World Wars 2 - Sniper (e)

                   WW2 Sniper: Call to Victory
                Unofficial Strategy Guide and FAQ
                         by Kasey Chang
                      released May 30, 2006

1    Introduction
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This FAQ is about "WW2 Sniper: Call to Victory", a military first-
person shooter created by Jarhead Games, published by Groove

This is a FAQ, NOT a manual, not that you really need a manual to
play this shooter. How hard can it be, really? Besides, all the
commands are listed when you press F1.

This USG only covers the PC Version, since this only existed on
the PC.

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Previously, I've written Unofficial Strategy Guides (USGs) for
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This document is based on the retail version with patch.

30-MAY-2006    Initial release

2    WW2S General Info

Q: Can you send me the game (or portions thereof)?
A: No.

Q: Can you send me the manual? (or portions thereof)
A: It's on the CD, you m****!

Q: Can you tell me how to play the game?
A: Read the manual please.

Q: How big is the install?
A: A little over 900 MB after installation.

Q: Is there a patch?
A: Yes, go to, and click on support to find the

Q: What's the difference among the difficulty levels?

A: How easy you die, mainly, and how accurate the enemy is.

Q: What about some cheat codes?
A:  There aren't any.

Jarhead Games is one of the developers that specialize in budget
games, basically $29.99 or less. They use the commercially
available Lithtech engine and churns out one or two games a year,
compare to a multi-year game development cycle for a AAA-title.
As the name Jarhead implies, they specialize in military
shooters, though they did make a Western shooter.

One of their titles made earlier was a series of shooters for
ValuSoft named "WW2 Elite Forces". When Medal of Honor series and
Call of Duty series proved popular, Jarhead decided to revisit
the era with a somewhat more modern graphics engine. The result
is WW2 Sniper: Call to Victory.

You are a fictional American sniper that participated in some of
WW2's greatest battles, including Market Garden (attached to the
British airborne), Battle of the Bulge, and finally a dash across
the Rhine. Armed with your trusty Springfield rifle fitted with a
target scope, you will take down various enemies using that, and
more, such as the Thompson submachinegun, the BAR, the Colt 1911
.45 pistol, M1 Garand, grenades, and even a few fixed MG's for
defense. You also get Panzershreks / Bazookas for killing tanks
and half-tracks, and more.

From README file:


     -Pentium III/750 MHz. CPU

     -128 MB of RAM*

     -500 MB Hard Disk Space

     -SVGA, high-color (16-bit)

     -16-bit DirectX 9 compatible sound card

     -32 MB DirectX 9 compatible video card with HW T&L

     -DirectX 9.0 or higher (included on CD)




     -Pentium IV/1 GHz. CPU or higher

     -512 MB of RAM

     -500 MB Hard Disk Space

     -SVGA, high-color (16-bit)

     -16-bit DirectX 9 compatible sound card

     -128 MB DirectX 9 compatible video card with HW T&L

     -DirectX 9.0 or higher (included on CD)



Operating Systems:  Supported operating systems include Windows
98/ME/2000/XP. Windows 95 is NOT supported.

* Windows 2000/XP requires a minimum of 256MB of RAM.

It's basically a first-person military shooter, go through the
level, kill certain things, then kill some more until you reach
end of the level. On some missions you are followed by Scarpello,
who will engage enemies who get too close, guard your back, and
such. You will have to do most of the shooting though, and if he
dies, you fail the mission.

The game is very stable and never crashed even once on my test

WW2 Sniper has no expansion packs or sequel at this time. A
spiritual sequel may be "WW2 Combat: Road to Berlin".

You can save any time, any where. However, the total number of
savegames is limited. Just overwrite old ones.

3    Your weapons and equipment
Note that your primary weapon is always your Springfield. Your
secondary weapon will vary depending on what you pick up. Usually
it's the Tommy Gun, but if you pick up other weapons you'll
"replace" the secondary weapon. Your tertiary weapon is the

This is your default weapon, right-click to engage scope. Stay in
cover and lean out to shoot. Only 5-rd magazine, and you reload
one bullet at a time.

3.2  COLT 1911 PISTOL
Your pistol is good for close combat, but lacks the range or
firepower of the other weapons.

Holds 7 rounds, fast reload, fast firing rate. Very little ammo

It's a fire broom, great for clearing rooms. Just don't run out
of ammo while you do it.  30-rd magazine. Fire in short bursts.

