V-Rally 3 (e)

Andere Lösungen
for GameBoy Advance/SP
Version 1.35
by Richard Walker

-Table of Contents
Legal information
Version history
Getting started
Basic information
Game modes
Service station
Codes and secrets
Tips before you start
The tracks
Rally car info
Contact info
The final word

-Legal information
This document is copyright 2003- 2006 Richard Walker. All rights written and
reserved. This document and parts thereof may not be copied, paraphrased, or
reproduced in any form without prior written consent from the author, Richard
Walker. This document may be freely distributed only if it remains unedited, it
stays free to public access, and proper credit is given.

Richard Walker( is the author, creator, and
owner of this document. All material contained in this document is the work of
the author, unless otherwise stated in the 'Credits' section. The author is in
no way associated with creators and owners of the game, nor the companies
involved with it.

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Dudes and dudettes, welcome to Richard Walker's V-Rally 3 FAQ. This is for the
GameBoy Advance version. This game holds special place in my heart as it is the
first GameBoy Advance game I bought(Part of a bundle with my GameBoy Advance
SP). But you don't care about that, so senimental crap aside, and on with this
FAQ. You can find lots of information for V-Rally 3 to help you in the game.
Though it's a particularly ass-easy game, so you shouldn't need this FAQ. But,
just in case you suck... here you go.

-Version history
28/01/06- Huge error corrected right here in the 'Version history' section! Real
updates are coming soon: I'm working on a full stratgety to every stage in every
mode of V-Rally 3. Kids, stay tuned for that!
01/01/06- Crappy new year! Big changes: corrections to the FAQ, rearrangements
in all sections, additions made to most sections.
31/05/05- Whee. Made some minor changes including layout fixes, corrections on
spelling mistakes, and rewriting some shiznit.
24/06/04- Upon close examination, I found some mistakes and corrected them. I
also added a new section called 'The tracks'. Enjoy!
16/11/03- My V-Rally FAQ is born!

-Getting started
Make sure your GameBoy Advance/SP is switched off, then insert your V-Rally 3
cartridge. Now switch on your GameBoy Advance/SP.

For a two player game, make sure the GameBoy Advance/SPs are switched off, then
insert a V-Rally 3 cartridge into each GameBoy Advance/SP. Afterwards, insert a
GameBoy Pocket/Advance link cable into each GameBoy Advance/SP. Now switch on
both GameBoy Advance/SPs.

-Basic information
V-Rally 3 is a badass rally car racing game. There are seven countries- Germany,
Great Britan, Sweden, Portugal, Finland, France, and Kenya. The idea of a rally
game is not head on racing- but seeing who can get the best completion
times(Totally useless fact #1: Richard's rally times kick ass).

A button: Confirm
B button: Cancel
D pad: Move cursor

A button: Accelerate
B button: Brake
D pad: Turn the car left or right
Start button: Pause menu
Select button: Change view(Either full screen or Headcam)
L button: Reverse(In automatc gear) or Gear down(In Manual gear)
R button: Forward drive(In automatic gear) or Gear up(In Manual gear)
A+B button: Handbrake
A twice quickly: Boost*

*Only applies to V-Rally Cross mode

-Game modes
You're now heading into the most intense game mode! First off, you gotta pick
some wheels(You start of with only two, but as the game progresses and you win
more seasons, you will get more cars more powerful). Sign your contract and
feel the breeze in your hair as you race through stages.

The Rally is done over a course of days, and you'll have five stages to
complete. Alternating weathers to keep you on you toes. Doesn't get much better
than this!

This is a good game mode, which you basically have to win licences to progress.
There are five licences, Departmental, Regional, National, European, and
conclusively International. Departmental is already unlocked, and you don't get
anything for beating International mode, other than bragging rights(Totally
useless facts #2: Richard finds this mode extremely easy).

Pick your car, and you'll be racing three other cars on the track. There are
three laps, and you must first or second to even think of winning any new

In this mode there is a little exclusive- the boost. If you on your second
track on the licence, you can have a little boost to get you through. You can
get a boost bar if:

 1)You start off first
 2)You finish lap one first
 3)You finish lap two first
 4)You finish lap three first

The more you do of these things, the more boost you will have! To activate the
boost, see the 'Controls' section of this V-Rally 3 FAQ.

And one final note on V-Rally Cross, the more licences you unlock, more tracks
will appear on 'Time Trial' mode(Below).

You can use this mode to practice, for it's nothing much. You can play courses
you have already played, and use cars which you've unlocked. Not every car and
track will be in there when you first play- far from it in fact- but in order to
be able to use everything, you must beat both modes above.

There are two multiplayer games for you and a friend to enjoy- V-Rally Cross and
Time Trial. In V-Rally Cross, there are two CPU opponents, as well as your
linked up friend. Other than that, it's exactly the same as if it were a one
player game...

-Service station
The service station can make or break your run on a track. I really can't be
assed to write a full mini FAQ on the service station, so I'll just briefly list
the options.

Will give you some brief info about the track you're going to race on. If in
Time Trial mode, you'll have the opportunity to switch tracks. If in V-Rally
Mode, you can decide the order of tracks you race in(Only every two tracks, so
on track #3, you can choose between #3 and #4, etc.).

You can change your gearbox, brakes, steering and suspension settings, and
change the type of tyre one of seven different tyres. Changing your tyres can
really save your ass in the game, so take full advantage of it. Modifying your
steering conditionally also helps.

The only real vital bit in the service station! You have fifty minutes to repair
the bodywork, turbo engine, steering, brakes, and suspension. The only items
worth repairing are the turbo and steering. Though you if like racing in Headcam
mode, bodywork repair is advisable

Duh. Start the stage, stupid.

