Altered Destiny (e)

Andere Lösungen


Hello, P. J. Barrett. As a middle manager in a large corporation, you lead
a pretty cushy life. Tonight you've got a stay-at-home date with your
beautiful girlfriend, Trudy, to watch a film festival on television; the
only fly in the ointment is that your television is in the shop. On the way
to pick it up, you see a Conanesque barbarian (complete with sword) coming
out of the repair shop with a TV that looks a lot like yours. In fact, it _
is_ yours. Embarrassed by the mix-up, the repairman gives you the
barbarian's futuristic television as a loaner. All seems to be well, until
Trudy arrives at your apartment, slips away to put on something more
comfortable, and a mysterious force sucks you into the TV!

The television turns out to be a gateway to another universe. In that other
universe, you meet Jonquah, who had intended to summon a mighty warrior
through the gateway between worlds. Alas, he got you instead, but you'll
have to do. Jonquah wants you to save the universe from his twin brother,
Helmar, who has been corrupted by the stolen Jewel of Light. The Jewel has
created an instability in the universe; you must destroy the Jewel before
it destroys everything else. Not the sort of work that a middle manager is
usually called on to do.

As the introductory sequence ends and the game begins, you find yourself on
the planet Daltere, in a small clearing on an island suspended high atop a
massive growth of vines. LOOK around to get a description of where you are.
(It's always a good idea to LOOK as soon as you enter a new scene, but this
is the only time you'll hear it from me.) Watch out for the edges of the
island and that hole behind you -- there are a lot of cliffs to fall off in
this game. Go one screen to the right and you'll find yourself between a
strange factory and a small hut.

Enter the hut and you'll be face to face with Alnar, an artisan who forges
objects out of metal. In fact, he already has a few such objects handy. GET
THE SWORD, GET THE AXE, and ask Alnar for a personal favor: ALNAR, MAKE A
CAGE. It'll come in handy later.

While you wait for Alnar to finish the cage, ASK ALNAR ABOUT THE SWORD and
THE AXE. (That's two commands, not one.) Then, when the cage appears on the
counter, GET THE CAGE, and EXIT. Once outside, go left one screen, back to
the clearing.

See that rocky arch in the middle of the screen? Go through it. When you
reach the other side, work your way around to the far side of the large
hole. (You should SAVE the game before you do this, because there's a good
chance you'll fall in the hole the first time you try to go around it. In
fact, it's a good idea to SAVE this game whenever possible, because even
this walkthru won't prevent you from falling off cliffs, stumbling during
fights, or dying in any of a hundred other ways because your reactions are
just a little off.) You should now be standing next to a flight of stairs
descending into the depths of the island. Walk down the stairs and into a
small dwelling.

Unfortunately, the owner of the dwelling isn't home, but he left a sign
behind in case he had visitors. EXAMINE THE SIGN to find out where he is,
then EXIT. Go one screen to the right to the other side of the strange
factory. Go down the stairs to the main floor of the factory, and step
through the green pillars at the bottom.

You're in Tentro's shop. Tentro uses colored pigments (which conveniently
fall from the sky) to make frags, colorful objects that carry information.
ASK TENTRO ABOUT FRAGS and anything else that might come to mind. See those
spherical objects on one of Tentro's assembly lines? Walk over to them and
GET A SPHERE, then EXAMINE THE SPHERE. It has a story to tell. DROP THE
SPHERE, walk to the far left end of the workshop, and GET THE TUBE. When
you EXAMINE THE TUBE, you'll see that it's used for holding frags. There
are several frags on the assembly line next to you. You can't GET THE FRAGS
without the tube's help, so POINT TUBE AT THE FRAGS, and it will suck up
the frags for you. EXAMINE the frags in this order: PYRAMID, SMALLISH FRAG,
CYLINDER, and CUBE. They, too, have a story to tell. GET THE BOTTLE OF
PIGMENT (from the shelf next to the frags), and leave the workshop.

