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Version 1.2

Super Mario Bros. FAQ by Joshua Harring (

Revision History

Version 1.2 - Even more information on the Minus World, thanks to Zach 
Keene .

Version 1.1 - Some information on how to get to the Minus World has been 
added, courtesy of .

Version 1.0 - First release.

Note from Josh:  My email account was deleted over the summer (thank 
you, UMass), so if you sent me anything, you'll have to send it again.
- J.

This is one of those games that everybody knows.  If you haven't played 
it, you've probably seen it, and if you haven't seen it, you've at least 
heard of it.  And if you haven't heard of it, I'd like to know which 
rock you've been living under for the past 15 years.  Anyway, 
surprisingly enough, someone requested a FAQ for this game on GameFAQs.  
So I thought I would oblige...

Since getting through the game's levels is pretty straightforward, I 
won't give you a step-by-step walkthrough.  Instead, I will focus on 
each level's noteworthy points.

World 1-1
If you go down the fourth pipe in this level, you'll find a secret coin 
room.  This is also a quick shortcut to the end of the level.

If you elect not to go down the pipe, you can find a hidden 1-up right 
before the first pit.  It's 5 blocks away from the edge of the pit.  
Jump straight up to make it appear.

Note:  It's possible to get both the 1-up and be able to go down the 
pipe too.  You have to be very careful not to scroll the pipe off the 
left side of the screen.

If you decided not to take the shortcut, you can find a 10-coin block.  
Right after the second pit, underneath the question block, is a lone 
normal block that you can hit repeatedly for 10 or more coins.

Right after that, there's a set of two normal blocks.  If you hit the 
right one, you can get a Starman.

To get 5000 points on the flagpole, stand so that you're on the left 
edge of the top of the steps.  Then run to the right and jump at the 
right edge.  If you do it right, you'll land on or above the flag and 
get 5000 points.

To get the fireworks display, time your jump to the flagpole so that the 
ones digit of the timer is one, three, or six when you touch the 
flagpole.  If it's any of those three numbers, you'll get that many 
fireworks.  Each firework explosion is worth 500 points.

World 1-2
This is an underground level.  The first normal block you find (above a 
Goomba) is a 10-coin block.

After that, you'll find a W-shaped structure of blocks.  Bash the left 
column of blocks with your head to be able to get up to the coins.  The 
top-right block of this structure contains a Starman.

A little ways later, you'll find a single coin surrounded on several 
sides by normal blocks.  The block just to the right of it contains a 

The next structure of blocks is a 2x5 one.  The block that's just above 
the bottom-right block is a 10-coin one.

At the floating block mass that has 6 coins on it, there's a 1-up in a 
normal block in the ceiling, directly above the right side of the mass.  
You may want to break the block just to the right of the 1-up to make it 
fall down.  If you can't do so because you're small, the only way to get 
the 1-up is to hit it and follow it to the right until you reach the 
point where it can fall down.

The first pipe you encounter leads to a coin room.  In this coin room 
(and all others like this one), there's a 10 coin block in the rightmost 
normal block in the long thin row (the one the top row of coins are 
sitting on).

In between the ascending and descending platforms, you'll find a row of 
normal blocks.  The rightmost block has a power-up.

If you ride the ascending platforms up to the top of the screen, you can 
jump on top of the ceiling.  You can walk all the way past the exit pipe 
to find a secret Warp Zone.  You can advance to Worlds 2, 3, or 4.

World 1-3
There isn't any hidden stuff to find in this level; it's basically just 
a bunch of jumping from platform to platform.

World 1-4
This is the first Castle level.  The main obstacles are the fire chains 
that rotate around.  These are easily avoided by carefully watching them 
and walking/jumping through at the right time.

When you reach a large open space, there are six hidden coins to find.

About the time you reach that open space, fire breaths start coming 
towards you from the boss, Bowser.  The breaths are at three different 
height levels - the highest can be avoided by not doing anything, the 
middle can be ducked, and the lowest can be jumped over.

When you reach Bowser, you can run under or jump over him to get to the 
Axe (jumping over is easier if you are Super Mario).  Or, if you're 
Fiery Mario, you can shoot him with five fireballs to defeat him.  Once 
you get past him, you'll find Toad, who will inform you that the 
Princess is in another castle.

World 2-1
Hit the middle normal block in the very first set to find a power-up.

Then, at the next set of normal blocks (the ones with the Koopas walking 
back and forth underneath), there's a hidden coin block just below the 
space immediately left of the visible normal blocks.  Make it appear, 
then jump on top of it and jump up to make a hidden block appear which 
contains a 1-up.

