Conquests of the Longbow - The Legend of Robin Hood (e)

Andere Lösungen


denoted as LONGBOW) is the second game from designer Christy Marx. And I must 
say, she has outdone herself in this game. LONGBOW is a mixture of humor, 
intelligence, and most of all, just plain fun.

 One of the interesting aspects to LONGBOW is that there are five different 
endings to the game! During the game, you will determine Robin Hood's fate by 
the things that you do or don't do. You can be aggressive as you like and 
make Robin the outlaw that he is, or you can make Robin Hood a true hero.

 During the introduction to the game, you will learn that the goal of the 
LONGBOW is to raise enough ransom money to free King Richard from the evil 
King Leopold. To accomplish this you will need to complete quite a number of 
quests to raise your ransom amount. Since LONGBOW is such a large game, I have 
written this walkthru to take you just through the quickest (but solving all 
the puzzles) path to get to the endgame.

 There are many other things you can do besides just following this walkthru, 
like talking to many of the common folk, doing things out of the order that I 
mention, etc. I have designed this walkthru to just get you through the game 
and its most difficult parts, but if you follow it exactly, you will miss
a lot of the fun of the game. I encourage you to explore, or you will miss a 

 One last note before we start: LONGBOW does have a few bugs within it that 
may make the game more difficult (but not unplayable) for you to finish. Most 
of the bugs have been found and there are patches to fix them available in 
Sierra's forum here on CompuServe. The version of LONGBOW that I played was
V1.000, and this walkthru is based on this version.


 When you start LONGBOW, you will be in your cave home. The first thing you 
should take note of is three important numbers located at the top of the 
screen. On the left is the amount of ransom money you have obtained so far to 
free King Richard. In the center is the number of outlaws in your band (this 
number will increase or decrease depending on how you play the game). And the 
number on the right is your score so far.

 In your cave, there are a few things to get before you leave. First, search 
the money tin located at the bottom left for some pennies. Second, get your 
bow and arrow hanging on the peg. Leave the cave, and outside you will meet 
up with your merry men. After a bit of banter, Will and Little John will
depart with Will going to the archery range, and John heading towards the 

 We don't need to go to the archery range yet, so head west from the camp 
until you get to the overlook. John will meet you and then leave you to the 
watch. One note about the overlook: This is where many of the quests in 
LONGBOW start. By intercepting people walking along Waitling Street, you will 
get ideas about what you need to do next. If you are stuck in LONGBOW, you 
might want to head to the overlook to see if anything happens. I found that if 
nothing happens after about a minute of waiting, nothing ever will.

 With that said, wait here a bit, and you will soon see a peasant woman being 
chased down the street by one of the sheriff's men. Walk toward the street 
to intercept them. The sheriff's man (Jack) will demand that you let him pass. 
Talking to Jack doesn't do much, so I just shot him with the bow and arrow. 
The peasant woman will be eternally grateful to you, and she will come into 
play later in the game. For more points, give her some money before she 
leaves (one farthing will do).

 After she leaves, click on the map icon to get an overhead view of 
Nottinghamshire. On the map you will see an oak tree, the overlook, your 
hidden camp, a widow's hut, a willow grove, the town of Nottingham, and the 
Fen Monastery. To travel quickly throughout the game, simply click on one of 
these locations. I first traveled to the widow's hut. You will meet her and
her three sons. Talk to them to learn what they are up to. When you are 
finished talking, click on the map icon again, but this time you will 
automatically be taken to your campsite to a night scene.

 The night scenes in LONGBOW are very important. They will inform of what is 
happening in Nottinghamshire, and more than likely, you will learn what you 
should do next in the game. During this scene Robin imbibes a bit too much, 
and has to be put to bed by John. While asleep, Robin has a dream about 
Marian. At the end of the dream, Robin picks up half of an emerald heart that 
Marian dropped.


 When you awaken the next day, walk to the camp, and you will learn from Will 
that you need to talk to a cobbler in town (Lobb). Will tells you that you 
will need to bring a slipper to Lobb to prove who you are. Of course, you 
can't go into town dressed as an outlaw, so you also need to find a disguise.

