Alice in Wonderland (e)

Andere Lösungen
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Alice in Wonderland Full Walkthrough (Spoiler-Free)
Version 1.00
by Brynna Giadrosich (bachuress) 2011 

     V1.00 April 26, 2011. Put together the Introduction, Manual
           and Walkthrough to the main game. 

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 | Section                                            Quick Search          |
 | Introduction.......................................Intrdn                |
 | Manual.............................................Mnal                  |
 | ----- Story                                                              |
 | ----- Controls                                                           |
 | ----- The Options Menu                                                   |
 | ----- The Importance of Conversation                                     |
 | ----- The Importance of Time                                             |
 | ----- Words of Advice From the Cheshire Cat                              |
 | Walkthrough........................................WlkTru                |
 | A) Down the Rabbit Hole...............................001                |
 | B) Welcome to Wonderland..............................002                |
 | C) Duchess's House....................................003                |
 | D) The Gryphon........................................004                |
 | E) Revisiting the Rabbit Hole.........................005                |
 | F) Through the Looking Glass..........................006                |
 | G) The Railroad Station...............................007                |
 | H) The Bell Room......................................008                |
 | J) Character Guide....................................009                |
 | I) Credits............................................010                |

| Intrdn |====================\ Introduction /====================| Intrdn |

Alice in Wonderland was released in 1985 by the Windham Classics game company.
It is labeled as an Adventure game, but has many puzzle elements to it. For
those who do not know, it is based on the novel by Lewis Carroll, and was
adapted to gameplay by Laurence Yep. This walkthrough is for the Commodore 64
version of the game, as it was also released on Apple II.

I need to thank Project64 for the manual I was able to find for this game,
without their community keeping alive older game manuals, this FAQ would be
somewhat incomplete.

As obtaining a Commodore 64 is somewhat difficult these days, I'm sure that not
many people will be using this guide, but there are other ways to play this
game. A date with Google will allow you to play this game on the C64.

This game uses the Joystick controls of the Commodore, but you can set the game
up for keyboard controls if not using an original Commodore 64. Just make sure
the controls are set to Joystick, and then the correct Keyset. You will have to
set up the controls yourself manually using this method, but in some cases you
can use an original C64 joystick with your newer computers, using a special

This game is, in fact, on a timer, meaning you have a set amount of time to
complete the game. However, the time is very generous, and you shouldn't have
to worry too much about it. Precautions should be taken with saving every now
and then, of course, so you don't lose any progress you have made. Go down to
The Importance of Time for more information.

About the Classic Book

Lewis Carroll was born in 1832, in northwest England. He graduated
from Christ Church College of Oxford University where he subsequently
lectured. While he wrote several well-received books about
mathematical theory such as The Enunciations of Euclid I-VI, he is
best known for his children's books.

In Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Carroll was presenting a
child's view of adult behavior. This accounts for the absurdity of
the interactions between the characters and Alice. Like adults, the
whimsical creatures of Wonderland possess some special object or
secret knowledge that gives them power over the child, Alice.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland quickly met with success as did
the sequel, Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There.
Lewis Carroll's fantasies have found admirers through succeeding
generations of readers including the philosophers, Bertrand Russell
and Ludwig Wittgenstein, as well as the writer, James Joyce. But
children were to remain his special friends all of his life.

About the Adaptation

The challenge of adapting Lewis Carroll's humorous masterpiece was in
capturing the whimsy of his unique characters. So much of the humor
came from verbal interplay and puns.

As it turned out, writing the characters' responses was like writing
the scenes of a play. As an experiment, a number of actors were asked
to improvise in a variety of ways. For example, the Cheshire Cat was
played by a New York taxi driver. The actor's improvisation was then
used to give the writer ideas about game play. The final effect was
to give a wider and wackier range to the game's characters.

Wonderland's theme of the meshing of fantasy and reality fit readily
into the format of the game. The team effort by the game writer,
designer and programmer results here in a tremendously rich and
rewarding game play experience.

| Mnal |=========================\ Manual /============================| Mnal |


             To Alice --
             You are invited to the country for some
             exercise and games. You will be amused.
                                  The Queen of Hearts

Welcome. I'm so glad that you decided to accept our invitation. Your
visit might last quite a while, so I do hope that you packed an extra
pair of socks. Once we have a guest, we do so hate to let them leave.

