Wing Commander - Privateer (e)

Andere Lösungen
                    Wing Commander: Privateer
                       and Righteous Fire
                Unofficial Strategy Guide and FAQ
                         by Kasey Chang
                   released December 20, 2002

0    Introduction

This FAQ now also covers Righteous Fire expansion pack.

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Privateer is one of the most flexible games created that allows
you to live out a variety of "lifestyles" in the Wing Commander
universe. It's quite sad to see EA/Origin drop the universe

This is a FAQ, NOT a manual. You won't learn how to play the game
with this document, and I'm NOT about to add it to ease the life
of software pirates.

This USG only covers the PC version since that's the only version
that I have (and exists?).

Some of you may recognize my name as the editor for the XCOM and
XCOM2: TFTD FAQ's, among others.


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I am just a game player who decided to write my own FAQs when the
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07-JAN-2002    Initial Release

20-DEC-2002    Updated spelling and grammar mistakes, some info
on getting the game to work on more modern machines, and updated
weapon specs. Added Righteous Fire info.


Q: Can you send me Privateer and/or Righteous Fire (or portions
A: No.

Q: Can you send me the manual (or portions thereof)?
A: No.

Q: Can you tell me how to play the game?
A: Read the manual.

Q: Can you help me get the game working?
A: No. This is a DOS game and getting it to work in Windows, esp.
XP, is nearly impossible. Use a bootdisk. You may also want to
look into some utilities which emulates plain-old Soundblaster
and older VESA VGA with modern hardware. However, that is not
within the purview of this FAQ. See for some tips

Q: Why is your FAQ shorter than other similar FAQs?
A: I don't repeat the stuff that's already in the manual. You can
read that yourself.

Q: What's the latest version?
A: This is before games get patches.

Q: Where are the cheat codes?
A: There are no cheat codes in this game. Just go into options
and turn on the invulnerability or other "cheats".

Q: Why didn't I make any money on that last run?
A: You don't make money while having a "cheat" turned on, like
invulnerability. You also cannot complete a mission in any way,
shape, or form.

Q: Why did some of my cargo disappeared after landing?
A: You cannot accept delivery missions for multiple destinations
at once. As soon as you land in the first base, all delivery
mission cargo NOT marked for that base will disappear. You,
however, do NOT get a penalty for failing other delivery

Q: How many factions are there?
A: Seven. See section [2] for details.

Q: How do I make more money?

A: You either trade (see section [6]) or accept missions (see
section [7])

Q: I can't mount a tractor beam!
A: You need a turret to mount tractor beam. Buy a turret first.

Q: I shoot a guided missile but it won't follow the enemy!
A: Only level 2 or higher scanner feature "target lock" for
guided missiles. If you still have your level 1 scanner guided
missiles won't guide.

Q: I have the tractor beam. How do I salvage objects in space?
A: To salvage a object, scan and locate the object. Fly up next
to it (don't bump it!), turn ship around so your rear turret is
facing the object. Switch to tractor beam, aim at the object, and
hit the trigger. The beam will reach out and drag it in. If you
don't get a beam, you're not close enough.

Q: I got the best scanners (level 3). Why do I see multiple ITTS
cross-hairs of different colors?
A: You got more than one type of guns and they're all active. As
each type of gun has different shot velocity, you get different
amounts of target lead, requiring multiple cross-hairs.

Q: When I buy a new ship and trade in the old one, what are
A: Your maps, your jump drive, your scanner, and the secret
compartment (see 11.4) if you got them. You have to buy
everything else.

Q: What's the maximum number of missions you can take on at a
A: I believe it's six, but finding that many you can take in one
trip would be difficult.

Q: At Oxford, I was escorting Drayman in. I killed all the
attackers, but I still failed!
A: Make sure the Drayman transmits "thank you" upon reaching the
planet BEFORE you land. If you land before it reaches the planet
you fail the mission.

Q: I can't survive that green thing chasing me around!
A: If you're not on a mission, just turn on "invulnerability" and
make it to a mining base other than Rygannon to hear some advice.

Q: What if I have questions about certain missions?
A: See specific mission walkthru.

1    Game Information


Privateer is a spiritual descendent of the game called Elite,
which is a VERY old game, having first came out for the 8-bit
computers using monochrome screens. Elite itself is partially
based on Game Designer Workshop's paper-and-pencil sci-fi role-
playing game called Travellers.

Elite basically starts you in a small ship with very little
armament or money, and a rating of harmless. Your objective is to
travel the known universe (8 galaxies in the original) each with
hundreds of different star systems, each system with different
government and different commodity availability and prices. You
use jump drive to jump from one system to another, and you dock
at the space station to trade. You will encounter a lot of other
ships, form friendly to hostile. If you have a "scoop", you can
get free fuel from the local star, and salvage cargo. You can
even mine asteroids with a mining laser. You can upgrade your
ship to better weapons and other equipment, even an auto-docking
computer. Your ultimate objective is to reach the Elite rating.

Privateer took most of the flexibility, put a Wing Commander spin
on the whole thing, reduced it in size somewhat, updated it with
an improved WC2 graphics engine and the infamous Origin talking
heads, a plot, and came up with one of the modern PC gaming


You are a private pilot with a small scoutship (Tarsus class)
near the front-line with the Kilrathi. You have 4 different
quadrants you can fly to, total of SIXTY-NINE total systems you
can explore. Each of the sixty-nine systems can have several
planets with bases that you can visit.

There are four different ships you can own, plenty of different
equipment to create your own customized ship, over a dozen
different commodities you can trade between systems, special
missions that will pay you even MORE than standard fees, and

You will encounter friendly, neutral, and hostile traffic in your
travel. Perhaps you will even have some truly interesting
adventure... Like encounter ancient civilizations...

You can choose to be a merchant, a bounty hunter, a smuggler, or
even a pirate.


Don't forget Wing Commander (two special mission packs), Wing
Commander 2 (two special operations packs), Wing Commander III,
Wing Commander IV, Wing Commander Prophecy (and Secret Ops), Wing
Commander: Armada, and Wing Commander Academy.


There is a semi-sequel called Privateer II: The Darkening.


If you like this kind of flexibility, check out the following

X: Beyond the Frontier (Southpeak Interactive) and its expansion
pack, called X-Tension.

Tachyon: The Fringe (Novalogic)

Hardwar (Interplay)

Freelancer (Microsoft, coming soon)


WC:P is a DOS-era game, and thus it has severe problems working
on modern Windows machines.

However, seems to have
found some ways to get WC:P to run on 95/98/ME.

2    Introducing the factions...

There are SEVEN different major factions in the Gemini Sector.
You can choose to align with most of them.

To get a particular side to HATE you, just do the opposite of
whatever you need to do to make that side like you.


You are in Confed territory, so in general, you should be nice to
Confed forces. You can find them just about everywhere, but esp.
around Perry Naval Base.

Confed hates Pirates, Kilrathis, and Retros (see factions)

Confed flies Stiletto (fighter), Broadsword (bomber), Paradigm
(corvette), and Gladius (fighter) (see crafts)

Confed pilots are usually confident pros and aces (see morale and

Their initial attitude toward you is neutral.

To make Confed like you, you should:

*    not attack Confed, Militia, Bounty Hunters, or Merchants

*    not smuggle (carry contraband)

*    kill Pirates, Retros, and Kilrathis (i.e. everybody they


The Confed forces can't be everywhere, so local systems have
their own militias. In general, they act just like the Confed,
but with worse equipment. Militia can be found in all four

Militia hates Pirates, Kilrathis, and Retros (see factions)

Militia flies Gladius (fighter) and Talon (fighter) (see crafts)

Militia pilots are usually confident pros, with an ace every once
in a long while (see morale and experience)

Their initial attitude toward you is neutral.

To make Militia like you, you should:

*    not attack Confed, Militia, bounty hunters, or merchants

*    not smuggle (carry contraband)

*    kill Pirate, Retro, and Kilrathi ships


Bounty hunters are paid a bounty for each pirate, Kilrathi, or
Retro they kill. Bounty hunters can be found all over.

Bounty hunters hate Pirates, Kilrathis, and Retros (see factions)

Bounty hunters fly Orion (transport/fighter), Centurion
(fighter), or Demon (fighter) (see crafts)

Bounty hunter pilots are confident rookies, pros or aces (see
morale and experience)

Their initial attitude toward you is neutral.

