Defcon 5 (e)

Andere Lösungen
Defcon 5 - How to Win!

Defcon 5 is different from every 32-bit game out there - and designed for
experienced game players.

A few things to note: 

1. IT IS NOT A 'DOOM' CLONE!!!!!!! (we got a couple of these comments from the
Q&A people at Sony US - it has a perspective similar to DOOM, but is a far
deeper game with a completely different object. The object of Defcon 5 is to
escape the defense station with the evidence you need to prove the attack on
the station was an "inside job."

2. The instruction manual for the game will help you navigate the VOS and get
the defense software installed - but the rest you have to figure out through
trial and error.

3. This may be the only game for the Playstation right now that takes up the
ENTIRE disk. Due to the massive amounts of computer artificial intelligence,
and the enormity of the complex where the game takes place, every speck of
space on the disk is filled.

4. Defcon 5 is a non-linear adventure. While many events happen at a
predetermined time, the order in which you collect the items you need to win
and escape is up to you. Furthermore, there are dozens of possible paths to
victory (or to defeat).

How to Play Defcon 5 (and WIN!)

What you need to win:

To escape MRP-6F and win (you can escape and get a losing ending - actually
there are a couple losing endings) you need to collect the following:

A. Robot PAD (personal access device) - can be found when you're in the Control
Room. Enter the area in the upper right hand corner of the Control Room and
you'll find the PAD at 12 o'clock - you'll have to go a step to the right first
to get around the wall.

B. Self Destruct PAD - You can find one of these on Level 7 Administration -
needed to set the self destruct timer before escaping the complex.

C. (2) Fighter Escort PADs - found at crash sites of ships you shoot down -
Some of the "green dot" crash sites will yield these (after the third attack
wave or so). Fighter Escorts protect your unarmed shuttle when you escape.

D. Security Upgrade - found at a "Yellow dot" crash site - upgrades your
security clearance and is the proof you need that this attack on MRP-6F was
engineered by the Tyron Corporation's Defense Department.

E. Shuttle PAD - found at the very first crash site (white dot) - the shuttle
that's shot down at the beginning of the game.

Also recommended: The Software Control PAD - found on level 6 Administration -
the area to the immediate right of the Control Room access door -allows you to
fine tune the defense software so it actually works properly (and defends the
space station).

Other Important Things to Note:

Every Berserker or Combat Droid that is destroyed in the complex pollutes the
area on the immediate level. Keep a close eye on the oxygen meter for each are
you explore - unbreathable air causes damage and eventually, death! You can
make unbreathable air in an area more breathable by opening doors to other
areas (such as elevators) and letting the cleaner air mix with the contaminated
air. Or you can send out your combat droids to do this for you. You can lock
doors in the complex - a great trick for trapping Berserkers so they can't
chase you. Go into any VOS terminal - Go to the Map Icon - by moving the cursor
over any door and pressing the Triangle button, you can lock the door. Wait
patiently for a Berserker or two to wander into a room on your level, then lock
the door behind them, trapping them. Know where there's an accessable LIMO
station. The LIMO is what takes you around the complex and most importantly, to
Hangar A when you're ready to escape. Sometimes LIMO stations get shut down due
to damage to the complex. Make sure you have a path for getting off the defense
station! Once you've collected everything you need, you need to go into the VOS
in the Control Room and set Self Destruct. Tyron Corporation protocol insists
that if a defense station is overrun by intruders, Self Destruct MUST be set
before leaving (so Tyron secrets don't fall into enemy hands). You will not be
allowed to leave if Self Destruct hasn't been activated.