Donkey Kong Country 3 (e)

Andere Lösungen
Donkey Kong Country 3
Dixie's Double Trouble
Hints & Tips
        Aye Carumba!
        Hints & Tips
        103% is the maximum percentage available from game play.
        When the game is over, you can keep the music playing (like you aren't 
        already sick of it?) by pressing the L,Y,X,A,B, and R buttons that 
        correspond to the blocks and tones. The blocks spell out G-A-M-E O-V-E-R 
        and the notes correspond like this:
        L = G block
        Y = A/M block (turned slightly sideways to show two letters)
        X = E block
        A = O block
        B = V block
        R = E/R block (turned slightly sideways to show two letters)
        Also if you keep pressing any one note rapidly the block will start 
        rising up to the top of the screen. If it gets too high, it drops back 
        If you quit playing with the notes for a few seconds, play time is over 
        and you go back to the main screen.
        Krematoa, The Lost World can be accessed by driving around the four 
        rocks on the map in a complete circle (clockwise or counter-clockwise 
        doesn't matter). If you go inside the rocks at any time you have to 
        start over.
        If you can collect 41 (that's one from every level including the Lost 
        World, Krematoa) DK coins, you can use them to buy a Gyrocopter from 
        Funky Kong. You need the Gyrocopter to get to some Bonus levels.
        Questions and comments from fellow players:
        "I've gotten though pretty much everything - before I found your page - 
        but I can't seem to defeat Knautilus. I get as far as the bolt coming 
        towards me but don't know what to do to not get killed from it. Do you 
        Great page, by the way."
        -Angie Hance 
        Angie offered some other helpful advice and a tip for beating Knautilus, 
        check it out.
        -Steve & Jake


        "Hi I did that erase code and dixie just laughs and it doesn't erase 
        your game.
        Also i can only get 40 DK coins. And your FAQ didn't say spesificly 
        where the last one was. Every level on my game has the little gold flag. 
        In your FAQ you said that there were 6 in Cotton Top Cove, is there 
        really because I can't find it if there is..."
        -Darwin Albert 
        "We have found your page a great help. You have helped us go have 52% to 
        somewhere in the70%. But one thing confuses us. At fish food level we 
        had 20 DK coins and we did At Squirt's Shadow you say we should have 21. 
        We didn't get one there and we can't figure out where it came from. We 
        need one more to go to Funky. Can you help us?" 
        -Eric W. & Ronda Anderson 
        "Hello, Thanks a lot for your very good tips and hints. It has not 
        helped me yet with the roll-jump that is necessary to get from one high 
        point to another (in Tidal Trouble, for instance), but I have used it a 
        lot. I wonder, though, if it is correct that one will get a DK coin at 
        the end of Squirt's Shadow? I have finished it several times without 
        getting a coin. Please let me know if I have missed something.
        Thanks again for a very good site!"
        -Bjorn P. Bergdahl 
        Yikes! We erroneously stated that 6coins were possible in Cotton-Top 
        Cove, this has been corrected to reflect a total of 5 possible DK coins 
        in Cotton-Top Cove. Sorry for any confusion this caused.
        -Steve & Jake


        "Do you know if there is a code for donkey kong country 2 or 3 to play 
        like in donkey kong country 1 when you put the code "bad buddy"."
        Camilo Cepeda 
        None that we know of - anyone else?
        -Steve & Jake


        "I have a theory for the water code....try it out on Tidal Trouble...
        It seems to make the play a bit faster on the water worlds, so you don't 
        have to paddle as much, and it is a bit easier to make Kiddie 
        skip...(but I still can't make him hit that bonus level! :( 
        Just thought you'd like to know :)"
        Thanks Kriss! Has anyone else tried this with the same results?
        -Steve & Jake


        "I have two things to say about [Donkey Kong Country 3]"
        First of all, my sister figured out how to know if you have gotten all 
        the and DK coins in each level. Once you have passed a level, a pink or 
        blue flag is raised. If it has a yellow triangle on it, then you have 
        gotten the DK coin. Please give credit to Samya Ahmed Osman for that 
        Second, I don't seem to understand the description of bonus barrels in 
        the level Swoopy Salvo. You only seem to talk about two bonuses, but I 
        have gotten them both and still the ! after the name is not displayed, 
        meaning there must be another bonus. If you find it, can you please send 
        and tell me where it is? 
        -Osman Ahmed Osman 
        Right you are Osman! The pink or blue flag is determined by who wins the 
        level for you (Kiddy=Blue, Dixie=Pink), and a gold flag is flown when 
        you've beaten the level and retrieved the DK coin.
        As for the bonus barrels in Swoopy Salvo, there are actually three (all 
        the levels in Krematoa have 3 bonus barrels). Angie Hance 
         reported that the 3rd barrel is difficult to 
        find but that she did find it - if you write to her maybe she'll share 
        it with us...? (We'd tell you but we haven't found it yet either!)
        -Steve & Jake


        Thanks to Joshua Steele (self-proclaimed "Nintendoaholic"), Angie Hance, 
        Darwin Albert, Eric W. & Ronda Anderson, Bjorn P. Bergdahl, Camilo 
        Cepeda, Osman Ahemd Osman, & Kristin M. Boyce for suggestions and input!
        Cheat Codes
        About the Bears
        About the Banana Birds
        Lake Orangatanga
        Kremwood Forest
        Cotton-Top Cove
        Razor Ridge
        Krematoa (the Lost World!)
        Lake Orangatanga
            Lakeside Limbo 
            Doorstop Dash 
            Tidal Trouble 
            Skidda's Row 
            Murky Mill 
            Belcha's Barn (Boss) 
        Kremwood Forest
            Barrel Shield Bust-Up 
            Riverside Race 
            Squeals on Wheels 
            Springin' Spiders 
            Bobbing Barrel Brawl 
            Arich's Hoard (secret) 
            Arich's Ambush (Boss) 
            Fire-Ball Frenzy 
            Demolition Drain-Pipe 
            Rip Saw Rage 
            Blazing Bazuka's 
            Low-G Labyrinth 
            Kaos Karnage 
        Cotton-Top Cove
            Bazza's Blockade 
            Rocket Barrel Ride 
            Kreeping Klasps 
            Tracker Barrel Trek 
            Fish Food 
            Squirt's Shadow (Boss) 
            Krevice Kreepers 
            Tearaway Toboggan 
            Barrel Drop Bounce 
            Krack-Shot Kroc 
            Lemguin Lunge 
            Bleak's House (Boss) 
        Razor Ridge
            Buzzer Barrage 
            Kong Fused Cliffs 
            Floodlit Fish 
            Pothole Panic 
            Ropey Rumpus 
            Barrus Barrier (Boss) 
        Kaos Kore
            Konveyor Rope Klash 
            Kreepy Caverns 
            Lightning Look-Out 
            Koindozer Klamber 
            Poisonous Pipeline 
            Kaos Kastle (Boss) 
            Stampede Sprint 
            Kriss Kross Kliffs 
            Tyrant Twin Tussle 
            Swoopy Salvo 
            Rocket Rush 
            the end! 
        Lakeside Limbo   
            Red balloons on top of first two shelters (have Kiddy throw Dixie up 
            After first DK barrel find crack in the planks, throw Kiddy up so he 
            lands on the crack (provides access to the barrel - stars, Bonus 
            DK coin after exiting previous barrel, underneath the ‘O’ (face the 
            lizard and throw the barrel provided over his head so it hits the 
            opposite wall and rolls into his back) 
            First shelter after the two lizards: invisible bear coins, one at 
            each end of the roof of the shelter (right before the save point). 
            Again, Kiddy throws Dixie up there. 
