the right
combination, all buttons should make the same noise. So it's
trial and error.

The answer is 3, 1, 2, 4.

You get a glyph that's kinda like a fancy looking "4". But what's
the letters associated with it?

Note the photos on the walls made by George Crabtree, mostly of
Hastings Beach and so on.

4.14.3    Room 2C
Inside this light green room is a bed and a cabinet... Zoom in
close to the cabinet, and open it. You'll find a puzzle box

The puzzle box has the pattern you've seen before... On the ink
blotter and sequence at the hotel front desk. Click on the stuff
in sequence... and it'll pop open.

Inside are two items... The glyph, and the note of LUSSA. Also
read that Arther is hiding the other words "invisible, revealed
by flame". Keep that in mind.

4.14.4    Room 2D (Nigel and Polly's Room)
Room 2D is locked. This is likely Nigel and Polly's room. If you
find the key, you can gain access here.

4.14.5    Room 2E (Andrew Varney's room)
Look at the books in boxes. Looks like astronomy buff's room.
He's @Andrew Varney@. You should get a ghost voice, "Are you
interested in astronomy too?"

Look in the closet and you should see a bunch of starmaps. Keep
those in mind. One of the charts has a bunch of constellations.

Look in the next box and see a note, ripped up. Try to match it
back together... You should get a clue like "I=R so D=W?" and
couple other attempts to work out a code. Keep that in mind.

Look on the small table and there's a puzzle box on the top, as
well as a piece of coded message. Try to work out the code using
the two letters given to you before as tip.

This is a simple substitution cypher. You can figure it out. If
you rather not, here's the answer: "Andrew, Guard the skin with
your life! I know I sound like a madman. Edith is feeling
inclined to phone the police... You must trust me. There is a
great evil with us here in the hotel. My research is going well.
I just need time. Your trusting friend, G. C. P.S. Do not open
your door this night to anyone..."

Clearly, G.C. is @George Crabtree@. Didn't @Mathilda Fly@ also
mention a Mr. Crabtree that gave her something to hide?

Look BELOW the puzzle box to the small drawers. Zoom in.

Open all drawers. In the third one, you should see a red book,
where @Andrew@ mapped the constellations in the sky. Read the
whole thing. It basically says he found this new constellation.
It's not mentioned by name though.

Exit the door and head to end of the corridor, where you'll see a

Use the telescope to look at different constellations until you
hear "Brighter than the rest, I don't recognize it at all!"

Draw that constellation in your notebook, and look at the
constellation near it, draw those too in relative positions.
You've found Andrew's "new" constellation.

Go back to Andrew's room and look at his starcharts. Compare the
constellations you drew... Which one is the new constellation?

Its name is RAKA, in bottom left quadrant.

Look in the blue book again to find the index number for RAKA. It
is, 12/534/76. Maybe we should try that as combination of the
puzzle box...

Remember the sheet of paper in the closet that says the puzzle
box buttons are from left to right, 1 to 7? Use that pattern to
punch in the key.

The box opens, giving you the glyph for RAKA, similar to a "4"
shape. This is #12 on the symbol chart.

4.14.6    Room 2F
There's nothing important in 2F, though there's that ZCAM viewer
if you wan to see some ghostly images. There are thirteen
pictures in there, some of which shows additional areas you
should explore... The fun part is figuring on where those are.

4.14.7    End of Hallway
You should see a telescope here. Remember room 2E? Look through
the scope, scroll with mouse. You should come across a
constellation where Andrew remarks "Brighter than the rest, I
don't recognize it at all!" It is Raka, if you go back and check
the chart.

You can head to the $Restroom, 2nd Floor$, or $Storage, 2nd

4.14.8    Restroom, 2nd Floor
The restroom has a small box under the sink. Inspect it... Soap.
However, click on the box's top lid... You got HALF of a page,
that says SANDSTONE to left, and WOOD on right. Keep the position
of the symbols in mind.

Turn around and look at the water heater. Open the grille at the
bottom... and you get a half-burned note. Looks like Ms. @Fly@
got a... severe chastening.

4.14.9    Storage Room, 2nd floor
There's a fortune machine... Keep pulling it X times to get a new


Third floor of hotel has almost same layout, except there's an
extra door between A/B and C/D. However, the rooms are NOT

S/R -- F/E -- D/C -- B/A -- STAIRS

4.15.1    Room 3A (unlabelled, Arther's Studio)
Lots of stuff in this room... Lots of paintings, mostly of George

Look on the ground... of paintings against the wall. One of the
paintings shows George... screaming.

