Alone in the Dark 2 (e)

Andere Lösungen


 There's a lot of fighting in the beginning of the game, so you need to
learn the best fighting methods as soon as possible. What I found works
best is to just run up to an opponent and hit them with a weapon or your
head if you have no weapon. By placing Carnby just right, the opponent
will keep shooting past you while you keep hitting them. The trick is to 
always make sure you're as close as possible to the enemy, so every time
they fall back from your hit you need to walk up to them and hit them
again. Drink all the flasks that you find, they will restore your health.
Make sure you read all the books in the game. They often provide clues on
how to get past certain special pirates, where you can avoid combat by
the use of some item(s). Most items that can be manipulated or taken
stick out from the background very clearly. If you ever see an item that
does not blend in the background, try pushing it, chances are you'll be
able to. Many puzzles in this game require you to stand in the exact
position. If what you're trying doesn't seem to work, try moving your
character a little on the screen and try again. Lastly, remember that 
diamonds are very important to this game's puzzles' solutions.

The following walkthru will get you to the end of the game, but may not
necessarily be 100% complete. I haven't mentioned the locations of all the 
books and other written material in the game, since this isn't necessary 
to finishing the game. If you have any questions about this file send me 
a message at CompuServe 70760,2061.


The front door is permanently locked, even though you're not given any
information that this is the case. After killing the first pirate that
gets up next to you with your fists, get the items he drops. Drink the
flask and arm the machine gun you got from him. Walk towards the house
until you see two pirates coming towards you. The first one is quite easy
to kill since it won't shoot back till it's very close to you. Kill him
quickly and then backtrack to the scene where you see Carnby from an 
aerial view. Walk towards the top of the screen and face down, towards 
the incoming pirate. This should give you plenty of time to kill him 
before he even gets close to you. The positioning will take some time to
get right since aiming the gun right is no easy task. 

 Once the third pirate is dead, walk up to the statues before the front 
door. Push the anchor statue and you'll open a passageway into the 
garden. You don't need to deal with the guards near the front door. The 
hedge garden is a simple maze. You need to kill all the pirates you'll 
encounter here. I found the best way to do this is by just walking up to 
them and hitting them with Carnby's head. The ones with shot guns are the 
easiest to kill, since they will never be able to hit you if you're 
standing next to them. Beware of the Thompson gun wielding pirates, they 
can hit you even if you're close to them if the angle is right. In the 
garden you need to find and get a ROPE which is lying near a diamond card 
on the ground on it's own. Go to where there are four cards on the ground 
and get the HOOK near there on the ground. Walk up to the diamond card 
and you'll drop underground. Walk up to the chest and push it. Get the 
METALLIC JACK under the chest. The altar will then rise up and a purple 
monster will come at you from the other end. Walk up to the altar, wield 
your gun and turn around. Shoot the purple thing twice; despite its 
appearance this is the easiest monster to kill in the game. Turn around 
and use the METALLIC JACK on the raised altar, then get the PIRATE SWORD 
that the purple thing dropped. The other trapdoor will now be open, which
leads to the area where the lone diamond card is. Go back up into the 
garden and find the vines that move around trying to hit you. Use the 
PIRATE SWORD and kill the vines. Make sure you use the slashing method 
that doesn't make you move forward. Two of the four hitting methods with 
the sword will make Carnby take a step forward with the swing -- this is 
the worst possible attacking method since it'll bring you within range of 
the vines with every slash. Use the slash where Carnby doesn't move, and 
kill the vines while standing out of reach of their attacks. The next 
enemy is one of the toughest in the game, Pegleg. The best -- and easiest
-- method to get past him is to wield your tommy gun, then run past him 
into the little area opposite Pegleg. Turn around, aim your gun, and 
shoot Pegleg just as he comes into view. Repeat till he dies. With this 
method the pirate should only last a few seconds, and you'll have killed
him without even getting hit! After Pegleg is dead make sure you get the
FLASK that is on the opposite side of the room and the NEWSPAPER Pegleg 
drops. Look at the photo that one of the pirates dropped, and notice how 
it shows the same building you're standing in front of. All you need to 
do is move the statue's arm and the door will open for you. Use either 
the HOOK or the ROPE in your inventory, and you'll make a HOOK AND ROPE. 
Use the HOOK AND ROPE while standing right in front of the door. The door
to the entrance of the house will open. Go inside.