With only 20 rds in the magazine, this gun delivers a lot of
firepower, but in pulses.

3.5  M1 GARAND
The Garand is semi-auto with decent firing rate, and pretty fast
reload. You snap a clip in and you're ready again.

Shoot it at the tank and it goes boom, but you may need more than
one hit.

The infamous pine-apple "frag" grenade is good for throwing, and
bouncing off walls and such. Just remember. don't throw it too

These round green boxes contain enough medicine to heal you about
25%, less at tougher levels.

4    Various Tactics

You can get hits from as far as 800 meters away, and a single
shot can kill. Thus, there is no need to get any closer unless
terrain prevents you from shooting afar.

You don't want to run out at the wrong time. Reloading while
enemy is still shooting at you is bad, very bad. Crouch or go
prone while reloading.

If you hear bullets slapping the ground near you, FIND SOME COVER
QUICKLY! Someone has seen you and is firing at you! Find some
cover, then displace laterally, THEN peek back out and locate the

Use the "lean" keys to lean out from cover to spot enemies.

Crouch gives you almost the same forward speed as stand-up run,
but much stealthier.

Only stand up if you need to peek over something, or you can see
any enemies. Stand behind something, and use LEAN commands to
lean out and take a peek.

In dangerous areas, go prone.

It's so logical, it's surprising how many players ignore it.

The auto-save will save at critical moments, but it's better NOT
to rely on that.

Unless you have a LOT of ammo, like over 60 rounds, it's best to
use the sniper rifle only on targets far away. Save the closer
targets for the Tommy Gun, or the Garand, or even the BAR if you
can get it.

If you do, and you manage to kill one, you lose.

5     Campaign Walkthru
You are Hawkins, one of the snipers from the US Airborne on the
European front. You will experience some of the biggest battles
in WW2.

You are attached to the British Airborne for this operation. The
Allies are trying to end the war early by this massive armored
assault, combined with a massive airborne assault to take the
roads and bridges ahead of the armored thrust. One of the
objectives is the bridge at Arnhem.

Historical note: If you want to watch a movie about this, try "A
Bridge Too Far".

5.1.1     Outskirts
You are in a field near the broken glider (see historical notes).
Follow the compass arrow. A friendly will drop as well. Head for
the barn and you should see some sniper ammo and a spare Tommy
gun. Grab them. Hide behind the partition and lean out. A German
halftrack will go by with some infantry. Shoot the guy on top of
the halftrack, then the infantry (3 soldiers). The halftrack will
continue on.

Get out on the road, and go prone in the ditch. The halftrack is
visible in the distance. Get closer, and snipe the 2 Germans
there. Only one is initially visible. Kill one and the other will
show himself.

Follow the compass which points to your right, so cross the road
and head for the windmill. Do NOT approach the barn to your left
yet. Continue to the windmill and you should see a German on the
hill beyond it. Kill that sniper. NOW you can approach the barn,
and grab ammo and first aid kit. You should also spot a medic and
a wounded soldier. They'll tell you about the sniper you already
killed. However, you can't rest. A bunch of Germans are attacking
the rear entrance. Switch to Tommy Gun, go prone, and hide next
to the rear entrance, then lean out and shoot short bursts at the
hostiles. When the attack wave ends approach the other house, but
a German Tiger tank and infantry will approach. Wait until they
pass, then allied fighters will bomb the Tiger tank. You can then
mop up the infantry.

Follow the compass, and Allies are laying siege to a mansion.
Shoot the Germans on the balcony, out front, and in the windows.
Then clear each room with your Tommy gun. There should be one guy
on first floor behind a table, then one more behind the
staircase, and one more upstairs. Make your way to second floor,
and to the balcony. Activate the MG on the balcony and start
shooting the Germans attacking the entrance. You'll need to kill
like 10 of them. There are some ammo and medikit outside next to
the horse cart, and a medikit upstairs in the bathroom.

Get back to front yard, and a ranking officer wants you to hook
up with Frost further up, through German lines. Go through the
mansion, and get out the rear door. However, there's at least
three or four Germans hiding behind bushes. Take them out,
continue, and this level ends.

Historical note: as far as I know, no Americans were attached to
the British forces for Operation Market Garden. Also, the gliders
back then were used to deliver a lot of people as a unit intact
instead of dropped all over the place. The problem is these
gliders need places to land and what usually happens is they hit
something hard and break up, including the people inside. And
they can be hit by anti-aircraft fire.

