Donkey Kong 64 (e)

Andere Lösungen
                            Donkey Kong 64/Boss FAQ
                              Written by The Ruzz
                           Table of Contents
3.Basic Controls
4.The Kongs 
5.The Bosses

-Jungle Boss
-Aztec Boss
-Factory Boss
-Galleon Boss
-Forest Boss
-Caves Boss
-Castle Boss
-King K. Rool
7.DK Rap

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3.Basic Controls
Attack: B
This is your attack.  Use it to beat up enemies, (duh!).  Keep pressing 
B and you'll do a three-hit combo!  You also used this to use your 
weapons.  (See Kongs Section)

Jump: A
Use this to jump.  The longer you hold it, the higher you jump.  To do 
a double jump, press A and when you land, press it again and you'll do 
a higher jump!  Only Diddy can do this.  To do a back flip, press Z to 
crouch.  Then press A.  Use this often to reach high places.  To do a 
long jump, run, press Z, then A.

Crouch: Z
This makes your Kong crouch

Simian Slam: A, Z
This kind of move is often used in other games.  Anyway you jump then 
you stomp the ground.  You can use this move to press switches.  As you 
progress and meet Cranky, you'll get stronger versions of this move.

4.The Kongs

Donkey Kong

Moves: Baboon Blast-While standing on a Donkey Pad press Z.

       Gorilla Grab-Step on the footprints on front of a lever and                     
press B.

       Strong Kong-Jump in a barrel with Donkey's face on it and you'll 
become invincible.  To cancel the move hold Z then press C Left.  Uses 
crystal coconuts.

Musical Instrument: Bongo Blast

Weapon: Coconut Cannon

Cranky's thoughts: About time that lazy good-for-nothing went 
adventuring again.  He's the leader of this mangy bunch and tells me 
that he gas learned a whole new bench of "mean, reptile stomping" 
moves.  I doubt whether they will be any better than his old ones, but 
we shall see, shan't we?

Diddy Kong

Moves: Chimpy Charge-Hold Z, then press B.

       Rocketbarrel Boost-Jump in a barrel with Diddy's face on it and 
he will pop out with rocket boosters.  Hold A to fly up and Z to hover.  
To cancel it, hold Z then press C Left or land on the ground.  Uses 
crystal coconuts.

       Simian Spring-While your on a pad with Diddy's face on it, hold 
Z until he springs on his tail.

Musical Instrument: Guitar Gazump

Weapon: Peanut Popguns

Cranky's thoughts: Donkey's little nephew wannabe.  He's quick, nimble 
and courageous but still a bit of lightweight when compared to my fine 
physique.  He's also got this new-fangled thing he calls a Jetbarrel, 
but it sounds like nothing more than a lot of hot air to me.

Tiny Kong

Moves: Mini-Monkey-Jump in a barrel with Tiny's face on it and she'll 
become very small.  To cancel it hold Z and press C Left.  Uses crystal 
       Pony Tail Whirl-Press A and while in the air press A again to 
glide down.
       Monkeyport-While standing on a pad with Tiny's face on it, press 
Z.  You'll transport to another pad.

Musical Instrument: Saxophone Slam

Weapon: Feather Bow 

Cranky's thoughts: I thought this was Dixie Kong until she told me that 
she is Dixie's younger sister.  Bah, kids these days all look alike!  
You'll probably recognize Dixie's trademark hair spin technique, but 
Tiny can also shrink in size-although I reckon that one's nothing more 
than a marketing gimmick and won't even be in the game!

Lanky Kong

Moves: Orangutan Stand-Hold Z and press B to do a handstand.  
       Baboon Balloon-While standing on a pad with Lanky's face on it, 
press Z.  Lanky will inflate and will float up.  To deflate, press Z.    
It only lasts for a limited time.

       Orangutan Sprint-Jump in a barrel with Lanky's face on it and he 
will pop out doing a handstand.  From here you can walk really fast.

