Cadaver (e)

Andere Lösungen
            Cadaver is a puzzle solving Adventure/RPG game by the Bitmap 
            Brothers. Gameplay takes place in a orthogonal view, with the player 
            guiding the dwarf Caradoc up through five treachorous levels of the 
            I was actually surpised that no walkthrough seemed to exist for 
            Cadaver, since its pretty alright game, so I decided to endevour to 
            make one myself. Currently only the complete solutions to levels 1, 
            2, and 4 are provided, with partial solutions to 3 and 5 (as far as 
            I've got). If anyone can add details, PLEASE, PLEASE, email at:
            Starting at different levels
            Cadaver uses a special data system for defining each level. Thus, 
            you can start play on a different level simply by copying the files 
            in the data subdirectory of the level you wish to level 1. The batch 
            file below should be typed in and saved in the directory Cadaver is 
            located in under the name LEVEL.BAT: 
            @ECHO OFF
            MD DATA\0
            COPY DATA\1\*.* DATA\0 > NUL
            IF NOT "%1" == "1" GOTO NOTONE
            COPY DATA\0\*.* 1 > NUL
            GOTO END
            COPY DATA\%1\???%1.* DATA\1\???1.* > NUL
            LEVEL should be invoked with a number from 1 to 5, which indicates 
            the level you
            wish to start at. Note that you should be carefull with saved games 
            saved across
            different levels started in this manner; loading a saved game for a 
            different level which
            was started at will crash the program.
            Level 1
            Pick up the coin and diary. N, flip switch, N, get throwing stones, 
            W, arm stones, and throw stones over barrel to kill tentacle. Get 
            the pickaxe, drag a barrel near the west wall, and stand it to jump 
            up onto the the small bowl, get the charm. S, get Turn Monster 
            spell, N, N, go to north wall push the bag out of the wall, and get 
            the gem, S [avoiding the snake]. E, E, S, jump onto barrels and get 
            rope [you can stay there until the mushrooms grow; they provide a 
            good place to stand where the snake can't get you]. E, E, get key 
            and bread. W, W, N, W, S, S, E, get throwing stones, throw switch, 
            open chest. 
            W, N, N, E, S, S, drop pickaxe in middle of the passageway, then 
            push it against the wall until only one row is left, then get the 
            pickaxe. S. search skeleton, E, E, N, W, get key, E, NW, open chest, 
            get coin and food, E, N, get coin, unlock lock, N, [give man food 
            here for usefull info], S, kill tentacle [easiest way is to go on 
            the opposite site of the table to him], E, get key, S, S, E, get 
            gem, press button, E, E, search skeleton, get key, N, get key, 
            unlock lock, kill southern two spiders. From right to left the 
            potions are:
            red-cross: stamina, acrid: poison, empty, shot-shield, refreshing: 
            cure poison. 
            S, S, get the chicken and as many of the coins as you can [some you 
            can't reach], N, E, get Learn potion spell and frogskin-covered 
            [giant jump] potion. W, W, W, W, W, S, kill jumper, unlock lock, S, 
            W, W, kill jumper, get charm and holy water bottles, S, kill jumper 
            and get key. W, W, S, open chest, get coin and chicken, N, E, N, get 
            the king's sheid, Wulf's armour, gold circlet helmet, and sword. S, 
            W, press button [teleport]. Get gold, amulet, and crown, throw 
            switch [teleport]. 
            E, E, N, E, E, S, avoid creatures, and jump onto one of the flames. 
            Then jump onto the other to unlock the eastern door. From the small 
            platforms, you can kill the creatures when they travel along the 
            southern wall. S, kill creature, keep jumping on flame till you 
            receive some gold chests, open them. S, S, W, get holy water. 
            Put a bottle of holy water in bowl, then drink bowl [teleport]. 
            Throw the switch, get the item, and throw the switch [teleport]. Now 
            return to the room and repeat putting holy water in. You have three 
            bottles, so this should be done three times. 
            N, N, N, N, E, S, get key, N, E, NW, examine urn, avoid snake, and 
            get charm. S. NE, move aside all the rocks and get the bless weapon 
            spell. S, SE, put gold coin on the southern tomb, get Fire Shield 
            potion. N, E [avoiding spiders or killing them]. 
            Get key, push off the two other urns, get dispel trap, open chest. 