After you pass the set of 10 question blocks, there's a Starman in the 
leftmost block of the high row of normal blocks.

The next set of blocks is a row of normal blocks, with a set of 4 and 3 
question blocks underneath it.  When you hit the normal block in the 
middle, a vine is created which leads up into the clouds.  There are no 
enemies up there, just lots of coins.  It also serves as a shortcut to 
almost the end of the level.

If you choose not to take the vine, there's a coin room in the first 
pipe right after it.

If you don't take the vine or the coin room, you'll come to a row of 
normal blocks above a set of three closely spaced pipes.  The leftmost 
normal block contains a power-up.

In the single normal block near the end (the one just left of you when 
you fall down from the clouds) are 10 coins.

There's also a hidden coin above the last two normal blocks in the 
level, allowing you to eschew the use of the springboard.

World 2-2
This is an underwater level.  The only way you can defeat your enemies 
is with fireballs.  If you don't have them, you just have to avoid them 
all.  There are no blocks underwater, just coins.  But be careful, some 
of the coins are situated over drains which will try to suck you down.  
Swim rapidly to counteract the effect.

World 2-3
This level is a series of bridges.  As you progress, Cheep-Cheeps will 
fly at you from below, soar into the air, and come down again.  The best 
strategy is to just keep going.  You don't have to run, but if you stop 
walking, chances are a Cheep-Cheep will slam into you from below, where 
you have little reaction time.  Also, as you're going, make sure one 
doesn't fall on you.  Jump or change pace to prevent it.

World 2-4
This is the second Castle level.  There isn't much to say about it, 
really.  The new enemy is the Podoboo which rises out of the lava and 
falls back down.  Be careful when jumping over the lava pits.  Defeat 
Bowser at the end and move on to the next world.

World 3-1
The second pipe in this level leads to a coin room.  In this coin room, 
the third block from the left in the top row contains a power-up.

When crossing the bridge over water, there's a hidden 1-up to find.  
It's about halfway between the midpoint and right edge of the bridge.

Right after that, you'll see a short row of normal blocks.  Jump up and 
hit the leftmost one to uncover a Starman.

You'll then encounter the Hammer Bros. for the first time.  You should 
be invincible so there won't be any problems.  However, you'll meet them 
at other times when you're not invincible so I might as well tell you 
how to beat them.  They will often be on two rows of normal blocks which 
are above each other.  Stand on the lowest level (the ground).  If a Bro 
jumps down to the ground, fireball him or crouch down next to him to 
avoid the hammers, which will pass over your head.  If a Bro is on the 
middle, stand underneath him and jump up to break the block below him 
and defeat him.  If a Bro is on the top, just wait until he jumps down.  
Be careful, as sometimes he will jump from the top all the way down to 
the ground.

Then at the springboard, high jump on top of the blocks and over to the 
ground on the other side.  Do not try to springboard yourself into the 
space between them.  Instead, defeat the Goombas, then run and jump up 
into the small space between the block rows.  Hit the right block in the 
top row to grow a vine.

When you land from the clouds, you'll see a row of normal blocks.  The 
second one from the left is a 10-coin block.

Then you'll come to the pyramid steps which mark the end of the level.  
There will be a couple of Koopas coming down the steps.  You can perform 
a neat trick here to build up tons of lives.  The idea is to jump on the 
Koopa, then jump on the shell in such a way as to knock the shell 
against the step, but when it comes back, you jump on it again 
automatically.  Therefore, it gets knocked against the step again, and 
you jump on it again, etc.  This trick is very difficult to do, and I've 
only done it once myself (by accident, too).  However, the payoff is 
large - your points will add up, then you'll start getting 1-ups.  You 
can have about 100 lives, but if you get more, the game 
will reset itself.  So be careful.  Good luck.

World 3-2
There isn't much to this level except long flat stretches with lots of 
enemies on them.  You can use this to your advantage, though, as the 
first enemy in a group is usually a Koopa.  Jump on him, kick him to the 
right, then run after him and he will knock over the rest of the enemies 
for tons of points.  You might even be able to get a 1-up out of it.

When you come to two single normal blocks, the top one contains a 
Starman, and the bottom one is a 10-coin block.  So get the bottom one 

World 3-3
This level isn't anything more than jumping from platform to platform.  
There's a new type of platform:  a type of scale-like platform.  When 
you stand on one of them, your weight causes the one you're on to move 
down, while the pulley causes the other one to move up.  Jump quickly 
across them to best navigate them.  You can also be risky and let the 
platform sink all the way down as far as it can go.  Both of them will 
then break off and you will receive 1000 points.  Just make sure to jump 
off to a solid ledge!

