Indiana Jones in Revenge of the Ancients (e)



Central Chamber
N. Examine boulder. Examine hand. Take hand. S. Examine panel. Open jaw.
Push button with hand. Take whip. Crack whip. W. W. S. W. N. W. S. W. N.
N. E.

Inner Sanctum (the Grotto)
Take totem. Take cylinder. Lasso rock with whip. Put totem in pocket. Climb
up whip. Take whip. Wear whip. E. N. N. Help me Don Pedro. Wait (until airplane
roar bounces off cliff). S. Jump.

FROM THIS POINT you will encounter a random encounter of marching Nazi's which
MUST BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS. You can run to escape, but this may not work. It
is time now to save the game.

Get on motorcycle. W. Give totem to Marion. Hide it. N.

Viva la revolucion. Trade hat for knife. Give me bullets. W. Get off motorcycle.
Drop knife. Drop bullets. Take whip. Drop whip. Get on motorcycle. E. N. Jump on
branch. N. D. E. E. S. Marion, give totem to me. Put totem in pocket. U. Open 

Wait. Wait. E. Take eye. Put eye in pocket. Wait (until captured).

In Cage
Wait (until snake appears). Hiss. E. E. Take whip. Take knife. Take bullets. Put
bullets in pocket. Wear knife. Wear whip. W. N. N. Swim N. N. Take uniform. S.
Wear uniform. W. W. D. D. W.

Take eye. Take totem. Take bullets. Put eye in socket. D.

In Pyramid
Feel wall. Hiss. Feel wall. Take knife. Put totem in niche. Take goggles. Wear
goggles. W. S. Throw bullets in fire. W. W. N.

Throw knife at Okdahmgdhl. Take whip. Snap whip at vines. Take key. Swing on 
vines. Take knife. Cut Marion down with knife. Swing on vines.