Baldies (e)

Andere Lösungen

How to Quickly Complete a Level

When the game starts you usually have a ten to twenty Baldies wandering
aimlessly around. Here's how to quickly turn them into a winning force.

Build A Stage 2 House

1. Change all your Baldies into builders (the blue Baldy icon). 2. Find a
large, clear area and plant a flag. Make sure there is lots of room and than no
trees, rocks, or other land features will block
the growth of the house.
3. After the Baldies build a stage 1 house fill it with ten builders. Go inside
the house and make sure they are building a red house.
4. Wait until the house expands to a stage 2 house.

Breed the Baldies, Expand the House

1. Move any Baldies outside the house inside.
2. Go inside the house and move all but two of the builder Baldies (blue) to
the breeding room (red).
3. After a little while extra Baldies will be pushed out of the house. Wait for
ten to be pushed out.
4. Go inside the house and change all the Baldies back into builders. 5. Wait
for the house to upgrade to stage 3.
6. Move any Baldies outside the house inside and change all but four of the
builders into breeders. This will maximize the breeding rate
for the house.

Angle Wings and the Shovel

1. Wait until twenty Baldies have been pushed out of the house. 2. Change all
the Baldies outside the house to builders. 3. Build three stage 1 houses,
placing one builder in each house. Make sure to leave enough room around the
houses to expand them later.
Keep changing any Baldies pushed out of the stage 3 house to
4. Once you have all three stage 1 houses built change all the Baldies outside
the houses into Workers (red). Once the red energy bar has
filled about one third of the way the Shovel and Angle Wings will
appear. Use the Shovel to expand the land around your houses as
needed to give them room to grow.

Build Your Village

1. Fill all the stage 1 houses with Baldies. Make sure one Baldy in each is a
builder and all others are breeders.
2. Upgrade the houses one at a time. Make sure you set all Baldies in the house
to Builders while expanding the house. As the house
expands move more Baldies inside to keep the house full. You can
use the Angel Wings to fly several Baldies into the house.
3. Upgrade the first house to a stage 3 Barracks (brown), the next to a stage 2
Science Lab (white), and the last to a stage 5 house
(red) with a Helipad (if possible).
4. Once each house is completed transfer extra builders in the house to the
breeding room to keep the flow of new Baldies at maximum.

Arm for Battle

1. Go inside the Barracks and change all the breeders into soldiers. They will
start producing bullets and grenades.
2. If the enemy is getting close to your village change your Baldies near the
border into soldiers.
3. Change any extra Baldies outside the houses into scientists (white) 4. Go
inside the Science Lab and change all the breeders into scientists.
5. As quickly as possible have your scientists create a stage 3 land mine.


You can attack by capturing or destroying the enemy buildings. There are two
ways to destroy enemy buildings. To destroy a building with mines do the

1. Drop stage 3 land mines next to all the enemy buildings. Place them next to
two or more buildings whenever possible.
2. Detonate the mines by dropping animals or Baldies on them. Each mine will
kill up to twenty Harries in each house. When the Harries
have all been killed the house will be destroyed.

To have your soldier destroy the house:

1. Drop a rock in front of the door to the enemy house. This keeps the Harries
inside, and keeps your Baldies outside.
2. Place your shield icon on the enemy house.
3. Change all Baldies outside a house into soldiers. 4. Using the Angel Wings
fly your Baldies near the enemy house. They will use grenades to blow up the

To capture the houses do the following:

1. Change all Baldies outside houses into soldiers. 2. Using the Angel Wings
land your Baldies on top of the enemy house. They will go inside and drag the
Harries out.
3. Once all the Harries have been removed from the house it will be captured.
Go inside and change enough of the Baldies into builders
to keep the house maintained. Change any extra Baldies in the house
to breeders, soldiers, or scientists, depending on what type of
house it is.

As you attack the Harries keep you may want to check on your Science Lab and
have the scientists create more inventions. Drop animals on the Science Lab to
enable more inventions. Once you have captured or destroyed all the enemy
houses change all Baldies outside into soldiers. Move your shield near any
Harries wandering around to get your soldiers to attack them. Once all the
Harries are dead you will advance to the next level.

Other Tips and Tricks

Skunks and Popperfields

The Skunk and Popperfield inventions can be used to quickly kill Harries inside
a house. Place one or more Popperfields in front of the enemy house, then drop
a skunk on the house. The Harries will run out and explode.

Rain and Electro

When you place the Electro invention start a rainstorm. If it's raining when
the Electro is activated it will kill lots more Harries.

The Helicopter

The helicopter will chop up any flying Harries (or Baldies). Use it to stop
enemy scientists flying in to drop inventions. If you have enough Soldiers in
your barracks you can also drop bombs on the enemy. The computer player doesn't
try to destroy the helicopter very often, so it makes a great weapon.

Keeping Inventions after a Level

Any inventions that you have built up to stage 3 will be kept for the next
level. They will be back at stage 1 when the next level starts.

Secret Warps

On some levels large rocks will be covering special warps that will let you
skip several levels. To uncover the warp blow up the rock with a stage 3 land
mine. Any Baldies that walk (or are dropped) into the warp will be added to the
Baldies you start the next level with.


To get piranha drop a skunk into the water. Make sure you drop one piranha on
your science lab, but feed the rest to the Harries to kill them. Set the game
speed to the slowest setting to make this easier. Piranha can be especially
useful at the beginning of a level when there aren't very many Harries.

Keep the Enemy from Expanding

If the Harries are expanding too quickly you can dig up the land around their
houses to slow them down (on later levels the computer will use this same
tactic against you). You can also place a minefield or Popperfield just above
the house -- it will take a long time for the enemy to clear it away.

Hidden Levels

To reach the hidden levels start playing on level four or higher. Set the game
speed to the slowest setting. Drop a sheep in the water, then drop ten dolphins
on your Science Lab. Complete the current level. Levels 1 and 2 should now be
replaced with the hidden levels.