Uninvited (e)

Andere Lösungen
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Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Similarities Between Ports
3. Controls and Options
4. Walkthrough
5. Credits/Special Thanks

1. Introduction
This guide is strictly for the DOS and Windows versions of Uninvited. It can
also be used for the C64, Amiga and Atari ST ports too I believe, since they
seem to function like the DOS and Windows vesrion. I will write down the
dialogue in the game too.
So the plot of this game is that you were driving your little brother
somewhere (or in the NES version, its your sister). While you were driving
you saw a dark, shadowy figure in the middle of the road which caused you to
swerve and crash. Luckily you survived the crash unharmed. When you wake
up from being unconcious, you see that your brother is nowhere to be found!
He must have gone to get you some help. But unfortunately, he chose the wrong
place to get help at so its up to you to save your brother from dying. But not
only do you need to save your brother, you need to save yourself too.
NOTE: I do look forward to updating this guide.

2. Similarities Between Ports
The only major difference between the DOS version and the Windows version is
that the Windows version has the best graphics than any other port of the game
while the DOS version has the worst graphics than any other port of the game
and I believe either the DOS version uses the ST's sprites or the ST uses
the DOS version's sprites. I believe the ST version came out first though.
Other than that, they are pretty much the same exact game. The NES version
requires you to get the Ruby in order for the mansion's evil spirits to
control you. In the other ports it is set on a timer I believe.

3. Copyright
This guide is  Doommaster1994. However if you would like to put this on your
site, I don't mind, in fact I would love it but I would like you to ask me
first if you may post it. That way I have notice that the guide is going to be
on your site. My e-mail is at the top:

4. Controls and Options
You will have an inventory window. This is where you can put stuff in but
you are limited to what you can carry. That depends on the size of the objects.
There are only a few items you actually need. You will know what those items
are during the walkthrough. You will also see exits. Those are different ways
you can go. Also there are 8 options you can use. Here are what they are:
Examine: Look at an object and observe.
Open: Open a door, drawer, table, wardrobe, or container.
Close: Close a door, drawer, table, wardrobe, or container.
Speak: Talk to something or someone.
Operate: Use or operate an object.
Go: Go through a door or passage.
Hit: Hits something. It usually gets you killed. There's only one time in the
game where it doesn't get you killed.
Consume: Eat or drink something.

5. Walkthrough
"Good morning. You have been summoned as the Uninvited.

LOOK OUT! The last thing that you remember before the darkness rushed up to
claim you is your brother's startles cry. You managed to swerve around the
shadowy figure that appeared in the roadway, but lost control as the car
jumped the shoulder ad plunged headlong into this tree.

Swiveling your battered head you survey the wreckage. you realize
that you are alone: your kid brother must have gone off to get you some help.
As you pry yourself free of the steering wheel's embrace, you can't help but
notice the pungent odor of gasoline as it leaks from the ruptured gas tank."

OPEN the door then exit the car by double clicking the door in the EXITS box.

"BOOM! There is a mighty explosion behind you as your car bursts into flames.
That will at least save you the cost of a tow. Better try to find your 
younger brother and have him call a cab instead of a tow truck."
"You stand at the front porch of a house. This old, Gothic mansion casts
gloomy shadows all around you. A sharp wind cuts through your
flesh to chill your bones. The pounding thunder grows louder and more

OPEN the mailbox, then OPEN the envelope and take the note and the talisman
by draging the items into your inventory box. The talisman is required to get
past one part of the game. The paper I don't think you need but better safe
than sorry. Now OPEN the door to the mansion and click on the door in the EXITS
box and enter.

"As you enter the mansion, the door slams closed behind you.
Welcome home.

This enterance hall is a large, extravagant luxurious room, yet is feels
strangely oppresive."

So now that there's no turning back, OPEN the door on the right wall and
double click the door on the middle-right in the EXITS box. You will be in
the library.

"This room was designed for deep thought and research. Obviously it was once
inhabited by a serious man of letters. The harsh silence in the rest of the
house is muted in this room of contemplation."

OPEN the book and then EXAMINE the book. This part of the game is Really

"The book is opened to a page which seems to be filled with definitions:
Instantum: Sudden and momentary; here and gone in an instant.
Illuminaris: A bright, white light.
Projectum: The propulsion of an entity.
Spearca: A small flame or spark.
Specan: To talk, talking.
Heafod: The head, the skull, etc.
Magisterium: Mystery.
Abraxas: It is a magical word: a vehicle through which magic is directed."

