Donkey Kong Country 3 (e)

Andere Lösungen
________Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble (SNES) FAQ________
Complied by: VGW Man, 
Version 1.0 Finished 1/27/99

Hello, and welcome to VGW Man's Donkey Kong Country 3 FAQ.  Here I will give 
you just about everything you need to know, plus some comments on the side.  
Also, some things I might make up, partly because I don't know that part 
fully (like the story).  Now, on with the FAQ!


1. Version History
2. Story (My version on it)
3. Characters
4. Brothers' Bear
5. Controls
6. Items
7. Barrels of Fun
8. Worlds
8a.   The Lost World
9. Bosses
10. Banana Bird Locations
11. The Name Cheat
12. Copyright
13. Future Plans
14. Special Thanks

With all of that said and done, let's begin!
1. Version History

This is the first version of my DKC3 FAQ.  I think I have just about 
everything needed on this.  If I make any mistake, you have any comments, or 
any suggestions, please tell me at  It will help both me and 
you if I know what you want.
2.  Story:

	Donkey, Dixie, Diddy, Kiddy, and Funky Kong were having a celebration 
over their victory against King K. Rool.  It was a hard fought battle, but 
Diddy & Dixie rescued Donkey Kong from K. Rool.  However, not everyone was 
celebrating.  The one I'm talking about was Cranky Kong, the original Donkey 
	"I would have done a better job than you would, pipsqueak," Cranky said 
to Diddy.
	"Whoa there, Pops," Diddy said right back.  "I have found all of your 
hero coins.  I proved that I can be a hero."
	"So did I," said Dixie, Diddy's girlfriend.  "As a matter of fact, I 
have gotten some of those hero coins myself.  Both of us are heroes."
	"You said it, cousin," Kiddy came in.
	"Listen to the cool Kongs, dude," Funky radically told Cranky.
	"You just wait," Cranky talked back.  "I wouldn't be surprised if K. 
Rool came back to take both Donkey & Diddy."
	"I don't believe you, Dad," Donkey came in.  "You always give insults, 
and this is one of them.  We need a vacation, & K. Rool isn't going to ruin 
it.  Come on, gang, let's get some rest.  We need it."
Diddy & Donkey went up to their tree house in the jungle.  Dixie went 
to her house, but Kiddy went with Funky to his rental shop.  He was promised 
to sleep there, so Funky & Kiddy left together.
	Only Cranky Kong stayed behind.  "I need to talk to Wringly & Swanky 
about this," Cranky said when no one was around.  "As a matter of fact, I 
think I will call K. Rool myself and tell him to capture Donkey & Kiddy while 
they sleep.  That will show them."

Note:  Like I said, I am making up the story because I don't know all of it.  
However, about the part where Cranky said that he'd call K. Rool,  I got that 
idea from the Donkey Kong Land Instruction Booklet, where he gave Donkey & 
Diddy another adventure.

	Anyway, Cranky was home early, a few minutes before his wife, Wringly, 
so he made the call.  "K. Rool?  This is Cranky Kong."
	"Oh, yes.  I remember you," the Captain talked.  "You were the one who 
sent me to take the banana hoard the second time, but that plan failed."
	"I had to see if my boys would be up to the challenge.  Anyway, you 
have another assignment.  Right now, everyone is sleeping except my wife, 
Swanky, & myself.  Capture Donkey & Diddy Kong while they sleep, and I will 
prove to Dixie & Kiddy that I was right, that I wouldn't be surprised that 
you would capture them."
	"At least you came up with a better plan than last time," K. Rool 
snorted.  "This one better work."
	"At least you will have them."
	"Very well.  I will come tonight.  See ya then."  And K. Rool hung up.

	The next morning, Dixie woke up at the crack of dawn.  Diddy promised 
to help Dixie with her self-defense at dawn, so she went to Diddy's house.  
When she got there, though, he wasn't there.  Neither was Donkey Kong.  
"Where is everyone?" she asked out loud.
	"Just like I told you," Cranky answered.  "K. Rool came here last night 
& captured your boyfriend and his daddy."
	"Then I will have to rescue them.  I'll stop at Funky's Rental Shop 
first to pick up Kiddy, then be off."
	"I wouldn't be surprised if I bump into you along the way."
	"No, I don't want your hints.  They never helped me, but Diddy 
understood them.  He isn't here.  That is it!  I'm going.  Later!" And she 
went off.
	"Good luck," Cranky said.  "You'll need it," he said to himself.

"I heard that!" Dixie screamed.
3.  Main Characters:

While there are many characters in the game, only a few are real stars.  
Those stars are listed below.

Cranky Kong: Unlike the other games, he doesn't give you hints & insults 
(actually, he sort of does give insults).  Now he challenges you in all of 
Swanky's games.

Dixie Kong: One of the stars of the game, she already has the know-how to 
beat K. Rool and his cronies.

Funky Kong: Instead of using his Funky Flights to travel to previous 
completed worlds, now you rent vehicles from Funky to travel to new worlds, 
and can use them to return to completed ones.

KAOS: A mystery person (I'm not telling who) made him, and is instructed to 
stop the Kongs at all cost.  Dixie and Kiddy better watch it.

Kiddy Kong: The other star is a newcomer, but has the strength of Donkey 
Kong, making him a valuable Kong to have.

Swanky Kong: While not a show stealer, he does host a bonus game to win 
bananas & bear coins.  Attend this show often, for it will help you later.

Wringly Kong: Cranky's husband, she saves your game-for free.  No more paying 
to save at last.
4. The Brothers' Bear

Thirteen of the Brothers' Bear live all around the area.  In 
alphabetical order, here they are.

Baffle: He is trying to find out a secret code, but he can't seem to see it.

Barnacle: He is a shell collector, but is missing one for his collection.  
Where could it be?

Barter: If you find an item worthy of trading, Barter will give you another 
item.  A word of warning, though:  Sometimes he will give you back the item 
you gave him for bear coins, but other times, he won't.  What are those 
items?  Read the guide.

Bazaar: He has information to sell, as well as some merchandise.  Come here 
often with bear coins.

Bazooka: A war veteran from an earlier battle, he wants to fire Big Bessie 
(his cannon) one more time.  The problem: he has no ammo.

Benny `n Bjorn: These twins operate the chair lifts.  Benny's works, while 
Bjorn's has stopped.  Funky doesn't have the tool you need, but another bear 

Blizzard: This bear remembers someone's important day, but can't deliver that 
bear's gift to him because he is stuck in the snow.  You have to transport 
the gift for him.

Blue: Blue is, well, blue (literally).  On his calendar is a circled date, 
but he says it's nothing important.  How do you cheer up a blue bear?

Blunder: He has looked at Nintendo Power's strategy guide, and if you come to 
him, he will give you clues about finding the Lost World, Krematoa.

Boomer: Hiding in the Lost World, he has another do-hickey machine, though he 
doesn't know the use for this one.  What will fit in those holes?

Bramble: He loves flowers a lot, but when K. Rool built his factories, no 
more flowers of his grew.  Help him if you can.

Brash: He has a record on Riverside Race in Kremwood Forest.  He says no one 
can beat 1:15.00, but sooner or later, that record will be broken.
5.  Controls:

	Each Kong and animal buddy has different controls.  While most are 
similar, I have listed each one's moves.

As the Kongs:

B-jump, swim
A-team up
Y-run, special attack, pick up barrels (release to throw), throw buddy during 
team up
X-get off animal buddy (unless it is Squawks)
Select-change characters

Kiddy Only:

Water bounce: Roll (Y) down onto the water, then hold Y.  Press B when you 
are going to land on the water to bounce higher. You can only do it twice in 
a row.

Dixie Only:

Helicopter spin: While jumping or falling down, hold the Y button.  If you 
let go, you can't press it again until after you touch ground.

When riding/playing as Ellie:

Y-run, bring barrels to trunk (release to let go of barrel)
A/R-fire water out of trunk (if you have water stored)
Down & A near water/L-store water in trunk

When riding/playing as Squitter:

Y-run, shoot harmful webbing
A-shoot piece of web out, press again to make platform.  You can only stay on 
for a limited time.

When playing as/riding Squawks:

Y-pick up barrels (purple kind only), shoot eggs (green kind only)

When playing as/riding Enguarde:

Y-swim faster, poke enemies
A-hold to charge, release to go flying

When Perry is with you:

Perry floats above your character.  He can hit the Booty Birds, but if 
Perry hits another enemy, he is done for.  Watch your jumps so Perry 
6.  Normal Items

No, these are not the barrels.  That is a separate section.  These 
items are spread throughout the game.

Animal Crates: Jumping in or on these frees an animal buddy.  You can now 
ride him, or if it's Perry, will stay above you.

Balloons: They give you extra lives.  Reds are one, greens are two, & blue 
gives you three.

Bananas/Banana Bunches: Single bananas are one, but a bunch is ten.  Get 100 
bananas to get an extra life.

Bear Coins: While you don't spend these as much as the banana coins in DKC2, 
you will need them to purchase some items from the Brothers' Bear & play 
Swanky's bonus game.

Bonus Coins: They have the letter "B" on them.  Get them from winning the 
bonus stages.  But what are they for?

Hero/DK Coins: A creature called Koin collected these collectibles.  To get 
them from him, throw a steel barrel so that it hits the back of Koin, 
allowing you to get it.  What happens when you get all of them?  You find 

KONG letters: Get all four KONG letters in a stage for an extra life.
7.  Barrels of Fun

This game has hundreds of barrels (okay, maybe not 100).  There are 
different kinds of barrels.  What are they, you ask?  Read on below!

Animal Barrels-Jumping in these allows you to become the creature on the 

Arrow Barrel-You go in the direction of the arrow, no questions asked.

Automatic Barrel-I call them this because when you go in them, you are shot 
in a predetermined direction immediately.

Bonus Barrel-These have the letter "B" on them.  Get in them to access the 
bonus stages.

Continue Barrel-These barrels have stars on them.  Hitting these allows you 
to restart the stage from that point.  If you somehow find a certain secret 
code, though, there won't be any at all.

DK Barrel-Break these to bring back the lost Kong if you don't have both.

"Falling" Barrel-You will just have to find out for yourself this time.

Ghost Barrel-This barrel is a spooky experience.

Manual Barrel-They are like the automatics, but you can shoot when you want.

Rocket Barrel-Jumping in this barrel sends you upward to a certain height, 
then shoots you out.  While the barrel is descending, you can go in it again.

"Rocket" Barrel-Yes; there are two different kinds.  This one is in the Lost 
World, so find the description of this barrel in that section.

Steel Keg Barrel-They bounce off walls, destroy many enemies, including Koin, 
and rumor has it that it can absorb electricity.  Very useful.

TNT Barrel-When these make contact at something, they blow up.  These do 
destroy the red Buzzes.

Tracker Barrel-You jump in, you are shot out vertically.  You can move after 
you are shot, and the barrel follows you to a predetermined point.

Warp Barrel-Only in a few stages, these warp barrels let you skip just about 
the entire level.

Note:  I can't give all of the strategies away, or else you might not enjoy 
the game.  There has to be a few secrets.  However, the descriptions of the 
Ghost Barrel, "Falling" Barrel, & "Rocket" Barrel will be covered later.
8. Stages Walkthrough

Note:  I have played both the SNES version & emulator version (courtesy of 
ZSNES) of this game, and both are similar.  However, the EMU version has some 
problems with the backgrounds on some of the stages.  Sometimes, you will 
have to press a sprite background toggle button on the keyboard to play 
through the stage. When we get to those stages, I will tell you what sprite 
background toggle buttons to press.  That is assuming, of course, that your 
keys are on the default setting.

I will guide you through all of the stages; pointing out where the 
bonus barrels & other important stuff are along the way.  Let's start at the 
	When you begin your game, you stop at Wrinkly's place.  She will save 
your progress with her do-hickey machine when you visit her, even while she 
sleeps.  Next, go to Funky's Rentals & pick up a speedboat.  Now you can go 
across the waters.
	Before you head to the first world (Lake Orangutanga, marked by a K 
flag), go to the mini-beach area East of Funky's.  Press B, and you will 
access a cave that holds a banana bird.  To free it, play Simon Says with the 
crystals.  If you are wrong, you can always try again.  If you win, you get 
the bird (BB: 1).  After that visit, go the first world.


	Just to let you know, I might start each description of the stages like 
a 007 mission.  Don't worry if you don't understand the terminology.  Now, 
for your first mission Secret Agents D & K, go into Lakeside Limbo to get 
some training.

	This is a pretty easy stage.  All you have to do is just go right, 
avoid the enemies (or kill them, if you wish), and get everything you can.  
That is your mission.  To get up on the houses, you will probably need both 
Dixie & Kiddy Kong.  Play as Kiddy, team-up, and throw Dixie on the houses.  
Kiddy will be pulled up to where Dixie is, and you can get the bonuses.
	Past the continue barrel, you will find Ellie for the first time.  If 
you get hit while riding, he will run in one direction until he hits 
something or goes to far off the screen.  Learn to bring the barrels to 
Ellie's mouth and spitting them out now, you will need to later.  Also, 
practice getting off animals during jumps (press X to get off animal buddy).  
What will you practice with, though?  A blue balloon is almost at the top of 
the screen before the "No Ellie" sign.  Get the balloon to complete your 
training.  Get back on Ellie, then go past the "No Ellie" sign with Ellie and 
get a Bear Coin.  The finish flag is just ahead.  Jump on it to beat the 

Bonus areas:

1. Pass the K, you will see a Bonus barrel below a crack in the dock.  To 
get through the crack, put Kiddy on Dixie.  Throw Kiddy upwards, and 
control Kiddy so he lands over the crack, therefore busting it open.  
You will fall in the barrel automatically.

Kind: Stars
Time: 20 sec.
How many stars: 50

You have to get all of the stars to make the Bonus Coin appear.  
Getting 50 in 20 sounds a little tough, but it isn't.  Make sure you use the 
top rope to get the high stars.  When all of the stars are gotten, go to the 
right side to get your coin.

2. Pass the halfway barrel, there is an opening in the dock you can fit 
through.  Go in it.  Swim to the right and you will see the barrel.