 From the camp, click on the map icon, and go to the big oak. Go south one 
screen, travel east for a few screens and you will soon see Marian being 
accosted by one of the monks from the Fen Monastery. There isn't much time for 
talk here, so just shoot the monk. Marian is grateful to you for saving her, 
and it just so happens that she was looking for you. When she leaves, she will 
drop a slipper that you should pick up. Click on the map icon, and you will be 
automatically taken to the camp for a night scene.

 In camp, Will again stresses that you need to talk to Lobb soon because he 
has news that will help to free King Richard. You have the slipper to give to 
Lobb; now all you need is a disguise to get into town.

 The next day, walk out to camp, click on the map icon, and go to the 
overlook. Wait for bit, and you will see a peasant walking down Waitling 
Street. Intercept the peasant and start talking to him. You need his clothes, 
but he refuses to give them to you. To get the clothes off his back, give him 
one farthing in exchange for them. Now that you are in disguise, click on the 
map icon, and go to the town of Nottingham.

 On the Nottingham overview, there are four places you can go to: the castle, 
the pub, St. Mary's, and the cobbler. Here is a good spot to save your game 
before you venture into town in case you do something that gets you into 
trouble. Again, I would like to stress that you can (and should) explore the 
town and talk to everyone to learn more, but I will just tell you what you 
need to complete to get on with the game.

 Go to the cobbler's hut to talk to Lobb. He will not speak to you unless you 
give him the lady's slipper. Do so, and he will take you to a back room where 
he will tell you that there is a treasure of 50,000 marks that will be coming 
through Sherwood sometime soon. You will need to steal this money to raise 
the ransom for King Richard. Lobb will give you a silver comb that you will 
need to give to Lady Marian to prove to her that you have talked to Lobb.

 Leave Lobb's now, and leave Nottingham. You will be taken to a night scene, 
but not much is revealed that you don't already know.


 The next day, go into camp, click on the map icon, and go the Willow Grove. 
Marian is waiting for you, but she will not speak until you give her the 
silver comb. Do so, and she will tell you that she needs a scroll from the 
Fen Monastery. This will be one of your future quests. After Marian is 
through telling you what she needs, click on the map icon (don't forget to 
pick up your bow!), and go to the overlook.

 On the overlook, you will soon see another peasant being taken prisoner by 
another of the sheriff's men. Intercept them, and again, a sheriff's man 
(Hodges this time) will tell you to get lost or face the consequences. Talk 
some more to Hodges, and he will say that he will be able to kill the poacher 
before you can kill him. But, being Robin Hood the master archer, you will be 
able to take out Hodges with no problem. After Hodges is dead, talk to the 
poacher a bit, and before he leaves, give him a farthing, and he will also be 
eternally grateful to you. After the poacher leaves, you will be taken back to 
camp for a night scene.

 After waking up the next day, exit your cave and Much will talk to you for a 
bit about nothing of relevance. Click on the map icon and go to the widow's 
house. She will be there with Tuck, and she will tell you that her three sons 
have been taken prisoner in Nottingham. You graciously volunteer to save them
from the hangman's noose. Head to the overlook now, and you will see an abbey 
monk and a Fen monk on the street. Walk to the street to intercept them.

 When you walk to Waitling Street, you will either meet with either the 
abbey monk or the Fen monk. If you meet the abbey monk, continue from here.
But if you meet the Fen monk, skip to the next section of the walkthru (The 
Fen Monastery), complete that section, and then return here.

 On Waitling Street you will meet with an abbey monk who is terrified at 
the sight of you. Talking to him only reveals that he is pretty much of a 
wimp. Click on the action icon, and then click on the monk. He will think 
you are trying to harm him, and he will give up his robe to you. After a 
funny scene involving Tuck and the monk, you will be back out on Waitling 
Street again.

 Go back to Nottingham, this time going to the castle. Here you will see 
Hubert guarding the gate. Talk to him, and then give him three farthings to 
get into the castle. You will be allowed to talk to the widow's sons for a 
bit. Also while you are in the guard room, take note of the door leading east;
you will be using it soon. You will be led back out of the castle by the
guards. Now, go to St. Mary's abbey.

