Riddle of the Sphinx (e)

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                      Riddle of the Sphinx walkthrough
                      Written by Geodeath on 12 of september 2001
                      Email :
                      Dedicated to the people lost on 11 of September in NYC

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continue, this FAQ and everything included herein is protected by International
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       Table of contents:
|1)                              |
|  1.1) Info                     |
|                                |
|  1.2) Game Info                |
|                                |
|  1.3) What to do if stuck      |
|                                |
|2)                              |
|  2.1) The walkthrough itself   |
|                                |

1.1) Info:

Hello again! This is my fourth or fifth(if i remember well) written faq for gamefaqs.
I hope i can always participate in this website's success, as i use it all the way since
my internet usage started way back in 98. I really like the contests and especially the
Faq bounty contest, cause this gives me the oportunity to get my hands on things i coudnt
find here in Greece i live. Anyway, this faq is about the game Riddle of the Shpinx. An
egyptian related adventure game. It is quite hard, and it almost took me 2 months to complete.
It is really good however, and the funny part is that i started writting it before it was
announced in the faq bounty contest! Maybe i 'll try to finish my atlantis 2 faq too.....
For this faq, i thought i should give the readers something better than before, and in order
to do so, i read a hell of a lot of forums, other faqs (not specifically for this game) to see
which is the correct order to finish the game without having to waste even a single minute.
So, after i ended up writting the faq on paper, i started thinking about making it more
linear, so you dont have to go back and forth for single items and puzzles. The way it is
now written is way better and by the time you reach a place, be sure that you wont ever get
back to do something i missed writting before! So, each visit in every place is one and unique
and thats why certain parts are too big. I would like some emails about how it worked and if
you found it good and stuff. Would you like to walk and travel more, or it is better this way?
Anyway, enough talk, maybe too much! Everyone can email me at
Here i would like to state that i WONT REPLY to questions regarding muliplayer delta force
or multiplayer(x game) at ALL! Any cheat/cheap way to complete a game or multi will be
DELETED! I answer question only relevant to this faq or to the others i wrote. ONLY!
For cheats and everything else look into gamefaqs or do a search in google or what.

1.2) Game info

The game is divided into 3 different places:

The Sphinx site,the Great pyramid, and the tents area which is a part of the sphinx area.
The most linear way to play the game, is to visit the tents first, then the pyramid,
and at the end the sphinx site. Here i would like to say, that i noticed that the game
has a way of its own for some things. What do i mean? I noticed that in the tent puzzle,
even if you know the correct combination, the lock wont open if you didn't search through
the different clues for it! This means that you must follow the faq precisely in order
for some puzzles to work! Some may work without doing the hard work and just enter the
correct combinations or what, and some may require researching the clues, even if you
dont write down anything. So in the tent puzzle, i needed to read through the whole bible
in order for the lock to unlock, even if i had the combination! So read the faq carefully
and if you are stuck somewhere, first try to see if you did not something i say in the faq
that did not look that nessesary.

1.3) What to do if you get stuck and you cannot proceed further

If you followed the faq presicely, and you cannot do anything, do this :

1) look in the game info above to read the game's strange approach to some puzzles,

if it doesnt work again, then

2) Look in the official website for the patch (i did not need it however)

if the patch doesnt help either then

3) look if your copy of the game is a different version than mine, which is the
european one.

If this doesnt work either, try to contact the team behind the official website,
so they help you further. I will ONLY answer questions about the first option
at best. This means, that if your problem can get solved by the patch, i WONT
reply to you and the same goes for every other option. Simple.