The Queen and I have been preparing all sorts of fun things for you.
Well, we think that they're fun. You might not agree; but then you're
a guest so you're not supposed to complain.

The fox sent his regrets that he couldn't take part in a hunt, but
we've arranged a whole round of healthy activities for you -- like
running, jumping, crawling, swimming and climbing. By the time we're
finished with you, you'll be in great shape!

We've planned all sorts of mazes, puzzles, riddles and memory tests
to exercise your mind. They're not really hard; but you will have to
think a bit. At the very least, you'll learn a few songs.

I am pleased to have you here and do so hope you enjoy your stay.

                                                     The Cheshire Cat

|------------------------------Meet Alice-------------------------------------|

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland began one sunny afternoon on July 4,
1862. Alice Liddell and her two sisters were taken on a boat trip by
a kindly teacher of mathematics who was also a family friend. To pass
the time while rowing, the teacher amused the children with a story.
Alice asked him to commit the story to paper and this was then
presented to her as a Christmas gift. The teacher was the Reverend
Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, who wrote under the name of Lewis Carroll.

The Alice in this adventure, as well as the real-life Alice, is
earnest and creative, bursting with boundless energy. Typical of the
Victorian times, Alice can recite a poem at a party or sing a song to
entertain adults. Much to the discomfort of her more conservative
sister, she sometimes displays an unfortunate curiosity and a taste
for mischief. Alice also possesses a wonderfully imaginative streak.
She has even been known to forget her manners, talk to strange
rabbits, and follow them into even stranger places.

In this adventure, you, the game player, become Alice, enjoying the
adventures of Wonderland as she did over one hundred years ago. You
will interact with comical and slightly eccentric characters to
discover the different paths which lead from fantasy to reality and
back again.


--How You Can Move About--

You will begin your adventure at a picnic in a park. You are free to
move in any direction, but be sure to explore the surroundings
thoroughly before you venture into the Rabbit Hole. Once you are
underground you will experience the excitement of exploring tunnels,
rooms, houses, palaces and the other never-before seen places of

--With Joystick / Keyboard--

    Move the joystick left or right.

    While standing still: Hold the joystick button down and push the
    joystick in the direction you wish to jump.
    While walking or running: Press the joystick button.
    To jump from a ladder or rope: Press the joystick button and push
    the joystick sideways.

    Keep the joystick pressed to one side after jumping.

    Push the joystick forward or backward while you are on a ladder,
    rope or chain.

    Pull the joystick toward you when Alice is in a standing position
    to stoop down. Push the joystick left or right.

--Stand Up--
    Push the joystick away from you when Alice is in the crawl

    Walk off the end of a ledge or a tree limb.

    Gliding downward is possible only if you have a parasol. Alice
    will glide if you push the joystick button while she is falling.
    Once the glide begins, push the joystick sideways to glide left
    or right.

    Gliding upward is possible with a different object. Select USE on
    the Option Menu to activate this object. You may control the
    direction of your ascent by pushing the joystick left or right.

--Enter or Exit a Doorway--
    Position yourself in front of a door and press the joystick
    button. You may need to kneel down before attempting to enter
    very low doors.

|-----------------------------The Options Menu--------------------------------|

The Option Menu lets you choose all the activities you will need in
Wonderland to obtain information or objects, a riddle, or even a

  PAUSE      TAKE       ASK        SING       MENU
  EXAMINE    DROP       COAX       TEASE      RENEW
  OFFER      EAT        CALM       SCOLD      DAY

To Use the Option Menu with a Joystick:
  1. Hold the joystick button down while you pull the joystick
     towards you, and the Menu will appear.
  2. Move the cursor around the Menu by pushing the joystick in the
     direction you want it to go.
  3. Stop on the option of your choice; press the joystick button to
     select that option.
  4. To cycle through your inventory, push up on the joystick.

  Note: Whenever the Option Menu is visible, the game timer will

      Pause                Stop during the game then return to the       
      Examine              Examine unfamiliar objects you happen upon. Be
                           sure Alice is standing close to an object you 
                           wish to examine.

      --Movable Items      Items such as food, bottles or cups will usually
                           be found on the ground or sitting on tables or
                           shelves. Examining the item before taking it will
                           provide a detailed description.

      --Non-Movable Items  Items such as posters may be found on the ground, on
                           tables or attached to walls. Examining these items
                           may provide valuable clues.