Kind: Bananas
Time: 30

A new kind of bonus area to the DKC series, you have to get 15 green 
bananas to get the coin to appear.  One banana will appear at a time on 
screen, and you have a few seconds to get it before it goes away.  After your 
attempt, another banana will go to another location, or stay where it is.
	Stay on the horizontal rope throughout this stage.  If the banana goes 
to the floor, then jump off the rope and get it, then climb back on.  If it 
is above the rope, then jump at the right location to reach it.  When you 
have reached the quota, go to the right side of the screen to pick up your 
Bonus Coin.

Koin's Location:

	Koin is located before the continue barrel, where the O is.  The steel 
barrel is also in that area.  To make Koin give up his DK Coin, throw the 
barrel in a way so that he won't block the barrel with his shield.  Most of 
the time you can throw it behind Koin so it hits a wall, bounces back, and 
hits Koin in the back.  He will always block towards you, so if you throw it 
behind him, he won't know what hit him.  If you can't hit Koin like that, 
then I will tell you how.  Should you mess up, you can try again, because the 
barrel keeps regenerating.
	Each time there are dotted lines after Koin's Location or the Bypass 
part, then that means that is the end of each stage description.  The next 
set of dotted lines mark the beginning of the next stage description.  My 
comments go in between, like in this space.  That is just to let you know.
Lakeside Limbo is the easiest stage in the game.  If you did not beat 
that stage and got a game over, well, you are terrible.  If you made it, good 
job.  Now, it is time to head into the indoors.

	Welcome to the indoors!  The hardest part of this stage isn't the 
enemies (though the bees, which are called Buzzes, can hurt very badly).  The 
hardest part is all of the doors & switches.  You have to use the switches to 
get through the doorways to exit.  While the first few pairs of switches & 
doors are easy to handle, trouble starts after the O.  When you pull the 
switch, avoid the Buzzes and you will make it to the door.  Go up the rope 
after the Buzzes.  At the top, it is like the last encounter, only there are 
two groups of Buzzes.  Past them and the door is the halfway barrel.
	The halfway barrel conceals a switch.  Jump on the platform to reach 
the door.  Now, it's time for a new challenge (let's call this POINT 1 for 
future reference).  There is a barrel that rotates, a door, and a switch 
above the barrel.  Aim the barrel upward to continue to hit the switch to 
continue.  Climb the rope that is just ahead and when you reach the top, jump 
to the left.  The next switch has a Buzz guarding the door.  Make sure you 
get the N while moving.  The next part is like POINT 1, only there are two 
barrels.  Do the same technique.  Two more switches are all that stand 
between you and the goal (beside a few Buzzes).  Make sure you get the G.  
After the last door, you must jump in the pit.  Use Dixie if you can to get 
more bananas and maybe a Green Balloon.

Bonus areas:

1. You need both Kongs for this one.  When you reach the first rope,  go 
left instead.  Put Kiddy on Dixie, and throw Kiddy to the switch.  
Glide left for a Red Balloon and the Bonus Barrel.

Kind: Star
Time: 30
How many stars: 60

	This one should be easier than the first star stage.  For a faster 
time, pull the switch at the start to get to the other side & get the stars 
on the left.  Then use the switch there to get back for the stars on the 
right.  The Bonus Coin is where you started.  This is also the first stage 
that uses ASCII art.  Look at the ASCII diagram below for some more detail.  
In the diagram, "D" is the door, "S" are the door switches, "*" is a star, 
and "C" is where the coin is.  The correct number of stars is in the ASCII, 
but not necessarily at those locations.

|***S*** |***S****|

2. Past POINT 1 is a rope.  Get to the top and jump off to the right.  
Avoid Buzz, pull the switch, and haul butt to the bonus area.

Kind: Find
Time: 20

I will give you an ASCII diagram for this one.  Mainly, jump to the 
right on the switches while avoiding the two Buzzes.  In the ASCII, you start 
on the left.  "C" is for Bonus Coin, "S" is for switch, and where there are 
B's next to each other, that shows each Buzz's path.  Note:  I should let you 
know now that none of these ASCII drawings will be perfect, so actual 
distance may very (laughs).

|     S   S     S     S     S    S          |
|         BBBBBBB                B          |                                           
|                                B          |                                           
|                                B          |
|___                             B  ___C____|

Koin's Location:

While falling down the pit, fall left, and you will be in his area.  
Pull the switch, throw the barrel through the door, and it will hit.  Here's 
another ASCII.  "S" is switch, "D" is the door that is controlled by "S", "K" 
is Koin, and "k" is the steel keg barrel.  
This is the first ASCII drawing will feature plus signs and X's.  
Whenever there is extra space in the ASCII that isn't needed, it will be 
covered with X's.
Some of the ASCII drawings, mainly the Koin's Location ones, will have 
plus signs on the sides.  The plus signs mean that there is more of the stage 
in that direction.  For example, in the ASCII diagram below, there are plus 
signs in the upper part of the ASCII.  To the right of the plus signs is the 
rest of the stage, which isn't needed for the current ASCII.

|        D         S      +
|        D                +
|   _____D         _______+
|   |____|         |XXXXXX|
Before moving on, note that you can now save at Wrinkly's & visit 
Barnacle.  Barnacle is missing a shell in his collection.  Visit Bazaar after 
completing this world, for he might have one.  After saying hello to 
Barnacle, go under the bridge at the top of your screen and press B at the 
beach to play Simon Says for another chance at a banana bird (BB: 2).  Now, 
head to Tidal Trouble.

	Watch out for the tide!  It will sweep you back towards the start, so 
you must swim fast.  Fight the tide to get to the end.  The K is easy to get, 
but Buzz is guarding the DK barrel (sort of).  Jump on the dock, then over 
Buzz.  Now, avoid all of the fish (called Kocos), jumping at all of the 
bananas that you can get your hands on.
When you reach the green enemies in barrels (they are Knockas), 
remember that they can't kill you.  All they do is try to charge you.  If you 
jump on them, then the Knockas will hide in the barrels, and then you can use 
the Knockas like normal barrels.  The O is after the first batch of Knockas.  
After the O, some more swimming and you will reach the halfway barrel.
	Two bear coins are hidden between the halfway barrel and some flying 
beetles you will encounter later.  One is in between a green Buzz and a green 
Koco.  Use Dixie to glide in between the space.  Another one is hidden above 
a horizontally flying Buzz.  Jump at the right time when it is clear.  When 
you see two flying beetles (they are Knik-Knaks), jump on them to reach the 
dock.  Use Knocka to destroy Booty Bird for the N, then jump off.  Then, you 
have to do some more swimming to the exit.

Bonus areas:

1. At the O, jump into the water and swim to the Enguarde barrel.  Go in 
it to change into him.  Super charge from there to the right to stop 
the fish guarding the bonus barrel.

Kind: Star
Time: 20
How many stars: 25

You can get all of the stars without needing to kill the Lurchin (the 
spiked shell creature) in the middle of the screen, but if you want to, do so 
when his pink body is shown.

2. When you get the N, don't jump off the dock.  If you are using the 
emulator version, now is a good time to save your state.  If you want 
to/have to use Dixie, get a running start from the left, do a quick 
spin (press Y once, then hold), jump, then glide (press & hold Y 
again).  You just might make it to the bonus barrel.  If Kiddy is your 
choice, get a running start, then do the Water Bounce move.  Time it 
right.  Here is another ASCII.  "W" is the surface of the water, "b" 
shows where the bananas are, and "B" will be the bonus barrel.  The 
docks are shown as horizontal dashes.  Note:  This isn't a fully 
accurate picture, but is close.

+                                      +
+                             B        +
+______b                         b     +
+       b          b            b b    +
+        b       b   b       ___   b   +
+         b                         b  +
+          b                         b +

Kind: Bash
Time: 10

To win these stages, you must kill most or all of your enemies on 
screen.  To win here, you must stop four Knik-Knaks by jumping on them.  You 
have 10 seconds.  Jump where the bananas are, & make sure you hold Y & B 
while doing this for more distance & height.  I'm not doing any ASCII this 
time, sorry.

Koin's Location:

He is right where you start.  You need both Kongs, and if you are 
missing one, get him/her back, then return to the start.  Throw Dixie on the 
roof for the barrel, and get close to Koin.  Throw it behind Koin.  Not so 
hard, is it?
	You have seen wooden floors and docks, but how well can you handle 
snow-covered floors?  That is your next challenge.  Good Luck.

The snow is somewhat slippery, but the stage is very straightforward.  
Be careful of Skidda, the purple Kremling that is out of control, for he 
appears many times.  Also, past the halfway barrel, snow will start to fall.  
After you go down a steep hill past the halfway point, be prepared to jump 
fast to clear the pit & get the N.  Past the next two Skiddas, the snow will 
stop.  The rest of the stage is a snap.

Bonus areas:

1. After you jump over the second pit, Skidda and Krimp will start to 
attack.  Krimp is like Klaptrap from DKC1, so that means you can't roll 
into him.  Take them out or avoid them.  After you deal with those two, 
jump into the barrel.

Kind: Bash
Time: 10

Not much time here.  Either time your jumps right on the four Skiddas, 
or roll into them.

2. After the snow stops, go to the next house.  The barrel is above the 
house, and you don't need to team up.  Just be careful of the pair of 

Kind: Find
Time: 15

Enemies are around this bonus stage, so you can treat it like a "Bash 
the Baddies" bonus stage.  Remember that this is a "Find the Coin" bonus 
stage, so you don't have to kill them.  In this case, though, it is a good 
idea.  Move at a good pace to the right and you can get the coin.  Roll under 
the final Knik-Knak to get the coin if you don't want to hit it.

Koin's Location:

Past the continue barrel, he and the barrel can be found in plain site.  
Defeat him the normal way.
	You probably remember riding Ellie in Lakeside Limbo.  Now, what is it 
like to become him?  Find out in the next stage.

If you are using the emulator version, turn off sprite 3.  This way the 
yellow lights won't get in your way.

When you start the stage, ride the platform up, collecting as many 
bananas as possible.  After the ride, get the DK barrel and turn into Ellie.  
For the first part, you have to time your jumps so you land on the rats 
(called Sneek) while they don't see you (you will know if they see you should 
Ellie get scared).  When you get to the first barrel, use it to destroy the 
Sneeks.  You can jump on the Re-Koils (they are yellow Kremlings that bounce 
on their tails) if you wish, but time your jump.  After you use the barrel 
that was in your trunk, return to its original location for another.  Repeat 
that until you destroy all of the enemies before the continue barrel.
	Now you also have to avoid some Buzzes (or destroy them if they are 
green) to stop the Sneeks or Re-Koils.  When you reach the intersection, make 
a right.  Use the barrel at the intersection to kill the remaining Sneeks 
guarding the goal.

Bonus Areas:

1. Right past the halfway barrel is a green Buzz guarding a trap door.  Go 
past it and pick up a steel barrel, then bring it back to the bee.  
Kill Buzz and jump into the trap door.

Kind: Bash
Time: 25

Use the regenerating barrel to stop the four green Buzzes up top.  You 
must time your throws upward carefully.

2. At the intersection past the halfway barrel, go left & find a hidden 
arrow barrel.  You will see two green Buzzes, one guarding a pit.  
Bring the barrel behind the Buzz above the barrel to the Buzz guarding 
the pit.  Fall in the pit.  Time for another ASCII diagram.  "K" is the 
Steel Keg Barrel, "B" is the Bonus Barrel, "E" is where you should be, 
& "b" show where the Buzzes are.

| b       +
|         +
|K___ _E__+

Kind: Find
Time: 15

Two sets of two Buzzes go in a clockwise direction.  Time your jumps so 
you avoid them completely.  If you are using the emulator version, save your 
state before you enter the bonus area.

Koin's Location:

Koin is in plain sight after the continue barrel.  The steel barrel is 
before him.  Throw the barrel over the wall above Koin, & he will get it.

Warp barrel:

After the banana ride at the start, get both Kongs.  Put Dixie on 
Kiddy, and throw Dixie up & left.  You will appear after the No Ellie sign.
Now you can play Swanky's Sideshow for the first time.  If you have two 
bear coins, you can challenge Cranky in three throwing games.  To throw, 
press B.  You should get some practice in this game here as well as in the 
other worlds, for you will be tested on your throwing skills later in the 
	After you have done enough target practicing for one day, go over to 
Belcha's Barn and challenge him to a duel.  To find out how to beat him, go 
to the boss's section on my FAQ.


	Now you can head to Kremwood Forest, but before you do that, visit 
Bazaar.  He is to the left of Wrinkly's Save Cave, which is to the left of 
Funky's Rentals.  As long as you have some bear coins, you can purchase some 
important items.  You should get the shell now, which is a measly 5 bear 
coins, but remember to save 50 bear coins for the mirror later.  Return to 
Lake Orangutanga and give Barnacle the shell for a banana bird (BB: 3).  Now, 
enter Kremwood Forest.


	This is where the game starts to get trickier.  The difficulty level in 
these is pumped up a little bit.  I will say this now, & I'll say it again: 
take your time.  However, there is one stage where that could be an exception 
(more on that later).  With all of that said and done, visit Barrel Shield 

	Avoiding the monkey's (Minkey's) projectiles is the hardest part of the 
stage, and you will have to do that often.  Since all of the other parts of 
the stage are easy with the exception of an occasional Buzz, I will cover 
what you have to do at each group of Minkeys.

1. There are two monkeys, and a barrel shield by the second monkey.  Hide 
behind it so the 2nd monkey won't hit you with his projectile.
2. Repeat # 1, but note that there are three monkeys.  
I won't specify how many monkeys there are in a group from this point 
on, but I will tell you how to pass each group.
3. After the first monkey throws it's projectile, go up the rope, fast.
4. Repeat # 2.
5. Repeat # 4.
6. Repeat # 3.

Now you should be at the continue barrel.  I will do the same thing, 
starting from 1.

1. Now the barrel shield moves.  You must move with the barrel to survive.
2. Repeat # 1.
3. Wait for the first projectile to go flying, then get up.
4. Repeat # 2.
5. Repeat # 3.
6. Repeat # 4.
7. Repeat # 6.
8. Repeat # 7.