5.1.2     Arnhem Bridge
The commander needs you to find out what happened to the soldiers
defending the bridge. Pick up the guns on the table in front of
you. You'll get more ammo that way, really. Head upstairs. Turn
left, then left, then jump over the ledge onto the street. You
should go prone here. A bunch of Germans will approach from the
bridge. Lean out and shoot them. Then scoot out a little and deal
with the German MG nest and two more Germans to your right (if
you're facing the bridge).

Head into the building facing the bridge that has allied troops
inside. Grab the bazooka ammo, and medikit on the desk. When you
see the tank, shoot it with the bazooka. You may need more than
one round to kill it. Then kill the infantry that follow it.

Get onto the bridge. A German sniper is in the distance, so shoot
him. Go past the tank, and past the little barricade, and on the
left side of the bridge you'll find a set of stairs heading down.
Shoot two Germans in the distance below, and head down to the
ground level. You'll see the entrance to the sewer.

Get inside, shoot any Germans you see in the sewers, then climb
on the other side, and shoot all Germans, esp. that one at the MG
nest. Peek around the corner and kill a few more. Follow the
compass to two survivors. They got ambushed and they won't be of
any help. All they got left is this dynamite, and some ammo and
medikit. Two Germans attack, so kill them. Grab the dynamite and
other stuff. Head back to the sewer.

Get back in the sewer, kill two to three Germans inside. Get back
up and kill Germans at the stairs back up the bridge, as well as
the snipers on the balcony in front of you and at your back. Take
them out or you'll never survive on the stairs. Climb the stairs
and go prone. A halftrack with infantry will approach. Shoot the
guy on top or he'll machinegun you mercilessly. Then deal with
the infantry. Turn toward the friendlies. Another Tiger tank is
shelling the Allied position along with German infantry. Shoot
the infantry in the back, then run up to the rear of the Tiger
tank and hit Activate. that'll plant the dynamite right at the
Tiger's rear auxiliary fuel tank. RUN AWAY AND GET BEHIND COVER!
When 60 seconds are up, KABOOM! Another tank bites the dust.
You've secured the bridge for another day. Run back inside the
allied position to receive some well-deserved thanks for a job
well-done. The level ends.

5.1.3     Last Breath
The situation at Arnhem is bad. The Brits are out of ammo, food,
water, and manpower. Most are wounded, and the armored column
that's supposed to reach them two weeks ago still has not
arrived, and does not seem to be able to, as the Germans launched
a massive attack in order to delay them, so they have time to
destroy the British paratroopers holed up in the city. Foster has
ordered the last able-bodied men to break for friendly lines,
while he remains to surrender to the Germans.

Grab what you can from the table, including the grenades and
ammo. Then upstairs, out the door, but watch for snipers before
you exit. There's a sniper on 2nd floor to your right, and 2-3
Germans exit from the ruins below him. Kill them all.

Go around the corner, follow the compass and turn right. Take out
a German MG nest. You'll come to some allies holding a street.
Grab ammo and medikit if you need them. Help them repel a massive
German attack. Hide behind sandbags and lean out to shoot. You
need to kill like 10-12 Germans to stop the attack.

A German tank is around the corner. The tower is to your left,
and the LT said bazooka's inside. Run over the rubble mound and
into the tower. Grab ammo and the bazooka. Climb up the stairs
until you see the window. There's a tank like half-buried in
debris. That's your target. Shoot at the portion NOT covered by
debris until it blows up.

Climb back down. As you should have no shots left in the bazooka,
dump it for the Tommy Gun. Follow waypoint to next building by
going through broken corner. Clear the house using Tommy Gun
and/or grenades. Go upstairs, clear it, then find the other set
of stairs going leading to another street. Kill an enemy patrol
coming toward you. Kill a sniper when you spot him. Go left, and
you'll see a bazooka and ammo. Definitely a tank will come. So
when it comes, kill the tank. Then kill the infantry following.
Go past it.

A broken building to your right should have a little medikit and
ammo. Continue to follow the compass. Kill a German at a gate to
grassy area. There are also some medikit and ammo just before the
gate. Pick them up, and go through the gate. Keep going, and stop
when the compass no longer shows a heading. Take cover behind the
large tree and lean out to shoot Germans on the other side of the
fence. Keep shooting. After a while, Germans will also be under
attack from the other direction. Soon, there will be no more
Germans. The rescue column has arrived. Approach the fence, and
that'll end the level.

