Z - Steel Soldiers (e)

                        Z: Steel Soldiers
                Unofficial Strategy Guide and FAQ
                         by Kasey Chang
                    updated November 9, 2003

0    Introduction

Welcome to the Z: Steel Soldiers FAQ

0.1   A word from the author

This is a FAQ, NOT a manual. You won't learn how to play the game
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This USG only covers the PC version (if any other version

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0.5    The Author

I am just a game player who decided to write my own FAQs when the
ones I find don't cover what I want to see.  Lots of people like
what I did, so I kept doing it.

Previously, I've written Unofficial Strategy Guides (USGs) for
XCOM, XCOM2:TFTD, Wing Commander, Wing Commander 2, Wing
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0.6   Disclaimer / Copyright Information

Z: Steel Soldiers is published by EON Digital Entertainment,
under license from the original creators, Bitmap Brothers

This USG is not endorsed or authorized by anybody except myself.

The information compiled in this USG has been gathered
independently through the author's efforts.

0.7   Some assumptions

I assume that you are playing at the easy difficulty level and
all default gameplay options.

0.8   The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you send me Z:Steel Soldiers?
A: If you can't afford $5 (which is how much I paid) you
shouldn't be playing.

Q: Can you send me the manual (or portions thereof)?
A: No.

Q: Can you tell me how to play the game?
A: Read the manual.

Q: What's the latest version?
A:  V1.41 (Beta 2). You'll have to go to Bitmap Brothers' website
at to locate it. The official
ZSS websites seems to be dead. Older versions seems to be
available at

Q: Can you help me get the game working?
A: That's the publisher's job. Try the website above.

Q: How do I get past mission X?
A: Read the walkthrough and the general hints. Some missions are
extremely difficult. If you REALLY have trouble, use a trainer.

Q: What's the difference among the difficulty levels?
A: AI skill level, AI production modifier, etc.

Q: Where are the cheat codes?
A: There are no cheat codes in this game.

0.9   Release History

09-NOV-2003         Initial Release

1    What is Z: Steel Soldiers?

1.1   At first, there was Z...

Z, which came out in 1996, was a semi-top-down RTS that eschewed
most of the conventions in RTS. You don't build buildings at all.
Resource gathering is automatic, and grabbing territory is
emphasized. There's also quite a bit of AI built into each unit.
The objective is to "capture" the other side's command center.

The resource in Z is gathered through holding territory by
"grabbing" the main "flag" in each territory. So the more
territory you hold, the more income you'll receive. The income is
then used to produce robots in the various scattered robot
factories around the map. Holding the factories while cutting off
enemy attacks becomes very important.

Each AI knows how to do certain things automatically. If they
sense a flag in their sensor range, they'll grab it. If they see
unoccupied vehicle in their sensor range, they'll claim it. If
they see enemy units in sensor range, they'll attack it, and so

With various types of fighting robots and vehicles, plus a heavy
dose of irreverent humor, Z was a breath of fresh air compared to
the big RTS like C&C or Warcraft.

1.2   Now there's the sequel... Z: Steel Soldiers

The sequel, Z: Steel Soldiers, makes the leap into full 3D. All
the robots, terrain, and more are now full 3D, and the camera is
fully zoom-able, rotate-able, and tilt-able. There are also naval
and aerial units in addition to the normal land units, along with
the various defenses.

The units still have that autonomous AI that will do things
automatically. Just send them near the specific locations and
things will get done.

You can now build factories in addition to claiming existing
factories. However, factories must be built on level ground
inside your own territory, and that is not that easy to find.

1.3   How do I get Z: Steel Soldiers?

Try bargain bins in existing stores like Electronic Boutique. I
got mine for $4.99.

You can also search for re-published brands like Sold-Out or
Xplosiv that republish older games as $10-15 titles. I find those
locally at Fry's Electronics ( though your
mileage may vary.

1.4   What do I need to run Z: Steel Soldiers?

Minimum System Requirements

- Microsoft Windowsr 95/98/Me/2000 with 100% compatible computer
- Pentiumr II 266, AMD K62 550 or equivalent
- 8Mb DirectX 8 compatible 3D Accelerator Card
- 64Mb RAM
- 650Mb of uncompressed Hard-drive space
- Quad-speed CD-ROM
- DirectX 8 compatible Sound Card
- Microsoftr compatible Mouse and Driver
- Internet (TCP/IP) and LAN (TCP/IP and IPX) play supported
- Internet play requires 100% Windowsr 95/98/Me/2000-comptible
56kps (or faster) modem and connection to the Internet via an
Internet Service Provider

Recommended System Requirements

- Microsoft Windowsr 95/98/Me/2000 with 100% compatible computer
- Pentiumr II 600 or AMD equivalent
- 32Mb DirectX 8 compatible 3D Accelerator Card
- 128Mb RAM
- 650Mb of uncompressed Hard-drive space
- Quad-speed CD-ROM
- DirectX 8 compatible Sound Card
- Microsoftr compatible Mouse and Driver
- 128kbps ISDN modem for Internet play

Optimum System Requirement

- Microsoft Windowsr 2000 with 100% compatible computer system
- Pentiumr III 800 or AMD equivalent
- 64Mb nVidia GeForce 2 of ATI Radeon 3D Accelerator Card
- 128Mb RAM
- 650Mb of uncompressed Hard-drive space
- Eight-speed CD-ROM
- Sound Blaster Live! or Aureal Vortex 2 Beast Cards
- Microsoftr 3-button Wheel Mouse and Driver
- DSL modem or higher for Internet play

1.5   Some quirks/tips you need to know

Assign groups to your main and critical units ASAP, and keep them
separate. It's nearly impossible to select the right units in the
heat of battle.

Set rally points for land / seat / air units separate from each
other so you can use "select all" key to select a large group at
once. Selecting units can be a REAL pain in this game. 

Despite the vaunted AI, soldiers WILL some times let their comrades 
get shot only a few meters away without twitching a finger.

Selecting units can be a REAL pain unless you turn auto-deselect
on, as you can accidentally give "move to" orders without meaning
to do it. However, with auto-deselect on, you have to click more
often to issue orders.

2    General Tactics in Z:SS

Steel Soldiers is a game about territory. You must hold territory
to win. Grabbing territory is easy. It's the HOLDING that's

In general, the game falls into 3 phases: initial rush for land,
setting up defense until you can accumulate attack force, then
finally, the all-out attack.

2.1   Control more territory

To have income, you must control territory, and that means
sending out Psychos and Pyros for a mad dash to all the nearby
territories, and figure out which ones have factories and such.

Psychos are the fastest runners around, so let them do the
legwork. Send in toughs to follow them for defense.

In the beginning, it's important to grab as many sectors as you
can, EVEN IF you cannot hold them. The more unclaimed sectors you
claim, the more likely you'll get sectors with structures on them
that you can sell for $$$.

Quickly explore outward to locate chokepoints.

2.2   Identify chokepoints and hold them

The hills and rivers and bridges create chokepoints that can then
be defended. For example, if two valleys form Y path, then in the
middle of the Y is a perfect chokepoint.

Build defenses like bunkers, defense towers and fixed guns like
AT gun, Heavy Gun, etc. to help you defend your territory.

Bridges are natural chokepoints. Defend those and prevent enemy
units from rebuilding them. Also see stupid bridge trick below.

As you rush outward in search of sectors with unclaimed
structures and defenses, note the chokepoints and send your real
defenders and construction bots to build defenses at the

2.3   Sell buildings you don't need/can't defend

During the rush and defend phase, if you're short on cash (the
cash is in the red zone) and factories aren't going full speed,
consider selling the buildings you can't really utilize and/or
defend in order to give you a better defense.

For example, if you are heavily involved in defense, sell your
vehicle factory and air hangar will give you a boost in money to
help you consolidate your defense. THEN later you can rebuild
those factories and build your attack force.

Conversely, when your offense is going well, sell off the
defenses that you no longer need, such as those defending
chokepoints that are already behind your "front lines".

One trick during early start is secure sectors beyond your
chokepoint, then sell structures on them for money. However, you
must be fast. Once enemy claimed them, you must destroy them or
convert them THEN sell them. Both take time.

Even things like AA sites and AT guns and Heavy Guns can be sold
for $$$, and in the initial cash crunch this can be very

2.4   Defend your Command Center

That is the heart of your forces. Without it you will lose.
Conversely, your objective often involves wiping out the enemy
command center.

Defend the choke points around it (and near each factory), along
with a construction bot to conduct repairs.

When air and naval units become available, add AA protection and
such as well.

2.5   Defend and accumulate

Once you hold a nice piece of the map, it's time to build some
factories and build up your attack force. Find a flat spot and
build more factories, and set rally point so you have a good
force formed.

Depending on the map, either air force or ground force is needed.
Ground force is needed to hold ground. Air force can clean up,
but they can't occupy.

2.6   Lure the AI in

The AI tends to send harassment forces if you leave them a path
toward your CC. Just leave him a route, and leave a long of
defense all along the route to wipe him out. This way you can
accumulate your forces and go on the attack later.

This applies especially on maps with bridges. If there's a bridge
left standing, AI will generally not repair a bridge as there IS
a path toward your territory.

AI just sends units straight to you from where it's built.
Conversely, this also backtracks to the enemy's factory, leaving
you with direction to attack.

2.7   Assemble attack forces and sweep the map

Identify additional chokepoints further up the map and use your
accumulated force to sweep toward that point, and as you
backtrack the enemy, you'll come across their production
facilities. Destroy them or capture/convert them.

Continue until you run out of units due to attrition or you've
destroyed everything. By this time, your next attack force should
be ready to be used.

2.8   Combined arms

Combined arms forces works best. When you see ground defense,
send in air attack. When you see AA, send in ground units to deal
with them. Together, they are more effective then individually.

When performing beach assaults, send in the navy ships first and
let them bombard the beach. THEN land your APCs.

2.9   Stupid Bridge Trick

Need to hold a bridge? Build a heavy gun (or 2 AT guns) that can
shoot at the bridge, plus 1 to 2 AA towers for self protection,
and a construction bot for repairs. Set the guns to shoot at the
bridge (yes, they'll do that, even if the bridge is destroyed).
Any attempt to repair the bridge will fail (unless they bring
like 4 or more construction bot and repair simultaneously).

It's a lot of fun to watch enemy waste money and construction
bots on the bridge time after time... And the shots that land
will blow up stuff near the bridge (such as the construction bot
trying to repair it in vain!)

Add 4 toughs as a reaction force just in case enemy chopper got
lucky and took out the cannon(s).

3    Units and Structures in Z:SS

Speed, firepower, and armor are rated on a scale of 1 to 10. All
values are estimates only.

3.1   Land Units / Robots

3.1.1     Construction Bot

This is the "villager" of Z:SS. It builds and fixes things. It
will automatically repair nearby units if there's money in the
warchest. This is built by the command center, NOT robot factory.

Firepower: 0   Speed: 4  Armor: 6  Tech: 1   Cost: 2000     Build
Time: 30 sec

3.1.2     Psycho

Your typical "grunt", with a weak machine gun and decent speed.
Its main advantage is low cost and relatively high speed (for

Firepower: 1   Speed: 5  Armor: 3  Tech: 1   Cost: 1500     Build
Time: 22 sec

3.1.3     Pyro

Armed with a flamethrower, this one moves slower than psycho, but
nasty in low range. I'd build these in 3-4 psycho to 1 pyro

The flame thrower takes about 2 seconds to start and the flame
lasts a few seconds before dying off. Its range is shorter than
psycho's machine gun, but still decent. Once flame started the
guy cannot move or turn. Thus, it's best against stationary

Firepower: 3   Speed: 4  Armor: 4  Tech: 2   Cost: 2000     Build
Time: 30 sec

3.1.4     Tough

A big hulking slow brute, this one fires some sort of a seeking
missile that arcs up, then down. It's not very accurate, and it
takes a while to reload. A group of these can be demolish just
about everything if available in sufficient numbers.

Firepower: 5   Speed: 2  Armor: 6  Tech: 3   Cost: 2500     Build
Time: 37 sec

3.1.5     Technician

Technicians exist for one purpose... convert enemy structures and
units to your side. Depending on the power/size of the target,
conversion will take from few seconds to more than a minute. You
can speed up the process by having multiple technicians do the

Firepower: 0   Speed: 5  Armor: 4  Tech: 2   Cost: 4500     Build
Time: 45 sec

NOTE: Technicians will convert everything within range except
large structures (factories, CC's, etc.) You must manually select
those for conversion. Buildings will take a while to convert.

3.1.6     Sniper

Sniper fires a single shot that has a (small) chance of killing
the pilot of a vehicle. The vehicle then becomes unclaimed and
can be claimed by your infantry units. This only works on ground
vehicles, not choppers and such.

Since sniper have good range, put them on top of a hill behind
your main battle forces, so they can depopulate vehicles before
those vehicles get blasted.

Snipers are also great on defense, as the enemies tend to go
after your structures instead of your snipers, leaving the
vehicles open to these attacks.

Firepower: 6   Speed: 5  Armor: 3  Tech: 4   Cost: 4000     Build
Time: 60 sec

NOTE: Put snipers between the heavy guns and such so they can
take shots at stationary vehicles that paused to shoot at you.

NOTE: Firing rate of a sniper is quite low, so they probably
won't kill anything by themselves. Still, it's comforting to see
vehicle after vehicle with no occupants, ready to serve you
instead... Send in the Psychos to take the empty vehicles over...

3.1.7     Explosive Expert

Explosive Expert can wire anything for demolition, or to dispose
of any bombs and such. They can detonate any building almost
immediately, if they can get into range.

Use them to demolish bridges in a hurry. Or teleport them into
enemy base and demolish key buildings.

3.1.8     Spy

A spy is invisible to enemy units unless they have a radar or
radar jammer nearby. They are great to act as spotters for mortar
tanks and heavy guns (or even mobile missile launchers). Put them
off to the side of enemy approach path and you'll rack up plenty
of kills.

When you get disrupters and shockwave cannons, spot for them as

Another use is spot targets for missile boat and/or teleports.

In an emergency, you can use one to hack a building or unit,
which will disable it for many seconds. This is great against
anti-missile defense, for example, allowing your choppers to get
into range, or against heavy gun, to allow your ground units to
get into range.

3.2   Land Units / Vehicles

Vehicles are built in "vehicle factories".

Vehicles can NOT capture flags. Only infantry units can.

3.2.1     Jeep

Mounted with a machine gun, it's a tougher and faster version of
Psycho. It can engage both ground and air units.

Firepower: 2   Speed: 7  Armor: 5

3.2.2     APC

APC itself has no firepower. However, it can carry up to 4 other
infantry units, giving them additional armor and speed.  The
infantry can also shoot from within the vehicle, albeit with
slightly reduced range.

APC can also ford rivers and bodies of water (albeit at reduced
speed). This makes it very useful on maps with a bit of water,
esp. capturing sectors with flags in the water.

Firepower: 0   Speed: 7  Armor: 6

3.2.3     Light Tank

Light tank mounts only twin machine guns, like those on a Jeep.
Light tank is basically a slightly slower, more armor, and more
firepower version of the jeep. The machine guns can be used
against aerial targets.

Firepower: 3   Speed: 5  Armor: 7

3.2.4     Mortar Tank

Mortar tank fires double high-arc shots and is capable of killing
lots of infantry in a single salvo (if packed together). It does
a bit of splash damage on any units within range as well. It can
be used both as offensive and defensive weapons. Firing rate is
relatively slow.

As an offensive weapon, put some units forward to "observe" for
it, then it will engage any enemies in distance. The shots are
slow, so it's best against stationary or slow targets.

As a defensive weapon, park them on hills near the target you
need to protect, then watch it rain down shots that annihilate
infantry targets... (armored targets doesn't take much damage
from mortars).

It is vulnerable to mass attacks and air attacks, so provide
escorts, preferably toughs.

Firepower: 7   Speed: 3  Armor: 4  Tech: 2   Cost: 4500     Time:
67 sec

3.2.5     Medium Tank

Medium tank's cannon is way more effective, but it cannot engage
air targets. Provide it with some anti-air escorts (like toughs)
for air defense.

Firepower: 6   Speed: 4  Armor: 6  Tech: 5   Cost: 4500     Time:
67 sec

3.2.6     Heavy Tank

King of battlefield, this tank has heavy armor and weapons to
blast almost anything else. However, it is vulnerable to air
attacks and mass fire, as it has very slow speed. It CAN be
pecked to death by a lot of infantry too.

3.2.7     Mobile Radar/Jammer

The mobile radar/jammer will reveal any spies in the local area,
as well as cloak any local units (within its small effective
radius) from enemy radar. However, enemy can still acquire you
visually by sending a unit over (flying or else). It's useful
around primary facilities.