That mainly does it.  Now, go to the right to leave.

Bonus areas:

1. After the 5th set of Minkeys before the continue barrel, there is a TNT 
barrel.  Use it on the left wall.

Kind: Find
Time: 15

Avoid the six Minkeys' projectiles as you climb up the rope.

2. Another TNT barrel is after the final set of Minkeys.  Use it on the 
left wall, and then climb up to a higher branch within the tree.  
Switch to Dixie, then glide right through the openings.

Kind: Bananas
Time: 35

I think you need another ASCII.  "R" is the rope you climb, "M" is 
Minkey's locations, "B" is where the bananas could be, and "C" is the coin 
after you get the bananas.

|   R  M|
|  BRB  |
|   R   |
|M  R   |
|  BRB  |
|   R   |
|   R  M|
|   R   |

Koin's Location:

Before the 5th set after the continue barrel, team-up and throw Dixie up 
and left.  Throw the Keg barrel right where it was, don't move, and Koin is 
clobbered.  Use the TNT barrel to create an exit.
	Do you remember me saying something about an exception to the take your 
time rule?  Well, the next stage is it.  Here, speed counts.  Should you want 
the bonuses, make a second trip for them.

	Believe me or not, this is the hardest stage in Kremwood Forest.  You 
have to avoid a group of bees that are following you just about everywhere, 
dispatch of foes when there is time, and try to beat this stage in under 
1:15.00.  Pretty tough, huh?  Therefore, you have to really play this stage 
two times: one for speed, and one to find everything else.  If you are using 
the emulator version, save the state before you enter this stage.
	Like I said, you have to go fast.  I can't provide much detail about 
the main stage itself more than I did in the above paragraph, except for the 

1. Just expect to lose lives.
2. Brash got to the continue barrel in 35 seconds.  If you are about two to 
five seconds behind his time when you get to the continue barrel, you can 
still catch up to his record of 1:15.00.
3. When you enter a bonus stage, time freezes.  That is important to 

Bonus Areas:

1. After the first lake, you will see another lake.  A cliff is 
overlooking the 2nd lake.  You can get up on the cliff two ways.  One 
way is to water bounce using Kiddy.  The other way is to sacrifice 
Kiddy to the bees.  When that happens, Dixie jumps in the air 
automatically.  Use that opportunity to glide to the right, and hope 
you make it.

Kind: Bananas
Time: 30

ASCII comes to the rescue again.  "B" is the possible banana locations, 
"W" is the water surface, & "F" is the enemy fish (which is Koco).  The coin 
is at the right side.

|                  |
|                  |
|  B   B   B       |
|              __C_|
|  B   F   B  |XXXX|

2. You will see an N in plain sight during the race.  When you see it, go 
in the lake below in the lower-left corner.  Get the Invincibility 
barrel, then jump on the red Buzzes near the surface to reach the 

Kind: Bash
Time: 15

If you think you can make it, try jumping on the Re-Koils, but a safer 
bet is to roll into them.  Also, if they are coming down on you, roll and 
they will be out.

Koin's Location:

After you get out of the lake with the G in it, you must have Kiddy.  
Having Dixie helps.  Jump over the bees that follow you, then Water Bounce to 
the left.  If you have both Kongs, a (somewhat) better idea is to jump into 
the bees as Kiddy.  Then Dixie will jump in midair.  Glide to the left then.  
Defeat Koin the normal way.


It is above the center of the first lake.  Team-up or use the sacrifice 
technique.  A word of warning, though: If you take the warp barrel, you'll be 
disqualified with a time of over nine minutes.
	Now that you have done the stage for speed (or bonuses, whichever you 
chose), go for the other one.  When both have been accomplished, go to the 
next indoor stage.

	Your primary objective, Secret Agents D & K, is to destroy all of the 
Sneeks in the wheels.  The live rats keep the doors locked.  Once all of the 
Sneeks of a group are destroyed, the doors will open.  The first one you see 
is mainly for practice.  For this stage, I will tell you whether or not it is 
easy to destroy each Sneek and proceed, starting with the one after you climb 
the rope.  Now, on to the description.

1. This is an easy one, so don't worry about it.
2. Another easy one.
3. Time to hard-en up.  Two red Buzzes are guarding the rat.  Time your 
4. After you stop the rat, you must jump on the wheel and go left.  A fast 
red Buzz rotates around the wheel.  The Buzz makes this one hard.
5. You have to go left, past the O, to find this one.  This is hard in the 
"search & destroy" category.
6. Easy as pie.

Now that you have reached the continue barrel, I will start the count again.

1. Easy.
2. Easy.
3. Hard: two red Buzzes are guarding the wheel.
4. Hard: two green Buzzes are guarding the wheel.
5. Easy.
6. Two red Buzzes guarding.
7. Easy.
8. Easy.
9. Two red Buzzes guarding.
10. Two red Buzzes guarding.

Now that you're through with that part, jump through the trap door.  
You will be back where you started; only now you can go through a previously 
locked door.  You will find Perry for the first time.  Perry will hover above 
you, getting those high bananas.  When you see Booty Bird, you can run 
directly into him and get the G.  However, when you see the red Buzz, you 
must make Perry "jump" over the buzz.  I think ASCII will help you again.  
Your character is "K", "k" is where you should land after you jump, Perry 
above you is "P", the red Buzz is "B", and the bananas are "b".  If Perry 
survives the jump, then pass the No Perry sign to get a Blue Balloon.  Past 
the No Perry sign is the goal.

+       b     +
+      b b    +
+     b   b   +
+    P  B     +
+             +
+             +
+             +

Bonus Areas:

1. Before the continue barrel, jump on wheel 5.  Jump to the left to find 
the bonus barrel.

Kind: Stars
Time: 20
How many stars: 20

You have to maintain balance on the two wheels to get all of the stars.  
I will do ASCII here.  The wheels will look like flat land (__), stars are 
"*", & "C" is the bonus coin.

|     * * * * *     |
|     * * * * *     |
|     * * * * *     |
|     * * * * *     |
|___   __  __   ___C|

2. After the continue barrel, get on wheel 1.  Team-up to wheel 2, and 
jump right to get to the Bonus Barrel.

Kind: Bananas
Time: 30

The same arena as the last bonus area is used here, only you want 
bananas here.

Koin's Location:

	When all of the green Buzzes are gone surrounding wheel 4, get on it.  
Team-up and throw Dixie right.  Koin is in plain sight.  Stop him normally.
	If you have reached this point in the game with all of the bonus areas 
beaten and banana birds bagged so far, you are good.  Now, in the next stage 
you will get help from spiders.  Squitter isn't in this stage, but other 
friendly spiders are.

	There are a lot of Buzzes in the playing field.  Also, there are two 
different types of spiders (referred to as Nid).  The pink Nids jump when you 
get on them, while the yellow Nids just keep on jumping.  Take your time 
through this stage and you will beat it.
	Also, if you want to be Squawks, play until you get to the K.  Go left, 
and when you see the yellow Nid, go down the hole and you will be Squawks.  
Get to the No Squawks sign to get a bear coin.  That is all of the main 
description I can provide.

Bonus Areas:

1. There are two ways to get in this stage that I know.  

For the first way, get Squawks.  Once gotten, fly up & right to take a 
Squawks only shortcut.  Soon you will see a green Buzz blocking your path.  
Shoot it & Go left.
Either ignore Squawks (or get him, it is up to you), and take the main 
road into the tree.  Soon you will be out of the tree.  Get in the next tree, 
go down and around.  It will take you to the same barrel.

Kind: Bananas
Time: 45

I'm in a good mood, so I'll do another ASCII.  "B" is the possible 
banana locations, "b" is the stationary red Buzz, and the R's next to each 
other is where the other red Buzz can move.

|  B  |
|     |
|B b B|
|     |
|  B  |
|     |
|__ __|
|     |
|     |
|     |
|    C|

2. Once you past the G, fall in the following hole.  Now, where is the G, 
you ask?  Below the G there will be a Swoopy hidden by leaves.  Jump by 
him to make him spear the left tree like a woodpecker.  Now, jump on 
him to reach the G.  Get it, then go right, and when you see the hole, 
go in.

Kind: Stars
Time: 15
How Many Stars: 30

	Jump on the Nid to get the first few stars, then jump in the group of 
stars.  You can repeat this up to three times.  By the third time if you 
don't all of the stars, then forget it.  I'll do another ASCII.  "S" is the 
pink spider, "*" show the stars in their approximate locations, and "C" is 
where the coin will be after you get the stars.  This ASCII clearly isn't my 
|                      |
|      *               |
|                      |
|   *     *            |
|      _____    ***    |
|   *      |    ***    |
|          |    ***    |
|   *      |    ***    |
|          |    ***    |
|   *      |    ***    |
|          |    ***    |
|               ***    |

Koin's Location:

	Keep on playing until you find the 1st DK barrel past the continue 
barrel.  Now, go on the 2nd pink Nid, with Kiddy in the lead.  While riding 
the spider, team-up.  When the spider reaches his peak, jump to the left, and 
throw Dixie up & left.  You will now be able to see Koin.
	How to make Koin give it up can be tricky.  On the branch you land on 
is a keg barrel.  Throw the barrel through the opening on the upper-left 
side.  The barrel will hit Koin in the back.  Now, team-up & throw Dixie 
through the opening to pick up the coin.  Use the TNT barrel nearby to create 
an exit.
Before you go on, stop at Brash's Cabin.  He will brag about his time 
on Riverside Race.  If you have beaten that time, he will get so mad, he will 
create a path to Arich's Hoard, but only after completing Bobbing Barrel 
Brawl can you reach it.  You might as well play Bobbing Barrel Brawl right 

After the K (hidden by a red Buzz), you will turn into Ellie.  You 
should remember playing as Ellie in Murky Mill.  Now, you have to learn some 
new skills.  You will have to learn how to put water in your trunk and spit 
it out as well.  Try to stay out of the water, because a pink fish (they call 
him Nibbla) lives in most of the bodies of water here.  He has a nasty bite, 
which can kill you.  If you have a spare Ellie, then you can still go 
continue.  You also have to be careful because you can easily slip off the 
barrels in the water.  Don't worry; you can't sink, but Nibbla will come to 
get you.  Again, take your time.  If you are using the emulator version, it 
is best to save before & after each difficult part.
	The 2 ASCII diagrams below show typical diagrams of what you have to do 
to cross the lakes below if Nibbla is in them.
	In both of the diagrams, "E" is for Ellie & "W" is the surface of the 
water.  In the first diagram, "B" is the barrel on the land you have to put 
in the water.  "b" is where the barrel should be thrown (or put down; to do 
that, hold Down when the barrel is over water).

+                 +
+                 +
+_E_B_       _____+
|XXXX|       |XXXX|

	In the second diagram, "k" is the keg barrel you are on.  "B" this time 
is Booty Bird.  Shoot him with water to make him drop a barrel to continue.

+              +
+       B      +
+           ___+
+   E       |XX|

	Those are only basic diagrams.  In the stages, you will have those same 
situations, only it will be a little bit harder.  Just time your jumps and 
shots & you'll be okay.  You might lose a few lives, but that's okay.

Bonus Areas:

1. After the O, you will see an automatic barrel.  Jump in it, and you 
will pass a Booty Bird, a red Buzz, and a Bonus Barrel.  Shoot Booty 
Bird with water to make him drop a TNT barrel on Buzz.  Jump in the 

Kind: Find
Time: 25

Look at the 1st ASCII for this stage.  Mainly, it's the same thing.  
Just remember that only two barrels can be in the water at the same time.  
When you throw a 3rd barrel in the water, one will disappear.
	What I did to complete this bonus area follows.  When I picked up the 
barrel, I threw it upwards.  Then I picked up another barrel, & while holding 
it, I jumped to the floating barrel.  I dropped the barrel down.  I timed my 
jumps, and I got the coin.  You may use any strategy, of course, but the way 
described above was an effective strategy for me.  Choose your strategy.

2. Note:  This description is long, but try to follow along.
Past the N will be a big lake, and Nibbla won't be in it.  If you look 
closely on the bottom of your screen while in the lake, you will see a bonus 
barrel.  By now, you should know that you float in water as Ellie.  How do 
you get in there?
What you do is go to the right, and when you get to the wall, don't 
jump up.  Wait for the two Knik-Knaks to get to their final positions in the 
sky.  Jump on the higher ground, then jump on the Knik-Knaks.  Keep holding 
left and you will jump in the water.  The force of the jump will let you go 
down to the bottom of the lake, & you will be able to reach the barrel.  I 
think ASCII will help once more.  "W" is the water surface, "B" is the bonus 
barrel, "X" is extra space, & "E" is you.  The letters "K" & "N" are both 
Knik-Knaks, while "k" & "n" will be their location if you let them be.

+       k            +
+          n   __K__N+
+              |XXXXX|
+       ______E|XXXXX|

Kind: Stars
Time: 15
How many Stars: 10

	The only thing you have to make sure is that you don't fall off the 
barrels floating in the water.

Koin's Location:

	Before the continue barrel, you will see Koin.  Back up and you will 
see a keg barrel.  Bring the barrel to you, but be careful the barrel doesn't 
hit either red Buzz when it is on your trunk.  When you are by Koin, throw 
the barrel over Koin, but under another red Buzz, so it hits Koin in the 

Extra Note:

	If you are very good, then take this challenge.  After you change back, 
make sure you have both Kongs.  Now, try to go back to the beginning of the 
stage.  It is very hard, I admit, even with the EMU version.  If you are 
using the EMU version, then save before and after each difficult part.  This 
way, if you couldn't get into the second bonus level as Ellie, you can get to 
it as the Kongs.
	Before you fight Arich, you should get the Banana Bird in Arich's Hoard 
(BB: 4).  Now that you have it, go face Arich.  To find out how to beat him, 
go to the Bosses section in my FAQ.