You are one of the troops caught by the Germans surprise attack,
and stranded in Bastogne. You must sabotage German AA batteries
so supply drops can take place, secure supplies that are dropped,
and finally, fight off German advance until rescue column

5.2.1     Sabotage
The area is snowed in and the only way to get supplies is via air
drops, and Germans have AA guns all over. Destroy three AA in the
forest, and look out for any enemy intel.

You start on a friendly jeep. The driver will brief you on the
way, drop you off, and speed off. You're on your own. Follow the
path slowly, take out two guards in a distance. Follow the
pointer until you reach a camp behind a fence. Take out a guard,
then move into the camp and clear it. Don't worry, the tanks are
unmanned. Grab ammo and other goodies.

Continue and you'll reach a farm. Take out the guards, grab ammo
and medikit just outside the barn. Remove a few guards, and you
should spot your first AA. Grab all the goodies first, then walk
up to the two AA guns and hit activate. If you're close enough,
you'll plant the dynamite, and you have 30 seconds to get out of
blast radius, so run for it! Kaboom! And Kaboom!

Cross a bridge, and turn left around the bend. You should see the
third AA gun. Remove the guards, and plant the explosive. Kaboom!

You come to a river. Get across by jumping onto the two ice
floes. Don't fall into the water as you'll freeze to death.
Remove three German guards. Pick up medikit and ammo. Continue
and remove two MG nests and associated guards, about six or so.
Move into the bunker.

As you enter the bunker, you'll get a cutscene. The Germans are
planning a surprise attack! Kill all three in the room (use a
grenade?) and approach the desk, and "activate" the desk to grab
the documents. Germans should be approaching the other door, so
kill them from inside the bunker. Then run outside. A jeep is
trying to get away. Shoot the driver from behind before he gets
away. Then take over the MG in the MG nest and mow down any
hostiles approaching from your right. Kill the 2 Germans in the
house in the distance too. Continue, and you'll run into your
buddy on the jeep, but he's under attack! Kill the four attacking
Germans quickly, then approach the jeep and the level ends.

5.2.2     Countryside
You need to lead a squad to retrieve some badly needed supplies
that landed behind enemy lines.

Follow the fence down the road, slowly, until you see the 2 MG
nests on each side. Take them out quickly, plus any other
Germans. When it's clear, continue to the gate, and wait for your
squad to open the gate.

Continue through the gate, and into the house, and pick up some
medkit and ammo. Follow the compass down the road, and repeat
clearing the road of MG nests on either side. Again, wait until
your squad arrives to open the gate. There's a farm on your left
where you can pick up some more medikits and ammo.

Continue down the road, and watch out for enemy snipers at the
next defense point. Stay in front of the squad and shoot every
Germans you see. Enemy snipers are hiding near the MG nests and
they'll kill your squad if you don't shoot them quickly.
Continue, and repeat, clear the road. Keep going until you are
told to go around and flank the Germans and provide covering
fire. Follow the compass up a mountain trail, watch for Germans
popping out behind trees, and keep going until you come to a
ridge overlooking the crates. and quite a few Germans. Go prone
and pick them off.

When you've cleared the crates of Germans, switch to your Tommy
gun and come back down the trail. which is now suddenly full of
enemies as they want revenge. Keep killing them and make your way
back to the road. A group of Germans are rushing in from the
left. Use the trees as cover and lean out and take them down. Go
meet up with your squad again. Pick up the health and such
quickly. You'll get ambushed soon. There are two ways to deal
with the ambush. One is rush for the wall below the enemy, so
they can't shoot at you, then back up until you can just see the
top of their head, and take them out. The other is take cover
behind the jeep, and lean out to take them. You need to shoot at
least a dozen or more German snipers on the ridge. Keep shooting
them until your allies tell you to get back into the jeep. Follow
compass and run into the jeep.

You're now in the jeep and running away. but a German tank is
following. The jeep will stop after crossing a bridge. Jump out
and run through the open gate in the fence, then down to the
river. Jump to the ice slabs, then crouch to get under the bridge
arch, and plant the TNT under both arches. Run outside, and jump
back to land (if you fall in, you'll die). Run back to the jeep.
The tank comes over, and kaboom! It falls into the river. Jeep
then turns left onto a road. German half-tracks! Shoot the
gunners on the half-tracks quickly. Then another German tank
appears! The driver hands you a bazooka, so aim at the tank and
blow it up, and that's the end of the level.