World 3-4
Your basic Castle level.  Nothing surprising.  Beat Bowser and move on.

World 4-1
You meet Lakitu for the first time here.  He will sit up on his cloud 
and toss Spinys down at you.  He follows you throughout the level, but 
you can jump on him from a high block to get rid of him for a short 
time.  The best way to progress is just go.  If you stop, the Spinys can 
begin to pile up on you and make life difficult.  However, there are 
some times when you will want to stop and get secrets.

After jumping over a pit, you'll find a row of 4 question blocks.  
There's a hidden 1-up over the third block.  Stop to get it, but be 

The third pipe you come to leads to a coin room.  In the coin room, the 
lone block on the right side contains a power-up, but you can only get 
it if you're small (I think).

There's a normal block at the end of this level.  It's a 10-coin one.  
Get it, then use it to jump back up to the pyramid steps so you can get 
5000 points from the flagpole.

World 4-2
At the beginning where there is three coins, hit the rightmost normal 
block of the "overhang" to get a power-up.

In the block mass which forms the low ceiling, there's a hidden 10-coin 
block.  It's the 5th block from the right, second row up.

After jumping across the pit, you'll see a row of three normal blocks 
hanging in the air.  This is a very important secret.  Follow these 
directions carefully if you're going to use it:

1: Stand underneath the right normal block and jump up to make a hidden 
coin appear.
2: Then stand underneath the middle normal block and jump up to make 
another hidden coin appear.
3: Jump up to that block you just uncovered and punch out the middle 
normal block.  Hit the left normal block to create a vine.  Climb up it.
4: Jump along these platforms, collecting coins.  When you reach the 
end, you'll find a Warp Zone which allows you to warp to Worlds 6, 7, or 

If you decide to continue on in this level, you'll come to a tall pipe 
with two normal blocks on either side of it.  Hit the right normal block 
on the left side of the pipe to get 10 coins.  And in the right normal 
block on the right side of the pipe, there's a Starman.

The pipe right after the tall pipe leads to a coin room.  In this room, 
there's a lone normal block on the right side.  It has 10 coins.  To get 
the 10 coins in the little alcove, edge off the left side of its ceiling 
and angle to the right to get inside.  Don't spend too much time here.

When you come to a long row of normal blocks with coins on top of them, 
there's a power-up in the leftmost normal block in that row.

Right after that is a tall pipe.  You can stand on it, punch out the 
ceiling, then jump up there and walk to the right to find a Warp Zone 
that leads to World 5.

World 4-3
Nothing new here, just platforms and some more scales.

World 4-4
This Castle level is kind of different than most.  You have to choose 
the correct pathway to get through the level.  If you choose the wrong 
one, the layout repeats itself until you get back to the point where you 
choose again.  So through some trial and error, you can find out which 
way to go.

Jump over the two lava pits at the beginning.  Then jump up to the upper 
pathway and walk along there.  To easily cross the single-block gaps, 
run across them without stopping.

You'll then come to a place where you get to choose again.  Fall all the 
way down to the bottom path and go that way.  You'll then see fire 
breaths coming, meaning you've reached Bowser.  Be careful when you get 
there, though, there's a fire chain and also a Podoboo.  

World 5-1
The first row of normal blocks you come to has a Starman in the middle 

You'll then meet the Bullet Bills.  The bullets are always fired at the 
same height so you can avoid them easily.  If you stand right next to 
the cannon, the bullets will not fire.

When you reach the next two normal blocks, there's a hidden 1-up in the 
space between them and the short wall (sometimes it's not there, 
though).  You can also use those blocks to jump over to the mid-air 
pipe, down which is a coin room.

World 5-2
In the top row of normal blocks you come to, you can find a power-up in 
the rightmost block.

Right after that is one Hammer Bro on the steps.  If you have fireball 
power just stand back and shoot him.  But if you don't he's a lot more 
difficult.  You might need to take a hit here and just go.

The very first pipe you come to leads to an underwater mini-level.  
There's some coins to be had down there, but remember you need fireball 
power to kill your enemies.

If you decide not to go that way, you'll come to a Hammer Bro on top of 
five question blocks.  Defeat him and then jump up two spaces to the 
right of the question blocks (in other words, where the seventh question 
block would be) to find a hidden coin.  Stand on it and jump up and hit 
the left normal block in the row of three to grow a vine.

You can find a Starman in the rightmost block of the top row of normal 
blocks, at the next set of Hammer Brothers (this is also where you 
emerge from the water mini-level).