To make Bounty Hunters like you, you should:

*    not attack bounty hunters

*    not attack merchants (and thus have a bounty placed on your

*    not align yourself with Pirates, Retros, or Kilrathi


Merchants are the ones moving freight everywhere. You would see
them more in the quieter quadrants, like Potter and Humboldt, but
they do show up everywhere.

Merchants hate any one who shoot them [Pirates, Kilrathis, and
Retros] (see factions)

Merchants fly Drayman (transport), Galaxy (transport), Tarsus
(scout/transport) (see crafts)

Merchant pilots are usually timid, maybe confident rookie or pro
(see morale and experience)

Their initial attitude toward you is neutral.

To make Merchants like you, you should:

*    not attack merchants

Technically merchants won't really "like" you. However, you just
need them to NOT hate you... Unless you want to play pirate.


Kilrathi are the sworn enemies of the Confederation... You mainly
find Kilrathi in Clarke Quadrant, and mostly around the border
area, but they do occasionally raid a bit further in.

Kilrathi hate everybody, but especially Confederation (see
factions). They will kill ANY humans they find.

Kilrathi fly Dralthi (fighter), Gothri (heavy fighter/bomber),
and Kamekh (corvette) (see crafts)

Kilrathi pilots are usually confident or fanatical pros or aces.
Gothri are usually piloted by aces. (see morale and experience)

Their initial attitude toward you is hostile.

To make Kilrathi like you, you should:

*    attack/destroy Confederation and/or Militia ships

Of course, why would you want to do so is the great mystery...

2.6   RETROS

Retros refers to a fanatical offshoot group from Church of Man.
While Church of Man advocates a quiet agrarian lifestyle away
from technology, Retros are willing to use technology to destroy
all technology. Retros can be found all over, though mainly in
Clarke and Fariss quadrants.

Retros hate everybody (see factions)

Retros fly Talon (fighter) (see crafts)

Retro pilots are fanatical rookies or pros. They WILL kamikaze if
they think they can kill you doing it. (see morale and

Their initial attitude toward you is hostile (like everybody

You cannot align yourself with the Retros.


Pirates make their living by trade in contraband goods and
robbing Merchants. Pirates can be found all over, and have their
own systems and bases. They primarily appear in Fariss and
Humboldt quadrants.

Pirates hate Confed, Militia, and Bounty Hunters (see factions)

Pirates fly Talon (fighters) (see crafts)

Pirate pilots are usually confident or fanatical pros or aces
(see morale and experience)

Their initial attitude toward you is hostile.

To make pirates like you, you should:

*    shoot down Confed, Militia, or Bounty Hunters

*    not kill pirates

*    be a pirate, shoot down merchants and retrieve/sell their

3    Your Career Choices

While by necessity you will not be locked into one career path,
it's necessary to understand the different paths available.

You can switch among them or be a mix of all of them as you see


You can make money by moving cargo around, buy low and sell high.

To be a good merchant, you need to move significant amount of
cargo, and know the good trade routes.

A Galaxy is recommended, though Orion and Tarsus are possible.
Centurion's cargo hold is too small to be an effective trading

See [6] for commodity trading considerations.


You can make significant amount of money by being a courier,
delivering special "marked" commodities from the contract origin
to the specified destination, and pocket the contract fee.

Speed is essential so you cannot stop at ANY other planet before
you arrive at the contract destination (which also means you
cannot accept multiple delivery contracts going to different
destinations at the same time). However, if you happen to find
more delivery missions that go to the same planet, feel free to
take them.

Delivery mission amounts are usually quite small (a few tons) and
can be handled by any ship.

Expect to fight through some opposition like Pirates and Retros
on the delivery missions.

Usually, the further the contract needs to go, the better the
contract pays.

You can find delivery missions from fixers, Merchant's Guild, or
mission computer (see mission sources).


You can make money by taking contracts to hunt, patrol, escort,
defend, or whatever the employer needs.

This is obviously a dangerous job but the rewards are great as

You can find mercenary missions from Mercenary Guild, Merchant's
Guild, Mission Computer, or one of the fixers in a bar (see
mission sources).

The further out the mission, the more the mission pays.

Mercenary missions usually require heavy combat and should only
be handled by a hefty ship like Centurion or maybe Orion. You may
get by with a Tarsus in a really quiet sector.

3.4   PIRATE

Being a pirate is simple... Install a tractor beam, then shoot a
merchant (until he ejects his cargo or until he blows up), take
his ejected cargo (tractor it into your hold), and find a place
to sell the cargo.

After a while, plenty of people come after you... Confeds,
Militia, Bounty Hunters... Even those merchants with their
popguns will come after you.  Dangerous life, but some say it's
worth it.

Just go do it... No mission is needed.

Interesting note: If you managed to tractor in someone's escape
pod, you can sell it as 1 ton of slave.

Piracy usually require heavy combat and should only be handled by
a hefty ship like Centurion or maybe Orion. Remember, you'll need
a tractor beam to salvage ejected cargo, and enough cargo space.
If you recover contraband, you become a smuggler.

To salvage cargo, scan and locate the cargo pods. Fly up next to
it (don't bump it!), turn ship around so your rear turret is
facing the cargo. Switch to tractor beam, aim at the cargo, and
hit the trigger. The beam will reach out and drag it in. If you
don't get a beam, you're not close enough.


Smuggler smuggles contraband goods from pirate bases to where
they can be sold for significant profit... But the Confed and the
Militia will come after you as long as you have contraband
onboard. If you have a very fast ship or you're willing to anger
the militia/Confed you can give this a try.

Sometimes a fixer will ask you to smuggle something. You have to
accept to go on.

Smuggled goods are usually quite small in amount and thus can be
handled by any ship. On the other hand, to make REALLY
significant money in smuggling you need to move LARGE amounts of

Tip: try not to kill any Confed or Militia while smuggling. If
you have a fast ship, just keep your shields up and afterburner
past them.

Tip: If you can't outrun them... Eject the contraband and stop.
They will eventually go away. Then tractor in the ejected cargo
and continue. This doesn't work for mission cargo. This is known
as the eject/retrieve trick.

4    Your ship and equipment

There are four player own-able ships in Privateer: Tarsus, Orion,
Galaxy, and Centurion

TIP: All ships can use all guns, but recommended guns are meson
blaster for early work, then when you can afford them, tachyon
cannon or ion cannon.

TIP: In general, Image Recognition (IR) missiles are the most
cost-effective. They are easier to use than heat-seeking (HS)
missiles as they are faster to lock-on. They cost less than
friend-or-foe (FF) missiles.

TIP: Upgrade engines BEFORE you upgrade shields. Engines are
needed to power everything else. If you have big enough engine
you can use afterburner continuously (as long as you don't use
any other energy, like firing guns).

Note: the config below is based on "Privateer". In "Righteous
Fire" you'll get access to better equipment and further
engine/shield upgrades.

4.1   TARSUS

Technically a scout, it has a cargo bay big enough to be used as
a small freighter, and maneuverable enough to fight (not that
well though). With dual missile launchers it may even get quick

Max engine: 1       Max shields: 2

A fully upgraded ship would have

*    level 2 shields
*    tungsten armor
*    max ECM available
*    dual missile launchers with IR missiles
*    mid/high-level scanner
*    repair droid
*    cargo expansion
*    all quadrant maps
*    jump drive (of course!)

4.2   ORION

Orion is an odd ship... Extremely large shield and engine
possible, but not that maneuverable, and only one missile
launcher possible makes it not that effective in heavy combat.

Max engine: 5       Max shields: 5

A fully upgraded ship would have

*    level 5 shields and level 5 engines
*    tungsten armor
*    max ECM available
*    1 missile launcher with IR or FF missiles
*    high-level scanner
*    repair droid
*    cargo expansion
*    all quadrant maps
*    rear turret
*    tractor beam in turret
*    GOOD energy guns (tachyon cannons would be good)
*    jump drive (of course!)

4.3   GALAXY

Galaxy is the multi-function ship that has the largest cargo bay
(esp. with expansion).

Max engine: 3       Max shields: 3

A fully upgraded ship would have

*    level 3 shields and level 3 engines
*    tungsten armor
*    max ECM available
*    2 missile launchers with IR/FF missiles
*    high-level scanner
*    repair droid
*    cargo expansion
*    all quadrant maps
*    top and bottom turrets
*    tractor beam in turret
*    GOOD energy guns (tachyon cannons would be good)
*    jump drive (of course!)


