Day of the Tentacle (e)

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DAY OF THE TENTACLE: Complete Solution                  

Day of the Tentacle is a wacky adventure game made by LucasArts.  I have 
really enjoyed the game from the start to the end.  Because it is such a fun
game, I advise you not to look at this solution unless you're really really
desperate and need the solution bad.  As you might already know, there are
three characters in this game you must control: Bernard in the present time,
Hoagie in the past, and Laverne in the future.  You'll have to start with  
Bernard in the beginning and change to other characters here and there 
through-out the game.  Enjoy!

The Beginning:
There is Bernard and his trusty friends standing in the hallway of the motel.
After Hoagie and Laverne wander off open the clock and use the secret passage.
Watch the cut-sequence and then pick up the battery patent from the To Do 
board behind the hamster generator. Another cut-sequence begins.

Switch to Hoagie by clicking on his picture. Walk left. Enter the house then 
go through the double doors into the kitchen. Walk through the swinging door.
Go to the right-hand cabinet and pick up the brush, then pick up the bucket on 
the floor. Return to the kitchen and use the bucket with the water pump to 
fill it with water. Pick up the oil and the spaghetti jar before going back 
through the double doors.
Go up the chimney and through the left window from the roof. Pick up the paint
and go through the trap-door pass the horse and down to the first floor. Enter
the first room (the one with the kite plans on the wall) and pick up the 
bottle of wine. Leave to go to the last room of the three (George's room). Use 
the bed in order to crumple it up then pull the cord. When the maid appears 
have a chat and then leave taking the soap from the maid's trolley just 
outside the room. Use the soap with the bottle of water. Go down the stairs 
and give the bottle of wine to Thomas Jefferson - watch as he sticks it in 
his time capsule. Leave the house and go to the outhouses. Use the red paint 
on the tree and then return to where the carriage is. Use the soapy water on 
the carriage and then enjoy the cut-sequence.
Open the mail-box just outside the house and take the letter - send this to 
Bernard through the Chron-o-John. Amble into the house and go through the 
grandfather clock to gain access to Red Edison's secret laboratory. Give Red 
the battery plans and the oil and pick up the left-handed hammer.
Return to the main hall and talk to George Washington about cherry trees - 
telling him that he's past it when you get the option. He rushes out of the 
house and lops down the kumquat tree thus freeing Lavern 400 years in the 
future. Click on Bernard's ugly mug.

Give the text book to Hoagie. Go up to the office. Open the drawer and pick up
the Booboo-B-Gone. Pick up the Swiss bank-book. Return to the hall and pick up
the dime from the pay phone. The flier from the noticeboard and the Help 
Wanted sign from the window. Send the last couple of items to Hoagie.
Go into the kitchen. Pick up the fork and both coffee jugs. Go into the 
washroom and take the funnel from the empty cabinet. Return to the hall. Open 
the grate and walk to the vat of teeth after sharing a cigar with the 
salesman. Chase the set of teeth towards the grate and pick them up when they 
become trapped.
Go to the first room upstairs where the fat bloke is snoring. Close the door 
and take the keys from the lock before leaving the room and entering the one 
next to it. Have a chat with Dwayne the novelty goods salesman and then give 
him the letter from Hoagie. Pick up the fake gun and the disappearing ink and 
then walk through into the next room.
Pick up the video tape and push the right-hand speaker. Use the On button to 
get the stereo kicking out some sound and the fake barf falls off the ceiling 
downstairs as a result of the vibration. Leave and go upstairs to Weird 
Edison's room. Speak with him and pick up the hammer before taking your 
life into your hands and using the disappearing ink with his precious stamp 
collection. When the dust has settled pick up the stamp and appease Wierd Ed 
by giving back his album. Cross the landing to Edna's room and switch to...

Have a quick chitchat with the horse before going into the room opposite him. 
Talk to Ned. Use the left-handed hammer with the right-handed one that Ned is
using. Ned and Jed swap places. Jed starts to sculpt and the statue in 
Bernard's time period changes slightly. Switch back to...

Give Edna a quick kick (use the Push icon) and she flies out of the room. Use 
the video tape with the VCR. Go down to the secret lab and give Dr Fred some 
of the decaf coffee - he falls asleep and sleep-walks off to the office where 
he starts twiddling the safe dial. Return to the video in Edna's room and 
watch the monitor. Press the Record button and watch as Dr Fred is taken by the 
Inland Revenue chaps. Then click on the Rewind button. Click on the Speed 
button (at the right-hand side of the monitor) and watch the film by pressing 
Play. Go down to the office and open the safe - taking the contract from 
within. Go up to the roof using the chimney. Pick up the crank and then go 
through the window. Now it's time for a stint with ...

Talk to the Tentacle Guard and tell him that you need the toilet. He takes you
out of the jail and outside close to the Chron-o-John and use it to send the
scalpel to ...

Give the fork the Booboo-B-Gone and the crank to Laverne.

Walk back to the Tentacle Guard and get locked up. When you're back in jail 
talk to the Guard and tell him you feel sick. Dr Tentacle looks at you and 
leaves the room so you can pick up the Tentacle Chart from the wall. Walk out 
of the room and turn right - you get locked up again but you can get out by 
telling the Guard that you need the loo. Then when you're outside flush he 
Tentacle Chart to ....