            Under ‘N’ go in the water to the right, swim past barrel, jump up in 
            empty space to the right of the barrel (invisible green balloon), 
            then back into Bonus Barrel · 
            After returning from Bonus level, get elephant and proceed to bird 
            with big red stomach. Use ‘Y’ button to get the barrel provided and 
            hit the bird with it (gives the ‘G’ to finish spelling Kong). 
            At the ‘No Elephant’ sign (red circle with slash through it) jump 
            off the left edge where the sign is with Dixie on Kiddy’s shoulders. 
            In mid-air throw Dixie up and slightly left (Blue balloon). 
            Shelter at end of the level, invisible banana bunch on roof and 
            inside (2 bunches)
            WARP: To the far left of the platform where the very 1st DK barrel 
            is. Put Dixie on Kiddy's shoulders and throw her up and to the left.
            you should now have: 1
        Doorstop Dash  
            After 2nd tractor door silver coin above. Put Dixie on Kiddy’s 
            shoulders, throw upwards to retrieve. 
            After the three green bees (2nd floor) go left past hanging rope to 
            a tractor door that is too high to jump into. Put Dixie on Kiddy’s 
            shoulders, throw upwards to grap the door opening handlebars. As 
            soon as the door is all the way open, use Dixie’s helicopter twirl 
            to go left through the open door. (Red balloon). 
            After red balloon, go left to Bonus barrel, collect 60 stars for 
            Bonus coin. 
            After elevator platform, jump continuously as you go down the ramp 
            towards the hanging rope on the left. (Red balloon somewhere in 
            Top of rope, go right. Pull handle and proceed through door to right 
            for Bonus barrel. (Find the coin) 
            After return from Bonus, silver coin (guarded by rat) above 
            After the ‘G’ is a jumping off point (to the right) in an ‘S’ 
            pattern. Use Dixie’s helicopter to slow your descent and pick up 
            bananas and a green balloon (towards the end)
            During descent keep your eyes peeled for a place to land on the 
            left. This is where you’ll get the DK coin. Pull handlebars to open 
            the tractor door. Face the lizard, throw the barrel provided through 
            the door (it will roll around, hit the wall and get the lizard in 
            the back). Continue your descent, veer right when possible to pick 
            up the green balloon. 
            WARP: After the 1st elevator, in the upper right corner of your 
            you should now have: 2
        Tidal Trouble  
            At beginning of level Put Dixie on Kiddy’s shoulders, throw upwards 
            to get barrel from roof of first shelter (needed to get the DK coin 
            which follows). · Throw barrel over lizard’s head, but not too high. 
            (It must ricochet off the adjacent wall and hit the lizard in the 
            Under the ‘O’ get in the water and head left to pick up Enguarde. 
            As Enguarde, go right to the Bonus barrel (Collect 30 stars). (NOTE: 
            You can kill the spiny if you attack him when he is fully opened, 
            otherwise you will be defeated. 
            After losing Enguarde head right, silver coin above green bee. 
            Switch to Dixie, swim under the bee and to the right (against the 
            current) and jump out of the water close by, using the helicopter 
            trick to get the coin. 
            After the extra tall platform (goes beyond the top of the screen) 
            are two ladybugs flying in place. Jump out of the water and on to 
            first one then the other to land on the platform to the right. · On 
            the platform, use the green running barrel to hit the fat red bird 
            (letter ‘N’ for Kong). 
            Tumble jump to the right to land on the next platform and Bonus 
            Right before pole at end of level, put Kiddy on Dixie’s shoulders 
            and throw him into the air so he lands on the crack to get Arrow 
            barrel (red balloon).
            WARP: Stay on the short fence in the water, before the platform 
            where there are two green Klasps (it has a low platform with a 
            running Klasp, then a high platform with nothing, then a low 
            platform with a running Klasp (the green barrels)). Put Dixie on 
            Kiddy's shoulders and throw her up and left .
            you should now have: 3
        Skidda’s Row
            House with DK barrel on top, guarded by alligator. Use barrel to 
            kill alligator, invisible bear coin in front of doorway. 
            Two crevices, big gully then Bonus barrel in the air at top of next 
            gully (dinosaur underneath). Kill four dinosaurs to get Bonus coin. 
            Pick up bear coin automatically on your way back! 
            To the right after first cabin following the save point, lizard with 
            DK coin. Throw barrel over his head to hit him in the back and get 
            the DK coin. 
            Next cabin with two dinosaurs runnng on top, kill both of them then 
            jump into Bonus barrel in the air to the right of the cabin roof. · 
            Bonus coin - just make it to the right; you don’t have to kill all 
            the baddies you encounter to get the coin. 
            To the right at the top of a gully is a ladybug in mid-air. Jump on 
            this ladybug to get a red balloon.
            WARP: Get on the the roof of the first cabin and stay to the far 
            left. Put Dixie on top of Kiddy's shoulders and throw her up and to 
            the left.
            you should now have: 4
        Murky Mill
            First elevator is fast! It ascends in an ‘S’ pattern. Collect 
            Rats that are not under a light may be killed by stomping on them; 
            rats in lighted areas must be killed with barrels. 
            First raised platform (dark area) jump off to the right (invisible 
            bear coin). 
            Couple of platforms over (left) is a platform with a light shining 
            on it and a single rat guarding it. After killing the rate with a 
            barrel, jump up in the light and pick up a green balloon. 
            To the left is a bouncing crocodile, you need to stomp him to get 
            the ‘O’ for Kong. Don’t kill him with a barrel. 
            Take a barrel with you when you go down the elevator platform from 
            here for the green bee at the bottom. 
            After save point, either kill the green bee with the barrel you 
            brought down or jump over the green bee, pick up the barrel and 
            return to the green bee and kill him. Jump on the hatch door he was 
            guarding to enter Bonus level. (Bonus coin) 
            At the bottom of the next platform elevator and to the right is the 
            DK coin. Pick up a barrel with the elephant’s trunk and throw 
            upwards (over the partition) to ricochet off the wall and hit the 
            lizard in the back. 
            Bottom of shaft with 4 red bees, invisible bear coin in lower right 
            ‘Y’ made of bananas with guarding rat. Use the ‘Y’ button to suck 
            the barrel across the floor and use it to kill the rat. 
            At bottom of next shaft, head left to invisible Bonus barrel, shoots 
            you up and left. At this platform, use ‘Y’ button to suck the barrel 
            across the gap (it will fall in and kill the green bee guarding). 
            Fall in the gap to get the Bonus barrel (Bonus coin). 
            After return from Bonus, pick up barrel and sneak it past red bee. 
            Kill the two rats in the spotlight. 
            Jump on bouncing crocs to get to the ‘G’ for ‘Kong’. 
            Get more barrels to kill two more rats before the ‘No Elephants’ 
            WARP: After the 1st elevator, it's in the upper left corner of your 
            you should now have: 5
        Belcha’s Barn (Boss)
            Use Kiddy to stomp the barrels that come out of Belcha’s mouth. 
            Stomp the barrel once to reveal the bug inside, and once more to 
            still the bug. The bug can then be picked up and put in Belcha’s 
            ITEM: Bonus coin.
        Kremwood Forest  
        Barrel Shield Bust-Up
            If you don’t want to warp to the end, go in the Bonus barrel to be 
            shot up and get a bear coin. 
            At top of this tree use TNT barrel to blast hole in left of tree. Go 
            outside and enter Bonus barrel (Find the coin) 
            After save point, just before top of rope, platform on right has 
            invisible bear coin.
            After the ‘N’ for ‘Kong’ go outside, stand on right branch. Put 
            Dixie on Kiddy’s shoulders, throw upwards and left to next branch. 
            Follow branches right then left to get to the DK coin (should be 
            visible on screen by now). Throw barrel in the entrance, it will 
            roll down and hit the lizard. Use TNT barrel to re-enter tree. 