Check the books along the window. You'll find a piece of paper
with a bird on it. Keep it.

Remember that heat will reveal the secret? See that small gas
stove? Open the cabinet below it. Look closely. You see "Arther's
Invisible Lemon Ink".

There's another substitution cypher in the room. If you wish to
translate the message...

"Arther, I think it would be wise to write our records and
drawings using your invisible ink. I do not want the others to
know of our plans just yet.... Yours, George."

Look down and find the gas pipe... turn on the gas. Now zoom in
on the stove and turn on the gas with the turn knob then click
the ignition switch. Voila! You got a flame.

Pull the note out... and place it on the fire, and you see four
names, and four more words.

Betty     TYMA


Grable    FRENIC

Edith     IXIAM

Write that down too. I'm guessing these are who GC gave the
different pieces to... Turn off the stove.

Check the cabinet for another secret code message. Decode that if
you wish.

Now you know what's the name of each rune/glyph. If you've
already opened the clock in Mathilda Fly's room, you now know
that rune corresponds to MORCANA.

4.15.2    Room 3B (unlabelled, George Crabtree's Bedroom)
This room is green with hangars. The selves have 2 alchemy books.
They explain that the 4 elements you saw so far (chalk,
sandstone, etc.) are mutable elements in alchemy. So those 4
runes, placed properly, will likely reveal one of the glyphs...

There is a letter on the table from experts that explains the
symbol's significance and how it was dated back to 3rd century

The nightstand has a bunch of history books... and under it is a
puzzle box... That tests your British Monarchs. One of the hints
was given earlier in the middle of the hall... Do you know the
solution? The solution is VIII, V, I (Henry VIII, Henry V,
Elizabeth I).

If you solve the box, you get half a picture of "chalk" at 5
o'clock and "bronze" at 3 o'clock positions.

This fits together with that other half you saw in the $restroom
on 2nd floor$.

There's a table where the actual rune symbols and such go. With
the two sets of hints, place the runes where they're supposed to

When you got it right, you'll get another glyph... OLKAS, which
is number 9 on your list.

4.15.3    Room 3C (unlabelled, Sitting/Living Room?)
This room has a radio, and a newpaper about the missing boy
@Timothy Pike@, and a book about the story of @Tom Oliver@, who
was betrayed by his friend... Keep that name in mind. Tom Oliver
disappeared near Dowerton Inn, which is the foundation of the
current hotel.

Keep in mind that this is the same Tom Oliver in the ballad
posted in the bar downstairs.

4.15.4    Rood 3D (unlabelled, Betty Penfold's Room)
This one has a trumpet on the ground, musical scores on the
walls, and a clock on the table, should be easy to recognize. On
one wall, you have "O' Happy Day" and "Memories of Scunthorpe".
On another wall you have " Good 'ol Dow Ale" and "On Hastings

There's a note wrapped around the trumpet. Rotate the trumpet to
see it and read it. It says 5 notes needs more practice. Keep
that in mind. Here's a reproduction:




If you can read music, the notes are G, G, A, B, C. If you don't,
you can figure that out later.

Wind up the clock, and it strikes 12, and your ghost meter shows

Set the metronome going... and you get a set of ghost notes on
the table. You can read it as long as the tick-tock doesn't stop.
Looks like Betty is meeting a boy... Must be the same one in room
1D? And mom's playing that melancholy song.

4.15.5    Room 3E (Edith Penfold's Room)
Open the music box on the table. Read note from Betty to change
the clock in room 2B (Fly's room)

Edith's room has a record player, some pictures on the wall...
and a record jacket on the shelf.

Open the drawers, and look through the photos album. Note the
last holiday together of Edith and Frank was in Hastings, 1940.
They played their tune at the Castle Hotel.

Click on the top picture of 2 women on the wall and Edith talks
to you -

"There are 12 symbols - She, Betty and the guests each have one.
Some are lost, destroyed or taken. Edith's symbol is in her room.
You'll find it if you have a song in your heart..."

Look the record jacket on the shelf. Read the jacket's back...
The 2nd song is... "On Hastings Pier". Didn't we see this song in
Betty's room wall?  This must be the song Edith's talking about.

Let's play this song, maybe there's a clue in there. Spin up the
grammophone (record player) to charge it, maximize the volume
(slide it all the way right), release the switch on left, then
move the playhead to first (edge of record), then second song.
Now zoom back...

Wow! One of the 4 pictures on the wall fell off! Open the back...
inside are 2 pieces of paper... One is a note from GC
regarding... IXIAM, and you get one piece of that lyric as
well... This is number 11.