Go back up the stairs and walk one screen to the right to Land's End. See
that flat rock on the eastern end of the island? Stand in the middle of it
(but be careful not to walk over the edge) and a transporter will float
over to the rock. It can't hold too much weight, so DROP THE AXE before you
step onto the transporter.

The transporter takes you to the smaller of the two suspended islands,
Runes Island, doubtlessly named after the two columns in the middle of the
island covered with incomprehensible runes. In the small shelter at the
other end of the island you see Vindah, whose dwelling you entered back on
the large island. Enter the shelter and TALK TO VINDAH. ASK VINDAH ABOUT
JONQUAH, HELMAR, and anything else you'd like to know about. Notice how he
keeps mentioning divinations? ASK VINDAH ABOUT DIVINATIONS and he'll tell
you that to do a proper divination, he needs an Indella bird. ASK VINDAH
ABOUT INDELLA BIRD and you'll learn that they are attracted by pretty
colors, and live somewhere in the woods. He'll also warn you about the
"natural springs" that you may encounter in the woods.

When you've finished talking to Vindah, EXIT the shelter, walk back to the
transporter, and it will carry you back to the large island. After you step
off the transporter and back onto the flat rock, remember to GET THE AXE.

Now you need to find a floater. These are the green, balloon-like plants
(or are they animals?) that float up to the island from somewhere below.
Floaters are the elevators of Daltere: Small floaters take you down; large
floaters carry you up. Look for a small floater and GRAB SMALL FLOATER. It
will lift you a short distance, then carry you down to the surface of

The floater drops you off at the Crossroads. You'll visit here often before
the game is over. Roads branch off to the northeast, northwest, southeast,
and southwest. Take the one to the southeast to the Edge of the Forest. Of
which forest is this the edge? Why, the Forest of Dreams, of course.

Starting from the Edge of the Forest screen, go left one screen, down one
screen, and right one screen. Pause for a moment to watch the fluboxes
taking a nap. See that hammock strung between two trees? We'll be back
later to take advantage of it. For now, go one more screen to the right,
down one screen, and left one screen to the Bottom of the Hill. You have
now had the grand tour of the Forest of Dreams.

No doubt you've noticed the bright yellow leaf lying on the ground at the
Bottom of the Hill, so GET THE LEAF. You've probably also noticed the
narrow path leading southward. You're not ready to take this path yet, but
if you're curious to see what's at the other end, SAVE the game, and head
up the path. You'll end up at Howler Lake, where the "plaintive cries" of
the Howlers draw you inexorably into the waters. Bye-bye, P. J.!

RESTORE the game and don't take the path this time. Instead, retrace your
steps back to the Edge of the Forest. (Go right, up, left, left, up, and
right.) There are two paths leaving the forest. Take the one on the right
to return to the Crossroads.

This time, take the northwest path, which leads to A Wooded Area -- the
beginning of the Weird Woods. While you're in the Woods, keep your eye out
for the Hoppa, a living spring that bounces along through the tree tops
looking for victims it can pollinate and turn into plants. Could the Hoppas
be the "natural springs" that Vindah warned you about? Maybe so, but don't
worry about the Hoppas for now. They won't hurt you...yet.

Go up one screen. See that glow in the distance? We'll be back to check
that out in more detail later. For now, go one screen to the right.
Blocking the rear of this screen is a lattice-like web climbing up into
unseen heights. Wade through the pools of water between you and the web,

At the top of the web, you'll find yourself on a broad terrace dotted with
pools of water. Watch out for the pools with tiny whirlpools in them. Step
in one and you'll be sucked downward to your death. Go down one screen and
you'll see the Indella bird nesting in the webwork. DROP THE CAGE, SET THE
TRAP, and BAIT THE CAGE WITH PIGMENT. (Indella birds are attracted to
brightly colored things, remember?) If the Indella bird vanishes while
you're setting the trap, exit this screen and reenter it; it will return
while you're gone.