            Top of next rope use TNT barrel to exit tree to the left. Go up the 
            branches as far as possible then enter the tree. Use Dixie’s 
            helicopter to go as far right as possible (you’ll go through two 
            trees) until you hit a Bonus barrel to the right. (Bonus coin).
            WARP: After two circling bees with banana bunch in center, go into 
            tree on right. Fall through hole and to the left for warp to end of 
            you should now have: 6
        Riverside Race
            Right after ‘K’ for K-O-N-G, jump on Sneek (the rat) and into the 
            air to get an invisible bear coin. In the first pool after Sneek 
            (the rat) and bear coin, use Kiddy’s tumble jump (roll, hit ‘B’ each 
            time you hit the water) to get to the opposite side of the pond. At 
            the top of this bluff is a Bonus barrel (Grab 15 Bananas) 
            Hint: If you swim across the top of the water you can usually avoid 
            the green fish. 
            Right after the save point tunnel emerge from the pond and jump on 
            the two ladybugs to the left to pick up a red balloon (the swarm 
            won’t hurt you after you during this time) 
            In the pool under the ‘N’ for K-O-N-G is an Invincibility Barrel. 
            Break the barrel and once invincible jump out of the water onto each 
            of the three red Buzz’s (bees) to get up to the opposite side of the 
            pond. At the top is a Bonus Barrel (Bash the Baddies). 
            Go left after returning from Bash the Baddies and you can use the 
            Invincibility barrel again, this time to go through the normal 
            Right after the ‘G’ for K-O-N-G, head right to throw the swarm off 
            course. Then head left, back towards the pond you just came out of. 
            Use Kiddy’s tumble to skip over the top of the pond and up onto the 
            opposing shore. At the top is the DK coin. 
            Special Hint: Complete the entire course in under 1:15 and get a 
            special bonus. (Don’t stop for any secrets or bonuses!). After 
            pulling the end of course flag a "New Record!" message will appear. 
            Later in the game, when you visit Brash’s Cabin, he’ll get really 
            mad because you broke his record. When he starts to pound on his 
            desk it will shake a log loose which will float down the river and 
            create a walkway to a secret cave where you can pick up an extra 
            banana bird. (You don't see any of this till you leave his cabin)
            WARP: In the top of the screen right above the center of the first 
            you should now have: 7
        Squeals on Wheels
            At the ‘O’ for K-O-N-G, go past it to the left. Defeat Sneek (the 
            rat) in the wheel and use the platform to get on top of the wheel 
            and onto the surface to the left. Enter a Bonus Barrel (Collect 20 
            Right after save point, defeat first Sneek (the rat) in wheel. 
            Standing on this wheel defeat the one above it. Put Dixie on Kiddy’s 
            shoulders, throw upwards to get on upper wheel, then onto surface to 
            the right. Enter Bonus Barrel (Grab 15 Bananas) 
            After next platform where two green Buzz’s (bees) circle a Sneek 
            (rat) wheel, go to platform on left and Put Dixie on Kiddy’s 
            shoulders, throw upwards to get on top of wheel then Put Dixie on 
            Kiddy’s shoulders, throw upwards again to get onto surface to the 
            right, for the DK coin. 
            Under Auto-Fire barrel go all the way to the left corner to get 
            invisible bananas. 
            After fallling through all the trap doors, find Parry (the Parallel 
            Bird). Once he’s free jump directly up to get an invisible bear 
            Have Parry (the Parallel Bird) run into the fat bird after the 
            invisible bear coin to get the ‘G’ for K-O-N-G. 
            Blue balloon when you finish the course with Parry (the parallel 
            bird) intact.
            WARP: After you open the first door by defeating Sneeks (the rats), 
            go through the door and use Kiddy to throw Dixie straight up.
            you should now have: 8
        Springing’ Spiders
            First tree, invisible bear coin is guarded by Bristles (the 
            Exit the tree right after the ‘K’ and drop between the branches and 
            to the left to get Squawks (the parrot). 
            Up and to the right is a trail of bananas. At the very top of this 
            trail go all the way in to the section to pick up two invisible bear 
            Bonus Barrel just outside of this area. (Grab 15 bananas). 
            Bear coin when you finish this section with Squawks (the parrot). 
            Right after save point jump over red Buzz (bee) (using Springin’ 
            Spider) and to the left find an invisible bear coin. 
            Enter the tree and go all the way into the first compartment to find 
            an invisible banana bunch. 
            Use the red Springin’ Spider that goes to the top of the tree to get 
            to the next platform. Don’t leave the tree yet! Put Dixie on Kiddy’s 
            shoulders, throw upwards to get to a higher platform inside the 
            tree. Switch to Dixie, have her throw the barrel provided out the 
            hole above (Up + ‘Y’) to get the DK coin (outside). 
            Use TNT barrel to get back into the tree. After the DK coin, switch 
            to Dixie and use the branches on the left to get to the top of the 
            next tree. Use the red Springin’ Spider to get to the top platform. 
            The ‘N’ for K-O-N-G is outside. 
            After getting the ‘N’ for K-O-N-G, use Dixie’s helicopter spin to 
            float to the left and pick up a red balloon. 
            Use TNT barrel to get back in the tree. First small platform on the 
            right has invisible bananas. 
            At the top of this tree (where the green Buzz (bee) is), go outside 
            between the trees and wait a minute for Swoopy (the woodpecker). He 
            will lodge his beak in a tree and you can jump on his body to get to 
            the higher branches to get the ‘G’ for K-O-N-G. 
            When you go into the tree afterwards, fall down and to the right for 
            a Bonus barrel (Grab 30 stars). 
            If you re-enter the space where the Bonus barrel is and fall left, 
            you will find an invisible bear coin.
            WARP: When you enter the first tree (where the 2nd Springin' Spider 
            is, go to the left wall of the tree and use Kiddy to throw Dixie 
            straight up into the warp barrel (it's invisible).
            you should now have: 9
        Bobbing Barrel Brawl 
            At the first DK barrel you find, throw upwards to hit the fat bird. 
            He’ll drop a TNT barrel on the red Buzz (bee) below him to reveal 
            the ‘K’. (Hint: If you miss with the barrel you can throw Dixie). 
            After the ‘O’ for K-O-N-G, stand on the floating metal barrel and 
            press Up+R to shoot the fat bird, who will drop another silver 
            barrel for you to stand on. 
            After the Auto-fire barrel puts you on the other side of one of the 
            ponds, have Ellie (the elephant) shoot the fat bird. A barrel will 
            drop on the red Buzz (bee) below and reveal a bonus barrel. (Find 
            the coin) 
            Hint for Bonus level: Throw the barrels upwards, not forward. This 
            will make them land closer to you. 
            After you defeat the two red Buzz’s (bees) with the TNT barrels, 
            don’t defeat the ladybug which follows! Jump on her to reach the 
            bear coin at the top of the screen. 
            DK coin is in plain sight after the two red Buzz’s (bees) under a 
            In the pond where a fat bird is surrounded by two circling green 
            Buzz’s (bees), shoot all three with Ellie’s (the elephant’s) trunk 
            to get another barrel to stand on. 
            In the next pond is a Bonus barrel, on the bottom of the pond. To 
            get it, go to the right and wait for two ladybugs to fly overhead. 
            Then jump on first one, then the other and land in the center of the 
            pond. You will land hard enough to enter the Bonus barrel (Grab 10 
            Pond with fat bird and one green Buzz (bee) circling, shoot both to 
            get another barrel to stand on. 
            Banana bunch if you finish the level with Ellie (the elephant).