You will need to use a 3-word combination of those words in this game a few
times. You can take the book and unlike the NES version it stays there, it
doesn't disappear. I will tell you what to say to the things you need to speak
to in this game, so taking the book is optional. Click the door in the EXITS
box and you are back in the Enterance Hall. OPEN the door in front of you now
and click on the door in the EXITS box that is at the top. You will now be in
the Hall. DO NOT open any doors and instead go up the stairs. I think by now
you know how to open and go through doors so I won't bring up any EXITS box
stuff. Now you are in the Upstairs Hallway. There are facing 5 doors.
OPEN the right door that is at the beginning of the hallway. You will find
yourself in the Storage Closet. EXAMINE all the items until you find both the
spray and the no-ghost. Put both items in your inventory. You know if you
found the spray if the game says "Spider Cider - the arachnid anesthetizer
recommended by the leading entomologists everywhere.". Now go back downstairs.
OPEN the bottle of No-Ghost. Now open the right door at the beginning of the
hall. You will see a woman who is dressed like Scarlet O'Hara that has her
back facing. How rude! Let's teach her a lesson she'll never forget, with
the No-Ghost open, OPERATE the No-Ghost on the Scarlet O'Hara ghost. You will
hear a scream. You will also see her melt. Put the No-Ghost bottle on the
floor, as you will not need it anymore.
"You pour the foul-smelling liquid on the head of the over-dressed guest.
The liquid seems to burn as it drips over. The belle lets out a horrifying
scream as she appears to melt helplessly. Suddenly you feel like Dorothy
(and her little dog too.)"
Now go through the door you just opened. You will be in the Parlor. OPEN
the door in front of you and go out the door. You are outside! You are free!
You can get out of this place now! But wait! Not so fast, what about your
brother? Oh yeah. Anyway, you will see a spider run along the railing.
After you see the spider run along the railing.
"From here you have a splendid view of the desolate estate.

A large black spider quickly runs by you along the railing."
Now OPERATE the Spider Cider on the railing. Now this may sound stupid but,
go back inside and go back outside and you see the spider running along the
railing but what's this? He's slowing down and... he stopped!
"A wider aerosol stream sprays from the "Spider Cider" can. It leaves a
wet, sticky film on the railing."
Now, this is gross but put the spider in your inventory. Now leave the Spider
Cider can on the railing. You don't need it anymore.
Now go back into the hall with the four doors and the stairs. OPEN the left
door at the end of the hall. Go into the door.
"This is an impressive sight. You could throw a terrific birthday bash in this
room. The odor of stale wine still permeates the the air."
Take the bouquet of flowers and put them in your inventory. Now go through
the door on the left at the end of the hall. You will now be in the kitchen.
"Upon entering the kitchen you realize that this room is probably the
most modern room in the house. After all, it appears to have been remodeled
sometime this century."
Take one of the knives. Now open the door on your right. But wait, there is no
door on your right. Now you will know the alternative way to open doors and
go through them. in the EXITS box should be a door on the right and left.
Double click the left door to open it and double click again to go through.
You will now find yourself in the pantry. In the pantry is a box of matches.
Take them. Now go back and go into the door on the left same way you went into
the door on the right.
"Whoever had occupied this room must have been satisfied with small
accommodations. This room does not seem quite as untidy as the rest of the
house. You see no dust or cobwebs."
Now OPERATE the lights. Double click them. When you do that you will see
the portrait behind slides to the left and reveals a book. You will also see
a ghost.
"As you turn on the lamp you see the picture on the wall slide to your left.