Duh. Return to the menu, stupid.

-Codes and secrets
I don't believe there are any cheats for this game. If you have any cheats...
drop by the 'Contact' section already.

-Tips before you start
OK, I can provide no walkthrough, as it is utterly pointless. But here are few
tips before you begin playing V-Rally 3. Read up, sucka.

   This is a common tip in any racing game. If you have a sharp turn coming, you
   should brake and slowly turn, not doing so will swerve you out of control.
   This ties in with 2) below...
   If you treat the car poorly(Constantly crashing, etc.), performance of the
   car turn to complete crap, naturally. Avoid that and sympathise the car:
   don't be afraid to use the brakes, and stay in control.
   Repairs will always make a difference when racing, and changing the tyres may
   be just what you need keep on good side of the track. So, use the damn place
   While racing with a 1.6L engine car, trouble seems a bit taboo. But the real
   game is when racing with a 2.0L engine car. Use my tips in 'the tracks'
   section to get an idea how you should get on with a 2.0L engine car.

-The tracks
Here is the list of tracks in V-Rally Mode, listed in alphabetical order. I've
added a description of my own to each individual track. Hope it comes in handy!

Game description: Very fast forest rally. Main characteristic: jumps. You must
tame the terrain to be able to win, because out here, you're not the boss!
My description: A medicore course with a few annoying turns on select tracks.
Good for the rally rookies.

Game description: V-Rally France is one of the hardest of all rallies. It takes
place in the mountains on very winding roads. Beware, the forecast is for rain.
My description: Ignore the bullcrap in the game's description. This easier than
finding a hooker in Brooklyn, NY.

Game description: Very winding rally, in a snowy forest. Beware of changes in
the road surface during the race. The car is very sensitive to them.
My description: This is one of the two hardest locations in the game. Lots of
bumps here. A tactical change of tyres every now and again in the service
station will help here.

Game description: This takes place under stormy weather conditions. A full
frontal attack is required to shine on this track.
My description: This is the second of the two hardest locations in the hame.
Twists and turns in Great Britain will slow you down- try to keep in tiptop
speed, and adjust your car tyres according to the weather. This is available
when racing with 2.0L engine car ONLY.

Game description: The average speed of this rally is more than 100 KPH but the
best drivers reach 210 KPH. This circuit is very fast and boasts numerous jumps.
Coming through!
My description: The least challenging track in the game. It's very African like:
nice and dusty. All the tracks are pretty much the same- straight with few
turns. *yawn*

Game description: Magnificent dirt course, but with plenty of traps in wet
conditions. This rally demands a high degree of concentration from drivers.
My description: It's very wet, I'll give it that. It's got sharp turns to try
and throw you off. Try not to crank up your engine too much.

Game description: With temperatures plunging to -40oc, this rally demands
exceptional car preperation and a driver with the gentle touch. Beware- slippery
My description: Sweden isn't terribly hard, but the amount of slipping is
atrocious Try not to stay at your max speed all the way through, it will prevent
you from slipping all the time.

-Rally car info
Statistics of the avaliable cars in V-Rally 3, listed in alphabetical order.
Note that some veichles are only be made accessible when you unlock them through
V-Rally Mode, particularly the 2.0L engine cars.

Engine: 1.6L
Power: 207hp
Weight: 950kg
Torque: 188Nm
6 gears, 2-wheel drive

Engine: 20.L
Power: 300hp
Weight: 1230kg
Torque: 540Nm
6 gears, 4-wheel drive

Engine: 1.6L
Power: 180hp
Weight: 950kg
Torque: 170Nm
6 gears, 2-wheel drive

Engine: 20.L
Power: 300hp
Weight: 1230kg
Torque: 550Nm
6 gears, 4-wheel drive

Engine: 20.L
Power: 300hp
Weight: 1230kg
Torque: 540Nm
6 gears, 4-wheel drive

Engine: 1.6L
Power: 215hp
Weight: 950kg
Torque: 180Nm
6 gears, 2-wheel drive

Engine: 20.L
Power: 300hp
Weight: 1230kg
Torque: 535Nm
6 gears, 4-wheel drive

Engine: 1.6L
Power: 220hp
Weight: 920kg
Torque: 190Nm
6 gears, 2-wheel drive

Engine: 20.L
Power: 300hp
Weight: 1230kg
Torque: 490Nm
6 gears, 4-wheel drive

Engine: 1.6L
Power: 215hp
Weight: 1000kg
Torque: 190Nm
6 gears, 2-wheel drive

Who helped in the production of this?

For posting my FAQ, duh.

His V-Rally 3 FAQ helped me out a little when I started. Thanks, pal.

-Contact info
Compliments and questions about my work are always welcomed. So, here are some
contact details for y'all...

This isn't as much of a contact option as a plug. But you can contact me from my
cool website, so...

Check out the Richard Walker Community today! Register today(You don't even need
an activation email) and you can speak with me- and maybe even engage in
coversation with the other members.

I log in to check my email every couple of days, so you're likely to get a
response in about forty-eight hours. Don't email me about crap, OK?

I have several IM's you can talk to me on, so here's a list of IM's. They're
listed in the order of which you're more more likely to find me on. And please
speak to me in ENGLISH, n0t tH@ sto0pid cH@t spk, LOLLLZZZ!!!!111!!1
AIM- ukrichardwalker

-The final word
Cheers for reading my V-Rally 3 FAQ. It's a pretty cool game, and hopefully this
FAQ will help you a little with the challenges of V-Rally 3. Also, this work
would be pretty pointless if nobody read it, so thank you.

And you should check out my other FAQs, reviews, and other crap I've submitted.
Not doing so is a crime, and you don't want to be thrown in jail, do you?