	You should get the banana bird in Arich's Hoard if you didn't already.  
Now that you have a patch, go to Funky.  He will build you a hovercraft that 
can go over rocks.
Once you get it, go to the left side of the over world map.  Go to the 
beach that is surrounded by rocks.  Play Simon Says to win another banana 
bird (BB: 5).  Now, go over the rocks by Funky's Rentals.  You know have 
You can either activate the Lost World (more on that later), go to 
Mekanos, visit Bungalow, or make a stop at Cotton Top Cove.  You should stop 
at Cotton Top Cove, for it is easier than Mekanos.


You can make a stop at Blue's Beach Hut if you want.  He will just tell 
you that the circled date on his calendar isn't important.  Before you head 
to the next stage, go to the right of the waterfall.  There is a hidden cave 
with another Banana Bird (BB: 6, if you win Simon Says).  Now, it's time to 
go see Bazza's Blockade.

Now you enter the swimming levels.  There are three major swimming 
levels in this game, and this is one of them.  In all of them, Koin is at the 
end of the stage.
This is the first swimming stage.  Bazza guards the waters in this 
stage.  He goes from one hole to another in a straight line.  Enguarde is 
hidden late in the stage, and finding him can help stop Bazza and crew.  In 
the swimming stages, you must take extra precaution.  If you are using the 
emulator version, save the state before & after a difficult part, but only if 
it is a safe spot.

Bonus Areas:

1. The 4th Bazza group is going faster than usual.  Get below them to enter 
the Bonus Barrel.

Kind: Find
Time: 15

	You have to avoid to Lurchins and the occasional group of Bazzas to 
survive this test.

2. After the DK barrel past the continue barrel, get past the first 6 
groups of Bazzas.  When you see # 7, swim to the top of the screen and 
continue left.  When you can get down, get down to the bonus barrel.

Kind: Bash
Time: 30

	If you aren't Enguarde, you will change to him & lose three seconds, 
but it won't be much of a difference here.  Ten or twelve Kocos are in 
Bazza's holes.  Keep on spearing them (press Y to poke) to get them.  The 
coin is at the top when all of the fish are fish food.
	You deserve a promotion if you got through that.  Now, we it is time to 
visit some waterfalls.  In each waterfall stage, if you are using the 
emulator version, then turn off sprite 2.  Sometimes parts of the stage go 
behind the waterfalls, and in the EMU version, the waterfall completely 
covers the other side.  Plus, in each waterfall stage, you see a different 
kind of barrel.  Here is the home of the rocket barrels.

	When you are in the rocket barrels, you will be propelled upwards to a 
certain point.  Then you will get out.  You can come back in the barrel as it 
descends.  In some parts of the stage, you must do this to avoid the Buzzes.

Bonus Areas:

1. After the K, & maybe the O, you will soon be in another rocket barrel.  
When it reaches its peak, there is a Knik-Knak to the left of Buzz.  
When you are shot out of the rocket barrel, hold left to bounce on the 
Knik-Knaks to the bonus barrel.

Kind: Stars
Time: 15
How many stars: 20

	This is a pretty easy stage.  The only way you can really mess up is 
mistiming your jump into the rocket barrels.

2. After the halfway barrel, you will find Perry.  After the No Perry 
sign, get to the other side of the next rocket barrel.  Go down and get 
in the barrel.

Kind: Stars
Time: 35
How many stars: 60

This one is more complex than the other one, though it can be beaten.  
Just watch your aim.

Koin's Location:

	The Keg Barrel is in plain sight to the left of the goal.  Koin is more 
to the left.  There is no wall behind Koin.  Even though the ASCII below 
might make you think that there is a wall behind Koin, this time it is 
actually a stage boundary, and barrels don't bounce off stage boundaries.  
How do you hit him?
	Refer to the ASCII while I tell you how.  Bring the keg barrel under 
the automatic barrel.  Throw the barrel upwards making sure it doesn't go on 
the hill, then jump in the barrel.  You will be on the other side of Koin, 
hopefully in time.  ASCII wise, "K" is Koin, "k" is where you should put the 
keg barrel, "B" is the automatic barrel which will fire you left, and "b" is 
where you will land.  The hills part isn't entirely accurate, but is the best 
I could do.

|                    +
|                   B+
|     /     \        +
|    /       \       +
	Now we head back to the docks.  However, "some new guards are watching 
the docks" (tune to "Santa Claus is coming to Town").  You will see what I 

	Nibbla, the pesky fish that was in Bobbing Barrel Brawl, is back.  The 
only way to safety is using the ropes, but Klasp & crew won't let you-at 
least not peacefully.  If you hit them, they blow up, and you lose a Kong.  
Note the patterns of the Klasps and (hopefully) you won't get hurt.

Bonus Areas:

1. After the 2nd Klasp, you will see two Buzzes.  Jump on the rope when 
they are off screen, then jump again.

Kind: Bananas
Time: 25

The bananas are under either the high rope or the low rope.  Get on the 
right rope to get the bananas.

2. After the 1st Klasp after the continue barrel, stop before the 2nd 
Klasp.  The automatic barrel that will take you to the Bonus Barrel is 
well guarded.  Look at the ASCII below.  "K" is where you are, "A" is 
the automatic barrel that will blast you right, "b" is the bonus 
barrel, "W" is the water surface, & "k" will show you where each Klasp 
can move.

+-------|--------          +
+     K kkkkkkkkk    ______+
+       ----|----    |     +
+       kkkk kkkk    |     +
+           A          B   +

	Another way to get it is just as risky.  Avoid the top rope Klasp and 
get to the dock.  Now, get in the water, and swim to the barrel.  It's not a 
long swim, but watch out for Nibbla.

Kind: Find
Time: 15

Avoid all of the Klasps on the ropes and Nibbla in the water and you 
will do just fine.

Koin's Location:

Koin is in plain sight.  The barrel is past the goal, partially hidden 
in the little house-like area.  There is a wall behind Koin, so throw the 
barrel at the wall.
	The second waterfall stage is here.  Again, turn off sprite 2 for all 
those EMU people out there.  Here, tracker barrels are the transportation of 
choice, and they can be as hard as the rocket barrels.

	The tracker barrels will follow you until they can't follow you 
anymore.  Usually, that is when you are able to reach land.  While you are 
riding the barrels, you control both the Kongs and the barrel until the 
barrel goes no more.  This stage, in my opinion, is more difficult than 
Rocket Barrel Ride.

Bonus Areas:

1. After you complete your 2nd Tracker Barrel Test, you will be on land.  
Use Dixie and glide to the right.

Kind: Stars
Time: 25
How many stars: 70

	There are two tracker barrels.  Use both to be successful.

2. Change into Ellie past the continue barrel.  Continue until you go in 
the tracker barrel behind the waterfall.  If you are using the emulator 
version, save before you enter the barrel.  Shoot the two bees guarding 
the barrel with water (there is water in your trunk, right?) to enter 
the barrel.

Kind: Bash
Time: 25

	I should've mentioned this before, but I forgot.  While you are in the 
bonus stages with Ellie, you can't put water in your trunk.  You must use the 
tracker barrels and bounce on the Knik-Knaks to come through.

Koin's Location:

	I will do another ASCII for this one.  First off all, bring Ellie to 
the No Ellie sign.  Before you get there, you will see Koin on a lower ledge.  
Also, destroy the two Krumples (they are big, blue Kremlings) guarding the No 
Ellie sign.  Ellie will turn into a keg barrel.  Now, here is the tricky 
part, mainly since you only get one shot to pull it off.  Emulator people 
should save their state here, now.
	Bring the barrel near Koin.  To the left of Koin is a wall.  Stay a 
good distance from the wall, and throw the barrel to the wall, but throw it 
up.  When you see the barrel coming back, get on the higher ledge to the 
right of Koin.  The barrel should hit.  Sometimes, though, you have to be on 
Koin.  This way, you will definitely see the barrel hit Koin.  The ASCII 
doesn't show enemies because I will assume you have destroyed them.  In the 
ASCII, "n" is the No Ellie sign, "k" is where the Keg barrel will land, & "K" 
is Koin.  The vertical line behind Koin is a wall, so don't worry.

+                  +
+     ________     +
+    /        \_n_k+
|_______K     |XXXX|
	The next stage was probably made for people who haven't baby-sat 
before.  Even if you had, this will be a challenge.

	If you have ever baby-sat before, you will have some experience that 
might be helpful in this stage.  If you didn't don't worry.  It is just as 
hard for you as for the people who have baby-sat.  You have a baby blue 
Nibbla that follows you around.  You have to make baby Nibbla happy, so feed 
him Kocos.  When he is near a fish, baby Nibbla will eat it, and he will be 
happy again.  Eating a Lurchin, though, will make baby Nibbla choke, and his 
color will change.  Not allowing him to eat produces the same results.  If he 
doesn't eat something good after a while, he will change pink, the color of 
the Nibbla in Kreeping Klasps and Bobbing Barrel Brawl.  You should know what 
baby Nibbla will eat if he isn't fed properly.  Just take care of him and he 
will take care of you.  Koin is at the end of this stage, but you need both 
Kongs.  Don't worry; a DK barrel is placed by the exit.

Bonus Areas:

1. After the K, you will go down, left, and then up.  You will have a 
choice to go left or right, but right is guarded by a Lurchin.  Behind 
Lurchin is a Bonus Barrel, but if the fish eats Lurchin, you have to 
feed him after you exit.

Kind: Bananas
Time: 35

This one is too easy, I will stop here.

2. After the G, you will soon be in a place something close to the ASCII 
below.  You want to take the second path up.  Rats, a Lurchin guards 
it.  Let the fish eat him, and go up and enter the barrel.  When you 
come out, you can swim a short distance to the right and leave the main 
part so the fish leaves you alone.  In the ASCII, "K" is you, "L" shows 
the path each Lurchin takes, and "B" is the bonus barrel.  There is A 
LOT of extra space in this ASCII.


Kind: Bash
Time: 40

	Since you can't change into Enguarde, what is another way to destroy 
the green Kocos?  This time, baby Nibbla will come with you in this bonus 
stage.  Let him eat all ten fish and you get the bonus coin.
	Hopefully you got everything in that stage within 10 lives, because 
that stage is a PITA (email me if you want to know what that means).  If you 
have to enter it again, get what you came for, and exit the stage like mad.  
Head to Squirt now.  To find out how to beat him, go to the Bosses section in 
my FAQ.


	You have nothing more to do except to head to Mekanos.


	Mekanos is like the industrial zone of DKC3.  There are two factories 
in this stage, and some sewers where garbage would be dumped.  There is one 
small forest, but it is being cut down for more factories, but more on those 
stages later.  These stages are tough.  Right now, it's time to see the first 
factory stage, Fireball Frenzy.

A lot of Karbines (bats) are in the background, and they fire fireballs 
to the foreground.  When they touch the ground and bounce in the air a 
little, it is safe to go past the fireball.  Also, some of the floors are 
boiling hot, which can send a Kong to the igloo like (snap) that!

Bonus Areas:

1. Nothing of importance is before the continue barrel.  Immediately after 
the continue barrel, you will see something sort of like the ASCII below.  
"H" is hot floor, "E" show the enemy Karbines, "B" is the bonus barrel, & 
"b" show the bananas over the first "hot spot."  There is more extra 
space here than the Fish Food Frenzy diagram, but don't worry.  Also note 
that if you have both Kongs & you mess up trying to get on the platform 
after the three little ones (see ASCII), you can team-up and throw Dixie 
up and to the left to get on the platform.  I have done it.  I might have 
the wrong number of platforms, but I know I have the last one right.

|                         E          |
|                 b                  |
|                b b   b______       |
|               b   b b |XXXX|       |
|        E     b     b  |XXXX|       |
|             b         |XXXX|       |
|            ___        |XXXX|       +
|            |X|HHHHHHHH|XXXX|       +
|  B         |XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX|       +
|            |XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX|_______+

Kind: Bash
Time: 20

	You will turn into Squitter if you came here as the Kongs, but the 
stage can be beaten in 17 seconds.  Aim your web shots and build web bridges 
if that helps.

2. After you take a ride on an upward elevator with two Karbines, you will 
need both Kongs.  Get to the left of the Karbine that shoots three 
fireballs.  Team-up & throw Dixie up.  Take the elevator upwards, jump to 
the right, and avoid the bat.

Kind: Bananas
Time: 40

	Just avoid the two Karbines while you are getting the green stuff.

Koin's Location:

	After the N, you will ride an elevator upwards past a DK barrel.  When 
it stops, jump left, and then jump right to the higher ledge.  Avoid 
Karbine's fireballs to get the keg barrel, get on Koin, and throw it right 
into the wall.
	When you are finished with this stage, make a quick stop at Bazooka's 
place if you choose to.  If you do, he will just say he was in the Kremling 
War, and that he wants to fire Big Bessie again.  The next stage is after 
Bazooka.  Prepare for the ride of your life.

	Be prepared to fasten your seat belts.  The stage is like a roller 
coaster, only you are riding a toboggan and the setting is the sewers.  This 
is one of the two stages where you ride a toboggan.  There are two all-around 
rules while riding a toboggan.

1. You can jump on the bees.
2. If you hit an obstacle, like a small wall, you lose a Kong.

The two only-in-this-stage rules are that you can ride the railing up 
top, and at the end, if you don't jump in the arrow barrel, you will lose a 
life because the wall by the barrel destroys toboggans.  Koin is at the end 
of both this stage and the other toboggan stage, and he is easy to get in 
both, so I won't bother in telling you how to get him.  Now, it's time to 
tell you how to get the bonus stages.

Bonus Areas:

1. After the third banana bunch, you will see a little pipe thing that you 
can jump on and a green Buzz next to it.  After that Buzz is another Buzz 
on the ground.  Jump on him to find the hidden barrel above another Buzz.

Kind: Bash
Time: 10

	Jump on all of the Knik-Knaks.  If you miss one, then I'm sorry, but 
you'll have to exit the stage to try to access this stage again.

2. Once you see the Knik-Knak after the N, get to the lower track 
immediately.  That lone banana is a bonus barrel in disguise.