Musical Instrument: Trombone Tremor

Weapon: Grape Pipe

Cranky's thoughts: A newcomer to the Kong clan and the joker of the 
pack.  I haven't a clue whom he's related to-must be some distant 
cousin of something.  Those silly stretchy arms hive him plenty of 
potential, but I'm sure he'll be to busy clowning around to be of much 

Chunky Kong

Moves: Hunky Chunky-Jump in a barrel with Chunky's face on it and he 
will turn huge!  To cancel the move hold Z and press C Left.  Uses 
crystal coconuts.

       Primate Punch-Hold Z and press B.  Chunky will throw a very 
powerful punch.

       Gorilla Gone-While standing on a pad with Chunky's face on it 
and press Z.  Chunky will turn invisible and you might see secret 

Musical Instrument: Triangle Trample

Weapon: Pineapple Launcher

Cranky's thoughts: Let me guess, this one's the big guy?  Sheesh, I 
don't know how they come up with these names.  Anyway, he's Kiddy's 
older brother and lists crushing, smashing and pounding Kremlings as 
his hobbies.  Hey, perhaps there is a glimmer of hope for these bums 
after all.  I bet he's really slow though.

5. The Bosses

                       Jungle Boss (Donkey Kong)

Description: An armadillo with two guns on its shell.

Difficulty: 1

Attacks: Shoots fireballs from its guns; rolls and tries to crush you

How to defeat: After the intro it will hide in its shell and shoot 
fireballs at you.  Keep dodging them until he pops out of his shell.  
Grab the TNT barrel and let him have it.  After he takes an electrical 
shock he will roll and try to crush you.  Dodge that and he will shoot 
fireballs again.  Repeat the process and the boss will run away, giving 
you a clue that isn't the last time you'll see him.
                        Aztec Boss (Diddy Kong)

Description: A fire-breathing dragonfly, (I think)

Difficulty: 2

Attacks: It spits fireballs at you

How to defeat: It will spit fireballs at you repeatedly.  When it stops 
and taunts you grab the TNT barrel and throw it at him.  He will then 
fall in the lava and then pop back out.  Repeat the process.

                       Factory Boss (Tiny Kong)

Description: A weird looking Jack-in-the-Box

Difficulty: 3

Attacks: Tries to crush you; shoots lasers

How to defeat: You are on pillars of a pattern, (White, Blue, etc.) 
First it will be inside its box and will jump from pillar to pillar and 
try to crush you.  Dodge all that until it pops out of its box and 
shoots lasers at you.  Then a switch will appear on a blue and a white 
pillar.  Now look at the color of the pillar the boss is on.  Stomp the 
switch to the corresponding color and the boss will get electrocuted.  
After about two to three hits it will turn invisible.  To see where it 
is look at the sparks.  Do the same thing one more time to beat it.

                       Galleon Boss (Lanky Kong)

Description: A HUGE Puffer Fish

Difficulty: 3

Attacks: Shoots fireballs; It roars loudly sending shockwaves out

How to defeat: It's pretty frustrating.  You are on a coconut speed- 
boat and your job here is to go around the boss until you see a DK 
star.  Once you go through one an electrical pole will come out of the 
water and a timer will start.  As you go through the stars more poles 
will come out.  Go through all of them in time and the poles will 
electrocute it.  Repeat the process.
Note: The more you hit the boss the less time you have to go through 
the stars.  If you don't do it in time you'll have to start over.  Plus 
at first it will shoot fireballs at you.  After you hit it once 

                       Forest Boss (Chunky Kong)

Description: It's that fire-breathing dragonfly again!

Difficulty: 3

Attacks: Spits fireballs; Powers up and blows a fire wall

How to defeat: After Chunky pleads for mercy the match will start.  Do 
the same thing you did with Diddy and after about three hits it will 
blow a firewall.  To dodge this, walk very slowly to the edge, (don't 
fall off!)  The wall will go right by you!  It will taunt you again, so 
throw that TNT barrel.  Now it will stomp the platform and will start 
sinking slowly.  It will spit fireballs again so do that little 
procedure.  After you throw the TNT barrel it will be stunned.  A 
Chunky barrel will appear so jump in it.  After you've become big start 
bullying the poor, defenseless creature.  Repeat the process.