            WARP: Right after you encounter the first red Buzz (bee) use Kiddy 
            to throw Dixie straight up.
            you should now have: 10
        Arich’s Hoard 
        (secret location formed by log bridge if you beat 1:15 in the Riverside 
        Race) Follow pattern of blinking gems with control pad:
        B = Yellow 
        A = Red 
        Y = Green 
        X = Blue 
        Arich’s Ambush (Boss) 
        When the spider is descending, make sure the barrel hits him in the head 
        (Dixie: hold barrel overhead, Kiddy: Throw upwards). 
        Hint: When Arich is shooting the lethal green pellets, hide in the lower 
        right hand corner of the screen and put your barrel down. 
        After you’ve defeated Arich, bring the patch (that white x-shaped thing) 
        to Funky Kong. In return he’ll upgrade your transportation to a hover 
        craft. Now you can skim over rocks and get to some places that were 
        inaccessible before. 
        Hint: This would also be a good time to spend some of those Bear coins. 
        Go to Bazaar’s General Store and purchase the shell (and the mirror if 
        you have enough). You can now trade Barnacle Bear (island in the middle 
        of Lake Orangatanga) for another banana bird. 
        Hint: Go to the beach just left of Funky’s Rentals (it’s blocked by 
        rocks, but you can now go over them!) Get another banana bird. 
        ITEM: Patch for the hover craft.
            Fire-Ball Frenzy
                Hint: The fireballs can’t hurt you once they bounce one time.
                Third bird over, invisible bear coin when you jump. 
                After save point, go right and jump to first platform on the 
                right (invisible bear coin). 
                After jumping on each platform (R-L-R-L-R) use Dixie’s 
                helicopter spin to go to the far left. (If you miss Put Dixie on 
                Kiddy’s shoulders, throw upwards to get on higher platform). 
                Float left to Bonus barrel (Bash the Baddies as Squitter (the 
                Bear coin for completing this section as Squitter (the spider). 
                Single banana above bird shooting three fireballs in a row. Put 
                Dixie on Kiddy’s shoulders, throw upwards (aim at the banana) to 
                get on platform to Bonus barrel. (Grab 15 bananas). 
                After the ‘N’ for K-O-N-G, take platform up (DK barrel on the 
                way) and head for platform on the right (DK coin).
                you should now have: 11
        Demolition Drain-Pipe 
            After ‘N’ for K-O-N-G, single large end caps (they look like big 
            trash cans) then two large pipe caps on either edge of a gap, the 
            gap directly after this has a Bonus barrel (Grab 20 stars). 
            At end of level flagpole go left to find DK coin. 
            After the ‘K’ for K-O-N-G, there are 5-6 green Buzz’s (bees), then a 
            couple of large pipe caps, then 4 Buzz’s (bees) positioned 
            low-high-low-high. Jump on the last (high) green Buzz (bee) to go to 
            a Bonus barrel (Bash the baddies).
            you should now have: 12
        Rip-Saw Rage 
            At doorway blocked by green bee, enter to get Bonus barrel using 
            barrel provided. (If you don’t have time to get the barrel, you may 
            have to sacrifice Dixie or Kiddy). (Find the Coin) 
            Exiting tree blocked by green bee, visible Bonus barrel. (Grab 15 
            bananas). (You are temporarily invincible during this one). 
            Method 1: At the top of the tree the saw stops. Koin (the lizard) is 
            visible in the top left hand corner of the screen). Put Dixie on 
            Kiddy’s shoulders, throw upwards to get on the next highest branch. 
            Throw a barrel from this higher branch to hit the lizard from behind 
            and get the DK coin.
            Method 2: Under the ‘G’ is a single banana. When you get to it this 
            banana turns into an auto-fire barrel and you become invincible. You 
            can then get the ‘G’ for K-O-N-G, a bunch of bananas and a barrel to 
            get the DK coin (top) with.
            you should now have: 13
        Blazing Bazukas 
            First rope at top of screen. Work your way left to get a DK barrel, 
            if needed. 
            Further left is an invisible bear coin. 
            Defeat Bazuka with TNT barrel provided to reveal hidden Squitter 
            (the spider) barrel. 
            Head right and start building webs where TNT barrel was, aim 
            upwards. At top of this space is a Bonus barrel (Find the coin) 
            Hint: You don’t need to defeat all of the Buzz’s (bees) to get the 
            After the ‘O’ for K-O-N-G, go left to the Auto-fire barrel and go up 
            and left (not all the way to the top platform; there is a lower 
            platform on the left. Use webs to get across the gap to where Bazuka 
            is shooting barrels. Switch the barrel above him to metal barrels. 
            Return to the right side of the gap (Koin (the lizard) should now be 
            below you. When Koin faces right the metal barrels will hit him in 
            the back and you can get the DK coin. 
            Use webs to climb to the upper platform, go left from the save point 
            to a barrel being circled by a green Buzz (bee). Switch the barrel 
            so it resembles a wood barrel (instead of a TNT barrel) After the 
            ‘G’ for K-O-N-G you are shot up through a series of barrels. At the 
            very top use Dixie’s helicopter spin to go to the far left for the 
            Bonus barrel (Find the coin).
            you should now have: 14
        Low-G Labyrinth 
            Right before the save point go left and up (over a stack of Buzz’s 
            (bees)) to the Bonus barrel. (Collect 80 stars). 
            Pick up barrel at bottom of shaft with three Buzz’s (bees) 
            criss-crossing. Wait in gap under stack of three Buzz’s (bees) for a 
            chance to go right. (Invisible bear coin at top of this stack) 
            Carry barrel up next shaft (pick up ‘N’ for K-O-N-G) and go left. 
            Use barrel to defeat Buzz (bee) guarding down shaft and go left to 
            Bonus barrel (Bash the baddies). 
            At left arrow (spelled out in bananas) go left and pick up metal 
            barrel. Carry up to Buzz (bee) guarding red balloon and visible bear 
            Pick up next wood barrel and go left to two Buzz’s (bees) going up 
            and down rapidly. Defeat one and go to "No Parrots" section to pick 
            up metal barrel. Use barrel to defeat Koin (the lizard) for DK coin. 
            After DK coin, go left and use metal barrel to remove green Buzz’s 
            (bees) from downward slanting shaft. At end of shaft are three bear 
            coins, bunch of bananas and an Invincibility Barrel. Go to right 
            (past where the re-appearing barrel is) and jump up into ceiling gap 
            guarded by two green Buzz’s (bees) to get ‘G’ for K-O-N-G.
            you should now have: 15
        Kaos Karnage (Boss)
            Jump on the boss’ propellers to get up to the head, stomp on it. 
            After 3 hits the head will detach to reveal a metal skull creature 
            inside. Now the robot will be after you (look out for the exhaust 
            flames!) and the head will occasionally shoot lasers at you. The 
            metal skull creature takes an additional 3 hits to defeat, for a 
            total of 6 hits required to defeat. 
            ITEM: Defeating this boss earns you one ski. When you have the other 
            one you can upgrade your transportation at Funky Kong’s shop.
            Hint: Before starting this world you can swim to the small beach at 
            the upper right hand corner of the first bay you enter. Solve the 
            puzzle and you’ll be rewarded with another banana bird.
        Cotton-Top Cove  
            Bazza’s Blockade 
                Between the ‘K’ and the ‘O’ for K-O-N-G go below the fast moving 
                barracuda’s for a Bonus barrel (Fnid the coin). 
                Right before the save point is an invisible bear coin. 
                After the save point to the lower right hand corner of the 
                screen is a depression in the coral that contains an invisible 
                bear coin. 
                Straight up from the bear coin a line of barracudas emerges from 
                the left. There is a space in the coral and if you can time it 
                just right you can dart in between the barracuda’s and go down 
                to a Bonus barrel. (Bash the baddies). Pick up Enguarde (the 
                swordfish) here. 
                When you return from the Bonus barrel go right and downward to a 
                passage blocked by a red fish. The ‘N’ for K-O-N-G is at the 
                After the DK barrel go down and left and notice a depression in 
                the coral above some barracuda. Use Enguarde to pierce Koco (the 
                clown fish) for an invisible bear coin. 