Kind: Stars
Time: 10
How many stars: 20

	While you are being blasted to the toboggan, the emulator users should 
save their state before they get in.  When you get in the toboggan, stay on 
the high road.  Jump on the two green Buzzes.  Soon you will see stars on the 
bottom road.  Get the ones up top first, then head down.
	In all of this industrial mess, there is a forest.  However, the bad 
guys want a new factory built there.  What happens to the forest?  It gets 
cut down, of course.  Move it, Kongs!

	Someone wants to clear the forests, so they are using a giant sized 
chain saw to do it.  The stage is somewhat forced scrolling, because if you 
jump up very fast, you won't see your self.  There is no time for rest 

Bonus Areas:

1. Past the O is a normal barrel.  Quickly pick it up.  Use it on Buzz and 
go in the passageway it was blocking.  Enter the barrel before the saw 
catches up.

Kind: Find
Time: 15

	The saw will move faster in this stage, but you at least get a second 
head start, so use it.

2. Get to the 2nd DK barrel past the N.  You will find a keg barrel soon, 
with a green Buzz guarding another passageway.  If you don't see the 
barrel, or you can't get to it in time, either sacrifice a Kong to enter 
or skip the stage.

Kind: Bananas
Time: 25

	You are invincible, and on a slow moving saw.  The saw moves back & 
forth, and it will move you like that as well.  Try to get all of the bananas 
before you reach the top, otherwise, be lucky if you make it.

Koin's Location:

	Koin is at the top.  There are two ways to reach him.  I will give you 
an ASCII picture of the top of the stage where Koin is.  For the first way, 
when you see the G, go under the platform.  If you are fast, you will get in 
a hidden barrel that will blast you upwards to an invincible barrel.  The saw 
will take you to the keg barrel.
	Another way to get Koin is trickier, and requires both Kongs.  Take the 
normal way instead of the hidden barrel below the G.  When you get to the 
top, put Dixie on Kiddy.  Throw Dixie over the narrow space between Koin & 
the branch above him.  You can reach the keg barrel this way, but I don't 
recommend this way.
	For the ASCII, "k" is the keg barrel, "K" is Koin, the S's next to each 
other is the saw, and "T" is where you would team-up if you want to take the 
second way.  While the ASCII might look like you can't team-up above Koin, it 
is possible.

|         |           |
|         |     ______|
|    ___________K     +
|       |             +
|_k_    |         T___+
|       |         |XXX|
	If you remember playing DKC2, you probably have seen a Kremling with a 
Kannon.  His name was Klump.  In this game, his substitute is Bazuka, and he 
is in this level-a lot.

	In DKC1, jumping on barrels killed you.  DKC2 changed that-except TNT 
barrels.  The DKC2 rule applies here.  New in this barrel-bouncing rule are 
"barrel changing" barrels.  They change the barrels that some Bazukas will 
fire.  For example, if the picture looks like a TNT barrel with an S on it, 
then hit it to change it into a normal barrel with an S on it. These changer 
barrels are needed for success.

Bonus Areas:

1. You will see a No Squitter sign early on.  That is NOT the real sign (if 
you cross it, you will waste Squitter when you get him).  You will 
quickly find a TNT shooting Bazuka.  Get on the other side of him to turn 
to Squitter.  Don't worry about bouncing on him; only the barrels can 
kill you.   Now, head back to the right to where the stationary TNT 
barrel was, and build web bridges up.  Shoot web shots to the right when 
you get to the top because another Bazuka is guarding the barrel.

Kind: Find
Time: 20

	Buzzes are around, including one above you.  The coin, though, is to 
the right.  Kill any Buzzes that are in your way.

2. Past the N, you will see Bazuka firing barrels to the left, for no 
apparent reason.  Jump on the barrels to the left to find the bonus 
barrel.  It is easier though, to jump left and glide as Dixie onto 
another barrel that has been fired.

Kind: Find
Time: 25

	Jump in the barrel, watch your aim, and use the fired barrels to get to 
the right.  This stage takes time to master.  EMU people save before you 

Koin's Location:

	It is best with Squitter, though it might be possible with Dixie.  
After you get the continue barrel, go down and left.  You'll see Koin getting 
clobbered with regular barrels.  Jump on the barrels (or use web bridges if 
you are Squitter) to reach Bazuka.  Hit the barrel changer above Bazuka to 
change the barrels he fires to steel keg barrels.  Either build web bridges 
back to Koin, or glide right, land on a barrel, and land on Koin.  If you 
haven't moved to far to the right, a keg barrel will soon come to Koin.
	The three sewer levels in the game are the most original in my opinion.  
The last one had you traveling via toboggan.  This time, you will act like 
Neil Armstrong and journey a pipe maze with low gravity.  Fog will come to 
the foreground in the EMU version, so those people have to turn off sprite 2.

Like I said, this is a stage where the gravity is low.  Everything 
(well, almost everything) moves slower, you included.  You also jump higher 
and jump farther.  Plus, you will become Squawks in this level.  However, 
this isn't the green Squawks, it's the purple one.  They don't spit out eggs, 
but can grab barrels with their talons.  Again, take your time, but you 
should think more carefully here.

Bonus Areas:

1. Past the O and before the continue barrel, you will see three green 
Buzzes.  You can team-up, jump over the Buzzes, and throw Dixie upwards.  
Or, you can become Squawks and fly to the barrel.  It won't matter.

Kind: Stars
Time: 25
How Many Stars: 80

	If you EMU people want an extra challenge in this easy bonus stage, put 
sprite 2 back on so the fog covers the whole arena.

2.  You will get to a place like the ASCII below.  What you must do is get 
the TNT barrel above the slow green Buzz, and use the barrel to stop the fast 
green Buzz below.  Each "B" is a red Buzz's location, "T" is the TNT barrel, 
"S" is the slow green Buzz, and "F" is the fast green Buzz.  Destroy that 
Buzz and you can go into the Bonus Area.
|XXXXXXXXX|          |XXX
|XXXXXXXXX|          |XXX
|XXXXXXXXX|          |XXX
+                      B+
+                       +
+                       +
+                       +
+__________     __B_____+

Kind: Bash
Time: 40

	You will turn into a green Squawks for this one.  Shoot the Buzz's and 
that does it.

Koin's Location:

	This one is on my "weird" category because there are two ways to get 
him.  The way you do it will depend on which No Squawks sign you pass.  I 
will give you ASCII to both signs.  "R" is a regenerating barrel, "S" show 
each sign's location, the "b's" next to each other show the fast green Buzz's 
paths, & "K" is Koin.  A lot of extra space is in this ASCII.
XXXXXXX|        b b                        +
XXXXXXX|        b b                        +
XXXXXXX|        b b                        +
XXXXXXX|        b b                        +
XXXXXXX|________b_b______       _________S_+

	If you used the regenerating barrel on the two Buzz's on the left, you 
can access the left sign.  It will turn into a keg barrel.  Time your jump 
over Koin, throw it, and hope you see the barrel hit Koin when it comes back.
	If you messed up on that throw, don't worry.  To the left of the sign 
is a vertical passage, and at the top is another keg barrel.  This one can 
regenerate, but don't use it to destroy the Buzz's, and you may get another 
	If you didn't take the left road in the first place, then you would've 
had to go around to that keg barrel.
	You might have heard in some magazines and web sites that the next boss 
is the final boss.  Well, the creature called KAOS isn't the final boss.  To 
find out how to beat him, go know the drill already.

After KAOS:

	Let's see, you now have another ski.  Visit Funky, and you will get a 
jet ski with a turbo feature (use "Y" for a speed boost).  Now that you have 
gotten it, turbo up the waterfall behind Bazaar and hopefully you will win 
another Banana Bird (BB: 7).
	Head over to where Mekanos was, and go to the right side.  Turbo up the 
waterfalls, and you can reach K3, a treacherous snow world.


	While I just said that K3 is a snow world, it isn't fully true.  Your 
first challenge is to get through some mean cliffs.  However, old friends (or 
fiends, if you will) are back.

	Take three guesses on who is back.  You took them?  Good.  If you said 
Buzz (either color) as one of your choices, you would get second place.  The 
enemy I am looking for is Klasp.  This time, they are taking a new strategy, 
by following you around each horizontal rope.  Adapt to their technique to be 

Bonus Areas:

1. Past the DK barrel, you will soon see a long horizontal rope with Klasp 
on the left side.  Get on the rope, and go right.  Get on the next higher 
rope.  Klasp will follow you still while on that rope.  Get to the right 
side.  Go left very fast, jump down to Klasp's rope, and hope you make 

Kind: Stars
Time: 25
How many stars: 30

	Klasp is a little faster here.  You have to hold the run button while 
moving.  Keep on jumping for the stars while moving in one direction.  When 
Klasp has reached his boundary, go over Klasp and repeat going left.  
Continue until you get the coin, hit Klasp, or run out of time.

2. When you get to the N, team-up and throw Dixie up and right.  Get over 
Knocka, and you can get in.  EMU users should save before you enter the 
barrel.  And don't worry, Knocka can't kill you.

Kind: Find
Time: 20

	The Klasps on the 2nd and 4th rope are very fast here.  You have to trick 
them to get higher.  Think fast.

Koin's Location:

	After the O, get on the vertical rope, then jump left, over to Koin's 
location.  I will do ASCII for this one.  "K" is Koin, "R" is a piece of 
horizontal rope, & "k" is the keg barrel.

|    K_____________    |
|RRRR|             \   |
|    |______________\  |

	Ah, now you should know what do to.  Pick up the barrel, and toss it on 
the right wall,  Start to go left, taking the low road.  If Koin starts to 
change his shielding position when the barrel hits him, he is out.
	Do you like roller coasters?  Even if you don't, tell me this.  Do you 
like toboggans?  Do you like to ride in toboggans?  If you don't, you will 
hate the next stage.

	The first toboggan stage was more of a warm-up.  Now, there are no 
rails above you.  Falling in a pit is deadly.  Everything else is just about 
the same, including where Koin is.  He is at the end.

Bonus Areas:

1. When you start the stage, jump in the barrel.  Blast downright.

Kind: Bash
Time: 15

	Use team-up tactics to tackle the toughies.

2. After the G, there will be two houses up ahead.  The first one you have 
to jump on.  A Buzz is located after the house.  Avoid him and the one 
higher up.  Start to go past (not on) the second house, then jump over 

Kind: Stars
Time: 10
How Many Stars: 50

	Remember the following code; up, up, down, up.  No, it's not a 
controller code.  You will see.
	You are getting good.  The next stage is another waterfall stage, so 
the EMU users have to turn off sprite 2 again.  As I said earlier, another 
barrel is here.  What is it?  Read on and see.

	You might want to know what the new barrel is here, so I'll tell you.  
It is a falling barrel.  They come down the waterfall, and break when they 
hit the ground.  You can jump on them, but you can't pick them up.  If I have 
dampened your enthusiasm, then I'm sorry.  However, I was telling the truth.  
It is a different kind of barrel.

Bonus Areas:

1. When you reach the K, turn left and go across the barrels to reach higher 
ground.  Then turn around.  Jump on the next barrel that comes down, and 
jump quickly to the right.

Kind: Bananas
Time: 35

	The barrels are falling down faster than usual.  There are two 
"columns" so you won't have that much ground to cover.  The coin will appear 
at the start.

2. When you reach the N, change to Dixie.  Glide right, and hopefully a 
falling barrel will come your way.  Get on the barrel, then hop in the 
bonus barrel.

Kind: Find
Time: 20

	Get up to the top, fast!

Koin's Location:

When you reach the K, glide right (use Dixie), and you will land in the 
general area.  To tag Koin here, you have to ride on the keg barrel.  First 
of all, pick it up and throw it up & left.  It will slowly hit the wall and 
come back.  Jump on the barrel now.  When you are close to Koin, jump off the 
barrel and to the left.  To leave the area, glide to the left from Koin's 
You probably have gotten some target practice at Swanky's Sideshow.  If 
so, then you know what it's like to shoot a target.  Well, it's time for a 

	At first, the stage looks like a normal factory stage with acid pools.  
However, when you turn into Squitter, you will pass a sign you don't want to 
pass.  Now, instead of you targeting someone, you are the target.  When the 
target has a red X in it, get out of that spot!  There are numerous enemies 
here as well, plus some major climbing with the web bridges has to be done.  
The average person (I think) loses 10-20 lives on this stage just trying to 
get to the end.  Hopefully, you will take your time.

Bonus Areas:

1. Continue playing until you pass the first acid pool and can see a 2nd acid 
pool or Re-Koil (if you didn't shoot him, that is; he is guarding the 
next acid pool).  Build web bridges upward and you will see a gap.  Get 
to that gap and avoid the target.

Kind: Bananas
Time: 35

	This one is too easy, but you will see a similar one later.  Only that 
one will have a pit over the banana areas.

2. After the continue barrel, get to the point after you pass an acid pool 
with two red Buzzes close to each other.  Now, build upwards.  When you 
are finished building, you will see an alcove to the left that hides a 
hidden banana bunch.  You can also either go right, or continue upwards.  
Start building more web bridges when you are under the DK barrel (you'll 
need it more likely).  Go up and left and note the red Buzz.  Either time 
your jumps or sacrifice a Squitter, and get up to the bonus barrel.

Kind: Bash
Time: 45

	You see a target, but not Squitter.  It's because you are the target.  
This is your pre-test.  Time your shots, for you only get one shot per 
screen.  Go for the green Buzzes last, and put your target at the top of the 
Buzzs' path.  This way, when the coin comes, you won't have to shoot it.  
Complete this bonus stage to pass your pre-test.

Koin's Location:

Koin is at the end.  Squitter turns into the Keg Barrel, so you only 
get one shot.  If you miss, either go for the flag or, if you have beaten the 
stage, use the Stage Exit Trick.
	If you have gotten past that stage AND found everything, you are the 
man (I meant monkey).  The next stage is more like Skidda's Row, but you have 
a new threat ahead of you.

	The stage starts to snow, but it lifts up after you see Skidda.  After 
the snow, the Lemguins come out to play-but they don't notice you at all!  
You can jump on them, but don't roll into them.  If you do, you won't be 
sitting down for a month.  The rest of the stage is still difficult, but you 
should lose fewer lives here than Krack-Shot Kroc.