      Inventory            Displays what you are carrying.
      Offer                Offer anything you are carrying to another
                           character. Cycle through your inventory and select.
      Take                 Position yourself very close to the item you would
                           like to take. If you can take the item, it will
                           instantly disappear from the screen. You should now
                           have it in your inventory.

      Drop                 Drop an item if you are carrying too much.

      Use                  Use various tools you may acquire. A list of these
                           items can be cycled through with your joystick or
                           keyboard. Select the item you wish to use. NOTE: One
                           of the items will act like a horizontal rope. In
                           that case, stand at the edge of a ramp facing into
                           open space. The tool will only work if there is 
                           something it might connect to in the direction you
                           are facing. Walk or crawl out onto the rope.

       Eat                 Eat any of the edibles you are carying. Cycle
                           through your inventory and select.

       Ask                 This takes you into a submenu where you may choose
                           one of three questions.
       --Who are you?
       --Where am I?
       --Why are you doing that?

       Coax                Try to get something by flattering or soothing.
       Help                Offering to aid can be rewarding.

       Calm                Relax a character before asking for help.
       Sing                Cycle through your songs and select one to sing.

       Tease               Some characters need to be teased before they will
                           give you what you want.

       Argue               Reasoning politely with a stubborn character may
                           be necessary to get what you want.

       Scold               Point out a character's faults to bring them to
                           their senses.

       Menu                Return to the main menu.

       Renew               If you get stuck somewhere, RENEW will return you to
                           a familiar location at the expense of losing a day's
                           time. If you get into an impossible situation, you 
                           might have to use this option.

       Sound               Turn the sound on or off by pressing the button.

       Time, Day           Many of your activities will be time-related, and it
                           will be important for you to know the hour and 
                           sometimes the day.

|-------------------The Importance of Conversation----------------------------|

How to Communicate in Wonderland

Conversation between Alice and the characters inhabiting Wonderland
is the basis of interaction in this adventure. Each character may
have useful information, an object, a song -- or a combination of all
three -- to offer Alice. As she talks to the different characters,
Alice needs to decide if she is being helped or tricked. The initial
greeting from the character will set the tone for the subsequent
conversation. Use your verbs, songs and riddles wisely. Sometimes a
character will tire of your persistance, and ask you to come back

                            Conversational Verbs

You will find seven conversational verbs in the Option Menu. Each of
these represents a way for you to relate to the characters you meet.


If you ask a character a question, he or she may respond by offering
you a riddle.

For example, the caterpillar may state:

   It sits above the crown,
   though queens never wear it.
   It is a _ _ _ _ _ _.

Type your answer in the blanks using the keyboard. Then press the
Return Key. If you answer the riddle correctly, the character offers
a clue that helps you in the adventure.


You acquire a song when a character sings it to you. Singing a song
may have a pleasant effect on a character.

|-------------------------The Importance of Time------------------------------|

Its Use in Wonderland

The adventure continues for 65 game-days. Days used are indicated in
the lower right corner of the Option Menu. Twelve Wonderland hours
equals one game day. You may keep track of Wonderland hours by the
various clocks scattered throughout Wonderland.

You will also want to keep track of time because the characters may
not like the conversation and ask you to come back at a specific time
to continue.

Some characters appear only at certain times.

Finally, certain doorways work only at certain times.

|----------------Words of Advice From the Cheshire Cat------------------------|

1. Pick your verbs wisely. What works with one character may not work
   with another. With weaker characters you might have to be kinder
   than with the stronger characters. Take notes to remember what they say.

2. Be curious. Examine objects for clues and explore every nook and
   cranny. Wonderland has a lot of surprises.

3. Wonderland has unusual tools. Try examining, eating or using any
   new tool you find. Try them out in different places until you
   master them.

4. Make a simple map and label the doors and pathways which you are
   unable to reach. Later in the game, you will get tools which will
   allow you to explore those places.

5. You will discover that the ability to change size is important.
   Sometimes you can only move ahead by being small. Other times,
   being a giant is the answer. A tiny Alice can enter tiny doors and
   crawl through narrow passages. A giant size Alice can jump farther
   and reach tools on high shelves.

6. Use as many verbs and questions as possible with each character
   you meet. Characters will often have more than one clue for you.
   Be on the lookout for clues that tell you what a character likes
   to be offered.