Next you'll see two low-to-the-ground normal blocks.  If you're big, 
you'll have to walk towards them and then crouch so that your inertia 
takes you underneath them.  The left block contains 10 coins, while the 
right one has a power-up.

You'll then find a lone normal block which has a power-up inside of it.

World 5-3
This level is an exact duplicate of World 1-3, with the addition of 
Bullet Bills flying at you throughout it.  Adjust accordingly.

World 5-4
This level is a duplicate of World 2-4, except now there are more fire 
chains and Podoboos.

World 6-1
Lakitu is back to bother you here, but you can jump on him pretty easily 
in this level.

There's a power-up in the left normal block of the first set of two, and 
in the set of three right after that, the right normal block contains 10 

When you come to a high and low row of three normal blocks each, there's 
a hidden 1-up between them, against the wall.  Sometimes this doesn't 
appear either as well.

Afterwards, you'll come to three short rows of normal blocks that act 
kind of like steps.  You'll notice that the middle row overhangs the 
bottom row in such as a way as to make the right block in that row 
hittable.  That block contains 10 coins.

World 6-2
The first pipe that you come to leads to a coin room.  But before you go 
down it, scroll the set of three normal blocks onto the screen.  There's 
a hidden coin underneath the middle block.  Jump onto it and then hit 
the middle block for 10 coins.

The next set of two normal blocks (with Buzzy Beetle wandering beneath 
them) has a power-up in the right block.  The pipe to the right of these 
blocks leads to another water mini-level.

If you don't go that way, further on you'll find a set of five normal 
blocks.  The rightmost one will grow a vine.

Near the end of the level, you'll find four short rows of normal blocks.  
The upper-left row's left normal block contains a Starman, which you can 
get by standing on the right edge of the lower-left row.

The pipe right after that leads to a coin room.

World 6-3
Not much to this level but platforms, scales, and springboards.  About 
halfway through it, Bullet Bills start firing at you like in World 5-3.

World 6-4
This level is a replica of World 1-4, with more fire chains and Podoboos 
of course.  And now Bowser throws lots of hammers, so you can't jump 
over him.  You'll have to run under him if you don't have fireball 

World 7-1
There's now Bullet Bill cannons which fire at ground level.  Be careful, 
because they are often near head level cannons too.

The left normal block of the first set of three you find has a power-up.

A little further on, there will be a Bullet Bill cannon sitting on a 
ledge with two normal blocks on either side of it.  The left normal 
block of the set on the right side has 10 coins.

The second pipe you come to leads to a coin room.

At the end of the level, there will be a normal block directly above a 
springboard.  It contains a power-up.

World 7-2
This is another underwater level.  It's just like World 2-2 except for 
more enemies.

World 7-3
Another replica level, this one of World 2-3, with more enemies, of 

World 7-4
This castle level is like World 4-4 in that you have to choose the 
correct path.  This one's a little more confusing, so follow the 
directions carefully.

After crossing the first lava pit, take the bottom path.  Then, when you 
come to three different levels (a high ledge, a low ledge, and the 
ground), jump up to the low ledge and walk along there.  Then when you 
reach the end of that ledge, jump up to the top path.  You should arrive 
at a lava pit with a fire chain above it.  

Jump up to the high ledge (with the fire chain) and walk along there.  
Then when you reach the end, fall down to the ground.  Walk along the 
ground, underneath the first high and low ledges.  Then jump up to the 
second low ledge and walk along that.  Then jump up to the third high 
ledge and walk there.  Jump on to the long skinny high ledge and walk 
along it.  If you did everything correctly, you'll find Bowser.  
Remember that he's tossing hammers now.

World 8-1
In this last World, time is of the essence.  You have to cover a long 
distance.  So don't dawdle.  You don't need to run, but you do need to 
progress quickly.

Remember to run over the single-block gaps in the ground to pass them 

There's a hidden 1-up between two pipes right after the first set of 
single-block gaps.

The second pipe after those two (the one with the three Goombas next to 
it) leads to a coin room.  Watch your time, though.

Further on, you'll come to a long row of normal blocks with a Koopa 
Paratroopa underneath it.  Underneath the 4th block from the right is a 
hidden coin.  Jump onto it and hit the block above it for 10 coins.

The next row of normal blocks after that has a Starman inside the third 
block from the left.

World 8-2
Lakitu is at the start of this level, but once you get rid of him he 
won't bother you anymore.

The normal block directly above the springboard has a 1-up.  If you're 
big, break the block to the right of it first so that it will fall down 
and you can get it.  If you're small though, you'll have to hit it and 
then run to the right with it so that you can catch it when it finally 
falls down.