Bonus Areas:

1. At the start, team-up over the red Buzz.

Kind: Find
Time: 15

	Lemguins will start to come out, so be alert.

2. After the G, you will see a house with a bonus barrel under it.  The 
Lemguins are preventing you to come in from the left, so go over the 
house, then down and around.

Kind: Stars
Time: 20
How Many Stars: 30

	The Lemguins are at it again.

Koin's Location:

	Koin is in plain sight, and so is his barrel.  This one regenerates, so 
don't worry.
	Now you have some stuff to do.  Go back to Lemguin Lunge on the map and 
press up.  You will be sent to Blizzard's Basecamp.  Talk to him and you will 
receive a present to give to Blue.  Leave, then press left to find another 
banana bird location.  Play Simon Says to win (BB: 8).  Now, head to Swanky's 
and play between three to ten games of his.  Hopefully, you will win back 
some bear coins, so you might make a profit.  However, this is about target 
practice; your final test is about to come up.  To find out how to pass it, 
go to the Bosses section in the FAQ.


	Whatever you do, DO NOT go to the next world-not yet anyway.  You have 
some more stuff to do.  First off, get at least 50 bear coins.  Did that?  
Good.  Now head over to Bazaar's and get the mirror.
	Head back to Cotton Top Cove and give blue his birthday present.  There 
is a bowling ball inside.  Go to Mekanos and give it to Bazooka.  Tell him to 
lock and load Big Bessie, not to hold fire.  You will be shot to another 
banana bird location.  Again, Simon Says is the way to free it (BB: 9).  You 
have just one more thing now.
Go to Barter's Swap Shop, which is to the left of K3.  Trade the mirror 
for his wrench.  You might want the mirror back later, but it isn't needed 
anymore.  Now, go into the next world.


	You should remember Low-G Labyrinth very well.  Well, some of the 
characters are back in the next stage.  Besides both kinds of Buzzes, what 
else do you think is here?

	The only way to advance through the stage is to turn into Squawks.  
However, you can only have the purple one.  He can still pick up barrels, but 
these regenerate.  This is where you will see Kopter (a Kremling with a 
helmet and spinning blades) for the first time.  He can either move up and 
down, or he will come down from one section and go to another one.  That 
happens late in the stage.  There are more red Buzzes here than green Buzzes, 
so be extra alert.

Bonus Areas:

1. When you see the 2nd Kopter past the K (hidden by a Booty Bird), don't go 
down.  Instead, go right when it is safe.  Use the barrel on the green 
Buzz, avoid the rest, and go down fast.

Kind: Bash
Time: 55

	This is the "longest" bonus stage, time wise.  You have to stop seven 
green Buzzes with one regenerating barrel.  The hardest ones are the three in 
a circle above you.  Stay on the left side to avoid being attacked.  The 
Bonus Coin is at the bottom right.

2. When you change back, one Kopter will swoop from one section to another.  
You can bounce on Kopter's head, but he won't die; he'll just slow down a 
little.  If you bounce on him in the right side, you'll get a blue 
balloon, but it's the left side that holds the bonus barrel.

Kind: Stars
Time: 30
How many stars: 40

	You have to bounce on Kopter to get the high stars.  Just don't hit the 

Koin's Location:

Koin is in plain sight, but the barrel is above you.  To get up there, 
fly up and left, and get in the path of the two Kopters that are coming down.  
Fly up with them, and when you can go right, do so.  First, use the keg 
barrel to stop the two green Buzzes on the right side, then bring the barrel 
to Koin.
	You should save now at Wrinkly's Save Cave.  Now you have to ride 
Benny's chair lifts.  Don't worry, you don't have to pay.  He will mention 
about Bjorn's broken chair lift, that it needs fixing.  Just ride Benny's, 
and you will enter the next stage.  And, in the interest of fairness, here is 
a hint for the stage right now.  "Move at a steady pace".

	This is the third stage with forced scrolling.  Unlike the toboggan 
stages, you control your speed, so if you aren't fast enough, the fire coming 
from the bottom of the rope will burn you.  Otherwise, you will just fall to 
your death.  The only enemies are Kopter and Buzz, and you can't kill them 
any way this time.  Sorry.

Bonus Areas:

1. When you pass the first two Buzzes on the 2nd rope, you have two options.  
You can either jump up and right on the cliff to your right, or if you 
are Dixie, glide to the right when you see the bananas.  They take you to 
the same barrel.

Kind: Find
Time: 15

	The rope will burn faster, but don't rush too fast.  Jump in the arrow 
barrels at the right time to avoid the Buzzes.

2. After the N, you will see a group of three Buzzes.  After the group, jump 
towards the bananas when you see them.

Kind: Find
Time: 15

	This time you must avoid the Kopters.  Every time you avoid one, get to 
the side it was on.  The sequence of Kopters is right, left, right, left, 
right, left, right.

Koin's Location:

	When you are at the end or your rope (literally), jump off to the left 
at the highest point.  Throw the keg barrel from where you stand for a hit, 
and then come down for a DK Coin.
	If you didn't get everything from there on your first try, then good 
luck going for it again.  Now you can see Bjorn.  If you have the wrench, you 
can fix his chair lifts and try to win another banana bird if you win Simon 
Says (BB: 10).  Now, the final main swimming stage is coming up.

	EMU users: good news and bad.  The good news is that the entire stage 
(color wise) is given a makeover, so you can see everything.  The bad is you 
must turn off sprite 1.  If you aren't using the EMU version, then you have 
to light your way by poking the yellow fish (called Gleamin' Bream).  There 
are many Lurchins here as well, so practice poking them.  You will face their 
father later.

Bonus Areas:

Note:  ASCII will be done to show where each bonus barrel is.

1. You will be in a vertical shaft like in the ASCII below.  The "F's" next 
to each other show each Kocos' path, and "B" is the bonus barrel.


Kind: Stars
Time: 30
How many stars: 90

	You have to do better than three stars per second to win here.

2. This bonus barrel is before the G.  Here, the "L's" next to each other 
show each Lurchins' path.  "B" is the bonus barrel, while "b" is each 
|XXX\  |XX|
|XXX|  |XX|
|XXX|  |XX|
|XXX|  |XX|
|XXX|  |XX|
+         +
+         +

	Now, you might think it is impossible to access the stage with the 
Lurchins blocking the path.  However, when they are about at the 
intersection, you can spear them & they'll be gone.

Kind: Stars
Time: 20
How many stars: 40

	You just have to follow the path here.
	A lot of you have played Donkey Kong Country 2, I believe.  One of 
those stages was in the Lost World, and it was called Animal Antics.  If you 
remember that stage, you will have some idea of what to expect.

	This stage is the equivalent of Animal Antics in DKC2.  You will play 
as certain animal buddies, but this time, you ride on all of them.  This 
stage is divided into four parts.

Part One: You start off with Squawks, who is at first in his floating crate.  
This one is the green kind, so you can shoot eggs like crazy.  You have to 
watch out for the purple barrels here (called Kuchuka).  The Kuchukas throw 
bombs at certain locations in the stage.  Squawks will leave you when you 
touch the water, where the O is.

Part Two: When Squawks leaves you, swim to the right and ride on Enguarde.  
You will have to deal with your aquatic adversaries here.  Just poke them 
when you have the chance.  When you reach the end of Enguarde's portion, 
dismount him (press X) to get the halfway barrel.

Part Three: Ellie's crate is below the halfway barrel.  Kopter will become a 
major player here, but you can jump on his head.  When you reach the water, 
you can go left or right.  Go left for the N, and then go right.  An 
automatic barrel will blast you to the fourth part.  If you are still riding 
Ellie, jump up to it, and then dismount.  If you aren't, team-up to reach it 
(there is a DK barrel there).

Part Four: Squitter's portion is short.  The hardest part here is getting the 
G.  Just launch a web bridge over the red Buzz, and avoid Kopter while you 
are doing that.  When you reach the No Squitter sign, the goal is to the 

Bonus Areas:

1. The first one is above the N.  If you are riding Ellie, jump up, and then 

Kind: Stars
Time: 20
How many stars: 20

	Jump up, dismount, get the stars, land on Ellie, repeat.

2. Before the No Squitter sign, build web bridges straight up.

Kind: Bananas
Time: 30

	Kuchuka will throw bombs near the right side of the area.  Seek refuge 
on the left side or the extreme right.

Koin's Location:

	After the No Squitter sign, team-up to a cliff above you to see Koin.  
Team-up again to reach the barrel.  The rest is up to you.
	I have some good news and bad news.  The good news is that the next 
cliff stage only has one type of enemy (beside Koin).  The bad news is that 
the enemies are Buzzes.  Both kinds are here tonight.

	Buzzes are aplenty in this stage.  Before you pass each section of 
Buzzes, note the patterns.  Some will be used later, so pay attention.  
Somewhere before the continue barrel will be a stationary red Buzz on the 
rope below you and a fast vertically moving green Buzz.  To the other side is 
a hidden banana bunch and bear coin, but the green Buzz comes quickly, so I 
don't recommend going for those treats.
	Later on, you will meet Perry again.  Perry makes it extra challenging 
because you have to watch both his and your butts for Buzzes.  But get past 
that obstacle and the reward will be very rewarding.

Bonus Areas:

1. When you get to the TNT barrel, pick it up and hold it.  Jump to the 
right and you will bust open the door to the bonus barrel.  You can also 
get a bear coin on this jump if you time it right.

Kind: Find
Time: 15

	Avoid the Buzzes, really.

2. Bring Perry to the No Perry sign and he will turn into a bonus barrel.  
Because it came from Perry, you only get one chance.  EMU users should 
save before entering.

Kind: Bananas
Time: 40

	Two green Buzzes circle clockwise around the middle, and the bananas 
can be on either side.  If you can avoid the Buzzes and move quickly, you'll 
do fine.
	While I said that there are three main swimming stages, I never said 
anything about boss stages.  The next boss is in the water.  It is the 
Lurchin's father.  To learn how to beat him, go to the Bosses section on my 


	When you get back to the main map screen, part of the cliff will 
explode, revealing the location to the seventh world.  Enter it.


	A lot of industries have conveyor belts.  The next stage doesn't have 
conveyor belts, but it has the next best thing.

	This part of the jungle has ropes that move you from place to place.  
However, the Buzzes guard these precious ropes, so stay on your guard.

Bonus Areas:

1. The barrel is under the second rope after the K.  It is easy to reach.

Kind: Stars
Time: 15
How many stars: 30

	If you miss any stars while traveling right across the rope, you have 
to keep jumping to the left to get them.

2. Late in the stage (after the N) will be two Buzzes rotating clockwise 
around three bananas.  Get on the rope before them, then jump up and 

Kind: Bananas
Time: 30

	The bottom rope moves you to the right; the top one goes to the left.  
Remember that.

Koin's Location:

	After you get on the rope past the G, go down to where Koin is.  You 
can defeat him the normal way.
	Do you believe in ghosts?  I don't.  However, spirits are in the next 
stage, but they aren't in the form of a ghost.

	Kiddy is the main choice in this stage.  Krumple is back from the 
waterfall stages, and in case you didn't figure it out already, he won't feel 
a thing that Dixie gives them (except for a barrel).  The real trick-or-
treaters, though, are ghost barrels.  They appear, then disappear.  
Sometimes, they can change the direction they face.  For example, they could 
one second fire you upwards, and in the next could fire you to the left.  Be 
afraid.I meant, be careful.

Bonus Areas:

1. When you are shot to one of the automatic barrels past the O, you go be 
blasted to the right.  However, there is also a path to the left.  Roll 
jump under the automatic barrel, then team-up to the bonus barrel.

Kind: Stars
Time: 40
How many stars: 50

	The ghost barrel will change its direction quickly.  Time your jumps 
into it so you can get the high stars.

2. After the continue barrel, you will see a path upwards past the automatic 
barrel.  If you are riding Squitter, build web bridges upwards, but watch 
out for reappearing ghost barrels.  They will shoot you to the ground.

Kind: Find
Time: 30

	It is best to stay low.  The ghost barrels will come, but if you go at 
a steady pace and avoid the barrels, you will avoid them.

Koin's Location:

	A keg barrel is in plain sight.  To get Koin this time, use the Rocket 
Barrel Ride strategy: throw the barrel over the red Buzz, then get in the 
ghost barrel.  When you land after your blastoff, jump again to make sure 
Koin gets it.
	Whenever you see Baffle, he will complain that he can't figure out the 
code he is breaking.  If he mentions something about a mirror (sometimes he 
won't), then head back to Barter and give him 10 coins for the mirror back.  
Bring the mirror to Baffle, and he will tell you the code, which is something 
like this:

To open up a secret gate,
Perform at the rocks a figure eight.

	Even if you can't get the mirror back from Barter, you can still open 
the gate.  Just do figure 8's around the rocks to open the Sewer Stockpile.  
Complete Simon Says there for another Banana Bird (BB: 11).
As you probably know, if you treat nature with respect, it will give 
you the same treatment.  This time, it doesn't work that way.

	Someone has messed with Mother Nature (maybe the final boss), and Mom 
doesn't know who did it.  So, she decides to zap anyone who is living.  Note 
that Mom can't zap red Buzzes with her lightning, but she can zap everyone 
else around here, like you.  You should remember this rule of thumb, while 
you are at it: do not swim in water when there is a storm.  While sometimes 
you have to take a quick dip, don't stay in there to long.  The quicker this 
stage is done, the better.

Bonus Areas:

1. At the O, take a dip in the pool below to get to the bonus barrel.

Kind: Bash
Time: 15

	The good news: no lightning.  The bad: about 8-10 Knik-Knaks.

2. Before the G there is a floating Bonus Barrel above three barrels in 
water.  Team-up to reach it.

Kind: Bananas
Time: 30

	Mom is back, so keep moving.  Also, I should have mentioned this 
before, but I forgot.  Lightning can strike the same place twice.