 Use the action icon on the door of the church to gain entrance. Once inside 
St. Mary's, you will be presented with an overhead view of the church. Use the 
look icon to see short descriptions of each section of the church, and use the 
walk icon to enter various parts of it. There are four places in the church 
that you will be able to enter and get a full screen view of. These are: the 
refectory, the Abbot's room, the laundry room, and the Chapel. Your first stop 
is the laundry room. In here get the three robes hanging on the north wall. 
That is all you need to do here; exit and go to the Chapel.

 On both sides of the altar you will see two doors that lead out. Take either 
door, and you will be in a hedge maze at the back of the church. You need to 
explore this maze until you find a path to the very back of the maze where you 
will see a door embedded into the hedges. Go through the door and you will be 
in the area where the Abbot burns women who he believes to be witches. There 
is nothing to be done here yet, so leave by using the action icon on the 
middle ring. It is very important that you find the fastest path possible 
from the Chapel to the back door: you will return here later in the game, and 
you will need to get to the back door as fast as possible. Exit the maze now,
and go to the refectory in the church.

 In the refectory, you will see the Abbot playing with a puzzle box. Talk to 
the Abbot, and he will want you to get him some more ale. He says you won't 
need the cask on the table in front of him, but take it anyway. Leave St. 
Mary's and go to the pub.

 In the pub you will see two people that you need to talk to -- the innkeeper 
and Harry, who is sitting at the Nine Men's Morris table. First, talk to the 
innkeeper, and then give him the cask you took from the church. He will 
replace it with a new one, and then tell you that you can take the short cut 
back to the church when you need to. Don't leave yet; instead talk to Harry.

 Harry will want to bet you on a game of Nine Men's Morris. He has an amethyst 
that he will wager against one farthing. Keep talking to Harry until he 
accepts your challenge. At the table, you can either give Harry a one 
farthing bet, or if you wait a while, he will play you without a wager. I 
recommend not betting on the first game you play: wait until you get the hang
of the game, and then play Harry for real.

 You need to beat Harry to win the amethyst. So, when you feel you are ready, 
give Harry a farthing, and play begins. There is not much I can do to help you 
win the game; you are on your own here. All I can recommend is to read the 
instructions in the manual, and try to use the strategy that I found very 
useful. The way I beat Harry in both practice and real games was to create a 
mill where I could move one of the three stones back and forth within the 
mill. Using this technique, I was finally able to beat Harry and get the 
amethyst. Good luck!

 After you have beaten Harry and gotten the amethyst from him, use the action 
icon on the barred door, and the innkeeper will let you in the back room. 
Along the east wall, you will see four barrels. If you use the action icon on 
the tap (not the barrel itself) of the second barrel from the top, you will 
find a secret passage out this room.

 You will now be in a sandstone cave with a passage to the left and to the 
right. Take the left exit first, and you will see a door. In the door, there 
is a small peephole; use the look icon to look through it. You are now 
looking into the guard room where you previously talked to the widow's sons 
through the dungeon door. After Giles and Robert have finished talking, 
backtrack through the cave and take the other passage. You will come to a 
opening in the rock that is covered by a tapestry. Use the action icon on the 
tapestry and you will be back in the refectory in St. Mary's. You can now use 
this secret passage whenever you want to from now on by using the action icon 
on the left side of the tapestry.

 The Abbot will want some wine, so give him the cask, and he will want you to 
drink with him. Before doing so, he will give the puzzle box to another monk 
to take back to his room. Sit in the chair next to the Abbot, and he will 
give you a drink. After taking the first drink, put the amethyst that you won 
from Harry in your mug. Now, just keep drinking until the Abbot passes out. 

 Leave the refectory and go to the Abbot's room on the east side of the church 
so you can get the puzzle box. It is hidden under the rightmost pillow on the 
Abbot's bed: use the action icon on the pillow to retrieve it. Go back to the 
refectory, and go back into the secret passage.