3.2.8     Missile Launcher

This ground-based missile launcher (almost MRLS) fires a salvo of
8 missiles against ground targets within range. It is a GREAT
defender as one salvo of this will kill just about anything.
However, unlike the missiles from a tough, these do NOT engage
air targets. It is vulnerable to attack from the air and it has
weak armor.

Again, use a spy to spot for it.

3.2.9     Disrupter

A disrupter is basically an energy cannon that lobs a shot at
target in extended ranges, like a super-powerful missile, and
blows apart everything near that area for heavy damage. It takes
20 minutes to charge up, and range is not that good, but still a
powerful weapon.

Really needs a spotter.

3.2.10    Shockwave cannon

Even bigger disruptor... This baby takes 40 seconds to charge up.
Designate a target and it will move to optimum position to shoot
it off. Protect it during that 40 seconds. This one has great
range though.

Really needs a spotter.

3.3   Air Units

Air units are built in hangars (sometimes called "air

Air units cannot capture flags.

3.3.1     Scout Chopper

Scout chopper, the first air unit you get, has decent armor
against guns, but are dead when going up against AA towers. They
are good for scouting, as the name suggests. They will make do
when you have nothing else. They have just a machine gun. Send
them in with other units.

Firepower: 3   Speed: 8  Armor: 4

3.3.2     Attack Chopper (i.e. gunship)

Attack chopper is what airpower is made of... However, it needs
to reload at a base once its ammo has been expended (i.e. "gone
winchester"). It will head back to its base. When reloaded, it
can then to be sent on more missions. It fires rockets similar to
what tough shoots, but roughly twice as fast.

Firepower: 6   Speed: 7  Armor: 6

3.3.3     Cargo Hopper

Cargo hopper is like an airborne APC, and carries twice as much.
It can even carry light and medium vehicles... But it's also a
huge target and doesn't fly very fast. It also takes a while to
empty. Don't expect it to land in hostile territory and survive
long enough to drop off its load. Clear the LZ for it and it'll
do its job.

Firepower: 0   Speed: 5  Armor: 3

3.3.4     Fighter-Bomber

A fighter-bomber is not really built, but rather "accumulated".
They are based off the map. You build them. When it's built, you
get a new icon when you open up the hangar menu. Click on it,
then click on the target to bomb. The effect of FB hit is similar
to getting hit by omega virus... except it's limited duration
only (15-30 seconds). All buildings within radius shuts down and
resets to no activity. Any production is lost, and any queue
setting is lost as well.

Enemy loves to hit your CC with this.

Try to time your attack just as the FB hits the enemy CC. You'll
need to get a spy into position to spot for the FB though.

3.3.5     Wasp

The Wasp is a VTOL armed with laser. When its laser charges are
exhausted (after about 8-10 seconds of firing), it needs 4-5
seconds to recharge itself. Then it starts shooting again. Damage
is somewhat higher than Laser (infantry), and quite decent as it
doesn't need to return to rearm, unlike the attack chopper. On
the other hand, the attack choppers do more damage.

Heavy strike should be left to attack chopper as their rockets do
more damage. However, Wasps are great for lighter defense. Park
one on top of area where you expect enemy air attack, and these
will help you defend until you get better AA in place!

3.3.6     Stealth Bomber

Similar to fighter-bomber, a stealth bomber is actually based off-
map. When "built", you get an extra icon (multi-bomb) in the
hangar menu. Click that, then click on target you wish to bomb
(must be visible to one of your units).

Best way to use SB is using one of your spies as spotter.
Otherwise, send in a suicide team of choppers and designate
before the local defense blow them apart.

3.4   Naval Units

Naval units are build in the shipyard, which can only be build in
certain locations. The missile boat is very underused.

3.4.1     Gunboat

Gunboat is like water-borne version of the jeep... Firing a gun
equivalent to light tank. It's cheap firepower that's not too
powerful. Use it primarily as anti-air platform.

It is the fastest vessel so you can use them as quick reaction
force. Keep one or two around the shipyard to guard against air

3.4.2     Destroyer

Destroyer has 2 turrets that can bombard land targets. However,
it has no ability to engage air targets. It is great for shore
bombardment, with gun similar to AT gun in caliber, but lobbed in
high-trajectory, with relatively poor accuracy.

The guns of a destroyer have good range, but its sensor range is
quite short. Pair it with a spotter like scout chopper or spy for
optimum effect.

It doesn't engage sea or air targets, so should be accompanied by
cruiser or air cover.

3.4.3     Cruiser

This ship is a missile ship that fires SAMs, great for protecting
ships against airborne attacks, but has lousy firing rate. It
also has a radar. The missile is quite powerful and can destroy
most choppers with a single shot.

Cruiser actually has mines, but I never needed to use them.

3.4.4     Battlecruiser

The Battlecruiser is the ultimate naval vessel... It fires dual
cannons like the destroyer. The shots have straight trajectory,
thus great to kill ships and such, being more accurate than the
high shots. However, it's also very expensive.

3.4.5     Missile Boat

A missile boat launches a huge (by Z:SS standards) missile that
is almost like a miniature stealth bomber hit. However, it takes
up to 40 seconds for the missile to lock on.

You will need to have someone spot for the launcher. Think of it
as extra heavy artillery.

After launching 4 missiles, missile boat will return to drydock
to reload (like the attack chopper).

Note that the missiles from missile boat have TREMENDOUS range,
and can hit ANYWHERE on the map. That's why you need anti-missile
defenses... It's designed to shoot down these missiles. It is
very underused.

3.5   Structures in Z:SS

All structures must be built in friendly territory (i.e. red
zones) on FLAT land and cannot overlap existing structures.

3.5.1     Command Center

The heart of your little campaign, without it you are lost. You
cannot build more CCs, so guard the one you got well.

CC is also the only way to build more construction bots.

CC's are pretty resistant to damage. Destroy all defenders nearby
before attempting to destroy the CC, unless you have a LOT of
units near the CC to bombard it. Then go for the CC directly. If
you can kill it, the game's mostly won. Conversely, protect your
own carefully!

3.5.2     Robot Factory

Robot factory builds the infantry robots in Z:SS when supplied
with cash flow. Turn on "repeat" to build a "set". For example,
if you always want to build 3 toughs and 1 sniper in a set, set
that, turn on repeat, and forget it. Factory will build 3 toughs
and 1 sniper in order, then repeat. Unfortunately it's not a true
"queue" so you can't specify too many things.

3.5.3     Stores

Technically it should be called a storage silo, it allows you to
keep extra $1000 cash. It does NOT generate any cash. Only
holding territories do that. It just increases maximum you can

If your cash production just slightly outpaces consumption, build
stores to help you store the surplus during "good times" so you
can use them later. Else, just keep building so you don't run a

3.5.4     AT Turret

AT = anti-tank, which means it's primarily designed to kill
vehicles. A couple shots from this and vehicles go boom. They
fire too slowly to be effective against plain infantry, but shots
WILL kill infantry.

3.5.5     AA Tower

This small surface-to-air-missile-launcher packs a lot of wallop
for its size, as one salvo from this will toast just about any
chopper flying. Two of them will kill any flyer. Best way to deal
with them is with ground troops.

NOTE: ground troops IGNORE AA towers. To destroy them, you need
to specify them as target for your ground troops.

3.5.6     Heavy Gun

The heavy gun is a stationary and extra-powerful version of a
mortar tank. Firing a single shell that makes a BIG explosion,
two of these plus a few other ground units can dominate an area.

Put one of these near a bridge and you don't have to worry about
the bridge getting rebuilt.

Definitely get this backed-up with AA towers and such.

3.5.7     Bunker

Bunker doesn't have any firepower, but it gives a lot of armor to
any infantry inside. Think of it as an immobile APC with a LOT of
armor. Put a couple toughs and pyros inside and you'll kill
things left and right. Or even more fun... Put snipers inside,
and you'll see vehicles all over the place that can be claimed
for your use!

Need better bunker? Build defense towers instead.

3.5.8     Radar Station

The radar station allows you to see very sector on the map, as
well as where your units are located.

Radar station can also detect enemy units within its scanning
radius (click on one to see the actual scan radius on the map).

3.5.9      Vehicle Factory

Vehicle factory builds all the vehicles, from the jeeps to the
heavy tanks and whatnot. Availability depends on your tech level.

3.5.10    Refinery

Refinery increases overall income by 20%, as well as let you
store an extra $5000 in cash (just adds to maximum, does NOT
generate any by itself).

3.5.11    Air hangar

Air hangar builds all the choppers and VTOLs that makes up your
airpower. It also reloads the attack choppers when they run out
of ammo.

You issue the orders to fighter-bombers and stealth bombers from
a hangar as well.

3.5.12    Research Facility

This building allows you to research for better speed, better
firepower, better armor, and more armor for your buildings. Each
can go up to 3 levels.

3.5.13    Defense Tower

A better version of the bunker, this gives you capacity of 6
robots inside. When filled with 6 toughs, these are VERY
difficult to attack. Or replace 1 or 2 toughs with snipers for
anti-vehicle operation.

These should be placed at all major chokepoints along with a
construction bot to conduct repairs if needed. Put a heavy gun,
and AA launcher and you will dominate that chokepoint unless
enemy sends extremely large attack. Keep repair bot around.

3.5.14    Anti-Missile defense  (i.e. laser tower / laser

This one shoots a purple laser beam to hit air targets, including
choppers and fighter-bombers. It's much more effective than the
normal AA site, and costs a lot more too. However, one of these
can replace 3 or 4 different AA sites.

3.5.15    Teleport

A teleport allows you to send through up to 4 units to anywhere
that's visible by one of your units. However, it takes a long
time to recharge.

Best use would probably be to send through spies, then use spies
to send through technicians to suddenly convert enemy buildings,
or explosive experts to demolish enemy buildings.

3.5.16    Shipyard

Can only be built at sea-side scaffolds (it's actually
"repaired", not built), this allows construction of ships. Also
reloads missile boats.

3.5.17    Shield Generator

A shield generator, when activated, will maintain an impenetrable
energy shield for about 40 seconds or so. After that, it needs
another 40 to regenerate.

Technically, having two of them would make you almost
invulnerable, as you just flip one off and flip the other one on,
and vice versa.

I've never needed to build one.

3.5.18    Climate Control

Unleashes 3 different attacks: chain lightning, meteor shower, or
sonic. Takes 4 minutes to recharge after use, so it's mainly to
hold the enemy until you get reinforcements.

It's not too useful. Never needed to build one.

3.5.19    Gun Tower

Gun Tower is like a super version of defense tower. It has an AT
gun on top that will engage any target, ground OR air. However,
there's no room to fit troops inside.

4    Campaign Walkthru in Z:SS

4.1   Act 1: Rigal

So there's a peace deal going on... Until Brad and Clark stumbled
into this TransGlobal ship in the middle of nowhere... Next thing
you know, it's guns blazing!

From now on, I won't bother spelling out TransGlobal or MegaCom.
All you need to know is we are Red, the good guys, and they are
Blue, the bad guys. Any questions? Good!

Rigal is desert-type environment, brown stuff anywhere. There are
still valleys and such to restrict movement into certain

4.1.1      Mission 1 : Trigger Happy

Things aren't looking good. Brad and Clark don't answer their
radios, and seems like war is again raging. So, what's going on?
We can only find out by rescuing Brad and Clark...

|   1    |    2   |
|    |  4   |     |
| 3  +------+  5  |
|    |  6   |     |
|    7   |    8   |

Notable sectors:

8) Your starting location, with command center and radar

1) Enemy command center

3) Brad's hiding there

7) Robot factory

Mission Objectives

* Rescue Brad and Clark

* Escort Brad back to Command Center (appears later)

* Destroy hostile command center (appears later)

First thing to do is control the chokepoints near your command
center, and that means go northwest and northeast, sectors 3 and
5. Claim sector 7 with the robot factory, then set it to cycle
build psychos immediately. You need a lot more units to hold the
front-line. You can also build one more robot factory on sector

You can grab Brad now by using all your existing psychos together
and send them to claim sector 3. Brad will come out of hiding,
and first objective is done.

Send Brad back to your base, and into the command center to
complete the second objective.

Sector 4 is the chokepoint, so send in those psychos and defend,
but keep 4-6 psychos around the CC to defend attack from the
eastern side, through sector 5. When possible, send enough force
(say, 10 psychos) to hold sector 5, then push north into sector
2. There is likely an enemy robot factory there. Destroy it.

If you manage to hold all the sectors, the game should be pretty
much won. Move into sector 1 from both east (sector 2) and south
(sector 5), destroy any other structures you see. When the enemy
CC is done, you win!

4.1.2      Mission 2 : Site for Some Eyes

The enemy radar is tracking our moves. We'll need to take it out
or they'll see us coming. .

|    1   |    2   |
|  3  |     4     |
|     5     |  6  |
|     |  8  |  9  |
|  7  +-----+-----+
|     |  10 |  11 |

Notable sectors:

10) Starting location with your CC

11) Unclaimed radar and robot factory

2) Enemy CC

8) Radar site you need to take down

Mission Objectives

* Locate and destroy enemy radar

You start with only 9 psychos, so you need to move FAST... If you
slow down, enemy will overwhelm you as they will have more
sectors than you do. There are too many ways into your HQ sector
and if you don't control the chokepoints quickly you will lose.
Enemies will attack from both east and west so you need to take
the fight to them ASAP.

Immediately start the factory to build more psychos. You need
reinforcements ASAP. Set the rally point to be your base's

Group the psychos into 3 groups of 3 each... Group 1 should go
claim sectors 1, 3, 7, and 5, then wait at 5. Group 2 should go
to sector 11 and claim the factory and radar, then sectors 8, 9,
and 6. Hold near sector 6. Start up the second factory and build
more psychos. Group 3 is your reserve. Leave it alone for now.

The factory in your own sector should set rally point to sector 5
once sector 5 is claimed, while the factory in sector 11 should
set rally point to sector 6 when that's done. Both factories
should build psychos non-stop.

Send group 3 to sector 8 and destroy the bridge from underneath.
This will force the enemy to keep repairing them, using up their
credits and such. Then merge group 3 with either group 1 or group
2 depending on which way the enemy attacks. Now wait for the
factories to churn out more psychos, and defend against the few
raids the enemies mount, though usually they send like 1 or 2 at
a time, so with mass fire you should take very few casualties.
Send up a construction robot or two if you like and repair the
damaged ones.

When eastern group and western group both have like 10 psychos,
push them north. The western force should locate the enemy robot
factory as you push north. Destroy it at all costs.

Push the eastern force north and you'll see the enemy CC. Destroy
it if you can. Else hold for the other force and make a combined
assault later with both forces.

When you destroy the enemy CC, the game is all but won. Build an
overwhelming force, go to north side of sector 8, go across the
bridge heading south, destroy all the guards, and destroy that
radar. And you win!

4.1.3      Mission 3 : Plane and Simple

The radar's out, and we're at the crash site. We need to find the
wreckage, destroy them to prevent any evidence from falling into
the bad guys' hands, and claim the black box from the wreckage as

|   1   |  2  |   3   |
|   4   |  5  | 6 | 7 |
+---+---+-----+---+   |
| 8 | 9 | 10  |       |
|   +---+-----+-------+
|       | 11  |  12   |
|  13   | 14  |  15   |

Notable sectors:

13) Your starting location, with command center and robot factory

5,6,7,10) Wreckage you need to destroy (may be more than one per

NOTE: the largest piece of wreckage has the "black box" you need
to retrieve

14) unclaimed radar unit

NOTE: Bridge connecting sector 5 to sector 11.

Mission Objectives

* Locate and destroy dropship wreckage

* Salvage dropship's black box and take it to your Command Center

NOTE: You now have access to pyros and jeeps.

The critical chokepoints are sectors 4 and 7. If you can control
those, you can control everything south of that except sector 5.
However, if you go to sector 10 you can destroy the bridge from
underneath, which will render sector 5 useless to the enemy.

Send your psychos north and claim sector 8, which contains a
vehicle factory. Have it start building jeeps while your existing
robot factory build psychos and pyros (say, 3 to 1 ratio). The
jeeps will defend sector 8 for now.

Send a few psychos and jeeps east to sector 14, and build AT guns
there to help you defend against intruders. Add a bunker as well
and populate it with defenders.

Continue into sector 15, then north into 11 and 12, then 7. You
need to hold those sectors as that's a critical chokepoint. Build
AT guns there and backed up with bunkers and such to defend. Then
you'd be ready to push on the other front, the western route.

Go to sector 8 or sector 4 and build more defenses there (bunkers
and AT guns) to hold that junction. Now you will be safe to build
up your forces properly and hold back any enemy raids.

When ready, push east from sector 8 and you'll find sector 7 and
such. Destroy the wreckage, and you'll locate the black box. Send
the unit who claimed it back to the CC.