4.15.6    Room 3F (George Crabtree's Office/Study)
This room is locked from the inside. So how would you get a key
from the inside?

What you'd do is slide a piece of paper under the door beneath
the lock. Then use the screw driver to push the key out. Then
pull the paper out with the key.

Now that you have the key, open the room...

Read the blue journal on his desk. George and Arther were looking
for Tom Oliver's resting place. They found an antechamber dated
1318, but also released Darkness. They studied their enemy and
how Arther found the 12 glyphs, possible solution? Arther joined
the war and died in December of 1944. He'll get to "trial 1"
where the solution was Edith's bedding.  It is basically a Z
pattern, 1-2-3-4, embedded in a bedspread.

Look at the picture of Arther as a soldier on the wall above the
desk. Read the letter at the back of the frame about his going to
the frontline and hoping to be back to help George on their

Look at the books that show George's interest.

Look at the desk. Open the drawer and read the letter behind the
postcards from Archeological Society about a cave network or
ancient site under the hotel. Note the envelope to Mortimer and
Partners, Solicitors and to Edith. Read George's notes about Miss
Grable. Read the newspaper clipping about the Slyfox robber and
Edith's note about the 'suspicious' guest - Miss Grable.

Look in the trash can. You discover a ripped page. When you piece
it together, you see that George attempted to use this Dark Fall
creature, to contact Arther (who died in the war)

Check the other desk, and you can see he has made as much
progress as you... The pillar and the holes... all there. Read
the projector slide index on the table.

Turn on the projector. Open the slide box. Try all of the slides
in the projector. One of them has an interesting symbol! Zoom in
to take a closer look. That's MORTYM according to the index,
which is #10 on your list.

Turn off the projector. Look in the corner for the stereoscope.
Turn it on, try the different films. The only one you really need
to note: "Trial 2: Elements". The elements appear in this order:
Fire, Lightning, Wind, and Water.

4.15.7    3rd Floor Bathroom
There's a small adjustable mirror next to the sink. Move it so
you see the purple light in the mirror. Zoom out and look at the
bathtub... There's writing there! Zoom in a bit... It says:

00:20          00:90

00:05          00:40

Note that down, you don't know what it is yet, but you will find
a place for it.

4.15.8    3rd Floor Storage
Take a look around...

Read the stock list, dealer cards and Betty's letter to Edith
pinned on the wall.

Look down and see boxes of pictures and lamps. Hear Edith hum "As
time goes by".

In the far corner is a teapot! Inside is Nigel and Polly's room
key. (That's Room 2D if you don't remember!)

Nothing else in this room, except access to a ladder, which heads
into the attic.

4.15.9    Attic
Three important items in the attic... the boiler, suitcase, and
ouija board.

The boiler is right next to you when you got up to the attic.
There's a bank of 3 wheels and a level on one side, an indicator
on the other, and a large wheel. We don't know what this does
yet, so leave it alone for now, but go ahead and turn it on, just
the left one.

You also have to advance to the other side of the boiler to turn
on the intake pipe, and to check if the fire is on.

There's a suitcase (trunk, if you prefer British terminology) if
you explore the attic a bit. There's no key, so you'll have to
use your screwdriver. It's kinda pain to open, so I'll just tell

Once it pops open, you'll find some paperback novels inside, but
only the middle one is selectable... H.G. Well's War of the
Worlds. There is a piece of paper on the side though... Select
that, and read through it. At the end, you get one more glyph...
which corresponds to #3, OLIVIAK.

There's a ouija board in the far corner. You can play with the
ouija board if you wish, but it's more fun if you wait a bit and
learn some ouija basics first. In case you're in a hurry, these
are some of the questions and answers:

Who are you? Thomas.

Is Betty with you?  Yes.

How old are you? 19.

What do you want? You must do the trials.

What trials?  Darkness.

Are you dead? Yes.

How did you die? Darkness.

Can you help me? Yes.

Goodbye! Yes.


As you come out you see an energy orb open the hall door...
(This is random)

Go to the sink and turn on the hot water.

Steam rises after a while, and you get your next glyph, MALUS, in
the mirror.

Now you have the key, go back to Room 2D.


Use the newly acquired key to open the room.

You'll find it stocked with 2 monitors connected to all the
remote cameras (some with audio feeds), and a special thermal
scanner (in the cellar?). There are also photos, news clippings
and even some takeout menus on the various corkboards.

There's a tape recorder on one of the tables (the one next to the
takeout menus). Listen to it. It's Polly's last message. She said
please read her journal (which presumably is in the computer).

Zoom in on the left screen, and you're in.

