MissionForce - CyberStorm (e)

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MissionForce - CyberStorm / Demo README.TXT July 1996

Welcome to MissionForce: CyberStorm, a strategy game set 
in the Earthsiege universe.  CyberStorm takes strategy gaming
to a new level, with a detailed and rich turn-based game
that uses superb graphics and gameplay to challenge even the 
most experienced gamer.

For convenience, you may run this demo directly from the CD.
However, to insure optimal speed while examining this demo, you can 
copy the entire demo subdirectory from the CD to your hard drive.  
The demo can run entirely from the CD, but will run more smoothly 
if run from your hard drive.

To play this demo, you need only select the "Sample CyberStorm"
option from the main menu.  This will take you directly into 
a sample game of CyberStorm.  From this game, you can build a 
force of your choosing (though from a very restricted list of 
units, a mere sample of the units you'll be able to access in 
the full game) and then challenge any of the standard missions.  

NOTE:  If you do not have Microsoft's Direct X drivers installed
on your system, you will not hear any sounds in this demo.  The
full release version of CyberStorm will install these needed 
drivers automatically and you will be able to hear our full sound
and music once you install the release version of the game.  You 
can download the needed drivers from Microsoft directly if you 
have access to the Internet.

When you enter the demo, you will already have a force of two 
Hercs (the giant fighting machines you will command in this 
game) and two Bioderms (the pilots who drive those Hercs).  
These Hercs and Bioderms are already linked (which means the 
Bioderms are assigned to pilot their specific Hercs), and your 
mission selected... so you can just jump right in and play a 
mission.  If you choose, however, you can modify your force by 
visiting the Bioderm facility (where you can train your Bioderms), 
the Herc Bay (where you can upgrade your Herc's weapons and 
systems... or purchase additional Hercs), and/or the Command 
Center (where you can choose a new mission).  Once you've made 
your adjustments, you can launch the mission and enjoy a sample 
of CyberStorm.

While exploring the demonstration version of CyberStorm, use the
right mouse button to click on items you'd like more information
on.  Though the game manual and help files are unavailable on the
demo version, the full right-click help IS available.  It will 
help guide you though the demonstration.

In the full release version of CyberStorm, there are 30 different 
Bioderm pilots available, 8 different Hercs, 70 different weapons, 
over 30 different internal component systems, and 23 different 
worlds to challenge.  With a mission generator as part of the game, 
no two missions will ever be alike.  With almost limitless 
combinations of weapons and systems, you can play through a 
campaign of CyberStorm, and then start another to enjoy a 
completely new experience.

Though this demo does not allow you to sample the multiplayer 
capability of CyberStorm, you can play the release version over a 
modem between two human players, or with up to eight players on a 
local-area network.  The mission generator puts YOU in control, 
allowing you to construct any mission type you wish for a 
multiplayer game... from competitive "smashfests" to cooperative 
missions where you and your friends are trying to destroy an enemy 

To obtain a full release version of CyberStorm, you can visit your 
local retailer, or order directly from Sierra Direct at 
1-800-757-7707.  Look for us on the Internet at 
or on Compuserve (at GO SIERRA) or AOL (at Keyword SIERRA).

We hope you enjoy this sample of MissionForce: CyberStorm.