Point Blank (e)

Andere Lösungen
    %2222%. .$%$ ..+%%%%+.       +$$%$%22                              
   $Y  %2#A222++ QH#QQQQ####AY% +2     +$$               .......       
  .$0  .++   %0 .HA      ,+'0Q#A+       20..DDY%%%$%$$$AQUAADDDDUQ.    
$%.%HA+.+$Y. .$$#D%....+++    $D.        0U0+ +$%%%%%%%+         AQ.   
%.  .$U#D0Y +$+0H%     AUU%    +Q%.    .+$02                      A#.  
 +%%+$..$0AAU. DU   .+'   `+   2#$$$YDY%2HHHD20ADD22Y$ +     %$2YDANU  
     20%Y2.    #QU+'     ..%2DQHHA#HY$Y002HA   $#H $UY$0+   +HNUDD00Y% 
      02%%%22Y0NNA      2NNHY.     +QH.   #0     A    $N2    +QHY2$$%+ 
       +HHD00DAQHD......$NN$..%UA...%NY...#Q..........2NU.... .#0      
       0HA      .0Q%+++%$NNA%++%$%++DNU+++HN$+++U#D$++DNN%+++++$ND     
      +H#.  +2+   AU    %#NNNQ0$%.+YNND. +UNH$0QNN2   %0HH#######NNA   
      2HA        DH$    UNNQ%       HQ     YN$  .$D#Y   HNHUDYY2ANQQ2  
      DN2       2QN+   0NNA   +D$   AD      $D     UY   A$      YH0YY. 
      #H.   Y%    Y#+ +NNQ   %DD$   YD       $     H%           YNY    
     +NQ   $0$     AQ $NN$  .0      .Q    2.       N.      %0DDDUN0    
     0NY           0H  UNDY0UU0UA    Q.   $H0     +Q       UNNNNNNA.   
     %YY0Y0Y20YY2Y2% %$00DD0Y22$+2Y2YYY2$%$$$2+ %YDY2YY0D0$YAQHHNNU%   
     ..+..++.+..        ++.++    .%++..+          +%. .++%+ +%$20D0.   

                 - PointBlank Quest Mode Walkthrough -
                   - By Miciah -

* Note: Before you start, If you are using a Hand Controller instead of a Gun, 
make sure you set the Controller Options to Top speed and Wide Range, otherwise 
the Shooting Games towards the end will be almost impossible to win. You cannot 
change the Controller Options once you have started the Quest.

- Part 1 -

First of all Go down and pick up the Map in the Raft. Go into the Beach Village 
and talk to the people. Down to the right is a Girl in a Hut who has lost 100G. 
Go to the Right of the Hut to steal the 100G. Go North of the Boys House who 
talks about Ruby Kippers. Pick up the Ruby Kippers. Go to Old Man's Forest. Talk 
to Everybody in Every town until the Frog tells you that the Membership Card is 
near the Pond. Go into the swamp and fight a Piranha to get the Membership Card. 
Once you have the Membership Card talk to Ribbit the frog again. Go to the Club 
and talk to the Assistant 4 times in a row. Go to Forest Village and talk to All 
the people again. Go back to the Assistant and talk to her 4 more times in row. 
Go talk to all the people in Forest village again then go back to the Club for 
the last time and there will be a new Assistant who will let you in. Go to the 
House in the middle of the Stone Circle. Talk to Roswell and he'll tell you that 
he will give his Piece of Gunball if you kill all of the UFOs around his house. 
After you kill them all go back in Rosewell's house and you will meet an Old Man 
who says you have to complete one more Stage to save Roswell and get the first 
Piece of Gunball.

- Part 2 -

Go to First Village Talk to Everybody. Go to the Right and keep going till you 
reach the beach. Go down until you see the Shop. Go in and Buy a map and some 
Sprint Mints. Next Go off the Beach and up until you see a Gap up the top, But 
don't go in there yet. That goes to the Princesses Woods. Go down left around 
the woods until you see an Entrance. Go Through the Woods At the top left is a 
Gate house but the guy there won't let you through yet. Go South of the Gate 
house and enter the Village. Talk to Everybody until the Girl with Green Hair 
tells you to Lie to get Through The Gates. Go back Up through the Gate house and 
talk to the guy there Go to the Pond down South get the roast duck by fighting 
the Ducks. Go back up to the Gate house and you will be allowed through Go in 
and talk to the King. He will tell you to bring back the princess. Go to 
Princesses Woods. Go in the house and talk to the Princess. She will try to run 
away. Use Sprint Mint and Chase her. When you Catch her Go back to the king. Go 
back Down out through the Gate house. Go Up to the Right of that and Go into the 
Shrine to fight for the next Piece of Gunball.

