Dragon Quest 6 (Teil 2) (e)

Andere Lösungen
Dragon Quest 6 Walthrough Part 2 by Ian Kelley

Note: Like part 1, FAQ part 2 has big plot spoilers, since I've 
summarized the entire plot to aid those who can't read Japanese. So 
if you don't want to get spoiled, don't read any further than you are 
in the game.

Chapter 15: Darma Shinden Revived
Chapter 16: Amos, Hero of Monstoru
Chapter 17: Arcbolt and the Blue Swordsman Terry
Chapter 18: The Country of Happiness
Chapter 19: The Prince of Holstock
Chapter 20: The Flying Bed of Clear Vale
Chapter 21: The Princess in the Mirror
Chapter 22: Rob and the Mermaid
Chapter 23: Underwater Adventuring
Chapter 24: Glacos and the Ancient City of Calverona
Chapter 25: Dark Dream and the Armor of Orgo
Chapter 26: Mount Snow and the Legendary Sword of Ramias
Chapter 27: Longadeseo and the Legendary Smith
Chapter 28: The country of Gandino and the Shield of Sufida
Chapter 29: The Hero's true Identity

Chapter 15: Darma Shinden Revived

Finally, Darma Shinden has been revived! If you go to that big hole 
that would have been Darma Shinden in the Dream world, you will 
find it has been replaced with a large palace that you will soon 
become very familiar with.

Items in Darma Shinden: Inochi no Kinomi, Fushigi na Kinomi.

Here's a quick layout of Darma Shinden.  
First Floor: In the center, there is the King who will change your jobs 
for you.  In the upper-left-hand corner, the woman behind the 
counter will explain all the jobs for you, barring the two hidden ones. 
In the upper-right-hand corner, there is a Ruida no Sakaba.

Basement 1:  In the upper-left hand corner, there is a church.  Right 
in that general area, there is an old woman who will tell you how 
many more fights you need to fight before your job level will be 
raised.  In the room in the bottom-left corner, there is a weapon 
shop, armory, and bank.  In the bottom-right hand corner.  In the 
room to the north, there is the Hall of Jobs.  There are 18 braziers 
there, one for each possible job.  As you gain proficiency in each job, 
the brazier will light and burn brighter the more proficient you are. 
Use this room to keep track of what jobs you've mastered and what 
jobs you haven't.

Basement 2:  Here there is a well which will transport you to the real 

Now, you should go assign your characters jobs!  At this point in the 
game, when assigning jobs, you shouldn't worry about how the 
change in jobs will affect your stats too much; you should worry 
more about getting what skills you need.   You can give any character 
any job, but you should think of what jobs suit which characters best. 
The hybrid jobs are very powerful, and instead of choosing jobs at 
random, you should plan to get the hybrid jobs as soon as possible, so 
build each character towards a specific hybrid job.  Depending on 
what kind of party you want, you should pick your jobs accordingly. 
For example, if you want a party that wants to emphasize fighting 
without magic, you should master jobs like Battlemaster and 
Mahousenshi, or if you want a party that is focus on defensive skills 
and healing, make Kenjas and Paladins. For a good, well-balanced 
party, here is what I'd suggest:

Hero: Mamonotsukai-->Mahoutsukai-->Souryo-->Kenja-->Yuusha

It will take much longer for the Hero to become a Yuusha with this 
pattern than if you tried to do so directly, but there are several 
advantages to doing so.  First, you *need* a Mamonotsukai as soon as 
possible, and it doesn't take a lot to max it.  Second, although Kenja 
takes a while to master, it is a very good job, and you will have an 
obscenely powerful Yuusha with all the Kenja skills.  Third, with this 
pattern, you will probably max Yuusha just as soon as the you get to 
the last boss.


Hassan's MP are low, so he he won't do too well with magic-using 
jobs.  He's got a lot of muscle, so the Battlemaster route is probably 
best for him.  Since the Butouka techniques are, for the most part, 
more useful than the Senshi techniques, you should give him 
Butouka first.


The Superstar has a lot of really useful techniques, like the Megazaru 
dance and the Hustle Dance, so you'll want one, and the 
Asobinin/Odoriko techniques are also useful.  Since at this point in 
the game healing spells are really really in need, I usually make her 
a Souryo first.  Since Superstar is the easiest hybrid job to master, 
having one job beforehand won't make much of a difference.


Barbara and Chamoro are both ideal Kenjas, since they're not too 
strong physically, and have lots of MP.  I don't think it would really 
make a huge difference which one you make a Mahoutsukai first and 
which one you make a Souryo first, but just make sure you have one 
of each.

One thing to remember, whatever jobs you give your characters---
*********MAKE A MAMONOTSUKAI!!!!!*********
I cannot emphasize enough how important this is.  A Mamonotsukai 
can bring new monsters into your party to pick up the jobs that your 
other characters don't.  Plus, some monsters have useful techniques 
that none of your characters can learn. 

Once your jobs are chosen and you're ready to go, head back to Gent, 
where the Kami no Fune will be waiting for you. Anywhere you can 
sail to is now accessable!

Chapter 16: Amos, Hero of Monstoru

This chapter is optional. You don't have to go on this quest, but if you 
do, you will get a secret character to join your party.  If you don't 
want to do this quest, skip ahead to Chapter 17.

Once you're back in Gent, you'll find the Kami no Fune available at 
your disposal.  If you'd like, go inside the town and watch everyone 
cheer about how Chamoro beat Maou Mudo.  Anyhow, your next stop 
should be the town on Monstoru, which is located just over a 
mountain range east of Gent.  In the general vicinity of Monstoru, 
you can fight Hoimi Slimes; I strongly recommend you sit there and 
fight them until one joins your party. Remember your Mamonotsukai 
must participate in the fight, and you should try to kill the Hoimi 
Slime last in a fight.  He will come in *very* useful, but you may 
need to raise a level or two in Mamonotsukai proficiency. Anyhow, if 
Hoimin (the Hoimi Slime) joins your party, I suggest you build him 
towards being a Paladin, probably make him a Souryo first. I also 
suggest you get another monster in your party to make a Touzoku 
(build towards a ranger)

What's going on in Monstoru:
Monstoru is a small town, which was attacked by monsters one 
month before you came.  But when they attacked, a man named 
Amos came and drove them off.  He became the town's hero, but fell 
ill and is recuperating in his house.  Also, a man talks about how 
there are earthquakes every night in Monstoru.

Items in Monstoru: Tada no nuno Kire (Plain piece of cloth), 
Dokukeshisou, 15G, 3G, Uroko no Tate (Scale Shield)
Chiisa na Medal X 1: In chest of drawers in house on west side of 

When you enter the town, you'll notice that you can't stay in the inn.  
When you talk to Amos, the town hero, he's very polite, saying what 
he did wasn't such a big deal.  He asks you to please stay the night in 
the Inn.  When you go to the inn, though, the innkeeper says "How 
about you go on to the next town and stay there?" Say No.  He says 
"Are you sure?" If you insist he says "Oh well," and lets you into the 
In the middle of the night, you're awoken by an earthquake! The 
innkeeper inists it's nothing and tells you not to go outside, blocking 
the entrance.  But if you go upstairs to the roof, you can see that 
there's a huge monster causing the quake! Jump off the roof and 
fight it.

Boss: Monstora
Monstora: HP 850
The Monstora can cause earthquakes which can be a real pain, so 
make sure you have a couple of healers in the battle, and/or 
someone with the Gent no Tsue.  It's almost impossible to land a 
Seikenzuki on it, so use Mawashigeri on it instead, if you have it.  
Mireyu's Hyado works OK.  Defense-lowering, poison, sleep, and 
confusion attacks have no effect on it, so don't waste turns and/or 
spell points on them.  Overall he's nothing compared to Mudo so you 
should be OK.

As you're about to kill the monster, the innkeeper runs out and 
pleads for you to stop, and asks you not to kill it.  Suddenly the 
monster turns into--Amos!!  The Inkeeper calls for help, and two 
townspeople rush out and drag him back into bed.  The innkeeper 
tells you that every evening Amos turns into the monster, and tells 
you he'll give you detailed information in the morning.  He will tell 
you the next day that when Amos saved the town from monsters, 
one of the monsters infected him with a kind of lycanthropy that 
turns him into a monster at night.   But since Amos saved the village, 
the villagers can't drive him out of the town.  Furthermore, Amos is 
unaware that he changes.  When you talk to the other townspeople, 
they plead with you not to let him know, because if he did know he 
might leave the village and would never survive in his condition.

When you talk to Amos, he will ask you why you're looking at him 
like that, if there's something "on his face." If you say yes, he will 
start laughing and say "Oh, I'll be OK as soon as I wash it." Then the 
game will say "Amos is laughing happily, will you tell him what's 
bothering you?"  Note the pointer is set to "No." If you do say yes at 
this point, it will say "Are you *sure* you want to let him know about 
how he changes into a monster?"  Big hint here: DO NOT TELL AMOS 
ABOUT HIS CHANGE!!!!  If you do, at first he won't believe you, but 
eventually he will leave the village and you won't be able to get him 
in your party.  Anyhow, an old lady in the village will tell you that if 
you had the Risei no Tane (Seed of Reason) which grows on the top of 
the northern mountain, you could cure Amos.  So, go to the north 
mountain and find it.

Item on the North Mountain: Morning Star

This dungeon is a fairly straightforward and easy one. If you picked 
your jobs well, you should be fairly safe. There's no boss at the end, 
so feel free to use your magic on your way to the top and back.  The 
Rarihorns can be a pain in the butt putting you to sleep all the time 
but Mahoton will stop them from using magic.  If you have it, 
experiment with the Mamonotsukai technique "Amai Iki;" this one 
will come in handy throughout the middle of your journey.  When 
you reach the top of the mountain, you will see a plant sprouting.  
When you try to pull it, the sprout starts talking! It scolds you for 
pulling it, then asks if you're looking for the Risei no Tane.  If you 
say yes, then it will say "Then look! I'm not a seed, I'm a plant!"  It 
will tell you the seed is in the area, so you should start searching 
around.  Standing on the left side of the plant, walk two steps left (it 
should be as far as you can go) then search, and you will find the 
seed.  After finding the seed, if you talk to the plant, it will 
congradulate you and say if you ever need help come back and talk 
to it.  Of course, whenever you return, it will just listen to you and 
complain about its troubles. :) Once you have the seed, return to 
Monstoru.  Give the seed to Amos, and he will start groaning, and 
then turn into the monster! When you run up to it, the game starts a 
fight--and then Amos says "Just kidding-surprised you, didn't I?"  He 
tells you that now he not only knows that he turns into a monster, 
but he can control it.  He asks to join you, and if you say no, he'll turn 
into a monster and say "Look, don't you think this could help you?" 
until you let him in your party.  When you say yes he will get very 
excited and join your party.  Amos makes a great Senshi, plus his 
Henshin technique randomly makes him use powerful hybrid-class 
techniques that will be tremendously effective on monsters at this 
point in the game.  Anyhow, with Amos in your party, change his 
class (I recommend Senshi-build towards Mahousenshi) and continue 
your journey.

Chapter 17: Arcbolt and the Blue Swordsman Terry

Your next stop should be the town of Arcbolt.  It's on the island in 
the far-northeast side of the map.

When you first enter Arcbolt, a swordsman dressed in blue is leaving 
the palace, dragging a coffin behind him.

What's going on in Arcbolt:
According to the sign in front of the castle, the King of Arcbolt is 
looking for strong people to defeat a specific monster.  The guards at 
the gate will say you look strong and let you in.  Apparently, the king 
will only speak to the strongest of people, and tests everyone who 
wishes to speak with him.  There's also talk of why there are 
monsters still around even after Mudo is dead.

Items in Arcbolt: Slime no Fuku, (Slime Clothes) Kinu no Robe
Chiisa na Medal x 2: In a barrel in the kitchen on the second floor, 
and one in the pot in the upper-left hand corner of the training room.

Once you're in the castle, buy some new weapons and armor.  Don't 
expect to be able to afford great equipment for everybody, since it's 
really expensive here. If you can afford one, Mahou no Tate (Magic 
Shield) is a great item. It costs 5000G, but reduces damage from 
Talk to the soldier barring the way into the inner hall. He'll ask if you 
came from reading the sign.  If you say yes, he'll say he'll have to 
test you in battle first, and ask if it's OK. Say yes, and fight.

Boss: Garcia
Garcia: HP 1300
Garcia can dish out critical hits with alarming frequency, and can also 
use Kaengiri.  Garcia is a boss you'll have to beat with brute force.  
Use spells like Rukani, Skara and Skult to deal with him. If you have 
it, you can use Hyakuretsuname to reduce his defense power to 0.  
Seikenzuki works well, and if you have Amos, his Henshin technique 
will come in real handy. Use cures or the Gent no Tsue if you get 

Once you defeat Garcia, he will let you pass.  When you talk to the 
man blocking the stairs, he says "You're good--maybe I'll get a 
chance to fight you!" and leaves.  You should go back to the inn and 
save your game, you've got more tests to pass. Further in the castle, 
you'll hear people talking about the man in blue clothes, and how he 
easily defeated the captain of the guards, Brast.  Brast is also very 
strong, and there's a bard on the parapets singing about him. You can 
also find a very lost merchant now, who can sell you Gold Bracelets, 
which are pretty useful at this point in the game.  Anyhow, if you 
wish to continue into the castle, you'll have to fight Scott and Holidy, 
who are blocking the door.

Bosses: Scott and Holidy
Scott: HP 1200
Holidy: HP 1300
Scott primarily uses spells like Rukanan to lower your defense, and 
Bikilt to raise Holidy's offensive power.  Holidy mostly attacks but 
will occasionally cover Scott.  If both are alive they can use 
combination attacks that do extra damage. Unfortunately, Mahoton 
will not work on Scott, so you'll have to seal his spells by more 
conventional methods--namely, killing him.  Get rid of Scott first, and 
Holidy will be less of a pain.  Use the standard Raise party's 
defense/decrease enemy defense pattern, too--at this point in the 
game, you won't have enough skills to formulate a more complicated 
battle plan against these guys. :)  But Amos' Henshin once again 
works wonders.