Destroy all the wreckage and you're done.

Destroying the rest of the enemies is optional, but quite
satisfying. In that case, enemy CC is in sector 3. The enemy will
build factories in sectors 1, 2, 7, and so on. It will build AT
turrets everywhere. Push in from both fronts, accumulate enough
force, and destroy everything. THEN destroy all the wreckage, and
that's done!

4.1.4      Mission 4 : Name that Dune

We got the black box, and we need to decode it. However, the comm
center is in enemy hands. We need to get Lassar into the comm
center and send that message.

|    |   2    |  3   |
| 1  +-----+--+   +--+
|    |     |5 |   |  |
+----+  4  +--+---+6 |
| 7  |     |   8  |  |
|    |   10    |     |
| 9  +-----+---+ 11  |
|          |12 |     |

Notable sectors:

1) Starting location, with command center and robot factory

2) Unclaimed vehicle factory and 2 unclaimed jeeps

3) Unclaimed vehicles in a corral

7) 2 unclaimed jeeps

4) Unclaimed Robot factory

9) Mission Objective: Comm center

Mission Objectives:

* Bring Lassar to the Communication Tower and get him inside

Nothing is ever simple. You need to go ALL OVER the map to get to
where you need to go. You'd still need to move fast though, as
enemies WILL attack quickly.

There are 2 jeeps in sector 7, 2 jeeps in sector 4, and more
jeeps in Corral in sector 3. Claim those for extra firepower
early on.

Most attack will come through sector 6, which links to sectors 3
and 8. Control sector 6 and 8 and you'll hold back the enemy

Immediately push to sector 4 and 2, claim the factories, and
start building quickly. Then push east until you claim sectors 3,
6, 5, and 8. You have an APC in the corral in sector 3, so use
it. Send it back to CC and put Lassar and escorts inside for
extra insurance.

Push your units into sectors 6 and 8, then put in defenses
(bunkers, AT guns, etc.) so you can hold it without spending too
many additional units. Then you can build up your force.

Continue into sector 11, and take out the enemy CC with a few
factories. Continue into sector 12, then 10, and you'll find the
bridge leading into sector 9. Gather your forces and cross in
force. Do NOT destroy the comm center, just destroy all

Send in Lassar (a technician) with the escorts in a separate
group, and send him to the comm center. When he gets there, he
should convert the comm center. Then send him INTO the comm
center, and you're done!

4.1.5     Mission 5 : Cactus if you can

We're getting out of here. The drop ship is going to land when we
secure the landing pad. The HQ is going to blow in 10 minute
exactly. Zod and Lassar must get out of this place in one piece
(respectively) of course...

|     |   2   |    |    |
|  1  +-------+ 3  |  4 |
|     |   5   |    |    |
|   6    |   7  |   8   |
|     |  10   |    |    |
|  9  +-------+ 11 | 12 |
|     |  13   |    |    |

Notable sectors:

11) Starting location, with command center

12) Unclaimed robot factory

9) bonus sector, 4X income, bridge

3) Landing pad, your mission objective

4) Enemy command center

Bridges in sectors 6, 7, and 8.

Mission Objectives:

* Destroy Rigal Command Center (i.e. survive for 10 minutes)

* Rendezvous with dropship (i.e. capture sector 3 with landing

* Lassar and Zod must get onboard the dropship

Another fun land-grab mission, this one is for keeps, as you have
10 minutes to build enough units to keep the offensive going.
After that the CC is going "BOOM". You need at least 4 more
construction bots, and PROTECT THEM! Without them you can't build
anything, and since you won't have a CC in 10 minutes, you can't
build any more! What's more fun, you get to play with bridges, as
a river divides this map.

Bridges in sector 7 and 8 start as destroyed. Usually they don't
get repaired unless you destroy the long bridge in sector 6. I
tend to leave those alone as that would just shorten the front.

Build defenses immediately where sector 11 joins sector 13, 2 AT
guns and a bunker.

Claim sector 10 and 12 immediately and start building jeeps and
robots ASAP. Send those up to sector 13, then push into sector 9
immediately. Get Zod and Lassar out of the way, maybe in the
corner of the map. You need sector 9 ASAP for its bonus.

Push across the bridge and setup on the other side ASAP. Build
defenses there to help you hold and build up force for another
push. By this time, your 10 minute should be up. You better have
some construction bots ready, as you can't build defenses without
them. Keep them on a tight leash, as they tend to get into
trouble if you send them to accompany your attack force.

Enemy forces come through sector 2 and 5. If you control them
then enemy would be limited to one path only, thus much easier to
defend. There's a bridge in sector 5 you can take out also to
limit their options to sector 2 path only. Push through sector 6
and clear out sector 5. Build defenses if you need to, as your
income should fill up your coffers. Build additional robot
factory and/or stores if needed.

Push north through sector 1, then east through sector 2, clear
out sector 5 as well. You'll come to the landing pad. Clear it,
and one objective is complete.

Push on to destroy the enemy factories and CC in sector 4. Go
after defenses and factories first.

Now you can claim sectors 7 and 8 in peace. Roam to map a little
to make sure there are no enemy holdouts, as it would be a real
shame to lose Zod and Lassar now due to a random marauder.

Now send Zod and Lassar to the landing pad, then tell them to
board the dropship, and your final objective is complete.

4.1.6     Epilogue

The black box was decoded... That ship came from Turigal.

Captain Zod, thinking it's a chance to redeem himself, chose to
take the whole dropship and head for Turigal!

4.2   Act 2: Turigal

Okay, so you managed to decrypt the black box, and that dropship
definitely came from Turigal... In this airbase ahead of us...

Turigal is a jungle-type planet with green hills and lots of
water around.

4.2.1      Mission 6: The Hills Are Alive...

We're landing on Turigal and making a foothold for ourselves. We
need to capture that airbase's hangar and find out how where that
cargo came from. Omega huh? Sounds ominous.

|  1 | 2  | 3  | 4  |
|  5   |  6  |   7  |
|  8 |  9 | 10 | 11 |

Notable sectors:

1) Your starting location, with a robot factory!

8) The "outpost" you need to capture

4) Enemy command center and the hangar (airbase) you need to

Mission Objective(s):

* capture the outpost and turn it into your base

* capture the airbase (hangar)

NOTE: You start with NO BASE, and just a few jeeps and psychos
and pyros and toughs, and 4 technicians.

NOTE: Scout chopper and light tank is now available, as is the
air hangar.

This mission is quite tough unless you figure out what you need
to do quickly and do it. You start with no way to build
additional units.

First, claim sector 1 and you'll get the 2 "stores" and the robot
factory. Immediately have it start building 4 toughs and then
your usual mix of psychos and pyros (with occasional toughs). The
toughs are for defending against enemy choppers that may raid the

Separate the 4 technicians into a separate group now, call that
group 2. Your forces are group 1. There are some jeeps and 1
light tank just southeast of 1, take them. There's an APC there
too if you want to use it.

Move south and you'll pass through sector 5 and into sector 8.
There are three ways into that base you need to borrow, the
easiest is via the northwest corner of sector 8. There's this
"gate" that leads inside. You could attack through the "main"
gate but you'll run right into turrets and such. Instead, head
south through the "back gate" and then capture the AA towers
while the rest of the forces wipe out the bunker. Then the
technicians capture the AT turret then the command center, then
anything else nearby, including radar tower and remaining AA

Immediately build 4 construction bots from the command center,
and send them to the main gate (northeast) , and send your forces
there as well. Bring the forces built at your existing robot
factory over. You need to hold this bridge linking 8 and 9 until
you're SURE you can hold it without using other forces. First,
destroy the bridge if it's standing. Second, set the construction
bots to build 2 AT guns right at the bridge's exit. Make sure
BOTH AT guns can shoot at the bridge. Right behind the AT guns,
put up 2 AA towers. When the AT guns are built, set them to shoot
at the bridge (yes, you can do that even when the bridge is
broken). With 2 of them shooting constantly, there's no way for
enemy to repair it. Any attempt will simply be destroyed. And if
the enemy sends in choppers, well, that's why there are the AA
towers. Leave one bot there for repairs.

Now move your existing force south until you're on the eastern
side of the base. There's a ramp on the eastern side heading down
into the valley. Enemy may have used it a few times already, esp.
if you kept the bridge broken. Build up a bit of defense there as
well, a bunker with 2 pyros and 2 psychos, plus 2 AT guns and
some AA towers should do well.

You need some replacements now, so build robot factory and
vehicle factory when you can.

Send your forces down into the valley and head north. You should
have enough forces to defend against all comers. Even if one or
two get through, your fixed defenses will take care of them.
Claim Sector 9's flag in the valley. Continue north and the
valley turns onto a ramp heading east into sector 2. Use your
forces to hold sector 2 right at the ramp while you build a new
set of defenses in the valley (AA, AT, and bunker), and remember
to populate the bunkers. Once that's done, you can sell off the
ground defenses behind your main line of defense, but keep one AT
and 1 AA along the path in case some attackers leaked through.

Build vehicle factory and one more robot factory in the main
base. You should be able to control the attackers and minimize
your casualties now, and you should have a good force to attack
with. Set their rally point in the valley for easier control.

Once you're in sector 2, sector 6 is easy pickings. Then expand
south into sectors 9, 10, and 11. You should find some hostile
factories at sector 10 and 11, so wipe them out. Now your rear is
secure, you can repair the bridge linking 8 to 9 and sell off
most of the AT turrets guarding that bridge. Now your forces
don't have to run across half of the map to get the enemy!

Build factories (air or vehicle or robot) until you can use up
all those credits rolling in. Set rally point to be ready to
blast the few enemies that drop by.

By now you should have an overwhelming number of forces as enemy
is reduced to 3 sectors (or less). Push him and box him in, and
start building your technicians if your initial 4 did not
survive. Don't destroy the hangar, but destroy everything else,
unless you want to have fun and let the technicians come in and
steal everything.

Send in the technicians and steal all the buildings, leaving the
hangar for last. Once you've stolen the hangar, you win!

Looks like there's something about that ship...

4.2.2     Mission 7: Pasteur Eyes

The hangar's records show that the shipment that went to Rigal
was made here in this manufacturing facility. We can use it to
make some good toys too...

|     1     | 2  | 3 |
+---+-------+----+   |
| 4 |     5      +---+
|   +------------+ 6 |
+---+     7      |   |
| 8 +----+-------+---+
|   | 9  |    10     |

Notable sectors:

10) Your starting location, with a robot factory

5) The manufacturing facility you need to capture (do NOT

1) Enemy command center you need to destroy

Sector 6 and sector 4 is mostly water. Sector 7 is the primary
chokepoint as it's an isthmus linking your section to their

Mission Objective(s):

* Capture the manufacturing facility (DO NOT destroy it!)

* Destroy enemy's Command Center

This one is also a land grab, but if you at least control the
isthmus linking your territory and enemy territory (i.e. sector
7), you should be able to accumulate a decent force.

Gather all your forces except the technicians and send them into
sector 7. Send the technicians (or a psycho or 2) to do the land
grab into sector 6, 9, and 8. There should be no enemy forces
around yet. Use the construction bots and build turrets and
bunker in sector 7 that will control the approaches. Remember to
add anti-air defense (one AA is good enough against scout

Start building your force, I'd say 3 psycho, 1 pyro, 1 tough and
keep building in that ratio, as you expect to see a bit of air
power. Add a vehicle or air factory when you can.

Some jeeps and occasional psychos/pyros will raid you through
sector 7. However, your concentrated force will take them out
easily. You may occasionally see choppers, but that's why you
have AA towers around. Build one to east of CC to protect against

Now it's time to build factories. You already have a robot
factory, and you have room for ONE more near your CC, so choose
wisely. Either air or vehicle is good. Both are better, of
course. Set the rally point near the flag in sector 7 and build
up your force.

When you can, send an APC with 1 or 2 psychos to claim sector 4.
APC can go across river and water, thus giving you mobility
advantage in claiming stuff.

When you're ready, push northeast into sectors 5, 2, and then 1.
Walls and 2 bunkers INSIDE the walls cover sector 5.  Expect to
see a lot of guards. Bypass them instead and send your large
group into sector 1, and take out the factories (also check
sector 4). Ignore the guards and take out the turrets and
factories. If you got wiped out, use the next force to follow up.

Once all the factories are gone, keep some units around the CC
and kill anyone who comes out. Conquer all the other sectors now,
and destroy any factories and such you find.

Build technicians if none survived. Make a group of 4. Keep them

Destroy the enemy CC to fulfill one objective.

Send the technicians capture everything you want, including the
manufacturing facility.

Send in the attack forces, breach the walls, and take out both
bunkers. Then send in the technicians, they take over the
facility, and you win!

4.2.3     Mission 8: Heidi Seek

The manufacturing facility shows that two pieces of cargo were
created... One was sent to Rigal... The other piece came to this
research facility (disguised as hospital?) We need to capture it
and find out what that cargo is!

| 1  |     2      | 3  |
| 4  | 5 | 6  | 7 | 8  |
+----+---+    +---+----+
|    9   +----+   10   |
+----+---+    +---+----+
| 11 |12 | 13 |14 | 15 |
+----+---+    +---+----+
|   16   |    |   17   |

Notable sectors:

13) Your starting location

6) Research center you need to capture

14) unclaimed vehicle factory

15) unclaimed air factory

3) Unclaimed robot factory

5) Enemy CC

Mission Objective(s):

* Capture hostile research facility

A river divides the map vertically in half. The river runs
through 2, 6, and 13. There are bridges at south end of sector
13, middle of sector 6, and east of sector 2.

You need to hold the east side by securing all the bridges. Then
you have two approaches... the sneak approach, and the blast

To secure the bridges, send units to hold the bridge at sector 6
and have the construction bots build AT guns and AA guns at each
bridge so you don't need to spend units guarding them. Enemies
will raid you with a river gunboat every once in a while, some
choppers more often, then steady stream of tough, psycho, and
jeep through whichever bridge is up (though in general they don't
use the southern bridge if the other two can be repaired).

Quickly claim all the sectors on your side of the river using one
or two psychos. Build more from the closest one, then switch to
more toughs and pyros.

In case of sector 6, you'll need to establish a foothold on the
other side if you can. The border is too far from the bridge
itself so the AT gun can't hit the bridge (thus you can't use the
"kept bridge dead" trick). You can do it with the northern

Keep a couple toughs around the CC and factories in case enemy
use scout choppers to raid you.

Sneak approach: Once the front is secured, build a bunch of APCs,
technicians, and toughs / psychos / pyros. Send them via APC to
the island with the research facility, wipe out the opposition,
(expect to see a bunch of AT turrets and AA towers) and let the
technicians capture the place. Yes, it sounds easy, but it's not
that easy. The AT guns are right on the beach, and island is
small. You may want to go with only toughs in order to soften up
the island, THEN land the technicians.

Blast approach: Capture every sector, THEN capture the research
facility. I destroyed the southern bridge and the central bridge,
leaving only the northern bridge, but you can use any bridge you
like. Gather your forces at the remaining bridge to make a forced
crossing when ready (figure 30+ units at least). Take out the
enemy CC in sector 5. Destroy the factories in 2, and clear the
area of all hostiles. Then use the bridge onto the island and
wipe out everybody on the island except the research lab, and
convert the research lab with your technicians.

4.2.4     Mission 9 : Tree's Company

Zod got the other copy of Omega, but now he's cut off in enemy
territory. Send him some help, then get the landing pad secured
and send him off with the briefcase.

|  1   |    2     |  3   |
|      +----------+      |
+------+    4     +------+
|  5   +----------+  6   |
+------+    7     +------+
|  8   +----------+  9   |
|      |    10    |      |

Notable sectors:

1) Your starting location, with CC and factory

3) Land pad you need to get Zod to

8) Zod's starting location

9) Enemy CC and multiple factories

Mission Objective(s):

* Bring Zod and the briefcase (sector 8) to the extraction point

* Secure the landing zone (sector 3)

* Evacuate Zod and the briefcase (i.e. get him into the chopper)

This one can be tough as it's not clear where the chokepoints
are. The chokepoints are either sector 7 or sector 2. You only
need a couple sectors if you want to go for the quick win.

First thing to do is start your robot factory and start building
psycho, pyro, and tough (1:1:1 ratio). Another option is only
toughs, as they're good against everybody (except they're slow).

Second, have Zod grab the briefcase.

Third, send your existing forces south into sector 5, while your
construction bots build another AT turret and AA tower next to
the existing one just southwest of your CC. Take control of
sector 5, then continue south a little while Zod's escorts come
north with Zod. Move Zod all the way into the base. Now you can
detach the escorts and let them to more useful things.

Move the now free escorts and take sector 4's flag on the coast.
Then move them into the path of attackers. Move the force you
sent south to relieve Zod back north and guard the section. Build
AA and AT guns in the enemy's path.