Your tired eyes are having trouble focusing on the ghostly figure before you.
An angry man's spirit hovers, in chains, in front of you. Those ghost speaks:
"This is my room. Who let you in here?! These things are not the Master's
things. They're mine. MINE. MINE. MINE...""
You can OPERATE the stuff next to the ghost if you want to be funny. But
drop the spider on the floor and the ghost will let out a girly scream.
"The possessive ghost shrieks at the sight of the stunned spider. Flustered
and frightened, the spirit dissolves from view, leaving you again alone."
OPEN his book and read it. Since you will be reading the book, I see no reason
to write down what it says. The ghost talks about how he stole Dracan's star
because he is an evil soul, and how Dracan uses his power. But the main thing
he talks about is "Dracan's star never discerns. In fire it freezes. In ice
it burns." So let's go steal that star!
Head back to the Enterance Hall (the first room you were in ever since you went
in the mansion.) Now in the enterance hall, OPERATE the knife you got from the
kitchen on the chair on the left.
"As you rip through the fine upholstery you discover a golden skeleton key."
Interesting! Now we have one of the main items. Now go back into the hall
and up the stairs once again. Open the left door closest to you and enter.
You will find that you are in the Master Bedroom. You will see a table on the
bottom right. OPEN the book and EXAMINE the book to read it. Well actually
don't. It tells you about a key whoever wrote in the diary hid. We found it
already. Now OPERATE the key on the cabinet and OPEN the wardrobe.
You will find a wooden box. Take the box but leave the scrolls. As you do
not need them. It tells you some tips on how to get certain parts but leave
that up to me. You will also see a bottle filled with black liquid. Don't
drink it or you will die. Now once again, go back to te enterance hall. Now
we will light our first match. To light a match, OPEN the matchbox and OPERATE
the match you choose on the matchbox to light it but act quick, as the matches
will eventually go out. Now OPERATE the lit match on the fireplace. Now you
aren't so cold anymore. If you want you can OPERATE the matches on yourselves
but your hands won't be doing too good but you will not die. Now put the wooden
box you collected inside the fire and whats this? Its a brass pentagram. This
is the star that the ghost was talking about in his diary. Take the pentagram
and put it into your inventory. It now replaces the box. Now go back out in the
hall. This time OPEN the closest door on your left and go through it. You will
find yourself in the Rec Room. OPERATE the key you picked up earlier on the
cabinet then OPEN the cabinet. You will find a gypsy doll. Put it into your
inventory. Now is the first time you will talk to something. SPEAK to the 
doll you just put into your inventory and when it asks what you want to say to
the doll type Specan Heafod Abraxas. The gypsy will say:
"Talk to my pious brother. He can help you find yours. A word from him can
open doors in high places."
Now OPEN the door in front of you and go through. You will find yourself in the
trophy room. Take the cage and put it into your inventory. Once again, open the
door and go through. You will now be in the backyard. You will find three
passages. Go to the middle passage and you will be at the greenhouse. OPEN the
greenhouse door and enter. On the left table is an empty pot. Take it and put
it on the floor. Now OPERATE the water can on the empty pot. Now unlike the
NES version, there is no faucet outside of the greenhouse. That's because on
this version, you only need to water it once. Now keep examining things in the
greenhouse until you see two orange pieces of fruit on the plant. DO NOT eat
the fruit or you will die. Now since you have the fruit all grown, take it and
put it into your inventory. Take the water can out of your inventory and put
it anywhere in the greenhouse. Now leave the greenhouse and choose the right
path this time. You will be at the chapel enterance and you will see two
huge dogs. You will not want to play with these guys. Or will you? This is
now the second time you will speak something. SPEAK to one of the dogs and say
Instantum Illuminaris Abraxas when it asks what you want to say to the dogs.
"With the utterance of these magic words comes a blinding bolt of lightning and
blast of thunder.

At this the dogs recoil, they put their tails between their legs and scamper
across the grounds of the estate. You now have access to the chapel door. (From
now on you might want to watch where you step.)"
OPEN the chapel door and enter.
Now you will use one of your matches for the last time. Rember, OPEN the
matchbox, OPERATE a match on the matchbox to light it. Now you should see a
candleholder. OPERATE the match on the candleholder to light it. Believe it or
not you will be putting this large thing in your inventory. Now remember the
gypsy doll talking about his "pious brother"? He is here, you will see a stone
head. SPEAK to the head. Say what you said to the gypsy doll to the stone head,
Specan Heafod Abraxas. You will see the door in front of you has opened up.
"The marble bust speaks. It moans these words: "Master. Please open thy door
for this poor family man. But do not let him travel in darkness."