Centurion is technically a heavy fighter that was relegated to
civilian duty and fitted with a small cargo bay.

Max engine: 3       Max shields: 3

A fully upgraded ship would have

*    level 3 shields and level 3 engines
*    tungsten armor
*    max ECM available
*    2 missile launchers with IR/FF missiles
*    high-level (3) scanner
*    repair droid
*    cargo expansion
*    all quadrant maps
*    rear turret
*    tractor beam in turret
*    afterburner
*    GOOD energy guns (tachyon cannons and/or ion cannons would
be good)
*    jump drive (of course!)


4.5.1     Missiles and Torpedoes

The standard WC missiles are here: Dumb Fire, Heatseeker, Image
Recognition, and Friend-or-Foe.

You also get proton torpedoes, which are basically shorter-range
but faster-firing Dumb Fire missiles.   Missile Launcher
Holds ten missiles (any type), costs 10000 credits.   Dumbfire Missile (DF)
Lock: None, Speed 1000, Damage 13cm, Price 20

Torpedo is easier to use and does more damage, but requires a
different launcher.   Heatseeker Missile (HS)
Lock: Engine heat, Speed 800, Damage 16cm, Price 35

Heatseekers can be a bit hard to use in dogfights as you can't
get on the tail of enemies long enough for this to lock.   Image Recognition Missile (IR)
Lock: Enemy craft type/shape, Speed 850, Damage 17 cm, Price 75

IR missiles goes after the general 'shape' of the enemy. So if
you have friendlies and enemies flying the same type of craft
(Talons, for example), better hold off the IRs.   Friend-or-Foe Missile (FF)
Lock: nearest enemy, Speed 900, Damage 17 cm, Price 100

Expensive, but no need to lock. Just fire and run, great in
dogfights.   Torpedo Launcher
Needed to launch proton torpedoes, holds 10 torpedoes.   Proton Torpedo
Lock: none, Speed 1200, Damage 20 cm, price 15

Easier to use than dumbfire and does more damage, but requires a
separate launcher. Useful throughout the game until you can
afford missile launchers.

4.5.2     Energy Guns

There are quite a few energy guns, which differ in firing rate,
energy use, shot velocity, and damage. The listing below are:
Shot velocity, refire delay (the delay before you can fire next
shot, assuming you have energy available), energy needed to
shoot, damage (rated in damage to armor equivalent), and of
course, purchase price.   Laser
Shot V: 1400   Refire: 0.3 sec     Energy: 4 GJ   Damage: 1.8 cm
ae   Price: 1000

Weakest weapon of them all   Mass Driver
Shot V: 1100   Refire: 0.6 sec     Energy: 6 GJ   Damage: 2.6 cm
ae   Price: 1500

Decent medium weapon, though Meson Blaster is better.   Meson Blaster
Shot V: 1300   Refire: 0.4 sec     Energy: 8 GJ   Damage: 3.2 cm
ae   Price: 2500

The is probably the best gun for beginners, decent damage, NOT
too draining in energy, and lots of shots.   Neutron Gun
Shot V: 900    Refire: 0.65 sec    Energy: 18 GJ  Damage: 6.2 cm
ae   Price: 5000

The shots are slow, so you have to get pretty close to hit   Particle Cannon
Shot V: 1000   Refire: 0.6 sec     Energy: 11 GJ  Damage: 4.3 cm
ae   Price: 10000

Decent gun for the price   Tachyon Cannon
Shot V: 1250   Refire: 0.4 sec     Energy: 8 GJ   Damage: 5.0 cm
ae   Price: 20000

Energy mizer, excellent damage, fast firing... A bit expensive!   Ion Pulse Cannon
Shot V: 1200   Refire: 0.7 sec     Energy: 15 GJ  Damage: 5.4 cm
ae   Price: 40000

While does a bit more damage, this one sucks up a LOT more energy
and has slower firing rate than tachyon cannon, not really
recommended.   Plasma Gun
Shot V: 840    Refire: 0.8 sec     Energy: 22 GJ  Damage: 7.2 cm
ae   Price: 80000

One hit from this will severely damage any ship... The problem is
getting it to hit, as the shots are very slow (i.e. low range)
and refire delay is extreme. It also sucks up tremendous amount
of energy. May be good as a rear turret gun.


I am not really going to list all the equipment, since they are
in the manual and most are pretty obvious. However, here's a list
of the more important items

4.6.1     Shields

Shields vary from level 1 (worst) to level 5 (best). Eats power.
In general, get the same level of shields as you have engines,
and you should be all right. It's best to have MORE power
available though.

4.6.2     Engines

There are five levels of engines, from 1 (worst) to 5 (best). Not
all ships can use all levels. See limits above. Higher levels of
engine also produce more power for other use, such as
afterburner, weapons, shields, and so on.

Is it recommended that you have the highest engine level

4.6.3     Armor

You get plasteel (10 cm ae) costing 1000, or tungsten (20 cm ae)
costing 1500. The latter is better.

In Righteous Fire, you can also get "Isometal", which is 40 cm
ae, and cost 2000.

4.6.4     ECM Package

ECM, or electronic counter-measures, is basically signal jamming
that makes enemy missiles miss you. Three levels available, each
level adds approximately 25% effectiveness of making enemy
missiles lose lock. Costs 5000 / 10000 / 15000.

4.6.5     Missile Launcher

Missile launcher launches missiles. Ships have a limit on maximum
launchers that can be mounted. See above for missile list.

4.6.6     Scanner

Different levels of scanners provide different amount of details
about your targets. Three companies make scanners, each of 3
levels, for nine different models

Hunter AW 6i is probably the best radar for the money, until you
can afford top-of-the-line model like B&S Omni.

NOTE: You need color-coded radar to do "patrol" or "scout"
missions, as you need to identify friend or foe when you
encounter new ships.

NOTE: You need Target Lock feature to guide missiles (except
dumbfire, which does not need lock)

NOTE: ITTS gives you a predictive cursor so you have better
chance of hitting targets with your guns.   Iris
Basic radar, no color

MK I: 5% chance per second of identifying target. Price : 10,000

MK II: Target Lock. 15% chance per second of identifying target.
Price : 30,000

MK III: Target Lock. ITTS. 25% chance per second of identifying
target. Price: 60,000   Hunter AW
Friend-or-Foe color-coded

6: 5% chance per second of identifying target. PRICE: 30,000

6i: Target Lock. 15% chance per second of identifying target.
PRICE: 50,000

Infinity: Target Lock. ITTS. 25% chance per second of identifying
target. PRICE: 80,000   B & S
Fully Color-Coded Radar

Tripwire: 15% chance per second of identifying target. PRICE:

E.Y.E.: Target Lock. 25% chance per second of identifying target.
PRICE: 70,000

Omni: Target Lock. ITTS. 35% chance per second of identifying
target. PRICE: 100,000

4.6.7     Repair droid

Repairs your damage except to armor and weapons. Cannot repair
destroyed items. Costs 30000

In Righteous Fire, you get access to "Advanced Repair Droid",
which costs twice as much and repairs 50% faster.

4.6.8     Cargo expansion

Makes your cargo bay slightly larger. The actual size depends on
the particular craft being fitted.

4.6.9     Quadrant maps

Maps of all quadrants, you can buy these separately, or get all
four for a bundle discount.

4.6.10    Turret

Needed for tractor beam and rear guns.

Some ships may allow more than one turret (Galaxy also has side

4.6.11    Tractor beam

Requires turret to mount one, needed to salvage things.

4.6.12     Jump drive

Required to travel to other star systems.  Just set nav to the
jump point and set autopilot... When you're there, jump. Beware
that you have limited jump fuel, and the only way to refuel is to
land somewhere. So don't dawdle...

5    Other Crafts and Pilots


The AI pilots in Privateer are rated in two areas: experience and

Experience can range from rookie, pro, to ace.

Pilots with more experience evade more attacks, and have better

Morale can range from timid, confident, to fanatical.

Pilots with higher morale are less likely to retreat. They will
also attack more. Fanatical pilots may even contemplate kamikaze
in addition to head-on attacks.


5.2.1     Talon

Talon is a very wimpy fighter but extremely maneuverable. It is
lightly armed and lightly shielded. It has a recognizable compact

Talons are mainly used by Retros and Pirates, though occasionally
used by the Militia.