 Return to the guard room door, and look through the peephole again. Roger 
needs a drink in the worst way, but doesn't have enough money for one. He 
decides to hit on another prisoner for some money, and Giles will follow him.
When they have both left, open the guard door, and leave some coins on the 
table by using the money icon (I left four farthings). Go back through the 
door, the game will take over, and you will be looking through the peephole 
again. After a funny exchange between Roger and Giles, they will leave the 
room. Go into the guard room again, and open the trap door. To get the 
widow's sons out, try to give them the robes. Amazingly, you will be able to 
figure out that you can make a rope out of the robe cords. As soon as you 
have freed the sons, go back through the door, and then back into the back 
room of the pub.

 Sounds like someone is having a party in the pub, but since you are freeing 
some criminals (according to the sheriff), you have no time to join the fun. 
When the question about leaving is posed, answer AYE, the widow's sons 
will leave, and you will follow behind. Walk toward the door, but before 
you can leave, the Sheriff of Nottingham will ask for a blessing. Talk to him 
and you will give him a blessing that benefits him. Leave the pub now, and 
the game will take over, first going to the widow's house, where she is so 
grateful for your having saved her sons that she gives you a golden net; and, 
second, going to a night scene at your camp.


 The first thing to notice when you wake up the next day is that the monk's 
robe that you wore to free the widow's sons is laying on the ground. You can 
change into the monk's clothes at any time from this point on. Second, you now 
have 34 outlaws in your band since you freed the widow's three sons. Leave the 
cave, exchange some idle talk with John and Much, and head to the overlook.

 Almost immediately, you should see a Fen monk on the street. Walk toward the 
street to intercept him. Now, Fen monks are not real monks, they are soldiers 
who have sworn to protect Prince John so he can rule. Most are surly, and 
the one you are now confronting is no exception. After some talk, pull your 
bow on him. He will call you a coward and challenge you to a duel with a
quarterstaff. You can either accept or reject his challenge; however, you want 
to play. If you accept, you will call your merry men to get John's 
quarterstaff. Depending on how you have the arcade setting set, the monk will 
either be easy or very difficult to beat. After killing him, you will change 
into his clothes, and you are ready to head to the Fen Monastery.

 When you get to the Fen Monastery, walk toward it, and you will end up on 
the edge of a murky swamp. Look at your inventory now, and you will notice 
that you have a bag of stones and a reed whistle that you took from the Fen 
monk you killed. Use the whistle and a monk in a boat will appear. Get 
into the boat, and he will take you to the entrance to the monastery. Talk to 
the monk guarding the gate, and he will want you to prove to him that you are 
truly a Fen monk. First give him the whistle, and then the bag of stones. He 
will now ask you three riddles, all of which concern the stones. To answer 
the riddles, refer to the pages in the game manual where there are 
descriptions of each stone and what each one can do.

 When the monk asks the riddles, he will want you to point to three stones 
from the nine stones displayed. The riddles aren't all that difficult; you 
should be able to pick out the stones from the clues given by the monk, along 
with the stones' descriptions in the manual. After a riddle is answered
correctly, you can save your game before answering the next riddle, so you 
won't have to start all over again if you answer incorrectly.

 After you have completed the riddles, you will be allowed to enter the 
monastery. As with St. Mary's Abbey, you will be presented with an overhead 
view of the monastery. The main areas in the monastery are the torture 
chamber in the upper left tower, the stairs leading to a study in the lower 
right tower, and the refectory in the center. The rest of the monastery 
consists of monks' chambers (which are all dead ends), and the Prior's room.

 Start by entering the refectory where you will see and talk with the Prior. 
He will leave to go torture a prisoner in the torture chamber. Follow him 
there, and you will see a jester who has been strung up by the Prior. After 
talking with the Prior, he will leave, leaving you in charge of the jester. 
Use the action icon on the ropes on the back wall to let the jester down. You 
will then learn that he is, in fact, King Richard's court jester, and his name 
is Fulk.

 Fulk won't truly believe that you are NOT a Fen monk until you retrieve his 
verses from the Prior who took them from him. There is no way to talk him out 
of this, so exit the torture chamber, go up the stairs in the lower right 
tower, and enter the study. The Prior will be here, studying Fulk's verses. 
Ignore him for the moment, and look at the scroll case at the back of the 
room. You will be shown a bunch of scrolls, all of which you can look at and 
read if you like. The scroll that Marian spoke of is located at the bottom 
center of the case, get it before you leave the scroll case.