Now, sit back while the Indella bird takes the bait. Once he's in the cage,
GET THE CAGE, and go one screen to the right. There's a large seed shell
sitting on the ground. GET THE SHELL, walk into the pool of water at the
bottom of the screen (the one without the whirlpool), and FILL THE SHELL
WITH WATER. You'll need the water later. Go one screen up (watch out for
the waterfall at the top of the second pool) and one screen right, and
you'll find yourself back where you started. CLIMB THE WEB back down to
ground level and go back to A Wooded Area (one screen left and one screen
down). Exit at the bottom of the screen and you'll return to the Crossroads.

You've got the Indella bird, so maybe Vindah will be willing to give you a
divination. Wait for one of the tube plants to disgorge a large floater and
GRAB LARGE FLOATER. You'll return to the large island. Go through the rocky
arch, around the hole, and right two screens. Step on the flat rock, DROP
THE AXE, and step onto the transporter. Once on Runes Island, go to
Vindah's shelter, and GIVE CAGE TO VINDAH. He will remove the Indella bird
and the jar of pigment from the cage, and the bird will start strutting
about on the floor. ASK VINDAH ABOUT DIVINATION. Vindah indicates in turn
that he needs something for the bird to leave markings on. How about the
leaf you found in the Forest of Dreams? GIVE LEAF TO VINDAH. The bird paces
around the leaf, squats in the pigment, and finally leaves markings on the
leaf. What do the markings mean? "You are a dreamer," Vindah tells you,
"though some accomplish more in their dreams than others do in a lifetime."
Clear as mud.

EXIT Vindah's shelter, walk to the transporter, and let it return you to
the large island where you can GET THE AXE. Then, GRAB A SMALL FLOATER to
take you back to the Crossroads. Head southwest from the Crossroads this
time, and you'll end up By a Cliff. Recessed into the ground (near the
bottom of the screen) is a diamond-shaped plate. EXAMINE THE PLATE and
you'll see that it has some oddly shaped holes in it. Where have you seen
those shapes before? That's right: the frags. POINT THE TUBE AT THE PLATE
and the frags will be neatly expelled into the holes.

As if by magic, an entrance opens in the cliff wall behind you. Could this
be what the frags meant about presenting your "invitation" at the Order of
the Jewel? Let's go inside and check, but first, POINT TUBE AT FRAGS. We
might need them again.

Go through the entrance and you'll find yourself in the cave-like Order of
the Jewel. Walk toward the diamond-shaped plate at the bottom of the screen.
Whoops! A nasty-looking Guardian appears in the ceiling of the cave. Don't
try to leave the cave while that guy's around, or he'll turn you into toast.
(SAVE the game and try to leave through the exit at the top of the screen.
See what I mean? Now RESTORE the game and quit fooling around!)

Instead of leaving the Order, take the path at the bottom right of the
screen. You'll find yourself in The Crystal Garden with Lantra, a "friendly
protective creature" who grows crystals for the Order. EXAMINE LANTRA and
you'll see that she's carrying a pair of pouches. EXAMINE SMALL POUCH and
EXAMINE LARGE POUCH, and you'll learn that the pouches contain seeds that
will grow into crystals. Well, shucks, you never know when a pair of
crystal-growing seeds will come in handy, so ASK LANTRA FOR SMALL POUCH. No
dice. Her crystals may need them. ASK LANTRA FOR LARGE POUCH. Same problem.
Maybe if you gave Lantra something she needs, she'd reconsider. Crystals
need water to grow, so GIVE SHELL TO LANTRA. (It contains the water you
scooped up back in the Weird Woods, remember?) Sure enough, she shows her
gratitude by giving you the large and small pouches (or rather, by dropping
them on the floor next to you).

GET THE SMALL POUCH, but leave the large pouch here for the time being.
THROW SMALL POUCH and it will take root on the floor, growing a fresh round
crystal on the spot. GET ROUND CRYSTAL. EXAMINE ROUND CRYSTAL and you'll be
told that it's shaped like a lens. Curious. Exit the screen by the path on
the lower right. The exit leads to a hallway. In the middle of the hallway
is a staircase. Descend the staircase and enter the door at the bottom.