                        Caves Boss (Donkey Kong)

Description: The new and improved armadillo

Difficulty: 2

Attacks: Shoots fireballs; Sends shockwaves; Shoots a huge, powerful 

How to defeat: Do that little procedure like before and after it gets 
hit, it will use its jet rockets to rise up in the air and slam the 
ground sending shockwaves.  Do a back flip to dodge it.  Now repeat the 
process until its two guns break.  Now it will rise up in the air and 
use it's backup guns and shoot fireballs in the air and they will fall 
down.  Avoid them then throw the TNT barrel.  Finally it will shoot a 
BIG rocket with a face!  Stay away from it if you can.  It will pop out 
of its shell so that's your cue.

                Castle Boss (All Kongs if necessary)

Description: It's a big cardboard shape of King K. Rool 

Difficulty: 4

Attacks: Shoots lasers

How to defeat: This is the weirdest boss to me.  You are in some type 
of citadel and you are on a platform with four cannons facing one side 
of the arena.  When the boss pops out on one side of the wall and makes 
that annoying sound go into the cannon that's facing him and shoot 
towards him.  That will hurt it.  Then it will shoot lasers at you.  
(After it pops out and does nothing the next time it pops out it will 
shoot lasers.  It'll do that pattern throughout the whole match.)  
After you hit it about three times its arm will break.  Now as it pops 
out a fake one will to.  To tell the difference the fake one is darker.  
Find the real one and hit that three times.  Now it's other arm will 
break.  Here's where it gets a bit tricky.  It will pop out of one 
side, then another, then another, etc.  Find the time when it's right 
and try to hit it.  Repeat the process.

                   King K. Rool (All of the Kongs)

Description: For most of you who don't know what he looks like, he's a 
big, retarded alligator with a bulging eye.

Difficulty: 4 and a half

Attacks: Depends on which Kong you're using

How to defeat: You fight K. Rool with a Kong each.  First you start 
with Donkey Kong.

                    Donkey Kong vs. King K. Rool
K. Rool will butt slam the ring sending shockwaves.  Keep dodging them 
until a blast barrel appears over each turnbuckle.  Climb into any 
barrel and watch K. Rool until he drops his guard.  Then shoot from the 
cannon into K. Rool.  Repeat the process. 
Note: As you hit him and go into another barrel, K. Rool will fake you 
out.  Watch out!

                    Diddy Kong vs. King K. Rool

I hate how K. Rool attacks me.  He attacks you by throwing his glove at 
you and returns like a Frisbee.  Keep dodging his attack until a Diddy 
barrel appears.  Jump into it and fly up to the lights.  Go to the 
light that K. Rool is under and shoot the targets on each side.  The 
light will drop right on K. Rool!  Then he will wander under another 
light.  Repeat.

                     Lanky Kong vs. King K. Rool

It's funny; K. Rool still has that last light on him!  As you fight in 
the dark arena, avoid K. Rool until four switches appear on each side 
of the ring.  Go to one side and punch a switch with your super long 
arms.  The pad next to the ring will rise with a barrel with a banana 
inside.  Pick it up and four musical pads will appear in each corner.  
Try to throw the barrel in the middle and the banana will pop out.  Now 
go to a pad and wait until K. Rool is across from you.  Play your tune 
and that will cause K. Rool to know where you are.  He will run towards 
you but will slip on the banana.  Repeat the process.

                   Tiny Kong vs. King K. Rool

K. Rool will butt slam the ring sending shockwaves.  Avoid them until 
his butt gets sore.  A Tiny barrel will appear.  Jump in and walk 
inside K. Rool's shoe, (the one with the hole in it.)  Now you will 
have to face K. Rool's toes!  He will wiggle the toes to give you a 
warning that he will attack.  Dodge them until one of his toes points 
up.  Shoot it with your Feather Bow and it will hurt K. Rool.  Repeat.