            S, offer some food [put it on altar], get Super Fast potion, N, E, 
            get sack, get gold, W, unlock lock, W, W, N, N, cast Dispel on 
            chest, unlock chest, get urn and charm. S, S, W, S, drop Carolus's 
            urn on left altar, get Unknown spell. N, N, N, N, E, E, N, drop rope 
            into pit, fall down pit. Open rat, get the keys, open chest, get 
            urn, E, E, get gems, W, [you can use the frogskin giant jump poition 
            or a stack of rocks to jump up to the chain and out to a small room 
            to the east of the pit entrance, but since we have the six jewels 
            anyway, we might as well get rid of them]. W, throw the six gems 
            into pool [teleport]. 
            S, W, W, W, S, S, S, S, S, E, put Ragnar's urn on his pedestal. Get 
            blood, W, drop blood on altar. Get key and read magic spell. Drop 
            unknown spell, and cast Read Magic on it to reveal it a Massacre 
            spell. Unlock lock, W, cast Dispel Trap on chest, open it, get Read 
            Language spell, N, get map scroll and use it if you want, S, E, N, 
            N, N, N, N, press the buttons in the order 1-4-3-2 (where 1 is the 
            left button). W, drink Fire Sheild, NE, cast Massacre. Search body 
            and get the treasure, press button, N, throw switch.
            Level 2
            N. Get the shirikan and wand from inside the chest on the altar, and 
            the shot shield potion from the chest. N. W, hurry to the coin, grab 
            it, and get back out to the east before the eye stuns you [leaving 
            you vunerable to being poisoned by the blob]. Back in the lava spout 
            room, you can use a shot shield if you want, but it's not really 
            necessary. Jump east onto the altar. [You'll notice the lava spouts 
            can only shoot rocks at certain set angles]. Get the stamina potion 
            and book, and fall off the right hand side of the altar, and go E 
            through one of the two doors. 
            Get the ashes of Captain Axel, and insert them into his urn. Get the 
            urn, bowl, and the Mind Blast spell. Jump up under the skull to hit 
            hidden switch. S, flip switch when both lights above door are 
            totally black. Get shirikan from chest, and one of the books. N, N. 
            Arm a book and throw it at the gap between the block and the moving 
            block above it. If it gets caught inbetween [as it likely will] 
            throw a second one, which should make it through, since the previous 
            book will keep the top moving block higher. E, avoiding the two 
            blocks [which will sap your energy]. Throw switch. 
            W, S, W, scoot around the north-eastern lava spout, and go N. Open 
            the small chest and insert the Mind Blast spell into it. Insert the 
            small chest into the big chest to recharge the spell. Open the 
            chests back up and pick up the spell. Jump underneath the two skulls 
            to reveal a hidden door. S, go around the lava spout again, jump 
            onto the small dias with the orb, and get it. [teleports you]. 
            Throw the switches in the order 1, 3, 2, 1 [where 1 is the left 
            lever]. Press button, W, S, go W through the center door and keep 
            walking without stopping until you are through the spout room. Get 
            the coin and wand being carefull of the darts activated by stepping 
            on the switches. W. Examine the throne and press the hidden switch, 
            then press the other two buttons. W, throw switch, E, N, SW, get 
            key, and fall down into cavity, open chest, and get gold and 
            teleporter. S, SW. 
            S, avoid creatures, NE, drink the stamina barrel [to restore any 
            lost HP], W, SE, get the Cure Poison potion, W, get the unknown 
            [super fast] potion, S, S, jump onto bed, then onto the eastern 
            saucepan, and when in position open chest. Get key, then get 
            saucepan and bucket [very usefull, since will go up and down, and 
            the other can remain unsupported; good for stacks].N, E, cast Sleep 
            spell, S, open chest and get gold, throw switch, W, press button, 
            open chest, and get teleporter. [teleport] 
            Push all of the bottles off the platform, to get a key and some 
            gold. N, W, W, throw a shirikan at the turtle, open it, get sack of 
            gold, E, E, unlock lock, E. Get key from under northern platform. 
            Unlock lock, go onto northern platform and switch chain. Fall into 
            hole, flip switch, [good idea to save here], fall into hole and 
            avoiding the blob, get the two keys, flip the switch, and get to the 
            chain (jumping up to it) to get brought back to the room above, jump 
            onto the chain there to get brought back to the top room. 
