Alice in Wonderland (e)

Andere Lösungen
                  Alice in Wonderland              Part I

Alice is not an especially difficult game, but there are some tricky parts 
to it. This walkthru (of sorts) should help you over the rough spots. When 
playing the game, it helps to talk as much to people as possible, although 
there is usually one way of talking to them (coax, argue, etc) that will 
produce the best results. It's also fun to read the various signs along the 
way; some are just funny, but many contain useful clues. 

 Don't be afraid to explore all the doorways; just save the game first. Some 
will not lead you anywhere important, but may contain clues needed to 
finishing the game. Always pick up objects that are takeable; they will be 
useful somewhere along the line. 

 Before going down the Rabbit Hole, it is important to obtain the tin of 
comfits from Alice's sister, as well as the parasol from the Reverend 
Dodgson. You can coax the sister to give you the candy, and argue with the 
good reverend for the umbrella. The White Rabbit can be teased to give you 
the answer to the Caterpiller's riddle. Then it's down the Rabbit Hole! 

 This part is pretty simple, you just keep going down most of the time. You 
can actually skip the singing mouse (he wants the marmalade from the 
pantry), since his song isn't used anywhere in the game. When you reach the 
Chesire Cat (my favorite character) sitting on the rock, you'll note a door 
off to the right. You can't reach it now, but you'll be coming back this way 
later, so just keep on going down. 

 Eventually you will come to bottom, and reach a room with cakes. The cakes 
make you taller, and elixirs make you smaller. First jump to the cakes and 
get all of them. Then go back down, over to the next room, and jump up four 
blocks. Eat a cake, jump over (parasol open) to the ladder and climb up. 

 Get all the elixirs, then return down and to the cake room. Just left of 
the doorway there is a tiny door. "Eat" two elixirs, and you can enter it. 
You are now in the upper room. Eat a cake, jump over to the table, and get 
the cake and elixir there, then jump over to the rope. Don't climb the rope, 
instead walk off the left edge and open the parasol. You'll float down to 
the table with the key. 

 Take the key, jump off, and return to the ladder room. Go up the stairs to 
the small door, eat an elixir, and pass through. You're now above the Pool 
of Tears. Enjoy another cake, then jump in and swim awhile. You can pass by 
the second Rabbit Hole; the seashell in there isn't all that important (but, 
you can get it if you like). Keep swimming, and you will reach the beach, 
and you are now in Wonderland proper. 

                  Alice In Wonderland             Part Two

 Ok, so now you're on the beach with the Dodo. He has an important item, 
which you can obtain by giving him the tin of comfits. Once you have the 
stick, keep moving to the right. The second Alice is not all that important, 
but talking to her will give you some extra information. Continue on up the 
hill, where the White Rabbit show up again. 

 He'll mistake you for his maid, Mary Ann. Don't worry about it. Tease him, 
and he'll drop his fan and vanish. Get that and keep going to the house. 
Once inside, go to the door on the right and enter it, then go up the 

 Mary Ann isn't all that important, but you can talk to her until she 
disappears. Then go enter the doorway. This takes you to a new room, where 
there is a fireplace. Go thru there, and just follow it along. Eventually 
you'll find the Mad Hatter's missing teacup. Take that, and continue on and 
out of the fireplace. Now you're back downstairs again. 

 That's all you need here, so leave the house, and move along to the right. 
When you come to the swing, climb up and get all three teapots. After that, 
continue to the right. The puppy will get in your way, but leaves when you 
offer him the stick (talking will do no good, so don't even bother trying). 

 Pass up the tree with the rope; you aren't ready for that yet. Continue on 
to the Caterpiller. Along the way, pick some mushrooms; the white ones make 
you grow, and the purple ones make you shrink. There is a second use for the 
mushrooms, but that comes later. 

 Ask the caterpiller why he's doing that, and he'll ask you a riddle. The 
answer (which you should have gotten from the White Rabbit earlier), is 
"tophat" (Queens, being women, wouldn't wear such a thing). Remember the 
clue the Caterpiller tells you in return. 

 You're done here, so move along to the right. The Cheshire Cat pops up 
again; you can amuse yourself by talking to him for awhile. After that, 
continue on until you reach the Town Hall. Argue with the Clerk, and he'll 
drop a Memo for you before he vanishes. Pick that up, and then head back 
left, stopping at the Duchess' house. 