Once Scott and Holidy are down for the count, it's back to the Inn and 
Church again.  Then go and talk to the king.  He'll apologize for 
making you fight the soldiers of the castle, but he wants to make 
sure that those people who try and challenge the monster of the 
Traveller's Cave are up to the job.  Once Mudo was killed, thinking 
that peace was at hand, the workers of Arcbolt went to build a 
tunnel for travelers to use to pass under the northern mountains.  
But when the workers made a hole in the stone wall of one of the 
caverns under the mountain, monsters came pouring out of the hole 
and attacked.  The King wants you to defeat the ringleader of the 
monsters.  He says it's big but he thought Brast could handle it.  But 
all the soldiers sent to kill it were wiped out and Brast was gravely 
wounded.  Since Brast is the strongest man in the country, the King 
needs people to fight the monster.  He'll ask if you will undergo a 
final test.  Say yes, and the King will say that the match will be 
against Brast himself; if you can't beat Brast, then of course you 
won't be able to beat the monster.  Talk to Brast, and he'll want to 
take the fight to the training room.  Go there and fight him!

Boss: Brast
Brast: HP 1800
This guy's got it all technique-wise; Hayabusagiri, Mawashigeri, 
Samidareken, and most notably and nastily, Seikenzuki and 
Shinkuha!  I don't think Rukani and other defense-lowering spells 
work on Brast, so be sure to raise your defense power with Skara 
and Skult.  Unfortunately, Seikenzuki will almost never hit Brast so 
you'll have to resort to more conventional attacks.  Be sure to have a 
healer or two on hand because you'll take some serious damage.  
Unfortunately, he's resistant to wind and vacuum damage, so Bagi 
spells, Kamaitachi, and Amos' Henshin-Shinkuhas will be kind of 
useless.  In fact I'd advice not having him transform at all for this 
one.  Bring Chamoro in here in case anyone dies.  

Once you defeat Brast, the King will declare you the winner, say that 
you probably will be able to beat the monster,  and asks you to 
return to the throne room, since he has something to give you.  When 
you go to the throne room, the king will say that if you can defeat 
the monster, in reward he'll give you the keepsake of the royal 
family, the Raimei no Ken!  (Thundersword)  If you manage to defeat 
the monster, the king wants you to place evidence of your victory (ie 
the monster's body) in a coffin that he will give you.  Remember to 
take it from the prime minister!  Then, go to the Traveler's cave.  The 
Prime minister will remind you that that blue-clothed swordsman 
has already gone to the cave so you should hurry.

Items in the Traveler's cave: 580G, Mamori no Tane, Battleaxe.

The workers are hiding right outside of the cave, ready to work if 
you clear the cave of monsters. If you have the coffin, the guards will 
let you by.  You'll have to kill a Horror Walker and a Kaktou (Martial 
Arts) Panther before you can enter.  A word to the wise: Be wary of 
the Big Iguanas, they can use Yaketsuku Iki to paralyze all your 
party members, and if they do it's Game Over.  If you want a little 
extra experience, you can examine the unhatched eggs and fight the 
Hell Vipers that come out of them.  When you get close to the end of 
the dungeon, you'll see the blue-clothed swordsman, Terry, 
confronting the ringleader monster, a Battle Rex!  He remarks that 
the Battle Rex looks strong, and the Battle Rex is really mad because 
Terry has been destroying its eggs.  Terry will tell you to back off, 
and you'll get to see a cool cut-scene with Terry fighting the Battle 
Rex.  Terry will defeat it easily and put its remains in his coffin, then 
return to the castle.  Unfortunately, there's no way for you to fight 
this boss.  No matter what you do, Terry is going to get the Raimei no 

With all the monsters cleared out of the cave, you can safely return 
now.  The soldiers will say that it's too bad you couldn't defeat it, and 
will take your coffin away.  The workers will return to finishing the 
passage.  When you enter the castle, Terry will be leaving, 
brandishing the Raimei no Ken.  He will say "Too bad for you," laugh 
in your face, then leave.  Everyone in the castle will be praising 
Terry, and when you talk to the king, he will give you a little speech 
on how it might be better not for you to have the Raimei no Ken 
because it's so powerful you might let it do all the fighting for you, 
let your guard down and you'd never get powerful.  The game does 
quite a job of rubbing your loss in your face.  But at least the road 
underneath the mountain is finished, and you can return to the 
Traveler's cave and pass under the mountain.

Chapter 18: The Country of Happiness

A short while after you pass under the mountain, you'll come upon 3 
small houses, one of which is an inn.

Items in the Houses: Seisui, Kin no Yubiwa, 7G
1 Chiisa na medal: In a chest of drawers in the house to the north.

None of the people in the houses says anything interesting, except for 
one man who tells you not to go further west, since people have been 
seeing apparations and phantom staircases. IOW, go west. :)

The phantom staircase leads up to the Dream World.  Before you hit 
civilization, you'll have to go through another tunnel under 

Items in the tunnel:
1 Chiisa na medal: In a treasure box southwest of the eastern 

As soon as you exit the tunnel, you'll be right outside a town, Calcado.

What's going on in Calcado:
This town has seen better days.  It's located in the middle of the 
desert, and its well has dried up.  The town is without water, and 
food is running scarce.  There is talk of a floating island that comes to 
take people to the "Country of Happiness" every full moon.  In fact, 
it's supposed to be such a great place that nobody that went there 
ever came back.  One traveling warrior in the village, Mahamed, is 
suspicious about this, and thinks that the country is too good to be 

Items in Calcado: Seisui, Tabibito no Fuku
1 Chiisa na Medal: In a pot in the house in the northwest corner of 

This place may seem like a dead end at first, but it's really not. Just 
be sure to talk to everybody.  Once you talk to everyone, it will turn 
to night.  Make sure you go to the inn first though, because once it 
turns to night, the inkeeper will fall asleep.  Once it becomes evening, 
leave the village and go west.  At the end of the peninsula, there will 
be a floating island.  Go onto it.  When you enter, the man at the front 
will encourage you to come to the Country of Happiness, and say that 
if you'd like to go there, just tell the navigator and the island will "set 
sail" for the Country.   Then you can enter the Hall.  Inside the Hall 
everyone who boarded is waiting to arrive at the country.  Mahamed 
is also there in an attempt to debunk the Country, but finds that 
everyone on the island is very nice and the food and drink is great.  
Talk to the bartender, and he will offer you a drink. Say yes. He'll 
offer you another. Say yes again.  Then he'll note that you're sleepy 
and ask if you'd like to take a rest. Say yes again, and the bartender 
says he'll wake you up when you arrive.

The island arrives at its destination--and you're woken up by 
monsters!!  They "escort" you off the island and take you to the castle 
of their master, Jamiras.  Inside the castle, a ceremony is starting.  A 
whole load of monsters are worshipping Jamiras.  Standing in front of 
Jamiras are the frozen figures of the others that were on the island.  
Jamiras calls them fools for believing in something like the Country 
of Happiness, and says that even if Mudo is dead, as long as he's 
around the demon clan will still survive.  Yes, Jamiras is a Maou too!  
The monsters bring you to Jamiras, and he notes that you're tougher 
than the rest, so he'll fight you to "calm you down."

Boss: Maou Jamiras
Jamiras: HP 1500
This guy can be tough.  He can breathe fire on your entire party, plus 
use his flaming claws to launch fireballs at you.  Unfortunately, 
Jamiras is too fast to connect with a Seikenzuki, so if you have a 
Butouka fighting him use Kamaitachi instead.  Fire attacks are just 
about useless, so if you're using a Mahoutsukai don't use Gira or 
Mera type spells, use Hyado type spells instead.  Since 
Rukani/Rukanan doesn't work on Jamiras, and he has a high defense, 
Amos' Henshin technique comes in handy; Amos-monster's Jihibiki 
and Shinkuha work well.EIf your level is around 24-25 you should 
be able to survive pretty well.  If it's lower you might want someone 
with Zaoraru fighting him. Make effective use of the Gent no Tsue, 
too, and you should be OK.

Once you kill Jamiras, he will gasp out what appears to be someone's 
name, and then explode. The frozen figures will be freed, and they 
will all thank you for freeing them.  One villager is sad for the others 
who went before, but then from the fires behind where Jamiras was 
standing, all the spirits of the formerly imprisoned people are 
released and they are freed too.  Then, the Medal King will come out 
and thank you for releasing him; when you killed Jamiras, the seal on 
his castle was released just like Darma Shinden's seal was released 
with Mudo's death. He'll tell you to bring your Chiisa na medals to 
him and he will trade them for treasures.  His castle is located where 
the first hole you fell through was, right northwest of Shiena.  Since 
all the people who went on the island before have returned, the 
people who went on the island with you want to return home to 
greet them. You can now leave the castle.   Talk to the old man on the 
island, and you'll head back to Calcado.

Items on the floating island:
1 Chiisa na medal: In a barrel behind the bar.
There are 3 more treasures below deck, but you won't be able to get 
them for a while.

One man will decide to start up an inn on the island, and when you 
talk to him, he will let you sleep until you reach Calcado.  Once he 
wakes you up, he says that in thanks the townspeople want you to 
have the island to use as you want, and then tells you to go back and 
talk to the townspeople you freed.  They all basically thank you. :) 
Anyway, the floating island can be used just like the ship in the real 
world, so now you have access to a lot more new places.  But first, 
you should head to the Medal King's castle to cash in your Medals.

If you've gotten all the medals you can so far, you should have 15 
Medals, which will be just enough to get you the first item you need, 
the Tenpatsu no Tsue. (Staff of Divine Retribution)  Not a particularly 
useful item, but it has a Bagi attack when you use it in battle.  
Anyhow, when you bring back more medals, the Medal King will add 
them to your total and give you whatever item you have coming to 
you.  According to the woman by the counter, these are the items 
you will get.

15 Medals or over: Tenpatsu no Tsue (Staff of Divine Retribution)
Does Bagi-type damage when used in battle.
25 Medals or over: Chikara no Ruby (Ruby of Power)
When equipped, will increase the wearer's attack power by 20.
30 Medals or over: Platinum Sword
+60 attack power, +45 Kakkoyosa, overall very good weapon.
40 Medals or over: Kiseki no Tsurugi (Sword of Miracles)
+100 attack power +38 Kakkyosa, heals HP with every hit. One of the 
best weapons in the game.
50 Medals or over: Toki no Suna (Sand of Time)
When used in battle, will turn back time to the beginning of the fight. 
Once used, however, it disappears.
60 Medals or over: Shinpi no Yoroi (Mystical Armor)
+75 Defense, +55 Kakkoyosa.  Heals HP every battle round, and 
practically everyone can wear it.  Good armor.
70 Medals or over:  Metal King Helm
+70 Defense, +38 Kakkoyosa.  The most powerful helm in the game.
80 Medals or over: Fushigi na Borero (Amazing Borero)
+40 Defense -50 Kakkoyosa.  Not too powerful defense-wise, but 
absorbs MP from spells cast on the user.
90 Medals or over:  Dragon no Satori (Knowledge of the Dragon)
This is the item needed to change jobs to the Dragon job.  Can only be 
used once.
100 Medals or over: Totemo Ienai Mono (Very secret Item)
This is actually the Etchi na Shitagi. (Perverted Undergarment)
+23 Defense, +100 Kakkoyosa.  Not a great defense item, but often 
monsters you fight will ogle the wearer instead of attacking.

There *are* more than 100 Medals, but you won't get anything else 
for exceeding that number. :)

Anyhow, now that you have the floating island, you should float 
around the area around Calcado.  Someone's bound to give you a hint 
on where to go next.

Chapter 19:  The Prince of Holstock

At this point, your quest should be to find out where to go next. :)  
There's a single island southwest of Jamiras' castle. You should go 
there.  On the island there is a single house. An old man lives there.

Items in the old man's house:
1 Chiisa na medal: in the one pot you can search.

The old man will tell you that "if you have the 4 legendary weapons 
and armor, you can go to the God's Castle."  He also says that you 
should go down the stairs on the island to the south.  Therefore, head 
south on the floating island until you find the island with the 
staircase. It's located directly north of the large desert towards the 
center-south region of the map.  The staircase will lead to the real 

Note: Around this time, maybe a little earlier, maybe a little later, 
you will start to max proficiency of your first jobs.  My 
recommendation is that as soon as you master a job, drop everything, 
run back to Darma Shinden, and change your job.  This way you will 
master more classes faster, and get access to the more powerful jobs.

At the real world, you can now pass through the gate by the staircase 
(if you had tried to get there earlier, the guard was asleep.)

Items at the gate:
1 Chiisa na Medal: In a pot in the house located right after the gate 

A little further on, you will reach the village of Holcotta.

What's going on in Holcotta:  Holcotta is a small farming village, 
somewhat cut off from the rest of the world.  Not much is going on 
here.  There is some talk of the prince of Holstock; he comes to play 
with the children of Holcotta, and most of the adults don't like him 
too much; he's kind of bossy and commanding.

Items in Holcotta: Mangetsusou, (Full Moon Herb)
2 Chiisa na medals: In a barrel out the right exit of the Inn, and in a 
pot in the left side of the split-house in the northwest part of town.

There's not of a heck of a lot to do in Holcotta; just save your game, 
(there's no church in Holstock) stop at the inn if you'd like, but you 
should move on to Holstock Castle in the east soon.  You will note 
nearby that there is both a cave and a hut with a strange magically 
locked door.  If you try to enter the cave you will get stuck fairly 
soon; you're not supposed to be there yet anyway.  Anyhow, move on 
to Holstock Castle.

What's going on in Holstock Castle:  A lot of worn out soldiers are 
here, groaning about the prince forcing them to play with him, 
playing tricks on them, etc.  The prince himself, Holse, will be a bit 
condescending if you meet him.  There is talk of a job that the King 
might want you, as travelers, to perform...

Items in Holstock: Kashikosa no Tane, (Intelligence seed)
1 Chiisa na medal: In a pot in the castle kitchen.

When you talk to King Holten, he will ask you to please listen to his 
request.  Apparently, Prince Holse turned 15 recently, and in his 
family, once people turn 15, they have to undergo a special rite in 
the "Senrei no Doukutsu" (Cave of Baptism?--not a nice name to try 
and translate. :P)  He needs someone to bring the prince to the 
baptismal area because--of course--there are monsters in the cave 
and neither the prince nor the palace soldiers are tough enough to 
beat them.  And of course, being hardy travelers, he wants you to do 
it.  Say yes, of course. :)  The Prime Minister will call Holse.  While 
the prime minister is off looking for Holse, the King will chat with 
you about why you're on your journey.  When the Prime Minister 
gets back, he will say that Holse is nowhere to be found.  So you have 
to go look for him.