When buildings are ready (enemy psychos may take away a few
sectors), take back sectors and move accumulated forces to
conquer more sectors. Build defenses to hold your sectors and
defeat any enemy raids and such. Try to hold half of the sectors.

When you get half the sectors, you have a choice... quick
victory, or total annihilation of enemy.

For quick victory, take your accumulated force and go east
through sector 2, clean out sector 3 of enemies to secure the
landing pad, and send in Zod when the chopper arrives. Get him
onboard, and you win!

For total annihilation, go southward through sector 7 and sector
10. Build additional AA and AT if you like. Continue into sector
9, and you should see enemy factories. Blast them, then blast the
CC you also find there, or build technicians and capture them.
When you wipe out the CC, the game is all but won, but just to
finish it... Send your force and sweep all the sectors, then
clear sector 3, send in Zod, bring him back out, and the chopper
will arrive. Send him back onboard, and you're done!

NOTE: You must clear sector 6 of EVERY enemy structure (capture
is okay) or the chopper won't arrive.

4.2.5     Mission 10: Officer's a Mess

Zod knows the briefcase is too important to open by himself. He
managed to contact Gen. Horowitz, MegaCorp's High Commander. So,
to get to the meeting... You need to get Zod into sector 1 for
the meeting.

|  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |
+-----+     +-----+     |
|  5  +-----+  7  +-----+
+-----+  6  +-----+  8  |
|  9  +-----+ 11  +-----+
+-----+ 10  +-----+ 12  |
| 13  +-----+ 15  +-----+
|     | 14  |     | 16  |

Notable sectors:

15) Your starting location, with CC and factory

1) The meeting location

2) Enemy CC and factories

8) Unclaimed robot factory

10) Unclaimed vehicle factory

12) Unclaimed refinery

NOTE: A river runs through 4, 7, 6, and 9. Sectors 6 and 10 are
mostly water, with room to build shipyards on north and south

Mission Objectives:

* Bring Zod to the meeting with Horowitz (sector 1)

There are two ways to do this, but they both start the same way.
First, you need to secure your side of the river.

First, get the robot factory started, build just toughs, though
you can add an occasional sniper. Set the rally point to be next
to the radar station.

Second, get Zod into an APC, to increase his survivability in
case someone raid your CC.

Third, split the 4 psychos into 2 teams, send them east and west,
then north to claim as many sectors as you can on your side of
the river. Use waypoints.

Fourth, send the 4 toughs north and guard the closest bridge.
Enemies WILL attack, usually through that bridge. Send your 2
snipers north as well, put them on top of that hill just south of
the bridge.

Fifth, send construction bot and put 2 AT turrets and 1 AA tower
in front of the bridge. This, when combined with the toughs,
should completely stop any enemy attack.

Quickly claim all the factories and such and use them to build up
your forces. You start with 2 APCs, one's for Zod. Put a couple
toughs in the other, and send the APC to that little island in
sector 10 and claim it. Bring them back since you need their

Beware of snipers attacking from northeast. There are multiple
bridges to northeast and enemies may infiltrate there. Send up a
couple toughs and blow up those bridges if you like, or build
turrets and such near the bridge.

Beware of raiding scout choppers. Those guys can show up just
about anywhere. That's why you want toughs: air defense. It would
be bad to lose a factory now.

Build Mortar tanks and put them just south of the bridge in
sector 13, along with a couple toughs, to stop attacks in that
area. Then set vehicle factory to build a mix of light tank,
jeep, and mortar tank. Use mortar tanks for bridge defense is
great. If you don't hit the enemy, the bridge will take the hit.

By this time, the enemy should be just harassing you by
constantly rebuilding the bridge and send through a couple units.
You're holding even, and you are building up your forces. Build a
air hangar and research facility to improve your income and tech

From here on, you have two choices... Blitz, or total domination.

If you choose to blitz, rebuild the western bridge (sector 13),
and send through your big attack force. Use choppers to clear a
bridgehead then send through your land forces. Keep Zod's APC
just behind the main attack with escort of toughs. Push the big
force forward, go around that little lake, and into sector 1.
Unload Zod and the mission's won.

If you are going for total domination, leave Zod where he is
(guarded by toughs). Send through the big force and wipe out
every enemy unit and claim every sector. Once you've taken out
enemy CC in sector 2 the game's all but won except for final
cleanup. Then send Zod through.

4.2.6     Epilogue

Horowitz and Zod finally meet... But they were ambushed! Horowitz
managed to escape, but Zod was captured by Transglobal and taken
to Oberon. Carver kept interrogating Zod about the Omega
project... But Zod has learned that there is a spy in Megacom's
highest ranks... However, Zod will be executed soon. Zod's men
knows they have just a tiny chance to rescue their leader...

4.3   Act III: Oberon

Oberon, the prison planet for Transglobal, is not a nice place to
be. Zod's here, and perhaps others...

Oberon is a volcanic planet with rough terrain.

4.3.1     Mission 11: Private Education

We're landing on Oberon and making a foothold for ourselves. We
also need to find out where Zod is being held. Liberate the
prison camps and destroy all enemy camps.

| 1 |   2    | 3 |    4   | 5 |
|   |   +----+   +----+   |   |
|   |   | 6  |   |  7 |   |   |
| 8     | 9  |10 |  11    |12 |
|   +---+    |   |    +---+   |
|13 |14 |      15     |16 |17 |
|   |   +----+   +----+   |   |

Notable sectors:

15) Your starting location, with CC and factory

2, 4, 6, 7) those "prison camps" you needed to liberate

11) Unclaimed robot factory

14) Unclaimed radar station

16) Unclaimed air hangar

17) Unclaimed shipyard

13) Unclaimed robot factory

Primary Objective:

* Destroy all boot camps and the Command Center (blinking circle
on the map)

Quickly send in your psychos and pyros and start claiming all the
unclaimed stuff or the blue guys will get them first. Start
building mortar tanks, toughs, and scout choppers. Enemy doesn't
attack much so you should be able to take the fight forward.

Building a refinery and stores is optional, as is a research
center. You don't need to do it, but it helps if you do so.

Chokepoints are sectors 8, 9, 10, and 11 (12 is mostly water).
Send forth your forces and hold them against a minimal enemy
harassment. With this many factories you should outproduce them.

Gather a big force (lots of light tanks, toughs, etc.) and blitz
through the enemy lines, wipe out each enemy factory that you
see. Then go after the command center. Once that's done, it's
just mopping up.

Destroy the enemy structures and claim the sector to free the

4.3.2     Mission 12: No Smoke without Firing

We need to locate Zod's interrogation center and liberate him,
and destroy all the bad guys' factories in the meanwhile.
|      1      |   2   |   3   |
|  4   |  5   |         |  7  |
+---+--+--+---+    6    +-----+
| 8 |  9  |10 |         | 11  |
+---+     +---+---+-----+-----+
|12 |     |  13   |    14     |
+---+-----+------ +-----------+
|   15    |  16   |    17     |

Notable sectors:

16) CC you need to capture, with robot factory

2) enemy CC

3) escape helipad, get Zod there after you break him out

6) Zod's interrogation center

Primary Objectives:

* capture a Command Center to get started (the one in sector 16)

* Locate interrogation center

* Free Zod and destroy the interrogation center (just convert it)

* Evacuate Zod with the Cargo Chopper in the helipad to northeast

* Capture or Destroy all enemy Factories

This one is blitzing all the way, though there's a trick or two.
You think that you can settle in? You'd be sadly mistaken. Enemy
strength is overwhelming. Your only chance is the blitz as many
sectors as you can right at the beginning.

You start in the "corridor" in sector 16. Put your snipers 2per
APC and put 2 toughs per APC too. Put the 3 technicians in the
3rd APC. Move the sniper APC forward slightly, so they see the
medium tanks around the flag. Let them use the sniper rifle on
the tanks. If you capture one, good. Else, destroy them with the
toughs hiding inside APCs.

Continue forward and wipe out the few defenders around the enemy
CC (toughs and psychos and pyros). Unload the technicians and
convert everything to your use. Start building psychos for now.

Immediately head across the bridge with all the tanks and robots,
and fight your way to next bridge. You're looking for the "arch"
that goes over the corridor in sector 9. Setup there, add AT and
AA turrets for defense. Enemy will be attacking through sector 9
so you're in a good place to stop them. Send units to take
sectors 8 and 12. Send a unit with APC to sector 15 and claim
that as well, then bring him back.

Sector 9 is the biggest chokepoint. If you can hold that, you're

By now you should have enough income to run all factories without
getting short except occasional structure building. Sector 9 is
the most important but they have two attack paths. The main
thrust will come northeast and sometimes east. East leads to
radar and such, but there's radar to west as well that you can

Hold that sector and gather the troops under that arch. When you
get a big group, push them into the sector and destroy the
factories. Enemy will try to rebuild the air hangar. Let him, but
destroy it. Repeat to use up his money. Then destroy the
construction bot and any other defenders, and you'll see the
enemy CC. Destroy the CC, and the vehicle factory north of that.

You may run into a robot factory or two after the CC's
destruction, but now the enemy's broken. When you've destroyed
every single enemy factory / hangar and the CC, that's one
objective done.

Keep building up your forces and sweep every sector clean of
enemies. You should not have any more problems as enemies are
limited to toughs, snipers, and existing turrets while you get to
play with everything. Now's a good time to build a research lab
and play with those enhancements. Build a couple technicians
while you're at it.

When ready, get into the big island and blast those walls,
revealing interrogation center and 2 bunkers inside. That's
another objective down.

Blast the defenders near the interrogation center, then send in
technicians to capture it. Zod will appear, and the interrogation
center will blow up. That's one objective down.

You should also find two refineries around the map. Capture them
if you want to, else destroy them. Clean up the whole map to make
sure nothing will ambush Zod on his escape.

Get Zod into the sector with the helipad, and wait for the
transport chopper to arrive. When it arrives, put Zod into the
chopper, it takes off, and you win!

4.3.3     Mission 13: Molten Wanderers

Zod's free, but there are more friendlies to free, despite the
promise by Transglobal that all prisoners are to be freed. Rescue
them and put them on the chopper.

|       1        |     2      |    3    |
|    4    |    5    |    6    |    7    |
+----+    +----+    +----+    +----+    |
| 8  +----+  9 +----+ 10 +----+ 11 +----+
+----+ 12 +----+ 13 +----+ 14 +----+ 15 |
|    +----+    +----+    +----+    +----+
|   16    |   17    |   18    |   19    |
|   20    |   21    |        22         |

Notable sectors:

17) Your CC

8) Unclaimed air hangar

12) Unclaimed robot factory

20) Unclaimed refinery

19) Prison camp (destroy it)

There is a river running across top of the map, going through
sectors 4, 5, 6, and a bit of 7.

Primary Objectives:

* Ambush the prison convoy and free the prisoners (sector 18)

* Escort prisoners to the extraction point (sector 7)

When you start, immediately send psychos to capture sectors 16,
20, 21, and 18 (i.e. all touching sectors).

The convoy will be here in about 2 minutes. There's a bunker in
18 you should use to ambush the prison convoy. Put some serious
firepower inside, like snipers and toughs. Put the rest of the
firepower near but not right at the bunker. If you're not sure
where that is, there's a flashing red circle in the middle of the
map. That's where you should ambush the convoy.

Build more construction bots and have them build defenses to
reinforce what you got in sector 18. ATs and AAs are always good.
Add robot factory when you can, as you need more units. Refinery
is optional since there is one in sector 20 you can capture. You
MUST hold sector 18. They're coming south and turning east. If
they get past sector 18, you fail.

Build another bunker near the CC to hold the 3 POWs when you can.
You can't let them fight (at least not without protection).

The convoy by this time should be approaching, five medium tanks
and more. You really want some of those medium tanks as you can't
build them (yet). Sniper / destroy the tanks escorts, and the
soldiers are yours. Put them in an APC or bunker to keep them
safe away from battle. If they die, you lose.

Build defenses and hold sector 18. Enemy factories are to north,
northeast, and east. I'd suggest going north first. Expand into
10 and 14 a bit to make sure you got the chokepoint bottled. Put
down mortar tanks and toughs.

When you gathered a nice force, expand north, sectors 8, 12, 9,
13 are good. Sell off structures you can't defend for more cash.
Build mortar tanks to help you defend chokepoints. Leave a couple
toughs per sector as defenders. Supplement them with mortar tanks
and light tanks.

If you enjoy surprise attacks, I suggest going across the river
in sector 4 into sector 1 (use APCs and toughs). Take out or
convert the air hangar there. If you convert it, you can sell it
for more cash. Then have that force move east and sweep to the

If you've been collecting sectors as you go, you should be
pulling even on $$$ (due to the refinery) and if you build good
defenses, you should be able to accumulate a nice collection of
toughs (say, 20-30) with a few tanks and such. Send those large
H&K (hunter-killer) groups of toughs through each sector, detach
a couple per sector to guard. Just clear out the map, add more
toughs from new shipment when you can, and wipe out the enemies
in all sectors.

When ready, move the APC with the ex-POWs to landing pad sector.
Wait for the chopper to arrive, then send the prisoners onto the
chopper. The chopper leaves, and you win!

4.3.4     Mission 14: The Red Mile

Clark was found among the POWs rescued, and he has interesting
info... There are MORE POWs nearby that need to be rescued.

|    |        |        3         |
|    |    2   +--------+---------+
|  1 |        |    4   |    5    |
|    +----+---+----+---+----+----+
|    |  6 |   7    | 8 |    |    |
+----+----+--------+---+  9 |    |
|         |    12      |    |    |
|   11    +-------+----+----+ 10 |
|         |  13   |         |    |
+---------+-------+   14    |    |
|        15       |         |    |

This map has a LOT of water. In fact the land is mostly along the
sides (you're in west) with the big prison island in the middle,
and lots of smaller islands.

Notable sectors:

1) Your CC

7) Prison camp (primary objective 1)

5) Comm tower (primary objective 2)

9) Enemy CC and factories

10) X4 sector (4x normal income), take it when you can!

Primary Objectives:

* Rescue all POWs (only 4 left)

* Locate the CCTV recording of the executions

This one requires a quick blitz, since if you leave the enemy to
conquer the sectors, you'll probably lose unless you build VERY
nice defense.

Set construction bot to build refinery, and immediately send 1
psycho each (on APCs) to capture sector 2 and sector 6. That
should give you enough income for the NEAR future. Bring the APC
back, as you need them later. Put psycho off to one side of the
island, as far away from the flag as possible. You don't want
them to attract attention.

Select everybody else and ATTACK sector 14. Destroy all enemies,
and have technicians capture the 2 factories there. Move quickly,
as you can't let enemy ships get into position to bombard you.
Immediately build a few AA sites as enemy choppers WILL come.
Also build heavy guns and more for defense. That should give you
a little time to build up your forces. Start building toughs.
Prevent attackers from coming through that bridge in sector 14.

Convert the shipyard in sector 13. Build more ships. Build
shipyard in sector 1 when you can and put up the patrol boats and
destroyers and cruisers to hold the other waterfront. When
possible, build cruisers and destroyers and clear out the
waterfront of all the coasts you can get to. Enemy WILL raid you
with ships. So don't let him. You'll need a pretty large fleet (6
of each type at least) to clear the coasts.

If enemy took away sector 2 and 6, put 4 toughs in APC and send
APC to unload there to reclaim the flags. Bring APC back as you
do need them later. Also send a loaded APC south and claim sector
15. Together with 2 and 6, and other sectors, you should have
enough income for a while, esp. with the refinery running. (If
you don't have refinery yet, build one!)

Enemy will constantly attack you, including use of
fighter/bombers. They'll drop omega virus on your CC, which makes
everything nearby go berzerk for a few seconds. Set construction
bots to repair (just have them stand by nearby). Add more toughs
and such and create a strike force when ready. You can't do much
about the air strike (adding more AA won't help). So just bear it
and keep going. Really, I've even tried building 2 anti-missile
laser defenses. Didn't help at all. (Though the lasers are cool
against choppers)

When the defenses can hold against all comers, build air hangar,
research center, and anything else you want. Air hangar will give
you the cargo hopper, which will land units in enemy's backyard.
Build like 10-12 of them, loaded with medium tanks, and APCs full
of toughs and lasers. Now you have an airmobile force that can

Now build up your chopper force and use those to take on the
defense towers. Your naval ships should have taken out all the AA
sites that can be bombarded from the sea.

If you want to clean out rest of the map, use the bridge and
continue around the perimeter of the map, going counter clockwise
from the southern portion to east, then finally north. Do NOT
destroy the comm center! Your forces tend to shoot the comm
center for some unseen reason. MOVE THEM AWAY, and send in a
technician instead. Send a cargo hopper too.