 After you lose all your weapons get the items on the ground near you:
the NICKEL, CRANK, and PAPER BAG. Walk past the bridge to Stryker's dead
body. Get the TORN NOTEBOOK and the PIPE CLEANER near the body. Use the
TORN NOTEBOOK and with the other part of the notebook that one of the
pirates dropped above you'll have the complete NOTEBOOK. Stand in front
of the locked door and use the NEWSPAPER on it. Then use the PIPE CLEANER
on the door. The KEY will fall back and you'll be able to get it. Use the
KEY on the door and go inside. Stand next to the lever, on the left of it
and use the PAPER BAG. Use the BLOWN UP PAPER BAG, and as the pirate gets
up push the lever then step back. If you time this right the barrel will
hit the pirate and make him fall through the hole in the wall. Get the
RIOT GUN, MANUSCRIPT and FLASK that the pirate dropped and walk up to the 
clock. Use the CRANK on it. The bookcase will open and you can go inside. 
Pick up the RIOT GUN CARTRIDGES and reload the gun. Go upstairs to the
basement of the house.


The first person you'll meet is the music man. Just tear the MUSIC MAN'S
PACT and he'll die. Pick up the HOOK he drops and go into the next room.
Pick up the BATTLEDORE on the ground and go into the next room. There's
two pirates here practicing with their guns. Go for the green man first,
as he'll die after just one hit. Then run up to the second shooter and
keep close to him while hitting him with the BATTLEDORE. After they're 
both dead walk towards the targets and hit them with your hands or the
BATTLEDORE till they are all diamonds. They'll either turn one or two
spots each depending on how you're standing relative to the target. When
they are all diamonds the door next to the targets will open and a pirate
will come out. Stay close to him and kill him, then go in the room. Use 
the NICKEL on the slot machine on the wall and get the two TOKENS. Get
the WHISKEY BOTTLE and the FLASK on the shelf. There's also two books at 
the back of this room, behind the wine casks. Go back out and walk up to
the guy standing on the other side of the room. Drop the WHISKEY BOTTLE 
near him, and watch him pick it up and die. Make sure you wait till the
man is dead before picking up the SACK. Use the SACK and wear the SANTA
CLAUS SUIT inside. Go back to the adjoining room and go up the stairs.


 Ignore the little cook that walks around the house. Walk into the 
kitchen making sure you step on the white tiles when directly across from
the statue. In the kitchen, get the EGGS, the FRYING PAN, the WINE, and 
the POISON. Listen to the cook's hints. The cook will start using his 
blowpipe against you after a few moments. Just attack him with a frying 
pan or a gun. If the cook uses up all his blowgun ammunition, you can 
have an amusing frying pan vs. frying pan fight with him. If you want to
be creative, you can even lure the statue outside to throw it's trident,
then make sure it follows you into the kitchen and hide behind the cook.
After killing the cook, use the POISON or use the WINE to get poisoned 
wine. Go out into the main hallway and use the POISONED WINE on the door 
opposite the statue. Turn around right away as a fat pirate with a gun 
will come after you from behind. This pirate is very hard to kill. The 
best way is to use your riot gun (which should still be unused by now) to 
kill him before he gets close enough to shoot you. Don't waste your 
bullets since you don't have that many; aim carefully before shooting and 
you should be able to kill him without getting hit. After the two other 
pirates fall dead, go inside and use both tokens in the organ. Go in the 
room at the end of the hall and get the BULLETPROOF VEST. Use the 
BULLETPROOF VEST for armor. The machine gun in that room is jammed, so 
don't get it. Pick up the LOADING CLIP and go back outside. On the floor 
near the organ, pick up the DOUBLOON. Go into the main hallway again, 
take the CROWN from the statue and go up the stairs.


 Kill the two gun-wielding pirate by just walking up to him and hitting
him with the frying pan. Open the door and go into the hallway. Open the
door opposite you, which leads into the billiards room. Pick up the 
DERRINGER your opponent throws and then kill him, either by shooting or
using the frying pan. Pick up the SWORD STICK the pirate drops, and walk
to the other end of the room. Search the bookshelves to get a BOOK and a
PIECE OF PARCHMENT. Go back outside and into the room to the right. This
is the witch's bedroom. Wield the SWORDSTICK and kill the two sword arms
while staying out of their reach. Get the TORN PARCHMENT they were 
guarding and use it to get the complete PARCHMENT. 

 The complete PARCHMENT gives you a very good hint of what needs to be
done next. You need to crown the queen in that room. Just put the CROWN
on the female bust in the witch's bedroom. At this point you'll be ready
to move onwards. Go into the room adjoining the bedroom, and pick up the
AMULET on the floor.