There's a kid looking for Holse in his room, who says "I play hide-
and-seek with the Prince a lot.  The other day, I hid in a barrel, and 
the Prince was impressed."  Get the hint? :)

When you find the Prince, he will be more than a little irritated to be 
found.  He saw you going to talk to his father, and didn't want to go 
to the Senrei no Doukutsu, so he hid.  Go back and talk to King Holten.  
Holten will tell Holse to go with you to the Cave and pass the tests.  
Holse will comply and go to the cave with you.  Once you leave the 
room, Holse will tell you he fOrgot something and asks you to wait 
for him there.  Yeah, he's gone to hide again.  This time, he's easier to 
find.  Once you find him, he will comment on how you're good at 
finding people, then finally join you. Now you can head off to the 

Here's the deal with Holse following you:  If you all get killed, or go 
any town, castle, whatever, other than Holstock or Holcotta, Holse will 
run away back to Holstock Castle.  You can pick him up back at 
Holstock and he will join you again after berating you for going off 
the trail or getting killed.  With this in mind, head for the Cave.

Items in the Senrei no Doukutsu: Chain Cross, Tetsu no Muneate
2 Chiisa na Medals: One on the same floor as Test #2, in a chest in the 
northwest corner, and one in the center chest between three chests 
on the south side of the level with Test #3.
1 of the chests is a Hitokuibako.

Almost as soon as you enter the cave, Holse will run off *again!!*  
This time he's run off to Holcotta; go there and collect the little brat. 
He's hiding in the house that had the Chiisa na Medal in it. (not the 
inn) He'll whine and ask you if he has to go, but say yes.  Then head 
back to the cave.

This is a definite "Juumon o Tsukau na" cave; you'll want to save 
every MP you can for the bosses.  Fairly soon into the cave, you will 
meet "Shiren Sono Ichi," (Test #1) the first boss.  He will say that 
Holse must defeat him to pass.  Unfortunately, in this case that 
means you've got to fight it.

Boss: Shiren Sono Ichi (Test #1)
Shiren Sono Ichi: HP 1000
This guy can be annoying because he can use Medapani Dance, which 
confuses your entire party.  Therefore, on the off chance you have a 
Level 6 Odoriko or higher, you should use Odorifuuji on him to stop 
it.  He also uses spells, and although I've found Mahoton to work on 
him I advise you not use it; if you seal off his spells he will resort to 
his Medapani dance a lot more often.  Of course, if you use Odorifuuji 
*and* Mahoton on him, he's a total pushover.  Overall, he's not too 

Once you beat the Test, the prince will run away again!  When you 
talk to him, he'll claim that he wasn't running away, fighting is your 
job so he just stepped away to make sure he didn't get hurt. Continue 
and Holse will open the formerly unopenable door.

On the next level down, you will encounter "Shiren Sono Ni" (Test #2)

Boss: Shiren Sono Ni (Test #2)
Shiren Sono Ni: HP 1500
This boss is a powerhouse-type boss; he attacks normally for lots of 
damage, uses Chikara tame to double his damage, and also uses 
Kamaitachi, but doesn't cast any spells.  He can hypnotize your 
characters into sleep, which can be annoying. Therefore, you should 
prepare your party with physical protection.  Skult is a must, and 
effective use of the Gent no Tsue will also be important.  Give the 
Hayate Ring to whoever has the Gent no Tsue so he/she can use it 
first thing in a round.  If you see him starting to use Chikara tame, 
heal whoever has the lowest HP; he can dish out more than 110 
points of damage with it!  Spells are a no-go on him because they will 
be automatically reflected back onto your own party.

After you beat Test #2, Holse will-you guessed it-run away.  Go back 
and pick him up, he's hiding in the southeast corner of the floor.  
He'll say that you're pretty good, and say that he feels safe so he 
won't run away anymore. He does keep to his word this time. :)  
Holse will again open the door, letting you pass to the next floor 
down.  On the third floor, you will meet "Shiren Sono San," (Test #3) 
the final, and toughest, of the three Tests.

Boss: Shiren Sono San (Test #3)
Shiren Sono San: HP 1300
The annoying thing about this boss is that it casts Rukanan every 
round, reducing your defense, then attacks.  Therefore, you should 
have someone cast Skult every round to counter it.  It often casts 
Mahotarn too.  Here is a good plan to use against this guy.  Have a 
character that can cast Manusa or Nifuram with the Gent no Tsue.  
Have another character be able to cast Skult.  Then have two other 
strong fighters, Butoukas or Senshis.  Hassan and Amos are usually 
two prime candidates.  Have the character that can cast Skult cast it 
every round, since the Test will cast Rukanan every round.  Have the 
character with Manusa use the Gent no Tsue every round on 
someone who needs healing.  If nobody needs healing, and the Test 
has cast Mahotarn, have the character with the Tsue cast Manusa on 
the Test.  Since the Tsue character won't be attacking anyway, it 
doesn't matter if they have Manusa reflected on them.  If you cast 
Nifuram, you won't even have that problem. :) Having the 
Manusa/Nifuram reflected will dispel the Mahotarn, and the Test will 
often spend its turn casting it again rather than attacking.  Therefore, 
while the Tsue character is healing and the Skult character is 
constantly restoring the party's defense power, the two fighters can 
concentrate on killing the Test.

Once the third Test is defeated, Holse will open the last door, and you 
will enter the Baptismal grotto, where a priest is waiting. (How did 
he get down here, anyway?)  The priest will thank Holse for coming, 
and Holse will grumble about how he doesn't want to be here.  The 
priest tells Holse to stand under the waterfall.  Holse is surprised and 
asks if he has to do it, and the priest tells him he does.  So Holse goes 
under the waterfall and practically freezes to death. :)  Then the 
priest tells him to come forward.  The priest congratulates him and 
gives him the "Senrei no Akashi," (Proof of Baptism) and tells him to 
return to the castle.  Talk to Holse and then return to the castle.

When you return to the castle, everyone will be impressed that Holse 
did it and Holse presents his proof to Holten.  Holten says that he is 
proud and that Holse is now independent, and that at any time he 
wants the throne is his.  But Holse declines the position, and says he 
wants to learn more before taking the throne.  (Holse has matured a 
bit since his experience in the cave, and everyone can see it, too.) The 
soldiers and the Prime Minister go and prepare for a big festival to 
celebrate Holse's "graduation."

The festival will end and you'll be in the guest chambers.  Go up and 
talk to the King.  The King will thank you, then ask you if you took 
any of the treasures in the cave.  He then gives you permission to 
take them as your reward. (Whoopee, like you didn't already...) If 
you talk to him again, he'll say "Oh, I fOrgot," and give you the Mahou 
no Kagi. (Magic Key)  With this key, you can open those red doors 
with the stars on them that you formerly could not.  

New Items you can get, now that you have the Magic Key:

In Arcbolt, in the storeroom in the east wing of the castle:
A Dokubari, (Poisoned Needle) and1 Chiisa na Medal: In a pot

In Holstock:
1 Chiisa na medal:  Go outside of Holse's room via the door.  In the 
garden, there is a small wall by the edge of the cliff.  Go to the space 
between the tree and the wall, and search. The Medal is buried there.

Once you have the key, you can enter that small hut to the southwest 
of Holstock, and continue to the next part of your quest.

Chapter 20:  The Flying Bed of Clear Vale

In the small hut, there is another magic well, but you're going to 
have to fight an Ido Maneki before you can enter it.  It's not too 
tough but be on your guard.  Anyhow, the well leads to the dream 
world, where you will soon come upon the village of Clear Vale.

What's going on in Clear Vale: Clear Vale is a town famous for its 
"Flying Bed."  In the area of Clear Vale, people used to be able to see 
a flying bed, but recently nobody has seen it.

Items in Clear Vale: Tada no Nuno Kire, Odoriko no Fuku, Seisui, 
Chikara no Tane.
Chiisa na Medal x 2  In a chest of drawers in the house in the 
southwest area of town, and one in the chest of drawers in the house 
in the northeast area of town. (You can't get the second one until 
after you complete the quest, though.)

There's a suspiciously locked house in the northeast end of town, but 
aside from that, there's nothing of any particular interest in Clear 
Vale.  Head west of town, there's a staircase that will lead down to 
the real world.  To the west, you will reach another town, the real 
world counterpart of Clear Vale.

What's going on in Clear Vale: Most of the talk in Clear Vale is about 
a 10-year old boy, John, who recently died of an illness. There is also 
some talk about a wandering actor, Panon, who came to the town 

Items in Clear Vale: 50G, Kimera no Tsubasa, Tada no nuno Kire, 
Tabibito no Fuku
Chiisa na Medal #1: In the same chest of drawers that the Medal is in 
in the upper world.

Go to the church. There, two people, Margot and Harris, are talking to 
the priest and asking if John, who was their son, is happy.  After a 
short exchange between the priest, they return home. You should go 
there, it's in the northeast corner of town, and talk to them. Margot 
will tell you that Panon had promised to bring John the "Yuuki no 
Kakera" (Fragment of Bravery) to help him bring courage and beat 
his illness.  But Panon was never able to come back, and John died 
waiting for him.  According to Margot, the Yuuki no Kakera is located 
on top of the Unmei no Kabe. (Wall of Destiny)  She wants to at least 
be able to put the Kakera by John's grave.  Therefore, you should set 
out for the Unmei no Kabe. It's located to the east of the town.

Items on the Unmei no Kabe: 350G, Inochi no Kinomi
1 Chiisa na medal: In a cave on the left side of the Wall, behind a 
breakable line of rocks.

At the bottom of the wall, there is a priest, who will tell you that the 
graves there are those of the people who tried to climb the wall and 
died trying.  He'll ask if you want to climb the wall, and if you say 
yes, he'll tell you to find the "Ougon no Tsuruhashi" (Gold Pickaxe) 
and then you will be able to make it.

The Wall is a tricky dungeon because you only have set paths you 
can climb which are really easy to fall off of if you're not careful.  In 
addition, to access some of the caves, you'll have to fall off the paths 
otherwise you won't be able to get to them.  And be careful of those 
Bakudan Iwas (Bomb-Rocks)!  If they cast Megante it's bye-bye for 
most of your party!  And the Jigoku no Tamanegis (Onions from Hell) 
can be irritating too with their Amai Iki, but Zaraki will take care of 
them real well. :) 

In any case, your first priority is to get the Ougon no Tsuruhashi, 
because you won't be able to get very far without it.  To get it, climb 
up the far left path as far as you can go. You'll note there's a single 
cave with no direct path to it in the middle of a rectangular pathway. 
That's the cave with the Tsuruhashi in it, and it may take a couple of 
tries before you can land in the cave.  Anyhow, with that Tsuruhashi, 
you can use it as an item to break down those thin walls of rocks. 
You'll need it to progress further, and to get the Chiisa na Medal. 
Once you get to the upper half of the wall you'll have to make 
another well-placed falling act, but this one is a little bit tougher and 
may take a few more tries than the last.

Once you get to the top of the Wall, you will see a large slab of stone. 
Use the Tsuruhashi to break a piece off of it-that's the Yuuki no 
Kakera!  Getting back down the wall is easy, since you are heroes, 
you can fall as far as you want without getting hurt. :)  Anyway, go 
back to Clear Vale to give the Kakera to Harris and Margot.

Harris will be thrilled to get the Kakera, but will be a little disturbed 
that you went to such a dangerous place just to get it.  He doesn't 
have anything to give you, but asks you to please stay the night. If 
you say no, he will tell you that you can come anytime, but say yes. 
He will bring you into the formerly locked room upstairs.  He'll 
apologize that all he has is his son's bed.  After telling Margot what 
you did, they will go downstairs, and you will go to bed (Must be 
cramped having all of you pile into one kid's bed! ^_^)

When you fall asleep, you will be transported to the dream 
world...and the bed will take off and fly away!  As you're in some 
kind of vortex, John will come and thank you for the Kakera, and 
says that he'll give you the bed in exchange. He'll thank you again, 
and tell you that you can use the bed to fly wherever you want. 
After freaking out the villagers, you take off out of the village.  While 
flying on the bed, you won't get attacked by monsters, and you can 
fly over fields, water, deserts, and swamps, but since the bed only 
floats a little bit off the ground, you can't pass over mountains, high 
mountains, or forests.

Chapter 21: The Princess in the Mirror

Now that you have the bed, you can fly to all sorts of places you 
couldn't get to before. Before the next quest, there are a few spots 
you might want to check out.  To the east of Clear Vale, there's a very 
important cave you'll want to go to. While there's nothing vital 
inside, the wandering warrior inside will give you very helpful 
information. You'll probably want to store it in your memory with 
the X button. In case you can't understand Japanese, this is what he 

"I'm on a journey to find Sufida's Shield, one of the legendary 
"But it may be impossible."
"First go north.  At the T-intersection, go East.  Turn north at the first 
intersection, take the next intersection to the west, and then continue 
" an old saying, but it's a very clouded story and I'm thinking of 
giving up already."

This will not help you now, but will be *very* helpful later on in the 
game. Be sure to store it with the X button so you don't forget!

If you follow the man's directions now, you'll be led to a well. Don't 
think you'll find Sufida's Shield; there's a guy down there to tell you 
that you're in the wrong place. But go down there anyway.  

Items in the well: 3700G, 
1 x Chiisa na Medal: In a chest in the south part of the well.
The monsters down here are pretty tough, especially the trolls; their 
critical attacks really hurt! But if you have an Odoriko with Medapani 
Dance you can cause some real havoc. :)

Also, you might want to check out the Uranai no Yakata 
(Fortunetelling hut) located on the island furthest to the southwest. 
The fortuneteller there will tell you where the next place you should 
be checking out is. She'll tell you at this point that in the north there 
is a well that will transport you to another world. (Ie. the real world)

On the same island with the Uranai no Yakata, there's a small church. 
A nun in there talks about the legendary Orgo Armor, that was in a 
castle to the north that was suddenly destroyed one day. 

Items in the church: Mamori no Tane
1 x Chiisa na medal: In a chest of drawers on the right room of the 

Another place you should go is a single house on the easternmost 
island on the map, a little bit south of Darma Shinden. Inside there's 
a Chiisa na Medal inside a barrel.

In the northern-most center region of the map, there's a well that 
leads to a village called Zaxon Village, you might want to check out. 
It's to the southeast of the well you come out of.

Zaxon Village
What's going on in Zaxon Village: This place is *really* in hicksville. 
Totally separated from the rest of the world, this small mountain 
village makes Lifecod look like a major metropolis.  Not much is 
going on, except that the village armorer, Clarck Ende, has 
mysteriously disappeared.  A man in the northeast section says that 
nobody believes him, but Ende was really depressed the night he 
disappeared, and that he was so depressed it seemed as if he might 
just vanish-and he did vanish!