You'll then arrive at a set of two normal blocks with a Bullet Bill 
cannon on either side and a Koopa Paratroopa bouncing on the ground.  In 
the right normal block is a power-up.

Then you'll see single normal blocks on either side of a short Bullet 
Bill cannon.  The right normal block has 10 coins.

There's a difficult jump right after that.  The layout looks like:  
pipe, gap, ground, gap, ground, long gap.  To make this, stand on the 
left edge of the first piece of ground.  Then run to the right and 
running jump over.  You should make it this way.  The pipe on the other 
side leads to a coin room.

World 8-3
At the first two Hammer Bros., the 2nd block from the right in the top 
row of normal blocks has a power-up.

At the second two, the 2nd block from the _left_ in the top row has a 
power-up.  I hope you have fireball power now because if you don't, the 
next part will be extremely difficult.

You'll find a bunch of Hammer Bros one at a time.  If you have fireball 
power, they're a piece of cake.  But if you don't, they're awful.  You 
can't really jump over them because of the hammers.  You have to try to 
run underneath them, but this is hard as well because there isn't much 
margin for error when they jump.  

Near the end, you'll notice that one of the blocks in the wall looks 
different.  It's actually a 10-coin block.

World 8-4
This Castle level is very confusing.  You have to know the correct pipes 
to take.  If you take the wrong ones, you get thrown back in the level.  
Follow the directions very carefully.

1: Skip the first two pipes and take the third one (it's right after a 
lava pit).

2: Progress until you find a pipe in mid-air.  There's a hidden coin to 
the left of it.  Jump up to the pipe using it.

3: Take the first pipe on the other side of the lava pit.  It leads to 
an underwater mini-level.  Make your way through it, avoiding the fire 
chains (?) and defeating the Bloobers if you can.

4: Get past the Hammer Bro and fight Bowser for the last time.  

Congratulations!  You've saved Princess Toadstool!

Second Quest
The Second Quest is the same as the First one, the only differences are 
tougher and faster enemies.  For example, Goombas are replaced by Buzzy 
Beetles, etc.  There is no Third Quest - you simply repeat the Second 
Quest again.  Also, at the title screen, you can press B to choose which 
world to start at.

The Minus World Trick
This information is courtesy of  and Zach Keene 

Zach's information is in quotations.

Here is how to get to the minus world in SuperMario Bros.

1. At the end of world 1-2 there is a pipe to go up to the flag. don't
go through!  This is the point right before the level jump.  Don't go to
the level jump pipes either.  Stand on pipe!  Make sure you are Super
Mario (though it might work for fire Mario).

2. Break all the blocks on the ceiling exept for the closest 2 blocks to
the wall.

3. Run and jump off of the pipe ledge.  The trick is to hit the
remaining 2 ceiling blocks with the BACK of super mario's head.  After a
few tries, it seems like his head actually goes through the block!

"It would probably work better like this: Position Mario so that he's
facing away from the pipe, and he's as far to the left as he can be
without falling off the pipe. Then, duck and jump backwards. Be sure you
jump first, then push back, so that Mario is still facing away from the
pipe while he jumps.
  This is one of those things that one can't really understand how to do
until they do it, I guess, :)"

Eventually Super Mario will pass all the way through these two blocks 
and start moving through the top of the wall backwards.  He is literally
inside the wall at this point.  Usually it works for me when the time
starts to run out.  It takes a while to get it to work.  (to be honest,
I can't remember if you leave 2 ceiling blocks or just one, but you can
try both)

"I can't say for sure that it doesn't work if you leave 2 blocks, but
it definately works with one."

4.  Go toward the level jump pipes.  I can't remember if Mario is sucked
toward the room automatically or if you need to move him, though
eventually you get to the level jump pipe.  Now go through the pipe!
Welcome to world 0-1!  This is the same as the water stage, but you
can't leave!  Everytime you go through the pipe, it brings you back to
the beginning and time eventually runs out. 

A Chocolate Factory?
I once heard this rumor.  Any evidence?

This FAQ can also be used in the Super Mario 1 game of Super Mario All-
Stars for the SNES, since they are the same.  However, I have read that 
the Minus World trick has been removed.

"Confirmed. It seems to me that the difficulty of going through the
wall has been increased, and doing so just gets you to the normal Warp
Zone, and not to the Minus World."

This FAQ was written by me, Joshua Harring (  
It is not to be used for profitable/promotional purposes.  It may be 
posted on a website or homepage as long as it is written in its 
entirety, including this disclaimer.  If you have something noteworthy 
to contribute, please email me and I will be happy to update the FAQ 
with your contribution.  Thanks to CJayC of for posting