7. Become familiar with each song you learn, so when you meet a
   character you'll know the appropriate song to use.

8. Use the RENEW option if you find yourself in an impossible

 | WlkTru |===================\ Walkthrough /======================| WlkTru |

Alice is not an especially difficult game, but there are some tricky parts 
to it. This walkthrough should help you over the rough spots. When 
playing the game, it helps to talk as much to people as possible, although 
there is usually one way of talking to them (coax, argue, etc) that will 
produce the best results. It's also fun to read the various signs along the 
way; some are just funny, but many contain useful clues. 

Don't be afraid to explore all the doorways, but always save the game first. 
Some will not lead you anywhere important, but may contain clues needed to 
finishing the game. Always pick up objects that are takeable; they will be 
useful somewhere along the line. 

Be careful of enemies in this game, you cannot die, but items can be stolen
from you, which can then lead to you being unable to proceed. There are very
few enemies, but the ones that are will be shown in the guide.

If you don't want to use the full walkthrough, there is a Character Guide at 
the end which you can use when you come across characters. This way, you can
figure out where to go on your own, but not have to worry about messing up with
doing the wrong thing to a character, thus potentially missing out on a needed
item. Eventually, characters do return, but it takes up time that you might 
need elsewhere.

 | 001 |====================\Down the Rabbit Hole/======================| 001 |

Obtain the tin of comfits from Alice's sister, as well as the parasol from the
Reverend Dodgson. You can COAX the sister to give you the candy, and ARGUE with
the good reverend for the umbrella. The White Rabbit can be TEASED to give you 
the answer to the Caterpiller's riddle. Then it's down the rabbit hole!

Just keep going until you reach the singing mouse. You can actually skip the
mouse without any problems, as his song isn't used anywhere in the game. But,
if you want everything, he wants the marmalade from the pantry. When you reach
the Cheshire Cat sitting on the rock, you'll notice a door off to the right. 
You can't reach it now, but you will be coming back this way later, so just
keep on going down.

Eventually you will get to the bottom, and reach a room with cakes. The cakes
make you taller and the elixirs make you smaller. First, jump to the cakes and
get all of them. Then, go back down over to the next room and jump up four
blocks. Eat a cake, glide over to the ladder with your parasol and climb up.

Get all the elixirs, then return down to the cake room. Just left of the
entrance is a tiny door. EAT two elixirs, and you can enter it. You are now in
the upper room. EAT a cake, jump over to the table and get the cake and elixir,
then jump over to the rope. Don't climb the rope, instead, walk off the left
edge and open the parasol. You'll float down to the table with the key.

Take the key, jump off, and return to the ladder room. Go up the stairs to the
small door, eat an elixir, and pass through. You're now above the Pool of
Tears. Eat another cake, then jump in and swim...and swim...and swim. You can
pass by the second rabbit hole. There is a seashell in there, and it isn't all
that important, but you can get it if you like. Keep swimming, and you will 
reach the beach. 

 | 002 |====================\Welcome to Wonderland/=====================| 002 |

The Dodo has an important item, which you can obtain by giving him the tin of
comfits. Once you have the stick, keep moving to the right. The second Alice is
not important, but talking to her will give you some extra information. 
Continue up the hill, where the White Rabbit will show up again.

TEASE him, and he will drop his fan and vanish. Get that and keep going to the
house. Once inside, go to the door on the right and enter it, then go up the

Enter the next doorway. This will get you to a new room, where there is a
fireplace. Go through there, and just follow it along. Eventually, you'll find
the Mad Hatter's missing teacup. Take that, then continue out of the fireplace.

You will end up back downstairs again.

This is all you need, so go ahead and leave the house, moving along to the
right. When you come to the swing, climb up and get all three teapots. After
that, continue to the right. The puppy will get in your way, but OFFER him the
stick, and he will leave.

Pass the tree with the rope, you aren't quite ready for that. Continue on to
the Caterpiller. Along the way, pick some mushrooms--the white ones make you
grow, and the purple ones make you shrink. There is a second use for the
mushrooms, but that comes later.

Ask the caterpiller "Why are you doing that?", and he will ask you a riddle. If
you listened to the White Rabbit's clue, you will know the answer is TOPHAT. Be
sure to use your keyboard to type in the correct answer. Remember the clue the 
Caterpiller tells you in return. 