 Get the MESSAGE and the FLASK. Go outside into the main room. Here 
you'll have a few pirates to dispose of. Kill them in the normal fashion 
 and pick up the KEY and GRENADE that are dropped from the two enemies.
Check the chest near the door for a THOMPSON and CLIP. Go into the room 
opposite where you entered. Use the DOUBLOON on the Jack in the Box, and 
get the POMPON that drops out. Go back into the main room and then 
through the other doorway. Here you'll meet the clown that you saw in the
introduction. If only Cranby could have taken the same route here that
Stryker used! The clown won't hit you, so don't worry. Lead him close to
the opening that leads into the greenhouse, then throw the POMPON there.
The clown will follow it and lead the snakes away from the entrance. This
takes exact positioning, so it might require a few tries. Go inside, and
stand near the fireplace. Dropping the GRANADE down the fireplace will
kill two of the pirates downstairs where you'll land. This is supposed
to be easier, but I found it much easier if you actually don't use the
GRENADE in the fireplace, since it makes getting out of the room where
you land easier and the doors of the room will already be open. Which 
ever way you opt for, go down the fireplace to get back into the main 


 You need to kill the remaining pirates in the room. There's many ways
to do this. An easy way is to run outside and as the pirates follow you,
run up the stairs. Keep running up and down the stairs and all the 
pirates but one will eventually shoot each other. This is a long process
 A faster way is to run to a door, open it and then go through. Once past
the door stand next to it, and hit the first guy that steps through with
the FRYING PAN. This way you and all the guys behind him will hit, and
if you're standing correctly, no one will be able to hit you. This method
is much faster than running up and down the stairs. 
 Go back into the room where you landed and pick up the BILLIARD BALL
near the Christmas tree. Go back upstairs to the billiards room 
upstairs, and use the BILLIARD BALL on the orange/yellow machine next to
the pool table. After the bookcase moves, walk up to it and unlock the
door with the KEY the pirate in the attic dropped. Step inside. After
going through One-Eyed Jack's reminiscing, use the HOOK on the door to
open it. Go down to the ground floor and head towards the kitchen. The
witch will come in and you'll be captured.


 You now gain control of Grace, the slowest hero/heroine to ever appear
in an adventure game. Grace can't fight, so you'll have to avoid every
pirate or deal with them using some other items.
 When you gain control of Grace, push the wooden board next to the door
to the side. Step through and walk up to the table. Pick up all the 
items on the table and use the SEEDS on the parrot. Eat the SANDWICH for
points. Take a look at the map on the wall on the way out of the room.
 Once outside, you have to avoid the first pirate. Run down the hallway
to Grace's left and hide in the black hole to the side. As soon as the
pirate walks past you, run back out and go behind the pirate, running
up to the ladder and climbing up. Climb up another ladder to the top
 Here you have to make sure you stay behind the barrels so the 
pirates don't catch you. Run from barrel to barrel in a clockwise path.
Pick up the TINDERBOX and then climb down the hole near it. You'll find
yourself in the captain's room.
 Pick up the SMALL CANNON in the small chest. Drop the SMALL CANNON on
the floor. Use the PEPPER POT you got near the parrot in the cannon. 
Pick up the CRYSTAL GLASS from the shelf and walk behind the cannon.
Throw the CRYSTAL GLASS, and use the TINDERBOX after the pirate steps
into the room. After he dies, pick up the BELL. Go into the closet and
pick up the CAPTAIN'S STAFF. Go outside and into the kitchen. Take the 
CHICKEN FOOT and use the BELL in front of the dumb waiter. Climb into it
and take the KEY.


 Unlock the cabinet in the kitchen with the KEY found in the dumb 
waiter. Take the ICE and the MOLASSES. Step outside into the main
hallway and use either the ICE or the MOLASSES on the incoming pirate.
 Walk up to the first floor, and use the other weapon you have left on
the second pirate. Go into the billiard room, and into the captain's 
room. Use the CAPTAIN'S STAFF on the desk and get the IRON KEY and
the BOOK. Go into the witch's bedroom and into the room next to it where
you originally picked up the amulet as Cranby. Use the CAPTAIN'S STAFF
while standing on top of the stone square. You'll be teleported back
onto the ground floor with a loa staff. 