            W, W, W, unlock lock, N, N, E, N, NW, N, unlock lock, grab the 
            scroll when the light is black [then quickly get off the floor 
            switch]. Cross over the switch when the light is black again. N, 
            open chest, get teleporter, you'll then need to press the button on 
            the wall beside the floor switch. To avoid setting off the darts, 
            drop an item on the pad, then jump onto it, to press the button. S, 
            jump switch when black, S, SE, E, E, E, N, N, cast sleep, N. 
            Get token, insert all four tokens into slot. W, flip switch, W, move 
            under platform and "lead" blob so that it pushes the dispel trap 
            spell off the edge. S, flip switch, get coin and shirikan, when meat 
            appears push it carefully so that it goes between any two of the 
            bars. Get the gold when it appears. When the creature eats the meat, 
            you'll be moved out of the cage. N, W, kill turtle, open it, and get 
            key, unlock lock, W, [if the bars closed down on you before, you can 
            get in this way to do the stuff]. 
            E, NE, get Strength potion and Freeze spell, E, throw switch, W, SE, 
            E, press left switch, push platform to east wall, jump onto it, 
            press right switch, N, get key, E, cast Sleep spell, get the square 
            and triangle. [This is also the room where the the book you threw 
            back at the start went to]. W, S, S, E, get gem and unlock chest 
            spell. Unlock your choice of two of the three chests: the left has 
            gold, the center has a Bless Potion wand, and the right has a 
            Stamina Potion. 
            W, fall down, Form a stack against the block on the west wall and 
            use it to jump up onto the block, and then onto the platform. Get 
            sack, stamina potion, get key, fall down, get stack, unlock lock, W, 
            S, insert the triangle, square, and sphere gems you found. E, jump 
            over the spikes three times [they reposition, so be carefull]. E. 
            Get close to bars so that they open, and drop the bowl between them, 
            Get key, and then jump through the bars. E, N, drag an object over 
            to the western tapestry and touch it. Press button. Open chest, and 
            get chicken and gold. 
            N, press button, open chest, get gauntlet. E, get spike, key, open 
            chest, get gold, drag rack back, unlock lock, switch chain, W. 
            Insert spike into hole, S, S. You now have two options here: i) To 
            try and maneouvre the blob to push the orb through the bars 
            (possible, I think) ii) Use the saucepan that moved up and down to 
            get over the bars. Grab the teleporter [and if you did ii) and were 
            hit by the blob, drink the cure poison]. [teleport]. You might also 
            be able to get into the storeroom to the N, E. It contains a mouth 
            which should be feed the chicken you're carrying and the other meat 
            on the ground. Then go S, W, and get the teleporter. 
            Unlock lock. E, get the shields, position the sheilds in a line to 
            the north of the gem, throw switch, push the northernmost shield 
            until the gem is pushed all the way south to the wall. Run between 
            the walls to the south wall and get the gem. The walls should come 
            together as soon as you move aside or get the southern shield. 
            N, get poison, throw it at mouth, get gold and sack. S, E, push 
            platform north onto hole, throw switch three times, climb one of the 
            stairs, jump onto platform, push button. NE, get gem when flames go 
            up, S, NW, drop the bucket you got from the haunted room, form a 
            small stack to enable you to jump onto it, jump over bars when it's 
            high enough. Get sack and map spell, throw switch. [This room is not 
            necessary, but the map spell can help by mapping the level]. S. 
            S, S, S, press button, move onto central platform and get unlock 
            door and gem. Get onto platform when it passes southern end, press 
            west button, move back onto central platform on western end. Move 
            onto moving platform at northern side, and exit room to the north. 
            N, E, insert the three gems into the lock. D. 
            N, press button [teleport], W, get key, E, unlock lock, E, N, E, 
            drink shot shield potion, go get key, W, W, get shirikan, arm the 
            gauntlets, open chest, and get gold. E, N, W, get gold and lead 
            chest. Take one bag of gold at a time, inserting it into chest, 
            going E, E, opening up the chest and dropping the gold, and 
            returning for the next. When finished, go E, E again, unlock lock. 