 Leave the scroll case and go back to the Prior. He doesn't want much to 
do with you, so use the action icon on his wine glass to get his attention. 
Being so clumsy, you manage to knock over the wine glass and get the Prior out 
of the room. Well, I guess that wasn't so clumsy, then, was it? Take Fulk's
verses, go back to the torture chamber, and give the verses to Fulk. He will 
now believe you are Robin Hood and he will show you a secret way out of 
the monastery.

 In this secret room, get in the boat and you will automatically go the gate. 
You can't lift the grate, and Fulk doesn't know how to get out. If you read 
the scrolls in the study, one gave you a clue how to get out: "Touch the face 
of wisdom ... Touch the face of hunger... And the fools tongue will be 
loosened." The faces over the grate are arranged like this:

  3   5
 2     6
 1     7

 To get out, touch (by using the action icon) in this order: Face 1, Face 5, 
then Face 3. The grate will open and you are free!

 You will be taken to shore where Fulk will give you his scroll and the Ring 
of Water. He also tells you that his verses will help you to unlock the 
puzzle box that you stole from the Abbot's room in St. Mary's. After Fulk 
leaves, you will be taken to a night scene at your camp, where you tell your 
men of your incredible, heroic deeds at the monastery.


 When you awake the next morning in your cave, you will notice that the Fen 
monk's robe is on the floor next the abbey robe. Walk outside to the camp, 
click on the map icon, and go to the willow grove.

 Marian will be there waiting for you. Talk to her a bit, and then give her 
the scroll that you took from the Fen Monastery. She will take the scroll and 
show you the Druid hand code. Don't worry about writing the hand code down, 
it is located in the LONGBOW manual. She will then tell you about three 
important tasks to complete. First, she will tell that you need to meet a 
scholar at the Nottingham Fair and show him a coat of arms. The coat of arms 
that she will tell you to show to the scholar is also located in the LONGBOW 
manual. Second, she will inform you about the Queen's knight who will be 
coming later in the game. And lastly, she will tell you to talk to the Green 
Man and answer his riddles to gain his help.

 After Marian has finished talking, leave her, and go to the oak tree. From 
the tree, go south one screen, and wait. After a few seconds, you will see a 
pixie running across the meadow. You need to capture him (her?, it?) with the 
golden net that the widow gave you. To capture the pixie, you need to throw 
the net in the pixie's path. You need to throw the net before him, not right 
on him. Don't worry if you miss the pixie: he will keep running past you until
you capture him.

 Once you have captured the pixie, he will take you to the big oak, and he 
will call the Green Man. The Green Man will appear from the oak tree, and he 
tells you that he will help you if you answer his riddles. He then merges 
back with the tree, waiting for your response. It is a good idea to save your 
game here, as the riddles that the Green Man poses are very difficult. When 
you are ready, talk to the portion of the tree that the Green Man disappeared 
into, and he will appear again.

 This time, he will turn you into a partial tree, and ask you three riddles. 
You need to answer the riddles in the Druid hand code that Marian gave you. 
One of the hardest parts about the riddles that I found was that if you made a 
mistake answering (e.g., pointing at "A" instead of "M"), there was no way to 
backspace over the bad character and retype the correct character. So, you 
must be very careful in answering the riddles. But the Green Man will give 
you three wrong guesses until he turns you into a full tree. Here are the 
riddles and answers that the Green Man will ask:

 Riddle 1: "Metal or bone I may be, many teeth I have and always bared, yet my 
bite harms no one, and ladies delight in my touch."

 Answer: COMB 

 Riddle 2: "I am the outstretched fingers that seize and hold the wind, wisdom 
flows from me in other hands, upon me are sweet dreams dreamt, my merest touch 
brings laughter."

 Answer: FEATHER

 Riddle 3: "My first master has four legs, my second master has two legs, my 
first I serve in life, my second I serve in death. Cure me and I live beyond 
my death. Tough I am, yet soft beside, 'gainst ladies' cheeks I oft reside."

