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Andere Lösungen
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Version 9.0
Completed at 04:29:12 P.M. Eastern Standard Time on September 30, 2000
Version History
Starting Out
How to Play
Types of Baldies
Level Strategy
Secrets and Tips
Bonus Levels
Hidden Levels
What I Need

Version History
9.5-9/30/00-Got rid of the themes, fixed Worlds section, changed name and e-mail address, Added
            What I Need
9.0-2/17/00-Updated Buildings and Bonus Levels
8.0-2/16/00-Updated Buildings and Worlds
7.0-2/15/00-Added Attacking and Level Strategy.
6.0-2/14/00-Minor updates of Tips, Inventions, and Bonus Levels.  Need more secrets and hidden
            levels.  If anyone has some, e-mail me at
5.0-2/12/00-Fixed minor Inventions mix-up.  Added Secrets and Tips, Worlds, and Disclaimer. 
            Updated Buildings.
4.0-2/12/00-Added Bonus Levels and Inventions
3.0-2/11/00-Added Teams and how to play
2.0-2/10/00-Added Buildings and Types of Baldies
1.0-2/02/00-Started FAQ. Added Starting Out, Controls, Credits, and Toolbar.

Starting Out
     Open up the Baldies.exe(Windows) or Baldies.bat(DOS) file for single player and Baldnet.exe 
or Baldnet.bat for multiplayer.  Then for single player type in your name(and in DOS a password).
Press enter.  Choose a level that is yellow or green.  Then click on the Baldy on the right to 
start. For multiplayer(Windows) choose Winsock IPX connection for DirectPlay at the connection 
method screen.  Click OK.  Then choose a game to play.  For DOS choose number of players(2-4) 
and press Enter or Return.

Single Player
Mouse-Move cursor

Left Mouse button- Selects icons
                   Click and drag an object to move stuff
                   Digs once you have a shovel
                   Click and drag on the map to choose all Baldies in the window 

Right Mouse Button-Identify objects if advisor is on
                   Turn water into land if you have a shovel

1-                 Worker Baldy

2-                 Builder Baldy

3-                 Soldier Baldy

4-                 Scientist Baldy

5-                 Angel Wings*

6-                 Flag(Build House)

7-                 Shovel**

8-                 Hand

Windows Multiplayer
All single player commands

F1-                Talk to player 1
F2-                  "  "    "    2
F3-                  "  "    "    3
F4-                  "  "    "    4
F5-                  "  "  all players

DOS Multiplayer
All single player commands except 1-5

0-                 List of who is playing and their number
1-                 Talk to player 1
2-                   "  "    "    2
3-                   "  "    "    3
4-                   "  "    "    4
5-                   "  "  all players

* Only accessible after 4 houses and enough worker energy
** Only accessible after 3 houses and enough worker energy

How to Play
     You start out as the Baldies.  You try to kill the other teams.  To do that you must 
build houses to breed, invent stuff, and make weapons.  To breed, place workers in the house.
To maintain and expand houses, have builders in there.  For inventions, use scientists.  For 
weapon making, have soldiers.
Types of Baldies
Worker(Red)-Breeds in house, produces red energy
Builder(Blue)-Maintains houses, produces blue energy
Soldier(Green)-Makes bullets and grenades, battles, produces green energy
Scientist(White)-Makes and builds inventions, produces white energy

     The Baldy in the red shirt is a Worker.  The one in the blue shirt is a Builder.  The 
one in the greenish shirt is a Soldier.  The one in the white shirt is a Scientist.  To turn 
people into those click on the appropriate icon and click on one Baldy to make a single one 
that and click on an empty space and drag to turn everyone in the dark space into the one you 
want.  The angel(Windows) and the angel wings(DOS) make people move in mass numbers and is more 
efficient than the hand.  It takes up worker energy.  The shovel digs land into water and water 
into land.  It takes up worker energy.  The flag builds a house.  Uses builder energy and 
requires a builder on the outside to construct.  The hand grabs small items.  If you grab 
anything other than a Baldy it uses worker energy.  The power bars fill up as the appropriate 
Baldies walk around.