Welcome to the library. The nearsighted librarian Towhee and his "Zen
puppy" Otto (who looks suspiciously like a three-legged table) are here to
serve your every need. (Well, a couple of them, anyway.) The library is
filled with scrolls, so ASK TOWHEE FOR SCROLL. He'll send Otto to get it,
stare at it myopically, and hand it to you. READ THE SCROLL. It tells an
interesting story of the conflict between humans and Yulas. What's a Yula?
You'll get a look at one later, or rather, at the remains of one.

As interesting as the scroll may be, it's not really going to help you win
this game. There must be something else useful in the library. Maybe if you
did Towhee a favor....

The old librarian is nearsighted and the round crystal that you're carrying
is shaped like a lens. So, GIVE ROUND CRYSTAL TO TOWHEE. In gratitude,
Towhee gives you a picture scroll. READ THE PICTURE SCROLL. It concerns the
defoil herb, which changes plants into animals. You don't suppose that
you're going to find one of these herbs somewhere in your wanderings, do

EXIT the library, climb the stairs, and exit the hallway on the left side
of the screen. You're back at the entrance, where the Guardian is still
glaring down malevolently from the ceiling. So, let's get out the way we
got in: POINT TUBE AT PLATE and the Guardian will fade away. You'll need
the frags again, so POINT TUBE AT FRAGS, and leave by the front entrance.

This is the only place you'll be needing the tube, so DROP THE TUBE outside
the cave entrance. You're also finished with the scrolls (just reading them
Then, exit the screen to the right and return to the Crossroads.

Head southeast; into the woods we go again. Go back to the place where you
saw the hammock strung between two trees. (From the Edge of the Forest, go
left, down, and right.) After all the work you've done, you deserve a rest,
so LIE IN THE HAMMOCK. You'll fall asleep automatically. What can you do
while you're sleeping? Well, remember what Vindah said about dreams? Follow
his advice: DREAM. You'll dream about old TV shows, from "My Three Sons" to
"Gilligan's Island." (Does anybody recognize the show with the two eyes
hovering over the bridge? I don't.) You'll even dream about Vindah himself,
who tells you how to face fear: "Stand immobile and show fear you know its

Finally, you'll dream about a strange blasted landscape that looks like the
Forest of Dreams might look after a nuclear war. It might be worth
exploring this strange landscape, but you only have time for one command
before you return to the "real" world. So, WAKE UP! Instead of waking up,
though, you'll astrally project right out of your sleeping body. Or is it
the sleeping body that's the astral projection? Heavy Zen stuff, dude!

Go right one screen and down one screen, being careful to avoid the pools
of acid. Yeah, this sure looks like the Forest of Dreams, all right. But
how do you get past that cloud of green gas at the bottom of the hill? Alas,
you _can't_, so go back to the screen where you left your sleeping body (up
one screen and left one screen).

There sure are a lot of rocks in this place. EXAMINE ROCKS. They look
precarious, eh? That pile in the center looks particularly unstable, so
walk up behind it and PUSH ROCKS. The rocks fall off the cliff, forming a
natural staircase; how convenient! CLIMB ROCKS and you'll find yourself at
the bottom of the hill, past the green gas.

The pink rabbit-like creature in the middle of the screen is Luella Kaylef.
Why is she crying? TALK TO LUELLA and she'll tell you the whole sad tale
(or at least enough of it to keep the game moving), about her dead beloved
whose picture now lies on the other side of the acid pools where she can't
reach it. If you'll retrieve it for her, she'll give you a reward. (Now,
let's be honest. You would have helped her even if she hadn't offered the
reward, right? Right?)

Don't even think about walking between the acid pools. It can't be done.
Instead, walk to the right of the leftmost of the two trees in the center
of the screen, and CHOP LEFT TREE WITH AXE. (You may have to try this
several times before the game acknowledges that you're in the right
position to chop the tree.) Then, do the same with the rightmost tree (e.g.,
walk to the right of the tree, and CHOP RIGHT TREE WITH AXE). The trees
will fall across one of the acid pits, forming a kind of bridge. Approach
the fallen trees from the right side and you'll be able to walk across them.
(You may have to try this several times, too.)