 Answer: FUR 

 Riddle 4: "Golden treasures I contain, guarded by hundreds and thousands, 
stored in a labyrinth where no man walks, yet men come often to seize my gold, 
by smoke I am overcome and robbed, then left to build my treasure anew."

 Answer: HIVE

 Riddle 5: "I am a window, I am a lamp, I am clouded, I am shining, I am 
colored, set in white, I fill with water and overflow, I say much, but have no 

 Answer: EYE

 Riddle 6: "Not born but from a mother's body drawn, I hang until half of me 
is gone, I sleep in a cave until I grow old, then valued for my hardened 

 Answer: CHEESE

 Riddle 7: "I am the heart that does not beat; if cut, I bleed without blood, 
I can fly, but have no wings, I can float, but have no fins, I can sing, but 
have no mouth."

 Answer: WOOD

 Riddle 8: "I am two-faced but bear only one face, I have no legs but travel 
widely, men spill much blood over me, kings leave their imprint upon me, I 
have greatest power when given away, yet lust for me keeps me locked away."

 Answer: COIN

 Riddle 9: "High born, my touch is gentle, purest white is my lace, silent, 
silent is my kingdom, green is the color of my death."

 Answer: SNOW
 Whew! When you have finished with the riddles, the Green Man will tell you 
that you now have the ability to command the Druid trees when you are in 
trouble. Sounds like a good thing to have. Leave the Green Man now, and the 
game will take you to a night scene at your camp where again you boast of your 
heroic deeds. Is it just me, or does Robin sound like a bit of an egoist?


 When you arise the next morning, go to camp, and your merry men will be 
wanting to go to the Nottingham Fair. They will go off leaving you to find 
your own way to the fair, along with finding a disguise. Now, remember at the 
very start of the game, I mentioned that there was an archery range somewhere 
in Sherwood? Well, since you will be going to the fair and competing in the 
archery tournament, now would be a good time to practice your archery skills.

 To get to the archery range, walk north from camp until you hit it. You will 
see three targets hung on the trees, and you will also notice a flag which 
indicates in which direction the wind is blowing. To practice your archery 
skills, click the bow icon on any target. In the manual is a description of 
how to load and fire an arrow. You need to practice enough so that you can 
get all six arrows in the center target without missing one.

 Once you have mastered the bow, go to the overlook and wait until you see 
someone walking along the street. Intercept him, and you will find that he is 
a yeoman heading for the Nottingham Fair to compete in the archery tournament.
You need his outfit to disguise yourself so you can compete, so talk to the 
yeoman a bit, and then offer him some money for his clothes. The game will 
take over from here, and after some more talking, you will change into the 
yeoman's outfit and you are ready to head to the fair.

 Go to Nottingham now, and you will see a sign for the fair. Click on it, and 
you will enter the fair which is a bustle of people and activities! There is 
too much going on in the fair for me to tell you everything you can do. I 
encourage you to talk to the people at the fair as most have something to say, 
and there are some points to be made if you talk to the right people. I will 
just tell you what you need to do to continue with the game.

 The first thing to do is to find the scholar of whom Marian spoke. The 
scholars are easy to find: they are the only ones who are walking throughout 
the fairgrounds. When you find one, talk to him (or her) and he will show you 
a coat of arms from his book. Keep answering NAY until he shows you the right 
one that Marian told you about. If he doesn't have it, you will need to find 
another scholar who does: you may need to find two or three. Once the 
scholar has shown you the correct coat of arms, answer AYE, and then give 
him the Druid scroll. He will offer you some money; take it if you need it, 
and leave the scholar.

 The next thing to do in the fair is to head to the archery tournament to 
compete. Keep walking west in the fairgrounds until you get to the tournament 
site. The prize of the tournament is the golden arrow, which will increase 
your ransom amount if you manage to win it. Before starting the tournament,
save your game so you can start over in case you lose. To start the 
tournament, you need to pay Roger a penny, and you will then be allowed to 
practice. Click the bow icon on the center target and take your six practice 
shots. The tournament will begin, you will have to fire three arrows twice, 
and then one final arrow to win.