When the defenses around the island are gone (that means ALL the
heavy cannons and AA towers), it's time to land the airmobile
force at the prison, and attack inside. You'll locate 4 guys.
Evacuate them via cargo hopper as usual. You have to put an
infantry unit next to them to "activate" them. THEN they can be
evacuated via cargo hopper. Drop them next to the helipad next to
your CC. The evac hopper should arrive. Send the POWs onboard.

Now you need to locate the CCTV tape (containing the execution
footage), which is actually a "briefcase" in the other primary
objective sector, the comm center in that little peninsula of
sector 5. If you haven't yet, clean out sector 5, then send in
the technician to take over the comm center.

Now you know what to look for, send the technician INTO the comm
center, and the tech should grab the briefcase. If you have a
cargo hopper there, have him hop in and send it back to near the
helipad. Otherwise, just have him run back to the helipad next to
your CC and get on the chopper with the POWs.

When the chopper leaves the map after everything's onboard (4
POWs and 1 guy with briefcase), you win!

4.3.5     Mission 15: As Seen On TV

We need to hijack one of the comm towers to transmit this footage
to ZNN, who'll hopefully broadcast those and clear our name.
|   1      |        |    3     |
+---+------+   2    +------+---+
|   |      |        |      |   |
|   |   5  +--------+  6   | 7 |
| 4 |      |        |      |   |
|   +------+   8    +------+   |
|   |      |        |      |   |
+---+  9   +--------+  10  +---+
|   |      |        |      |   |
|   +------+   13   +------+   |
|11 |      |        |      |15 |
|   |  12  +--------+  14  |   |
|   |      |   16   |      |   |

There's a river running through 7, 6, 2, 5, 9, then 12 and 11.

Notable sectors:

16) Your CC and robot factory

1) Enemy CC

5) Enemy comm center

6) Enemy comm center

8) Enemy comm center

9) Enemy comm center

10) Enemy comm center

Your immediate concern is sector 8 and sector 13. If you can hold
8, any other attack is simple enough to hold. However, enemy will
attack all over with choppers, APCs, and sometimes with airmobile

You will capture the comm center in sector 8 easily as it's not
heavily defended. Just send Lassar to convert it, then send
Lassar INSIDE. However, after 1 minute of footage went out (and 4
to go), the other 4 towers start to jam your signal. So you need
to destroy the enemy comm centers AND survive for 4 more minutes.

There are two ways to do this... the surgical way, and the
annihilation way. They both begin the same way.

Quickly conquer sector 8 and occupy the bunker in sector 13. You
need to hold the E-W bridge in sector 8, as well as take care of
any APCs that come through sector 8 from the north via the river.
Send your mortar tanks forward with all your other units.

Set robot factory to build toughs, as they are your best
defenders against both air and ground threats. Build lots of
them. Build occasional snipers and psychos and pyros if you want,
but I'd use toughs for everything.

Set construction bots to build 2 AA on east and west side of your
base (that's two on EACH side). Enemy choppers will raid you.
Then send them forward to build defenses in sector 8 and 13.
Don't bother sector 12 yet, it's pretty well defended.

Sector 8 has the vehicle factory. Make light and medium tanks for
now. Put a couple toughs beside it until you can build more AA
around it.

Build heavy gun and AT gun at the bridge in sector 8 so you can
destroy the bridge whenever you need to. Add AA when you can.
Heavy guns will annihilate any enemies approaching the bridge.

Enemy has two MORE bridges that can cross the river... One
connecting 7/15 and the other connecting 6/10. Send in forces
when you gathered a group of tanks along with construction bots
to secure both bridges. Just constantly bombard the bridge with
guns and you got it secured. Add toughs and AA when possible to
protect against air threats.

Conquer the rest of the sectors on your side of the river when
you can. Once you have secured your side of the river, it's time
to decide if you want the surgical strike, or the annihilation of
the enemy forces.

If you want surgical strike, build air hangars and accumulate a
large force of attack choppers (10 or so). Then just charge them
toward each comm center and attack! You may lose a few, but the
comm center will go boom. Replace the losses and repeat for each
comm center. In the meanwhile, accumulate forces at EACH bridge
(heavy guns and AA and more) to protect against the final rush,
as you must survive for 4 minutes after destruction of all four
comm towers. If your defenses are good, you should be fine.

If you prefer total annihilation, build up a force of toughs and
some choppers and medium tanks. Group the air and ground forces
separately. Send them into each sector and conquer it. The air
power deal with defense guns, while ground units deal with AA
towers and such. Take out the enemy CC and the battle's mostly
over except the mop up. Then destroy each comm tower at your

When the 4 minutes counts down to 0, you win!

4.4   Act IV: Glish

Gish is an ice world with lots of snow and ice all over. It is
also the home of Transglobal Intelligence HQ...

4.4.1     Prologue

Not good, not good at all. Apparently both Megacom and
Transglobal now consider us utter loons and dangerous too. We
will need to go to the Transglobal security base on Gish and
secure further evidence on what this Omega thing is... Unless we
actually have a COPY of Omega...

4.4.2     Mission 16: Peek-a-boo

The security center must be converted to secure further evidence
on Transglobal's massive deception campaign...  Glish is the home
of Transglobal security service. We're taking on the HQ... And we
must capture it.

|  1  |  2  |   |  4  |  5  |
+-----+-----+ 3 +-----+-----+
|  6  |  7  |   |  8  |  9  |
|    10     |11 |    12     |
| 13  | 14  |   | 16  | 17  |
+-----+-----+15 +-----+-----+
| 18  | 19  |   | 20  | 21  |

Notable sectors:

20) Your CC with robot factory

18) Unclaimed radar

21) Unclaimed air hangar

17) Unclaimed vehicle factory

1) Your objective: the intelligence facility

2) Enemy CC (with factories all around)

River crosses sectors 10, 11, and 12

Primary Objective:

* Infiltrate the Transglobal Security Center

Immediately conquer EVERY sector on your side of the river.
There's a bridge in sectors 10, 11, and 12, so guard those. All
three starts as destroyed, but they CAN be rebuilt, so guard them
quickly!  Set construction bot to build AA next to your CC
quickly. Sell the AT guns as you probably won't need them if you
can hold at the bridges.

There's a defense tower in sector 10 you should occupy ASAP.

Sector 11 should be guarded right at the island (build an APC and
cross over to claim it for extra income). Bring it back as that
island is not defensible. Build bunkers and heavy guns along the
river front for defense.

Sector 12 is a bit hard to get to as you must go around most of
the map, but it should be okay. Once you got all the sectors,
fortify the defenses. Destroy the bridge if you feel like it, but
basically destroy any intruders. Build AA next every factory and
such as enemy choppers will come, or build toughs as mobile air

If you can hold your side of the river, this game then becomes a
matter of overwhelming attack. Build up a force of toughs and
medium tanks, and some attack choppers. Also build one cargo
hopper and fill it with toughs and snipers and psychos and

Build your own refinery when ready. They already have theirs up
and running.

The cargo hopper will go across the river and raid the flags
right on the coast (you can use APC also), then jump around and
raid the sectors to northeast (4, 5, 8, and 9). Enemies don't
attack those much except with single tanks and such.

Next, you need to reduce the enemy income. Build a fleet of
attack choppers (10 or more), then send them into sector 7, and
you should spot the refinery. Level it, and as many as the stores
as you can. You should spot the enemy CC now. Bring your choppers
back before you lose them. That will reduce his income by a bit,
giving you more economic advantage. Take out factories when you

By now the enemy should be reduced to a few sectors, though
they'll raid the northeast sectors. Clear sector 7 with choppers,
then send in your ground forces. Detach some units to help defend
the northeast sectors if you wish.

When ready, send in your overwhelming force (with everything) and
attack sector 7 and all nearby sectors and clean out enemy. Take
out the defenses, then factories, and finally, the CC.

Once that's done, get technician built, capture/convert the
building, send the tech into the facility, and you win!

4.4.3     Mission 17: Get Carver

We just missed Carver, Transglobal security chief, by a narrow
margin. However, he is nearby, and we will get him... AND his
copy of Omega...

|   1   |    |    3    | 4 |
+---+---+ 2  +---------+---+
|   |   |    |    7    |   |
| 5 | 6 +----+-----+---+ 8 |
|   |   |          |10 |   |
+---+---+    9     +---+   |
|   |   |          |   +---+
|11 |12 |          |13 |   |
|   +---+----+-----+   |14 |
|   |   15   | 16  |   |   |
| 17|   18   | 19  |  20   |

Notable sectors:

5) Your CC (with factory)

9) Helipad (evac point)

13) Carver's HQ

14) Enemy CC

3) Unclaimed robot factory

12) Unclaimed radar

11) Bridge to 17

12) Bridge to 9

3) Bridge to 7

Big lake in sector 9.

Primary Objectives:

* Kill Carver

* Locate briefcase with Omega (it's with Carver)

* Take the briefcase to the extraction point

This one is tough, as the enemy has units around that will take
you on, AND they will claim flags faster than you. Your primary
concern is the hold the bridges. If you can hold, then you'll
survive. If you don't, you will fail. Enemy will build a LOT of
jeeps and tanks. Once the bridge is repaired, they will send a
DOZEN of those through. If you can't handle it, you lose.

Immediately send units to all three bridges, I'll call them
northern, central, and southern bridges respectively.

Send toughs and lasers to sector 3 as 2 snipers are camped there.
Destroy that bridge when you can, and build more robots from that
robot factory in northeast. Build a lot of toughs, enough to put
4 per sector. Then you can sell that one.

Send pyros and a tough to the bunker at sector 12 right at the
bridge. Put the mortar tanks behind the bunker itself. This one
is the most important one, so you MUST hold. If the bridge gets
repaired, kill it. Build heavy gun(s) behind bunker and demolish
the bridge continuously. Add AA when possible to protect against
chopper attacks.

Send jeeps and light tanks to sector 11, blow up the bridge if
threatened. They can take care of themselves for a little while.

Build more construction bots and reinforce all three bridges
immediately with heavy guns, AA towers, and defense towers (if
possible). Set heavy guns to demolish the bridge continuously.

Sell the defense tower next to your HQ on the waterfront (claim
it first) for more money. Build robot factory to the south of CC
for more toughs (sell the one in sector 3 after that to shorten
the lines). You need toughs to protect the CC from occasional
enemy APC raids and any one that leaked through the your

Add a couple toughs at each bridge just in case for any other
threats. Now your are pretty secure except for the occasional
fighter-bomber raid, which are annoying, but hardly fatal.
However, the cargo hopper raid is more serious. So build laser or
AA defense at the waterfront to guard against that. Three anti-
missile laser should stop even fighter-bombers.

Now you have two choices again... Quick surgical strike, or total

If you choose quick strike...

Carver is in the southern island but can move east as well (he
makes a circle). If you kill him, you get the briefcase. He's a
"tough" and can be a bit hard to kill. So gather a large force on
both the central and southern bridge. You need to get at least
one flag on the southern island. Then you can track Carver's
movement on radar. (Somehow he doesn't appear before then). I
think you have to get within range of him before you can track
him that way somehow. Else you can't track him.

Once you see Carver on the southern island (he moves a bit
between a camp on southern edge of eastern landmass and the
southern island), repair the southern bridge and charge him. With
big enough force you will kill him and claim the briefcase. Set
the guy who grabbed it as "group 1", and save the game NOW.

You then must survive for 4 minutes, until the chopper arrives,
and that's in enemy territory, so this can be hard. If the evac
chopper dies, you fail. So immediately bring ALL your units back
and line up at the central bridge. DESTORY the southern bridge
after all units have gone across. Then have heavy gun bombard it

Or if you are feeling risky, charge to the bridge linking 18 and
19, and destroy that, leave a couple guards (preferably toughs),
then send the rest back to central bridge. You will need a LOT of
units for the next push.

When there's 1:30 left on the timer (which should be when all
your units made it back to the central bridge), repair the
central bridge. Then send EVERYBODY except group 1 through and
basically let them go wild and shoot EVERYTHING. You need to
clear the space around the pad when the chopper comes. Spread
them out into a circle around the pad. The idea is to attract
enough attention so no one will be shooting at the chopper.

One minute should be enough to clear the area around the pad if
your force is big enough. Send in group 1, the courier, and get
him onboard the chopper when it lands, and send group 2 to do a
suicide charge into enemy territory to cover the escape of the
evac chopper. Once evac chopper's gone, you win!

If you fail, start the attack LATER in the clock (only 1 minute
left, for example), and experiment a little. The idea is your
attack will cover the arrival and withdrawl of the chopper after
you load the guy onboard.

If you prefer total annihilation... Once you got the defenses at
all 3 bridges secure, and have built enough laser defenses (3 of
them should be enough to stop even fighter bombers) it's time to
accumulate your big strike force to conquer the southern island.
You need at least 40 toughs and 30 tanks (any type). Any choppers
are good too if you have 10 or more.

If you like, build factories further south (AWAY from your CC to
get away from those fighter-bomber virus attacks). Sell the ones
next/near the CC if you must.

When ready, repair the bridge, then send in the chopper first to
soak up any fire, then send the entire force through the repaired
bridge, all the way to the other bridge between sectors 18 and
19. Your units will shoot at everything while on its way. Kill
robot factory once there, then destroy the bridge on the ridge,
and retreat from that ridge. AA and heavy gun on the other side
guard the ridge. Build a heavy gun just west of the ridge and set
it to blast the dead bridge. Grab all the sectors on this island.
Now you can accumulate more forces, having gained 3 more sectors.
Build more factories and build even MORE forces if you have
positive income.

Now build up a new force at the central bridge again. Without the
territory available enemy now is stuck building jeeps and scout
choppers. Build a BIG fleet of attack choppers and medium tanks
and toughs and light tanks and toughs... Just have patience.

When you reach the max unit limit, save the game, send in the
choppers ahead of the main force, repair the central bridge, then
send the entire force through. As follow up, pull the guards from
existing structures and sectors and send them through also. Your
objective is enemy CC in sector 14. Remember, choppers first to
attract fire, land forces to mop up and occupy. Let them blast
all the defenders, then the factories, then finally the CC
itself. Once that's done, it's all mop-up.

Carver is likely cowering in that little camp in corner of sector
20. Send in enough units to clean him out, and claim the
briefcase. You now need to survive 4 minutes, but that should be
easy since there is really no more enemy resistance once you're
wiped out the enemy CC.

Send your units and conquer the entire map during the meantime,
and make sure there are NO enemies around. Have one robot pickup
the briefcase and set him in a separate group. Put your units in
a ring around the helipad and send more units to secure every
sector, every corner.

When chopper arrives, get the guy with briefcase onboard, and you

4.4.4     Mission 18: Full Metal Blanket

We have contacted leader of Megacom... They are secretly
impressed with our progress. However, they need further proof. We
will need to invade this tech facility and kidnap one of their

|   | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 |   |
| 1 +---+---+---+---+ 6 |
|   |   |   8   | 9 |   |
+---+ 7 +---+---+---+---+
|10 |   |11 |  12   |13 |
|14 |    15     |   |17 |
+---+---+-------+16 +---+
|   |19 |  20   |   |   |
|18 +---+---+---+---+21 |
|   |22 |23 |24 |25 |   |

Map has a lot of water... It's essentially two islands with land
all around, and some bridges.

Notable Sectors:

20) Your CC

11) The tech facility you need to capture

8) Enemy CC with shipyard and lots of other stuff.

Primary Objectives:

* Use Lassar to capture the enemy Tech Center and kidnap an enemy

* Bring the kidnapped technician to your CC

* Lassar must survive

This is another "rush" map. You start with a decent base (CC,
robot factory, vehicle factory, air hangar, defense towers, etc.)
However, you don't have enough units to hold, thus you must
attack and hold further up the chain. Enemy navy can be a
problem, as can enemy choppers.

To the west, you have a force in sector 18. Send that forward all
together, take out the AT gun in 14 and heavy gun/AT gun in
sector 10. Take those two sectors and hold. Build jeeps and light
tanks at the vehicle factory. Destroy the bridge if you can. Else
just hold.

To the east, you have a force in sector 16. Send that north.
Build toughs and more at the robot factory there. Try to control
the sector just to north of you. Watch out for enemy defense
towers with 6 toughs inside. Those are hard to crack as 6
missiles will kill just about anything in one salvo.

There's a defense tower in sector 21. Sell it when you run low on
cash, and send the 6 toughs forward. Use the heavy gun to
demolish the bridge to Lassars, then sell the heavy gun. Just
make sure you use up the money and the sale is FULLY appreciated
before doing the next one, or you'll end up wasting the money!

You can also sell the research center. You don't need it, and
it's a nice chunk of change. Sell it when you're short on money.