When you get to the picture (which is lying at the far left of the screen),
GET PICTURE, and walk back across the trees. Go to Luella and GIVE PICTURE
TO LUELLA. Luella will drop her mirror for you to pick up. GET MIRROR, and
get the heck out of this Godforsaken place! CLIMB ROCKS, go back to your
sleeping body, and SLEEP. Paradoxically, this will send you back to the
real world, where you can WAKE UP. Return to the Edge of the Forest (left,
up, and right) and take the rightmost path back to the Crossroads.

You'll need to travel light on your next expedition, so DROP ALL. You'll
need one item, though, so GET BOWL. You can pick up the rest when you get
back to the Crossroads. Take the northeast path and you'll soon arrive at
the Canyon of Death.

As its name implies, the Canyon of Death is a dangerous place. In fact,
you'll probably die more times in the Canyon than in the rest of this game
put together, mostly from falling off cliffs and other precarious perches.
While in the Canyon, follow that most ancient of adventure game
admonitions: Save early, save often, or be prepared to start the sequence
again from the beginning.

From The Top of a Canyon, take the path down into the canyon depths. When
you enter the next screen (On a Path), don't move! See that amoeba-like
wraith descending lazily toward you from the top of the screen? EXAMINE
WRAITH, and you'll learn that it's actually a Fear, left behind by a dying
Yula. Remember what Vindah said about standing immobile in the face of
fear? That's what you're doing right now. Stand immobile until the Fear
impales itself on the sharp rock next to you, and turns into a slippery
stream of slime.

Continue down the path and into the next screen. Two more Fears descend on
you from above. Stand immobile again and they'll do the same thing the last
Fear did, only this time the resulting slime will flow into a bowl-shaped
depression in the rock. Think you'll need some of that slime later in the
game? Probably, but you don't have anything to put it in at the moment (the
bowl is already holding popcorn), so we'll worry about that later.

There are two exits from the Canyon Fork screen (besides the entry you came
in through): One is on the left side of the screen, the other is roughly in
the middle. Take the one on the left, being careful not to fall off the
narrow pathway that you're on. (What? You fell off and got killed? Well,
you did SAVE the game like I suggested, didn't you? Didn't you?) You'll
emerge on a narrow fragment of pathway high in the air. Continue along this
path and into the next screen, where you'll see an odd-looking plant
suspended above the path. Could this be the defoil herb you read about
earlier? Talk about coincidence! GET THE HERB and retrace your steps back
to the screen labeled Canyon Fork. (Players who grew up in the sixties are
cautioned not to SMOKE THE HERB. This ain't that kind of game.)

This time leave the screen by the exit in the middle. You'll follow a long,
twisting path that will continue for several screens. (You will also fall
off this path repeatedly and die. Send all complaints to Michael Berlyn,
c/o Accolade, Inc., 550 S. Winchester Blvd., Suite 200, San Jose, CA 95128
-- not to the author of this walkthru. If it helps, try to imagine how many
times I had to die to write this walkthru. Kind of takes your breath away,
doesn't it?)

Eventually, you will come to a graveyard filled with the bones of long-dead
Yulas. Impressive beasts, weren't they? Doubtlessly they were even more
impressive when they had skin. In a moment you are going to climb the bones
of several Yulas, but first you'll need to take a precaution against being
molested by Kleegs, peculiar creatures who dart around among the bones of
the Yulas. DROP THE BOWL, and a cloud-like herd of Kleegs will descend upon
it, leaving one Kleeg lying comatose (from overeating, apparently) in its
wake. Let him rest for the time being.

Walk to the leg bones on the right, note the webbing wrapped around them
and connecting them with other bones, and CLIMB WEB. You'll clamber up to
the top of the bone pile, where you can step on to the strand of webbing
that connects these bones with the ones to the left, and walk across the
web. (This, incidentally, is why you dropped the rest of your inventory
back at the Crossroads. The web, like the transporter that floats between
the two suspended islands, can't bear much weight.)