Move along to the right until you reach the Town Hall. ARGUE with the Clerk, 
and he will drop a Memo for you before he vanishes. Pick that up, then head
back to the left, stopping at the Duchess's House.

 | 003 |====================\The Duchess's House/======================| 003 |

Climb up and be sure to grab the muffin along the way. You need to get into the
room above, but you don't have what you need yet. Go down to the stove in the
kitchen until you come to the clock. Simply walk off the clock with your

Climb down from the housetop and enter the house. Go left and enter the door.
Inside is the March Hare. ARGUE with him, and he will leave you a whisker
before he disappears. Take it, leave the room, and go upstairs.

Take the first door on the right to the Bathing Machine, then enter it. Go down
and be sure to avoid the enemy there. You will end up at the Pier.

 | 004 |=========================\The Gryphon/==========================| 004 |

Walk left until you come to the ladder. Climb that, and continue left. Keep
going until you come to the platform with the rope.

Stand on the edge and jump, opening your parasol to avoid the enemy below.
Swim left and continue left until you reach the Museum. Go right and upstairs,
continuing on until you reach the Gryphon. SCOLD him, and he'll drop a cricket
bat before he disappears. Take it and continue right until you reach the

Stand to the right of the chessboard and EAT a cake or mushroom. Turn towards
the chessboard and jump. Walk up until you reach the middle black square in the
third row. Walk up a tiny bit further, drink an elixir, and go back down to the
square and enter it.

This is the Mad Hatter's place. Offer the teacup and he will give you his hat,
which is one of the most important and useful items in the game. 

Be sure to ARGUE with the Queen of Hearts in the Court Room so she can ask you
a riddle. The answer to it is LAP.

You can now leave the chessboard and the museum. When you are almost to the
shore, use the hat to float above the ferret. Continue back to the Pier and
return up to the house. 

After leaving the Bathing Machine, you might want to try the next door down. 
This is the door to Blenheim Palace. If you go through it, give all the teapots
to the Queen.

Leave the house and go left until you come to Lacie the artist. Give her the
MEMO, MUFFIN, and MUSHROOM. She will then disappear, and you can continue on to
the Treacle Well. Climb down and go right to the Cricket Ground. Enter, and
keep going left to the School.

Go to the Music Room, COAX the turtle, and he will sing a song for you. Head to
the Dance Room and enter the mirror on the left, which will take you back to 
the house.

Go up to the Duchess, stand on the block to the right of her, make yourself
tall (Cake or Mushroom), and use the hat. You'll float up and bang into the
wall, but if you stand in the right spot, you'll end up standing on the rope
afterwards. Eat an elixir to get to normal size, then go up the rope and make
your way to the cradle.

Examine the cradle. Try and TAKE it, and it will leave a rattle behind. You
will not need to take this item, you will have it automatically, just be sure
to check your inventory before leaving.

 | 005 |=================\Revisiting the Rabbit Hole/===================| 005 |

You must make your way all the way back to the rabbit hole you first came down.
This is annoying, but you must do it. Use the hat to float up to the ledge on
the left of the Cheshire Cat. Then, eat a cake and jump over to the Cat. Stand
on the right edge of the rock, face right, and use the whisker. Shrink down to
normal, walk along the whisker and up to the door.

Inside is the Doormouse. TEASE him and he'll sing you a song. Leave and go all
the way back to the tree with the rope hanging down. Climb it and make your way
up to the bird's nest. Sing "SHUT YOUR BEAKS" to them, wait for 12 o'clock, and
you can go through the mirror into the Looking-Glass Land.

 | 006 |=================\Through the Looking Glass/===================| 006 |

Take the door on the left, which leads to another room. Take the center door,
try and HELP. Pick up the BROOCH and go through the mirror to Room Two. Climb
up the rope to Room One and go out the window. Jump with your parasol, and you
will be at the bottom of the Birdbath.

To the left is a garden and a buttercup, but go ahead and go right first. Pass
the small Birdbath, and keep going until you come to the house with the rope. 
Go up to Cloud Land, and use the hat to get to the door you see there.

