Day of the Tentacle (e)

Andere Lösungen

Day of the Tentacle Walkthrough.

A.J.Sithers 1993

0. About this walkthrough

This is the long-awaited walkthrough for LucasArts' Day 
of The Tentacle.  IMHO I don't think that this game is 
as long or as difficult as Indy Jones or Monkey Island 
2, but it does contain some beautifuly crafted puzzles.  
Since the puzzles are all inter-linked, I've tried to 
split the walkthrough into discrete sections.  If you 
only want a small hint, then take a look at the section 
sub-headings and this should give you some idea of what 
to do for each main task.  

Caveat: This is a complete and utter spoiler and it 
might wreck your enjoyment of the game.  Use this ONLY 
as a last resort since ALL the puzzles are logical (to 
a degree), and if a complete doofus like me can solve 
it, then so can you.
1. Intro

1.1 Secret Lab

Is found by getting bernard to open the clock

1.2 Battery Plans

Are found on the notice board in Dr Fred's lab

2. Getting Laverne down from the tree.

Get the can of red paint from the attic bedroom in the 
house.  Use the paint on the kunquat tree beside the 
outhouses.  Talk to George Washington and goad him into 
cutting down a cherry tree, which he does, freeing 
Laverne in the future.

3.  Getting a disguise for Laverne.

Tell the guard you don't feel well and he'll take you 
to the medical room.  Take the tentacle chart from the 
wall and return to the kennel.  Now tell the guard that 
you need to use the bathroom.  Outside the Cron-o-John, 
give the tentacle chart to hoagie.

Take the chart to Betsy Ross' room and put it on top of 
the prototype flag plans.  This will cause a tentacle 
flag to appear in the future.

Go to the roof and take the crank from the flag pole.  
Give it to Laverne.

Return to the kennel.  Tell the guard you don't feel 
well again.  Climb up the chimney to the roof.  Use the 
crank handle in the crank box and get the flag.  Use 
the flag to disguise yourself as a rather fetching 

4.  Getting the battery for hoagie.

First of all, give the plans to Red Edison in the 
basement laboratory.

4.1. Oil 

Is found hidden in the kitchen pantry.

4.2. Vinegar

Take the bottle of wine from Ben Franklins room.  Talk 
to Jefferson and suggest that he uses the wine in his 
time-capsule.  Now give the can opener to Laverne.

Go to the old museum room on the second floor and use 
the can opener on the time capsule.  Pick up the stale 
wine (vinegar) and give it to Hoagie.
4.3. Gold

Take the letter from the mailbox outside the front of 
the house and give it to Bernard.

Give the letter to Dwayne, the depressed novelty goods 
designer.  Take the flag gun from his room.  Go to the 
main hall and use the flag gun with the lighter gun on 
the table.  Talk to the salesman about his cigars and 
take one when offered.  Give the cigar and the lighter 
gun to Hoagie.  Open the grating in the floor.  Try to 
take the chattering teeth, which will jump away from 
you.  Keep trying to pick up the teeth and eventualy 
they will get trapped in the open grating.  You can now 
take them.  Give them to Hoagie.

Give the cigar to Washington.  When it has exploded, 
give him the chattering teeth.  Jefferson will light a 
fire.  Pick up the blanket from the floor.  Go up to 
the roof, and put the blanket over the chimney.  This 
will set off the smoke alarm, clearing the main hall 
and leaving Hoagie free to take the gold quill.  Take 
it, the oil and the vinegar to Red in the basement and 
he'll knock up a battery for you.  Take it from the 
bench once it is finished.

4.4. Charging the battery

Take the help wanted sign from the window in the 
entrance hall and give it to Hoagie.