 Once you have won the tournament, you will be given the golden arrow by the 
sheriff, which increases your ransom amount by 10,000 marks. After this, you 
will be taken to a night scene in your camp, where you tell of the tournament 
to your merry men. John also mentions that you may need to steal some money 
from the sheriff himself to get more ransom money.


 When you wake the next day, go out to camp and Will will tell you that the 
forest sounds strange to him today. Go the widow's hut now, and she will tell 
you that the sheriff's men are searching Sherwood for you. You need to avoid 
the sheriff's men for the game to continue, so go to the big oak where you 
talked with the Green Man. If the next part seems a but confusing, I didn't 
quite understand why we had to do this either.

 Anyway, once you are at the oak tree, go east one screen, and north two 
screens. You will be in a grove of Druid trees: this is the place the Green 
Man told you about. To avoid and beat the sheriff's men, go east one screen 
and you should be told that the sheriff's men are crashing through the forest.
If it doesn't happen, go back to the Druid grove, and then back to the east 
until the game tells you that the sheriff's men are coming.

 When you hear the men, run to the Druid grove to the clearing in the center. 
Click the action icon on yourself to bring up the Druid hand code. Type out 
NION, which is the real name of the ancient Druids. You will then be turned 
into a tree, the sheriff's men will pass, and you will be safe.

 When you are back to your normal self, go to the overlook and wait. Soon, a 
jeweler will be walking by. Intercept him, talk to him a while, and click the 
action icon on him to see what he is carrying. You won't find much the first 
time, so click the action icon on him again. This time you will find some fake 
jewels that he was planning to sell to the sheriff's wife. After some more 
talk, you will change clothes with the jeweler, so you can sell the jewels to 
the sheriff's wife yourself. After everyone leaves, look at your inventory, 
click on the jeweler's rouge, and then use it on yourself to complete the 

 Off to Nottingham to sell the jewels. Go to the castle, talk to Hubert, and 
you will be taken to the sheriff and his wife. Talk to them both, and then 
give them the package that contains the fake jewels. The sheriff wife's will 
agree to buy them, but you will tell them both a very tall tale that convinces
them that there is a huge stash of jewels to be had if he gives you 5,000 
marks. The sheriff agrees, but wants more proof. Show him the half diamond 
(you need to show it to him twice) and he will be convinced.

 The next part of the game is all automated, and after it has finished, you 
will be 5,000 marks richer, and the sheriff will leave the forest buck naked 
to the world. You will then be taken to a night scene where Marian joins you. 
The important part of this scene tells you that you need to meet Marian the 
next day to get a password so you can prove who you are to the Queen's knight 
when he arrives.


 Before we continue, now is a good time to open the puzzle box that you took 
from the Abbot's room. Look at your inventory, and use the action icon on the 
box to look at it. You will see 12 different letters that, if pushed in the 
right order, will open the box. Leave the box for now, go back to your 
inventory, use the action icon on Fulk's scroll to open it, and use the look
icon to read it. When you get to the verses, write down the first character 
of the name of the person who said the first verse. Continue writing down the 
first character of each name (in the order they appear on the scroll) for all 
the other verses. You will now have a word like LIBERO (which was mine, but 
this is random). Go back to the puzzle box, push each letter in order, (e.g., 
"L," "I," "B," etc.), and the box will open, revealing the Ring of Fire 
inside. Put the ring on.

 After opening the box, go out to camp, and John will be waiting with some 
distressing news. It seems that the Abbot has decided that Marian is a witch, 
and he means to burn her at the stake. You, of course, can't let this happen:
you must save her! Use your horn to call your men to camp so you can come up 
with a plan to save Marian.

 After some discussion between you and your men, you are given an option 
window with the five different plans that your men came up with. You must 
choose the one that you think will best help to save Marian. I chose John's 
plan, but you may want to try others to see what happens. This section of the 
walkthru is based on choosing John's plan.

 After you have decided that John's plan is the one to use, you will be taken 
to Nottingham. Go to the pub, and keep talking to the bartender until he 
agrees to let you use the secret tunnels. Use the tunnels to get to the 
refectory in St. Mary's. Go to the chapel, and save your game here. Also, 
before you go into the maze area, make sure you are wearing the Ring of Fire.

