Hostages (e)



Whenever possible hide behind walls, or in doorways if you are about to be 
spotted by a searchlight, as lying down or doing a roll isn't always 


When placing your men around the top of the building, put them all on the same 
side, the best side is the bottom one. Now press 'F1' which will show you the 
side where your men are placed. Scan the top windows first for an empty room. 
You should see the men dangling from ropes, if not then you have got the wrong 
side fool! 

You should send your first man in on the top floor. If all the windows have 
silhouettes, the hostages are the one's with a slightly fatter silhouette at 
the window than the terrorist's silhouette. If you shoot a hostage at the 
window by mistake, you might as well start again, don't forget there are only 
3 hostages! 

When your first man has entered a window on the top floor, clean the top floor 
of all terrorists (in green, hostages are blue - they also don't move around 
much) When you have killed your first terrorist, position gun where he once 
stood, so when you burst in on the next one, you don't have to mess about 
positioning your gun, but can shoot him straight away. 

When top floor is clear move your man to the top right room, (the one with 
only one door) & stand him in that room with his back to the door. That way, 
when you have a hostage you can take him to this safe room, and leave him, as 
any terrorists can't get in through the door because one of your men is 
protecting the door, but you can still get in and out.

Now bring another man in through the top floor, still leaving one man in the 
top right room protecting hostages you leave there. Now go forth and find them 
their hostages. If there is a terrorist, with a hostage behind him. DON'T 
shoot the terrorist as you will kill the hostage. Instead run straight into 
the room and straight at the hostage/terrorist, so you and them occupy the 
same space. Don't stop, keep holding forward & you should be on the other side 
of the room, as the hostage follows you, the terrorist doesn't. BUT, doing 
this you have to be very QUICK. 

Now take the hostage to the top floor, the top right room, where your 1st man 
is on guard. Walk into this room and back out again, the hostage will stay 
there. Now you are free to go & get another one. Once all hostages have been 
successfully rescued, Game over !