Items in Zaxon Village: Kashikosa no tane, Utsukushisou
Items in Zaxon Village you can't get yet: 58G
Chiisa na medal x 1: In a barrel by the house with the dog

Besides the rumors about Ende, not much is going on here. There's no 
way house that is blocked by the guard dog, at least not yet. In the 
southeast section of town there's a nun who tells TERRIBLE puns. 
(Sorry, you've got to know Japanese to get them-I can't really 
translate them.) Just collect the items and leave.  You'll be back later. 
For now, go back to the Dream world.

To the north of the Uranai no Yakata, there's a small island with a 
single house on it. Inside is a prison with three barrels, and a 
treasure chest behind a locked door. In one of the barrels is a Chiisa 
na Medal.

Now that you've gotten used to flying around on a piece of furniture,  
head to that well. It's located a little south of Amoru.  At the bottom 
of the well, there's a house. The man in the house says that if you go 
further down you can reach Foan Castle, where a mysterious princess 
is locked in a mirror.  Oh, there's a Chiisa na Medal in a chest of 
drawers in the house too. Before you can get there, you'll have to 
fight an Idomaneki, but that should be no problem for you at this 
point. Foan Castle is to the southeast once you leave the well.

What's going on in Foan Castle:
Foan Castle is a place famous for its cursed mirror with a princess 
trapped inside.  In the past, lots of people came to see this 
mysterious mirror, but recently, the King hasn't been letting people 
go see it.

Items in Foan Castle:
Fushigi na Kinomi, 150G, Utsukushisou
Chiisa na Medal x 2: In a closet in the southwest room on the second 
floor, and in a chest of drawers in the King's room.

Talk to the people in Foan Castle and gather information. Then go 
talk to the Prime minister, in the throne room. He'll ask if you have 
any business with the King. Say yes. The Prime Minister says that 
he's in the basement looking at the mirror, and gives you permission 
to go down there. Go up to the door, and you will hear the King 
talking to the mirror. Then he leaves and runs into you. He'll tell you 
that you should give up if you've come to see the mirror, as it's not 
some tourist attraction. He'll leave for the throne room and tell you 
to see him there. Go there and talk to him.

King Foan is impressed that you're on a journey to rid the world of 
monsters, but won't show you the mirror, and say he's different from 
his father and doesn't like having the imprisoned princess as an 
attraction for everyone to see. He'll ask you to leave, but just as you 
start to leave, he stops and asks that since you are traveling the 
world, you might have heard something about Lar's Mirror, and says 
if you could find out something about it he would appreciate it. He 
says that with Lar's Mirror, the princess might be able to be freed.  
Since you're currently carrying Lar's Mirror, talk to him again. He'll 
ask you if you've heard a rumor about the Mirror. Yes or no, you'll 
tell him that you're carrying the Mirror, and show it to him.  He'll ask 
you to follow him and take you to the Mirror room. He'll then ask 
you to place Lar's Mirror in front of the cursed Mirror.  Do so.  Lar's 
Mirror will reflect the image of the princess, but will also show a 
sneering monster behind her! 

The King is not happy that Lar's Mirror can't free the princess. But he 
realizes something and asks you to talk to him later upstairs. Do so. 
He'll tell you that he's found an old book in the castle that tells a 
story about how a prince and a princess were in love, but an evil 
wizard Miralgo interfered.  He'll tell you that it's not just a story, and 
that the monster in Lar's Mirror was actually Miralgo! He's still alive, 
and that's why the curse can't be broken. He'll ask you to go beat 
Miralgo. You have to answer Yes or it will be an endless question. 
He'll tell you to talk to the Prime Minister. He'll tell you that the 
tower of the Wizard is supposed to be to the north of the Castle 
surrounded by a lake, but there's no tower there!  He tells you that if 
you manage to find the tower, you should cast Inpas on the door and 
it will unlock it. Go north and check it out.

Where the tower is supposed to be, there is a well.

Items in the well: Chiisa na Medal x 1: In a chest of drawers.

There's a man down there who says there used to be a tower ages 
ago but there's none now. He also says that sometimes here he often 
dreams about a tower in a vast desert. By now you should realize 
what you're supposed to do next. ;)

The Wizard's tower

Items in the Wizard's Tower: 1300G
Chiisa na Medal x 1: In a chest on the second level.

By this point in the game you probably won't have anyone with the 
spell of Bikilt yet, but if you do it will make your life much easier.  
This dungeon is neither long nor particularly difficult, but the boss of 
it is, and is one of the toughest fights in the game.  When fighting 
him, Bikilt will make the fight a breeze, although getting it will most 
likely take a lot of job powering-up.  You should at least have 
someone with both Seikenzuki and Kiai Tame (or Chikara Tame) 
though.  The Odoriko skill Medapani Dance will help a lot in this 
dungeon, especially against those annoying Evil Drives. Be careful of 
the Horror Walkers, they can use Inazuma, which will probably do 
heavy damage to your party at this point.  Try to conserve your MP 
if possible.

At the top of the tower you will find Miralgo. He is surprised that 
you know about him and the princess in the mirror, Irika.  He says 
that he'll remove the curse if Irika will marry him, but she has been 
really obstinate and wouldn't change her mind over all these 
thousands of years.  Then he decides to attack you.

How to beat Miralgo:
Miralgo: HP 2400
Miralgo can be a pain, since he casts Begiragon, attacks for a good 
deal of damage, and summons Lamp no Majins. Furthermore, he can 
cast Mahotarn.  Have as many people in your party that know 
Mahokanta cast it. If have an extra spellcaster with you, have them 
cast something cheesy like Manusa on his shield to dispel it.  Miralgo 
is really obsessive about keeping his shield up so almost every time  
you disperse the shield, he'll waste a turn putting it back up again. 
This is probably the first boss you'll be able to use the Kiaitame-
Seikenzuki combo on.  This is a really good pattern overall to use; 
once you get powerful you can dish out upwards of 1400 HP damage 
an attack.  Have somebody who knows it use Kiaitame to build up 
strength. The next round, have that character attack with Seikenzuki 
to do a double-powered attack for lots of damage.  If by some 
chance, you know Bikilt at this point, you can use Bikilt on the 
Kiaitame-Seikenzuki character to do even more damage.  As usal, for 
this fight, you'll want to have a character with the Gent no Tsue to 
heal characters consistently.  Also, if Miralgo summons the Lamp no 
Majins, ignore them and focus on him.  If you kill the Majins he'll just 
summon more. However, you can confuse the Majins or put them to 
sleep to make them less of a bothre.  Using the Kiaitame-Seikenzuki 
combo and the Mahotarn-dispersing patterns will let you beat 
Miralgo in no time.

Once you beat Miralgo, return to Foan's castle.  Talk to the King and 
he will take you down to the Mirror room.  Foan will concentrate and 
say some weird stuff displayed in runes, and then starts talking in 
medieval Japanese to the princess in the mirror, telling her to "speak 
the name of the one she loves" or something to that effect.  Irika will 
wake up and leave the mirror.  The King is very happy and goes to 
introduce her to the rest of the castle.  Go upstairs and talk to him 
again.  The king will tell you that he and Irika are going to get 
married, and will thank you, giving you the "Suimon no Kagi." (Water 
Gate key)  With this, you can open the Water Gate by Foan's castle.  
Talk to Irika, too; she'll tell you that as it turns out, King Foan is 
actually the reincarnation of the prince she was in love with before 
Miralgo attacked the castle, hauled her off and sealed her in a mirror. 
Then she'll say if there's anything she can do to help you, just ask, 
since she has knowledge of ancient times it might come in handy.  
Anyhow, this little story is over with.  With the Suimon no Kagi, 
unlock the gate, and go through it in the ship.

Chapter 22: Rob and the Mermaid

There aren't a whole lot of new places you can go to now that gate is 
opened, but there is one that you might want to check out is the 
Oshare na Kajiya (Stylish Boutique), on the southernmost island in 
the map.  For a fee, he can make your weapons and armor look more 
stylish, giving you an extra Kakkoyosa bonus.  Although up until 
now, Kakkoyosa hasn't meant a thing, it will become pivotally 
important very soon.

Your next destination should be the town of Pescani. If you look on 
the map, there are three islands in the southwest corner, with a cove 
between the top two.  Pescani is located on the shore of that cove. 
However, you might want to sneak a peek in the cave nearby first.

As soon as you get close to Pescani, your boat will dock, and a man 
will come out and ask rather angrily what you are doing there, and 
ask whether you came to search for a mermaid. If you say yes he 
will get angry and tell you to go away. If you say no, then he'll 
apologize and leave.

What's going on in Pescani:
Pescani is a small fishing village.  However, due to the monsters in 
the ocean, people haven't been able to go out in boats and catch 
them, and the villages' primary commodity is becoming scarce.  
There is one store that still sells fish but since it's so hard to get it's 
incredibly expensive. However, the guy outside the store tells you 
that one person's been buying all of the fish from that store, and 
when you go in, the fishmonger will tell you that all the fish has 
already been sold by this mystery person.  One person also tells you 
that he saw a mermaid nearby.  Aside from the lack of fish and 
rumors about mermaids, the villagers also talk about Rob, who is the 
guy who you first met when you entered the village.  He was the 
town's #1 fisherman, but his boat was attacked by monsters in a 
storm and destroyed.  Somehow, he managed to survive, but his 
dominant hand and leg were injured so he can't use them effectively 

Items in Pescani:
Mangetsusou, Suteteko Pants, Mamori no Tane, 60G, 7G
Chiisa na Medal x 1: In a barrel behind the counter in the 
fishmonger's store.

After talking to everyone in the town, go to the fishmonger, and he 
will say he has to deliver the fish that he had sold.  Follow him, and 
it will turn out that he's sold the fish to Rob.  Once you leave the 
house, Rob will come outside. Don't talk to him, or he'll go back home. 
Follow him.  Rob will go into the cave. Keep behind him, but stay out 
of his sight.  Once in a while Rob will turn around to see if anybody's 
following him, so hide behind walls if you can.  If he does see you, 
he'll say "Oh, what a nice walk..." or something like that, and go home. 
If this happens, go back to the fishmonger, he will deliver more fish 
to Rob, and start the process over again.  It's easy to screw up, so be 
patient.  Also, the programmers missed one little glitch and gave Rob 
X-ray vision.  IOW, if he's facing you, he will always see you, even if 
there's a wall between you and him.  So stay behind him, but always 
keep him in your sight if you can.

If you manage to keep out of his sight long enough, you will see Rob 
open a secret door through a hidden panel in the wall.  Once he 
enters the secret room, search the wall where he pressed the button, 
and press the button yourself. Then enter the room. Rob will be with 
a mermaid, who will duck under the water as soon as she sees you. 
Rob will be really mad that you were following him, and will ask 
"You didn't see anything just now, right?" If you say "yes" (Yes in this 
sentence means "Yes, I didn't see anything") then Rob will say "OK, 
good. Now get out of here!" So say no.  Rob will then say "Then I can't 
let you live after what you saw...or so I was going to say, but the way 
I am now there's nothing I can do."  He will beg you not to tell 
anybody about Dinay, the mermaid.  Dinay will come up and say that 
she can tell you're nice people.  Then Rob will ask you if you promise 
not to tell anyone. If you say no you get an endless question cycle.  
Once you promise, Rob will explain that it was Dinay that saved his 
life when the storm destroyed his ship.  Dinay will say she was with 
her friends, and heard Rob call for help.  Rob then says that by 
saving him, she was separated from her friends.  Since there are 
monsters in the waters, it's too dangerous for her to go home alone, 
and Rob wants to take her back, but can't without a ship.  Dinay will 
say it's OK and she's happy just as she is now, and then go outside to 
swim.  Afterwards, Rob will say that even though she says it's OK 
Dinay really wants to go home.  Then he'll start saying "Isn't there 
anyone who could do it for me?" Say Yes, and he'll say "Really? 
Where!" After hearing that it's you, he'll ask you to show you the 
ship so he can feel good about letting Dinay go with you. Go outside 
and sail the ship into the cave and show it to Rob.

Once he sees the ship, Rob will be relieved, and will ask you to escort 
Dinay back to her friends.  Dinay will be surprised and protest, 
saying she doesn't want to go, but Rob will order her to. Before you 
go, he tells her that sometime he'll come and see her.  As you leave, 
Rob will tell you that her friends hang out way to the northeast.  It's 
actually a bit east of where Mudo's castle was, among some rocks.

When you enter the Mermaid's grove, all the mermaids will hide, but 
Dinay will call out to Dina, her older sister, who will not dive under. 
Talk to her. Dina is very relieved that Dinay's OK, but will be mad. 
She'll say that everyone searched for her, and was worried that she'd 
been eaten by a sea monster or abducted by a human and had awful 
things done to her.  Dinay will explain that some humans are OK.  
Dina will not trust you completely, but in thanks will give you the 
Mermaid Harp, saying that you can use it to call for the mermaid's 
help whenever you want, to guide you through the oceans.  When 
you use it, the mermaids will form a bubble around your ship, 
allowing you to go under the ocean. Right after you get it, you might 
want to test it, to go to the Mermaid's village under the rocks where 
you found Dina.  To go back to the surface, just press B.  Just to see 
the end of this story, go back to Pescani and talk to Rob, who will 
thank you and tell you to tell Dinay that someday he'll come in his 
own boat to see her.

Once you get the Mermaid Harp, the linearity of the game kind of 
disappears.  Once you get the Harp, you can go anywhere in the 
game, with the exception of one or two places.  Your next major goal 
is to find the four legendary weapons and armor: The Sword of 
Ramias, The Armor of Orgo, The Shield of Sufida, and the Helm of 
Cevas.  You can get them in any order you like.  However, to get each, 
there are several sub-quests that must be completed first, and you 
can take these in any order too.  For example, you could complete 
Armor Subquest #1, then Sword Subquests #1 and #2, then Armor 
Subquest #2, etc.  I'm ordering the next few chapters in the order 
that I usually take the quests, but these are by no means the best or 
only way to do it.

Chapter 23: Underwater Adventuring

There's no real plot to this chapter, but once you get the Mermaid 
Harp there are *so* many new places independent of the story that 
you can go to, this chapter is just going to point them all out.