Send the ships (in 2 groups, east and west of main island) north
to sectors 7 and 12 respectively. Divide them up evenly. Enemy
will raid you with ships, but with concentrated ships, you should
suffer less damage. Build one of each on repeat at the shipyard.
Set rally point to the side with fewer ships.

The idea is you conquer one side with help of navy, then sweep
the map from that side, move north, etc. and hopefully the other
side will still hold. You could go for the balanced approach but
it may take longer.

There are many unclaimed heavy tanks all over the place. Try one
and see how you like it as you can't build it yet.

Build at least one air hangar when you can. Build a fleet of 6-12
attack choppers and a few scout choppers. Send them ahead of your
land attack forces. You need to capture all the flags to east and
west, then combine to hit the flags to north. And you can do that
only with your navy and air force's help. Send the navy ships in
and bombard anything they can reach. Then the air force go in and
soften up the defenses while ground forces go in and blast
everything else.

The navy's size must be maintained to keep enemy ships from
killing your land units with destroyers and such. Set auto-build
and rally point as you see fit.

Send APC with unit to claim sector 5, it's virtually unguarded.

Continue to work your way north when you can, and keep building.
Use air units as mobile reaction force to contain any attack and
send in the navy to help along with artillery. Destroy the bridge
surrounding the central island.

Continue pushing north and meet in the north until you have
conquered everything except that island in the middle. This may
take a while as some sectors are pretty well defended (heavy gun,
AT gun, etc.) Enemy will raid you but if you can defend the three
bridges enemies should be no problem at all. Put 6 toughs at each
bridge plus a heavy gun and you should be fine.

Send APC back to your HQ, and load the guards and Lassar.

Now you can spend a little time to accumulate your attack force.
Figure 30 medium tanks and 30 toughs (and whatever else), plus
navy ships (cruisers and destroyers) and attack choppers (12 at
least, more is better).

When ready, send in air units, sea units, THEN land units,
probably through the bridge up north, though if you got enough
units you can try a simultaneous assault. Clear out the entire
area (defenders and defenses first). With a huge force, that
should be easy. Destroy their CC and end their resistance.
Destroy the rest, leave the tech facility alone.

Send in Lassar and guards (now in APC) into enemy camp. Unload
Lassar and let him convert the tech facility (somehow, he prefers
converting walls!). Then send Lassar INTO the tech facility, then
the BLUE technician (Transglobal) will pop out. Lassar will exit
the building as well. Convert the blue technician with Lassar.
Send BOTH into the APC, then send the APC back to your CC.

At your CC, unload the APC, then send Lassar and the other
technician as close to CC as possible. Once they're close enough,
you win!

4.4.5     Mission 19: Pass the Parcel

Interrogation of the technician shows that there's a spy in
Megacom, and his codename is "Viper". Omega briefcase doesn't
seem to mean anything so far... But you will need to get it to
Secretary Neal of Megacom via this courier... But you need to get
busy first...

| 1 | 2 |   3    | 4 | 5 |
|   |   +--------+   |   |
+---+   |   6    |   +---+
| 7 |   +--------+   | 8 |
|   |   |   9    |   |   |
|   |   +--------+   |   |
|   |   |   10   |   |   |
|11 |12 |   13   |14 |15 |
+---+   |        |   +---+
|16 |   +--------+   |17 |
|   |   |   18   |   |   |

There's a river running through sectors 4, 10, and 12.

Notable sectors:

13) Your CC with robot factory

12) Unclaimed Vehicle factory, AT gun, and shipyard

17) Unclaimed Radar

14) Unclaimed refinery

9) Enemy CC

5) Helipad you must secure to evacuate Omega

Primary Objectives:

* Evacuate omega via the helicopter pad

This one can be tough if you don't play it right.

First order of business... Secure your little island to the
south. Immediately send a psycho to north and capture sector 12.
Send more units to capture sectors 14, 15, and 17. You will
finally get radar coverage when you get 17.

Destroy both bridges immediately, and build LOTS of AA around the
CC, as the AI uses a LOT of choppers on this. Build at LEAST one
laser defense when you can afford it.

Sell the vehicle factory and the AT gun beyond the bridge. You
don't need it if you destroy the bridge. Set heavy gun to
demolish the bridge continuously. Build one more at the eastern
bridge and demolish that as well. Build AA and guns, and more
units. Now your island is mostly secure.

Build ships to help secure the coastline. You don't need
vehicles, just toughs and gunships. Build destroyers and gunboats
(don't need cruisers yet) and send them a bit north to the bridge
to help you secure it against attacks. Send more to east to the
other bridge as well. Remember, more AA. Build more construction
bots to bolster defenses.

Enemy will use fighter-bombers to omega your CC. Build your
future stuff further south away from the HQ or toward where the
radar is.

Start building air hangars. One or two of them set to build 1
scout to every 4 gunship is good. Set a nice rally point just
across river. Use those to clear a path toward the helipad from
the eastern side of the map. Blast their bridges so they can't
reinforce. There should be like three of them you need to take
out. Use the destroyers for bombardment too.

Once you're cleared the area around the helipad, and it's secure,
build a cargo hopper, send the guy with the briefcase inside, and
send him to that pad. He exits, gets in the other chopper, and
you're done!

Should you decide to go total annihilation, the approach is just
slightly different. Build enough gunships and clear the land all
AROUND the enemy camp. Keep building new ones and rearming old
ones. When you spot AA, send in like 6 gunships, and you'll kill
it with small casualties. Build alternate robot factories to east
away from the CC so you don't get hit by those omega drops and
lose production.

When you accumulate to like 30 toughs, repair the bridge and send
them in, one sector at a time. When you see fixed defenses, send
in gunships, else send in toughs. The combined arms is very
useful in this regard. Take on one sector at a time. If you
suffered a lot of casualties, stop and wait until the next group
is accumulated. Spread out the group so one hit doesn't take out
everybody. Sell defenses you no longer need to keep the offense

You should also APC or airdrop a bunch of soldiers and such to
the southwestern corner of the map, so they can go along the
western edge and take sectors 1, 7, 11, and 16. Back them up with
gunships (let gunships take out AT's and HG's). That way you can
surround the enemy.

With enough toughs and gunships, you'll be able to take out the
enemy layer by layer. Enemy refinery in sector 9 is a good target
to attack, as is any sort of factory. Wear them down, and soon
they'll be unable to counterattack. Surround them, deal with any
attackers... Squeeze in, and finally, take out the CC.

Then just make sure you didn't miss any one, then send the
courier to the helipad.

4.4.6     Mission 20: Ice Spy

Secretary Neal got the glory, but Zod and company remained
outlaws. Viper is clearly still active. The only way to figure
out who is Viper, is to visit the Transglobal Archives...

|   1    |   2    |    3    |
|   +----+---+----+---------+
|   |   4    | 5  |    6    |
+---+--------+    +----+----+
|   |   8    |    | 9  | 10 |
| 7 +----+---+----+----+    |
|   | 11 |12 |   13    |    |
+---+----+   +---------+----+
|   14   |   |   15    | 16 |
+--------+---+----+----+    |
|   17   |   18   |         |

Notable sectors:

14) Your CC

6) Enemy CC and your objective tech building next to it: capture
the tech building!

11) Unclaimed radar

7) Unclaimed vehicle factory?

18) Unclaimed robot factory?

Primary Objective:

*  Infiltrate the Transglobal archives with Clarke.

The chokepoint is in sector 11 and 8. If you can hold that, the
rest is relatively easy, though you still must hold sector 13 and
15 as well, and everything in between.

Move Clarke back behind the CC. You don't want him to join a
fight. If he dies, you lose.

Basically, immediately take over sector 17, 12, 11, 18, 15, and

Immediately start building AA and HG at sector 11, near the
beach. That's your primary chokepoint. If possible, push to
sector 8, but it's not required. Put all your tanks and such
there to hold. Build defense tower as well and put snipers in
there. Regular AA would do if you build two of them together.

Push to 18 and then 15, start building toughs and snipers and
leave them at sector 15. Try to push north a bit and hold at the
mouth of the valley. The valley itself has AT and HG covering it.
Land force won't be able to get through. Build HG and defense
tower at the mouth of the valley. Add AA and such to help.

Enemy doesn't seem to use fighter-bomber as often on this
mission. Thus anti-missile defense is not required.

Once you got your section of the map secured, it's time to build
up your air power. Build 2-3 air hangars and build a fleet of
gunships and wasps. Figure 10 of each type is good. Then send
them to clear the sector 1 and sector 2. Use airpower to hold
those sectors. Use APCs or cargo hoppers to ferry units across
and capture those sectors.

You may be able to push into sector 5, but it's not strictly
necessary. Just hold at eastern edge of sector 4 and build enough
defenses to hold there.

By now, the enemy should be squeezed into only 3 or 4 sectors,
while you're accumulating more and more units. When ready, send
in your strike force. Air power first to kill AA sites and fixed
guns like AT and HG. Then send in the ground forces to kill
mobile units and AA sites. Kill the enemy CC should end all
practical resistance, though definitely kill the factories around
it first.

Even if you don't succeed the first time, just try again when you
get a second strike force accumulated. You outproduce him, and
that previous attack would have weakened him. Just try again.

The building you need to get Clarke into is in a small valley,
next to the anti-missile defense. Send in ground units to clear
out the opposition,. Send in an APC with Clarke along with a
technician. Have technician convert the structure, then send
Clarke inside, and you win!

4.5   Act V: ???

Act V occurs on a tundra-planet

4.5.1     Prologue

Lassar starts a match between Transglobal and Megacom archives
trying to identify Viper. It wasn't Horowitz. However, when
Neal's name was plugged into the system... He used to known as
Viper! And Zod had sent Omega to him... Neal called and told Zod
that he has a special mission for them...

4.5.2     Mission 21: Pier Pressure

Neal has ordered you to capture the Transglobal Advanced Shipyard
and Advanced Air Hangar.
|       |   |   | 4 |       |
|   1   | 2 | 3 +---+   5   |
|       |   |   |   |       |
+---+---+---+   |   +-------+
| 6 |   7   |   |    8      |
|     9     |10 |    11     |
|12 |13 |14 |  15   |   16  |
|   +---+---+-------+---+   |
|   |17 |18 |           |   |
|   |   |   |    19     |   |
+---+---+   |           +---+
|20 |       |           |21 |

Map is dominated by water. There are roughly FOUR landmasses, all
surrounded by water. Naval forces and air force will be your most
important ones. You probably don't need much ground force at all.

Notable sectors

13) Your CC

1) The structures you need to capture

5) Enemy CC

18) Unclaimed radar station

21) Unclaimed robot factory

15) Unclaimed stores

Primary Objectives:

* Capture TransGlobal Advanced Ship Yard

* Capture TransGlobal Advanced Air Hangar

Overall strategy: claim enough sectors for defense, then sneak in
some spies into range spot fire for the big guns, to take out
enemy fixed defenses. Then send in the troops and air power. You
will need enough sea power to protect your shores, but that
should not be a problem.

You start on the southwestern island. Quickly capture EVERYTHING
on your section of the map, and quickly go for the southeastern
island as well. There are some sectors in the corners that you
will need access to as you will need every last bit of income.

Start building AA near all important structures as well as
demolish all the bridges (3 of them) leading to your side of the
territory. That will limit the enemy to APC and cargo hopper
raids, both are easily handled.

Send a spy to edge of shore and put mortar tank on the short as
indirect fire support. Build heavy guns and AA to back them up.

Build the shipyard north of your CC and start making destroyers
and battlecruisers. Don't send them out yet, but be ready. Make
toughs from your robot factory. You don't need too many of them.
You don't really need vehicle factory either, but build some
mortar tanks and such to help hold the bridges. Sell them if you
think you have enough.

Enemy will raid you with ships and choppers, that's why you need
AA all over the place. Add laser defense if you think you have
the money, but AI doesn't seem to use fighter-bombers in this

Build two air hangars when you can and start building those wasps
and gunships. You'll need at least 10 of each, probably more.

Send APC to middle island (with troops) and capture those two
islands for more income when possible. Put gunships over the
islands as temporary defense.

When you get a nice fleet, send them into the middle island and
use those to cover the troops on the island. Now you need to
build up your air force, and decide if you want quick strike or
total annihilation.

If you want quick strike, destroy the bridge linking the two
northern islands so they can't reinforce via ground (use navy or
airforce for that). Then send in the air force. Wipe out
everything on the northwestern island except the structures you
need (i.e. air hangar and shipyard). Then repair your bridge
leading to the island and send in the ground troops to occupy all
sectors. Have technicians convert the two structures.

If you want total annihilation, send gunships and wasps to
northeastern island instead, and take out all the factories and
such. Then send in your attack force (ground force that is) under
cover of your navy and air force. Wipe out the enemy factories
and CC and they will have NO income to build anything any more.
Then repair the bridge and slowly conquer both islands after
clearing it of all defenders with your airforce, then convert the
hangar and shipyard.

Once both structures are converted, you win!

4.5.3     Mission 22: Hawaii Psy-Cho

General Horowitz was kidnapped by Neal. He's wired up to the
gills with explosives, and we must rescue him. Of course it's a

|1 |   2   |   3   |    4   |
|  |       |       +--------+
|  |       |       |    5   |
+--+----+--+----+--+        |
|   6   |   7   | 8|        |
|       |       |  +--------+
|       |       |  |    9   |
+--+----+--+----+--+        |
|10|   11  |   12  |        |
|  |       |       +--------+
|  |       |       |   13   |
+--+----+--+----+--+        |
|  14   |  15   |16|        |
|       |       |  +--------+
|       |       |  |   17   |

The map is full of water with lots of islands. Heliborne assault
is the key, and LOTS of air cover. You don't need vehicles much
except some light tanks and mortar tanks to defend. This game is
won by naval and air power, with infantry used to conquer

Notable sectors:

14) Your CC

5) General Horowitz, inside an explosive-laden compound. The
enemy CC is also here.

9) Helipad for evacuation.

Primary Objective:

* Free General Horowitz

* Release Horowitz with Explosive expert.

* Evacuate Horowitz from the helipad to south

Quickly conquer every single sector on the island near you.

Build the shipyard and build gunboat and destroyer and

Build toughs to guard the perimeter, and add AA all over the
place, as you'll see LOTS of choppers.

Use APC to ferry a few toughs and such to the nearby islands to
take more flags. Once you get like about 20-30 toughs, stop
making toughs. You need to build other stuff.

Build 2 air hangars, and start building attack choppers and
wasps. Make a nice big group (at least 10 of each) and use that
to sweep the island to west. If enemy attacks, use the choppers
as your reaction force. Don't approach sector 7 yet, as that
island has a laser defense in the southern part and you'll suffer
heavy losses. When island's clear, land 4-6 toughs per island.
Make more toughs if you need to.

Enemy will raid you with choppers, cargo hoppers, and occasional
APCs. Your ships should keep the coast relatively clear, so
spread them out a bit, and add a bit of air power as cover.

Continue hopping island to island. Use naval ships to bombard AA,
air power to take on fixed defenses, then land the infantry to
take over. If it's not possible to send in cargo hopper, use APC
(you'll need 2-3 of them). Conquer every single sector around the

Finally, you get to sector 3. Clear the way into sector 4, then
sector 5. Destroy the enemy CC and factories with your air power.
Clear sector 9 for the escape route.

Land the explosive expert to release Horowitz from that prison,
and get Horowitz to the helipad. When the chopper comes in, send
Horowitz onboard. When the chopper leaves, you win!

4.5.4     Mission 23: Phone a Friend

Horowitz must talk to Keeler, the Megacom leader, and the Megacom
Senate. However, the only comm facility nearby belongs to

WARNING: This mission is extremely difficult. Expect to restart
this mission many times.

| 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 |
|   +---+   |   +---+---+
|   | 7 |   |   | 8 | 9 |
|  10   |  11   |12 |13 |
+-------+       +---+---+
|  14   |       |15 |16 |
|17 |18 |  19   |20 |21 |
+---+---+---+---+---+   |
|22 |23 |24 |  25   |   |

Map is again full of water, with series of islands to hold to
west and big landmass to east and south. Grab all the islands to
the northwest (you can blitz them) Hold your own islands and
expand when you can. Hold the bridges, depend against the few air
attacks, and you can hold your own. Figure one anti-missile laser
near your CC (nice big defense radius) plus heavy guns at all

Notable sectors:

17) Your CC

22) Unclaimed radar

2) Unclaimed robot factory

1) Unclaimed stores (2) and heavy gun

10) Unclaimed air hangar with AT gun

19) Unclaimed vehicle factory with heavy gun

5) Enemy CC?