                Finish the level with Enguarde for the ‘G’ for K-O-N-G. 
                Before finishing the level with the flagpole, go all the way to 
                the right and retrieve the DK coin.
                you should now have: 16
            Rocket Barrel Ride 
                After first rocket barrel, go behind waterfall for bananas. Stay 
                in this barrel and jump out to the right for an invisible bear 
                coin. (Remember to aim back towards the barrel so you won’t drop 
                to the end of this waterfall!) 
                After a couple more barrels you’ll notice a line of bananas in 
                front of a waterfall to the right. At the beginning of this line 
                is an invisible barrel which will Auto-fire you through all the 
                bananas and you’ll pick up an invisible bear coin in the 
                Higher up there is a trail behind the waterfall with a line of 
                bananas on it. There is a banana missing in the middle. Jump up 
                here to get an invisible Auto-fire barrel and an invisible bear 
                After a Krumple (big blue crocodile) on the right is a single 
                banana. This is hiding an invisible bear coin. 
                Above the ‘O’ are two barrels. The one on the left can shoot you 
                over the green Buzz (bee) and onto two ladybugs and into a Bonus 
                barrel. (Collect 20 stars). 
                Barrel guarded by Krimp (pink crocodile) go behind waterfall 
                (trail is broken here) and jump across the gap, pick up an 
                invisible bear coin. 
                Where Auto-fire barrel connects two surfaces go right and pick 
                up Parry (the parallel bird). 
                Visible bear coin guarded by two Krumps (blue crocodiles). 
                Defeat both Krumps, get coin and continue right to pick up 
                invisible red balloon. 
                Blue balloon for finishing the level with Parry (the parallel 
                Right after the "No Birds" sign go right and out from behind the 
                waterfall. Near the lower ledge is a Bonus barrel. (Collect 60 
                At the end of the level, before the flagpole, pick up the metal 
                barrel and throw it (upwards) to the left while standing under 
                the Auto-fire barrel behind the waterfall. Immediately jump into 
                the Auto-fire barrel. You will beat the metal barrel to the 
                other side, causing Koin (the lizard) to look at you, and 
                allowing the barrel to hit him in the back. Retrieve the DK 
                you should now have: 17
            Kreeping Klasps
                First shelter at start of game, red balloon on top. Put Dixie on 
                Kiddy’s shoulders, throw upwards to retrieve. 
                After shelter and before Re-Koil (bouncing crocodile) is a crack 
                in the wharf. Use Dixie to throw Kiddy up in the air and land on 
                this crack for invisible Bonus barrel. (Bear coin) 
                Two green Buzz’s circling (partially off-screen). Jump up 
                between them into Bonus barrel. (Grab 15 bananas) 
                After Bonus level, defeat one Kobble (green crocodile) and go to 
                higher of two ropes for red balloon. (Top rope is guarded by 
                Klasp (exploding red barrel)). 
                Two ropes each guarded by a Klasp (exploding red barrel). 
                Beneath lower rope is a Bonus barrel. (Find the coin) 
                DK coin is at end of the level, just before the flagpole. Get 
                the metal barrel from inside the shelter at the far right.
                you should now have: 18
            Tracker Barrel Trek
                After tracker barrel behind waterfall, use Dixie to helicopter 
                spin from ledge to the far right into a Bonus barrel. 
                Tracker barrel right after save point shoots you into arrow 
                barrel and up onto ledge. After being shot up onto ledge, use 
                Dixie’s helicopter spin to float left and down, pick up blue 
                Right after the Ellie (the elephant) barrel, go left using 
                tracker barrel and find a Bonus barrel guarded by two green 
                Buzz’s (bees) (Bash the baddies). 
                If you finish the level with Ellie (the elephant) you are 
                rewarded with a metal barrel. This barrel doesn’t get replaced! 
                Don’t leave the screen and don’t waste it! You need it to get 
                the DK coin. Stand behind the waterfall and throw the barrel to 
                the left. You must keep the barrel on the screen at all times or 
                it will disappear. As it rolls back towards Koin (the lizard) 
                move to the right (keeping the barrel on screen) so he will face 
                you and the barrel will hit him in the back.
                you should now have: 19
        Fish Food 
            Hint: Make sure Nibbla (the chomping fish that follows you) always 
            gets plenty of fish to eat and never eats any Spiny fish. When he 
            turns red, you’re in trouble! Make sure you always take him near the 
            green or red fish. 
            Hint: The red fish turn Nibbla (the chomping fish that follows you) 
            all the way blue, the green ones don’t help as much. 
            Under first spiny, invisible bear coin. 
            Trail veers off to the right and is guarded by a Spiny. Go in here 
            (you’ll have to let Nibbla (the chomping fish that follows you) eat 
            the Spiny) for a Bonus barrel. (Grab 15 bananas) 
            Towards the end of the level there a number of narrow channels, each 
            guarded by a Spiny. The third one over (the first Spiny comes down 
            from the top, the second Spiny comes up from the bottom, the third 
            Spiny comes down from the top.) has a Bonus barrel (Bash the 
            baddies). Allow Nibbla (the chomping fish that follows you) to eat 
            the Spiny blocking the way.
            At the end of the level (In the cave) stand near the flagpole. Put 
            Dixie on Kiddy’s shoulders, throw upwards to land on the high ledge 
            to the left. Get DK coin from Koin (the lizard). 
            you should now have: 20
        Squirt’s Shadow (Boss) 
            Hint: The water spray Squirt shoots at you doesn’t hurt you, but it 
            can knock you off the cliffs. 
            Always make sure your water supply is full. 
            To get out of the way of the squirting water, just jump onto the 
            different levels and out of the way of the squirting stream. 
            To win, shoot Squirt in each of his eyes. 3 hits for each eye are 
            required to defeat Squirt. (You must hit they eyes one at a time; 
            you can’t shoot one eye three times then the other eye three times. 
            As you hit an eye it will close and you must aim for the open eye.) 
            ITEM: When you defeat him, you will be given a ski to match the one 
            you already have. 
            Hint: Now’s a good time to take the ski’s to Funky Kong so he’ll 
            upgrade your transportation. Now you can race up and over waterfalls 
            on the map! 
            Try it out! Go to the bay that’s to the left and above the starting 
            point (Funky’s Island). Race up to the waterfall and on into the bay 
            beyond. Go to Undercover Cove and retrieve another banana bird. 
        Krevice Kreepers
            At the very beginning, throw Dixie straight up to retrieve 3 bunches 
            of bananas.
            Top of channel where the ‘K’ is, up and left, invisible bunch of 
            Follow the trail and the first time you have to leave the rope and 
            walk on rock, head right and down to get a visible bear coin.
            Above this channel and to the left (next one to the left of where 
            the small log platforms start) is and Auto-fire barrel to the first 
            Bonus barrel. (Collect 30 stars).
            To the left of the 'O' (for K-O-N-G) is a metal barrel. Pick it up 
            and head left, you will use it to get the DK coin on the rock above 
            you. Throw the metal barrel straight up at the opposite end of the 
            ledge where Koin is standing. You must race it left to Koin and get 
            there in time to make Koin face you.
            Just right of where you threw the barrel up, invisible bear coin 
            (Use Kiddy to throw Dixie straight up).
