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ZOO KEEPER [JAPAN] - Quest Mode Guide - Version 1.0
Created: December 14, 2004, Last Updated: December 14, 2004

Created by John Ricciardi


This Document (C) 2004 John Ricciardi. All Rights Reserved.

This is a quickie translation guide for the Quest Mode in the Nintendo DS
puzzle game, Zoo Keeper. Special thanks to my wonderful girlfriend, whose
help (and addiction to Zoo Keeper) made this guide possible.


QUEST 1: Catch 20 Lions!

Catch 20 lions in as short a time as possible. The less you catch of other
animals, the better your chances of getting a good rating.

QUEST 2: Catch 15 More of (Giraffe / Panda) Than (Panda / Giraffe)!

In this one, you have to go for either giraffes or pandas. Whichever one you
choose, there has to be a difference of 15 between it and the other one in 
order to proceed. For example, let's say you decide to go for giraffes. If
you've caught 7 pandas, you'll need at least 22 giraffes in order to win.

QUEST 3: Create 30 Chains!

Here, you get a point for every chain you make (capturing more than one set of
animals in one move). Keep in mind that chains in this game are treated a
little differently from most puzzle games. Here, if you simply capture several
groups in rapid succession (even if they're nowhere near each other), it's
counted as a chain. So, the best strategy here is to keep looking for two or 
three groups of animals at once, and then capture them all one after another as 
fast as possible to register a chain. Once your chain counter reaches 30, the 
quest is finished.

QUEST 4: Capture One of Each Type of Animal in Succession

In this one, you'll see one picture of each animal on the top screen. You need
to capture one of each animal type in succession in order to light up all of
the pictures. If you get any one type twice before getting all of the others,
they all reset and you have to start over.

QUEST 5: Bonus Time

Hit the block to win bonus pay in the amount indicated on the top screen.
Cross your fingers and hope you don't get hit with the -200 block.

QUEST 6: Get the Special Panel to the Bottom

In this quest, a Special Panel will appear in the very top row. The goal is to
clear a path so you can get that panel to the bottom row. If things look bleak, 
you can always just use the panel (tap it) to make another appear at the top.

QUEST 7: Capture Seven Straight Single Groups of Animals!

Simply capture seven single groups of animals in a row (in other words, you're
not allowed to make any chains) to proceed. Harder than it sounds, but still
not that tough.

QUEST 8: Capture Five Groups of Four or More Animals!

This one can be a pain. You need to capture four or more animals of the same 
type at once -- five times (!) -- in as few steps as possible. Ouch!

QUEST 9: Capture 10 Vertical Groups of Animals!

The goal here is to capture 10 groups of animals by lining them up vertically.
The less horizontal groups you capture, the better.

QUEST 10: Max Out the Timer!

In this one, the timer starts out halfway full. You need to act fast and make
chains in order to get the timer back to full capacity.
 Once the timer is
full, the quest is finished.


(C) 2004 John Ricciardi. May not be reproduced or redistributed under any
circumstances without the permission of the author (that's me). Intended for
use on I don't plan on posting it anywhere else, so please don't
ask me if you can. :)

Thanks for reading!