When you enter the next screen, notice the large Yula skull in the middle
and the small arrow on top of it. Could this be the jeweled arrow spoken of
in song and scroll? EXAMINE ARROW and you'll see that it is. Work your way
across to the arrow (dying repeatedly, as usual) and GET THE ARROW. Then,
retrace your steps back to the previous screen, and CLIMB DOWN at the point
where you first climbed the webbing. Once on the ground, GET THE BOWL. The
Kleeg is still lying on the ground next to the bowl, comatose from his huge
meal of popcorn. GET THE KLEEG, too. What are you going to do with a Kleeg?
Wait and see.

Follow the path back through the canyon. Keep an eye out for that puddle of
slime left behind by the dissolving Fears. When you come abreast of it (at
the Canyon Fork), FILL BOWL WITH SLIME. (The bowl was full of popcorn
before, but now it's empty and available for slime-toting.) Once you've got
the slime, continue following the path back out of the canyon, and return
to the Crossroads.

Okay, time to pick up the stuff you left at the Crossroads. However, you no
longer need the axe. (It was only necessary for chopping the trees in The
Forest of Dreams.) So just PICK UP MIRROR, PICK UP SWORD, then go southwest,
back to the Order of the Jewel.

GET THE TUBE from where you left it in front of the cliff. POINT TUBE AT
PLATE to open the door. Then DROP THE TUBE; you won't be needing it again.
Enter the cave and take the lower right exit from the main entrance hall,
back into The Crystal Garden. Finally, you can GET THE LARGE POUCH and go
back out the way you came in. Head right outside the cave and return to the

Now it's time to investigate that mysterious light in the Weird Woods. Go
northwest from the Crossroads and return to the Wooded Area. Go one screen
north. There's the mysterious light, almost dead center on the screen, but
don't go toward it, yet. Instead, go two screens to the right. See that
pathway leading through the trees (or whatever those things are) to the
upper right? Follow the path and...whoops! Here comes the Hoppa! He bounces
across the screen and onto your head, sprinkling you with pollen. When he
leaves, go back two screens to the left. (And don't dawdle. After that dose
of Hoppa pollen, you're eventually going to turn into a plant. You don't
want to take root until you've taken care of business, do you?)

This time, go through the exit in the middle of the screen, where the
intense light is. You'll find yourself facing a nasty, axe-wielding
creature named aRRaRRa across the glowing lens of a giant crystal: the Pool
of Light. Looks like you're in for a fight. First, though, EXAMINE THE
PLATFORM on which you are standing. It has a message inscribed on it,
something about how "your form must be right." Now back to the fight. WIELD
THE SWORD so that you'll be ready and move to the right. The elevated
platform on which you are standing will float over to the one on which
aRRaRRa is standing, and the fight will begin.

Don't be intimidated by the creature's brute strength. Force aRRaRRa off
the right edge of the platform, then dive off yourself. You don't die as
you fall into the glow of the crystal, the way that aRRaRRa apparently does.
Does this mean that your "form" is right? The pollen sprinkled on you by
the Hoppa must have had something to do with this.

You fall through the crystal and land on a mysterious staircase floating in
mid-air. EAT THE HERB immediately. It will cancel the effects of the
Hoppa's pollination. (The defoil herb turns plants into animals, remember?)
On one of the landings of the staircase you see a mound of stones. EXAMINE
MOUND and you'll see a cryptic message about how "Growth bridges the gap,
seeding the path, crystallizing our differences." Now what could that mean?
An image of Jonquah appears and tells you that he has something for you.
But as you descend the staircase toward him, he vanishes. Fortunately, even
as the image of Jonquah fades, a new flight of stairs appears at the bottom
of the floating stairs.