 Climb up, making sure you get the muffin along the way. Talking to the 
Duchess is not in the least important, although it does have its funny side. 
What you really need to do is get to the room above, but you don't have what 
you need yet. So, go down the stove in the kitchen until you come to the 
clock. Simply walk off the clock and open your parasol. 

 Climb down from the housetop and enter the house. Go left and enter the 
door. Inside is the March Hare, suffering from a broken heart. Argue with 
the poor creature, and he will leave you a whisker before he disappears. 
Take that, leave the room, and go upstairs. 

 Take the first door on the right to the Bathing Machine, and then enter it. 
Go down (being careful to avoid the ferret), and you will come to the Pier. 
Leave the Pier by walking left until you come to the ladder. Climb that, and 
continue left. You can pretty much ignore the painting rabbit, so keep going 
until you come to the platform with the rope. 

 Stand on the edge and jump, opening your parasol (so as to avoid the ferret 
below). Swim left and continue left until you reach the museum. Go right and 
upstairs and continue on until you reach the Gryphon. Scold him, and he'll 
drop a cricket bat before he disappears. Take that, and continue right until 
you reach the chessboard. 

 Stand to the right of the chessboard, and eat a cake (or mushroom). Turn 
towards the chessboard and jump. Walk up until you reach the middle black 
square in the third row. Walk up a tiny bit further, drink an elixir, and go 
back down to the square and enter it. 

 This is the Mad Hatter's place. Offer the teacup, and he will give you his 
hat, which is one of the most important and useful items in the game (of 
course, the Hatter disappears after giving you the hat). 

 The part with the Queen of Hearts in the Court Room isn't especially 
important. However, if you go through it, make sure to argue with the Queen 
so she asks you the riddle, whose answer is "lap". 

 There is nothing else of importance here, so you can go back through the 
chessboard and leave the museum. On the way back, be careful. When you are 
almost to the shore, use the hat to float above the ferret. Continue on back 
to the Pier, and return up to the house (there is nothing else of great 
importance here, but you might find it amusing to chat with the Cheshire Cat 
in the Carousel Room). 

 After leaving the Bathing Machine, you might want to try the next "door" 
down. This is the door to Blenheim Palace. It's not especially necessary, 
but if you go through it, remember to give all three teapots to the Queen. 

 Ok, now leave the house and go left until you come to Lacie the artist. 
Give her the Memo, Muffin and Mushroom. She'll disappear, and you can 
continue on to the Treacle Well. Climd down that and go right to the Cricket 
Ground. Enter that, and keep going left to the School. 

 Go to the Music Room, and coax the turtle, who will sing a song for you. 
Then go to the Dance Room and enter the mirror on the left, which will take 
you back to the house. 

 Now go up to the Duchess, stand on the block to the right of her, make 
yourself tall (with cake or mushroom), and use the hat. You'll float up and 
bang into the wall, but if you stand in the right spot, you'll end up 
standing on the rope afterwards. Eat a mushroom or elixir to get to normal 
size, then go up the rope and make your way to the cradle. 

 Examine the cradle. There is an ugly baby inside, who will turn into a pig 
and walk off when you try to take it, but it leaves behind a rattle (which 
you have automatically; you don't need to use the Take command). 

 Ok, now comes the tedious part. You must make your way ALL THE WAY BACK to 
the rabbit hole you first came down (yeah, I know, but ya gotta!). Use the 
hat to float up to the ledge to the left of the Cheshire Cat. Then eat a 
cake and jump over to the Cat. Stand on the right edge of the rock, face 
right, and use the whisker. Shrink down to normal, and then walk along the 
whisker, and up to the door. 

 Inside is the Dormouse (don't worry, you still have the whisker!). Tease 
him, and he'll sing you a song. Now, leave and go all the way back to the 
tree with the rope hanging down. Climb that, and make your way up to the 
bird's nest. Sing "Shut Your Beaks" to them, then wait for 12 o'clock, when 
you can go through the mirror into Looking-Glass Land. 

                 Alice In Wonderland            Part Three

 Ok, so now you're through the Looking Glass! Take the door on the left, 
which leads to another room. Take the center door, and try to help. She'll 
leave a brooch before vanishing. Get that, and go through the mirror to Room 
Two. Climb the rope there to Room One, and go out the window. Jump (opening 
your trusty parasol), and you'll be at the bottom of the Birdbath. 