Directly to the north of the Mermaid Village underwater is a castle. 
When you enter it there are are two guards who will say they will let 
you take the treasure there if you can defeat them in combat.  The 
treasure here is great, including the Gringham Whip, the most 
powerful weapon in the game.  However, the fights will be against 
Killer Machingas, and I guarantee that unless you did a LOT of 
powering-up, (like 20 levels) you will be annhilated by them at this 
point. :) So come back later.
Items in the Underwater Castle: 
Gringham no Muchi, (Gringham Whip) Fuujin no Tate, (Shield of the 
Wind God)
Chiisa na Medal x 2: One behind each guard.

If you use the Harp to go under the bridge leading to the Cave of 
Dream-seeing, you can get to a secret weapons and armor shop.  
There are great items for sale there, including the Honou no 
Boomerang, (Flame Boomerang) the most powerful boomerang in the 
game.  However, be prepared to pay through the nose because the 
stuff there is *expensive!*

Items in the secret shop: 1 Chiisa na medal; in the corner between 
the counter of the Item Shop and the wall

Underwater in the bay directly south of Gent, there is the temple of 
the Name God.  There, you can change any of your characters' names. 
You can even change the name of your bag! :)

West of the Mermaid's village, you can go to the underwater palace 
of Rubis.  Rubis will tell you that she is the protector of the world, 
and it was her who called you at the beginning of the game during 
the festival in Lifecod.  She'll also tell you that she is the one that 
made the flute that called the dragon that took you to Mudo's castle.  
After explaining who she is, she tells you that even though Mudo is 
dead, she feels a strong evil force that you will eventually run into.

Underwater on the east side of the bay to the direct north of the 
Oshare no Kajiya, there is a house where a woman there talks about 
an ancient city, Calverona.  It was a place where the most powerful 
wizards researched magic and created new spells, including the most 
powerful attack spell, Madante.  However, the city mysteriously sank 
to the bottom of the ocean. Whether it was an accident or it 
happened because of someone, nobody knows.
Items in the underwater cave: Dokubari

Right north of the Oshare na Kajiya underwater, there is an inn at the 
bottom of the ocean.  It's pretty cheap, although it's not as cheap as 
going back to Lifecod, where it's free. :)  Also, there's a Chiisa na 
medal down there, by the counter against the wall on the right side.

North of Pescani, there is a sunken ship underwater. It's a really 
short dungeon, but it's *teeming* with monsters, so be careful when 
you enter.

Items in the sunken Ship: Subayasa no Tane, Garasu no Kutsu (Glass 
Shoes), Atsude no Yoroi (Thick/Heavy Armor) Saigo no Kagi (Last 
1 Chiisa na Medal: In a barrel on the deck of the Ship.

Here you can get the Saigo no Kagi, the key that will open all the 
prison doors! Now you can go back and collect all the treasure you 
couldn't get before! Here's a list of places you can go back to:

Reidock (Dream world): Suteteko Pants, 1 Chiisa na Medal: in a chest 

Floating Island: Mahou no Seisui, Majin no Yoroi, (Demon Armor) 1 
Chiisa na medal in a chest downstairs.

San Marino: 1500G, 1 Chiisa na Medal in the prison. Also note that 
the prisoner who was pleading for you to get him out has given up 
and decided to stay in the cell forever. :)

Reidock (Real World): Platinum Shield, 1 Chiisa na Medal: same place 
as in the Dream World Reidock.

Mudo's Castle:  No new items, but you can talk to a monster who says 
that there's someone even more powerful than the Daimaou, (Great 
Demon King) the main bad guy behind the scenes.  Hmm....

Arcbolt: 1 Chiisa na medal: In a pot in the dungeon.  Also note that 
the Battle Rex Terry killed came back to life! If you talk to it it will 
tell you that it's waiting for Terry. Better come back here when Terry 
joins your party.

Holstock: Platinum Mail, 1 Chiisa na medal: In a chest in the treasure 

With all this new equipment, you'll probably make a lot of money 
selling the old stuff, so you can go buy powerful weapons and armor 
in the secret underground shop.

Northwest of the ship, there's another house underwater.  An old 
man there will tell you about how the legendary sword is on an 
island to the west, and the only one who knows how to unseal it is 
the priest Zamu, who hasn't been seen in years. Also, there's a Chiisa 
na Medal by the tree in his house.

There's an underwater cave right on the island that Reidock Castle is 
on.  Inside that cave, you can talk to a Slime who will tell you about 
the Underwater King, Poseidon.  He says that Poseidon lives 
underwater north of the island that the castle Gandino is on. This 
island is the furthest island to the southeast on the map.
Items in the underwater cave: 530G, Chikara no Tate. (Power Shield)
1 x Chiisa na Medal: In a chest in the northernmost area of the cave.

Poseidon's cave is right where the slime told you.  If you talk to 
Poseidon, he will ask you to defeat an underwater Maou that has 
been bothering him named Glacos.  Also, according to the girl that's 
down there, you are the first overworlders to come to Poseidon's 
place in a long time. The last ones to come were the Kenja brothers, 
Masarl and Krimuto.
Items in Poseidon's place: Uminari no Tsue, (Staff of the Sound of the 
Ocean) Megazaru no Udewa (Megazaru Armband)
2 Chiisa na medals: One in a cabinet by the bed, and one in the chests 
in the middle of the lava.

On the northwest peninsula of the map, there's a house that will take 
you to the dream world.  You'll end up in the Slime Forest, where all 
kinds of Slimes live.  This is the first place in the game you can get a 
Slime Knight to join you, and if you're lucky, you might get a King 
Slime to join you too.  Anyhow, in the Slime Forest there's a house 
with a switch that will open the gate barring entry to the castle on 
the island by the Slime Forest.  With the gate open, you can get to the 
castle using the Flying Bed.  This castle is none other than the famous 
Slime Kakutoujo! (Slime Arena)

What's going on in the Slime Arena:
The Slime arena is owned by an old man, Slaj, who loves slimes.  He 
started the arena as a place for strong slimes to fight and compete.  
He also trains slimes, and one of the slimes he trained is the 
champion of the arena.  You can talk to people who will tell you 
about how their slimes are doing, etc.

Items in the Slime Arena: Slime no Fuku.
3 Chiisa na Medals: One in a dresser in the northwest corner of the 
ground floor, and two in pots in the Champ's room.

A lot of gamers miss it, but if you have nothing but slimes in your 
party, you can enter the slime-shaped door that all slimes enter 
before they compete in the arena.  Inside are all kinds of slimes 
preparing to fight.  By a statue on the east side, there is a slime 
named Rookie who is being beaten up by another slime, who is 
teasing him for not knowing how to fight.  Also you can get into the 
Champ's room there to get the Chiisa no Medals in his room.

You can have your monsters compete in the Slime Arena if you'd 
like. The monsters that you can use to fight are: a Slime, a Hoimi 
Slime, a Slime Knight, a King Slime, or a Hagure Metal.  There are 
eight ranks, and each requires you to pay a fee before you can enter 
your slime in the contest.  When you register your slime, he will go 
and fight in the arena.  If you can win all three rounds, you get an 
item.  You can't control your slime during the fight, but you can 
choose his fighting strategy by changing your Sakusen before the 
fight.  You can fight in each except the highest rank twice, but the 
second time you fight your slime gets a handicap to make it tougher. 
If you win the highest rank, you get a shot at the champ. You'll need 
a *very* buff slime to even make it to the champ; it's unlikely you'll 
win the hardest rank until long after you've finished the game.  The 
monster before the champ is the hardest non-boss monster in the 
game, and if you can even beat it, then the champ will be a cinch. :) 
If you want to know the fights and prizes for the arena, check out 
my DQ6 FAQ. If you don't have the FAQ check out my homepage at, or email me at to get it.

Once you beat the champ, talk to Slaj.  He'll ask you to have your 
slime tremble before him or something (I lost my notes on this 
section, sorry) and then offer to buy your champion slime off you. 
I'm not sure what happens if you do, but if you stand your ground 
and don't sell your slime, Slaj will ask you to train Rookie for him!  
Rookie is really tough for a regular slime, and is much stronger than 
Slalin, but by the time you get him he'll be *really* weak compared 
to the rest of the party, so you may or may not want to get him.

On the south edge of the island that Torukka is on, there is an 
underwater tunnel into a small bay.  If you go through the tunnel 
and submerge in the bay, you can enter the palace of Calvan Jean-
Porte.  He holds a "Kakkoyosa Contest" where people compete to see 
who is the most stylish.  The winner gets an item, too.  This is where 
your Kakkoyosa comes in.  The higher your Kakkoyosa, the better 
chance you have to win something.  There are 8 progressive levels of 
difficulty, and some of the rounds are specific; you have to use a 
male character, or a female character, or a monster.  You have to win 
up to the 3rd lowest level, or else you can't finish the game.  To win 
the Kakkoyosa contest, have your competing character swap for the 
most stylish equipment you've got.  The Platinum equipment all has 
a high Kakkoyosa rating.  Also, if you coordinate your equipment, 
like wearing a full set of Fire Armor or something, you can get bonus 
points.  A full set of Platinum equipment nets you 50 bonus 
Kakkoyosa points! To see the prizes, ranks, and some of the 
coordinations, check out my DQ6 FAQ.  If you don't have it, check out 
above under the Slime Arena section to find out how to get one. :)

Chapter 24: Glacos and the Ancient City of Calverona

With Poseidon's request, you should go defeat Glacos. Glacos' palace is 
located underwater in the large southern body of water, right north 
of the Kajiya.

Items in Glacos' palace: 270G, Kashikosa no Tane, Utsukushisou, 
Magical Skirt, Pink Pearl, Suna no Utsuwa (Sand Container)
Chiisa na Medals :
1 in a treasure box on the first floor, on the lefthand side.
1 in the room right after you drain the first pool in the NE corner

Note that in this dungeon you can't just go straight to Glacos since the 
staircase to his room is underwater when you first enter. You have to 
go further into the dungeon and drain the water first from behind. 
Once you go down, there will be another place you have to drain 
water. If you step on the switch by accident and flood the place with 
the chest, don't worry! There's a switch later to drain the area with 
the chest. The monsters here aren't too tough, but be careful around 
the Haunted Mirrors; they can turn into your party members, and 
will gain any powers you have. Therefore you might be facing 
monsters with Zaraki, Shinkuuha, Begiragon, or all other kinds of 
nasty attacks.

When you reach Maou Glacos, he's asleep. He'll tell you he's sleepy 
and to come back later. Then he realizes that you're humans, and will 
freak, wondering how you got all the way down here. Then he'll ask 
you if you came to defeat him and release the seal of Calverona. If 
you say yes, he'll say "No! You can't! You don't realize what would 
happen!" He then tells you that the mages there know incredibly 
powerful spell of Madante. Then he'll realise he said to much, and 
attack. If you say "No" then he'll say: "That's good, I'm glad. But you 
went to so much trouble to get down here, so I'll fight you anyway." 

How to beat Glacos:
Glacos: HP 3000
Glacos does a lot of damage with his spear, so you'll want to use a 
few Skults to boost your defense level so he won't do as much. The 
Bikilt/Kiaitame/Seikenzuki combo makes Glacos a total pushover. 
Also, he's weak to Mera type spells, so if you have a Mahoutsukai or 
the Honou no Tsume, you can use them. If you have a Kenja above 
level 25 in your party use Shoukan to summon a little bit of help; 
you'll bring in Deago who can use Hageshii Honou.  Use these patterns 
and Maou Glacos is as good as dead. When you beat him you'll get his 

When Glacos dies, he says "No, no...if I die, then the seal on Calverona 
will..."  Then you get to see that hole in the ocean in the dream world 
get filled. There's a town on it. That's Calverona; go back to the dream 
world and go there. There is also talk of the Magician Queen 
Barbarera, who was the most powerful mage ever.

What's going on in Calverona:
Calverona is the magic center of the world. According to the 
townspeople, it was destroyed twice. Once, the Daimaou (Great Maou) 
physically destroyed the town in the real world, killing everyone. 
(Daimaou? Hmm...) But their spirits traveled to the Dream World so 
the town wasn't destroyed. Then, he sealed the town in the Dream 
World, which you just broke.

Items in Calverona: Mahou no Seisui, Inori no Yubiwa, (Ring of 
Prayers) Fushigi na Kinomi
Chiisa na Medal x 2: In a pot in the house with the door on the 
second floor, and in a barrel under the armor stores.

You should definitely check out the weapon and armor shops here, 
they have lots of great magical items, but be prepared to pay 
through the nose!

The old man right at the front of the town is really important; he 
tells you of Barbara's past!  Barbara was a mage of Calverona, but 
when the Daimaou sealed the town, unlike the others, there was a 
reaction with her great magical power and she was shot off to 
another place, but drained almost all of her power and erased her 
memory.  There is also talk about a Magic Carpet, that a man in the 
village, Calve, made.  This is important! Don't forget it!  Also, the 
great old man who made the carpet is here, but he's tired from the 
seal just being broken, and is sleeping, so you can't talk to him.
There's also a house where a mimic of your lead character will be 
standing, and fly up into the door on the second floor of the house. 
The old guy was just using Moshas (a spell you could actually cast in 
early DQ games) to change into you, if you enter through the cellar 
he'll reveal it to you.  

The elder's house is tricky to get into. Every time you enter the door, 
you end up in front of the house! If you examine the glittering stuff 
in front of the door, you'll find it's sand. This is the Sands of Time, 
which make you go back in time if you try to go through the door 
beyond them. What you need to do here is put the sand into the Suna 
no Utsuwa that you found in Glacos' Castle. However, only Barbara 
knows how to use it, so you'll need her in your party.

The elder Bubol will be glad to see Barbara back, and says that she 
wants to tell her a lot, but she won't live much longer. She'll ask you 
if you've heard about Madante or not. It doesn't matter what you 
say, she'll explain that it is the most powerful attack magic, uses all 
of the casters magic power to attack his or her opponents to inflict 
incredible damage.  Then she warns you that the Daimaou is alive 
and is watching you, so she has to teach you the spell fast.  Then 
Bubol sends her magic power to Barbara and teaches her Madante. 
The Daimou is not happy about that and strikes her down with a 
lightning bolt!  Two townspeople rush in to try and help, but they're 
too late. Bubol tells them that it's OK, she accomplished what she 
wanted to before the Daimaou could stop her.  Then she says that 
she'll watch over the town with Barbarera after she dies. Then Bobul 
dies.  Before you leave, if you talk to the townspeople, they ask you 
to keep Bobul's death a secret to the rest of the town.  Now that 
Bobul is dead, you can talk to Calve since he woke up. He tells you 
about all the stuff he made, including feathered clothes for Barbara 
when she was a baby (this item apparently does not exist in this 
game) and the magic carpet.