2.1) The walkthrough itself (finally)

Part one:
Sphinx Site

Get out of the chopper. Warp further north and enter the tent ahead. Inside, take
a look around and collect everything you can. Inpect the bed on the right. Open
the box in the bed and look at the watch, passport and the wallet. Behind one of
the credit cards, a small piece of paper is hidden. Take note of the numbers.
Just right of the bed, there is a candle. Next to it, is a matchbox. Take one match
and light it up using the strip on the matchbox. Turn around and look close on the table.
Use the switch on the cooking machine to let the gas flow and use the match to light
it up. Now look closely in the pan to see a key appear! Take it, press space and throw it
in your inventory. Then turn to the left and look closely on the desk. Take the cassete.
Use the key you just got to unlock all the drawers and grab the three cassetes lying around
the drawers. Now go close to the bed again and inspect the chest next to it. It is locked
with a combination lock. To open the lock do this:

Turn the knob 2-3 times with the T symbol in the cursor.

Change to the R symbol in the cursor and dial clockwise to 12.

Now change the symbol of the cursor to L and turn the knob counter-
clockwise past 5 and stop the second time you reach 5.

Now change the cursor to R again and turn the knob to 20 clockwise.

If you are succesful, the lock will open and a click will be heard. Take
the translation scroll and tape. For this puzzle to work, remember that
you must read the bible till the end, (just clicking on pages do the job)
and you must hear the cassetes you found in the drawers using the tape
player/recorder! Use  Tape 1#, Tape 3# and the artifacts tape in the
player, and reset the counter. Then click on play and forward it until the
counter reaches the numbers written on the upper little-little drawer of the
desk. Click on that drawer to look at these numbers and write them down.
then use the player with the cassetes you have. Anyway, after you are done
with this puzzle, get out of the tent, and go immidiately right, to the sphinx
dig site. Go down and search the area. You cannot do anything but to get in the
sphinx using the opening on its side, only to get stuck behind a door.
Go back up to the tent area, looking on the way the scaffoldings for a possible
clue : The day the scaffoldings were created. Now you are in the tent area again,
head to the chopper and get in to arrive to the great pyramid site.

Part two:
The pyramid site

If you go straight to the site, you'll see that it is too dark to search inside, so
go back to the chopper and go close to the tent nearby. Take the gasoline tank and
look down. Use the lever in front of you, on the table, to let water fall onto the
sand. After a while, look down again, and you'll see that a scroll came out....
Take it and now head to the pyramid entry again. Use the gasoline tank on the power
generator to fill it up and click on start to get some light! Head down the passage
till you are able to view thing around in a 360 view mode. Look up and go there. When
you come to a place with a hell of a lot of scaffoldings, turn right and open the small
cover the read a message. After this, go to the path in fron of you as you came here.
At the end of the tunnel, is a room with a desk and some crates. Read the notebook on
the desk and grab the small remote control car like robot. Place it in the hole on the
wall next to the desk. Then inspect the racks on the desk. Power on all the racks. You
can see the image the robot sees, and you can control it to go forward or backwards.
Off course, tell it to go forward all the way. In some situations, it will get stuck.
Then you must use the lever next to the one that goes forward/backward, up and down,
till the robot is unstuck. Continue moving forward till the signal is close to 70 percent.
There, you will come across a boulder in front of you and you will be asked a password for
further usage. Enter the code 1551 in the lowest rack to have access. When the boulder is pushed,
a wall in the room you are in falls back. No need to go there right now, so go back to the place
you read the message before, with the lot scaffoldings, and this time, go up the ramp on the left
and all the way forward. You will end in a room with a tomb. Behind the tomb, you'll find
a block that seems usable. Use it, to push it back. Go into the small path to end in the
real king's room! Too badly, you have nothing to do here. Examine the king's tomb
to see a passage below it. go through it. You'll end in a room with a cobra statue. Note:
In order to not get lost in this area, stick with the exact walkthrough's approaches,
as to not waste hours for nothin! So, facing the cobra, turn left and go down the corridor.
Turn left at its end and go into the first room on the right you see. Look in the corner
for some pots. The one you are allowed to manipulate has a key. Click on its lid and drag
to open it and take the key. Nothing more to do here, so move in to the nearby room via the
door in the opposite corner. Sit on the throne to make a wall open. Go through that wall
to reach a new room. Grab the smoke-crack-like-device from the floor and inspect the
drawings on the wall ahead. Now go way back into the corridor you came from and enter the
second room to the right. Examine the chest right of the stairs to take the scroll. Near it,
is a pot full of arrows. Grab some of them. It is free after all. Before you leave the room,
grab the dagger from the chest up the stairs. Onto the next room!