Koin's Location:

Before the continue barrel are two Booty Birds, a red Buzz, and Koin, 
respectively.  First of all, let Mother Nature destroy the Booty Bird with 
lightning.  Use the barrel the Booty Bird gave you to destroy the 2nd Booty 
Bird for a keg barrel.  Throw the barrel behind Koin, and hope Mom doesn't 
destroy it.
	You have seen many different types of the same enemy.  However, there 
is one enemy that you have seen throughout your travels.  To find out what 
that is, read the next stage description-or look at the name of the next 

	You have looked at the title?  Good.  The answer is Koin.  Koin's 
kousins are spread throughout the jungle, donning pink.  They chase you until 
either you are directly above them, or they are at the edge of the platform.  
With all of this confusion, Dixie is the character of choice.  If you lose 
her, say good-bye to a life (unless you are a great Kiddy player).  You must 
maintain your balance on Koin's kousins to pass this stage.

Bonus Areas:

1. Before the continue barrel is a Bazuka.  The barrel is directly above 

Kind: Stars
Time: 15
How many stars: 30

	Like I said, maintain your balance.

2. The next barrel is after the N.  Either team-up to it or jump on Re-Koil 
for extra "ummph".

Kind: Bananas
Time: 40

	Maintain your balance.  `Nuff said.

Koin's Location (the green one):

	A 2nd Bazuka is shooting regular barrels at Koin.  A barrel changer is 
above Bazuka.  If you are Kiddy, hit the changer and hope you bounce on a 
barrel to get on land.  If you are Dixie, you can glide to land.  Now that 
you are on land, get to the left of Koin.
	I said there were three sewer levels in the game.  You have seen two 
sewer levels already.  The next one is coming up.  EMU users should turn off 
sprite 2 so fog won't occur on screen.

	When you get in the water, be prepared to think backwards.  Left will 
be right, and right will be left.  The rest of the controls are the same in 
the water, however.  The only good thing is that Buzz won't be seen for a 
while.  To win, think backwards.

Bonus Areas:

Note: ASCII will be done to show you where each bonus stage is.

1. The first one is after the K.  "B" is the bonus barrel, "L" shows each 
Lurchin's location, & each "F" next to each other shows the path a fast 
fish will take.

|     L     +
|           +
|B  FFFFF   +
|           +
|_____L    _+

Kind: Bash
Time: 25

	You will turn into Enguarde if you aren't already.  However, if you 
keep on spearing, you will make it with five seconds to spare.

2. This part is before the G.  You are coming from below (where the plus 
signs are) and you want to take the left path.  "L" is still the same.  
However, since there are two fish (moving very slowly) in between the 
Lurchins, each fish will have an "S" next to each other to show each 
fish's path.  Note that you still have to avoid some more Lurchins before 
you get to the barrel.

+         L      |
+                |
+         SSSSSS |
+    SSSSSS      |
+                |
+_________L__    |

Kind: Stars
Time: 25
How many stars: 30

	Remember that left is right, and right is left.

Koin's Location:

	If you found the G, go up.  If you found the goal, go left into the 
water.  Koin and the keg barrel are there in plain sight.  To get Koin's 
Coin, hold the barrel and jump on Koin.  Jump slightly and throw the barrel 
to the right wall.
Whatever you do, save before continuing.  You did that?  Good.  Do you 
have at least 30 lives?  If not, get that amount, and maybe more.  Now is the 
time to challenge KAOS for the final time.  Beat him and you have to 
challenge a "mystery" boss.  You should know who he is though.  Beat him to 
get another Bonus Coin and Ending one.  However, you aren't done yet.  The 
next section is all about the Lost World, Krematoa.
8a.  The Lost World

	If you restart your game, you will be back at Kaos Core.  Leave that 
world and head over to where Bramble resides.  A flower of his kind has 
grown.  Walk over to it, and then enter Bramble's house.  Give him the flower 
for another Banana Bird (BB: 12).  Next, go to the circle of rocks to the 
right of Mekanos.  Go clockwise around the stones to open up Krematoa.  It 
might take a while.
	Once you enter, visit Boomer in his bomb shelter.  Pay him the Bonus 
Coins he asks and you can get up to four explosives, depending on how many 
Bonus Coins you have.  To get the fifth explosive, you must complete all of 
the bonus areas, including the ones in this world.  Once you have bought all 
of the explosives you can, save at Wrinkly's.

Note: Before we enter the next stage, let me tell you that the way it will be 
described will be different than the rest.  Don't worry; it will cover the 
stuff it usually covers, like Bonus Areas.

	Get your buddy if you need to and look above you.  There are two bonus 
barrels.  One will take you to a 45-second Squawks banana stage, and the 
other takes you to a 40-second Squitter banana stage.  Squitter's stage is 
like the first bonus stage in Krack-Shot Crock, only there is a pit above 
where the bananas are.  Squawks's stage has red Buzzes, so they can't be shot 
down.  When both are beaten, switch to Dixie and glide right to the Ellie 
	When you turn into Ellie, pick up Perry in the crate.  EMU users should 
save RIGHT NOW!  Jump in the barrel to the right, and you will land to the 
right of three Sneeks.  Ellie will be so scared that he will run to the other 
side, and run he will.  You must jump over your foes (or jump on them if they 
are Krimps) and not fall in any pits.  Also, be careful of Perry.  Don't lose 
him, for he is useful later.  Krimps, Bristtles, and the twins Kuff `n Klout 
are in your way for the low road, while the Buzzes up top will try to stop 
Perry above.  If you make it to the other barrel, you made it.  
If you are using the EMU version and have Perry at the end of the 
sprint, save the state before doing anything else.  If you have Perry, walk 
to the No Perry sign to enter Bonus Barrel # 3.  You have 40 seconds to get 
the bananas, but they are too high for you to reach.  Fortunately, Perry is 
in a crate to the right, and can get those bananas.  However, if he hits the 
red Buzz in the center of the playing field, you are out.
After that bonus area, walk pass the No Ellie sign to get your keg 
barrel.  Bring it past the goal and when you see Koin, throw the barrel 
behind him.  If you mess up, too bad.  Get to the goal for a cog.
	If you guys who are reading this FAQ don't like the style I did for 
Stampede Sprint, please email me.  If I get enough requests, I will change 
the format to make it like all of the others.
	If you can't access the next stage, that means you don't have enough 
Bonus Coins.  Get some more from the earlier stages to access it.  We are 
heading back to the mountainside.

	The K above you requires both Kongs, so if you don't have both, then 
you have to get your partner up above.  And how do you do that?  You just 
bounce on the keg barrels Bazuka keeps shooting upwards.  While you may not 
see Bazuka, I believe he is there.  Barrel changers are also around this 
level to change the keg barrels to TNT barrels.  Sometimes that is necessary 
to use them to stop the red Buzzes.  Klasp also makes a return here, and will 
go faster, except for the last one.  One more note I should address: while 
the G is right after the N, don't expect the end of the stage to come like 
(snap) that.  You still have some more work.

Bonus Areas:

1. It is to the right of the two red Buzzes.  Time your leap over them.

Kind: Bananas
Time: 30

	Bazuka is visible this time, and he shoots TNT's in the middle of the 
arena.  When you have to cross, be extra careful.

2. After the halfway barrel you will see a large open space.  The bonus 
barrel is on the right side.  Team-up to reach the barrel.

Kind: Bash
Time: 25

	Use Bazuka's keg barrels to propel you to the Knik-Knaks.  This is the 
final "Bash the Baddies" stage.

Koin's Location:

	When you see the first barrel changer after the halfway barrel, hit it 
and go down.  The red Buzz should soon be gone with those TNT's hitting him.  
Go back to the barrel changer to change it back to keg barrels.  Return to 
where Buzz was, and go in the opening by him by hopping on the barrels.  You 
will see it soon enough.  Defeat Koin the normal way.
	I hope you have plenty of lives in stock for the next stage.  If you 
don't have at least 30, then get at least 30.  When you think you are ready, 
enter the next stage.

	This stage is the home of Kuff `n Klout, the twins who you will see 
throughout this stage.  They are so powerful that you alone can't beat at 
least one of the twins.  Defense is the key here.

Bonus Areas:

1.  Before the No Squitter sign is a small gap.  Team-up to get in the gap 
and in the bonus barrel.  If you are in Koin's area (more below), you can 
just go over Bazuka and fall in the pit to his right.  It takes you to the 
same barrel.

Kind: Stars
Time: 20
How many stars: 40

	If you are Squitter, you can shoot the twins first and ask questions 
later.  If you are the Kongs, you will just have to wing it.

2.  This one will take a while to explain, and I don't think ASCII will help, 
so just here me out.  After the halfway barrel and before the N, there is a 
gap in the ceiling.  Team-up to it to enter a rotating manual barrel.  Fire 
out of the barrel upwards when you see Kuff `n Klout go on the right side.  
Get the TNT barrel on the left side, and use it on one of the twins.  The 
other will run off the ledge.  EMU users should save their state right now if 
they have both Kongs.  Now, head to the other side.  A bonus barrel is 
guarded by two red Buzzes.  Team-up and carefully throw Dixie in the barrel.  
This takes practice.

Kind: Find
Time: 35

	There are two sets of fast-running twins, and three safe spots for 
jumping.  The middle spot is dangerous because both sets of twins can hit 
you.  Time your jumps right and you will succeed.

3. It is behind the goal.  The lone banana is really a bonus barrel.

Kind: Bananas
Time: 50

	The twins jump extra fast in this stage.  The best advice is to follow 
their lead.  If you miss a few bananas, it's okay.  You do have 50 seconds, 
which makes this the 2nd "longest" stage, time-wise.

Koin's Location:

	To the left of Bonus Barrel # 1 is a bigger gap.  Get up there with 
Squitter, and you will see Koin.  Get on him, and you will Bazuka shooting 
keg barrels at the wall.  Shoot web bridges so that the keg barrels travel on 
them to hit Koin.
	If you got everything so far, then you are unbelievable.  Before you 
enter the next stage, answer this question.  Do you remember Swoopy?  In case 
you don't, they are birds who spear the trees so they can be used as 
stepping-stones.  However, now they do more than that.

	You start this stage as Squawks.  At first the stage seems easy, until 
you see Swoopy.  This time they aren't spearing trees, but they are flying in 
patterns, and you don't want to be caught in one.  The next half of the stage 
puts you on foot, and to get past some obstacles, you have to jump on some 
Swoopies.  I hope you have a lot of lives.

Bonus Areas:

1. After the K, you will be in a tree.  Dive down to find the barrel.

Kind: Find
Time: 15

	The final "Find the Coin" stage makes you become the Kongs again.  
Provoke each Swoopy to spear the trees, and roll jump to each one.  If you 
are fast enough, you will make it.

2. There is a large open space in between trees after the 2nd set of 
Swoopies.  Fly to the top, and shoot the Swoopies to get in the tree.  
When you break in, you will see two red Buzzes circling around a lone 
banana very fast.  Get that banana from above the circle for best 

Kind: Bananas
Time: 45

	This is the final "Grab 15 Bananas" stage, and Squawks has the honor to 
get the final 15.  Provided, of course, if the single Swoopy doesn't spear 

3. When you are the Kongs, soon you will go from a tree to the left to a 
tree to the right.  Swoopies come from the top of the screen to the 
opening you must go through.  At first, follow the Swoopies.  Before you 
enter the opening, turn around and bounce on the Swoopies to the barrel.

Kind: Stars
Time: 15
How many stars: 20

	The final "Get XX Stars" is too easy.  Just use team-up tactics in the 
small arena.

Koin's Location:

	Take the path to Bonus Barrel # 2.  When you get to the No Squawks 
sign, a keg barrel will appear.  Throw the barrel from where the barrel stood 
and Koin should get it.
	To enter the final Lost World stage, you must have 25 Bonus Coins 
instead of 15.  You must complete every bonus area to buy the explosive that 
will allow you to enter the final stage.  The next stage will be done in the 
Stampede Sprint style, so if you don't (or do) like it, please email me 

	This is the only stage where you if you enter without the other Kong, 
you don't need him/her.  The DK barrel is there, but not necessary for this 
stage.  A rocket barrel is also right there.  No, this isn't the one like in 
Rocket Barrel Ride; this is a real rocket ship.  Hop in to begin the stage.
	The controls are like Poisonous Pipeline; left is right, and right is 
left.  You can use the thrusters to stop the red Buzzes.  Remember to collect 
fuel, and try not to hit the canyon walls.  If you land on a steep part, the 
rocket will collapse, and you lose a life.  Just take it easy.
	When you reach the halfway barrel, you will hit what looks like a flame 
barrel.  Now your rocket is going upwards at a fast rate.  If you hit the 
walls, you will bounce off and lose time.  Fuel is burned fast, and you can't 
recharge fuel along this stretch.  If you make it to the top, you will see 
Koin.  Get the barrel (it's near the goal, which is to the right), and throw 
it above Koin.  Get the DK Coin Koin leaves behind, and get the final cog.
	Now that you have the final cog, go to Boomer's and place it in the 
machine.  Krematoa will become hotter than ever, and K. Rool's super secret 
submarine, Knautilus, is exposed.  Go in there to face K. Rool again.  For 
the secrets on how to beat him here, go to the Bosses section of this FAQ.  
(Note:  That is the last time I have to say that.)


	You should have all of the DK Coins now, so head to Funky's Rentals.  
He will give you the Gyrocopter.  With this vehicle, you can get the 
remaining banana birds (if you win Simon Says, of course).  One is in the 
northeastern part of the over world map, to the east of Kaos Core.  Another 
is to the west of K3.  Find an island in the water and enter its cave.  The 
final one is south of Bazaar's General Store.  The cave is on the cliff side.  
Once you have those final three, save at Wrinkly's.  Yes, EMU users, you too.  
Instead of saving, ending two will begin.  
The banana birds will take you to their mother in the sky, and will 
break a spell on the mother banana bird.  The mom will thank you, and repay 
you by teaching K. Rool a lesson he won't forget.  K. Rool, though, has taken 
the hovercraft, and you follow.  Soon, he will be caught in an egg, and 
Cranky is trying to do water skiing in the background.  He messes up the 
fourth try, and will come to the foreground with a "The End" sign above his 
head.  You will then see if you are the "Immortal Monkey".  You might end up 
as Top Banana or Cool Kong instead.  That's the end of the main description.  
The following sections cover stuff like Bosses and Copyright stuff.
9.  Bosses

Belcha's Barn: Boss of Lake Orangutanga.  You have to make Belcha "belch" his 
way to the right.  First, jump on the barrels that come out of his mouth.  A 
bug will come out of it.  Jump on the bug to flip him over, then shoot him in 
Belcha's mouth.  He will belch backwards.  Each time you destroy a barrel, he 
comes forward a bit, but when he belches, he goes backwards farther than his 
forward jumps.  Remember:  The only ways to die are to either run into the 
beetles, or falling in the pit on the left side of the screen.  Beat him for 
a Bonus Coin.

