James Bond 007 - A View to a Kill (e)


I: The Companies (Mindscape and Angelsoft)
II: Bare Solution/Walkthrough
III: Full Solution/Walkthrough
IV: Questions
V: Miscellaneous
VI: Farewell
The Companies

Angelsoft: "Angelsoft created a series of text-only games in 1985, right at
Infocom's height. These were published by Mindscape, under the label name
Alert, for Apple, IBM PC, and in some cases, Macintosh. Some titles were sold
"Apple on one side, PC on the other". I'm aware of their releases in two
distinct package types: Originally they were published in sturdy folders made
of hard cardboard. Toward the bottom are the words "Angelsoft Interactive
Fiction by Mindscape" -- Infocom wasn't the only company to use this term.
Inside, on the left side is a sleeve containing the disks and registration card
(the sleeves have a tendency to come unglued). On the right is an interactive
fiction manual describing the parser.

Thunder Mountain, a mass-producer of budget software, later released the
Angelsoft titles in small transparent plastic packages, the same kind used to
reissue the Scott Adams Adventures (Adventureland at least). A miniature square
version of the interactive fiction manual was included in the Angelsoft

Parser-wise? The general cliché would be "not as good as Infocom's". But more
specifically, it's full-sentence but doesn't allow for examining much of the
scenery, allows odd actions but has lots of generic responses. Also it does a
pre-parsing routine for certain commands -- GIVE/TRADE, naughty words (there
are some funny responses to swears) -- that ignores the rest of the command,
often with odd results. This artificially makes the parser seem more powerful
than it actually is, as commands like "HEY KING WANNA TRADE THE SWORD TO ME?"
are recognized.... The writing is consistently excellent, though."
- Ye Olde Infocomme Shoppe

Mindscape: "Formerly known as Software Toolworks. They distribute games for
many (then) small developers, including Angelsoft, Inc, Eldritch Games Ltd,
ICOM Simulations, Inc and Melbourne House. After buying out SSI in 1997, the
company was in turn bought out by The Learning Company sometime in 1998, but
still exists as a brand and wholly-owned subsidiary."
- Home of the Underdogs


Examine ARR. North. Examine 003 carefully. Take watch. East. Down.

Bay & Submarine
Shoot Russian Officer. South. Put ski pole in ring. Remove skis. Down. Drop
skis. Drop ski pole. Drop ARR. Open watch. Get microchip. Drop watch. Up. West.

M's Office
Show microchip to M. Do you have a clip? Put clip in gun. Drop microchip. Get
wires. Get calculator. East. South. Up. East.

Look. Get car key. East. Open bench. Get backpack. Wear backpack. D and pull
parchute. Up.

Parking Lot
Unlock door with car key. Open door. Get in. Close door. Get envelope. Open
envelope. Take printout. Take badge. Wear badge. Drop envelope. North. East.
North. North. Open door. Get out. East. Up. East. Open north door. North.

Flip Mayday. Block kick. Flip Mayday. Kiss Mayday. South. West. Down. South.
Unlock door with wires. Open door. South.

Examine desk carefully. Unlock drawer with key. Open drawer. Get checkbook.
Turn calculator on. Examine checkbook with calculator. Drop checkbook. Open
trap door. Down.  Turn calculator off.

Examine metal box carefully. North. East. N. East. North. West. Get in. Close
door. West. Open door. Get out. Drop car key. West. South.

City Hall, White Hall
Unlock door with wires. Open door. East. East. Stacey, I need your help.
Stacey, I need your help. Stacey, give me the passcard. Kiss Stacey. Unlock
door with passcard. Open door. East.

Howe's Office
Drop passcard. Unlock cabinet with wires. Open cabinet. Get folder. Open
folder. Drop folder. Get note. Turn calculator on. Examine note with
calculator. Turn calculator off. Drop note. West. West. Open north panel. Go in
north panel. Down.

Bottom Shaft, First Office
Open door. South. East. Get hardhat. Wear hardhat. West. Down. East. North.

Second Office, Safe
Examine closed manhole cover carefully. Turn dial right 25. Turn dial left 62.
Turn dial right 17. Open cover. Down.

Main Strike Room
Unlock dome with key. Open dome. Take tape. Turn calculator on. Examine green
chip with calculator. Draw gun. North.

Shoot Zorin. Look. Examine rock carefully. Shoot rock. Up.

Kiss Stacey

Congratulations!  You've just beaten James Bond 007 in: A View to a Kill!


QUESTION: How do I save?
ANSWER: Type "Save" into the game without the quotes and press enter. The game
will ask you if you want to save the game. Press Y. You must now tell the
program which number you want to save your file on. Select a number and then
the game automatically saves.

QUESTION: How do I quit out of the game?
ANSWER: Type "Quit" into the game without the quotes and press enter. The game
will ask you if you want to quit the game. Press Y.

QUESTION: Why don't you have the manual on this file?
ANSWER: I do not have the manual because I cannot find any websites that have
typed it up. If you have the manual for this game and are willing to type it
up, please email me and send the manual transcript. I will add it to the FAQ in
version 1.1 and give you full credit.

QUESTION: I am playing the Apple II version of this game and I cannot quit.
What do I do?
ANSWER: Back when the Apple II was famous, the games loaded on floppies.
Basically, if you had an Apple II and you wanted to fire up a game you had to
do this: Insert the floppy into the 5.25"/3.5 disk drive, press down the switch
to hold the floppy in place, flip the switch in the back, and then play. When
you wanted to stop playing you had to: Flip switch in the back, press down the
switch to release the floppy, pull floppy out, done. So, to put it simply, you
cannot use the Quit command in the Apple II version of the game. In the IBM
version which is the one I use for this walkthrough the game was most likely
started from MS-DOS.

QUESTION: Are there any other James Bond games like this?
ANSWER: There is one more called "James Bond 007 in: Goldfinger". It was
released to the public in 1986 and the game was made by the same companies who
made this game. (Angelsoft and Mindscape).

QUESTION: I'm beginning to like this text adventures.  What other games should
I play?
ANSWER:  I would recommend playing anything by Infocom.  Also, check out the
Zork series.


Made in 1985 by Angelsoft and Mindscape.

Angelsoft no longer exists today, but Mindscape does.

Raymond Benson, who recently resigned from writing the James Bond novels wrote
the text for this game and the 1986 James Bond game "James Bond 007 in:


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Special thanks to:

Ye Olde Infocomme Shoppe for the Angelsoft description.
Home of the Underdogs for the Mindscape description.
Angelsoft and Mindscape for making the game.