            NW, put alcohol bottles in punch bowl to fill it [don't know if it 
            does anything worthwhile]. S, get the gold you dropped, NE, unlock 
            chest, get keys, drop gold on platform, press right skull and push 
            the glowing teleporter off the table [it's the evil one]. Push the 
            left skull. Get the teleporter. [teleport]. 
            W, S, S, go through West opening you uncovered. N. [You're now 
            entering the maze. Where a direction is given where the door is 
            locked, unlock it with the Unlock Door scroll. For those rooms with 
            a spout in it, take a position on the opposite side of the room from 
            the door to unlock, and a little to the side, so the spell can hit 
            the door]. N, N, W, W, W, N, S, E, S, S. N, N, W, N, flip switch, 
            get sack, unlock lock, S, E, S, S, W, flip switch, get stamina 
            potion, E, N, N, E, E, N, flip switch. 
            W, S, get teleporter [teleport], W, get gem, W, S, W, W, N, W, S, W, 
            W, N, E, [all your magic/weapons disappear], put Axel's urn onto the 
            empty pedestal, put gem on empty pedestal, get gems and drop them in 
            hole, drop teleporters in hole. E, flip switch until light is black, 
            attempt to leave the room. 
            That's it for this level. I can't remember which room the 'Long lost 
            room which gives untold wealth and knowledge is', so you can explore 
            the level if you want and try to find it.
            Level 3
            Go S, avoid the hole, then E. Jump up underneath the lever to open 
            the bars. Stand between the bars until they attempt to close, and 
            the gap will stay open large enough for you to pass through. Go D, 
            and get the throwing rocks under the stairs, then go U, W. Flip the 
            switch to lift the bar. You can either go [S, N and grab the key 
            before the spiders take up position again] or [let the spiders hit 
            you and get both key and the shirikan]. 
            Go S. You might be able to kill the spider, but don't waste too many 
            stones on him, and don't worry if he hits you. Use your key on the 
            lock, then S. Open the chest and get the Dispel Trap scroll and the 
            Stamina potion. 
            Go S, get the candle and key, and touch the guy on the throne. Go N, 
            N, N, E, D, N, and use the key on the lock. S, U, W, S, S, press the 
            lever, and fall through the hole. Get the crown, open the chest, get 
            the confusion spell, and use the key on the lock. S, then return to 
            the old guy and give him the crown. 
            Get the key, N, E, and follow the center path across the screen. Use 
            the key on the lock, E, E, E. Jump over the two balls, E. Take the 
            bottom left door west, get the broken handle, E, N. Pick up the 
            unknown potion (stamina), W, W, open the chest and get the key, E, 
            N, W, throw the bottom left-hand switch and take the SW door. Pick 
            up the bottle with the key in it, drink it, pick up the key, and 
            wait around until the alcohol wears off. N, throw the switch again, 
            S, pick up the candle, N. 
            Unlock the chest, and pick up the two candles. Use the handle on the 
            north-eastern switch slot, and then press it. [From here there is 
            another room to the south with a switch. Pressing it will either 
            give you gold or start shirikans flying at you and locks off the 
            other exit; you can take your cahnces if you wish]. E, E, middle W, 
            press each of the two buttons a few times, S, E, pick up the chest, 
            press the button to receive a gem [if you've pressed the other 2 
            buttons proply]. W. 
            You should notice a chest in the room. You can only get it by one of 
            two methods [i. I haven't worked out the proper way; may have 
            something to do with the candles] [ii. Stack two candles with your 
            throwing sack on top just beside the western bars (you'll need to 
            form a second smaller stack of a candle to stand on to get the high 
            enough to drop the sack on the candles). From the second stack 
            (candle) jump up onto the throwing sack and then over the bars]. 
            Cast dispel on the chest, then open it and get the money and the 
            ring, then drop the chest you found and open it, get the key. W, S, 
            E, E, use a key on the lock, N, W, N, W, E, E, SW, S, get your 
            candles/throwing bag, E, N, S. Pick up the herb bowl, and unlock the 
            lock. S. Return to the guy and put the herbs in the cauldron. 
            Pick up the key. N, N, N, E, NW, N, unlock the lock, W. Get as many 
            of the floating coins as you can, and when the falling scale nears 
            the bottom, jump on the floor switch in the middle of the room 
            several times to raise it again, and then get the rest of the coins. 
            Get the two gems. 