5.2.3     The Siege
This is a very tough mission, be careful.

At the CP, the commander orders you to take Scarpello down the
road to check on enemies. He'll follow, so just head where the
compass says to go, which is that house to your left front.
You'll find some Germans patrolling, snipe them from the window.
Then run back to the trenches, and a large German attack comes
in. Stay low and use the MG's to shoot Germans. Remember Germans
can come from both sides.

When the tank comes in, run to the trenches to your right to the
bunker at the end and grab the bazooka, then run back and destroy
the tank. Feel free to run back and get your Tommy gun back if
you want to. Keep using the MGs and try NOT to use your own guns,
and hold the position until you get the order to fall back.

When you get the order, follow the compass, and go through the
road behind your line, and through the ruins to right, through a
yard. You'll see a fountain with a statue, and a German tank
breaks through! Get behind the fountain and shoot Germans coming
around the tank until you get orders to fall back. Follow your
allies to a building. You are told that you're being flanked on
the right, so move to back of building and climb up the ladder,
cross a plank to the next building. Use the window to the left to
take out the attack wave until you are told to head back to the
CP. Jump down the hole in the floor in the corner, then follow
the compass to reach your squad.

Get behind the MG and start shooting Germans, who'll come out of
streets on the left and right. Keep shooting at the Germans until
you get shot at from behind. Jump off the MG and get behind a
building to kill Germans behind you and keep going until you are
told to head back to CP. Head back into CP, and you'll be ordered
to locate the enemy scout who's dropping artillery on target.

Follow the compass slowly and head down an alley, then another
alley. Go through a gate, and through a small cemetery into a
church. German Tiger will break through the cemetery wall. Shoot
it if you still have the bazooka, else just run into the church,
and up the stairs. There are THREE guards on the top, kill all of
them. Then move VERY SLOWLY along the catwalk. It's weakened and
will likely collapse, but you have to go there until it collapses
(part of the script). Then come back down and out the back door
of the church. Follow the compass and you'll get to a building
that'll give you a sight into the church's bell tower. The enemy
scout is there. Shoot him, and the mission's over.

5.2.4     Crossroads
The Allied Relief Column will be here soon, so the Germans want
to make one last attack to make sure there's nothing to rescue.
It's down to the wire, folks.

At CP, you are ordered to go west and find Scarpello's outpost.
You must get to him before timer expires. So run west and follow
the compass to Scarpello, who's on 2nd floor of a ruined
building. Some tanks, half-tracks, and infantry will come down
the road. Use your binocs to aim artillery at the tank, and
"click" to "fire". Then switch to your sniper rifle and take out
the infantry. Now you can run back to CP.

When you get the CP, you're under attack from Germans in a new
direction. Jump onto the MG and start hosing down the Germans. If
you start to take damage but you don't see Germans, dismount the
MG and check behind you. Continue to hold until you are ordered
back to CP.

At the CP, you are ordered to hold the road to the south, so RUN
there, and start hosing Germans. Fortunately your stint here as
MG gunner is short and when the stopwatch reaches zero, you'll
called back to CP. Run back inside, and you're told to help the
northern outpost. Go there, and eventually you'll come across a
dead allied soldier. Looks like someone sniped him. Climb the
stairs and look down to the road. Use your binocs against the
leading tanks and half-tracks, and soon timer will stop, and
Scarpello joins you. Hold position and keep blowing up hostile
tanks and half-tracks until you're ordered to head back to CP.

At the CP, you are told to hold against yet another German
attack, this time from the north. Go use the MG and hose Germans
until you're called back.

Now you're told to go east, and check the outpost. So go. And
again, you found a dead Allied soldier. A sniper got him. So you
need to figure out where the sniper is and kill him. Then more
tanks and half-tracks comes down the road, so use the binocs and
hold them off. Now you head back to CP again. This is the final
push. You'll be attacked on three sides. Stay prone and shoot
enemies, or run and use the MG's then hide, doesn't matter.
Defend south, then north, and finally east, and when you've taken
out the tanks and such to east, the level will end.

Hitler's army is collapsing, and all attacks are heading toward
Berlin. However, a crossing at the Rhine has not been secured

5.3.1     Drop zone
Follow fellow soldiers to the south, and remove all Germans in
the distance, as well as a series of 4 MG nests. Hide behind
trees and lean out to take out the shooters.