5.2.2     Gladius

Gladius has a very "wide" design, and is somewhat better armed
than the Talon.

Gladius is only flown by the Militia.

5.2.3     Stiletto

Stiletto is an extremely fast fighter and very good at catching
smugglers. It is lightly armed though and not that dangerous.

Stiletto is only flown by Confed.

5.2.4     Demon

Demon is a fighter that is nicely armed and decent shielding. It
is usually equipped with torpedo launchers, making them quite

Only Bounty Hunters fly Demons.

5.2.5     Dralthi

Dralthi is the Kilrathi medium fighter that escorts Gothris. They
are often called "flying pancake" due to their shape, but don't
laugh too hard... They can sting pretty bad.

Only Kilrathi fly Dralthi


5.3.1     Broadsword

Broadsword is a very slow "bomber" but heavily armed. It has
multiple turrets and has quite a bit of firepower.

Only Confed fly Broadsword

5.3.2     Gothri

Gothri is a fast and quite maneuverable heavy fighter. It has a
decent rear turret.

Only Kilrathi fly Gothri.


5.4.1     Tarsus

Tarsus is usually classified as a scout, but it has some amount
of cargo room that allows it to act as a small transport in low-
threat areas.

5.4.2     Orion

Orion's claim to fame is its heavy shields (up to level 5) and
large engines (up to level 5).

5.4.3     Galaxy

Galaxy is the largest "transport" the player has access to, and
can move significant amount of cargo, but at a sedate pace. It
has two turrets, but don't expect them to keep you safe.

5.4.4     Centurion

Centurion is primarily a fighter, but it can fit SMALL amount of
cargo. If you want firepower, this is the ship you want. This is
great for smuggling, esp. when you upgrade to afterburners.


5.5.1     Paradigm

Paradigm is a Confed corvette that can dish out quite a bit of
firepower. Usually you see them around Perry Naval Base.

5.5.2     Kamekh

Kamekh is Kilrathi corvette, equivalent of Confed Paradigm, and
has very good armor and shields. If you shoot one down, Confeds
will love you.

5.5.3     Drayman

Drayman is the standard capital-ship transport, larger than even
Galaxy, but very lightly armed.

6    Commodity trading

One of the most often asked question in Privateer is "how do I
make money"? There are two ways to make money in Privateer: "Buy
low, sell high", and "take on missions". Let us analyze the
markets, and see what kind of stuff is available to buy low and
sell high.

There are FIVE kinds of bases: agricultural, mining, pleasure,
pirate, and refinery. There are also four "special" bases: New
Constantinople, New Detroit, Oxford, and Perry Naval Base, for a
total of NINE different bases.

Look at the list below and figure out what makes money... And
create your own "trade route".

See section [7] on the other way to make money: take on missions.


Produces wood, generic food, luxury food, grain, and so on.

Buys contraband, plastics, home appliances, and so on.


Produces iron, uranium, and other metals

Buys contraband, plastics, mining equipment, food dispenser, home
appliance, and so on.

If you can find a good route between mining and refinery, you can
make a bit of money, but usually these routes go by pirate
systems and such.


Produces contraband (Brilliance, slaves, Ultimate, tobacco, and
so on)

Buys just about everything, but likes food dispensers and
holographic equipment

If you want to be a smuggler, you must find a pirate base you can
get to, as it's your only access to contraband stuff.


Don't produce anything

Buys anything that makes life easier, including home appliances,
robot servants, food, and esp. contraband.


Takes all those ores and such, makes them into finished products,
like plastics, home appliances, construction equipment, and so

Buys ores, wood, (whatever raw material) and of course,

If you can find a good route between mining and refinery, you can
make a bit of money, but usually these routes go by pirate
systems and such.


The only thing NC produces that sells well is art (and only on
pleasure planets)

NC is one of the few places that will NOT buy contraband, though
you may get special fixer missions that need you to deliver
contraband here.


New Detroit is essentially a huge refinery. They make finished
products and buy raw materials like ores and food.

ND buys contraband.

If you can find a good route between mining and ND/refinery, you
can make a bit of money, but usually these routes go by pirate
systems and such.

6.8   OXFORD

Oxford is mainly an agricultural planet but also export books.

They buy the same agriculture related stuff, like Plastics, Food
dispensers, and so on.

Oxford does NOT buy contraband.


PNB makes weapons, and only weapons.

PNB buys wood, food, grain, plastics, food dispenser, and so on.

PNB does NOT buy contraband.

7    Mission Sources

The other way to make money besides trading in commodities is by
taking on missions. The actual missions are discussed in the next
section. This section talks about how you get missions and what
type of missions each source would give.

TIP: If you don't like ANY of the missions being offered from
Mercenaries' Guild, Merchants' Guild, OR the Mission Computer,
take off, then land again. You'll get a new set of each.

You can get missions from several sources: mission computer,
Mercenaries' Guild, Merchants' Guild, or the fixers in the bars.

In general, the fixers pay best, then Merchants' Guild, then
Mercenaries' Guild, then mission computer pays the least. In
fact, if you real the manual, mission computer missions are NOT
guaranteed payment, while the guilds do.

Therefore, you should search for missions that pays best, then
look for other missions you can do while on your way.


You can get missions from the mission computer. In general, these
are pretty easy missions, because they don't pay much. Sometimes,
you may get NOTHING.

Think of this as the classified ads... You may get something, or
perhaps nothing at all. Check other mission sources first.

Offered: attack, bounty hunt, defense, patrol, scout (see 8 for
mission types)

Typical mission pays a few hundred.


Mercenaries' Guild costs 5000 credits to join, but they guarantee
payment, so you'll never be gibbed. They offer higher-paying
(read: tougher) missions.

Offered: attack, bounty hunt, defend, patrol, scout  (see [8] for
mission types)

Typical mission pays about two to five thousand.


Merchants' Guild costs 1000 credits to join, but they guarantee
payment as well.

Almost all Merchants' Guild missions require jumping to another
system. They pay less than the Merc Guild, but they are also

Offered: bounty hunt, delivery (see [8] for mission types)

Typical mission pays one to three thousand

7.4   FIXERS

In some bars, there are fixers ready to give you missions. They
need someone to help them but they can't advertise... They offer
the really challenging missions, and they pay quite well. Fixer
missions are always plot missions. (see [11] for the plot mission

Offered: everything  (see [8] for mission types)

Fixers can pay from nothing (yes, a rip-off) to 30000 per

If you fail a fixer mission, head back to the bar and meet the
fixer again. You'll get another chance.

8    Missions

Here we discuss the types of missions you may encounter, and how
best to approach them, what type of enemies you can expect, and
so on.

TIP: It should be obvious that you should NOT accept mission that
you cannot get to... for example, if you don't have a jump drive,
you should NOT accept missions outside your own system!


Transport cargo from one base to another... Simple enough.

The tricky part is you cannot stop at ANY OTHER base, or the
cargo's forfeit. Look at the map, pick the route, then just go do

You can get delivery missions from Merchant's Guild, Mission
Computer, and fixers. (See [7] for mission sources)


Meet a ship jumping in from one nav point, escort it to another
nav point (probably base)

Some of these ships (usually Drayman) can be quite fragile... Be

You can only get escort missions from fixers. (See [7] for
mission sources)

If you are escorting, make sure the ship being escorted has waved
you off (i.e. sent you the "thank you" message) before you land,
or you won't get credit for it.


Destroy certain number of targets at a certain nav point. Simple
enough, right? Use any questions you wish.

You can get attack missions through Mercenaries' Guild and
Mission Computer. (See [7] for mission sources)


Hunt down pirate, Retro, or even a Kilrathi... pays better than

You can get bounty hunting missions through Mercenaries' Guild,
Merchants' Guild, and Mission Computer. (See [7] for mission


Take out the attackers, simple enough, right?

You can get base defense missions through Mercenaries' Guild and
Mission Computer. (See [7] for mission sources)

8.6   SCOUT

Go to a nav point, destroy enemies if found. Enemies may or may
not show up, but you'll get paid nonetheless. (See [7] for
mission sources)

You can get scout missions through Mercenaries' Guild and Mission

8.7   PATROL

Patrol is basically Scout mission that involves multiple nav
points. This one pays a lot better due to multiple nav points.