 Enter the maze and take the quickest path that you previously took to 
get to the door at the back of the maze. You must be quick about it: too many 
wrong turns will result in the Abbot burning Marian before you can save her. 
Once you get to the door, open it, and the game will take over, and after all 
is said and done, you have saved Marian, and you will end up in the willow 
grove. Marian is pretty badly hurt though, so use the half diamond that you 
have on her. Your half and her half will merge, and the healing power 
contained within will save Marian.

 When she comes to, she will tell you the password that you will need to tell 
to the Queen's knight. This word is random (mine was LEIGE). After this, 
you will be taken to a night scene in camp, where more news about the 
impending arrival of the treasure will be discussed.


 Walk out to camp the next day, and Tuck will arrive with the news that the 
treasure train has finally arrived in Nottinghamshire. Call your men with 
your horn so you can come up with a plan for the best way to steal the 
treasure. They will all come up with different plans, and you need to choose 
the one that you think will be best. The best plan to choose is Tuck's: it 
will result in the capture of the 50,000 marks with no loss of men. But you 
should try some of the others to see what happens, especially try Much's plan, 
which is a riot! After gaining the treasure, you will be taken to a night 
scene where you are told that the Queen's knight will be coming soon.

 The next day, walk out to camp, and Will will tell you that the sheriff's men 
are again in the forest. As you did earlier in the game, you need to avoid 
them again before the game will continue. Do this exactly as you did before; I 
will repeat my solution again here:

 To avoid the sheriff's men, use the map icon and go to the oak tree. From 
the tree, go east one screen, and north two screens. You will be in a 
grove of Druid trees: this is the place the Green Man told you about. To 
avoid and beat the sheriff's men, go east one screen and you should be told 
that the sheriff's men are crashing through the forest. If it doesn't happen, 
go back to the Druid grove, and then back to the east until the game tells you 
that the sheriff's men are coming.

 When you hear the men, run to the Druid grove to the clearing in the center. 
Click the action icon on yourself to bring up the Druid hand code. Type out 
NION, which is the real name of the ancient Druids. You will then be turned 
into a tree, the sheriff's men will pass, and you are safe.

 When you are back to yourself again, go to the overlook, and you will see 
that your men have intercepted the Queen's knight. Walk to them, and talk to 
the knight. He will want your men to leave before he will talk. Your men will 
leave; keep talking to the knight, and you will soon find that he is not the 
real Queen's knight. You have to be quick here: when the icon turns into a 
bow, shoot the impostor before he can get you. When he is dead, search him, 
and you will find proof that he is not the Queen's knight. Use your horn to 
call your men so they can clean up the mess, go to the map icon, and you will 
be taken to a night scene at camp.


 Go out to camp the next morning, and Will will tell you that it is up to you 
to save the Queen's knight from the prisoner's tower in the Fen Monastery. 
Before you leave camp, put on the Ring of Water. Use the map icon and go 
to the monastery.

 When you arrive at the monastery, you will see a multitude of Will-o-th'-
Wisps floating above the swamp. Talk to any one of them, and they will bring 
you a boat. Get in the boat, and follow the Wisps to the prisoner's tower. Get 
out of the boat, and try to climb the vines. They will break under your 
weight. So, you need to use the Druid hand code and spell out the word GORT 
to get the vines to strengthen enough so you can climb them.

 Climb the vines until you see the window. Go into the window to meet the 
Queen's knight. He won't trust you until you give him the password that 
Marian gave you (using the Druid hand code). After the knight believes you 
are trustworthy, you'll be put into an arcade sequence in which you must avoid 
the monks' rocks.

 When you have won or bypassed the arcade sequence, the knight will leave with 
all of the ransom money you have accumulated to free King Richard. The last 
part of the game is all automated, and the endgame sequence that you will see 
depends on how you have played the game. Personally, I was taken to trial by 
King Richard, was acquitted, and finally married the Maid Marian. There are 
four other endgame sequences, so you may see something different. That's it 
for Robin in this game. Perhaps we will see him in another story!

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This walkthru is copyright (c) 1992 by Christopher. All rights reserved.