Go into the room which contaions the sewing machine and talk to the lady 
there. At this point you need to put the Tentacle Chart with the flag plans 
on the table. After you've done that give the spaghetti and the can-opener 

Get locked up then tell the Guard that you feel ill again. Leave the surgery 
and walk through to the main room and go up the chimney. Use the crank with 
the crank box at the bottom of the flagpole and then crank the crank. Pick up 
the flag and use it to disguise yourself as a Tentacle - you're now free to 
roam around. Go back down the chimney and talk to the blue Tentacle on the 
right. He gives you a name tag to use in the human beauty show. Go upstairs 
and into the first room that you come across. Use the can-opener on the time 
capsule. Pick up the vinegar and give it to Hoagie. Walk into the next room 
along. Pick up the roller skates and extension cord and then use the roller
skates with the mummy and push it. Walk to the ice machine.

Pull the rope to untie Dr Fred and then pick the rope up. Go out of the window 
and use the rope with the pulley before going back down the chimney and 
outside the hotel. Tie the rope to the mummy. Go back up the chimney and pull 
the rope. Go through the window and use the red paint with the mummy. Then use 
the mummy with Dr Fred. Use the rope with Dr Fred. Go outside and pull the 
Go to the lab and use the funnel with Dr Fred - then use the coffee (not the
decaf) with the funnel. Dr Fred wakes up so have a chat with him asking him to
sign the contract. He refuses so tell him you'll save the human race yourself.
Tell him you've offered the Purple Tentacle a bribe and he signs the contract
thinking it's a cheque. Use the stamp with the contract and send it to....

Go outside and place the contract in the post-box and sit back to watch the 

Go up to the fat bloke's room and use the TV. Now that you're rich you can use
the phone to order the diamond. After that you can sit back and watch the 
cut-sequence that follows.
Go outside and give the keys to the man in the ski mask - he gives you a 
crowbar in return. Return to the foyer and use the crow-bar with the gum that 
has the dime stuck in it. Pick up the gun and the fake barf. Go upstairs and 
put the hamster in the icebox then go to the fat bloke's room and put both of 
the dimes in the dime slot. Pick up the sweater. Go outside and use the 
crowbar with the candy machine. Pick up the quarters...all of them and go to 
the utility room. Stick the jumper in the dryer and the quarters in the dryer's 
coin slot. Go to the main room and stab Oozo the clown with the scalpel. Pick 
up the Box o'Laughs. Use the flag gun with the cigar lighter on the table of 
junk and then talk to the cigar salesman. Have another cigar and then give it 
along with the lighter and teeth to Hoagie. When you've done that give the 
fake barf and the Box o' Laughs to Laverne.

Give the cigar to George Washington and watch as it blows his teeth out. When 
he asks you to get them for him give him the chattering ones. Then watch the 
Then pick up the blanket and go up the stairs to the roof - use the blanket on
the chimney. Watch the next cut-sequence. Go back to the main hall and pick up
the gold quilled pen - then go down to the cellar and give the pen and the 
vinegar to Red Edison. Watch the cut-sequence. Give Red the Help Wanted sign 
and pick up the lab coat and the battery. Go to the first floor and into Ben 
Franklin's room. Give him the lab coat.
Watch the cut-sequence. Before you push the kite put the battery in the coat
pocket. Watch the next cut-sequence and pick up the battery. Now...hold your
breath and plug the battery into the Chron-o-John.

Pick up the frozen hamster from the ice-box and take it to the microwave. 
Defrost the hamster in the microwave and then go to the utility room and take 
the miniature sweater out of the tumble-drier placing it on the bedragled 
rodent. Go to the hall and use the name-tag on the mummy. Walk outside and use
the Booboo-B-Gone with the fence above the cat before going up to the Chron-o-
John and using the extension cable with the window.

Go to the horse on the second floor and read him a section from the text-book.
When he falls asleep pick up his dentures and walk up to the cat in the loft. 
Use Ned's bed and then use the squeaky mattress with Jed's bed. Use the 
squeaky mattress to distract the cat and then run over and pick up the mouse 
toy. Give the mouse toy and the dentures to ....

Use the mouse toy with the cat and go upstairs to the top floor. Use the 
dentures - the Box o' Laughs and the soggy noodles with the mummy's head and 
then use the fake barf with Harold.
Watch the cut-scene. Talk to the judges and get them to judge the various 
aspects of the competition. The mummy wins the competition and you are given a
dinner certificate which you should immediately take and give to the jail 
guard. Use the switch to release the Edison family and when they refuse to 
move use the cat. They run off with the clock guard in hot pursuit giving you 
a chance to open the clock and descend into the cellar. When you get there use 
the hamster with the hamster generator.

Go into the main hall and use the flier with the suggestion box thus amending 
the constitution so that every home has a vacuum cleaner in its basement. Now
switch back to ...

Use the vacuum with the mouse hole. Open the hatch and pick up the dust ball. 
Use the dustball - aka the hamster - with the hamster generator. Plug in the
extension cord and get ready for the cut-scene.

All the gang together:
When all three characters are united in body and soul go to the room to the 
right of the candy machine and open the door. Purple Tentacle zaps you with 
his ray-gun making you shrink which gives you the chance to run into the mouse 
hole. You emerge in Green Tentacles room where you must pick up the bowling 
ball before going down to the cellar.
Use the bowling ball with the crop of Purple Tentacles before Purple appears
and zaps you with his gun again. Talk to him - questioning him as to what he's
got against humans. Tell him that it sounds like Dr Fred's fault and that he's
pretty handy with the ray-gun. Perhaps he should shoot Dr Fred? When he does 
the bolt is reflected and Purple gets shrunk.
There's the final cut-scene to sit through. And that's it.

How'd you like that?  Questions are welcomed at 103117,370.