You can get patrol missions through Mercenaries' Guild and
Mission Computer. (See [7] for mission sources)

9    More Tips

*    [Repeat] If you can't leave the system (no jump drive),
don't accept missions that occur outside the system!

*    [Repeat] You cannot stop at ANY other base while a delivery
mission is in progress! This means you can accept only ONE
delivery destination at once!

*    You can accept multiple delivery missions IF they are all
going to the SAME BASE. NOT same system, same PLANET BASE.

*    In general, the further away the mission calls for you to
go, the better the payment

*    Try to locate multiple missions that you can fly in one
trip. For example, if you took a guild mission to deliver
something to Rygannon, look for other delivery missions, or
patrol missions in the same system, or such that you can play.

*    Scout is the easiest mission, as you only need to hit the
waypoints specified.

*    If you need to go somewhere, locate missions that are going
your way

*    Try to communicate with the hostile contact. If you're
looking for a specific contact and you don't see him, but you
found something else hostile instead, consider turn and run. For
example, if you are on a mission to locate a Retro, but
conversation shows you found a Pirate, you can run away.

*    [Repeat] Don't like the missions being offered? Take off and
land again to get a new set. However, if you accepted one or more
missions, you need to finish those first.

*    In general, Fixers pay the best, then Mercenaries' Guild,
then Merchants' Guild, then the Mission Computer.

*    If the fixer asks you to come back for the payment after a
delivery mission, you can take your time coming back and do some
side jobs on the way

*    If you cannot make your way back for the payment, turn on
invulnerability then fly back. Once the mission is complete
there's no reason not to turn on the cheat.

*    If you got room in the cargo bay, buy some commodities that
you know will make profit at the destination, and sell it when
you get there to make even more money.

10   Gemini Sector

Gemini sector is made up of sixty-nine different star systems,
each of them has from one to nine nav points.

There is really no point for me to write which jump point links
to which system when you can buy the quadrant maps for your

In each system, you can have several nav points that ships can
align to. There can also be several "hidden" points between the
nav points.

For example, in ND-57 (Potter Quadrant, SE), the system has 3 nav
points: jump point, a nav point to go around the hidden point,
and the planet new Reno. It also has a "hidden" point between the
jump point and the planet.

When you arrive at a nav point or a hidden point, an encounter
happens. If the point is related to a mission, that mission's
enemy is used. If not, a "random" encounter is generated.

The "random" enemies are randomly chosen based on a series of
probability tables. The tables are populated based on where the
system is, what systems are connected, and so on.

For example, let's say you are at Troy.

You got a contract to deliver some stuff to New Iberia, in
Pyrenees system in a mission from Merchants' Guild.

You also found a contract to patrol Pyrenees system, all nav
points from Mercenaries' Guild.

You also found a contract that had you hunt down a pirate at nav
5 of Pyrenees system from the Mission Computer.

So you jump in from Troy and arrive at nav 2 of Pyrenees.
Pyrenees is in Humboldt Quadrant, which is Retro and Pirate
territory. So nav 2 you would expect Militia, Retro, or Pirates,
with maybe some merchants. You move on to nav 1, more random.
Keep moving to nav 6, and there is the patrol enemy (yes, that's
randomly generated also). At nav 5, you found your target, take
him out. You move on to nav 4, more random, then finally you
reach nav 3, New Iberia and another random encounter. You land
and finish the contract. You got three missions (and three
payments) in one trip.

11   Starting Tips


You start in the wimpy Tarsus, so your first objective is to
improve your survivability. You need to upgrade your armor,
shields, and scanners ASAP.

You start with a missile launcher, but you don't really need it
yet. Sell it for 7500 credits, and replace it with a torpedo
launcher and full reloads instead. The torpedo launchers are
basically high-damage direct-fire rockets, which is what you need
early on.

Next, dump the lasers and replace with meson blasters.

Now you're respectably armed, but now you need money. Use any
remaining credits to join Merchants' Guild so you get higher-
paying missions.

Remember NOT to accept missions that require you to go outside
the Troy system (and that would be MOST of them, esp. the
Merchants' Guild missions)!

Don't accept any combat mission (yet). Your low-level scanner
can't even tell friend from foe yet. You need color-coded scanner
before you take on combat missions.

Now just go through Merchant's Guild computer and the Mission
Computer for more missions and do them. Fly delivery missions to
make enough money so you can get level 2 shields, ECM, and Hunter
AW 6i scanner (it's the most value for your money in the scanner
category). You need ECM to counter enemy missiles.

You can probably run away from any early enemies that you
encounter, or you can test your combat prowess with your meson
blasters and torpedoes. Retros and Pirates in the Troy system
usually come at you head-on, making perfect targets for your

When you get those upgrades, you can think about accepting scout
and patrol missions (in general, those missions are easy and pay
decent money). Remember, NOTHING OUTSIDE THE SYSTEM!

Look for multiple missions you can do in one trip once you can do
scout or patrol missions.

Keep upgrading your ship. You need a FULLY upgraded Tarsus to
even think about leaving the Troy system. (See [4] for
recommended loadout for your ship.)

If you talk to the bartenders, they'll tell you to head for New
Detroit when you're ready. However, that's for the fixer
missions, and those are generally tougher. So remember, no fixer
missions until you're completely ready, and that means a fully-
equipped Centurion.


When you're ready to leave Troy, you should head for Potter
Quadrant, as that's a relatively quiet sector, esp. in the heart
of the Potter quadrant, around New Constantinople, New Detroit,
and Oxford (NC/ND/OX). Try to get missions that need you to
deliver to NC or ND.

The enemies outside Troy are significantly smarter and deadlier.
You should NOT perform a patrol or scout mission in a Tarsus
outside the Troy system until you reach NC/ND/OX.

Once you made it to NC/ND/OX area, accept delivery missions until
you can upgrade to an Orion. When you have the Orion nicely
equipped (think level 5 shields), you can start accepting just
about any mission. Join Mercenaries Guild to get more
assignments. Remember to look for missions that you can do within
a single trip, hopefully within the same system.

When you have Orion fully decked out, it's time to move into
Clarke Quadrant and start taking on some tougher missions, like
hunting down Kilrathi.

Remember though, no fixer missions until you're completely ready.


Eventually you'll want to switch to a Centurion. You can upgrade
to Centurion from a fully decked out Orion without adding much

One of the most lucrative trade routes is between New Caledonia
and Prasepe, but there are a few pirate bases in the way. With a
Centurion, you can beat back any pirates that gets in your way,
and make a ton of money on this route.

When you're ready, head for New Detroit, go into the bar, and
locate Ernesto Sandoval in the bar to start the plot missions.


Check back to section [4] the ships for more advice on

Some of these hints are obvious, but worth repeating

*    Shoot other ships in the rear, where armor/shields are the

*    Concentrate on the strongest ship, kill it before continuing
to the next one.

*    Keep moving. You need to move to dodge the enemy shots.

*    If you have enough engine power, your afterburner fuel is
virtually infinite, so use those afterburners!

*    If you have level 3 shields or higher, consider ramming
light fighters like Talon.

*    Approach wide/flat ships (like Dralthi, Gothri, etc.) from
the top or bottom rear to get more area to shoot at

*    If you want to kill corvettes (like Kamekh), bring torpedo
launchers. Approach it from the rear, slow down, pump HALF the
torpedoes into it (you can shoot fast enough if you slow down),
then full guns. Afterburner away, do a loop, repeat.

*    Watch out for rear turrets on a lot of crafts. AI Orion and
Gothri both have nicely armed rear turrets, and Kamekh have
multiple turrets.

*    Never approach a Demon head-on. Demons are often equipped
with torpedo launchers and your shields cannot stand multiple
torpedo hits.

*    Retros like to ram. Make sure you destroy them when they
come head-on, unless you have level 3 shields or higher

*    Double missile launchers are better than single missile
launcher. If you shoot TWO missiles at the same target, and both
hit, the target is toast. Double-tap also halves their ECM's
effectiveness against your missiles. Of course, you use up your
missiles twice as fast.

*    [Repeat] If you have problems surviving your way to another
base (except the plot missions), consider turning on
invulnerability. However, don't do this on plot missions. If you
turn on the cheats during the plot missions you will fail.

12   Privateer Plot Missions

The plot missions are always offered by fixers, and they pay VERY
WELL compared to the other mission sources.