            W, jump over the spikes, and place the three gems before the button 
            on the plank the ball is rolling on. Flip the switch, and the ball 
            will roll into the hole, and the spikes will disappear. Get the 
            three gems, flip the switch, W. 
            Pick up the roast, S, S. Pick up the key under the bowl. Move aside 
            all the barrels, and flip the switch. N, E, pick up the rock, the 
            boars head, and the raw meat from in the barrel. W, N, drop the meat 
            on the oven, and then eat it when cooked. Pick up the key. S, E. 
            Push the two barrels together, and stack two candles on one of them. 
            Jump from one barrel onto the candles, and then from the candles 
            over the bars and into the center section. Get the key. Eat the boar 
            and you will be teleported. 
            W, W, S, E, pick up the candles, W, W. Open the chest, and pick up 
            the stamina potion, massacre orb, and token. Unlock the lock, S. 
            Open the chest. The red potion is super-fast, and the green potion 
            is something. Put the token in the slot, and pick up the two stamina 
            Stack some candles, and use them to jump up onto the top walkway. 
            Push the barrel off, and get the Nodos potion from inside it. Pick 
            up the candles, N. Drag chest underneath hole in wall, and use rock 
            on it. Line up barrel at eastern end of room and flip switch to 
            break barrel. Repeat several times until all barrels are broken, and 
            their contents picked up. E, S, unlock the lock. Press the switch 
            behind the barrels (This causes the ball to appear in the room to 
            the west, not sure what is does; probably another way to knock down 
            the barrel). Return to the old guy and put the Nodos in the 
            Pick up the key, W, S, unlock the lock, W. Jump over spikes (A 
            stacked object may help here). W, W, wait in corner until falling 
            stones stop. Jump over floor switch. Look in barrel and pick up 
            throwing rocks, open chest, and pick up dispel scroll and strength 
            potion, E. Jump on floor switch, S. 
            Knock chest off platform, open it, and pick up diamond and shirikan. 
            Drop diamonds on each of the four holes. NE, wait for the rock to 
            break and pick up all of the rocks. S, drop a rock as far north on 
            the platfrom as possible (causing the spikes to appear at the wrong 
            place). At the southern end jump west to knock the switch. From the 
            top of the stairs jump back up onto the plaform, S. 
            S, flip the switch whilst on the platform, S, S, form a stack and 
            jump onto the plaform and get the key, Flip the switch and get out 
            of the way of the spikes. Upstairs is a room with some bags and 
            chests in it. Beware the shirikan. Its best to do a bit at a time, 
            say pick up a bag, and go downstairs, then come up again. 
            W, drop something into the hole (say a casket you've picked up) 
            until you hit the switch. Drag chest under lock, and unlock lock. N, 
            and stand just by eastern door until bars drop. Then unlock the 
            chest, and pick up all the gold. E, cast confusion on the spiders, 
            E. Dispel chest, open it. pick up stuff, open chest, and pick up 
            strength and super-fast potion. Flip switch in barred area three 
            times, and then press the two northern switches, looking out for 
            falling rocks. 
            N, quickly get to the eastern side, and cover up the holes with 
            useless objects one at a time. Then flip each of the four switches 
            in an anti-clockwise order starting at the NE. W, flip bottom 
            switch, W. 
            Flip switch, unlock lock with key, N. Get onto platform, and at 
            northern end fall off. E. Flip switch and jump onto northern edge of 
            square. When it's risen, fall off to the east, E. Flip switch, N. 
            Form a pile against hole, blocking it. Jump over hole (jumping from 
            off an item can help) get the key, and jump back (jumping off a 
            useless item you can leave). S, open chest, get key. 
            N, form a stack (or use the one blocking the hole) to jump over 
            bars. Unlock lock and get handle. Form a second stack of items to 
            jump back. S, put handle in switch, flip it. N. Get items from first 
            stack, go into spike lane and flip switch which opens a passage, get 
            second pile. N, grab gold and small chests, untrap big chest and get 
            key from inside, throw switch, S (hurry before the spikes move). 
            W, put token in slot, W. Return to old guy (using key on the way to 
            get back out again). 