Step on the platform. It begins to descend through a long tube with strange
markings etched on its sides. EXAMINE THE MARKINGS and you'll read another
cryptic message, in which the numbers "four" and "one" figure prominently.
The platform eventually deposits you on the Floating Floor, which is made
up of a matrix of square tiles with circles carved on them. Take the hint
provided by the last message: Walk only on those tiles with one or four
circles on them, until you come to a tile with no circles on it at all.
This tile will move downward, elevator-like, until it leaves you on a
platform above the Pool of Darkness. Next to the platform hovers yet
another image of Jonquah. He gives you a Silencer and vanishes. Step off
the platform and into the pool.

Next thing you know, you're back at the Pool of Light, where you fought
aRRaRRa. Exit to the left, then go down two screens, and return to the
Crossroads. You're finally ready to face Howler Lake. Take the southeast
path from the Crossroads to the Forest of Dreams. From the Edge of the
Forest, go left, down, right twice, down, and left. TURN ON THE SILENCER
and take the southward path that you weren't ready to take the last time
you were here. This time, the Silencer protects you from the cries of the

Walk out onto the causeway and look across at Castle Island. That's where
Helmar, your adversary, is waiting. But how are you going to get there? The
causeway is in ruins and the water is full of Howlers. Wait! What's that
flickering light on the island? Is someone trying to signal us? Let's
SIGNAL WITH MIRROR and find out.

Sure enough, a boat (or more properly, a nonsentient creature called a
Boteman) comes sailing across to meet you. Climb on board and RIDE BOTEMAN.
He'll carry you back to Castle Island while Helmar watches malevolently
from above.

The Boteman drops you off at a landing on Castle Island. Uh oh! What are
those evil looking plants? Those are Noisomes and they can kill you with
sound. Quick, before they can do anything, SQUEEZE THE KLEEG. All that gas
left over from his popcorn feast will be released in an immense belch,
destroying the Noisomes before they can destroy you.

Step onto the island, but watch out for certain red trees and purple
undergrowth. (You'll find out quickly enough which ones to avoid, after
you've died a few times.) To make yourself less, er, desirable to the red
trees (if not the purple undergrowth), POUR SLIME ON SELF. (Yuck!) Head one
screen to the right and enter the remains of the garden. There are two
exits from the garden, both in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.
Take the leftmost of the two.

Follow the short path to the screen labeled Island Center. Cut across this
screen from right to left, exiting on the left. Follow the short path to
the bottom of the next screen, into the screen labeled Amid the Ruins. Do a
sharp U-turn around the hedges and go back into the screen labeled
Gathering Place. Go up the path with the four red trees at the entrance.
(They won't hurt you because you've been doused with slime.) Exit to the
right and you'll finally come to the screen labeled Castle Entrance.

Walk right up to the crystal door of the castle -- the one with the large
keyhole in it. UNLOCK DOOR WITH ARROW and step inside. You're now at the
Castle Bottom. See that rope hanging down from above? PULL THE ROPE and
start working your way up toward the castle top.

After three screens of continuous upward movement, you'll see a door set
into the crystal wall. SAVE the game before you reach the door and continue
upward. After two more screens, you'll come face to face with Helmar. He'll
zap you with the Jewel of Light before you can do anything to fight back.

Now that you've seen what you're up against, RESTORE the game to the point
right before you reached the door. As you pass the door, JUMP. You'll enter
the door and land smack in the middle of a maze. Go right three screens and
you'll come to a section of the maze with no obvious exit in the upper
middle. Go to the middle of the screen and walk straight into the wall
where the exit should be. An exit will appear, and you'll be face to face
with Helmar again, but this time from a greater distance. He'll offer you a
choice of weapons from your inventory. Choose the MIRROR. When he tries to
strike you with a beam from the Jewel of Light, it will be reflected right
back at Helmar, knocking him unconscious.

And that's it! Congratulations, P. J. Barrett! You've saved the universe!
Everything from this point on is animation. Sit back and enjoy! You deserve
it, if only for all those times you died in the Canyon of Death!

ALTERED DESTINY is published and distributed by Accolade.

This walkthru is copyright (c) 1990 by Chris Lampton and THE ELECTRONIC
GAMER (tm). All rights reserved. Not to be distributed without permission.