TIP: For every mission that involves delivery, try to locate
additional delivery missions going to the same base. Failing
that, locate commodities that you can sell for a profit at that

TIP: You will probably need a fully-decked Centurion to do the
plot missions.

12.1  SANDOVAL 1

Objective: Take iron from ND to Liverpool (Refinery system,
Newcastle system), 15000 credits promised. Return to ND for
payment. Sandoval say he doesn't have the money upfront, and he
gives you an alien artifact as collateral. He promised you the
money when you come back.

You should get some commodity that Liverpool would want and sell
them there.

Enemies are randomly generated based on local distribution.

When you return, you found Sandoval is nowhere to be found...
Tayla was in the bar instead. Tayla informed you that Sandoval is
dead... Probably due to that artifact now in your possession.
She'll get you some info on it if you do some jobs for her...

12.2  TAYLA 1

Objective: Take plastics to Oakham (Pirate base, Pentonville
system). Tayla will give you 10000 credits when you get there.

Oakham is a pirate base with an asteroid field. On the other
hand, Pentonville's pirates will be neutral to you as long as you
work for Tayla, so it's not that bad.

Don't fly too fast in an asteroid field or you can't dodge the

Enemies are randomly generated based on local distribution.

12.3  TAYLA 2

Objective: Take Brilliance (contraband!) to Hector (Mining base,
Troy system). Tayla will pay you 15000 credits upon delivery.
Then make it back to Oakham (Pirate base, Pentonville system).

Expect to see many Militia Talons in the Troy system and random
Confed/Militia patrols that will want your head for smuggling.
The eject/retrieve trick won't work here. You should afterburner
past them, ignoring their fire. You should have enough shields to
ignore their fire. They usually can't keep up.

This one is a tough mission. Try not to kill any Militia or
Confed ships while you're at it. Stay on the afterburners and
just fly right past them.

12.4  TAYLA 3

Objective: Take more Brilliance to New Constantinople (yes, that
one). Tayla will pay you 20000 Credits upon delivery. Then make
it back to Oakham (yes, again).

Expect to see Confed patrols all over the place, no matter which
route you take. Stilettos and Broadswords try to block you at
critical points, despite Tayla's promise that she bribed the
Confed patrols. Again, you should afterburner past them, ignoring
their fire. You'll get a bonus later and don't worry about them
any more.

When you return, you complain to Tayla about how hot her missions
have become. Tayla will give you a secret compartment, which
cannot be scanned. This compartment can fit 20 cargo units and is
only good for smuggling contraband. Nothing else will go in

12.5  TAYLA 4

Objective: Take more Brilliance to New Constantinople (yep,
again), 10000 credits as compensation, and the secret

When you leave Oakham, William Riodian (ace?, flying Centurion)
shows up. Apparently, he's a bit jealous of the attention you're
getting from Tayla, and he wants you out of the way. He'll ramble
on for a while. Feel free to shoot him while he talks. Three
Pirate Talons (pros?) will join him in attack. Take them out
(preferred) or run away.

If you make it to the jump point without taking out Riodian,
he'll be there again with 5 Pirate Talons (pros?).

Then just make it over to NC.

When you return to Oakham, Tayla said she had no information
herself, but she had found someone who does. Head for NC and look
up Roman Lynch, who's a "made man" in the mob.

12.6  LYNCH 1

You arrive in NC, and Roman Lynch, with his bodyguard Miggs, need
some work done. He'll investigate the artifact's hologram while
you do the jobs for him.

Objective: Deliver a message to Seelig, who will be at Nav 2 in
Pentonville (Pirate) System. When the message is delivered,
return to NC. You will be paid 10000 credits.

When you get there, Seelig (pro? ace?) is flying a Talon. When he
gets the message, he gets mad and wants to shoot you. If you feel
like it, take him out, else run for it.

12.7  LYNCH 2

You're not happy at Lynch who tried to use you as a freebie
bounty hunter, and he's not happy at investigating your artifact,
as he's running into... problems investigating the artifact.

Objective: Deliver weapons from NC to Siva (agricultural base,
Rikel system). You'll be paid 15000 credits. Expect to see a
rival gang, Salman Kroiz.

When you reach Rikel's jump point, you'll encounter Kroiz (? ace)
flying a Demon, and 2 more Demons (? pro?).

If you don't kill Kroiz in the first encounter, he'll show up
again with FIVE Demons as escort when you almost reach your

12.8  LYNCH 3

Lynch confirmed that the artifact is alien... But he needs
another mission done. His cousin needs to "get out of town",
"away from the heat"...

Objective: Land at Romulus (mining base, Castor system). You'll
be paid 30000 credits.

As you can imagine, Confeds want Lynch's cousin bad... Expect
Stillettos and Broadswords to come after you, esp. inside the
Castor system. Stilettos are FAST and you may have problems
dodging them. Run really, really fast...

12.9  LYNCH 4

When you come back to NC, Miggs is not there... Lynch wants you
to pickup Mr. Smythe from Liverpool (Refinery base, Newcastle
system). Apparently Smythe found some info in the Oxford library.

Objective: fly to Liverpool (Newcastle system) to pick up Smythe,
30000 credits were promised.

As you can guess, Miggs is out there, ready to do you harm. He's
in a Talon (ace?) escorted by 3 other Talons in the Newcastle
system waiting for you. After you take care of them, you can head
for Oxford.

You can actually go directly to Oxford and ignore Miggs
altogether. You aren't going to get paid any way. Why take a

12.10      MASTERSON 1

You arrive on Oxford, but Masterson refuses you entry. On the
other hand, the university does need some work done... And you
need to access the library. It's a deal.

Objective: Escort Hunter Toth (Drayman) to Oxford. This guy wrote
some nasty things about the Retros, so Retros are out to kill
him. You'll be paid 10000 credits, and if you do all four
missions you'll be allowed access to the library.

Toth will be at Nav 3 at Oxford. You'll find 2 Retro Talons
attacking him immediately, followed by 3 more Retro Talons.

Make sure the Drayman reaches the planet and radios you "thanks"
before you land, or you'll fail the mission. Stay BEHIND the

This is the third-hardest mission in the whole game. Don't be
surprised if you failed this a few times.

12.11      MASTERSON 2

Here's the second mission for Masterson.

Objective: Some data pirates are hacking Oxford's mainframe. Take
out their base ship, the Black Rhombus. You'll be paid 10000
credits and soon access to the library.

Patrol the nav points and you'll find the Black Rhombus (Pirate
Galaxy) escorted by 3+4 Pirate Talons. Once you've killed the
Black Rhombus, you can go home.

12.12      MASTERSON 3

Masterson need some books shipped in, but someone else want the
books, and they contracted bounty hunters to divert the shipment.

Objective: Escort Vulcan's Forge (Drayman) to Oxford. Again,
10000 credits and soon access to library.

You'll find the Drayman at nav 3, with 4+2 Demons. The Demons are
after you, not the Drayman, so you can be thankful.

12.13      MASTERSON 4

Now comes the series finale... And in my opinion, this is the
second hardest mission in the game. Masterson needs this Drayman
through the pirates really bad.

Objective: Escort this final Drayman back to Oxford. Again, 10000
credits and access to library (really, after this mission).

You'll find the Drayman at nav 1, along with 5 Pirate Talons
(pros?). The Drayman is REALLY weak, so you have to let the
missiles fly as soon as you get in range. The Pirates want the
cargo bad and Drayman won't last very long under their attack.

When you've won and returned to Oxford, you can access the
library. Inside, you'll locate a scanner, and then you'll get a
link to Dr. Monkhouse. The artifact is apparently Steltek, who
haven't been seen for millennia. He was last seen on Palan.

So to Palan you go...

12.14      LYNN MURPHY 1

When you get there, you find Palan is currently under a blockade
by bounty hunters. You land on Basra instead, and found Lynn
Murphy in the bar. She organizes the resistance, trying to break
the blockade.

Objective: Prevent reinforcements from reaching the blockade.
You'll be paid 15000 credits.

When you get to Palan's nav 1, you'll find 4+3+3 Demons (aces?).
Kill them all.

12.15      LYNN MURPHY 2

Destroy more enemy patrols.

Objective: Kill all hostiles. You'll be paid 10000 credits.

Go to Palan's nav 1 and you'll find 3 Demons followed by 4
Centurions (all aces?). Take them all out.