There are 4 teams.
Beardies(Yellow and Green)
     Each building has 4 rooms.  Starting from lower left, going clockwise.  Worker room 
is where they breed.  Builder room is where the builders maintain the house.  Minimum builders 
to maintain house is 1 for every 5 a house can hold.  Picture of house is where you choose which
house to build.  Red for breeding, white for science, and green for military.  Details below.  
Chalkboard is where you choose an invention to build.  Scientist room is where scientists 
cook up ideas for inventions.  Soldier room is where they make grenades and bullets for 
battle   The more baldies in a particular room, the faster they do stuff(ex. more builders=
faster expansion).

House stage(Name)
# of baldies it can hold
What it looks like in different worlds

Stage 1 house
10 Baldies
Very poor all-around
Did not get to European or Hell yet

Stage 2 Red(Small house)
20 Baldies
Poor breeding
Green--Wider house
Ice----Snow-covered house
Desert-Small clown

Stage 3 Red(Medium house)
30 Baldies
Average breeding
Green--Widest house
Ice----Wide snow-covered house

Stage 4 Red(Medium house w/ garage)
35 Baldies
Above average building
Green--Medium house w/ garage
Ice----Medium house w/ garage
Stage 4 Red(Castle or Large house)
40 Baldies
Good breeding
Green--Small castle
Ice----Small castle
Desert-Big clown

Stage 5 Red(Castle w/ helipad)
45 Baldies
Very good breeding
Green--Castle w/ helipad in middle
Ice----Castle w/ helipad replacing middle tower
Desert-Strongman w/ target

Stage 5 Red(Huge castle or Huge house)
50 Baldies
Excellent breeding
Green--Large castle
Ice----Large castle

Stage 2 White(Science house)
20 Baldies
Good for inventions
Green--House with wheel 
Ice----Flat igloo w/ telescopt
Desert-Gypsy hands w/ crystal ball

Stage 2 Green(Strong house)
20 Baldies
Bullet making
Green--Looks like Level 2 Red Ice house
Ice----Wooden fort

Stage 3 Green(Barracks)
25 Baldies
Bullet & Grenade making
Green--Wooden fort w/ stone tower
Ice----Big wooden fort
Desert-Cannon w/ cannonballs beside it

15 Baldies
Increases energy
Ice----Snow-covered tree
Desert-White cotton candy
     In each world, the buildings will look different and the people will be wearing different

Enemy Clothing

Everyday people
Same as a builder
Rock, Tree

Eskimo coats
Rock, Snow-Covered Tree

Desert for DOS (European for Windows)
Clown costumes (DOS)
Cannonball, Cotton Candy (DOS)
Combine inventions for maximum killing.


Cannon(1)-Shoots Baldies and others to places.  Close range.  Useful for drowning other teams.
Cannon(2)-Same as 1.  Medium range.
Cannon(3)-Same as 1 & 2.  Far range.

Mine(1)-Blows up Baldies and other people.  Useful when put in front of a breeding house's door.
Mine(2)-Same as 1.  Does minor damage to landscape(destroys flowers and animals) nearby.
Mine(3)-Same as 1 & 2.  Does damage to everything nearby.
Mine Field-Field of Mine 1's.

Catapult(1)-Catapults people in the air.
Catapult(2)-Same as 1.  Hurts people.
Catapult(3)-Same as 1 & 2.  Kills people.

Pit(1)-Anyone walking over it falls in.  To avoid your people falling in, place 1 Baldy over the 
       pit.  As it opens, grab it and wait until it closes.  Repeat until it disappears.
Pit(2)-Wider than 1.
Pit(3)-Wider than 2.

Electro(1)-Shocks people.  More useful in the rain.
Electro(2)-Shocks a wider range than 1.
Electro(3)-Shocks a wider range than 2.

Storm(1)-Makes it rain, snow, etc.  Use with Electro for maximum killing.  Disrupts angel flying.
Storm(2)-Rains and turns land into water or water into land depending on the world.
Storm(3)-Turns more land into water and more water into land.

Popper-Fills people up with air until they explode.
Popper Field-Field of poppers.

Rock Rain-Rains rocks.  Put a rock in a science house to access one.

