Dead or Alive (e)

Andere Lösungen
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 13:53:16 +0900 (JST)

Dead or Alive FAQ v1.0 (PSX - Import)
by: Felix Wong

	This is a FAQ for the Japanese version of Dead or Alive.  All of
the things listed in this FAQ are for the Japanese version of the game; I
don't know if they're the same for the U.S. version.
        This FAQ doesn't include a move list; I figure there are enough
of those out there right now, anyway.  (And besides, every character has
more than 50 different moves...*wargh*)

(And one last thing - if anyone uses this online, please indicate that
 this particular FAQ was originally written by me.  Thanks!)


Extra Options 
	These are 7 options that are hidden when you first start playing
the game.  They are located under the Option menu, under the heading
"Extra Config".  I've copied them exactly as they appear in the game,
spelling errors and all.  :)
	All of these methods should work for the import version; they may
be the same for the U.S. version.  (I don't know for sure, though...)

1) Fighting Order		Default/Random/Manual	
   - to get this option:
	a) beat the game with any character on any setting
	b) game time counter passes 3:00:00

2) Safety Zone Size		Nothing/Normal/All
   - to get this option:
	a) beat Time Attack in under 5:00:00 at normal settings or harder
	b) game time counter passes 6:00:00

3) Danger Damage		No Damage/Small/Normal/Large/Critical	
   - to get this option:
	a) beat 10 characters or more in Survival Mode
	b) game time counter passes 9:00:00

4) Danger Bounce		No bound/Normal/High
   - to get this option:
	a) beat Kumite mode with 80% or higher win rate
	b) game time counter passes 12:00:00

5) Sysytem Voice        	Normal/Sakura/Wakana
   - to get Sakura's voice:
	a) play Kasumi (outside of Training mode) more than 100 times
	b) game time counter passes 15:00:00
   - to get Wakana's voice:
	a) get Ayane as a playable character
	b) game time counter passes 6:00:00 (???)

6) Extra Voice          provides extra voices for all characters
   - to get this option:
	in Training Mode, turn on the Command Mode option; if you 
	successfully complete all of the moves (i.e. they all turn
	yellow) for a character, than that character will be available
	in the Extra Voice option
   * thanks to for this one!

7) CG Gallery           allows you to see all background screens 
   - to get this option:
	obtain all of Ayane's costumes

Other Secrets

Fight Ayane:  defeat all characters before Raidou in under 6'

Get Raidou:  beat Tournament mode on default settings or harder with
	     all of the normal characters

Get Ayane:  get all costumes for all of the other characters


Extra Costumes
	These are really easy to get.  Just finish the game (at normal
difficulty or higher) to get a costume.  All normal characters start with 3
available costumes and have at least 2 more.  You get one extra costume for
a character each time you beat the game with the character.
	Costumes are listed in the order that you get them.  I tried to
describe them as clearly as possible.  :)

Kasumi					Lei-Fang
------					--------
Ninja (black)				Leather hotpants/top (red)
School girl (powder blue)		French maid (blue)
School girl (red)			French maid (red)
School girl (navy blue)			Normal outfit #2 (blue/yellow
Fuzzy bunny costume (pink)				  version)
Tomboy outfit 1 (cap, sports bra,	Sports bra, jeans (one leg cutoff)
		 cutoff overalls)	Swimsuit (two-piece)
Tomboy outfit 2 (cap, cutoff 		Chinese dress (red)
		 overalls)		Chinese dress (blue, sleeveless)
Gym clothes (red)			Nurse dress (pink)
Gym clothes (blue)			Nurse dress (white)
Swimsuit (one-piece)			Demoness costume (a la Morrigan)
Naughty angel costume

Tina					Zack
----					----
Cowboy outfit (pink/brown)		Tick's sidekick Arthur outfit
Cowboy outfit (white/black)		  (minus wings/eyes, only one
Catgirl (black lingerie)		   antenna) (white)
Catgirl (red lingerie)			Tick's sidekick Arthur outfit
Cavegirl (white)			  (yellow)
Cavegirl (yellow)
Meter maid (navy blue)			Hayabusa
Meter maid (charcoal)			--------
Swimsuit (one-piece)			Ninja outfit (no mask, blue/white)
Playboy bunny (black)			Ninja outfit (no mask, rust/white)
Playboy bunny (red)

Bayman                                  Jann-Lee
------                                  --------
Wetsuit & scuba gear (black/purple)     Business suit (sans coat)
Wetsuit & scuba gear (yellow)           Classy leisure suit (white)

Bass                                    Gen-Fu
----                                    ------ 
Normal outfit (black)                   Aloha shirt (yellow/orange) + shorts
Normal outfit (fluorescent blue)        Aloha shirt (flourescent green/
                                                blue) + shorts

Ayane                                   Raidou
-----                                   ------
School uniform (red, leggings)          No extra costumes
School uniform (blue, no leggings)
School uniform (purple, leggings)
Dress similar to Costume #3
               (translucent, purple)
        ""     (translucent, pink, red)
        ""     (translucent, black/yellow/purple)
Swimsuit (blue, big pink bow)
Swimsuit (green, big yellow bow)
Swimsuit (black, big black bow)
VR body suit + helmet (black)
VR body suit + helmet (white)

Written: 3/17/98
Edited: 4/13/98
By: Felix Wong