            At the ‘N’ have Kiddy throw Dixie up and right to get to another 
            Bonus barrel. (Find the coin) (HINT: Look out for the green running 
            barrel at the top)
            you should now have: 21
        Tearaway Toboggan 
            At the very beginning, use the spinning barrel to shoot down and to 
            the left of the red Buzz (bee) that is underneath this barrel. (Bash 
            the Baddies) 
            Towards the end of the level (just past the ‘G’) is an arrow made of 
            bananas. Stay on the ground (as opposed to jumping on the roof of 
            the cabin) to hit the other Bonus barrel (Collect 50 stars) 
            At the far end of the level, past the flagpole is the DK coin. The 
            metal barrel is to the left at the top of a bluff, the DK coin is to 
            the right. (Put Dixie on Kiddy’s shoulders, throw upwards to get to 
            the top of the bluff)
            you should now have: 22
        Barrel Drop Bounce 
            At the first Auto-fire level, get blasted to the higher level and 
            use fDixie’s Helicopter spin to go to the far right for a metal 
            barrel and, lower down, the DK coin. (HINT: This one is tricky! Take 
            the barrel down to the next level (in between where you picked it up 
            and where Koin is) and throw it to the right. Once the barrel hits 
            the far wall (don’t let if off the screen!) you can run just ahead 
            of it to Koin. Go past Koin so the barrel will hit him in the back. 
            From the ‘K’ go left (using the floating barrels). Once on the left 
            ledge, use these barrels again to go to the far right for a Bonus 
            barrel (Grab 15 bananas). 
            After the ‘N’ go right (as Dixie) and use Helicopter spin to go to 
            the far right. Jump on a floating barrel and up into Bonus barrel. 
            (Find the coin) 
            The ‘G’ is at the end of the level (past the flagpole) as a fat red 
            bird. Use the barrel provided to get the ‘G’.
            you should now have: 23
        Krack-Shot Kroc 
            After first vat of pink lava look for a gap in the ceiling 
            structures. Use Squitter’s webs to climb up into this gap for a 
            Bonus barrel. (Grab 15 bananas) 
            A short ways after the ‘N’ and after several vats of the pink lava 
            (guarded by red bees), climb a channel and to the right you’ll see a 
            DK barrel at the top of the screen. Use Squitter’s webs to go up and 
            left to find another channel. At the top right of this channel (gap) 
            is a Bonus barrel (Bash the baddies) 
            After returning from the Bonus level go up and left to a shield. 
            Behind this shield is the ‘G’. 
            At the end of the level, just before the "No Spiders" sign is the DK 
            coin. Go past this sign to turn Squitter into a barrel.
            you should now have: 24
        Lemguin Lunge 
            At the beginning of the level, directly over the red bee, is the 
            first Bonus barrel. Put Dixie on Kiddy’s shoulders, throw upwards to 
            get in. (Find the coin) (HINT: If you stand in front of the bigger 
            pine tree at the very beginning of the level and throw Dixie up and 
            right you’d be in just about the right position to hit the barrel on 
            the first try). 
            Right after the ‘O’ you’ll find Koin. Pick up the metal barrel and 
            stand on his shield and throw the barrel to the left. Remain on his 
            head until the barrel comes back. 
            Just to the right of the ‘G’ is the other Bonus barrel. Go over the 
            cabin and with the Lemguins to the left to get it. (Collect 30 
            you should now have: 25
        Bleak’s House (Boss) 
            The boss takes 6 hits to defeat. 
            HINT: There’s a blue snowball marker on the left that indicates how 
            far your snowball range currently is. To switch between near and 
            far, use the up / down keys.
            HINT/ITEM: This would be a good time to give Barter Bear the mirror 
            you’ve been carrying around (if not, go buy it for 50 Bear coins and 
            bring it back here). He will trade you a wrench for it. 
            After you get the wrench, bring it to Funky Kong (nothing really 
            happens, he just promises "The Ultimate Ride" in exchange for some 
            more DK coins). 
        Razor Ridge
            Buzzer Barrage
                HINT: This level has a lot of Kopters. You can't kill them, so 
                avoid them!
                First fat red bird has a silver bear coin (drop a barrel on 
                Second fat red bird has the 'K' (drop a barrel on him).
                Right after the 'K' a Kopter blocks the way. Get past him to 
                where you see a red Buzz (bee) blocking a channel on the lower 
                part of the screen. Below the red Buzz is a green buzz. Use the 
                barrel on the right to defeat the green Buzz and head down to 
                the bottom of this channel for a Bonus barrel. (Bash the 
                Under the two red Buzz's (after the metal barrel) is a fat red 
                bird. Pick up the metal barrel and drop it so it rolls left onto 
                the bird for the 'O'.
                HINT:  Further on you'll have to descend a channel in between 
                two Kopters. At the bottom of this channel is a green Buzz 
                (bee), so look out! After this you'll find three Kopters and 
                then, FINALLY the save point.
                After the save point, drop metal barrel on the two green Buzz's 
                (bees) blocking the channel to the right. At the bottom of the 
                channel and left is the DK coin.
                Towards the end of the level are three green Buzz's (bees) one 
                on top of the other. Use a barrel to defeat the top Buzz and get 
                the 'G'.
                After the "No Parrots" sign , bounce on Kopter's head (the 
                yellow propeller thing) and continue to bounce till you get to 
                the second Bonus barrel. (Collect 40 stars)
                you should now have: 26
            Kong Fused Cliffs
                Hint: This one is hard! You climb ropes that burn like fuses, so 
                there's no going back. If you see something (like a barrel) take 
                it as soon as you can, you won't get a second chance. 
                Just above two circling Buzz's (the green bees) jump from one 
                rope to the right (only if you're Dixie!) and onto another. If 
                you're Kiddy, you can jump on the rock below the circling bees 
                and jump up and right to the Bonus barrel. A banana trail slopes 
                to the right, to a Bonus barrel. (Find the coin)
                Where there are three green Buzz's (bees) going back and forth, 
                use Dixie to follow a banana trail to the right for the second 
                Bonus barrel.
                Towards the end of the level at the end of the last rope, go to 
                the left onto a platfrom for the DK coin. Koin is inside a cave 
                (you can't see him) and you have to throw Dixie overhead to get 
                the metal barrel needed to defeat him. (The flagpole is at the 
                Hint: This would be a good time to go to Bjorn's Chairlifts to 
                give him the wrench; now you can get to Clifftop Cache and get 
                another banana bird.
                you should now have: 27
            Floodlit Fish
                Hint:  Get Enguarde (the swordfish) at the beginning (lower 
                right) and continue to stab the Koco's (clown fish) to light up 
                the scenery.
                There is a red and white Koco (clown fish) to the left right 
                after the first yellow and white Koco. Stab him for the 'K'.
                After the 'K' you descend a channel where first one, then 
                another red fish swims back and forth rapidly. (After the 4th 
                yellow and white Koco.) After the 2nd fish, descend and bear 
                right for the first Bonus barrel. (Collect 90 stars)
                Towards the end of the level, after the 'G', defeat two Spiny's 
                to get to the second Bonus barrel (visible at upper right of 
                screen). (Collect 40 stars)
                The DK coin is visible just before the flagpole at the end of 
                the level. Throw Dixie up and left to get the metal barrel 
                needed to defeat him.
                you should now have: 28
            Pothole Panic
                Hint: If you get right next to Kuchuka (the purple barrel that 
                throws bombs), he will throw his ammunition over your head.
                First fat red bird has the 'K.'
                After the save point, when you go into the water (to the right) 
                go left to get the 'N' with Ellie (the elephant).
                Above the 'N' is a Bonus barrel. (Collect 20 stars)
                Hint: Jump out of the water and press the 'X' button to jump off 
                of Ellie's back and into the barrel.
                At the end of the level just before the "No Spiders" sign, use 
                Squitter to build webs up to where Kuchuka is throwing bombs 
                (the purple barrel). Above Kuchuka is a Bonus barrel (Collect 15 
                The DK coin is on the ledge above the flagpole. You need Kiddy 
                and Dixie to get it; he has to throw her up on the ledge and 
                then to the left to get the metal barrel.
                you should now have: 29
            Ropey Rompus
                Get the TNT barrel under the 'K' and jump as far right as 
                possible. The TNT barrel will create an opening so you can go 
                through a tunnel to the first Bonus barrel. (Find the coin). You 
                don't have to get all the bananas to get this coin.