The door is now open."
Now before you leave, make sure you take the cross on top of the white altar
and put it into your inventory. If you can't put it into your inventory, then
leave the knife, the note you got at the beginning of the game and the gypsy
doll. Let the brothers have a conversation (haha!). Once you put it into your
inventory you will see the altar slide to the left revealing a secret passage.
Don't go in there. The game will warn you about a spider down there. Instead,
head out the door. Once you go out the door in front you, you will see a ghost
quickly come by. Ah, its a good thing you have that candleholder or that ghost
would most likely have ripped you apart, piece by piece. Ooh the thought of
that makes me shudder. Now go forward and you will find yourself in a maze.
Now you will be using your EXITS box. The top door in the EXITS box is up,
The left door is LEFT, the right door is RIGHT, the bottom door is DOWN.
Now follow these directions:
Up, left, left, up, up, left, left, up, up, right, right, up, up, right, right,
and whats this? Its a zombie! OPERATE your amulet that you got at the beginning
of the game on the zombie and he will run away. Anyway, where were we? Oh yes,
go right, right, down, down and you will see another grave. Whats so special
about this grave? Well, place the bouquet of flowers on it and find out. Its
a secret passage! Go through the secret passage and you will see three cages.
OPERATE the key you got earlier on the keyhole and you will see three animals,
a bird, a cat, and a snake. OPERATE the cage on the bird.
"Before the dazed bird can spread its wings, you grab and quickly trap in in
the portable cage. The bird is unharmed, but the uncaged animals then
furiously attack each other. The cat snarls but the snake counters with a
quick, venomous strike. The poison goes from the snake's fangs to the cat's
bloodstream and easily disables and kills the formerly ferocious feline.

The snake silently slithered away when you weren't watching."
Really? Is that why the snake's still there? Anyway, nevermind that. Go down
two times and what the heck is that thing? Its some kind of tomato thing and
behind it is a gem. We need that Gem!
"Before your eyes is the biggest, strangest creature you've ever seen. It
bounces up and down as if trying to tell you something. However you can't
figure out what its trying to say. You don't even know if it is friendly."
Don't worry, this thing won't kill you. At least not that I know of. Put the
cage on the ground and open the cage. The game will tell you that the thing
went after the bird to eat it. Now take the Jewel and put it into your
inventory. Now unlike the NES version there is no way to just up and exit
the maze. You will need to backtrack. I will show you the way. First, go up
two times and go right. You will find yourself at the grave where you put the
flowers. Now basically you need to follow the steps before just reverse them.
For example left is now right, up is now down. But that will take time. I'm
sure you want to get out of this maze. Now, follow these steps once again:
Up, up, left, left, left, left, down, down, left, left, down, down,
right, right, down, down, right, right, then keep going down until you find
yourself at the enterance of the maze. Now go back to the mansion and go
upstairs. OPEN the middle door at the right of the hall. Go inside and you
will see an axe and a spiral staircase going up. Ignore the staircase and take
the axe. Now go back outside where the three passages are. Now take the left
passage. You will be at the Magisterium. You can try to open the door but it
won't open. What gives? But wait, just above the door is a slot. It just
happens to be big enough to place maybe a gem? Remember that gem you stole
from that tomato looking creature? Take it and put it in the slot. The door
is now open. Go inside and what is this? Its some blue demon. Once again this
creature won't harm you no matter what you do. Remember the fruit you got
earlier? OPERATE the fruit on the demon.
"You offer the potted plant to the ugly creature. At this, the strange
creature's hungry eyes light up. It voraciously attacks the plant, seizing
one of its fruits. In one swallot it downs the entire juicy, seed-bearer. As it
swallows the fruit the hideous creature disappears. The cold, silent corridor
now echoes its emptiness."
Now there are three doors. OPEN the door directly in front of you (the one
with the star on it) and go inside. You will see a safe. OPERATE the safe
by double clicking it. It will ask for the combination. Type in 79-47-80 with
the dashes. It will open and you will find a cookie jar. You can't open it!
That's why we have the axe. OPERATE the axe on the cookie jar and it will break
open with this:
"You bring the axe down upon the jar. The jar crumbles, but the contents
remain intact. That's just how the cookie jar crumbles."
Now you could eat the cookie and it wouldn't kill you but DON'T! Take the
cookie and put it into your inventory and go back to the mansion and go into
the Rec Room. By now you should know where every room is in the mansion. Place
the cookie on the floor. Remember the red demon guy with the key that would
always tease him? Well you now have the last laugh. The demon takes the
cookie but foolishly leaves his key. Take the key. Now go back to the
Magisterium into the room you got the cookie in. You will see a trapdoor.
OPEN the trapdoor. Go down the trapdoor. Now there is NO turning back.
On the Windows version, go through the right tunnel. On the DOS version, go
through the left tunnel. You will see an old man. He will say "You've come.
I've been waiting for you...for you!" and he will disappear. Wouldn't he mind
telling you what he has been waiting for you for? Well nevermind that. In front
of you now is an ice wall. OPERATE the brass star you got earlier from the
wooden box on the ice wall. You will see a little fire creature. And you will
see a man. Just read the text it will tell you whats going on.
"You place the brass pentagon in a nook in the ice. Instantly the star glows
red and a strange creature appears. It is shaped like a pyramid covered with
flames. It approaches the ice mass and engulfs it. Steam bursts from the block
as it rapidly melts. The melting ice mass creates a flow of water that rushes
into the next cave. The current sweeps a human figure from within the ice into
the next cave.