              Chunky Kong vs. King K. Rool (Last Match)

This is my favorite match.  K. Rool will turn invisible and 
continuously run into the ropes.  To see K. Rool watch the shadow.  
Slam the switch to make Chunky pads appear.  Do the Gorilla Gone move 
and you'll be able to see K. Rool and a Chunky barrel.  Jump inside to 
turn huge.  Now K. Rool will be on one side and you'll be on another.  
This is where timing is crucial.  K. Rool will start to charge at you.  
Get ready to Primate Punch him.  If your timing is right, you'll send 
that piece of scum back to the other side.  Repeat the process and 
watch the funny ending.  You beat the game!
Note: After you hit K. Rool two times he will turn invisible and then 
charge at you.  Again, watch the shadow and time your punch.


Original Donkey Kong Game
Go to Frantic Factory and find the room with the arcade in it.  Pull 
the lever, (if you hit the switch to get it), and you will start 
playing the first Donkey Kong Game!  Beat it once to get a Golden 
Banana.  Beat it again to get a Nintendo Coin!

Play Jetpack
Collect 15 Banana Medals and go see Cranky.  He'll let you play 
Rareware's first game, Jetpack!  In here you have to collect pieces of 
your ship and then fill it with gas.  If you score over 5000 points, a 
Rareware coin will fall from the air.  Get it, die, and you have the 
Rareware Coin!

7.DK Rap

Here we, Here we, Here we go!

So They're Finally Here,
Performing For You,
If You Know The Words You Can Join In To!

Put Your Hands Together,
If You Wanna Clap,
As We Take You Through,
This Monkey Rap!


D, K,
Donkey Kong!

He's The Leader Of The Bunch,
You Know Him Well,
He's Finally Back,
To Kick Some Tail!

His Coconut Gun,
Can Fire In Spurts,
If He Shoots Ya,
It's Gonna Hurt!

He's Bigger, Faster,
And Stronger Too,
He's The First Member,
Of The DK Crew!


D, K,
Donkey Kong!
D, K,
Donkey Kong Is Here!

This Kong's Got Style,
So Listen Up Dudes,
She Can Shrink In Size,
To Suit Her Moods!

She's Quick And Nimble,
When She Needs To Be,
She Can Float through the Air,
And Climb Up Trees!

If You Choose Her, 
You'll Not Choose Wrong,
With A Skip And A Hop,
She's One Cool Kong!


D, K,
Donkey Kong!
D, K,
Donkey Kong Is Here!

He Has No Style,
He Has No Grace,
_Rap Rap Rap Rap_
This Kong Has A Funny Face!

He Can Handstand,
When, He Needs To,
And Stretch His Arms Out,
Just For You!

Inflate Himself,
Just Like A Balloon,
This Crazy Kong,
Just Digs This Tune!


D, K,
Donkey Kong!

D, K,
Donkey Kong Is Here!

He's Finally Back,
About Time Too,
And This Time,
He's In The Mood!

He Can Fly Real High,
With His Jetpack On,
With His Pistols Out,
Makes Him One Tough Kong!

He'll Make You Smile,
When Playing His Tune,
Kremlings Beware,
Cause He's After You!


D, K,
Donkey Kong!

He's Here For You,
He's The Last Member,
Of The DK Crew!

This Kongs So Strong,
It Isn't Funny,
Can Make A Kremlings,
Cry Out For Mummy!

Can Lift Heavy Boulders,
With Relative Ease,
Makes Rock Crushing,
Seem Such A Breeze!

He May Move Slow,
He Can't Jump High,
But This Kong's,
One Hell Of A Guy!

Come on Cranky, Take It To The Fridge!

Refrain: Walnuts, Peanuts, Pineapple Smells,
Grapes, Melons, Oranges and Coconut Shells!
Ahh Yeah! (Repeat Refrain)


Thanks for reading my FAQ!  This is a really cool game.  You should 
play it sometime, trust me.  See ya!

Copyright December 30, 1999