Go ahead and read all the journal entries. Many of them have
further explanations.

Play with the sound recordings... reverse them and change pitch
to hear the actual messages.

Study the short bios on everybody and circumstances of their

Check the ghosthunter site and the different ways ghosts can
manifest. Orbs, voices, etc.

For those of you who have been to Betty Penfold's room, browse
the web at should give you a quick lesson on how
to read music.

Read the ouija tips on the browser also. If you haven't used the
ouija board, head back to the attic and talk to the ghost there.

Log out when you've finished exploring.

Now check the right screen... Password?!

Search nearby for any hint on passwords. On one of the
corkboards, Nigel wrote something about the password being the
only thing he would eat. Well, there are those takeout menus...
But which one?

Well, look at the food that's still on the table... Looks like
Chinese takeout. Try Dragon Inn. (Or just try all three and get
stymied at the other two)

Dial the number with the cellphone, and you got an automated
system... Just order "the usual" as the voice prompt suggested.
It was a #15. Go back to the Dragon Inn menu... Menu item #15 is
"Chicky Chow".

Now you're in the other screen... Check all the cameras. Check
the "self-room" and notice that this room's video is fading from
one room to the next? Looks like Nigel and Polly made a really
bad choice...

Finally, click on the upper right corner picture... It's the
thermal scanner. Remember those 4 numbers you found in 3rd floor
restroom? They look like they go here. Enter that, and you see
that there's a big cellar under the hotel... and it has a HIDDEN

You've probably played with enough pictures, so quit the system.

Inspect the boxes and pick up the radvision goggles hidden in the
corner. If you want to know what it does, log back into the left
screen and go through the equipment descriptions.


Goggles work at different locations to reveal different thing.
Just move around. Rotate your view slowly. If you heard "here",
turn on the goggles and see if you can reveal something.

At other times the whole screen turns green and no movement is

Here are some things it revealed... With it, you should go back
through the station and check all the rooms for additional clues.

4.18.1    Room 2D
Read these words off the wall:

== The Innocents mean well... useless pieces...

== UseLess Pawns with Electric gifts... they think they Know...

== Useless pieces Thrown Away...

A rocker and paintings are seen on the wall.

4.18.2    Edith's Room 3rd floor
There are words on her room for one of the songs she hums...

4.18.3    Room 1A
On the bed, you can see the blanket / quilt... with four of those
patterns. The order, going Z pattern, is Green, Blue, Purple,
Red. You can even zoom in to get a closer look.

4.18.4     Room 1C
In Room 1C -- you see a made up bed, paintings, and more!
However, there's nothing important here.

4.18.5    Room 1E
As you entered the door... The wall to your left has some
revelations under the goggle. Something about hidden, thieving,

Turn right, nothing. Turn another right... "Here." Turn on the
goggles... and you see this board in the room... Loose! It's NOT
visible without the goggles. Pull it, and you'll get a new glyph.
And a note from Grabtree... The lyric is FRENIC.

4.18.6    Restaurant
Facing table 4 (behind you is table 3), you should get a "Here".
Turn on the goggles, and you get to hear an old conversation
between Ms. Fly and Ms. Grable.

How did you know this is table 4? Remember the complaint book in
the kitchen, Ms. Fly was moved to table 4.

4.18.7    Bar Inner Room
As soon as you step in, you got "here". Turn on the goggles, and
you see lots of hidden messages... "One of many, one too many"
was written about the legend ballad. In the upper left corner you
get "TYMA". But what symbol?

Recall the 5 notes Betty was supposed to practice? Play it on the
piano. When you get it right... You sudden zoom out, and a glyph
will appear on the piano... Click it to reveal it. That is TYMA,
the sixth glyph. Click it again and it'll disappear.

4.18.8    Hotel Front Desk
At the desk turn to face the wall, and you should get "Here". Use
the goggles on the wall and read "IGNore The Telephone... It is
Trying to Distract You.. Confuse you. Ignore Ignorance..."

4.18.9    Gent's Restroom (lobby)
You'll see this hidden message:

SET in StoNE... STONE MEDUSA...  USELESS ARMS... Frozen...

4.19  CELLAR

The cellar is under the stairs, next to the chair, in the lobby.
Go down and through.

Explore a bit, and you will find a locked door.

Explore a bit more and you'll find column with 6 buttons. Each
button has a pattern. Four (five?) of which are from the table
patterns in the restaurant.

Explore a bit more and you'll find the thermal camera. Remember
that there may be something BEHIND whatever it's pointing at...