Anyhow, now you have Madante! Madante is a really powerful spell, 
and it looks really cool when you cast it. The more MP you put into 
the spell, the more damage it does. With really high MP, you can do 
more than 8000 damage with Madante!

Also, now that Glacos is dead, you can go pay a visit to Poseidon. He'll 
tell you a saying about the legendary Shield.  In the "Small Room of 
Getting lost," (lit.) go down three floors, and up two.  He says that he 
knows 3 of these sayings exist, but only knows one.  Be sure to 
remember this, you will need to know it later.

Chapter 25: Dark Dream and the Armor of Orgo

Once Calverona has been revived, you can get the legendary Armor 
of Orgo.  The armor of Orgo is located in Grace Castle, which is located 
in the southwesternmost island in the real world. However, it's 
blocked by mountains and a lake, and you have no means of 
transportation to get there yet. How do you get there? You need the 
Magic Carpet.  To get the Magic Carpet, you need to play the 
Kakkoyosa contest a couple of times; you have to win at least the 
first three ranks. If you've already done this, you're set and can skip 
the next section.

If you haven't won the contest yet, these are the minimum 
Kakkoyosas you need.
Rank A: 180
Rank B: 200 (Must be a male character that competes)
Rank C: 220
That last one can be especially hard; you may have to some 
equipment swapping. If you have the Pass to Longadeseo yet, or any 
Platinum Equipment, that will help. Mireyu is a naturally Kakkoyoi 
character so she's a good choice. And of course, coordinated outfits 
always help. Don't worry if you accidentally lose a contest, you can 
always try again.  Once you win the third contest, you will get the 
Kirei na Juutan.

When you cast Inpas on the Kirei na Juutan, it says that it looks a lot 
like the Mahou no Juutan, (Magic Carpet) but it doesn't fly.  
Somehow, you have to get it to fly. This is a tough puzzle since the 
game gives you vague hints at best at how to get it to work. (I was 
stuck for a while here) What you need to do is take the carpet to 
Calve, in Calverona.  When Calve sees the Juutan, he will note that it's 
the Mahou no Juutan, but it's been away from Calverona for such a 
long time it's out of energy. He'll recharge it, and it will turn into the 
Mahou no Juutan.  The Mahou no Juutan works just like the flying 
bed, except that you can use it at any time. With the Mahou no 
Juutan, you can now go anywhere in the game except for a piece of 
the southeast continent in the dream world, and an island 
surrounded by mountains in the real world.  Head to the Castle of 
Grace, which is on the southwesternmost island on the map in the 
real world.

Castle Grace

You'll have to go by ship to the island Grace Castle is on, and once 
you get close you'll need to use the Carpet. 

Items in Castle Grace: Orgo no Yoroi (Orgo's armor)

You may notice that this castle is totally destroyed. A lone man there 
says he heard there was great treasure here, but can't find it. 
Actually, you may note that you can't find the armor.  It's here, but 
you can't get it yet.  Actually, if you know how to, you can technically 
cheat and get it now, but I won't tell you how to do that. :) You 
should see the rest of this scenario anyway as it really helps fill in 
some plot.  Go into the well by the castle, and you will be transported 
to Grace Castle in the dream world.

Castle Grace in the Dream world

As soon as you leave the well, a soldier will not your presence and 
demand to know what you're doing outside, then bring you into the 
castle. He says that an important ceremony is being held and you 
need to stay inside.

Items in Castle Grace: Fuujin no Tate, Chikara no tane, Subayasa no 
Tane, Utsukushisou
2 x Chiisa na medals: In the princess' dresser, and in a treasure box 
in a secret place. ;)

You may note that you can't find some of the items here, either. If 
you know how to get the items, do, but if you don't, you'll find out 

What's going on in Castle Grace:
A rumor is flooding Castle Grace. The King has supposedly learned of 
a legendary demon even stronger than the Daimaou. In fact, his 
strength supposedly exceeds the Daimaou's by a huge margin. 
Therefore, he is trying to summon the demon to ask him to defeat 
the Daimaou. The people of the castle are divided; half think it's a 
good idea, and the other half are worried that it's too dangerous to 
summon such a powerful demon.

When you go upstairs, the King sends a whole bunch of soldiers to 
"prepare for the ceremony."  In a room right by the throne room, the 
captain of the guard is talking with another man, Goriki, reassuring 
him that the King's plan is a good idea. He also mentions about how 
the armor in that room is made especially for the "Legendary Hero," 
and how he has to wait for the Hero to come claim it. Supposedly, it 
can reflect even the Daimaou's power. If you take a look at the 
armor, you'll see that it's one of the four legendary weapons and 
armor, Orgo's Armor! But you can't take it.

You'll note upstairs, by the room for the ceremony, a soldier will ask 
you if you've brought the offering. If you say yes he notes you don't 
have it and asks you to bring it. If you say no then he tells you to 
wait until after the ceremony.

Go outside the castle and into the right door.  A woman is there 
babbling about Snake Soup and a dried frog. (These are the 
offerings.) She'll ask you if you'll take them to the soldier for her. 
Doesn't matter what you say, she'll force them on you. Bring them to 
the soldier in front of the ceremony room.  He'll enter and finish the 
preparations. Talk to him again, and he'll have someone call the king. 
Leave the room and go back to the king.  You'll see the king leave 
and go to the ceremony room. Follow him.

Once you go up to the room, you can see the king start to summon 
the demon. He calls the demon and says some magic incantations. 
Then the room gets dark, and a huge demon's image appears.  He 
asks who it is that is calling him. The king says "Can you hear me? If 
you can, please hear my wish..." The demon responds "I take orders 
from no one," and incinerates the king with a lightning bolt. The 
soldiers who try to the help him are similarly toasted.  The demon 
says "I exist to destroy and kill, to return things to nothingness 
only..." then disappears.  The soldier standing guard goes in, realizes 
what happened, then rushes off to protect the Queen and Princess. 
The Captain of the guard and Goriki enter the room, see the carnage 
and Goriki says "We have to hide the armor!" Then as they leave, 
Goriki notices you and tells you to come with him. When he takes 
you downstairs, you will see the captain of the guard in front of the 
burning body of the Prime minister...apparently the demon is mad. 
He takes the armor and you and Goriki follow him. Outside, you will 
see the demon killing people left and right.  There's panic inside the 
castle, and captain of the guard tells a soldier that he's going to seal 
the armor in the secret treasure room underground, and asks him to 
get everyone away from the castle. He'll lead you and Gokiri to the 
training room, where he opens a secret passage. He says that he's 
going to leave the armor down there, and asks Gokiri to help 
everyone escape. Gokiri asks the captain to be careful, and he says 
"I'm OK, nobody will be able to find this place short of using a 
pickaxe." Gokiri will have soldiers lead you out of the castle, and 
you'll go back to the real world.

Now you know what to do, right?

In case you don't, go up to the place where the Captain hid the 
armor, and use your Golden Pickaxe. Now you can go down there and 
get the armor. First you'll have to inspect that suspicious-looking tile 
though. You'll also find the captain's corpse...guess he didn't make it 
out of there OK after all. :)

Anyhow, you can play this scenario as many times as you want.  
There's a reason for this; you can actually go into the secret treasure 
room of the undestroyed castle and loot it. :) Again, you'll have to use 
the Golden Pickaxe to get there.  A lot of people miss these treasures, 
so go back and get them. You don't have to go through the entire 
event again though, you can just go get the treasures and leave back 
to the real world via the well you came through. Now you have one 
of the four legendary armaments.  If you have now found all four at 
this point, go skip to Chapter 30.

Chapter 26: Mount Snow and the Legendary Sword of Ramias

When you want to start this quest, go to the island west of Pescani. 
There's a small inn there.

Items in the church: 1 Chiisa na medal in the center barrel.

The adventurer in the inn says that he's looking for the Legendary 
Sword, but he's 50 years too late.  Talk to the guy with the horned 
helmet and he'll ask if you've come looking for Zam Shinkan. (priest) 
If you say yes, he'll say that when his grandfather was a child he 
met Zam, which was more than 50 years earlier, so Zam wouldn't be 
alive. Talk to the priest, and he'll say that the only one who knows 
how to break the seal on the Legendary Sword is Zam, and since he's 
dead, there's no way to get the sword back. This could be a problem...

Anyhow, head up north, you'll find the small village of Mt Snow.

Items in Mt. Snow: Kegawa no Hood.
1 x Chiisa na medal: In the drawers by the one unfrozen old man

What's happening in Mt. Snow: Nothing! Everyone is frozen solid in a 
stasis. If you've ever played DQ3, this is just like Noaniru...There's 
one guy in the basement of the inn, a traveler who is wondering 
what is going on. He'll take the money in lieu of the frozen-solid 

Go downstairs in the house up north and you'll see an old man, who 
asks you what you want; you should have no business in a town with 
everyone frozen solid.  As you leave, he warns you not to investigate 
the cave northeast of the town.  Translation: Go to the cave northeast 
of the town.

Once in the cave, you will reach your first encounter with ice. Learn 
how to move on it well-you're going to need to later.  Anyhow, once 
you reach the sole woman in the chamber, she is surprised to see 
people, and chuckles that you must have no idea who she is.  She 
asks you to talk to the young man Goran in the southwest village, 
and he'll tell you who she is.  Go back to the town and look for Goran

You won't be able to find any young men, but when you enter the 
room with the old man who warned you not to go to the cave, you'll 
see a familiar face--it's Terry!  He grumbles and says "I guess I'll just 
have to ask someone else."  He's obviously come here in search of the 
Legendary Sword like everyone else--if you remember, that was his 
main objective when you first met him.  When you talk to the old 
man, you'll ask him who Goran is, and the man will start laughing, 
saying that Goran hasn't been young for 50 years. He then says that 
*he* is Goran.  He'll realize you went to the cave, and tell you never 
to go there again.  Translation: Go back there.

The woman in the ice cave will be surprised to hear that Goran is an 
old man, and then say "Oh, that's right...humans age differently than 
I."  Then she'll ask you to say who she really is. Of course, since 
Goran never told you, you can't say. She'll ask you "Then you really 
don't know my name?" If you say "no" then she'll ask you again, so 
just tell her you don't know her name.  She'll then say that Goran has 
probably really regretted "that" from 50 years ago.  She'll then agree 
to take off the curse she put on that village which froze everyone. 
She then reveals herself as the Snow Queen, Yurina. (Note to those 
who didn't know: The Snow Queen is a famous figure in Japanese 
mythology.)  She will tell you that she saved Goran's life when he 
was unconscious when he was in the snow.  Nobody is allowed to say 
that they met her, but Goran broke that promise, so she froze the 
town. She says that he should have regretted his mistake enough by 
now, and takes off the curse. Then she tells you to leave, but says 
you shouldn't tell anyone that you met her. Anyway, go back to the 

What's going on in Mt Snow now: 
Nobody realizes that they've been frozen. People wonder what they 
were doing.  The guy who was in the inn got chased out by the 
innkeeper, even though he collected money for them while they 
were frozen. :)

Go to Goran, and he'll ask you if you met Yurina. (once again, a 
question where the answer doesn't matter) He'll say that he was 
drinking with a drinking buddy, and all of a sudden it just popped 
out that he met Yurina, and suddenly everyone was frozen except 
him.  Then he gives you a long lecture about the rashness of youth 
and has his life meant anything and blah blah....he drawls on for a 
long time. Anyway, go to the church.  The priest from the inn down 
south came up here, and is really surprised to see that Zam is 
actually alive, since he should be long dead.  Talk to the man in red 
clothes in the church, and he'll identify himself as Zam. You'll ask him 
about the legendary sword, and say that it's in a frozen cave to the 
north.  But you need to say special words to open the door.  He'll ask 
if you want to hear them. Say Yes, of course. These are the words.

Say "Merasamu" to awake the door. Then:

1. Jibun wa Shoujikisha 
(Oneself is an honest man/woman)

2. Chikaramochi no Musume ga taru 
(Worthy of the daughter of a strong person)

3. Kouri o Taberu Toki wa Samukute Hana ya tan ga Detekuru
(When you eat ice it's cold and flowery regret will come)

(This last is a double play on words--it could also mean "When you 
eat ice it's cold and snot and phlegm will come out")

He'll then say if you get the sword, to bring it back to him. Anyhow, 
you should head to the frozen cave.

Items in the Frozen Cave: 1900G, Sabita Tsurugi (Rusted Sword)
1x Chiisa na medal: In a chest under the first breakable ice section.

After the first room, you will find the sealed door. The game will ask 
you if you want to chant the word Zam taught you. When you do, the 
Door's eyes will open. The door will tell you to say the three words. 
You get three choices for each:

1. Ware Tadashiki Kokoro o Motsu Mono Nari
(I am one with an honest/pure heart)
2. Toki wa Kitareri
(The Time has arrived)
3. Subete wa Densetsu no Mama ni
(Everything is as the Legend is)

Then the door asks you the next word.

1. Inishie no Musume no Utsukushi sa o
(The ancient girl's beauty...)
2. Ware to Tomo ni Tatakawan
([You] will not fight with me...)
3. Chikara Himetaru Yaiba
(The blade with hidden power)E

The next phrase:

1. Ima Koko ni Shimesu Beshi
(Point out here now)
2. Kouri no fuchi yori tokihanatan!
(Break out from its icy imprisonment!)
3. Warera ga inochi no tomoshibi ni
(We are the light of life, lit.)

It's really tough to translate this effectively since it's all in medieval 
Japanese, and they are basically parts of a sentence where the 
grammar is totally different than English. Also, it's 3AM and my 
brain is shot. :) (Look for a translation improvement in the next 
version of the FAQ) Basically, you pick the order to form a sentence. 
You'll note that none of this is exactly the same as Zam said; you 
want to use those that are closest, which is 1, 3, 2, the sentence forms 
"I have a pure and honest heart, break the seal on the blade with 
hidden power!" 

Anyhow, now you're into the cave. You'll have to do a lot of ice-
traveling in here, but other than that, this is a pretty easy, and short, 
dungeon.  Note that the enemy "Sairesu" can cast Bashirura, which 
will take a character out of your party and make you have to go back 
to Ruida no Sakaba to get them back, so they can be trouble.  But the 
monsters here are really weak to Mera spells (a little less for Gira 
spells but still pretty weak) so they are good ideas here. There's no 
boss either, so feel free to use as much magic as you want.  Later in 
the cave, you will find a room with breakable ice and four switches. 
The sign says that you have to hit them in order: North, West, East, 
then South. So plan your path wisely. 