15) Enemy comm center, your objective (capture it and get
Horowitz inside)

Primary Objectives:

*  Escort Horowitz to Comm Center to make the transmission
(sector 15)

*  Guard the comm center until transmission is over (appears

*  Destroy the enemy CC (sector 5?) (appears later)

This one is a mad rush for territory then trying to hold onto
them. You MUST hold half of the map and defend that half, or you
will lose. Decide now either western half or southern half.

If you want to defend western half, you can defend at sector 23
as well but sector 24 is better. Two heavy guns on the ridges
plus some toughs and you should have no problems. Chokepoints are
at 18, 24, 2, and 7.

Immediately claim the radar in sector 22 so you can direct
traffic. You need sector 1 immediately as it has 2 stores you can
sell for more cash. Usually enemy attacks via the coast around
sector 14. However, they CAN and eventually WILL attack via the
southern map border through sector 24. If you're not prepared
both ways, you will LOSE!

Send your quick forces (Psychos and Pyros only) north to sector
14 then sector 10 immediately Destroy ALL east-west bridges ASAP
except the one in sector 14. You don't want enemies to get any
ideas. Leave one behind to blow bridges. Quickly capture sectors
1, 2, and 7. Sell off the stores, refinery, heavy gun, and if
necessary, the air hangar in 7 with AT gun. With that income, you
should be able to build a decent defense with what you got on the
mainland. Destroy that bridge and put guards at the flag.

If you want southern half, rush your units east and see if you
can get to sectors 15 and 16 first. Those ridges are excellent
for holding up enemy attacks if you can get some heavy guns

There's a ridge just east of you with a defense tower. Claim the
flag there immediately with your toughs. Build a SEPARATE defense
tower west of CC and send Horowitz and technician inside. They're
too vulnerable in the open. Build heavy gun and AA on the ridge.
Leave one construction bot near them. Build more heavy guns and
AA on the ridge when possible.

The reason you don't put Horowitz and technician in the eastern
one is that one gets attacked quite often. If one missile
launcher hit a tower with full salvo, bye-bye goes the tower,
along with everybody inside! Thus, put them in a separate tower
(or bunker if you're short on cash).

Snipers and Toughs should be your primary defense. Sniper will
depopulate enemy vehicles, while toughs blow them apart. Toughs
can also defense against raiding aircrafts. Add vehicle factory
for mortar tanks when possible. You also need some light tanks
for air defense, but toughs do that better. Put snipers in
bunkers or defense towers. A tower with 4 toughs and 2 snipers
inside is hard to kill. Back them up with AA and HGs.

Build AA and AT guns along all approaches plus heavy guns. AT in
front, one to two AA behind the AT, then one HG behind that.
Build AA first (one) then HG, then AT, then final AA. If you got
room, put a defense tower behind them as well and put toughs
inside. That should provide a nearly leakproof defense. Add
construction bot or two, plus a few Wasps as air cover. Before
you get the HG in place, put mortar tank temporarily.

There's a vehicle factory in sector 19 if you can get there
quickly. The forces that claimed the radar can get to sector 23,
24, then 19. Sell off excess structures that you can't defend.
The vehicle factory is too far in enemy territory, so sell it
(and the heavy gun) if they're under attack.

Your primary defense line is that ridge just east of you, though
you can defend slightly further east. That limits your real-
estate somewhat, but you have more islands to north you can build
on. Remember to build AA first (lots of sneak attacks by
choppers) THEN build your structures. Or just build lots of
toughs. You WILL need to defend both northeast and southeast of
your CC, or you will get blind-sided.

Alternative strategy is RUSH for sector 11, which has HG's on the
cliffs. If you have enough toughs around, that sector can be held
easily.  That keeps the enemy off balance. Use the HG's there to
chew them up while you can rush the other sectors for more
income. Then build enough attack choppers and Wasps to empty the
enemy sectors.

When possible push into sector 3 and defend there. Enemy raids
usually come from sector 4 and 5, so sector 3 defense will bottle
them up. A nice defense tower with fixed guns to back them up,
plus a bit of air cover should serve quite nicely.

When you got the defense perimeter secured, start building
hangars and accumulate a nice air force (figure 8-16 Wasps and
Attack Choppers each). Then send them in to clear sector by
sector. After sector is cleared, move in and occupy with your
ground forces (probably don't need too many vehicles), and build
defenses to control the next chokepoint. If you're short on
money, sell off some fixed defenses behind the front-lines.

One risky strategy is accumulate an airforce large enough (10+
crafts), then send it straight into sector 5 (before their anti-
missile defense get built). Kill the AA sites, then go after the
CC. If you can wipe out their CC you pretty much have the game
won already. If it doesn't look like you'll kill the CC, go after
the factories instead (save the game before you send in the
attack). That should give you a chance to establish your defenses
better and to go for another attack later.

Push sector by sector until your perimeter includes the comm
center. I would go conquer the southern sectors first. Then you
can control the chokepoints with tanks and missile tracks.

Once area is secure, send in Horowitz and technician. Have
technician convert the building, then send in Horowitz, and wait
until the transmission ends.

Once that's done, it's time to take out the Transglobal CC. By
this time, the game should be just mopping up, as their income is
limited while you're rolling in the bucks. You don't need me to
tell you how to annihilate the enemy...

Or you can annihilate the enemy THEN send in Horowitz. Either way

4.5.5     Mission 24: Shore Thing

Keeler has ordered the re-mobilization of the troops, while you
must deal with Neal / Viper. Unfortunately, Viper's stronghold is
too strong for a frontal assault. Lassar recommended that you
attack the coastal defenses first, and breach from there.

| 1|  2  |  3  |  4  | 5|
|  |     |     |     |  |
|  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |
|     |     |     |     |
|10| 11  |  12 | 13  |14|
|  |     |     |     |  |
| 15  | 16  | 17  | 18  |
|     |     |     |     |

The map has a lot of water, river divides the map in roughly

Notable sectors

17) Your CC

3) Enemy CC

Primary Objectives:

*    Destroy the enemy CC

This one is actually quite simple after that huge messy mission
previously. Basically, build enough defenses and units to hold
your side of the map. Then accumulate a nice airforce and go
straight for the enemy CC.

There really isn't much to this at all. Grab all the sectors on
your island, then build a shipyard in sector 13. And build some
ships of every type. Build defenses at each bridge, hold the
bridges at all costs. Build laser defense one per sector near the
waterfront to intercept the incoming planes and such. Add HG to
intercept any APCs and such as well. Enemies WILL raid you and
these defenses will stop them cold.

Build 2 or 3 air hangars around a nice flat spot, ring it with AA
and HG guns and toughs. Then build up your airforce, figure 20 to
30 attack choppers or so.

When ready, send the group straight to sector 5, and take out the
laser defense. That thing can only kill one target at a time.
Then go after the enemy CC. If first wave couldn't do it, send in
a second wave of 10-15 each.

Once enemy CC blows up, you win!

4.5.6     Mission 25: Storm in a Teacup

You have penetrated Viper's outer defenses. You must get Zod into
Viper's HQ before he unleashes the Omega device!
|               |         |       |       |
|   1     +-----+   2     |   3   |   4   |
|         |               |       |       |
|   |  6  |       7       |   8   |       |
|   +--+--+----+------+---+-------+       |
|   |  |  | 12 |      |14 |       |       |
|   |10|11+----+  13  +---+  15   |       |
| 5 |  |  | 16 |      |17 |       |   9   |
|   +--+--+----+------+---+---+---+       |
|   |     |       19      |   |   |       |
|   | 18  +----+------+---+20 |21 |       |
|   |     | 22 |  23  |24 |   |   |       |
|         |    |  27  |       |   |       |
|   25    |    +------+       |28 |  29   |
|         |       26          |   |       |

The land is basically divided into northern and southern land
masses, with a few islands east and west. There's a big "river"
through sectors 6, 7, and 8.

You now have access to EVERY unit in the game.

Notable sectors:

26) Your CC

14) Viper's HQ

7) Enemy CC

Primary Objective:

*    Get Zod into Viper's HQ

(You'll need to convert the building first with a technician!)

This is still your normal "grab the land quickly" type of fight,
except the units are more numerous and the map's bigger.

You start with 2 APCs. Use them to grab the islands to east and
west. Drop off the construction bot on the coast to build
defenses. One HG and one AA should be sufficient for a while.
Bring the APC back for reloads.

Build more toughs and psychos and lasers immediately.

Sell the teleport when you need the money. It takes too long to
get the spies into position.

Send your units northeast and northwest, quickly grab more
sectors. Send off the construction bots to build AA and HG for

You have a shockwave cannon and a disruptor, use them. Shockwave
takes a while to charge up, but it delivers one heck of a punch
at the impact area. Use the spy as spotters and send in disruptor
(with const bot for repairs and plenty of escorts) and shockwave
to demolish everything between you and the opposition.

There are no bridges on west side, so just defend the coast.
Beware of enemy naval bombardment.

On the east side you see a bunch of bridges in northeastern
corner. However, there's only one way down, so if you can hold
that gap with mortar tanks, tanks, and maybe a little air power,
you can build AT, AA, and HG to hold permanently.

Once you've bottled them up to only sporadic attacks, you can
even build laser defense further forward to kill enemy choppers
way forward.

Then it's just a matter of accumulating a huge force (air and
ground), send them in, and level the enemy CC and all structures.

Another possibility is order the stealth bomber and have it bomb
the enemy CC. You will need to get a spy into position though to
spot for the bomber. Then stealth bomb the CC twice (you'll need
two hangars). Then send in the choppers (10 of them) They
probably won't survive, but that's not their purpose. Or you can
use the spy to spot the anti-missile defense instead. THEN you
can kill that with stealth bomber, then send the choppers in
against the enemy CC.

Once enemy CC's gone, clean up the enemy base. Then send in
technician to convert the Viper HQ, then send in Zod...

4.6   Act VI

You're back on Rigal... And war is on again...

4.6.1     Prologue

Zod was unable to stop Viper in time... Horowitz took out Viper
and sent Zod off in the escape pod before the HQ blew up. Zod's
"outlaw army" is Megacom's last hope as Transglobal is ready to
mount a full attack...

4.6.2     Mission 26: A to Zed

We have no chance to defend ourselves without the network, being
affected by Omega. We must defeat the Transglobal Intelligence HQ
and grab the battleplans from their facility, then we can
anticipate their moves.

|    1    |         |    3    |         |
+---------+    2    +---------+    4    |
|         |         |         |         |
|    5    +---------+    7    +---------+
|         |         |         |         |
+---------+    6    +---------+    8    |
|         |         |         |         |
|    9    +---------+   11    +---------+
|         |         |         |   12    |
+---------+   10    +---------+         |
|         |         |         |         |
|   13    +---------+   15    +---------+
|         |         |         |         |
+---------+   14    +---------+   16    |
|   17    |         |   18    |         |

Lots of water again. Land is basically L-shaped (your side) and
one big island in the middle of the map (their side).

Notable Sectors

13) Your CC

11) Mission Objective and enemy CC

Primary Objectives:

*    Infiltrate research complex

*    Enter the enemy Intelligence HQ and recover battleplans

*    Return the battleplans to your Command Center

WARNING: There is a 4-minute timer starting from the time the
first LAND unit touches sector 11, and that includes spies. After
4 minutes the facility blows sky high, and you fail if you
haven't retrieved the data by then!

This one features less sectors, but more trouble. The enemy has
established defenses, though you don't get bothered much if you
can secure the two bridges quickly. One bridge is in sector 12,
while the other is in sector 5.

Push 2 medium tanks and some toughs north to sectors 9, 5, and 1.
Stop at the bridge, and blow it. Send a construction bot and
build AA and heavy gun there. BLOW THAT BRIDGE! (and keep it

Send ALL your other units east (sectors 14, 18, and 16) except 1
construction bot. You need to hold sector 16, as enemy will raid
you through the bridge in 12, though they send attack force piece-
meal only. Put up a dozen or so mortar tanks covered by light and
medium tanks, along with toughs and snipers. Mortar tanks will
also protect the shipyard (next paragraph).

Repair the shipyard in 14, and put up AA and such near it to
protect it from enemy naval and air raids. Build a bunch of
battlecruisers, cruisers, and destroyers to cover your coast and
your shipyard. Enemy has control of 2 shipsyards so you are on
the defensive for now.

When you can, start moving east. Enemy raids probably took
sectors 18 and 16 by now. Retake them one at a time. Your
objective is to take out the shipyard in sector 12, and control
the bridge there as well. However, do NOT cross the bridge (yet).

Also, don't bother building the shipyard in sector 12. It's
within enemy disruptor/shockwave range.

Now you need a bunch of spies (2-4), and at least 2 technicians
(preferably 4). You can stop building ground units after you
build these. Your existing ones will be enough if you use them
right. From here on, it's air force show.

You need to get spies onto the central island to spot for your
stealth bomber attacks. Sell the robot and vehicle factories if
you need the money. Build 3-4 air hangars, and start building
stealth bomber and attack choppers. Figure, 5-10 choppers to 1
stealth bomber. You really only need two stealth bomber attacks,
though another 1 or 2 wouldn't hurt.

Save the game now so you don't have to start over in case
something goes wrong.

Get the spies onto the central island, but do NOT enter the
sector containing the research center. Instead, put them all
AROUND the place. Locate the anti-missile defenses (there should
be at least two of them). Send in the stealth bomber and blast
it. Now you can get a little closer... You need to blast the
enemy CC. Two stealth bomber hits and it should be history.

By this time you should have a nice fleet to attack choppers (30
or so). Send them all in and blast everything on the island
(except the research complex). AA towers would be your primary
target. Then shoot all the factories and fixed defenses and such.
Actual units would be last.

Use your air power and wipeout EVERYTHING on the island, except
for the research complex. Save the game again in case something
goes wrong.

Any way, when the island has been completely cleared of enemy
presence, and spies have not spotted anything else, send in the
technicians and convert the research complex. Then send the
technician inside. He re-emerges with a briefcase! Now send the
technician with the briefcase back to your CC. Evacuate all
friendly units from enemy territory. '

Your technician may just make it back to your CC before the
timer's up. Send him into the CC, and you're done!

4.6.3     Mission 27: Bomb Voyage

As Omega travels through the network, Transglobal is attacking in
the chaos left by the virus. We must slow down Transglobal
offensive by destroying their factories.

|    1     |  2 |  3 |
|  4  |  5 |    |  7 |
+-----+----+  6 +----+
|  8  |  9 |    | 10 |
| 11  |    | 13 | 14 |
+-----+ 12 +----+----+
| 15  |    | 16 | 17 |
|     +----+----+----+
|     | 18 |   19    |

The river cuts through half of the map north and south. There's
some hostile shipyards way up north, while you have one shipyard
to the south.

Again, the chokepoints are the bridges. If you can hold the
bridges in 16, 13, and 6, you can hold back the tide and get some
attack through.

There's a vehicle factory in sector 13, which you should hold
just for the principle. You also have sector 7 with teleport, but
that's nearly useless. Sell if you if you need the money. Enemy
choppers will raid you immediately. You have a construction bot
there, start building AA and HG for defense.

There's robot factory in 14 as well. Claim it for quick boost in

Build 2 gunboats at the shipyard, and wait. That's mainly air
defense, nothing else really. Build 1 each of cruisers,
destroyer, and battlecruiser if you like. A missile boat's cute,
but takes too long to fire.

You need lots of toughs and mortar tanks for defense, plus some
light tanks and medium tanks for firepower and bridge
interdiction. Basically, build 2 HG's and 2 AA's at each bridge
and blow them apart and keep it blown apart. Then work your way
north into sector 6 slowly. Build up a bit of air power to help
you with that.

There are LOTS of heavy guns along that "channel" so ships are
NOT recommended as you'll keep losing them (and the money you
spent building them). Use a bit of air power to clean up the
channel before sending in the ships.

Enemy has robot factories in 6 and air hangars in 7. Get spies
into position so you can bombard them with cruisers,
battlecruisers, destroyers, or even a stealth bomber attack. They
are packed in close enough so that one bomb may take out multiple

The somewhat harder way is build up enough stealth bomber
attacks, then get enough units into visual range to designate the
target (usually air units). That is actually a waste of money,
but sometimes necessary. Enemy has plenty of radar jammers for
detecting spies, and your spies won't live long in that

Once you control the bridge in sector 6, as well as the 2 other
bridges to south of it, post enough guards so NOTHING will get
through, then it's time to take out sector 2 and 3. I recommend
you attack from the air instead. A nice fleet of attack choppers
will decimate their defenses, even if they have anti-missile
stations. Sector 2 can be reached by ground, but sector 3 is
accessible by sea only, and they have 2 HG's guarding the
entrance. Thus the air attack.

Use air attack to clear the "channel" of any more HG's that may
be hidden that could endanger your ships.