                You must pass the "No Parrots" sign with Parry (the parallel 
                bird) to get the 2nd barrel (right after the 'G'). (Grab 15 
                Towards the end of the level (before the 'G' and the flagpole) 
                there is a stationary red Buzz (bee) being circled by a green 
                one. To the left of this there are 3 green Buzz's (bees) in a 
                horizontal row on a rope. Fall down from the rope in between the 
                3 horizontal Buzz's to get the DK coin. 
                you should now have: 30
            Barrus Barrier (Boss)
                This one is hard! It is done in 3 stages:
                First step:
                Hit the green Spiny's so that they ricochet off the wall and hit 
                the pink Spiny's.
                Second step:
                The squid missiles only go in one direction - they follow you. 
                Attract them to the pink things and let them do the work for 
                Third (and final) step:
                When Barrus is fully open, stab him in the middle with Enguarde 
                (the swordfish). It takes 6 hits to defeat Barrus (not counting 
                steps 1 and 2.
                ITEM: For defeating this boss you get a Bonus coin.
        Kaos Kore
            Konveyor Rope Klash
                Where there's a Konveyor rope with two stationary Buzz's (bees) 
                and one who goes back and forth, with a banana trail on the 
                ground below, drop down off the rop for the first Bonus barrel 
                (Collect 30 stars)
                Just past halfway, on the rope where there are two Buzz's (green 
                bees) circling around three bananas, jump up and left at the 
                left side of the rope for a Bonus barrel (it's in the tree). 
                (Grab 15 bananas)
                Towards the end of the level the DK coin is visible just to the 
                left of the end of level flagpole.
                you should now have: 31
            Kreepy Caverns
                After the Ghost barrel that is between 2 red Buzz's (bees) go up 
                and to the right. Cartwheel jump left (to the opposite 
                ledge-works best with Dixie). Use Kiddy to throw Dixie up into 
                the first Bonus barrel (Collect 50 stars)
                After the save point at the top of the screen you'll see a green 
                Buzz. Use a barrel to defeat him, and throw Dixie up into an 
                Auto-fire barrel to get Squitter (the spider).
                Before going down at the 'N' (just before the "No Spiders" 
                sign), go up where you can see a single banana right beside a 
                Ghost barrel. Use Squitter to climb up this channel for the 
                second Bonus barrel. (Find the coin)
                Bear coin for finishing this section as Squitter (the spider).
                When you find a metal barrel directly under a Ghost barrel, you 
                are near the DK coin (It's to the right). You have to throw the 
                metal barrel up in the air (to make it roll slowly) then use the 
                Ghost barrel to shoot yourself over to Koin ahead of it (so you 
                can make him face away from the barrel)
                you should now have: 32
            Lightning Look-Out
                Hint: A smaller lightning flash preceeds the larger (lethal) 
                lightning flash. Now you can tell when it's coming!
                Small pond under the 'O', Bonus barrel at the bottom. (Bash the 
                The DK coin is visible under two fat red birds. Stand directly 
                under the first bird to make the lightning hit him. This will 
                drop a wooden barrel. Use the wooden barrel to hit the second 
                bird so it will drop a metal barrel, which you can use to get 
                the DK coin.
                After the save point, above three barrels you'll see a Bonus 
                you should now have: 33
            Koindozer Klamber
                Hint: This level is easier with Dixie in the lead. Try to use 
                the helicopter spin to land directly on top of the pink 
                Koindozer's (the pink lizards with shields).
                The first Bonus barrel is above the first Bazuka. (Collect 30 
                Right after the save point and past the 'N' another Bonus barrel 
                is hanging between a Koindozer (pink lizard with shield) and a 
                Re-Koil (bouncing alligator).
                To get the DK coin, you have to get to the Switch Barrel (use 
                the horizontal rope) and change the barrels to metal. Now you 
                can jump on the shooting barrels to get back to Koin for the DK 
                you should now have: 34
            Poisonous Pipeline
                Hint: While in the poisonous pink substance in the pipeline, 
                your controls will be reversed (left = righ and vice versa) - be 
                warned! (These directions are given according to the direction 
                you should really go, NOT according to the swapped controls! 
                i.e., if we say go right, go right on the screen, using whatever 
                button makes you go right)
                If it helps you, try turning the controls upside down to 
                compensate for the right/left switching. If it doesn't help you, 
                don't do it.
                The first Bonus barrel is after you've gone left for a while. 
                You'll see a fish swimming back and forth between two sea 
                urchins, behind them the barrel is visible.
                After the "No Swordfish" sign, you'll see two fish swimming from 
                left to right continuously, right after the Spinys. Go left  
                past three Spiny's (instead of going up) and down between two 
                Spiny's and you'll find the 2nd Bonus barrel. (Collect 30 stars)
                The DK coin is visible at the end of the level to the left of 
                the flagpole. 
                you should now have: 35
            Kaos Kastle (Boss)
                When you beat this one, don't be surprised if you get a glimpse 
                of an old friend. But good luck beating this guy, you'll need 
                Hint: When being chased by Kaos, set the barrel down and hunker 
                down to the ground.
                Use barrels on the right and left side of the screen to bounce 
                off the boss' head. The machine will go away to reveal Kaos at 
                the controls.
                Two blue handles drop at the top of the screen (right and left 
                sides again). Hang from these to drop barrels down for you to 
                Throw barrels at Kaos' jetpack to defeat him.
                Be careful when he pulls out his remote control! He will use it 
                to turn on an electric force field at the bottom of the screen. 
                Hang on to the blue handles for safety (there are three now) or 
                stand on the platform at the right or left of the screen (it 
                changes sides).
                ITEM: A bonus coin.
            "The Lost World" 
            Stampede Sprint
                Hint: Keep watching to the right - you're going to be running 
                through this level as Ellie (the elephant) and won't be able to 
                The first Bonus barrel is right above the cliff at the start of 
                the level. Have Kiddy throw Dixie up into it. You'll play this 
                one using Squawk.
                When you return from the first Bonus barrel you will still be 
                using Squawk. Go to the left to the second Bonus barrel 
                (partially hidden by leaves). You'll play this one using 
                If you can make it to the end of this level with Parry intact, 
                you get another Bonus barrel. I can't tell you what this one 
                does, because I haven't been able to do it yet! (Thanks to Don 
                Millar for this tip!)
                fMake it to the end of the level to get the DK coin, which is in 
                plain sight just beyong the end of level flagpole. 
                you should now have: 36
            Kris Kross Kliffs
                To the right of a DK barrel are two red Buzz's (bees). Behind 
                the Buzz's is a Bonus barrel.
                When you see three Re-Koils (bouncing alligators), go up and to 
                the right. Go to the far right and use Kiddie to throw Dixie up 
                into the Bonus barrel. 
                After the Bonus barrel fall down and to the right of the DK 
                you should now have: 37
            Tyrant Twin Tussle
                Right before the "No Spiders" sign use Kiddy to throw Dixie 
                straight up for a Bonus barrel.
                After the save point, just before the 'N' is another Bonus 
                At the end of the level get the single banana at the flagpole.
                The DK coin is just before the first Bonus barrel and is in 
                plain sight..
                you should now have: 38
            Swoopy Salvo
                Right after the 'K' enter the next tree and go down. When you 
                come out of the tree that has the bananas in a curved shape in 
                it, go upwards and enter the tree that has all the Swoopy's 
                (woodpeckers) coming out of it. In that tree are 2 red Buzz's 
                (red bees) circling a banana really fast. The banana is the 
                Bonus barrel! 