Once you get through the door, you will find the legendary sword! 
But at the same time, Terry comes in. He says "Oh wow, great timing! 
Excuse me," pushes right past you, and goes straight for the sword! 
But looking at the rusted sword, he decides the Raimei no Ken that 
he's using is a better weapon and leaves it. He laughs about all the 
stuff he's had to go through just to find this sword, apologizes for 
getting in your way, and gives you the sword.  On his way out, he 
says "It may be none of my business, but I'll tell you this...with just 
that sword, you don't have a chance against the Maou. He then says 
that if you stay alive, you might meet again. (Ironically, once you get 
Terry in your party, he can't even equip the legendary sword--he 
was traveling the world to try and find a weapon he couldn't even 
use! ^_^) Go and take the Rusted Sword. For a sword that looks like a 
piece of crap, the Rusted Sword is fairly powerful, so at its full power 
it should be really strong. Go and bring the sword back to Zam.

Zam asks you to show him the sword, and notes that it's rusted to the 
point of being nothing but a piece of junk.  He thinks for a bit about 
what to do, then says that there's a town south of Darma Shinden 
called Longadeseo.  He says that a legendary swordsmith lives there. 
He gives you the Deseo no Pass (Pass to Deseo) which will allow entry 
to Longadeseo.  Also when you wear it, it boosts your Kakkoyosa by 
45...higher than any other accessory in the game.  It's great for when 
at the Kakkoyosa contest.  Head to Longadeseo.

Chapter 27: Longadeseo and the Legendary Smith

The guard of Longadeseo will try to kick you out, but once he sees 
the pass, will realize that you know Zam and let you in.

Items in Longadeseo: 2500G, Kashikosa no Tane x 2, Ami Tights, (Net 
Tights/stockings) Utsukushisou, Touzoku no Kagi, Inochi no Kinomi
Chiisa na Medal x 2 : One in the closet in the "house" in the NW 
corner of town, and one in the barrel in the bar.

What's going on in Longadeseo:
There is talk of Hock, a famous "Jouhouya," a person that specializes 
in information.  There is also talk that someone who knows about the 
legendary sword is here, but nobody in the town who knows 
anything will talk about it. 

There are various points of interest in Longadeseo:

There's a guy who, when you bump into him will get mad, drag you 
to his shop and order you to buy something. You don't have to 

There's a girl in a house in the NE section of town who won't let you 
in. You can get by her, but not yet.

In the center of the town there's a casino/strip club.  In the casino, 
you can get some more new stuff there, including the Hayabusa no 
Ken (Falcon Sword) which will do a double hit when you attack 
normally.  You can also gamble for higher stakes than San Marino on 
the slots. There are 6 slot machines:

 1 coin slots                              5 coin slots
    1   2   3                                 4    5    6

If you're going to be gambling use slot machines #3 or #5; they have 
the highest chances of you hitting it big.

It costs 100G to enter the strip club. (No, you can't actually *see* the 
dancers stripping, but the people watching them indicate that they 
are. ^_^) There's not much down there, but there are a few items in 
the dressing room. Also, there's a girl down there who talks about 
how she came from Gandino; she has very bad memories there and 
says it was like a nightmare. If Mireyu is in your party she will start 
at the mention of Gandino...

You'll notice that it's impossible to find anything in Longadeseo, 
either the information man or the swordsmith. To start your search, 
enter the well in the middle of town. Hock's house is down there. 
Talk to his wife(?) and she'll tell you that Hock is always at the bar. 
However, he's not there. Go back to his house and talk to her again 
and she'll ask you if you met him. Say no, and she'll tell you to 
"worship the laundry."  (I have no idea what the hell she is talking 
about, maybe it's an application of the verb "to worship" I don't 
know about)  Anyway, it's a clue: Go to the house with laundry 
hanging outside of it and run into the wall of the house under the 
laundry, and you will enter the hidden door to that building. Inside 
is another bar. 

There's a guy in the bar that will "sell you information for 50G." All 
he tells you is that you have to equip your weapons and armor for 
them to work. (duhh...) There's a girl there who will "Puff-Puff" one 
of your characters, male, female, or monster. (ewww) Actually, th's 
isn't the standard Dragon Quest "Puff-puff," (which consists of a guy 
putting his face in between....well, let's not get into the details. ^_^) in 
this case the girl will give you a makeover, and the receiver of the 
"Puff-Puffing" will get a 5 point bonus to their Kakkoyosa.

Anyhow, on top of the building, you will find Hock. He'll ask you if 
you have any buisness with him. If you say yes, you'll ask him about 
the guy who knows about the legendary sword. Hock will not know, 
but he will go ask around for you, since the town isn't as tight-
mouthed towards him as they are to you. When you talk to him, he'll 
say at first he's going to charge you 50000G to search for the guy, 
but then realizes nobody is stupid enough to pay that much and cut 
the fee down to 2000G, but first he's going to disguise himself 3 
times to gather info, and you have to find him before he'll tell you 
what he finds. If you don't agree to the deal now, you can later. Run 
around town, talking to everyone and try to find him.

The first time you find him, he is talking to a man who reveals that 
he's worried about Sally, whose father has died. This will be 

The second time you find him he's talking to a girl who says Sally's 
not there, she refused get a job where she works....obviously Sally is 
going to play some role in this.

The third time is tricky...don't read further if you don't want to be 
spoiled.  Hock is the bartender in the other bar. You have to go 
through the back door and talk to him. He'll ask if you want a drink. 
Say no.  Then he'll ask if you're looking for someone. Say no again. 
Then he'll ask if there's anything you want with him. Say Yes. He'll 
reveal himself as Hock and say that you've won; he's going home, and 
that you should listen to the two people on the other side of the bar. 
Then he tells you to come see him and he'll tell you what he's found.

The conversation between the two people:
Old Man: Cobure was a really good smith...he even worked on the 
legendary sword!  But that was his problem...he really got too into his 
work.If I was a legendary swordsmith I'd probably want to see the 
legendary sword at least once, but still...
Man: Yeah, I understand what you're saying.
Old Man: I wish he understood what I was saying! To go out on a trip 
to find it like that, and leaving Mary and Sally behind without a 
husband and father....
Man: Hm....Hey? What happened to the bartender? Oh well, I was 
going to have a drink too...

Once you go back to Hock's house, you'll have to pay him.  Hock will 
tell you that the legendary swordsmith was a man named Cobure, 
who would be about 50 if he was still alive. 10 years ago he went out 
to search for the legendary sword and there's been no word of him 
since.  He left his wife Mary and his daughter Sally behind, and Mary 
eventually died of an illness.  However, Sally learned from her father 
and is a great swordsmith. He'll tell you that Sally is in the house 
north of the secret bar, and if she's not there, check out the cave 
north of town, where Mary's grave is.  Of course, when you go to her 
house, Mary will be out, so go check out the cave north of town.

Items in the cave: 1 Chiisa na medal buried under a grave to the 
south end of the cave.

In the cave, Sally will be there cursing out her father for leaving the 
two of them behind, saying what's the point of searching for a sword, 
which only has the purpose to kill people, and swears she'll never 
temper a sword.  When you talk to her, you'll ask her about the 
sword, and she'll first think you are the Maou, but then realize you're 
not, and will be surprised to see that you've got it, and ask you to 
prove it. (Say yes) She will be really mad to see that her father 
abandoned her family for a rusted piece of junk. Then she'll ask you 
if you wanted her to temper it.  If you say yes, she'll refuse and run 
away. If you say no, she'll tell you to throw away the sword and 
never bring it near her again.  Anyhow, go back to Longadeseo and 
go to Sally's house. When you talk to her, she'll ask what you want 
with the sword. She'll say that if her father were alive he'd probably 
be glad to fix it, and then decides that if you truly will use it for a 
good cause, she'll fix it. She'll ask you if you truly will. Say yes, of 
course. She'll ask you then to look her in the eyes while saying it. 
Don't move after she says this, or else she will refuse to fix it. Wait. 
Then she'll decide you're telling the truth and will start to work on 
the sword.  It will take time though; she won't finish it until you've 
found the other three pieces of legendary armor.

This ends the quest for the sword. If you've now finished all four 
quests, you can skip ahead to chapter 30.

Chapter 28: The country of Gandino and the Shield of Sufida

Gandino is located on the island in the extreme southeast of the map.

What's going on in Gandino:
Gandino is a country that recently changed kings. The populace is 
extremely happy about this; apparently everyone hated the old king. 
The old king was supposedly very cruel, and allowed the Gindoro-
gumi, a Yakuza-like organized crime operation in the country, to 
control the country. But the new king doesn't.

Items in Gandino: Tabibito no Fuku, Utsukushisou x 2, Inori no 
Yubiwa, Subayasa no Tane, 70G, Kashikosa no Tane, Seisui, Inochi no 
Kinomi, Kin no Bracelet (Golden Bracelet)
6 x Chiisa na medal: 
In the upper-left hand corner of the alley behind the bar on the west 
edge of town. 
In a barrel in the basement of the Gindoro-gumi headquarters. 
In a barrel in the bottom of the well
In a pot in the dungeon of the castle
In the middle of the garden in the Castle.
In a barrel on the floor above the former Queen.
One of the pots in the basement is a Tsubokk.

Almost everbody here talks about either the new king or the 
Gindoro-gumi.  There is one traveling merchant in the bar who talks 
about a special shield that the country supposedly has.  In a house on 
the south edge of town, there's an old lady who talks about her 
husband who is "repenting at the church, or going to the Gindoro-
gumi to look for that girl."EGo to the church and you'll find him; he's 
praying, asking for forgiveness for giving into the Gindoro-gumi's 
threats.  Apparently what he did has something to do with his 
daughter, but he doesn't say specifically what it was. Then he says 
he's going to the Gindoro-gumi's headquarters to ask them about his 

The Gindoro-gumi's HQ is the house by the well. In there, the old 
man is pleading with the Oyabun of the Gindoro-Gumi to give back 
his daughter.  The oyabun gets mad at the old man for pestering him 
every day, but the girl tells him not to be rude, and then tells him 
that she's not here.  The Oyabun will then tell him that she was given 
to the former king of Gandino years ago as tribute, and that what 
happened to her afterwards is anyone's guess.  The girl then says 
that when the King changed, all of the king's women and slaves were 
released, so if she didn't come back she probably died or ran away.   
Then the oyabun reveals that the old man actually sold his daughter 
to her!  The man, realizing that the girl's not here, leaves.

If you talk to the man in the bed in the Gindoro-Gumi HQ, he says 
that he has an old injury given to him by the younger brother of the 
girl that the old man sold to them.  Although he was just a child, he 
was really good with a sword, and when the boy attacked the Gumi 
member nearly killed him.  Afterwards, though, the boy left town 
and hasn't been heard of since.  Also, if you go into the basement, 
you can find the "Godfather" of the Gindoro-gumi, who is about to die 
of an illness.  Anyhow, if you go back to the old man's house he'll be 
in bed moaning, calling out "Mire..." in his sleep....apparently, the girl 
he sold was none other than Mireyu!  If she's in your party though 
he won't recognize her. Don't waste your time trying to get her to 
recognize him or vice-versa....that won't come until later.

Anyhow, go to the castle. In the front area of the castle, you can talk 
to a man who asks you if you came to Gandino to search for the 
legendary shield. If you say yes he will tell you that long ago the 
Oyabun of the Gindoro-gumi gave it to the former king as tribute, but 
it was a fake. If you talk to a soldier, he will back up the story, 
saying that the shield is deep inside a cave that can only be reached 
by sailing down a river from the ocean, and that there's no way the 
Gindoro-gumi could have gotten their hands on it. Remember this; it 
will be important for your search for the shield. In the dungeon, you 
can find a soldier who says that the old man down there was 
imprisoned under the rule of the former king, but won't leave even 
after he was pardoned.  The woman down there tells you that the 
room she is in was the room of the female slaves of the king; those 
that were too beautiful were imprisoned there and not allowed to 
come out. (You'll find out why later.)  The old guy in the dungeon 
says that he was in charge of the female slaves.  He talks about a girl 
here who escaped, saying that she was going to search for her 
younger brother, and who had a mysterious flute. (Yes, this is also 
about Mireyu.)

When you talk to the king, he says he takes what travelers say very 
seriously, and asks if the world has truly become peaceful. If you so 
yes, he will say he's glad. If you say no, he said he was suspicious 
since there were still monsters around even after Mudo died. He also 
tells you that he's studying the legendary shield, and that it should 
help you. If you talk to the scholar to the right of the king, he says 
that he's researching the legendary shield. You might want to store 
what he says. He says that from the Gargoyle Statue, go south, then 
at the T-intersection follow along the left-hand wall, and search the 
first corner.  If you talk to the prime minister, he'll say that the 
former queen, who is still in the palace, was not very nice. She was 
very jealous and if any of the girls that were paid to the king as 
tribute were too pretty, she had them thrown in the dungeon.  If you 
try to enter the former queen's room, the guard will tell you not to 
enter, but the former queen tells you that you can enter. If you talk 
to her, you can see that she is insane: she says that her husband is on 
a journey and has given her control of the country in his stead. She 
tells you not to go near the dungeon, because her husband sealed a 
dreadful monster down there. (Is she talking about the Tsubokk 
down there, or is she just lying? I'm not quite sure...)

Anyhow, that's all you're going to find in Gandino. Go to the cave that 
the soldier in the castle told you about. It's located at the end of a 
river near the center of the map, directly east of Amoru.

Items in the ancient cave: Mamori no Tane, 1900G, Yaiba no Yoroi 
(Bladed armor)
3 Chiisa na medal: In a treasure box one of the southernmost rooms 
on the top floor, in a box in the room to the right of the gargoyle 
statue, and in a treasure box south of the up staircase on the fourth 
floor down.

Just by wandering about in the cave for a little bit, you'll notice that 
it's a total maze. There are infinite loops and dead ends everywhere, 
and you probably won't get anywhere by simply wandering around 
aimlessly.  Remember the lost guy in the cave east of Clear Vale 
searching for the shield, a long time ago?  Those directions that he 
gave will come in handy here. If you don't remember them, here 
they are:

"First go north.  At the T-intersection, go East.  Turn north at the first 
intersection, take the next intersection to the west, and then continue 

Follow these directions, and you'll reach the down staircase. You may 
notice that on the second floor down, there apparently is no staircase 
to go any deeper into the dungeon. To figure out how to get through 
this one, follow the directions that the scholar in Gandino Castle gave 
you. (It's earlier in this chapter) Note that when he says to follow 
along the wall to the left, he means what would be left if you were 
actually the characters from a first-person-view; IOW follow the wall 
to the *right* on the screen.