            Get key, E, S, E. Get key, open up Singel casket (from previous 
            miniquest/area) and get read magic scroll, E, N, look at shield and 
            get key, get skull when it shoots from hole, U, get candle and magic 
            missile wand, open chest, pick up wine, cast dispel on chest and 
            open it, pick up key, Cast read magic on unknown scroll and pick it 
            up (unlock chest). 
            D, S, unlock lock, E, cast unlock chest on chest, pick up key, gold, 
            and triangle, flip switch and jump onto plaform. In bedroom, get 
            gold coins, magic missile wand (from under armour), look at pillow 
            and put brass key in chest. Open chest and get iron key. D, W, S, 
            move close to creature on left and use massacre orb. Get key, unlock 
            lock, S, open chest, and get giant jump potion. 
            You then need to form the platforms into a staircase. The lever will 
            start and stop a platform, and the button will move the focus to the 
            next platform (when none are moving). Arrange them so the lowest is 
            at the far right, each higher platform being successively one 
            position to the left. Climb staircase. 
            Open big chest and get massacre spell and read language spell. Get 
            the handle and put the triangle on the impression, then get unlock 
            door wand. Get bejeweled casket. D, N, insert handle in northernmost 
            socket, flip it, E. 
            Here in the Eastmarch hall you need to first throw the switch 
            [closes a pit up the stairs] and offer the ramskull, the wine, the 
            black book, jeweled casket. I don't know how to do it. They must 
            disappear; I've had some luck by throwing one at a time at the 
            spikes. You'll need to experiment to find it. I can't remember how 
            it did it when I originally found the solution.
            Level 4
            Get sack, open chest, and get all, then walk around room clockwise, 
            pressing each of the floor buttons until a wand appears, get it. W, 
            unlock door with wand, W, open chest, get dispel evil spell, S, open 
            chest, get key [and chicken if you want, for use in making stacks, 
            NOT for eating], N, W, unlock lock, N, examine pillow, get casket, 
            flip switch, W, look at right-hand bush, get key, unlock chest, get 
            scroll and wine, look at wall-hanging then press button. 
            E, S, E, S, W, get ram skull & tear potion, open chest and get 
            bombs, place a bomb next to door-shaped wall area and blow it up. W, 
            avoid pit, S, put wine on altar, open small chest, and get it and 
            the key. Use Unlock spell on big chest, and get all. Drop Finvar's 
            recharging chest, and insert the bless potion spell into it. Open 
            the chest, and get the charged spell. 
            N, E, E, N, W, W, drink super-fast potion, jump over pit [if you're 
            close enough to the edge, you will also jump over the spikes. If you 
            land on the spikes just quickly jump off], cast unlock on door, W, 
            get candle, examine pillow, get shirikan, open hidden-wall panel, 
            get key, flip both switches, cast unlock on N & E door. N, drop tear 
            potion on key, get key, cast dispel trap on chest, open chest, get 
            book, cast bless potion on the potion and get it. S, E, jump over 
            pit, E, N, unlock lock, E, drop ram skull on altar and read black 
            book. Open small chest and get key and chest, unlock big chest, get 
            orbs, get candles. Press button on south side of altar [creates a 
            staircase in Trophy Room]. 
            W, S, E, S, W, W, S, go to altar, drink strength potion, pull altar 
            backwards until button is revealed completely. Jump over altar and 
            press button, then jump back and replace altar. W, N, blow up the 
            west wall, W, examine trophy & press button, E, E, examine trophy & 
            press button. 
            W, W, press trophy button, unlock lock when light is up. W, throw 
            switch, place two empty chest between the bars to prevent them 
            closing. Get gold and key, throw switch, W. 
            Look at oil lamp and press switch, open medium chest and get cure 
            poison potion, oil flask, and magic missile wand. Cast dispel trap 
            on large chest, look at pillow and get key, and open chest, get 
            shirikan and gold. Blow up the wall where the tapestry was, using 
            the two remaining bombs. W, avoid the demon's shots until he pauses, 
            then cast dispel evil and kill him with a shirikan. Jump over pit, 
            and you can pick up the bag if you want, which extends your backpack 
            (but costs 1000 gold to do so). cast unlock on door, jump over pit, 
            E, E, E, E, N, W, W, W, N, unlock lock, W, put candle on circle 
            (avoiding shots), kill it with magic missiles. [A candle dropped can 
            block the demons bolts while you do it]. S, S, S, flip switch until 
            barred section lines up with opening, S, S, S, E, examine jars and 
            pick up the key and bowl, W, S, drop a candle before the first stake 
            to jump up onto it. Place a candle at the wall edge of the stake 
            (you'll probably have to move back a bit), jump onto it, and up onto 
            the second stake, get the key, fall off and retrieve both candles. 
