Warcraft - Orcs & Humans (e)

Andere Lösungen

Created By:  Blackhand (75453,


Before you read this file, I should warn you of it's power in the
game of Warcraft.  These cheat codes and hints will probably make
you lose the excitement you feel when playing Warcraft.  I personally
recommend you to not use these cheats unless you are so desperately
in need of help in this game that you NEED to use these codes.  However,
the game can also be MORE fun than before by using these codes.  But,
anyhow do what you wish.

Scroll down to see game cheats and hints.


To enter the codes, go to a new game or saved game at any campaign
Orcs or Humans.  Hit the ENTER key.  This would normally function as
the Send Message key to send a message across an IPX network link game,
modem game, or serial port direct link game.  Here it is used to enter
the codes.  After you press ENTER you will see a prompt that says MSG:.
Type one of the codes below and press ENTER again.  The screen should
say cheat enabled you wascilly wabbit.  To disable a cheat type it again.
The screen should say cheat disabled.  Some cheats cannot be disabled
though.  Well here they are.

POT OF GOLD-This cheat gives you 10000 gold and 5000 lumber each time you
            type it in.  This cheat cannot be disabled.

IRON FORGE-This cheat gives you all upgraded weapons, armor etc. except for
           magical abilities.  This cheat cannot be disabled even though on
           the screen it says cheat disabled.

SALLY SHEARS-This cheat reveals the entire map for you.  This cheat can be

EYE OF NEWT-This cheat gives you all of the magical abilities and extended
            magic like unlimited Rain of Fire.  This cheat can be disabled.

HURRY UP GUYS-This cheat makes your peons/peasants build your structures
              faster along with faster unit training and faster upgrading.
              This cheat can be disabled.

The previous were the basic level cheat codes.  There is also an extended
level of cheat codes.  To access these, you must type CORWIN OF AMBER at
the MSG: prompt and press enter.

Here are the extended cheat codes.

THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE-This cheat makes all of your men invincible against
                      attack except against the Catapult.  Your character
                      will also be able to kill units in one hit.  This
                      cheat can be disabled.

YOURS TRULY-This cheat takes you to the victory sequence of the level you
            are on.

CRUSHING DEFEAT-This cheat takes you to the defeat sequence of the level
                you are on.

IDES OF MARCH-This cheat takes you to the end of the game of the campaign
              you are on Orcs or Humans.

HUMAN (level #)-This cheat takes you to a specified Human Campaign mission
                number.  Replace (level #) with a number 1-12.

ORC (level #)-This cheat takes you to a specified Orc Campaign mission
              number.  Replace (level #) with a number 1-12.


Don't just think that in a modem, network or direct link game that you can
cheat against your friend.  Yeah, these codes can be used but are valid
for BOTH sides!  So your friend will have the cheats on for him too!


1.  Basically to win in this game without the cheats, you need one
    major thing, lots of Archers/Spearman.  Surround your city with
    them and cover bridges with them.  Also, have a catapult behind
    the Archers/Spearman to hit any backup units of the enemy.

2.  If the enemy can use invisibility, the first thing to do is to
    build a wall and FAST!  Those Clerics will be sending tons of
    Knights to storm your city in Orc Mission #9.  By building a wall,
    the invisible units will be forced to attack the wall thereby
    making them visible.  Then strike them to death!

3.  If you are in the dungeon in a Custom Game, make sure you get
    magic users.  In the custom game, you will have all the magical
    abilities already.  Summon Daemons or Water Elementals to search
    the dungeon for you.  You'll find they can't be beat!

4.  When you can train Knights/Raiders, forget about Footmen/Grunts.
    The Footmen/Grunts are too slow and weak to be even close to being
    able to beat a Knight or Raider.  Use Footmen/Grunts as a sort of
    sacrifice by sending them to find an enemy city by themselves.


Human Cleric Spells

1.  Healing-Probably the most important and most powerful spell, this
            spell heals your wounded units.

2.  Far Seeing-An important spell in discovering the whereabouts of
               an enemy city by revealing a space on the map.

3.  Invisibility-An awesome spell which makes one of your units invisible
                 for awhile or until you attack.  Great for sneaking past
                 bridges into cities.

Orc Necrolyte Spells

1.  Raise Dead-A pathetic spell which turns dead soldiers into Skeletons.
               The Skeletons are slow and weak.  Forget this spell!

2.  Dark Vision-Same as Far Seeing.

3.  Unholy Armor-An awesome spell which makes one of your units immortal
                 for awhile.  It takes some HP away from them though.
                 Try this on a Catapult or Daemon!

Human Conjurer Spells

1.  Summon Scorpions-A good spell which summons Scorpions.  These creatures
                     are fast and good for attacking Peons.

2.  Rain of Fire-A powerful spell which makes fire explode from the sky.
3.  Summon Water Elemental-Summons the greatest creature in the game.
                           These creatures kill in 1 or 2 hits.

Orc Warlock Spells

1.  Summon Spiders-A good spell which summons Spiders.  These creatures
                   are fast and good for attacking Peasants.

2.  Cloud of Poison-A good spell which creates a purple poison cloud
                    that damages those who stand in it.

3.  Summon Daemon-Summons a creature great enough to match the Water
                  Elemental.  Kills usually in 1 hit.

Well, there you have it.  I would have put more strategies but I'm about
ready to pass out after typing this all day.  This text file is freeware.
All that I ask you to do is to contact me on CompuServe at the user id
of 75453,3331.  You may ask me about almost any adventure game, for
I have the hints for mostly all of them.  And if you have anything for
Warcraft and especially Warcraft II which I want to get, then please
send it to me.