The camera is pointing at a bunch of sheetmetal. Click on that to
move them... there's a passage beyond it! Go into $Passage$

4.19.1    Passage
The passage leads to a dead end, with a brick that says 1318, and
next to it, a hole.

This is as described in the journal...

Nothing else to do here. Back to Cellar...

4.19.2    Cellar, Revisited
You need to get through that door. Nothing to do here either,
back to restaurant to study the tables.

4.19.3    Restaurant Revisited
The restaurant has five tables, but only one has a number. You'll
have to figure out which one is which...

Recall in Arther's studio, there's a piece of paper there that
says... table 4, around the corner. So the three in a row are 1-3
(left to right). Table 3 has the tag on it. Note the pattern and
the number.

Also keep in mind that table 4 is where Ms. Fly had the
conversation with Ms. Grable. The table was ID'ed by the
complaint book.

Head back to the cellar.

4.19.4    Cellar yet again
The proper combination is 3, 2, 5, 1, 4 (assuming top is 1 and
bottom is 6) on that column lock.

Once you did that, the door opens. It leads into the $darkroom$.

4.19.5    Darkroom
In the dark room, you notice that Nigel has been here before and
he had been developing some of George Crabtree's old ghost

If you wish, you can develope some of the photos. There are two
negatives there that haven't been enlarged to paper yet.

Developement procedure: Look close at the right side of the
worktable. There are 2 negatives that are not developed yet.
Click the small button on the control box beside the negatives at
the bottom left side, which will turn off the main lights. Click
on the enlarger (the big black box) and a tray comes out on the
table. Click on a negative and it will automatically be placed on
the negative tray. Click on the negative tray and it will
automatically be placed in the enlarger. Click-place a
photographic paper on the table. Click the large button on the
control box by the negatives. The enlarger places an image on the
photographic paper. Drop the exposed paper into the developer
bath. When the image appear, move the paper to the fixer bath to
stop the developement process. Move the paper out to look at.
Click the small button again to get the main lights on.

The only thing you REALLY needed is inside that cupboard's bottom
section... It's some sort of... twist lever key. or *piston key*

Head back to the cellar, then into the passage.

4.19.6    Passage Revisited
If you've been to the darkroom, you have that *piston key*
thingie. Use it on that hole next to the numbers.

The brick recedes, then retracts. Another passage! This leads to
the trials.

4.20  TRIALS

The trials are just that... not just anybody can gain access.

As you advance, you're stopped by first puzzle...

4.20.1    Trial 1
You are stopped by 4 symbols. Do you remember the hint you got
for "trial 1"?

The answer is Green, Blue, Purple, Red.

Click the symbol in that order and the barrier disappears.
Advance to next trial.

4.20.2    Trial 2
You are stopped by 4 more symbols. Do you remember the 2nd trial
hint? The four elements?

Try each of the color once. You have to figure out which color
stands for what. Listen to the sounds. You should be able to
identify the four elements.

The answer is up, left, right, down.

Click in order, and barrier disappears. Advance to next trial.

4.20.3    Trial 3
You don't have a clue for this one... or do you?

Turn left and right. There's nothing to your right, but the left
wall, then touched, makes sounds and flashes colors. Follow the
sequence carefully. You will need to replicate it.

The answer is... top-right, lower-left, lower-right, center, and

Click in that order and the last barrier falls.

Read the final journal on the ground, next to the fallen lantern.

When ready, advance to the chamber...


You can only do one thing here: say the 12 lyrics in order,
without any mistakes.

So type them in, ALL CAPS, one at a time, click on SAY when you
finish each one, then erase the line and type in the next one.

When you got all 12 lyrics said... Dark Fall will be contained,
and all the souls under his control will be released.

However, Timothy will stop and explain to you a few things before
he leaves.

Timothy: "You did it!!! I knew you could. I can go home now,
well, you know what I mean. My Dad is dead and buried....Perhaps
he will be waiting for me, with me Mum as well. You stopped the
Dark Fall spreading. It is trapped again. Where it belongs. You
may as well leave too, there is nothing here for you now. Time
you had a rest I think. One last thing though, things don't have
to turn out as they did, you will find out what I mean soon...

You're suddenly rewinded to the answering machine, right at the
beginning... And as you listen, the ghost pictures started
becoming normal one at a time...

Your brother Pete: "I have something important to tell you. I
have to tell you soon... I have completely forgotten... must not
be important.... I will be home in 2 days... The hotel
development for the Crabtree Estates is going better than
planned, no surprises. I'll see you and have a drink or two..."

And that's the end. It is as if it had never happened...

5    Miscellaneous
There is a demo for this game that contains some separate and
limited puzzles.