Robinson's Requiem (e)

Andere Lösungen

Wrote by Marauder (Ragnar Hojland) after an ethilic intoxication. 
You can find me on
I'm a game/demo coder, so my brain automaticly produces a nice structuration

- Go to your crashed ship and get
    first-aid kit
    some iron

- Go to the lake (South and then East)
    Hit the guy there until you kill him, and get his:
      water bottle
      a biiig knife 
    Fill the bottle with some lake water, and put in a desinfection pill

- Use the needle and sow some leafs to make a hat :)

- Go to West until you see a burification (North and South)
    Get the:
      cabbage (to eat)
      worms (to fish)

- Keep on to the West and turn to the South when you see the path
    Walk until the end
    Kill the eagle with the knife. Get some
    From the nest get
      an egg

- Go down using the Northern path
    Kill the werewolf with the knife. Get his computer

- Go West through the gorge
    You'll find a "pussy", so crouch inmediately

- When crouched, go through the path that goes from North to South
    You'll find a tree. Get some resin

- Go back and take the path to the left until you find a cave
    Make a torch with
      a branch

- Go to the dome in the centre of the cave
    Kill some mutants with your powerfull knife 
    Get another computer

- Go North until you find that it's blocked
    In the wall get saltpetre

- You'll be a bit ill (flu), so
    use antibiotics

- Go out of the cave by an exit on the West

- Walk to the west until you find a burification
    Path 1 and 2
      Get some food
    Path 3
      Convince a guy to give you a necklace
      Get some strange fruits (yksykdyk)
    Path 4 (South)
      Walk until you see an amazon village
        Put on the necklace
      Walk in
        Talk to the chief

- Walk around until you find a stegosaurus
    Get some milk

- Make a
    bow with
    arrows with

- Go back to the tiger
    Grab the bow. Guess what?
    Get his
      flesh for food
      fur for the cold

- Past the stone arc, take the path to the left
    Get all the majuarina flowers
    Kill another tiger (hehehe)
      get his

- Make a "jacket" with
    tiger's fur

- Go to the North until wou find an entrance to a new cave
    Walk from South to North to the centre
      Kill some tiranodons

- Go to the East
    Kill another guy
      Take his

- Go back to the central cave and take the Northern exit

- Take off your jacket and put on your flower hat
  Inject yourself some serum (da spiders)

- Walk to the West until you find some bisons
    Kill some and get some

- Keep on walking until you find a corpse
    Get his computer

- Go to the south
    DONT sell the computers to the guy

- Go back to the bison zone and take a path to the West
    Fight against the natives

- Go to the North to the sown field
    Eat some potatoes
    Get the water bottle near one of the houses

- Go to the Southeast
    Kill the teradon
      get another computer

- Go back to the desert zone and get the path to the East

- In the cave go straight (dont take any burification)
    Have fun with the tyranosaurus

- At the end of the second tyranosaurus cave turn to the South
    In the labyrinth get
      a computer
      a turtle
      saltpete from a wall

- Go back to the central cave and go Southwest to the desert

- Take lots of water and put on the hat

- Take the path ahead and after some intersections continue to the West

- When you find a second intersection,
    Keep on to the West to a zone with a tricerator at the North.
    Go South and take all the objects from another guy
    Go back to the intersection

- Go South
    More blood!

- Walk until you find a burification
    Take one of the paths
      find a corpse
        get a computer

- Go back to the cavern, to the other cavern, and back to the jungle

- Go down the mountain to the cavern that leads to the swamp
    Wait to the night
    Use a rocket to blind the tiranosaurus
    Kill him! 

- Go to the amazon village
    Talk to the chief
    Take the petroleum lantern

- Go back to the jungle to the lake's waterfall
    Fill the water bottles

- Go to the East of the lake (unexplored by now)
    Find a cavern

- In the cavern (you'll have to crouch) walk along a corridor to the West
    Get a computer on the floor

- Go to the East, and in a big cave, take the Southeastern passage to the woods

- Fire your bow against that guy with the laser
    Get his
      some charges

- Go to the Northeast
    Get another computer

- Go to the East where you can find lots of rabbits
  Make a lace with
    iron thread
  Catch some rabbits (food)

- Go to the Southeast and take the path that goes up the mountain
    Fry the centaurs with your lasssssser
    Take his boew

- Cross the bridge
    Kill more centaurs
    From his chief take

- Back to where you killed the guy with the laser go North
    Kill the four tigers
      Get his

- Go to the East and swim across the lake to the North
    A current will force you to go down

- After passing a bridge take the path to the right

- Continue to the lake
    Put on the furs
    Go into the cavern

- Follow the current until you find an intersection to the left

- Now keep straight until you find a wall with sulphur
    Get the sulphur

- Go back to the last intersection and go to the East to the waterfall

- Put on the reptil clothes and jump down, swimming to the North

- Put back the furs and the caparazon of the turtle as a helmet
    Kill those ugly giants

- In the labyrinth, get
    a computer (defended by three giants)
    some coal from a wall

- At the end of the labyrinth (at a passage on the Southeast)
    Desintegrate the pterodactyls

- Put on the reptil clothes and jump to the water swimming to the North

- When you reach a big cave, take the Northern exit.

- Now take the path to the right

- Take the intersection to the right
    Kill the tyranosaurious
    Take the computer in the center of the skeletons

- Go back to the canyon

- Walk around until you find a guy walking near a hut
    Get his message
    Kill him and get his
      gas mask

- Go to the desert
    Fill the water bottles
    Get some more salt

- Walk to the West to the zone where you found that mad guy

- Walk to the North
    Make a molotov
    Wanna know how smells a burning tricerapod?

- Keep walking to the North until you find a battery
    Yes, get it

- Go to the East and use your laser against the robocop brothers

- Keep on to the Southeast to a plain
    Protect your hands with kevlar gloves
    Build a trap with
      iron thread
    Now you have an electrocuted robot

- Go to the North until you find a cavern
    Put on the mask

- Get in the cavern
    Take the left path of the intersection
    Vaporize the robot and get
      a computer
      a laser
    Go back and take the other path
    Kill and kill more robots

- Keep on to the North
    find a computer
- Find the computer hall
    Watch out, flying bots
    In the central computer
      Insert in all the computers in the slot with the red led
      Uh oh..

- Go to an exit on the South, in the central point of the labyrinth
    BABOOOM!  You've done it!