Go out in the corridor again, and this time go all the way straight! In the room, pick up
the scroll and the flute to your right. Then inspect the checkers-like game on the left
of the room's entrance. Open its side drawer to grab the flax wick key.
Inspect the room to find one more scroll left of the statue. Look at the statue's back,
and "plug it in" as if he need any power. Then place the flute in the 2 stands in front of
the statue and click on it. AHAHAHAHA! One wall breaks! Place the flute again in the same
place but in the opposite way, and click on it again. Yet another wall breaks down! Now go
to the walls you broke and look for the one with the bag. Squeeze the bag 8 times (as in one
of the scrolls you found). The statue starts fluting. This makes some cobras in the other room,
the opposite one, to stay in their pots. Enter that room now it is safe and take the tablet
up ahead. Go out to the corridor again and explore it to find the door with the arrow symbol
on top.

Enter the room and go straight ahead. Open the small chest and take the key. Now turn right
and approach the pillar ahead. Use the dagger to cut the ropes on its knobs and if you are lucky,
you will see a pole. Else, there are 2 more pillars that can be "cut". Try them. Anyway, when you
find that freaking pillar, go all the way up. Cross the bridge and you'll see a bow, some arrows
and a fire. The idea here is that you must light your arrows using the fire and that you must
throw them on the statues ahead using the bow, so the ropes that keep their hands tied are burnt.
I suggest you save before you shoot any arrows, cause if you run out of them, you must return back
to the room you got them before to take more. Anyway, after you have done this, cross the new
bridge to the other side and go up the ladder ti pick the stone tablet. BEWARE! ONLY ONE of the
two stones is correct! Save before you choose, so if the one you choose gives you death, load the
game, and take the other. For me it was the left one. After you take it, return back to the other
side of the bridge, but take the scroll on front of you before exiting the bridge. Now go down the
pole and back into the corridor to find the door with the shape of something like a hill with horns!
(it is supposed to be a ship however!).

When you find it, enter. Play with the ship in the center of the room if you want. Pick up the pillar
key from a closet-like furniture in a corner of the room and an amulet and a scroll from a chest
near the ship. Now go out in the corridor again and enter the room with the pot/vase icon on top of
the room's door.

Inspect the table ahead. Click on the vase with the yellow lid and drag it to take the key. Then
inspect the vases/pots in the left corner as you entered the room. If you drag them you will see
something like a chess-like board but with stars on it. Take a note of them. Now enter the corridor
again and this time look for a closed door that has a shitload of carvings on it nad a hole on the
base of the wall just opposite. Enter the hole and go into the room. Nothing really to do now, so
exit and click on the door with the carvings to open it. Enter and go all the way to the top.
Remember the pot with the starfield? put stars on the empty field like this:

1) In the first line, from left to right,
put a star in the second hole.

2) in the third line, from left to right,
put a star in the seventh hole.

3) in the sixth line, blah blah,
put a star in the 4th and the 8th hole.

4) in the 7th line, blah blah,
put a star in the 6th hole.

5) In the 8th line, blah blah,
put a star in the 5th hole.

6) in the 9th line, blah blah,
put a star in the 2nd and the last hole.