Take the bucket from the wash room.  Open the cupboard 
and take the brush as well.  In the kitchen use the 
pump on the bucket to fill it with water.  Go up to 
Washingtons bedroom.  Push his bed to mess it up and 
then call the maid by pulling on the cord.  Once she is 
distracted by the messy room you can take the soap from 
her cart just outside the doorway.  Now use the soap on 
the bucket of water and go outside to the dirty 
carrage.  Wash the carrage with the brush and it starts 
to rain (the clue for this is found when Bernard looks 
at the windscreen of the car outside the motel).  Ben 
Franklin comes in from the rain and takes his kite to 
his room.  Take the help wanted sign to Red Edison, who 
gives you a job.  Now you can take the lab coat.  Give 
the coat to Franklin, who will make a kite from it. 
When you are ready to launch the kite, use the battery 
on it, and then push the kite when told.  Watch the 
animation as you charge the battery.

5.  Getting the diamond for the time machine.
For this, you need to get Dr Fred some money.  Talk to 
him and you'll find out about his recurring nightmare 
and why he is so broke.

5.1. Getting the contract.

Take the video tape from Green Tentacle's room, and get 
both jugs of coffee from the kitchen.  Take the swiss 
bank account book from the desk in the office.  Go the 
Dr. Fred in the lab and give him some decaffinated 

5.1.1 Getting rid of Nurse Edna

Normaly, when you push Edna out of the room, she grabs 
hold of the statue and springs back in, so...

Take the left-handed mallet from the bench in the 
labatory.  Go to Ned and Jed's studio and use the left-
handed mallet on the right-handed mallet to swap them 
over.  Watch the future repercussions.

Now you are free to push Nurse Edna out of the room.

(back to the main plot)

Use the videotape on the VCR and then look at the 
monitor with Dr Fred on it.  Press the REC button to 
record Fred opening the safe.  Switch the video to EP, 
rewind the tape, and watch it again.  Bernard memorises 
the safe combination, so go to the safe (behind the 
picture in the office) and open it.  Take the contract.

5.2.  Getting the contract signed.

Go up the the attic bedroom (via the chimney to avoid 
the IRS guys) and free Dr Fred by taking the rope.  Go 
out of the window and use the rope on the pully.  Go to 
outside the front door of the motel, and use the 
dangling ropeon Dead Cousin Ted, the birdbath.  Return 
to the roof, and pull on the rope.

Give the red paint to Bernard.

Use the red paint on Dead Cousin Ted, and then use Ted 
with Dr Fred.  When the coast is clear, use the rope on 
Dr Fred, go to the roof and pull on the end of the rope 
(Bernard will take Fred to the lab).  Go to the 
washroom and take the funnel from the cupboard.  Return 
to the lab, use the funnel on Dr Fred and then use the 
regular coffee on the funnel.  Once Fred is awake, get 
him to sign the contract by telling him that you'll 
sort out Purple tentacle yourself and that you offered 
him a bribe.

5.3. Getting a stamp.

Take the ink from Dwaynes room.  Go to Weird Ed Edision 
and use the ink on his stamp book.  When you get kicked 
out of his room pick up the stamp, and return the book 
to him.

5.4.  Getting the cash

Put the stamp on the envelope and give it to Hoagie.

Put the envelope in the mail box.  It will be collected 
by the pony express.

5.5. Getting the diamond itself.

Use a T.V. in one of the guests rooms to watch the 
advert,  then use a phone to order a diamond.  When it 
arrives, give it to Dr Fred.

6. Winning the human contest.

6.1. Getting a contestant.

Go to the tasteless room and use the roller skates on 
the mummy.  Push the mummy out of the door.  Talk to 
the blue tentacle in the main hall to get a name tag 
for your human.  Go and put it on the mummy.

6.2. Nobble the competition.

Go to Green Tentacle's room, and turn on the hi-fi.  
This will loosen the fake barf.  To free it completly, 
push the speaker over onto the floor.  Turn off the hi-
fi before you go.  Pick up the fake barf from the 
entrance hall and give it to Laverne.

Use the fake barf with Harold.

6.3. Winning the best laugh.

Give the scalple to Bernard.

Use the scalpel on Oozo the Clown.  Pick up the Box o' 
Laughs, and give it to Laverne.

Use the Box o' Laughs with the mummy.  Tell the 
tentacles to come and judge the best laugh.