Centurions will be your biggest threat, so you may want to keep
your missiles until they show up.

12.16      LYNN MURPHY 3

Bust the blockade and land on Palan.

Objective: kill all opposition and land on Palan. You will get 2
friendly Talons as wingmen. Get 15000 credits also.

When you get near Palan, you'll encounter 3+2+2+2 Demons (all
aces?). Take them all out and land.

As you've killed a lot of Bounty Hunters, don't be surprised if
Militia, Confed, or Bounty Hunters are after your hide.

Upon landing, you found Dr. Monkhouse in the bar. He has a
proposal for you...

12.17      MONKHOUSE 1

Dr. Monkhouse want to get over to Basra. He'll take a look at
your artifact, and pay a little money too.

Objective: land on Basra, get 5000 credits.

When you get near Basra, the Kilrathi shows up! They want
Monkhouse somehow... You'll see a Gothri, 2 Dralthi, then 2
Gothris at nav 4.

You can bypass the Kilrathi if you do NOT take the direct route
to Basra.

As you've killed a lot of Bounty Hunters, don't be surprised if
Militia, Confed, or Bounty Hunters are after your hide.

Monkhouse shows you the artifact fits together with the other
piece he has. The result is both a map and a translation aid...
The map seems to point to the frontiers out beyond Rygannon. To
get more information, you'll have to join the Exploratory
Services at Rygannon. If you join ES, and let Monkhouse publish
anything you find, Monkhouse will give you his piece and the
translated map.

12.18      CROSS 1

You got to Rygannon, and you found Taryn Cross of Exploratory
Services. She wants you to explore those systems on the Steltek
map... How lucky for you, huh?

Objective: Explore Delta (4 nav points), get 10000 credits.

You'll see some Pirate Talons in Delta system, and they don't
like trespassers...

As you've killed a lot of Bounty Hunters recently, don't be
surprised if Militia, Confed, or Bounty Hunters are after your
hide. Run really fast. The random pirates will probably consider
you to be friendly, and that's good for you.

Only the scripted pirates (nav 2 and nav 3) will be hostile.
Expect 4 Talons at nav 2 and 4+4 Talons at nav 3.

12.19      CROSS 2

More exploration for Cross...

Objective: explore the nav points of Beta, and find Captain
Garrovick while you're at it. You'll get 10000 credits.

When you get to Beta's nav 3, you'll find Captain Garrovick in a
Centurion, and he's completely wacko. He then attacks you and
you'll probably have to destroy him.

Everybody else you encounter will be random.

12.20      CROSS 3

Taryn Cross want to know what drove Garrovick mad...

Objective: explore the nav points of Gamma, return to Rygannon

When you get there, you found a LOT of Kilrathi. You find 3
Dralthi at nav 1. At nav 2, you'll find 3 Dralthis, 2 Gothris,
and 3 Dralthis. Nav 3 is clear. Nav 4 has 3 Gothris, then Kamekh
and Gothri. Gothris are all aces, and Dralthis are all pros.

You'll also see a lot of random Pirates and maybe Kilrathis on
the way to Gamma. Try to avoid a fight if it's possible. Don't
waste any missiles as you will need them against the enemies in
Gamma. Take out the Gothris first.

12.21      CROSS 4

One last mission for the Exploratory Services... But this one is
a deucy.

Objective: explore nav points at Delta Prime, another 10000

There are a lot of random Kilrathi in Gamma... When you make it
into Delta, you'll find a Steltek derelict... Inside is a
derelict fighter, which seem to have a weapon you can remove...
So you grab it!

When you leave, you'll encounter random enemies... A green thing
is following you around... And kill you if it can. You can't hurt
it though, even with that Steltek gun. Keep running... You'll
have to get back to Rygannon. In the meanwhile, you're chased
everywhere by that green thing...

When you get to Rygannon to claim the final 10000, Taryn Cross
will thank you for your services.

12.22      GOODIN 1

If you go to ANY mining base other than Rygannon, you'll find
Sandra Goodin, attach‚ to Admiral Terrell, in the bar.

[If you can't make it to any mining base, turn on
invulnerability. Remember to turn it off when you get there.]

Admiral Terrell is in charge of the whole sector from his HQ at
Perry Naval Base. Confed have noticed the green thing. You should
make your way to Perry Naval Base... Maybe the admiral knows
what's going on...

Objective: get to Perry Naval Base safely (no, you don't get paid
for this)

Doesn't matter which way you go, you'll run into a lot of Retros
(figure 5+3+3 Talons). Everybody else is random. Keep running
away from that green blob and everybody else.

12.23      TERRELL 1

You made it to Perry Naval Base and found Admiral Terrell's
office. The admiral believe that green blob is a Kilrathi secret
weapon that somehow thought you're its guide. Commodore Reissman
has assembled a fleet at "Blockade Point Tango". You'll lead the
drone there and let the Confeds kill it.

Objective: Make it over to Blockade Point Tango. You'll get 30000
credits if you succeed.

On your way... You encounter some random travelers... And Steltek
showed up! The drone is actually Steltek and the last remaining
Steltek weapon. It's following that gun you found. While the
Steltek want to take the gun back, you made a deal. You will
destroy the drone for them if you can keep the gun. They
reluctantly agreed. The Steltek boosted your Steltek gun so you
can take out that drone, and they took the derelict ship.

When you got to Blockade Point Tango, you found the Confed fleet,
with 2 Paradigms and 2 Broadswords. Reissman informed you of his
plans before the drone showed up. Confeds quickly found to their
dismay that they can't destroy the drone either. The only thing
that can hurt the drone is your Steltek gun... And it's all up to

Here are some combat tips against the drone:

-- Don't get between the Confed fleet and the drone! While the
Confeds can't hurt the drone, the Confeds can hurt you!

-- Dodge the drone's shots. Think of the drone as a huge Demon
with tremendous frontal firepower. When it turns toward you, turn

-- The drone will accelerate away from you, then turn back at you
to shoot you, go PAST you, then turn back to repeat.

--To beat it, you have to hit it while it's heading away, then
dodge its shots as it heads back past you, and hit it again while
it's heading away. Repeat until you kill it.

Return to Terrell's office at Perry Naval Base for the thanks of
the Confederation... Stay in his office to watch some funny

13   Righteous Fire Changes
Righteous Fire introduced many changes, most of them are listed
as below.


Isometal Armor is now the best armor, twice as good as tungsten,
twice as expensive.

Advanced Repair Droid is now available, twice as expensive, twice
as fast.

Gun cooler is now available, decreases refire delay by 25%.
Basically allows a gun to fire 1/3 again as fast. So instead of 3
shots, you'll shoot 4 times during the same period. This can make
those slow-firing guns worth buying, if you have the energy to
power them all.

Shield Regen devices: regenerate shields 25% faster

Thruster Enhancer: improved turn rate by about 20%.


Orion can now go up to level 7 engine and level 7 shields.

Tarsus can go up to level 4 engines and level 3 shields.


A new weapon also becomes available: The Fusion Cannon

Shot V: ????   Refire: 0.5 sec     Energy: 12 GJ  Damage: 6.6 cm
ae   Price: 100000


Retros are noticeably nastier.

You'll encounter some new ships.

14   Righteous Fire Plot Missions
Righteous Fire starts quite simple... Apparently someone broke
into your hangar and stole your Steltek gun. How do you get it

NOTE: Steltek Cannon may be extremely weak, as Origin changed the
code a bit to prevent people from using the PREDIT editor to play
with the game too much.

When you are ready to start, head to Oxford, and see if your old
pal "Masterson" is still around... Also note the news items:
Retros have gotten a new leader and they are making their
presence known...


Transport Research Material to Edom, in New Constantinople, then
return to Oxford to get paid. Pays 10K.

No scripted enemies, just random stuff.


Patrol Oxford's nav points for enemies. Pays 10K.

You'll likely meet quite a few pirate or Retro Talons (at least 6
total). Just kill them.


Transport "books" to Burton, in Junction system. Pays 10K.

Random encounters only, nothing to it.


Transport requests an escort to the jump point. Pays 10K

When you launch, you'll likely see Retros closing in the
transport. Take them out (probably 3+3 Talons). Follow the
transport (it is quite slow) and make sure it jumps out before
you head back to Oxford and land.


Transport "artwork" to Perry Naval Base. Pays 10K.