7) in the 10th line, blah blah,
put a star in the 7th hole.
If you are wondering where to find the stars, they are placed in a pot next to the statue on the right.
Warning! Pick up only the stars with a symbol of a brick with 6 pins, something like that:

                       |         |

You must collect 9 in total. When the puzzle is over, a golden star falls on  the hands of the left
statue. Take it and go back down, but stop to examine the star/lever combo on the wall on your left.
Place the golden star you just got in the hole and turn the lever. Go up again and now go through
the (now lightened) path that opened when you completed the puzzle. Up, go to the back side of the
lever in fron of the stairs and use it. It will open a new staircase. Go down, and take the scroll.
Up again, look for 2 stone tablets in a corner, next to a skeleton. Choose one of the 2 AFTER you
saved your game, and click on the bed in the centre of the room to sleep. Click again to wake up in
the night. Use the smoke-crack-like-device to look the stars. To do this, use it on the base, up the
spheres of each statue. There are 3 in total. After you've done this return the lever to its original
position and go all the way back into the room you guided the small robot through the tunnels with the
racks. go through the wall that fell back when you pushed the block with the robot. 2-3 clicks after
going in, notice the hole in the base of the wall on your right. Enter there and it is the end of the
cd 2.

CD 3

Move forward 3-4 times till you are able to turn right. When you can, turn right and go into the new
room. Just as you enter the room, move forward and turn left to see a passage. Go into it and take a
handle from the statue. You can put it directly opposite of the statue just before the exit, but the
only thing it does, is that it closes the door you came by and opens another one further down. We'll
talk about this later. Exit the passage, move forward and turn left. Move along the passage with the fires
till you reach the 2 sitting statues. There, turn left and go all the way forward. At the end of the way,
turn right and go down the stairs. Follow the road till you are in the room with the HUGE pillars.
Approach the one with the snake around it, but dont go up yet, instead walk around its base to discover
a path leading to a small pyramid. Get in and click on the golden harp. Now return back to the front of
the big pillar with the snake and this time get up using the snake as a staircase. Up, you will see
statues. Look close on each of them. You will notice that in every one of them, there is a key missing.
Put the key in each of them (look for the appropriate symbol to do so) and get down in the small
pyramid with the harp again. Use the harp again now. Take the harp. Now return all the way into the corridor
with the 2 sitting statues again. Turn right and go forward till you find the single sitting statue. Click
on it to reveal a secret passage. Enter it to go into a new room. Follow the path and go down the stairs.
Down, go down the stairs and look into the pot on your way to grab the rod. On the right side of the ship,
between the pillars is a basket. Click on its lid and drag to reveal another rod. Take it. There is yet
another rod in the hall in front of the ship. Click on the vase to let it break and take it. Get up the ship
and open the door to the right to open a chest and take yet another rod. Now return to the stairs you used
to get down here and see an entrance on the right side. Enter and take yet another rod from a pot there.
In this very room, the stones around the statue can be pressed. Press them like that:

From the left down corner to the right one

After the statue starts moving, walk forward to reach the other side, cause if you wait long enough, the
statue will stop moving and you will have to repeat the process one more time! Once on the other side,
go all the way forward and ignore the crocodile. When you reach the water, go as forward as you can.
When the 3 crocodiles start moving, and the middle one is on the center of the screen, click on him and
afterwards on the other side to get there. Here, go as forward as you can, and save before you choose a
stone! Do the crocodile stuff again to go back to the ship room again. Now, you need to go up nearly
every pillar left and right of the ship to change the carving's eyes to a specific color.
Get up the pillars and click and drag the eye so it turns left or right, till the colors are the same
as below :

                              | 4          5  |
                              |               |
                              | 3          6  |
                              |      S        |
                              | 2          7  |
                              |               |
                              | 1          8  |
Explanation :

1 to 8 are the pillars.
S is the ship.
Y is your position immidiately after getting into the room after the crocodile room.