Any way, kill sector 2's factories, and see if you can take out
the 2 shipyards just beyond it. (One's in the corner of sector
1). Or just get a spy into range and stealth bomb it. Then clean
out sector 3 (kill the anti-missile station first). Then rest of
the sector. Consider sending ships to take out the shipyards if
channel's been cleared.

Load up the APC with some soldiers and drop them off in sector 3
(assuming you're cleared the "channel". If not, build a cargo
hopper and deploy that instead into sector 3.

Now you got half of the map... It's time to take out the other
half. You can do this the hard way, but by now, you should only
need to destroy 2 factories to win, so why do things the hard
way? Just build up a fleet of 10-20 choppers, and designate them
in a group. Then build up two stealth bomber attacks.

Send the choppers for a mad dash to enemy factories, and when
they're in range, designate the target when you can. Bring the
choppers back ASAP as you want to minimize losses. Then just
watch the fireworks. Boom! Then send them in again, and repeat to
take out the other factory.

Alternatively, send in choppers to go after jammers, then get
spies into position to spot targets (may need to use APC to land
on opposite shore). THEN you can use missile boat and stealth
bomber to attack the place.

I hope you've taken out everything you needed so far.

Congratulations, you have won this mission!

4.6.4     Mission 28: Double Bubble

Transglobal is moving their forces to block us. We must cut
through and destroy them, along with all their bases.
|   |    2    |   |   |    5    |
| 1 +---------+ 3 | 4 +---------+
|   |         |   |   |    7    |
|   |    6    |   |   |         |
+---+         +---+---+-----+---+
|   |         |   |   11    |   |
| 8 +---------+   +---------+12 |
|   |    9    |10 |         |   |
+---+-----+---+---+   13    +---+
|   14    |   |   |         |   |
+---------+15 |16 +---------+17 |
|   18    |   |   |   19    |   |
|   20    |    21     |   22    |

Notable sectors:

20) Your CC

5), 6), and 13) the bases you need to destroy

5) Enemy CC

Primary Objectives:

*    Destroy all Transglobal naval bases

*    Destroy all Transglobal air bases

*    Destroy hostile CC

This one requires a steady and quick hand during the initial
rush. If you can hold your island, you should be okay. You will
need 2 explosive experts (to blow up bridges), 2-4 construction
bots (to built lots of defenses like AA and HG), and 2-4 snipers
(to supplement the defenses). You will also need toughs to
supplement air defense.

When your defenses can hold, build up spies and stealth bombers.
Get your spies into enemy territory and locate enemy bases to
bomb, then send in the stealth bombers. Alternatively, you can
send in attack choppers and rocket them into pieces.

Start: Immediately go north and east. Put sniper near the bridge
to the north with mortar tank. Drop the bridge. Send a couple
units to southeast of you, as there's another bridge "behind"
you. Build up defenses at both bridges to hold. You can put in a
laser defense when you get the money against enemy choppers, but
that can wait. Build standard bridge defense... One HG to kill
the bridge, one more HG to bombard any units beyond the bridge,
then 2 AA (or a nearby laser) to defend them. Add an AT just in
case something gets close enough.

Another spot to guard is northwest corner of your island. There's
spot for APC landing there. Another APC landing spot is
southeast, near the bridge. Watch out for APC landings. A couple
toughs there should be sufficient.

Once that's built, put a laser defense in sector 14 (near the
northern bridge). Put a second one there when you can, and
that'll stop the enemy choppers cold.

Now it's time to decide if you want total annihilation or quick

For quick victory, build spies and stealth bombers. Get spies
into range of enemy bases, and send in the stealth bombers and
blast them repeatedly. Do this to all three bases, and you win!
(even if they rebuild). However, enemy is not dumb... They have
those radar jammers for spotting spies all over the place. So be
careful. You may want to combine this with the annihilation

For annihilation, build up enough land force to force a crossing
via the southern bridge, as well as a good air force to cover the
attack. Take 21, 22, and 19, and hold temporarily while you
consolidate. You can build a few ships at the shipyard in 15 to
help you secure the sectors, but it's not required.

Continue to work your way north slowly, build defenses as you go.
Take sector 17 and hold that bridge. Sector 13 is the naval base.
Enemy will keep sending construction bots to rebuild it, so the
only way to stop them cold is to take sector 11 and 12 as well
and cut the bridge. On the other hand, why? Let them try to
rebuild it... Just waste his construction bots. Send in choppers
and clear those sectors of all defenders. Then kill the ships,
and finally, conquer sector 13 and wipe out the shipyard (2 of
them). If they send in a construction bot, you can blast it.
Leave the bridge up and let them waste money.

Now comes somewhat harder part. Enemy CC is in sector 5, but you
can't conquer it outright. It has laser defense, two gun towers,
plus lots of different factories. You may want to attack the
island first, as you've pretty much isolated it from the enemy in
sector 5 already. Though it doesn't really matter. Build up an
attack force. Charge in with your airforce first, take out the
laser and AA sites (at heavy losses of course). Then it's just a
matter of killing those 3 air hangars and the rest of the island
is yours.

Or you can sneak in a spy or two onto the island, and direct the
stealth bombers. Two runs ought to nail all three hangars, or go
after the laser defense first and use choppers to finish up. If
you have missile boats, use them too.

You will need to defend yourself from attacks through sector 3
and 10 (from sector 5). However, if you have built the defenses
that should not be a problem. Sell off the defenses behind the
front lines if you are short on money. Consider building new
factories closer to the front and selling off the existing
factories in order to attack faster.

A final section of enemy remains... The enemy CC and more
production facilities are in sector 5. They have defenses pretty
well sown up, but you should be able to get a spy close enough to
spot the guntowers. Then send in the stealth bomber for one or
two runs. Move the spy further in and spot the laser defense if
possible. Bomb that as well. Sometimes, you can just spot for
those "boxes" and debris on the ground, and the bomb will damage
stuff nearby.

Now just send in your choppers and go after the CC itself. Blast
it and the game's mostly won... Send in at least 12 choppers to
be sure.

Finally, kill all the factories near the CC, and you win! Conquer
the sectors if you wish, but the game should end before you can
do so.

Alternative approach: attack through the northern bridge and take
out the island using spy sneak and stealth bombers. Conquer the
entire island and secure that. Then attack east from the island
to take out the enemy CC, leave the shipyard in sector 13 for

4.6.5     Mission 29: Home Improvements

Omega is scheduled to hit this sector soon. You are the vanguard
and you must hold until the rest of your forces arrive. Help the
local garrison hold or we won't be able to counterattack. You
must hold for 20 minutes.

NOTE: When Omega hits, you won't be able to build any more
WORKING defenses, or any more construction bots! Thus, save the
ones you got VERY carefully! Your goal is survival, which means
one of those leakproof defenses, and you cannot use fixed
defenses to do it. Ah, but that's the challenge...

|     1     |     2     |     3     |
|     |   5 |  6  |  7  |  8  |     |
|  4  +-----+-----+-----+-----+  9  |
|     |  10 | 11  | 12  | 13  |     |
| 14  | 15  |    16     | 17  |  18 |
|    19     |     |     |    22     |
+-----------+ 20  | 21  +-----------+
|    23     |     |     |    24     |

Notable sectors

16) Your CC

2) Enemy CC

Primary Objectives:

* Locate and reinforce local garrison

* Protect the Command Center in the Garrison Base

* Survive until reinforcements arrive (in about 20 minutes)

* Destroy the enemy Command Center after reinforcements arrive

You have TWO MINUTES to get to the base (and sell off its
defenses) and start preparing your welcome for the Transglobals.
Remember, NO fixed defense.

Just head forward, kill that heavy tank (order ALL your light
tanks to shoot) and move past it. Heavy tank can't hit moving
targets. Then turn right 45 degrees and keep going. You may need
to kill another heavy tank to get to the base. You may lose 2
light tanks, but that's expected.

Once you get to the base, sell off ALL the AT guns. You only have
seconds left. When Omega hits they go cuckoo. For the vehicle
factory, build mortar tanks and medium tanks. Align most of them
just north. Keep the construction bots near the landing pads so
you can keep them AWAY from the fighting. Do NOT build any fixed
defenses. In fact, SELL OFF the vehicle factory after you've
built 2 more mortar tanks.

Send psychos and such to sectors east, west, and south and nab
some sectors for extra income. Doubt you'll run into many
enemies, as most of them just go straight for your base. Bring
them back as you need to men. You can always send them out again.
Most of the sectors are undefended.

Build one spy if possible and use him as spotter further north so
you can spot the enemies coming in. The rest should be toughs and
snipers (3 to 1 ratio).

Enemies may sneak all around, just watch for them, put a couple
guys on the other sides, but most should go north, stay at the
border. You should have no problem holding on. Snipers should go
between the front-line tanks, with toughs and mortar tanks behind
them. Put them in defense mode so they don't chase the enemies

Now you just need to survive for 20 minutes after omega hits the
CC. Do NOT build any defenses (not even laser defense). You can't
sell them after omega hits. Keep the construction bots back from
the fighting. You need them to expand after the battle. Move
units as necessary to guard different sides.

When 20 minutes are up, Zod's 2 dropships come in with
reinforcements... Lots of heavy firepower, but still no
construction bots.

From here on, it's basically build up enough forces to take over
sectors (both north and south). I suggest you go south instead,
as enemies don't seem to build any more factories and such.
Contain them to north, and expand south, east, and west. Take
sectors 20 and 21. There is probably enemy shipyard to south.
Convert it with a technician so it can serve you instead, or blow
it apart then rebuild it (cost more $$$).

From 20 and 21, go to the corners (22/24 and 19/23) and take all
of them. Now you have a "front" that should be able to handle any
leakers. Slowly push the front northward, one sector at a time.
Take sectors 10, 11, 12, and 13. Then take sectors 4 and 9.

Continue until you've contained the enemy completely, and built
up a significant force. Take over sectors 5 through 8, then
sector 1 and sector 3, and enemy's completely bottled up.

Build a few spies and stealth bombers, and use those to take out
perimeter defenses, radar and jammers, and so on. Then just
unleash stealth bomber on the enemy CC. When the enemy CC goes
poof, you win!  (Or you can send in attack choppers, that's up to

4.6.6     Mission 30: War and Pieces

The grand finale... Omega cannot be stopped, so we're doing an
end-run... We're taking on the Transglobal Senate directly. If we
can take out the Senate, we will win the war right here...

|        |        |   3   |  4   |   5   |
|   1    |   2    |   +---+---+--+---+   |
+--------+--------+---+   6   |  7   +---+
|   8    |   9    |   +---+---+--+---+   |
|        |        |  10   |  11  |   12  |
|   |   14    |   |       |   |  18  |   |
|13 +---------+15 |  16   |17 +------+19 |
|   |   20    |   |       |   |  21  |   |
|  22    |   23   |  24   |       |      |
|   +----+----+---+---+   |  25   |  26  |
+---+   27    |  28   +---+-------+------+
|   +----+----+----+--+   |  32   |  33  |
|  29    |   30    |  31  |       |      |

Notable sectors:

7)   Your CC

27)  Transglobal senate: DESTROY IT!

29)  Enemy CC

Primary Objective:

*    Destroy TransGlobal Senate

You need to build up your defenses, then accumulate enough air
power to fry the enemy senate and the missile defense.

Your primary defense is again, heavy guns, toughs, and occasional
snipers. Build defense towers ASAP and construction bot repair

Sell off ALL non-essential structures in the beginning to get the
defenses up and running. Sell off vehicle factory (sector 19),
robot factory (sector 3) and the guns spread out all over the
place that you can claim. You need the money to build your own

Most attack will come through sector 11. Some will come through
sector 3. Some may even come through sector 12. Those should be
your primary defense chokepoints, in roughly that order.

Get a spy or two out so the HG's can engage the targets further

Build up the defenses (you'll need 2-3 HG's in sector 11 and 1-2
HG's in sector 3 plus other defenders) and make sure you can
hold. Build defense tower and/or gun tower to help you defend.

Watch out for enemy teleport attacks. If they send in some heavy
tanks, you're in trouble!

Once you got the defenses pretty much secured, build 3-4 air
hangars and queue up a large air force plus stealth bombers

Build a couple spies and get them into position, not TOO close to
the senate, but close enough to spot the radars and such covering
the place. Use stealth bombers liberally to remove air defenses
in the area, including anti-missile defense (laser defense). Then
just send in your air force and destroy the senate directly. The
senate has shields, but they are only activated in case of ground
attacks (pretty dumb if you ask me).

When the senate goes poof, you win!

Congratulations, you've defeated Transglobal!

4.7   Bonus Mission

There is a "bonus" mission named "Double Whammy" accessible under
"U" in the mission menu.

4.7.1     Bonus Mission: Double Whammy

NOTE: This is more like mission 12 than mission 30. You can't
even build heavy gun in this one.

|   1   |   |   |   4   |
+---+---+ 2 | 3 +---+---+
|   5   |   |   |   6   |
|       | 8 | 9 |       |
|   7   +---+---+  10   |
|       |11 |12 |       |
|  13   |14 |15 |  16   |
|   +---+---+---+---+   |
+---+   |  18   |   +---+
|  17   |       |  19   |

If you survived the campaign, this mission should be a piece of
cake. Defend, accumulate, then attack. Destroy the 4 factories
and you win!

Notable sectors:

18) Your CC

10) Enemy CC

2), 6) and 8) Factories you need to destroy (4 total)

Primary Objective:

*    Destroy the 4 Transglobal factories.

Your chokepoints are going to be sector 19 and sector 14, plus
the occasional chopper raids. You need lots of toughs and AA
sites. Beware of enemy gunboats to the south.

If you can secure the shipyard in 13, that would help a bit, as
those gunboats can help in defense of the bridge crossings.

The bridges are in sectors 13 and 16. You need to hold those
points ASAP or defend the sector just behind it, which would be
sectors 14 and 19 respectively.

Immediately claim sectors 14 and 15 for the radar, then 17. Put
the troops at the corner of 17,14, and 18 come together. Hold
there if there are no enemies. Else rush west and hold the
bridges in sector 13, though the gunboats in the shipyard will
give you trouble if you try it that way. Build AT guns and AA
sites to hold those two bridges, reinforce with mortar tanks and
such. The flag in sector 13 is actually on that island to the
west, so rush it ASAP and retreat.

Rush units to east and hold at south end of sector 19, where you
see this "ridge" that comes south to the beach. Hold at the beach
and get your units setup facing north, mortar tanks in back,
snipers in back, etc. Enemies will attack down that slope, so you
will hold here and let them come one at a time. Send construction
bots to build AT and AA here (3 AT's and 2 AA's at least).

Now you should be able to hold again all sorts of attacks. Build
2 to 3 air hangars and crank out a number of scout choppers and
gunships. If there's a major enemy attack, send in the choppers
to reinforce your defenders until you can get more ground units

When you get a nice fleet of 10 choppers, use them to bust each
of the factories. The factories don't have that much AA around

Kill all four factories and you win!

Should you prefer total annihilation, I recommend you heavily
reinforce the defense in sector 19. Then build enough gunboats to
destroy the bridge in sector 16 (you can use choppers too).
Position choppers to help you defend the ridge that leads to
sector 19.

Build up your ground forces send your gunboats in groups of 4 or
more to explore the water ways a bit. You want to see if there
are factories or other targets of opportunity you can kill from
the shoreline.

When your ground forces are ready, repair the bridge in sector 13
and get across, and start conquering the sectors from the
northwest to northeast, one at a time. Ground forces go after AA
sites and air forces go after AT guns. That way you minimize
casualties. Primary targets are defenders and factories.

You should be able to sweep across the map and take out all the
northern sectors though you may need to rest a few times and
accumulate more units.

By this time, enemy has almost no more factories left. Accumulate
enough force, then rush sector 10 with the enemy CC. By this
time, you probably won't even need to direct the traffic, as you
have so many units shooting already. Wipe out all factories, then
the 4 manufacturing plants at your leisure... And you win

5    Multiplayer in Z:SS

Z:SS is playable over the Internet. However, I have not tried it,
thus I have no information on it.

6    Misc. Items

Some other things about Z:Steel Soldiers that are worth
mentioning, but didn't belong to any category above.

6.1   Cheats

No cheat codes are in the game itself

6.2   Hacks

You can "hack" the save game files to enable all missions.

PLEASE make a backup of the files before attempting any of this.
I didn't try it so I can't help you on any of this.

Locate the directory into which you installed Z:SS.

Locate the .ZCM file that has your player name. For example, if
you named your player JOHN, the file would be JOHN.ZCM

Open the file with notepad

Locate the line that says CurrentLevel = [xxxxx] where xxxxx is
some value.

Replace the value with 92880144 (keep the brackets!)

Save the file and try inside the game.

6.3   Trainer

There is a trainer for the game for version 1.30 from  Search for it. However, latest version of the game
is V1.41 Beta 2.

To obtain older versions, try