HELP the White Knight and he will sing you a song. TEASE him as well. Leave and
make your way over to the other end of Cloud Land, where you will come across
the Bread and Butter Fly. Take it, and go back down to earth.

 | 007 |=================\The Railroad Station/===================| 007 |

Go to the railroad station, which is next to the house with the rope. You will
need an elixir or mushroom to get in. Once inside, return to normal size, take
the first door, and walk right to the train. You can talk to the Unicorn if you
want, then go left to the Gnat. CALM him and he'll ask you a riddle. The answer
to it is DUCK. Use the hat to float up out of the train.

When you fall back, you'll be in a different train. Walk right to the exit and
leave. Continue left, passing the Waxworks until you reach the Jabberwocky. Use
the fan and he'll disappear. Keep going left until you come to the tree. Stand
on the left side and use the hat to fly up. TEASE Humpty Dumpty and he will
leave behind a cravat (neckband).

Climb down and walk left. You need to be careful here, as there is an enemy
bouncing around the next screen. As soon as you enter that screen, use the hat
to float above him. Do this as quickly as you can. You will float up to the top
of the stairs.

From there, go left to one of the Tweedledee/Tweedledum brothers. OFFER the
rattle, and he will move. Continue left until you get to the White Queen. GIVE
her the brooch and keep going until you come to the door. Go in and CALM the 
machine. It will sing you a song. After that, leave and go back right all the
way until you come to a ladder going down. A note here about the Red Queen is
in the balloon. If you decide to visit her, the answer to the riddle

Climb down, go left. Ignore the birdcage, it's a trap. SING "MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH"
to the sheep and you can then proceed to the next room. OFFER the Bread and 
Butter Fly to the Sgt. Major, then climb up the ladder and go left.

TEASE the baker, who will ask a riddle. The answer is "NIGHTMARE". Continue
left and enter the Banquet Room. SING "GOD SAVE QUEEN ALICE" to the Wasp, and
you will be in the real Banquet Room with the talking Mutton. SING "NO MORE
MUTTON" for it, and he'll leave a paper crown. Be sure to pick it up, you will
need it later.

Go back the way you came, returning to the Palace. Keep going left, past the
Easter Rabbit, until you reach the Barrister (british term for lawyer). COAX
him and he will ask you a riddle. The answer is "BUTTERCUPS". Keep going left
to the Bell Room.

 | 008 |========================\The Bell Room/========================| 008 |

Stand directly under the rope and use the cravat. It will provide a way for you
to climb up. Continue to use the cravat to get up to the Belfry. Always climb 
on the right side. If the Bellman isn't there yet, just wait around. You can
stand there, doing nothing, time will pass in the game regardless.

Offer the cricket bat to the Bellman, who will give you a key. Take it, then go
back down and out to the ladder again, making your way to the room that has
the Banquet Room door. This time, however, go up the stairs to the door above
it and enter the Beryle Throne Room.

You can talk to the Throne or not. Either way, go through the door on the other
side. This leads you to a room with an enemy. DO NOT GO THROUGH THE DOOR ON THE
BOTTOM. It is a trap, you must go up by the rope.

You can pass the enemy using the hat, it may take a few tries until you find
exactly where to stand, as well as the timing. Once you pass it, get up the
rope quickly and make your way over to the White Rabbit. Give him the fan and 
he will get out of your way. Now, keep going. You will come across another 
enemy, but use the hat once more to get past him.

Go through the door at the top and you will be in the Ball Room. Go out the
other door, and you will end up in the Rabbit Hole. Use the cravat, climb up it
and face right, using the whisker there. Walk along the whisker as far as you
can. Turn left, and use the hat.

Congrats, you have beaten the game. Enjoy the ending!

 | 009 |=====================\Character Guide/======================| 009 |

Here I will be putting character interaction, such as what does what with each
and every person in the game, as well as highlighting important things they
have that you need, and the correct response to get that item. I will also go
over what happens if you say the wrong thing to them, and what time they will
return to that spot in the game. If you want to use this as a walkthrough you 
can, and then you can figure out where to go on your own without using 
the full guide above. 


 | 010 |=========================\Credits/==========================| 010 |

I want to thank Paw (youtube username: pawdugan) for showing off this game, as
well as giving me the drive to play through it. I wanted to put out this guide
to help people who may have gotten stuck, as he did.

I also do Let's Plays like he does, and you can find my LPs on my Youtube
channel at brynnagiadrosich. 

I also want to thank Project64 for putting together the ebook of the manual for
this game. is where you can find
all the manuals they have for different games.