So with this map in mind, change the eye colors like that:

1) no need for change
5) RED
7) no need to change

After this, get up the stairs in front of the ship and inspect the gear/wheel.
To the right of the wheel, there is a hole. Click on it and use the vase volt in it.
 Then use the wheel to make the ship come closer to you. By doing so, the ship reveals
a hidden passageway behind its tail. Go down there. Enter the circular water tunnel at
the end of the path and keep clicking until you get up on the surface. Out, look to the
right and after a hell of a lot of forward clicks, you will be able to view in 360 mode.
Turn right and keep clicking forward till you hit the shore again. Turn left and go into
the passage behind the red rock. Go underwater and get up again. Go forward and take the
pick axe and read the notes in the briefcase. Approach and climb the wall next to the ladder
and take the stone table. Now return to the 360 view place we picked the right one before,
and this time go straight ahead (as you go to it). Keep going forward till you reach a wall
full of carvings. See the hole? Smash it twice with the pickaxe and then use the sacred amulet
on the emerged cobra to avoid get bitten. Walk forward till you reach the cobra statue, and
then turn around and to the left of the screen to see 2 more tablet stones. Again, save
before you choose! After you are done, return to the 360 view place again, but this time
go to the left as you approach it. Keep clicking forward till you reach a wall. Turn right
and climb out of the water. Turn left, go forward and left, and turn right. Go
forward to go out through the alcove. When in 360 view mode, turn right and go all the way
forward till in another 360 view. Turn left and go forward to the pillars. Look up and
climb up. Use all 3 of the the golden circular things to see the 3 different colors. Write
them down. go back to the last 360 view and turn left. Go forward till you reach a shadowy
place. Turn right and approach a ball visible in the sand. Take it, it looks just like
a christmas tree ball! Now return back to the shadowy place and continue walking in the
direction you had before. When you reach the HUGE statues, walk up the ramp and go all the
way forward to pickup the scroll. Then turn around and before you reach the ramp, turn left.
Between some of the statue feet, you can climb up some stairs.

Do it till you are at the very top. At the top, look down to enjoy the view, but also keep
notes of the 3 mysterious circles. Now go back down, and go down the ramp to reach the 360
view mode. Turn right and go forward. Inspect the falled head to take the second christmas
tree ball. Now go back all the way to the front of the temple(the place we got out of the water
and exited through the alcove), but do not enter yet, instead go forward. Go forward all the way
till you see a flashing gold pyramid. Lying around the palms nearby is the third christmas tree ball.
Now go back into the temple and turn right. Go forward and turn left. Go forward all the way
and turn right to inspect the statue. Remember these colors? Now go directly opposite of that
statue, over the pool. You'll notice an entrance. Go in there and up all the way. Walk forward
and up again. Go forward, Ignore the balcony and go forward once again. Go all the way forward
till you reach something like a weight metre or something. Notice that it has only 3 out of
the 6 available balls. Use the 3 cristmas balls you got before on the appropriate positions
and now click and drag the center spheres like this:

Bottom one: Green line,Blue circle,Red line

Middle one: Red line,Green circle,Blue circle

Top one: Red circle,Green line,Blue circle.

Now go back to the balcony and turn right to inspect the pool from a top view.
Write down the pattern shown on the pool's surface. Now go back to the gold pyramid,
and look at the front door, straight up the ramp. Notice the symbols shown as your
cursor passes over them. Move over them till the appropriate symbol comes up and then
click! Do this to remake the pattern you saw on the surface of the pool and the door
will open. Just for reference, the pattern is :

A circle with a dot inside, at the top position,

Something like a sitting woman just below,

Something like a ship below,

And the symbol of water to the bottom position.

Anyway, after the door is open, move around the pyramid's base to discover holes in
each of the other 3 sides of the pyramid. Using these holes, you can climb up, so you
can rotate the mettalic disk in each of the three sides, so it matches the ones below:

In the side of the pyramid with the RED sphere behind the cobra, the mettalic disc
should have an animal like a pelican/flamingo on top.

In the side of the pyramid with the YELLOW sphere behind the cobra,
the disc should have the turtle on top.

And in the side of the pyramid with the BLUE circle,
the disk should have the fish on top.