Random encounters until you get to Perry system. Some unknown
ships will attack, but they should pose no challenge to you.

Now you need to seek out another employer... You have three
choices: Lynn Murphy, Goodin (Confed), or Tayla. You need to
finish at least two out of three before Masterson will give you
the lead you need.

NOTE: Lynn Murphy is at Edom, in New Constantinople System.

NOTE: Goodin, who's Admiral Terrell's attache, is at Perry Naval

NOTE: Tayla is at Oakham, Pentonville system...


Go to 44-P-1M and patrol the nav points. Pays 10k.

Random encounters only.  Just patrolt he points.


Run the blockade to Liverpool at New Castle. Pays 20K.

2+3 Bounty Hunter Demons at the navpoints in Liverpool. You can
just blow past them.


Retros have blockaded New Detroit. Run in some food to New
Detroit for 30k.

You'll see 4 Retros then 4 Retros on either side of the jump. At
New Detroit, two waves of Retros. Feel free to fly past them.


Go to Metsor, clear Nav Points, for 50K. (Hmmm... there's a
catch, right?) Return.

"Unknowns" ambush you at the Metsor jumppoint in Newcastle
System! Then Retro Talons at one Nav point, waves of Pirates at
the other wait for you.

Upon return, Lynn Murphy offers you 30K bounty on Governor
Menesch. If you ever take out the governor, come back and collect
more credits.

From here on, you either head to Tayla or go see Sandra Goodin

NOTE: Sandra Goodin is at Perry Naval Base.

NOTE: Tayla is at Oakham, Pentonville system...

14.10      GOODIN 1

Confed needs you to fly to Nitir (Nitir System) and defend it
from Kilrathi raiders. Pays 10K.

The place is full of Gothris. Good luck!

14.11      GOODIN 2

Confed needs you to fly to Charon, in Hyades system, and defend
it from Kilrathi raiders. Pays 10K.

You're almost at the border, so expect LOTS of Kilrathi presence,
up to even Kamekh corvettes. Otherwise, it's just random

14.12      GOODIN 3

Patrol New Caledonia System, destroy all intruders. Pays 10K

Just more random stuff, expect Kilrathi presence.

NOTE: You'll need to land after completing the mission to refuel.

14.13      GOODIN 4

Patrol Regallis System, destroy all intruders. Pays 10K.

Random enemies in Regallis (Kilrathi, Retro, Pirate), except for
some unknowns at nav 2.

NOTE: You'll need to land after completing the mission to refuel.

When you return to Perry, Goodin also gives you a bounty on
Governor Menesch.

NOTE: Now that you've completed two series (Murphy and Goodin),
you can go directly back to Masterson for his contacts, OR you
can head for Oakham (Pentonville System) to see if Tayla has a
job for you. If you haven't, choose between Murphy and Tayla.

14.14       TAYLA 1

Move her personal effects from Oakham (Pentonville) to Tuck's
(Sherwood).  Pays 10K. She'll meet you there.

Just random enemies.

14.15      TAYLA  2

Run Brilliance from Tuck's in Sherwood to Saratov in Prasepe.
Pays 20K.

You thought this is simple because you got that hidden
compartment, right? Militia have somehow gotten past it... They
can see THROUGH that compartment now. Just RUN really fast.

14.16      TAYLA 3

Run Brilliance from Tuck's in Sherwood to Speke in Junction. Pays

Again, militia doesn't like you smuggling. I'd suggest you just
fly right past them and save your missiles. You can't restock
those missiles until a LOT later.

14.17      TAYLA 4

Run Brilliance from Tuck's in Sherwood to Basque in Pyrennes.
Pays 40K.

Just do the same thing: keep running past them. Don't make the
militia mad at you by killing any of them.

Now that you're done, and presumably you've finished Lynn
Murphy's missions and Sandra Goodin's confed missions, it's time
to head back to Oxford...

Masterson is finally impressed, and he tells you that his friend
Monte, who is in hiding, is on Palan. He'll meet you at the bar
there, so go there.

14.18      MONTE 1

You found Monte in the bar at Palan. He wants to go to New
Detroit, and he's not paying a penny. Guess you'll have to do
this "gratis".

A couple unknowns block you at the jumpoint to ND, otherwise just
random stuff.

14.19      MONTE 2

The Retros seem to be under this new leader called Modecai Jones.
No one knows about him, but Monte's contact may know something
more. Fly to Drake in Capello System and meet the contact there
for more info.

Just random stuff, nothing too special.

14.20      INFORMANT 1

You found the informant in the bar. Take the document back to
Monte at New Detroit.

SIDENOTE: care to guess who is this informant and what does he

Some more of those unknown fighters block your way. Just blow
past them or kill them. There's nothing else to it.

14.21      MONTE 3

Monte explained that Modecai Jones is at a secret base somewhere,
and somehow they learned that Monte's looking for them. You need
to take off and destroy the Retro ambush at Nexus system, nav 4.

Fly there. When you jump into Nexus system, you'll see some more
of those Unknowns, and when you get to nav 4, you'll face A LOT
of Retro Talons. Save your missiles for that. Take them all out,
and return to ND.

14.22      MONTE 4

Monte doesn't know where the secret retro base is, but he does
have a lead on where this Governor Menesch is... And you can
collect those bounties...Menesch is believed to be at Troy
system, or one of the neighboring systems. Patrol the place...

Head to Troy, and explore the nearby nav points. Then follow the
jump to the next system (Regallis?) that you haven't checked.
You'll eventually come across Governor Menesch with escorts.
Menesch will tell you a story about how he sold your gun to the
Retros, and those unknown ships are Retros also. He'll jump out,
so jump after him. Take out the escorts. Now you can kill him.

Don't forget to head back to Lynn Murphy (Edom in New
Constantinople) and Sandra Goodin (Perry Naval Base) for your


This only occurs after you've taken out Governor Menesch and
gotten the bounty from Goodin.

Fly to Blockade Point Alpha, Nav 1, and follow Commodore Uhler's
instructions. When you get there, Commodore Uhler request that
you patrol the system.

Only one problem... The place is FULL of Kilrathi ships. You'll
see at least 3 at every navpoint, except the last, which has NINE
ships (and a small Confed force).

NOTE: One of the Kilrathi will boast that they have been selling
ships to the Retros so they can kill more humans. That explains
those "unknown" ships flying about...

When you return, visit the Admiral in his office at Perry Naval


Admiral Terrell needs privateers to search the various systems
for signs of Modecai Jones. Head to Macabee in Nexus, then
proceed to patrol Death, Pestilence, and War systems. Pays 20K.

Retros are ALL OVER the area, kill them all, and try to keep your
ship intact.

When you head back, a Pirate ship tell you that his "employer"
wants to meet you at Drake, Capello system. You have a good idea
who this "employer" is...

14.25      INFORMANT 2

You guessed right, the "employer" was Monte's "informant", and he
is actually a high-level Retro priest. He knows where the Retro
secret base is... And he has reasons to want Jones gone. The
secret base is in Valhalla system. Jones is there or nearby. Find
him and destroy him. No pay.

It's a long flight to Valhalla, and big battle is ahead, so save
your missiles. There are just random enemies (mostly Retros) on
the way.

When you get to Valhalla, fight your way through, and land at the
Retro base called Gaea. Enter the temple. Do what comes natural
undercover, and you'll get your clue about where Jones is.

Take off, and follow the clue. You'll find Jones and his escort.
[If you still don't get it, look below]

Take out all the Salthi (yes, Salthi) escorts piloted by Retros.
There would be more than 10. Then take on Jones himself in a
decked-out Centurion. He has your Steltek gun. Fry him.

Return to Perry Naval base to claim your fee from the admiral,
and congratulations, you've won!

[Still don't know where Jones would be? Look for the moon, and
fly toward it... You'll see... A jump point! Jump through, and
Jones will be there...]

14.26      BONUS?

UNCONFIRMED: If you find Roman Lynch at New Constantinople, he
asks you to kill Governor Menesch also (a lot of people wants
that guy dead!). In return, he'll "reset" your reputation to
"neutral" (toward everybody except perhaps Kilrathi and Retros)
by hacking Confed and Pirate databases. Once Governor Menesch is
dead (as plenty of other people wants his head), you can have
Lynch reset the first time for free. Second time or later will
cost you some credits.

15   Misc. Stuff
There are some editors and enhancements for Privateer out there,
look around the web for them.