            cast unlock on NW door, NW, drop bowl beside pump and fill it with 
            S, N, E, E, read book, and get unlock chest spell. Throw switch, 
            cast unlock on west door, W, W, N, N, cast unlock on chest and get 
            rocks and dispel trap spell. S, drop full bowl on the trough, S, S, 
            NW, cast dispel trap on chest and open it. Get key, wand, stamina 
            potion, mind blast orb, then examine the cheeses and eat the 
            wholesome one, get the gold. S, N, N, unlock lock, E, put oil flask 
            under tap, turn on tap to fill it. Get flask. W, S, E, drop flask on 
            fire, then pick up the key when the rock crashes. 
            W, W, S, move as far back on top step as you can and cast unlock on 
            door [casting wont work if you're too close to the door]. S, unlock 
            lock, get unknown potion [giant jump]. A few of your potions will be 
            bad by now: most likely your original giant jump and super-fast 
            potion. You can drop them now. Pick up ball, S, drop a candle 
            quickly on the northern half of the passage to block the demon's 
            bolts, and push it close to the circle. When the demon pauses, push 
            it onto the circle to weakon him, and drop another one to block his 
            bolts. Then push it close to him and cast some magic missiles to 
            destroy him. Get key, S, cast dispel trap on chest, open it, cast 
            dispel trap on chest, then unlock chest on it. Cast dispel trap on 
            chest, open it, get it and orange key, flip switch. 
            N, E, unlock lock, S, flip switch, E. You'll find that some of the 
            blocks are draggable. You'll go on the open side and drag the block 
            half-way, then jump out and fall into the new gap and push the block 
            the rest of the way. Moving a few of the blocks will clear the door 
            area. You'll have to hurry on the last one, since it will soon move 
            back. [It'll disappear when you've gone through the N door once]. N, 
            climb steps, drink giant jump and jump onto platform. Get immortal 
            potion and tokens, throw switch, S, W, throw switch, E, N, throw 
            switch, E. 
            Drop candle near southern spikes, jump onto it, and over spikes. 
            Throw switch. get the candle, and put it near the northern spikes. 
            Jump over, and throw switch. S. Open chest, get book and key. You 
            then need to move the tiles to spell 'Dianos' from left to right. Do 
            this by first pushing titles down, and moving 'I A N' to the left, 
            while finally moving
            'O S' to the right, and returning D to the top position to form:
            I A N O S 
            then push the D to the bottem, and slide the N, then A, then I into 
            the northern three positions, then push D up to the center tile, as 
            D O S 
            Push the 'D O S' titles to the far left, then drag the S, then the O 
            titles back to the right. Push the northern stack down by one, and 
            repeat the procedure for I, then A, then finally push the 'N O S' to 
            the left to spell 'D I A N O S'. The eastern door will unlock. 
            E, get the bottles, W, N, give the alkaline restorer bottle to the 
            thief, who'll give you some info. S, E, throw switch, N. Here there 
            is a gambling machines you can use your tokens on, by dropping them 
            on the holes. The southern one can give you gold, stamina potions, 
            and also a key. [it will break after it gives you the key; it 
            unlocks the door in the S, W, NW room which leads back into the room 
            which had four demons in it], the northern one can give you multiple 
            tokens, and the middle one can give you lots of tokens, but the 
            chance is smaller. 
            E, into the room with four pits. Fall down the western pit. You'll 
            need to throw the switch reasonably quickly. Do this by stacking two 
            bottles on the southern end of the chest [without moving it], and 
            making a diagonal jump from one corner of the chest onto it 
            [diagonal so the wall stops you from jumping right over it]. Throw 
            the switch and get back the bottles and the key. Open chest and get 
            the stuff. When the clock has completed three circuits, a lock 
            should appear on the northern wall. Quickly unlock it with the key 
            to raise the bars. N, get unknown [stamina] potion. E, N. In this 
            flame room wait around a bit [you wont get hit by the fire bolts as 
            long as you don't move into them; they won't appear on a position if 
            you stay still]. S, pick up the Unlock door wand, Bless potion, and 
            Mind Blast. S, S, S [teleport]. 