Fish Rain-Rains fish.  Place a piranha in a science house.

Skunk-Makes people run out of the house.  This and any other animal requires you to put it 
      in a science house.

Increased Fertility-Breed faster.  Happy rabbit.

Decreased Fertility-Breed slower.  Mad rabbit.

Shark bait-Attracts sharks in the level to it.

Shark repellent-Repels sharks.

Magic Cloud-Any enemy angel flying under it will become a Baldy.

Balloon-Angels are attracted to it.

Gas Mask-Protects a house from skunks.

Earthquake-Shakes up the ground.  Possible evacuation of a house.

Armageddon(Boxing Glove)-Destroys everything and makes everyone an angel.  Then a small piece of
                         land appears and everyone flys to it.  They all turn into soldiers and 
                         fight until 1 team comes out the victor.

Helicopter-Puts a helicopter into a Castle with a Helipad.  Use for bombing houses.

Car-Puts a car into a medium house with a garage. 

     To attack, make sure you have at least 1 Barrack and lots of soldiers and the angel wings.
Then put your shield where there are the most enemies outside.  Then fly your soldiers to the 
shield.  They should start shooting.  If they don't, you don't have enough soldiers in the 
Barrack.  To invade a house put your shield on a house.  Beware, every Hairy killed will kill a
Baldy.  To grenade a house and then invade, put your shield on a house, but put a rock in front 
of the door.  The soldiers will throw grenades until the house is wrecked.  Then remove the rock.
Level Strategy
Level 1
     Build a barracks and let 1 of the soldiers kill the Hairy.  You do not have to breed.

Level 2
     Between the tree and the 2 houses you have, build a house.  Make sure it is centered.
Make it a breeding one and take the soldiers out of the other houses.  Then follow tip #2.  Once 
you have excess Baldies, turn the upper house into a Science house and the bottom one into a 
Barracks.  Then attack until you win.  If you killed all the Hairies and you still didn't win,
try all the trees, there are some in there.

Secrets and Tips
     Instead of invading a house, put your shield on it and put a rock on the door.  If you 
have a barracks, soldiers will grenade the house.  When it gets ruined, go in.  You won't lose 1

     When you get to a Medium house, only have the required number of builders in it.  Leave 
the rest workers.  Repeat for the other breeding houses.

     When you have a helivopter, isolate all your soldiers in one place so they don't shoot.
Then use the helicopter to bomb all the buildings so the enemy can't breed.

     DON'T use the hand with the helicopter.  It will chop your fingers off.  Then you can't
grab anything, but it looks cool.

     For Extra levels 1 and 2 drop sheep in the water.  Then pick up 10 dolphins and put them
in your science house.  Then beat the level.  In place of levels 1 & 2 there will be extra 
Bonus Levels
Between Level 09 and 10-Use the hand to save the Baldies from the mine field.  Every one over 12
                        saved will be warped to the next level.  30 seconds.  Just have quick 
Between Level 17 and 18-Use the flag and shovel to guide the Baldies to the warp.  1 out of 
                        every 4 will be warped to the next level.  2 minutes.Put the flag in the 
                        warp and use the shovel to make paths to the warp.  There are Baldies in 
                        each corner.  Since they are Builders, they will go towards the warp.  
                        Make sure you dig a wide path so they won't wander around. 
Between Level 27 and 28-Use the soldiers to kill the Hairies in the trees.  Every Hairy killed
                        is an extra Baldy in the next level.  Put a Baldy in every tree.  If a
                        Hairy is in it, the soldier will get killed.  Then put another one in to
                        kill him and take over the tree.
Between Level 34 and 35-Use the hand to save the Baldies from the traps.  Every one over 8 will
                        be warped to the next level.  30 seconds.

What I Need
Information on the last 2 worlds and the european world for windows.
Info on how to beat stage 38 (DOS)

Me(CrazTaxi)( this FAQ
Panasonic Interactive Media-Made the game
GameFAQS-Posted it
Cu_Pimp-Borrowed the game from

     All of my FAQS and ASCII are copyright 2000 Pikablu 197.  Any plagerism will have serious
legal action and you will face up to a $1,000 fine and/or 10 years in jail for copyright