The robed man reappears and speaks directly to you. "You must hurry my son.
I've been waiting a very long time. So has HE. We both lack patience. Hurry
and get rid of him - as far away as possible!"
This man that is apparently frozen is Dracan. Next to him you see a pit.
OPERATE the Dracan on the pit. You will hear him scream.
"You push the robed man into this dark, bottomless pit. His moan
echoes for quite some time, gradually fading."
Now go past the pit and you will be in a small place with a door. OPERATE
the key you just got not too long ago on the door and it will unlock.
If you think that you can just walk past Dracan then think again he will follow
you into the house and make sure that you die. Go through the door and you
are back in the mansion. Whoa! What was that scream? It sounds like your little
brother! You must save him!
"As you enter the study, the door slams closed behind you.

You can hear the high-pitched moans of a young boy and something else. You
recognize the pained voice as that of your little brother. It is the first
sign of him you have encountered. The sounds seem to emanate from upstairs.
The screams cut off suddenly ... the silence is deafening."
Now go through the door behind you. You know how, double click on the bottom
door in the EXITS box until you are in the room you got the bouquet of flowers.
Go backwards again and you will find yourself in the Rec Room. Go back once
more and you will be in the hall. Go upstairs.
"Your brother's screams get louder as you enter the upstairs hallway. You must
be getting closer to him."
Now OPEN and go through the door on the left at the end of the hall. Now you
are in a regular bedroom. Now open the door on the right and enter.
"As you enter the bathroom, the door slams shut behind you. Your brother's
screams are deafingly loud in here; it almost seems as if he is on top of you.
It's as if someone or something wants you to be here."
OPERATE the bathtub knobs by double-clicking on them. Examine something and
whoa! The drain isn't really working that well is it? Now keep examining things
until the water is a little more than halfway up to the ceiling and keep
OPERATING the light above until you can reach it. Keep OPERATING the light
by double clicking until you can reach it and open it. Now go up the light.
Now you are in the Secret Room. There's your little brother! At last you found
him! You win! Not really, look in your brother's eyes? He does NOT look normal.
HIT your brother and a HUGE golden demon will come out. Your brother will
escape out the window.
"At this point your brother's expression grows blank and a misty spectre
grows out of his body. A demonic visitor appears and begins wailing these
foreboding words. "This little one is too weak for me. I need new blood and a
stronger body. I need you. I will have you. You will join!" The
hideous creature now hovers, threateningly, in front of you.

Your brother, now freed from the evil demon that was dwelling within, runs out
through the window, scared out of his wits. And very glad to have then back
Well your brother's free but it looks like you risked your life for you little
brother. Its Game Over right? Wrong! To give that demon a taste of his own
medicine, just OPERATE the wooden cross you got from the chapel on the demon.
"You display the simple religious symbol and the aggresive demon recoils in
terror. The horrifying sight of this small, wooden cross causes the demon's
power to ebb. In an instant the menacing apparation fades into the nothingness,
leaving no tangible evidence of his having been there"...
And the rest of the ending I will leave to you. I would hate to spoil a good
Congratulations! You have officialy completed Uninvited for DOS or Windows.
Give yourself a pat on the back! Treat yourself to some ice cream, do whatever
you want because you completed this great game!

6. Credits/Special Thanks
Credits: Me, Doommaster1994 for making this guide.
Special Thanks: Me for making this guide. You for reading this guide. And
any site who puts this up on their site.