- Part 3 -

Talk to Everybody in the Town. Go Up to the Left and talk to Dr. Yuzem. Talk to 
Everbody in the Ruined Town where the Mulder & Scully lookalikes are. Fight the 
Yellow Balls and Lose to Shrink so u can get into the Tiny Village South East of 
the Ruined town. Talk to Everyone. The Tree in Center of Tiny Town has 3000G 
hidden in it. Go through the Desert. There are heaps of hidden items here. Walk 
over the Grave Site north of the Castle and Kill the Skeletons. Go back talk to 
Everybody again in the First Town then go talk to Dr. Yuzem to get the Key for 
the Castle. On your way there, Skeletons will attack you, beat them and talk to 
Dr. Yuzem. A Skeleton will rush into his House and steal the Key. Go back the 
the Grave Site near the Castle again and on the way there, Talk to Everyone in 
the First 2 Towns again for more valuble info. Tere will be a new House at the 
Top Right of the Second Town where Mulberry and Scubby are. It's the Pink Old 
Lady. Go back through the Desert up to the Grave Site and kill the Skeletons to 
get the Master Key to the Castle. Enter the Castle. There will be Lots Criminals 
Chasing you around. Run though and try to avoid them and Rescue the Hostages. 
The Wall below the Center Hostage has 1500G hidden in it. When you have Rescued 
all Hostages, The Criminals will dissapear. Go up to the Computer on Left side 
of the Castle. It will Open some Stairs in the top left of the Castle. Go 
Downstairs, and Squeeze through the Gap on the Left. Talk to the people in the 
Houses. Go Down to the Bottom Left of the Castle and go Downstairs and Fight 
Robot Yuzem #21 for the next Piece of Gunball. Don't Lose or it's Game Over and 
you'll have to do the whole Castle thing all over again.

- Part 4 -

You Start at the very Top Left part of this section. First of all, you need the 
Map. It is Hidden in a Circle of 5 large Stones, with a Shop to the Left, and an 
Old Man in a House to the Right. From where you start, it is about 1 screen 
down, and about 3 or 4 screens right. 2 or 3 screens below that Shop is 500G 
hidden in some Small Rocks. You will be looking for an Army ID Card. After 
Talking to Everyone in the Town and in the Prison Camp Pay Big Mama 500G and She 
will let you have it. Go to the Shop that sells Roast Ducks and buy one. Also 
buy Some Sprint Mint and Spray Away if u don't already have them. Go down to the 
Army Base. There is a Shotgun hidden outside the Base at the Bottom Left. Enter 
the Army Base. The Guard will say he's still Hungry. Exit and come straight back 
in. The Army Base is amazingly spacious inside, Almost as Big as the section of 
the Main Island. Watch out for Land Mines. After you talk to the General, You 
will be Chased out. Use some Sprint Mint and Spray Away for a speedy Exit. Go 
back to the Town and Talk to Everyone there and Go to the Prison Camp to get the 
Password for the Army Base. Go Talk to the General in the Army Base again. Talk 
to Everyone in the Town and Prison Camp again. Go Talk to the General in the 
Army Base again. Talk to Everyone in the Town and Prison Camp again. Go Talk to 
the General in the Army Base again. Eventually the General lets you Play for the 
next Piece of Gunball.

- Part 5 -

This is the Final area of the Island. to get the Map, walk down from where u 
start til you come to the second clearing on the Left, the entrance to the 
Elders Village is South of a Shop. there will be a dark patch of trees, walk in 
there. the Elders House is at the top left of this section when you go in, you 
can see the Map in the background of his House, so shoot it and you will get it. 
you may or may not have to talk to the People in the Village north-west of here 
first, i'm not sure, but i went to the Village first which was the first 
clearing down from where you started from. anyways, Exit the Elders Village, and 
go down south until you you come to the House with the Girl. She will ask you do 
get rid of the Target which will appear Outside Her House. you have to Shoot 10 
Targets in 3 seconds so if you are using a Hand Controller and not a Gun, You 
will find this really difficult.