                Just past the save point go out of the tree and jump up and left 
                (using the Swoopy's) for the 2nd Bonus barrel.
                Right after the 2nd Bonus barrel you see a "No Parrot" sign. 
                Here you can get a metal barrel to defeat Koin (you can't miss 
                "Swoopy salvo is very difficult. I had trouble finding the third 
                bonus room but finally found it. Good luck."
                -Angie Hance
                you should now have: 39
            Rocket Rush
                The DK coin is at the end of the level at the flagpole in plain 
                you should now have: 40
                This is the time to use those DK coins to get your ride 
                upgraded! Take your stash to Funky Kong and see what you get...
            Knautilus (Boss)
                Nothing left to tell! Good luck!!!
                "I finally got it.... You have to leave the barrel on the ground 
                until the bolt of electricity hits it and disappears and then 
                you can pick it up." 
                -Angie Hance
            About the Banana Birds
            1. Kong Cave 
            Kong Cave is left of the Save Cave on the first (main) island (left 
            of Funky Kong)
            2. Bounty Beach 
            Bounty Beach faces Funky Kong's Rentals. It's on the other side of 
            the little inlet, just up from the entrance to Lake Orangatanga.
            3. Smuggler's Cove 
            In Lake Orangatanga head for Tidal Trouble, but go under the bridge 
            instead. The beach at the back of this small bay is Smuggler's Cove.
            4. Barnacle's Island 
            In the middle of Lake Orangatanga is Barnacle's Island. You can 
            trade Barnacle Bear a shell for the Banana Bird he has in a cage.
            5. Undercover Cove 
            You have to have the Turbo Ski to get to this one. (You get the 
            Turbo Ski after defeating Kaos Karnage (get one ski) and Squirt's 
            Shadow (get the other ski) and taking both skis to Funky Kong). 
            Undercover Cove is up and behind Kong Cave. (Use the 'Y' button to 
            race towards the waterfall, the Turbo Ski will go up and over and 
            take you to Undercover Cove).
            6. Arich's Hoard 
            Beat Brash Bear's time (1:15 - watch the timer in the lower right 
            hand corner) in the Riverside Race. Afterwards, visit Brash Bear, 
            who will get really mad that you've beat his record. He will start 
            pounding on the desk of his shop as you leave and the pounding will 
            keep up until he has dislodged a log, which will float down the 
            river and form a bridge from Bobbing Barrel Brawl to Arich's Hoard.
            7. Bounty Bay 
            At the beginning of Cotton-Top Cove, before you go into Bazza's 
            Blockade, go to the right instead. Bounty Bay is the small beach to 
            the right of the waterfall.
            8. Sky-High Secret 
            Go to Blizzard's Basecamp (in K3) and he'll give you a present. Take 
            it to Blue's Beachhut (in Cotton-Top cove), he'll unwrap the gift, 
            (a bowling ball) and give it back to you. Now take the bowling ball 
            to Bazooka's Barracks (on Mekanos) and give it to him. He'll use his 
            cannon to shoot you to the Sky High Secret. 
            9. Glacial Grotto 
            When you come out of Blizzard's Basecamp (on K3) go to theleft (it 
            doesn't look like you can, but you can). 
            10. Clifftop Cache 
            Go to Barter's Swap Shop (left of the entrance to K3) and give him 
            the mirror, he'll give you a wrench in return. Take the wrench to 
            Razor Ridge and give it to Bjorn (he's the 2nd bear in this level). 
            Bjorn will use the wrench to adjust his chairlift and you can then 
            have a ride to the Clifftop Cache.
            11. Bramble's Bungalow 
            Take a flower to Bramble's Bungalow and he will trade you for a 
            Banana Bird. 
            12. Sewer Stockpile 
            Swim around the 2 rocks in a figure-8 pattern, to reveal a sewer 
            pipe, inside is another banana bird.
            13. K's Kache 
            You'll need the Gyrocopter to get to this one. (Requires 41 DK coins 
            to purchase from Funky Kong.
            14. Hill Top Hoard 
            This one isn't very obvious because the name doesn't show up. Use 
            the Gyrocopter to get to the upper right hand corner of the main 
            map. Press the start button.
            15. Belcha's Burrow 
            This one is a little tricky. Use the Gyrocopter to go down from the 
            first Save Cave on the main map. When you can't go down any further, 
            press the start button. 
            About the Bears
            Bazaar's General Store
            Here you can buy a shell (2 Bonus coins) and a mirror (50 Bonus 
            coins). He also says he has some information for sale, but I didn't 
            find it to be very useful (Who owns the castle? (He doesn't know) 
            and how many caves are there? (13))
            Barnacle's Island 
            You can trade a this bear a shell for one of the Banana Birds.
            Blunders Booth
            'Accidentally' gives you tips to search near the rocks.
            Brash's Cabin 
            Throws a tantrum when you beat his time in the Riverside Race (1:15) 
            and pounds on the counter until he dislodges a log that forms a 
            bridge to Arich's Hoard and another Banana bird.
            Blue's Beach Hut 
            When you bring this bear the present from Blizzard's Basecamp, he'll 
            open it (it's a bowling ball) and give it back to you (to take to 
            Bazooka's Barracks).
            Bazooka's Barracks 
            Bazooka will use the bowling ball from Blue to shoot you up to 
            Sky-High Secret, where you can get another Banana bird.
            Bramble's Bungalow 
            When you've completed Razor Ridge you can walk up the path near 
            Bramble's Bungalow where you'll find a flower, which you can take to 
            Bramble. He'll give you another Banana bird. 
            Blizzard's Basecamp 
            Blizzard's Basecamp is above the Lemguin Lunge. When you leave 
            Lemguin Lunge press the 'up' key to get there (otherwise you'll go 
            along the regular path instead). Blizzard will ask you to take a 
            present to Blue (the bowling ball).
            Barter's Swap Shop
            Barter will trade you the mirror (50 Bonus coins, from Bazaar's 
            General Store) in exchange for a wrench. You'll need this wrench to 
            take to Bjorn's Chairlift.
            Benny's Chairlift
            When you defeat Buzzer's Barrage, you can use Benny's Chairlift to 
            get to the Kong-Fused Cliffs.
            Bjorn's Chairlift 
            When you give Bjorn the wrench he'll adjust his chairlift and allow 
            you to take it to where you can get another Banana bird.
            Baffle's Code Room 
            Go back to Barter bear and buy the mirror back again (it's only 10 
            bear coins now. Bring the mirror back to Baffle and he'll give you a 
            lame clue about a "figure." What he's trying to tell you is that you 
            need to do a figure-8 around the two rocks in the middle of Kaos 
            Kore to get to another Banana bird.
            Boomer charges 15 coins apiece to remove the obstacles in Krematoa 
            (the Lost World). Once the obstacles are removed you don't have to 
            pay every time.
            Cheat Codes:
            Press L,R,R,L,R,R,L,R,L,R on the Game-Select screen. From there, 
            select the following:
            LIVESStart the game with 50 lives
                            MUSICPerform a sound test
                            MERRYChanges the bonus levels to a Christmas theme.
                            (You get balls instead of stars, presents instead of 
                            bananas, etc.)
                            COLORChanges Dixie and Kiddy's clothes! Dixie's 
                            outfit changes to purple and Kiddy's changes to 
                            WATERCan't tell what this does yet.
                            HARDRSupposed to make the game harder, but I can't 
                            tell any difference...
                            TUFSTNo more saving your game at the halfway point!
                            ASAVEAutomatically saves your game every time you 
                            finish a level.
                            ERASEHaven't been brave enough to try this one yet! 
                            you try it and know what it does, let me know...
                            "I have tried this on copied games. It just erases 
                            the game that the code was done on." from: Dado, 
                            1/3/97 - thanks Dado!
        That's the end...Now PLAY NICE!