Mad Professor Mariarti (Chemistry Lab) (e)

Mad Professor Mariarti


From the starting screen, head left and trip the switch that you find 
there. This turns off some of the deadly electrical devices and allows 
you to enter a previously inaccessible screen. Go up the ladder and walk 
to the left, then use the conveyor belt to fall down and collect the crowbar. 

Next make your way to the auto ladder. Use the crowbar and jump on the lever 
three times. 

Go up and collect the jam jar, before returning down and heading right to 
where the other jar is. Go down two levels and head right. Use the jam jars, 
and you will be able to read the tiny password and pass through the locked 
door. Go right. Collect the hammer and take it up to the top level. 

Head left and collect the phial (there's a clue about a "strong aroma"), and 
head down to where the 'test your strength' machine is. Use the potion and the 
hammer and you will ring the bell, revealing an oil can as your prize. Take 
this up to the top-right hand screen and use it on the pipe and, voila, you 
have completed the level!