 Now, apparently you should be able to go into the organ room and drop
the TEDDY BEAR in front of the folding bed (the item next to the door
that leads into the nursery room), and then use the LOA STAFF on the 
organ. This should disable the force field and then enable you to put
the TOKEN in the organ. I was never able to do this however. To kill the
third and last pirate of the house, I just maneuvered Grace so that the
third pirate fell on top of the block of ice left over from the first
killing (this of course means you have to use the ICE BOX on the bottom
floor when first entering the house).

 Once past the third pirate, use the BELL in front of the dumb waiter and
go back into the ship, where you'll be captured and you'll regain control
of Carnby.


 Here you'll have control of a chained up Carnby, while Grace is being
held by the arms by a pirate. Move your arms by pressing the arrow keys
till you can pick up the IRON KEY. Use the IRON KEY and free yourself. 
Kill the pirate that approaches you and get his SWORD. This SWORD is a 
great weapon, most fights from now on can be simply won by just holding
the arrow keys down, and letting the pirates walk into your swings.


 Go through the door and kill the approaching pirate, then pick up the
THOMPSON and the FLASK. Go into the hall and kill the third pirate. Pick
up the SHORT FUSE and the PISTOL that the pirate drops.

 Go into the room at the end of the hall, where there's a two-gun 
wielding pirate waiting for you. Kill him and get the PISTOL AMMUNITION
and the FLASK.

 Exit back into the hallway and enter the room with the drunk pirate in
it. Kill him and get the two MAIL COATs, the PISTOL AMMUNITION, the FLASK
and another PISTOL. Push the barrel away from the wall, and pick up the
BOTTLE with a message behind it. In order to push the barrel clear of the
wall, use little pushes, while facing more to the left with every push.
This way you should be able to push it so that it doesn't get stuck in
between the two walls. Throw the BOTTLE and pick up the PARCHMENT inside.

 Go back into the hallway and kill the one waiting pirate. Enter the 
furnace room, and kill the two pirates inside. Pick up the hot POKER and
the PLIERS. Go to the far corner of the room and pick up the KEY.

 Back in the hall, use the KEY found in the furnace room on the door 
opposite the furnace room door. Kill the pirate and get the POWDER KEG

 Exit the room and go up the stairs. Walk into the room with the cannon,
and kill the sleeping pirate. Use the PLIERS on the cannon, and push it
away from the wall. Even through Carnby won't go through the pushing 
motions in this room due to a bug in the program, you can still push the
cannon. Just make sure Carnby is positioned exactly, and sooner or later
he'll be able to push the cannon. Make sure you are pushing the cannon
_towards_ the closest wall (i.e. you'll only see Carnby's back as he's
pushing). Go into the sleeping pirate's room and drop the POWDER KEG on
the ground. If you do this quickly enough, you won't need to fight any
of the three pirates in that room. Go back to the cannon and use the
SHORT FUSE on it, and then the POKER. Walk into the blown up room and get
the POUCH OF GOLD and the FLASK. 

 Save your game here. The gold will open any door, but you have to make
sure you open the right one, or you won't be able to finish the game. 
Exit to the hall and open the door next to the cannon room with the POUCH
OF GOLD. Go inside and you should see two chefs. If you opened the wrong
door restore and open the correct one. Kill the two little chefs, and get
the FLASK on the shelf. Open the other door in the room and go inside.
Kill the big chef and get the METALLIC JACK. Go back to the hall and use
the METALLIC JACK to open the door that leads to the captain's room. 

 After you gain control of Grace, walk up to the statue and use the LOA
STAFF on it. The door will open. Go through and use the CHICKEN'S FOOT.

 You'll free Carnby, and a ghost will appear. I haven't found any way to
kill this ghost, but you can just run away from it and go up the ladder
to the top deck.


 Kill everyone on the top deck, and pick up the HOOK that the music man
drops. Climb up the ladder of the main mast, and kill the one pirate on
top. You can just hit him a few times till he falls off the ledge. Use 
the HOOK to slide down the rope. Walk towards the middle of the mast
and kill the martial artist with your sword. After that just drop down
to the top deck and get the NICHOL'S SWORD that the martial artist 

 Walk up to Grace, and use the PLIERS on her to free her. Attack One-Eyed
Jack with NICHOL'S SWORD till he dies twice. After the second death 
he'll automatically walk towards the cannons as you make your escape
on the lifeboat. Congratulations, you've finished ALONE IN THE DARK 2!

 This walkthrough is copyright (c) 1994 by Leonardo Drago. Not to be
distributed without permission.