If you have done it right, you will hear a veryfing sound. Now get down and go into
the gold pyramid. There are 3 statues all in all, and for each statue, there are
2 empty places to put the stone tablets you collected till now. After a correct tablet
had been put, a scroll will be thrown out of the hole above. To see which tablet goes
where, look for the symbol up the place. If it shows anubis, insert anubis stone. If it
shows the cow, insert the cow tablet, etc. After you have collected all 6 of the scrolls
and you have taken all 6 of the tablets back, go all the way back to the shiproom and
from there back into the corridor. When you get to the corridor, turn left and go all
the way forward. At the end, go right, into the room with the lever, remember? Use the
lever and get out whole the door is still closing. Now go into that corridor again but
this time go all the way forward, even past the two sitting statues! Notice the open
door with the chains on the left? This is the door that opened when we closed the other
one before. Get in and take the cobra wheel ahead. Get out to the corridor again and
use the cobra wheel on the panel on the left as you exit the room. Click on it 3 times
and enter the maze ahead. Reach the other exit (it is very easy, you cannot get lost)
and enter the room ahead. Take the sacred cull from the center of the room and a scroll
from one of its corners, bekiw a skeleton. Go back to the corridor and click the cobra
once more, and reenter the maze. Follow the left road and in the first left, go in.

Use the Gold harp key in the 4 holed panel in the center of the room and now go right
of this panel to see some kind of mechanism that drops sand. Look down, and plase the
sacred cull on the bottom of that mechanism and use the lever above to fill it up with
sand. Go and with the sacred cull, fill the pot in front of the throne that emerged when
you used the gold key full of sand. You must do this 6 time in total. The game will
auto-elevator you down. Down, go forward and click on the wall. Inside, go all forward,
in front of the cobra. Turn right and : (deep breath)!

Forward x10
left turn
Forward x1
right turn
forward x13
left turn
forward x1
right turn
forward x17
right turn
forward x5
right turn
and all the way forward. PHEW!
Check to your left and right. Go left. You'll see a big pool. Move by the pool and you will see
6 statues of anubis all around the pool. For each of them, click them, and use the disk on their
base, so it gets raised up. Also, note the red/whote bar next to each disk. If you do this for
all of the 6 statues, the pool will drain. Go down to the drained pool and try to use the disks
on each of the 6 doors. You will see that only one will work. Exit the pool and go out of this room
and straight opposite of its exit. You will come across a set of 6 bars that are both red and white.
Here, you must make the bars look exactly like the ones you say in the bases of the anubis statues.
Here are the codes:

Y symbol bar: Use the upper lever to have 4 balls into the white part and one in the red part.

S symbol bar: >> >> >> to have 3 balls in the white part and 2 in the red.

Water pour symbol: >> >> >> to have 2 balls in the white part and 3 in the red.

Weird thing symbol: >> >> >> to have 0 balls in the white part and 5 in the red.

Block symbol: >> >> >> >> to have  5 balls in the white part and 0 in the red.

3 balls symbol: >> >> >> to have 1 ball in the white part and 4 in the red.

Now go down to the pool again, and now you can open all of the doors using the mettalic disks in
front of them. Go into each of the 6 doors and each such door leads into a mummy room with a golden
chest inside, that contains a key. Take all 6 keys from the 6 mummy rooms and climb into the small
pipe like hole in the wall of the pool and go to its end. Look up, and use the cover to get out
into the room with the cobra statue again! From here, head back to the elevator ahead, and inspect
the pot. Take the sand and throw it down so the elevator goes up again. Up, go back ALL the way to
the chopper to return to the tent/sphinx area!

Part three:
Sphinx site revisited

Once you are back to the tent area, go down again to the sphinx side, to enter the side opening,
so you can face that silly door once again. Now you have all the keys, you can put them on the
door. The correct order is:

From left top to the right top(or anticlockwise) insert:

1) Giza key
2) Maya key
3) Atlantian key
4) Easter island key
5) Bermuda key
6) Stonehege key

The door will open. Move forward. A panel comes down. You must choose 1 of the 5 different star
fields. SAVE before you choose. The wrong one gives you death! For me it was the top left....
Move forward and click on the arc to see the ending. After the ending click on the arc twice again
to see the ending as the programmers wanted.

                                                     GAME END