            E, S, N, give the potion which aids eternal rest to the thief. He'll 
            tell you about needing four gold keys in the main room. As you 
            recall you had one which you unlocked lock 1 with, and you should 
            currently have another gold key which you got from the room to the 
            south. Once the other two gold keys are found, the locks should be 
            unlocked in the order 1, 4, 3, 2 [you've done 1 already]. 
            Anyway, look at the thief to get a mind blast spell, S, E, N, E. 
            Fall in the northern pit and collect all the gold, and then follow 
            the route back to the four pit room again. Then fall down the 
            southern pit. Put some objects in front of the door to prevent roots 
            growing and blocking your escape, and then pick up the sacks as they 
            appear. Once finished, follow the root [heh heh] back to the four 
            pit room again. 
            E, E, run to the eastern side of the room [where the demons wont hit 
            you]. Cast dispel evil, and then hit the left one with a diagonally 
            thrown shirikan, and then the right one when it pauses between 
            shots. Cast unlock door on door, N, E. The symbols on the posts must 
            match the ones in the room two screens to the west. Do this by 
            pressing the levers in the order left, right, right, left. Press 
            button, E. Read the books to get info. W, W, W, press button, W, 
            open chest, get planet. E, E, N, E, drag chest to the fourth column 
            of squares on the wall from the left. Stand on chest and jump to 
            open hidden panel. Get the small moon. W, N, E, read books: one of 
            them (a book on marriages) has an unknown [unlock chest] spell, 
            examine tapestry and get key. 
            W, W, place candles in the center of the tiles which touch the 
            eastern door [this will block missiles which start]. Fall into 
            section get chest, and when bars rise, throw the switch, and drop an 
            object on tile which has changed to depress the switch [dont know 
            what it does]. Get the candles, and go E. Open chest and take the 
            two gold coins [DONT TAKE THE BRONZE COIN!]. Now would be a time to 
            drop a whole bunch of stuff you've been lugging around that you 
            don't need in one of the rooms, like spare Shirikans, Mind blast 
            spells, [you wont be needing weaponary again in this level], stamina 
            potions, etc. You can always come back for them. 
            W, W, open chest, and get the spells. Cast read magic on the unknown 
            scroll. Go back to the Adding machine room. One of the books in the 
            library told you four numbers: 29, 32, 16, 7. You've got to form 
            those totals using the four levels (where up is add, down is 
            subtract, and middle is nothing). Set the levels in each of the four 
            patterns to give the correct totals (U=up, D=down, N=neither):
            29: D U N U 32: D D U U
            16: U D D U 7: U D U N 
            W, cast unlock on chest, get planet, W, get planet, E, N. You should 
            have four planets by now, which must be placed on the correct poles 
            according the books on the planets scattered around. To do this, go 
            S, E, N, W, W, S to the upper room and drop the planets into the 
            following order:
            fiery-planet NW hole little moon E hole
            2-moon planet SW hole earth-like planet SE hole 
            Return to the Planetorium, and the four planets should be atop the 
            spikes, and the globe stopped spinning. Push the button in the 
            globe, and two hidden panels will reval the final two gold keys. 
            Return to Central Hall, either by the southern route or via the 
            northern door in the passage [make sure all the lone switches in 
            that area of the castle are down, and fiddle with the switch by the 
            door to open it]. Unlock the three locks in the order lock 4, lock 
            3, lock 2 to complete the level and be transported to the fifth, and 
            final level. 
            A few points unsolved sofar: the use (if any) of those four quartz 
            rocks I found earlier, getting into the room to the east of where 
            you entered the level, and the final cryptic message in a book: in 
            the North East tower the lever brings great rewards (might be the 
            room to the east of where you started which I haven't got into yet). 
            Level 5
            Pick up the marble, E, pick up the marble, step on oe of the small 
            tiles to make a skull appear, put marbles in skull, E, get two 
            potions on pedestals, E, flick first switch, second switch, stand in 
            very northern end of eastern end of passage to avoid getting hit by 
            the twirlys, then when they're moving to the left open the secret 
            panel behind the second block and get the potion. Keep trying E 
            until you get through. 
            Pick up emerald, E,