Once you find the staircase, you'll see that the next down staircase is 
an endless loop. For this, follow the advice that Poseidon gave you 
after you killed Glacos. If you haven't killed Glacos yet, go back and 
do so, or cheat and read the chapter after killing Glacos. ^_^

Once on the fourth floor down, you can find Sufida's Shield. If you 
have all four legendary pieces of equipment now, then go to chapter 

Chapter 29:  The Hero's true Identity

Remember way back when after you beat Mudo how your primary 
quest to search the world and "find yourself" was given? Well, that 
quest will end this chapter.  Go to Lifecod.  Not the Lifecod you 
started the game at, but the Lifecod in the real world. It's located in 
approximately the same place it is in the Dream World: in the north 
edge of the map in the middle.

You might notice a house south of the mountain Lifecod's on.
Items in the house:
1 Chiisa na medal in the chest of drawers.
Go in there and you'll find a soldier.  The soldier will tell you that in 
a search for the Prince of Reidock, he ran into someone who looked 
remarkably like him in Lifecod. But he was a terribly coward and 
weakling, so it couldn't have been the prince.  If you talk to the man 
inside the house, he says he was a traveling merchant who collected 
strange items. Now he dreams of building a merchant's town where 
all kinds of goods could be sold and bought--hence, Shiena was born 
in the Dream World.  Anyhow, head up the mountain to go to Lifecod.

Items on the Cliff Face: 880G, Utsukushisou
2 x Chiisa na Medal: In a box off the cliff with the three graves on it, 
and one in a box in the cave right off the cliff to the right of where 
you see Rand.

When you head up the mountain face, you'll run into the real world's 
Judy!  What's strange is that she recognizes you!  She'll ask you if 
you were with Rand, and then comments that Rand must have 
abandoned you. She says that he's always mean to you since Tanya 
helped you when she found you wounded along the side of the road. 
As you may notice, this doesn't sound like the Rand or Tanya you 
know...Anyway, once you proceed further up the mountain, you will 
encounter Rand...and someone who not only looks exactly like you, 
but has the same name as you!  Rand asks the guy (let's just call him 
"Guy" for the time being for the sake of making this easier) how long 
he intends to keep hanging around Tanya.   Guy says that he doesn't 
know what else to do. Rand says that his being a burden on Tanya, 
but he insist that she's being so nice so you don't want to leave.  
Rand tells Guy to get out, but he says that he has no other place to go. 
Rand says he doesn't care, and if Guy persists he'll chase him out of 
the village.  Then he starts to notice that Guy is looking angry, and 
tells him that if he has a problem, he should state it like a man. Guy 
doesn't say anything, and Rand calls him a gutless wimp and 
wonders what Tanya sees in him. Then he leaves, telling Guy to 
remember what he said.  Your "alter ego" follows after him. If you 
haven't realized it by now, this "alter ego" is actually the "real world" 
version of you, like the petrified Hassan you found back in Mudo's 

Once up the mountain, you'll reach Lifecod.

What's going on in Lifecod:
Most of of the people here talk about you, Tanya, and Rand.  
Apparently, in the real world, Tanya is not your sister, or even a 
native of Lifecod; she found you wounded on the mountain and took 
you in, and since then has become like a surrogate sister. Apparently 
the "real world you" has a thing for Tanya too. Note that all the good 
information you can only get here if the Hero is in your party; just 
for fun you might try going into the town without him in your party 
to see what everyone says.

Items in Lifecod: 10G, Onaba no Futa, Mamori no Tane, Yakusou, 
Kizoku no Fuku, Oshare na Bandana (Stylish Bandana)
1 Chiisa na medal: In a pot by the Elder's house.

If you talk to Rand, he'll note that you seem different than usual. 
He'll ask if you want to fight. If you say yes he'll laugh at you and 
say he doesn't pick on weaklings. If you say no he'll call you a 
weakling.  When you meet Tanya, she unthinkingly calls you "Big 
Brother," and notes that she's gotten used to it. She says that she 
heard Rand called you to talk about something, and asks if he was 
having problems with you again. If you say no, she'll tell you to 
ignore him and that she'd like you to stay here for a long long time. 
If you say yes, she'll say the same thing, but make an angry 
comment regarding Rand first.

Anyhow, enter the Elder's house. If the Hero is in your party, the 
elder will note that your injury is almost all better, now all you need 
is to get your memory back. (your alter ego has amnesia) He asks 
you to go back to Tanya's house. When you go back, she'll just say 
unimportant stuff like "I didn't know you went to the Elder's house." 
Go back to the Elder's house.  Your alter ego is there. If you don't 
have the Hero in your party, he'll ask you if he knows you from 
somewhere. Either way, he won't remember anything.  Go in there 
with the Hero in your party.  As soon as you enter the room, the 
Elder will notice you and get very confused. Your alter ego will be 
suprised, and the elder has no idea what's going on and think he's got 
a fever. He says he must be dreaming, and says he needs to get some 
sleep.  When you talk to your alter ego, he'll ask you what's going on, 
and then both of you start glowing the way that Hassan did when he 
met his statue.  However, your alter ego manages to break the 
reaction, and runs out of the house. If you talk to the other people, 
you'll find you he ran out of the village. Follow him.

Your alter ego is hiding in one of the caves on the mountain. When 
you talk to him, he knows that you are named (whatever you named 
your hero.) He says that the two of you must have been the same 
person, until you went up against Mudo for the first time. Except that 
afterwards you were split, your alter ego ending up wounded on the 
mountain near Lifecod, and you ending up in the dream world 
Lifecod.  He'll then say that now that Mudo is dead the two of you 
probably need to become one again. He says he knows, but he's 
afraid, since he doesn't know if when the two of you fuse, he'll 
become you, if you'll become him, or if the both of you will become 
some totally different person. He says that he likes the way he's 
living now, and that you should give up what your father and mother 
in the palace told you. (Yes, you are in reality the prince of Reidock.) 
At that moment, a little kid runs into the cave and says that the 
village is under attack by monsters. Everyone is fighting but at the 
rate it's going, everyone is going to be killed. Your alter ego runs off 
to help. You should too.

Enter the village, and you'll find that it's completely on fire. Your 
alter ego is protecting Tanya; you should kill off all the monsters.

The monsters shouldn't be too tough if you've gotten your job levels 
to decent levels. You can go all-out on every fight and use all the 
magic you want, since you can go back to the church as much as you 
want, where the priest will heal you to max.  All of the monsters 
focus on physical attacks, so defensive techniques like Skara, Skult, 
and the like are all you need.  If you have a Mamonotsukai in your 
party and are lucky you might get one of the Boss Trolls to join you. 
If not, don't worry about it; you can get them later if you want one. 
Be most careful with the Zushioumarus.  Note that when you talk to 
the monster closest to the elder, you'll find out that they're here to 
kill you/your alter ego!

After all the monsters are dead, go to Tanya's house and you'll find 
your alter ego fighting the boss of the invading monsters. He's no 
match for the boss though. Talk to your alter ego and he'll ask you 
that if the two of you fuse and he ceases to exist, if you'll promise to 
protect Tanya. If you say no he won't fuse with you. If you say yes, 
he'll tell Tanya that his memory returned. He'll then say that he's the 
prince of Reidock, and to take off the curse that kept his parents in 
eternal sleep, he went to defeat Mudo. At that point, Mudo split his 
body and his spirit into two seperate beings.  Tanya will not 
understand. Your alter ego tells her goodbye and that it was good to 
have a little sister while it lasted. Then the two of you will fuse.  
Once you fuse, you will learn the spell of Raidein. Then the monster 
fighting will fight you after the rest of your party makes various 
comments about you being back to your true self.  If you want to, 
you can take on the monster without fusing with your alter ego, but 
he is *much* harder that way.

How to beat the Maou no Tsukai
Maoutsukai w/fused hero: HP 400
Maoutsukai w/o fused hero: HP 1500
The Maou no Tsukai is impervious to all magics except Dein-type 
magics, so don't use any magic but Raidein. Physical attacks are the 
only way to take him down otherwise, but he has a very high 
defense. Cast Bikilt on your fighter-types. Seikenzukis will not 
connect so you can't use them. Use Majingiri, Zombie-giri, or 
Mawashigeri to damage to him; normal attacks generally do little 
damage.  Casting Mahokite on your healer can help to absorb the MP 
the Maou no Tsukai uses to cast spells on you, but it will probably 
only be necessary if you're taking him on without fusing with your 
alter ego.  If you have fused with your alter ego, cast Raidein every 

Once you beat the boss, if you didn't fuse with Tanya your alter ego 
will note how strong you are.  From then on, when you talk to him, 
you will get the "will you protect Tanya" bit, and you can fuse with 
him.  Once you both fuse with him and the monster is dead, Tanya 
will be shocked and ask if you're the same person she knew. No 
matter what you say, she'll think that you're a different person and 
be very sad. Once you leave the house and come back in again, she'll 
say that she always wanted a big brother after her parents died, and 
when she found your alter ego, she took him in as a surrogate older 
brother. Then she'll ask you if it's alright to call you (Hero's name)-
niichan aka "Big brother (Hero.)" Say yes and she'll cheer up and ask 
you to stop by from time to time.  The elder, when you talk to him, 
lets you know that he wants you to leave the village since that's why 
the monsters attacked, but says he won't do anything to stop you if 
you stay, that you should make your own choice. Once you leave 
town, you can find Rand on the mountain. His respect for you has 
shot up since the monsters attacked, and he says that he'll stop 
telling you to leave the village.

Anyhow, now that you've gotten back to your complete self, head 
back to Reidock Castle.  When you get back, the new captain of the 
guards, Franco will greet you. He said that according to the 
fortuneteller that the queen visited, you would probably return 
today.  She also learned that the "fake prince" that Tom was killed 
over was really the real prince, just without his memory. He'll ask 
you if your memory came back. Doesn't matter what you say though. 
Then he'll take you to the King. The king now adresses you as "my 
son" and goes over the same story again about how you lost your 
memory and all after the first fight with Mudo.  He asks you if you're 
back to usual.  No matter what you say, he'll note you're different; 
you have grown up a lot. Then he says he's going to start a 
celebration and asks you to take it easy. 

You get a little message on the screen about how the country learned 
about your return, and how everyone was really happy, celebrated, 
drank, etc....You then wake up in bed, and Grandmaz is there when 
you awake. She notes how there's a big change; how that unlike 
Mireyu and Hassan, it took you time to find your real-world 
equivalent. She suggests you take walks around the castle to try and 
get your memory about the place back. At various places in the 
castle, you will see little points of light; when you step on these you 
will remember parts of your past.

By the table where soldiers plan their battles:
Tom is talking with you and saying that according to the scholars at 
Gent, the only way to wake your parents is to kill Mudo. A soldier 
notes that there's nobody to fight him, and Tom tells the others to try 
to think of a plan.  You start to leave and Tom asks you if you're 
thinking of going to fight Mudo alone.  You reply (of course you don't 
hear it since you never hear yourself talking in this game) and Tom 
tells you to take care.

Above the garden on the parapets, left side:
You are training hard with Tom, and defeat him. Tom notes how 
much stronger you've gotten, and says there's nothing more that he 
can teach you. Then he says he's getting worried about the research 
that the queen is doing, and he's worried about the king going to 
fight Mudo; the more information that's gathered on Mudo, the closer 
the day comes that he has to be fought, and Tom hopes nothing bad 

Above the garden on the parapets, right side:
The old man standing with you says that your mother has been 
hiding in her room alone since your little sister Sarah died. He notes 
that you must be lonely. Then the old man gives you a lecture about 
how everybody has to die sometime, and whether it occurs earlier or 
later is just fate. He then talks to Franco, and notes that his parents 
died when he was young. Franco says that's true, but since he has 
Guard Captain Tom and his other friends, he doesn't feel sad all the 
time. He then tells you that it may not be the time to tell you, but the 
world is in danger since Mudo might attack, and he asks you to try 
and get past Sarah's death and strengthen yourself in case that 
strength is needed when Mudo attacks.  Then the queen comes out 
and notes that everyone's worrying about her, and says it's OK now, 
that crying won't bring Sarah back, and how she wants to research 
Mudo's activities. The old man asks if the king is OK with that and 
she says he is.  Then the old man says he'll help "raise" you to be a 
fitting ruler in case anything happens to the king or queen.

Inside the garden:
You are by yourself, and Hassan runs in, knocking into you. He 
apologizes and says he's not here to make trouble.  He introduces 
himself to you, and says he heard about how the King and Queen 
were put to sleep by Mudo.  He says he came to see if it was true, 
and offer his help in any way he can. Then he asks who you are.

In the library:
You are studying with your tutor.  The tutor says it might be a good 
thing to let you know that the Prime Minister Geban has been 
throwing his weight around a little more than usual lately, trying to 
raise taxes among other things.  He says that maybe it would have 
been a good idea to listen to Franco 10 years ago, who was opposed 
to letting Geban become Prime Minister. He then asks you to talk to 
the king about it in his stead.  Then Geban comes in, and asks what 
you're talking about, and your tutor says you're just finishing 
tutoring, and leaves. Then Geban asks you to come with him to the 
king's room for something and you leave with him.

In the kitchen:
You are in the kitchen with your little sister Sarah. She asks you to 
wait while she prepares the food.  The cook comes in and is shocked 
to see the princess working so close to boiling water, and tells her to 
be more careful.  Sarah just says she's making soup for you.  She 
then gives you the soup.  The cook then notes how much Sarah likes 
you, and apologizes for barging in.

After seeing all those flashbacks, return to the throne room for a 
final flashback:
The king tells you that tomorrow he's going to go attack Mudo. He 
says he thinks he'll be fine, but in case something happens, he wants 
you to leave the workings of the country to Shera.  He notes that you 
look worried, and tells you not to worry, it's only just in case, and 
that nothing bad will happen.

Then the king wakes up. He asks if you're going out on your journey 
already.  He tells you you should go back to bed.  When you wake up, 
he'll ask you if you're still worried about the fate of the world. No 
matter what you say, he will say that he's worried about the way the 
world is.  Then he says he has something to show you, and takes out 
a helmet. He says he got it when he was going to fight Mudo, but 
thinks you should have it as a sign that you regained your memory. 
And it's none other than Cevas' helmet, one of the legendary pieces 
of armor!  Then he asks you to work hard for everyone in the world.  
If you now have all 4 legendary pieces of equipment, go on to 
chapter 30.

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