Arich's Ambush: Boss of Kremwood Forest.  Since Dixie is more valuable than 
Kiddy, use Kiddy first (if you use Dixie first and she dies, you might have a 
harder time).  Time your jumps on Arich's back, get his barrel, and let him 
come down to you.  As long as you are holding the barrel, and Arich's head is 
above the barrel, he will be hit.  Now you have to go on Arich's back to get 
the regenerating barrel on the high branch.  When you get it, get down to 
avoid his green pellet.  Hit Arich like you did before (let him come down to 
the barrel).  Now, he will start to shoot three green pellets down to you.  
You have two choices.  One is to hide below the low branches so you won't get 
hit.  The other is to team-up and throw Dixie on Arich's back.  When you get 
the barrel, go down under the branches because he'll shoot again.  After the 
three, hit him.  One more hit is needed.  He will shoot five pellets now, and 
the final two are more sideways than down.  Take extra care when getting the 
barrel and delivering the final hit.  When you do that, you won't get a bonus 
coin, but you will get a patch.

Squirt's Showdown: You will be Ellie for this fight.  Also, it might be 
helpful to turn off sprite 2 if you are using the emulator version.  Quickly 
soak up water from the waterfall before Squirt squirts out water.  The water 
doesn't kill you outright, but can push you so you fall in the bottomless 
pit.  When you know which way the water is going, say clockwise, then go 
right, then down and around.  There are platforms down below you, so don't 
worry about this boss being impossible.  After one lap of water dodging, his 
eyes will open up and come to the foreground.  Shoot each eye twice to do 
damage.  After your attempt on both eyes, refill, and repeat.  If you did hit 
both eyes twice, he will be madder.  For the remainder of the time, it is now 
two laps of water dodging for you.  Again, shoot the eyes when they come out.  
Shut both eyes successfully twice and you will get one ski.

KAOS: This is your first meeting with KAOS; you will see him later.  For the 
first battle, after his conversation is finished, roll under the fire and 
hope he doesn't fire an extra burst.  After you avoid the fire four times, 
platforms will come from KAOS.  Quickly jump on them to land on KAOS's head.  
Repeat that two more times, and his cap will fly off.  Don't worry yet; just 
him the way you did the first three times.  After the 4th hit, he will use his 
cap to his advantage.  Run around the area, and don't stop so the lasers 
don't hit you.  KAOS will come down to the center after a few lasers.  Hit 
him again, using the platforms from KAOS.  Do that again, and you will get 
the other ski.  Go see Funky.

Bleak: EMU users should turn off sprites 1 & 2 so the background won't mess 
up.  I hope you have been playing against Cranky at Swanky's Sideshow, for 
this is your test.  Bleak will throw snowballs at you, and you must do the 
same.  Press up and Y to throw in the background, and down and Y to throw in 
the foreground.  After you hit him two times, he will come into the fore 
ground and start to shoot snowballs from his hat.  Avoid them, and when it is 
all clear, hit him.  After two rounds of that, he will behave like he did for 
the first two times, only he throws two snowballs, then moves to another 
part.  Tag him fast.  For the final hit, you must wait for the big snowball 
blast to be over before you can get Bleak.  After that, a Bonus Coin will be 
your reward.

Barbos: Enguarde is your main man (I mean swordfish).  Barbos has three 
phases.  For the first phase, he will have two purple Lurchins surrounding 
him, and whole schools of green Lurchins start to come.  Hit the green 
Lurchins, and hope they bounce back to the purple Lurchins.  When both are 
gone, hit Barbos when his shell isn't covering his face (time the sword 
attack).  When Barbos goes down, follow him to start phase two.  The two 
purple Lurchins are back, but instead of green Lurchins, you will face homing 
missiles.  They follow you slowly, mainly on the turns, but when they turn 
yellow, they go straight in whatever direction they are in.  Make it so that 
the missile is aimed for a Lurchin, and move out of the way.  After the two 
are gone, hit Barbos again.  Go down after the hit for the final phase.  
Barbos will start to shoot spikes at you.  Stay in the lower right or left 
corner, and move up or down when needed.  Hit him when he stops shooting.  
Two more hits after that should cough up another Bonus Koin.

KAOS #2:  KAOS is back, but he is easier.  For the first hit, go to the right 
side for a barrel, and throw it at KAOS's head.  Hit it right and another 
head will take its place.  Wait until KAOS is done shooting and rises up a 
little before you go for the barrel on the left side.  Throw the barrel just 
right & KAOS is nothing but junk.  However, that's not all folks.  Check 
behind the curtains and see the real boss.

Baron K. Roolenstien: K. Rool is back, and badder than ever.  K. Rool takes 
nine hits before he goes down.  K. Rool has four phases in this battle, & 
ASCII will be done for all four phases, though K. Rool won't be shown in 

Phase one: You must use the hooks to allow a barrel to come down.  It can't 
hit K. Rool.  Get to the floor, and duck under K. Rool.  Bring (or throw) the 
barrel to his back, and he takes damage.  Watch out for his nails!  K. Rool 
stays on the ground, be you can duck under him.  For this ASCII, each "O" 
shows an orb you can stand on & each "H" shows where each hook is.

|    H         H      |
|    H         H      |
|                     |
|                     |

Phase two: Hopefully, you haven't lost Dixie.  If you haven't, switch to 
Kiddy.  Anyway, after the 2nd hit, get to the right side and jump on the 
platform that comes out.  The entire floor (including the orbs) is now 
electrified.  At this point EMU users should turn off sprite two to see the 
electricity.  K. Rool goes from the left side to just before the platform you 
are on, so the platform is a safe spot.  However, you must travel across the 
hooks to get to the 4th hook.  Pulling that triggers the barrel.  Get back 
across while avoiding K. Rool, and throw the barrel at him when his back is 
turned.  For this ASCII, "h" is the hook you must pull, each "H" shows the 
other hooks' location, "P" is the stationary platform that is the only safe 
spot, and "E" is the electrified floor.

|    h   H    H    H   |
|        H    H    H   |
|                      |
|                     P|

Phase three: If you've landed those two hits, get to the platform.  K. Rool 
will move the platform to the left, and you don't want a shock treatment down 
on the floor.  There is only one hook, and to get it, you need the help of a 
moving platform.  While on this platform, duck when K. Rool is about to pass 
you.  Jump on the hook, then get back on the platform.  If you are Dixie, you 
can glide left when K. Rool is about to come to you.  Tag K. Rool two times 
to move to the final phase.  For the ASCII, "P", "h", and "E" are the same.  
Each "p" next to each other shows the moving platform's trajectory.

|               h     |
|                     |
|                     |
|P  pppppppppppppp    |

Final phase: Only three more hits to go!  This one has the hook positions 
from phase one and the stationary platform positions of phases two and three.  
This time, though, the electricity alternates between on and off.  K. Rool 
flies above the floor in between the two platforms.  Pull the correct switch 
to bring the barrel to the floor, but do so when the electricity is off and 
you can get to safety on the platforms in time.  Throw the barrel at K. 
Rool's back, and he'll get shocked soon.  Three shockers gives you a Bonus 
Coin and ending one.  For the ASCII, "H" & "P" are used, but "A" will be the 
electricity alternating between on and off.

|    H         H      |
|    H         H      |
|                     |
|P                   P|

K. Rool #2: Again, EMU people should turn off sprite 2.  K. Rool takes 10 
hits this time, but don't worry.  ASCII won't be needed here.  K. Rool has 6 
phases, but most are similar to each, so don't worry.

Phase one: The top orbs will become electrified, and electricity flows in 
between them, so you can't jump.  Fireballs will come into the foreground.  
Avoid all seven and a keg barrel will appear.  The electricity will go away 
as well.  You must throw the barrel into the hole above you and time the 
throw so it hits K. Rool in the background.  A good time to throw it is when 
he is approaching the center.

Phase two: After the initial hit, K. Rool comes into the foreground.  The 
only safe spots are the orbs; there is no electricity in them.  Throw the 
barrel at K. Rool's back two times.

Phase three: This is exactly like phase one.  Hit K. Rool two times to 
advance to the next phase.

Phase four: The floor you are on moves back and forth, but still, it is 
really the same thing.  Hit him once.

Phase five: Time for the tough part.  K. Rool will come to the foreground for 
the final four hits.  A keg barrel will soon come; leave it there.  The 
electricity will be back for the upper orbs, while a "lightning bolt" will 
travel on the path you are on.  Get to the other side of the barrel and it 
will absorb the electricity.  Now, hit K. Rool's back with the keg barrel.  
You might only get one try.  If you miss and the barrel rolls along the 
floor, pick it up and set it down.  If you hit or miss the back, but bounces 
off K. Rool, then you must wait for the barrel to regenerate.  Two hits here 
sends you to the final phase.

Final phase: The floor will move again, but use the same strategy as phase 
five.  Two more hits and you will get a DK Coin, but you won't see Ending 2 
(yet).  To find out how to access the 2nd ending, return to the Lost World 
section of the FAQ.
10.  Banana Bird Locations

	I'm pretty sure that there are some of you who just want the locations 
of the Banana Birds instead of everything else, so here is a section just for 
them.  While I covered where each one is located in the main part, I will 
list each one again.

1. In the over world, go to the beach that is to the east of Funky's 
Rentals.  All you need is a boat to get there.
2. In Lake Orangutanga, swim to the beach in the northern part of the map to 
uncover the cave.
3. In Lake Orangutanga, give Barnacle a shell.  You can get one at Bazaar's 
for 5 bear coins.
4. In Kremwood Forest, beat Riverside Race in 1:15.00, and tell Brash the 
news.  Now beat Bobbing Barrel Brawl to access the cave.
5. In the over world, go to the beach west of Bazaar's.  You need a 
6. In Cotton Top Cove, when you get in the water, swim straight ahead to 
open the cave.
7. In the over world, turbo up the water fall on the west side of the map.  
The turbo ski vehicle is necessary for this.
8. In K3, go left of Blizzard's Basecamp.
9. First, stop at Blizzard's Basecamp for the present.  Then go to Blue's 
Beach Hut and give him the present for a bowling ball.  Give the bowling 
ball to Bazooka to be fired up to the Sky High Secret.
10. In Razor Ridge, repair Bjorn's Chair lifts with the wrench to get to the 
cave.  Get the wrench by giving the mirror to Barter.
11. In Kaos Core, do a figure eight around the rocks many times to open the 
Sewer Stockpile.
12. When you beat K. Rool at Kaos Core, go to Bramble's Bungalow.  Press 
right to pick up the flower, then enter the Bungalow.
13. In the over world, go east of Kaos Core.  The cave is in the northeastern 
part of the map.  The Gyrocopter is needed for this and the remaining two 
14. To the west of K3 is an island.  The cave is on that island.
15. The final one is below Bazaar's General Store.
11. The Name Cheat

You can enter these cheats whenever you start a new game or resume an 
old one.  To activate any of them, first highlight the game you want to play.  
Then, press L, R, R, L, R, R, L, R, L, & R.  You can then activate any of the 
cheats below.  They are listed alphabetically.

ASAVE: Whenever you beat a stage, the results are saved automatically.
ERASE: I assume this cheat erases the best time for Riverside Race, but I'm 
not sure.
HARDR: Either the DK barrels or halfway barrels are gone, but I forgot which 
one is which.
LIVES: You will start the game with fifty lives.
MERRY: It will be Christmas time in the bonus areas.
TUFST: Both the DK barrels and halfway barrels are gone.  However, there are 
a few stages where there are DK barrels.
WATER: When you start, swim into the waterfall to the west of Bazaar's.  Win 
Simon Says to get 85 Bonus Coins.

If I am missing a few (I think I'm missing two [no rhyme intended]), please 
email me at  As I said before, it will help both you and me.
12. Copyright

This FAQ is Copyright 1999 VGW Man.  There are some rules about the 

1. If you want to use my FAQ on your web site, just ask me.  You can copy my 
FAQ and use it on another web site, as long as I am notified.
2. You cannot make money off of my FAQ.  I put a lot of effort into this, 
and no one is allowed to rip me off.
3. If you want to use any of my info on your web site, just give me proper 
4. You are allowed to have a printed copy of this FAQ (limit 1 per person).  
However, you can't sell it (see rule #2).
13.  Future Plans

	This FAQ took over two months to do, which, to me, is a good 
accomplishment considering school and all.  This FAQ was finished two days 
before my birthday, so that, to me, is an even greater accomplishment.  For 
future FAQs, I might do other SNES games, which I've played both on ZSNES and 
the SNES system.  However, I bought a Game Boy Color during this time, so I 
might do FAQs on those games that I want, like Zelda DX and Game & Watch 
Gallery 2.  I might do G&W first if I do a GBC FAQ, though while the computer 
had to be taken in for repairs for a week, I got enough Zelda coverage for a 
long FAQ.  I'll just have to wait.  I will also update this FAQ if needed.  
Just tell me what I should change at, & I'll do it if I have 
the time.
14.  Special Thanks

Thanks to Kao-Ping Chua for his support for this FAQ, mainly for some of the 
Warp Barrel locations.  If I didn't see his wonderful work, this wouldn't be 
possible.  However, only a few of the warp barrel locations are on my page.  
Please see his page at for the 
rest of the warp barrel locations and other stuff I might have missed.

Thanks to the people who brought out ZSNES, for bringing out an outstanding 
emulator.  Check out their page at to get ZSNES.

Thanks to Nintendo & Rare, for coming out with DKC3.  Their web pages are &, respectively.