 If you go left, you'll find a garden and a Buttercup in it, but it's not 
necessary to go there. Walk right, passing the small Birdbath, and keep 
going until you come to the house with the rope. Go up to Cloud Land, and 
use the hat to get to the door you see there. 

 Inside is the White Knight. Help him, and he'll sing you a song. Teasing 
him also produces good results. Leave, and make your way over to the other 
end of Cloud Land, where you'll find the Bread and Butter Fly. Take that, 
then go back down to earth. 

 Now go to the railroad station (it's next to the house with the rope). 
You'll need a mushroom or elixir to get in. Once inside, return to normal 
size, take the first door, and then walk right to the train. Inside is a 
Unicorn. Talk to him if you like, then go left to the Gnat. Try calming him, 
and he'll ask you a (very old) riddle. The answer is "Duck". Then use the 
hat to float up out of the train. 

 When you fall back, you'll be in a different train. Walk right to the exit 
and leave. Continue left, passing up the Waxworks (if you prefer, you can 
enter), until you reach the Jabberwocky. Use the fan and he'll disappear. 
Keep going left until you come to the tree. Stand on the left side, and use 
the hat to fly up. You'll find Humpty Dumpty up there, sitting in a nest. 
Tease him, and he'll leave a cravat for you. 

 Climd down, and walk left. Here you need to be careful. There is a ferret 
bouncing around the next screen. As soon as you enter that screen, use the 
hat to float above him. Do this as quickly as you can. You'll float up to 
the top of the steps (taking a fall in the process). 

 From there, go left to Tweedledee (or is it Tweedledum?). Offer the rattle, 
and he'll get out of your way. Continue Left until you come to the White 
Queen again. Give her the brooch, and keep going until you come to the door. 
Go in, and try to calm the cranky machine. It will sing you a song. After 
that, leave, and go back right all the way until you come to the ladder 
going down (a note here about the Red Queen in the balloon. If you decide to 
visit her, the answer to the riddle is "content"). 

 Climb down, go left (ignore the birdcage, it's a trap) until you come to 
the sheep. Sing "Munch, Munch, Munch", and you'll be able to get to the next 
room. Offer the Bread and Butterfly to the Sgt. Major, then climb up the 
ladder and go left. 

 Tease the baker, who will ask a riddle. The answer is "Nightmare". Continue 
left and enter the Banquet Room. Sing "God Save Queen Alice" to the Wasp, 
and you will be in the real Banquet Room with the talking Mutton. Sing "No 
More Mutton" for it, and he'll leave a paper crown (NOTE: you MUST have the 
crown before you visit the Bellman). 

 Ok, now go back the way you came, and return to the Palace. Keep going left 
there, past the Easter Rabbit, until you reach the Barrister (British for 
"lawyer"). Coax him, and he'll ask a riddle. The answer to that one is 
"Buttercups". Keep on left to the Bell Room. 

 Stand directly under the rope, and use the cravat. It will provide a way 
for you to climb up. Continue to use the cravat to get up to the Belfry 
(note: always climb up on the right side). If the Bellman isn't there yet, 
just wait around (you can stand there, doing nothing; time will pass in the 
game regardless). 

 Offer the cricket bat to the Bellman, who will give you a key. Take that, 
and go back down, and out to the ladder again, and make your way to the room 
that has the Banquet Room door. This time, however, go up the stairs to the 
door above it and enter the Beryl Throne Room. 

 You can talk to the Throne or not, as you please. Go through the door on 
the other side. This leads you to a room with a ferret. DO NOT go through 
the door on the bottom; it is a trap; you must go up via the rope. 

 You can pass the ferret by using the hat; it may take a few tries until you 
find exactly the right spot to stand, and the right timing as well. Once 
past the ferret, get up the rope quickly, and make your way over to the 
White Rabbit. Give him the fan, and he'll get out of your way. Now keep 
going. You'll come to another ferret; use the hat to get past him, as well. 
You're almost out now! 

 Go through the door at the top, and you'll be in the BallRoom. Go out the 
other door, and you're in the Rabbit Hole. Use the cravat (it may take you a 
few tries to find the best place). Climb up the cravat, face right, and use 
the whisker. Walk along the whisker as far as you can. Then turn left and 
use the hat. 

 Congratulations! You made it out of Wonderland! (The ending is kinda dull, 
but after all this running around, you're probably glad it's all over!). 

 of Wonderlan