Follow the compass east on the road, and take out a total of 8-9
soldiers as you move slowly along. Stay on the left side of the
road, and in one of the buildings you'll find some ammo and

Continue following the compass east, and you'll find another
German patrol. Eliminate them. Follow the compass into a German
field CP, and grab the intel. It appears that the Germans are
ready to blow up a bridge we desperately need! Also grab the ammo
on the bed.

Continue down the road, watch for sniper on higher levels. You'll
need to detour north somewhat, but you should be able to continue
east. Keep shooting Germans here and there until you come to a
group of allied soldiers manning a position near a jeep. Grab
ammo in a building next to the jeep, and then keep shooting
Germans until Scarpello tell you to jump in. Go to the jeep to
end this mission.

5.3.2     Messenger
Scarpello is driving, and you'll be doing the shooting. So this
is mainly a railshooter sequence, with you on the BAR. You could
use the Tommy Gun as well, but it lacks the range. Any way, shoot
the MG nests first as well as any halftrack gunners, then
individual soldiers.

You'll pass two MG nests, then a bunch of soldiers, than a
halftrack, then two more MG nests, then more soldiers, until you
hit a checkpoint.

Get out of the jeep, and watch for ambush as soldiers emerge from
either side of the road. Remove them, and check the toll booth
for medikit and ammo. Go past the next building and you'll find a
German staff car, and you can continue on your journey.

Continue shooting Germans if you see any, until Scarpello stops
again. You need to take out the MG nests ahead. Remove all
soldiers at the camp ahead, esp. the MG nests, then the few
soldiers jumping out of bushes in ambush, until Scarpello tells
you to come back.

Get back in, and shoot a few more, until the car stalls out. and
German half-tracks approaching! Crouch and defend against threats
to west, then north, and finally, some flankers to the south.
Shoot them all quickly before they shoot up the car or Scarpello.
Finally Scarpello gets the car started again, and you get back in
and resume the drive, and that's end of the level.

5.3.3     Final Push
You are to take out any German attempts to destroy the bridge
until Allied forces arrive. This mission is tough as it is quite
long, and some of the paths are not that obvious.

Follow Scarpello down the road to east, and watch for enemies on
balconies as you advance slowly. When the road turns right, there
should be a building to your right with some medikit and ammo.
Continue until you see an empty MG nest. Scarpello need to get
the door open. Man the MG to defeat a German attack. After
Scarpello open the door, he'll tell you to go ahead.

Follow the compass, go through a door and up the stairs, and
you'll find a broken window with rubble that you can jump
through. You'll know it's the right building when you get a

Cutscene: Germans have affixed dynamite to the bridge. However,
the detonator is out in the open. If you can achieve an overwatch
position over the detonator, you can probably prevent anyone from
triggering the explosives.


Peek out and shoot a German soldier, then remove four MORE German
soldiers on the 2nd story with you. Scan for them. Go for the
waypoint until the compass shows no direction at all. Go prone
and look for the detonator on the "beach" toward the street, a
bit to the right. If you go prone should be able to see it, yet
still be protected from any firing from the street. Shoot all
Germans that tried to run out to hit the detonator. They must NOT
destroy the bridge! Scarpello will also appear below you trying
to cover your back, but you can't let him die either. So save 2-3
bullets in the gun for any runners, shoot everybody else on the
street, esp. those shooting at Scarpello. Once you've shot enough
Germans so no more is heading for the detonator, your compass
will work again. Now you can get below to Scarpello's level, kill
any Germans that made it through.

NOTE: If you don't reach the final waypoint on 2nd floor so the
compass shows NO direction, you will have an INFINITE number of
people on the street, as they keep respawning, and you'll simply
run out of ammo. So reach the final waypoint, THEN defend the

Follow your compass. Find a window in rear of house that you can
jump out of, then continue and jump into another building, and
take out Germans to your left, then head upstairs and remove a
few more Germans. Go to the balcony, and you'll see the wires
leading to the dynamite at the bridge. Snipe the wires, and
voila, the bridge is safe. (Check your objectives to be sure)

Go back downstairs, and back out into the street. Get into the
train car, and you should find more ammo and medikit. Use the
train itself as cover and remove several waves of German
attackers. Follow the road / compass. There should be some
Germans to your right in a building, then more will rush you from
the park to your left. Continue following the compass until
Scarpello shows up in a jeep. The reinforcements are here. You've
saved the bridge!

Congratulations, you have completed this game!

Now you can try with a higher difficulty level, and see how well
you do!

6    Miscellaneous

There are none.