6.4.  Winning the best smile.

Give the textbook to Hoagie.

Use the textbook on the horse (on the 2nd floor), who 
will fall asleep.  Take the dentures and give them to 

Use the dentures with the mummy.  Tell the tentacles to 
come and judge the best smile.

6.5.  Winning the best hair.

Get the spaghetti from the kitchen and give it to 

Get the fork from the kitchen and give it to Laverne.

Use the (now) soggy noodles on the mummy, and then tidy 
the 'hair' by using the fork on the mummy's head.  Tell 
the tentacles to come and judge the best hair.

7.  Freeing the Edisons (and getting Laverne into the 

7.1. To get rid of the kennel guard.

Give him the dinner certificate.

7.2.To shift the Edisons from jail.

Take the BooBoo-B-Gone from the desk drawer in the 
office and give it to Laverne.

Use the BooBoo-B-Gone with the fence to get a stripey 

7.2.1 Getting the stripey cat

Go to the attic room and use Ned's bed.  Use the 
squeaky matress with Jed's bed.  Use the mattress again 
to distract the cat and allow you to take the mouse.  
Give the mouse to Laverne.

Use the toy mouse on the stripey cat.  Go to the kennel 
and use the cat.  Off go the Edisons and the so does 
the guard at the foot of the stairs.

8.  Getting Power for Laverne's capsule.

Get the extention lead from the tasteless room and use 
it with the cron-o-john plug.  Use the other end of it 
with the lab window.  Go to the lab and use the 
extention lead on the generator outlet.

8.1 Getting a hamster.

(You have to have upset Weird Ed to do this - if you 
haven't done this then look at section 2.3).  Go to 
Ed's room and take the hamster.  You can't put the 
beastie in the cron-o-john, so you need to preserve it 
in ice.  Put the hamster in the ice machine.

Go to the ice machine and retrieve the hamster.  Use 
the microwave oven to thaw him out.

8.2 Drying the hamster.

8.2.1. Getting the sweater from under the sleeping man.

You'll need two dimes for this.  The first is found in 
the coin return tray of the out of order phone in the 
entrance hall.  To get the other dime, first go to the 
room with the sleeping man in it.  Close the door and 
take the keys from it.  Go out to the parking lot and 
give the keys to the man in the ski mask who'll give 
you his crowbar in return.  Use the crow bar on the gum 
stuck to the floor in the entrance hall.  Chew the gum 
to get the dime from it.  Use both dimes in the 
Ficklefingers coin slot (in the room with the sleeping 
man) to reveal the sweater.

8.2.2 Drying the sweater

You'll need more dimes for this.  Use the crowbar on 
the candy machine to get the odd one or two.  Put the 
sweater in the tumble dryer (in the washroom) and use 
the coins on the coin slot.

Go to the wash room and take the sweater from the 
dryer.  Use it on the hamster to warm it up.  Go to the 
lab and use the hamster on the generator.

8.3 Getting the hamster back.

Take the flyer from the rack in the entrance hall and 
give it to Hoagie.

Put the flyer into the constitution suggestion box.

Use the new vaccum cleaner on the mouse hole in the 
lab.  Open the cleaner and take out the dustball.

9. That's It !!

It just remains for Hoagie to use the battery lead from 
his cron-o-john.

10. End Game

For most of this, you can watch the animation.  When 
you regain control, go to Dwayne's room.  On the way 
Purple Tentacle will shoot you and shrink you.  Go 
through the mouse hole in Dwayne's room.  When you 
regain full size, take the bowling ball from Green 
Tentacle's room and go to the labatory.  Use the 
bowling ball on the Purple Tentacles and watch some 
more animation.  To finish the game suggest to Purple 
Tentacle that he shoot Dr Fred for a change.

That's It!

Day of The Tentacle and Maniac Mansion are copyrights 
and trademarks of the LucasArts Entertainments Company.  

This walkthrough is not.  

It is copyright  A.J.Sithers 1993.  

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