Dragon Quest 6 (Teil 3) (e)

Andere Lösungen
Dragon Quest 6 Walthrough Part 3 by Ian Kelley

This is the last part of my Dragon Quest 6 walkthrough. It covers all 
the way until the end, and includes a full translation of the ending. 
Again, do not read further in the game than you are unless you want 
to be spoiled!  Don't read the ending unless you really want to be 
spoiled! Again, if you have any questions or comments, mail them to me at

Chapter 30: The Castle in the Sky
Chapter 31: The Pegasus Tower
Chapter 32: The Dimension of Darkness
Chapter 33: The Treasure of Masarl
Chapter 34: Deathtamoor's Prison
Chapter 35: Masarl's Brother
Chapter 36: The Final Battle
Chapter 37: The Ending
Chapter 38: It's not over yet! The Bonus Dungeon

Chapter 30: The Castle in the Sky

Now that you've found all four pieces of equipment, you should go 
back to Longadeseo.  Sally will have finished your sword and give 
you the new improved Sword of Ramias.  She then will ask you to tell 
Cobure, if you find him, to tell him that his daughter is waiting for 
him.  Now you have the Sword of Ramias.  It's a very powerful 
weapon, but you can make it even more powerful.  A lot of people 
don't realize this, but if you bring it to the Oshare na Kajiya in 
addition to making its Kakkoyosa rating increase, it will also make 
the sword stronger! The first time you get it improved, its power will 
go up by 5 points.  Also, once you improve it, you can improve it 
again, to make its strength go up an extra 10 points! It will cost you 
an arm and a leg though.

By now you may have found the shrine to the west of Gandino with 
the four plates.  If not, you should go there and check it out. There 
are four plates there, each with a symbol on it. Next to each plate 
there is a switch, and each time you step on a switch the symbol 
changes. There are 8 possible different symbols, and you need to find 
the right combination of four symbols. You may not know what 
symbols to choose.  This is one of the tougher puzzles in the game.  
There are two people who will give you clues as to solve it: Hock, and 
the scholar in the house west of Gandino.

When you talk to Hock, he will note that you have the legendary 
sword. He will tell you that each of the four legendary pieces of 
equipment have a symbol, and these symbols are a key to something.

When you talk to the scholar, he will say that he has heard a legend: 
"The head goes with the head, the right arm with the right arm, and 
the body with the body. Arrange the symbols and I shall appear."

Big Hint #1. Hock gives you a clue on how to find what symbols you 
need. The scholar gives you a clue on where to put each symbol.

Since I don't want to spoil this puzzle, I'll put a series of hints in 
succession here, after which I will put the solution if you're totally 

1. Hock says the symbols on the equipment are a key to something.  
How could you find out what the symbols he's talking about are?
2. In order to find out the symbols, you need to know more about the 
weapons and armor you're carrying. How can you find out more 
about your weapons and armor?
3. The scholar says "Head goes with Head, Right arm goes with right 
arm, etc..." Where does each piece of equipment you have go?
4. Your Hero is right-handed. How would the parts of the body 
compare with the arrangements of the four plates in the shrine?


The four symbols you need are on the four pieces of legendary 
equipment. In order to find out what the symbols are, however, you 
need to cast Inpas on each of the pieces of equipment, and it will tell 
you what is written on it.
Sword of Ramias: A symbol like lightning is on it.
Armor of Orgo: A heart-like symbol is written on it.
Shield of Sufida: A cross-like symbol is written on it.
Helmet of Cevas: A sun-like symbol is written on it.

Now that you know the symbols, you need to know which goes 
where. When the scholar tells you "Head goes with head," he means 
that you should pair the head armor with the "head" plate, IOW the 
top, northernmost plate. The "right hand plate" is on the left (since 
it's arranged as if you're facing the "person.")  The "Chest" plate is the 
southernmost plate.  The "Left hand" plate is on the East. Therefore, 
your symbols should be arranged as follows:
North: Sun
South: Heart
East: Cross
West: Lightning.

Once you put the symbols in the shrine in the correct order, the 
central symbol will light up and your party will stand on it.  If your 
party has not collected all four of the legendary items, then a voice 
will sound saying that you need to collect all four before you can 
continue. If you have collected all four, then a castle on a floating 
island in the sky will descend a bit, and you will be drawn up to it. 
However, this castle has defenses ready! You'll have to fight it!

How to beat the "Hell Cloud"

Hell Cloud: HP 2200
The Hell Cloud uses strong attacks, both physical and magical. It will 
do large damage with physical attacks, and also can create 
Shinkuuhas and cast Bagicross.  Raising your defense levels with 
Skara or Skult is a must.  You can try the Bikilt+Chikara/Kiai 
Tame+Seikenzuki trick if you want here, but if you have a level 5 
Battlemaster or above, or Hassan has Chikara/Kiai Tame, you might 
want to replace the Seikenzuki with Tobihizageri. Since the Cloud is a 
flying monster, it is especially weak to Tobihizageris, and it can't 
dodge them nearly as easy as it can dodge a Seikenzuki. If you have 
a Level 7 Kenja or Level 5 Paladin, you will probably want to cast 
Magic Barrier to reduce the damage of the Bagicross spells that the 
Cloud casts.  If you cast Mahokanta or Mahotarn, you can reflect the 
magic that the Cloud casts, but at the same time you can't heal those 
protected characters except with items like the Gent no Tsue. A 
Superstar with Hustle Dance or someone with healing spells like 
Behomara or Behomazun, you will probably want to bring them into 
the fight as the Hell Cloud can dish out heavy damage.

Once you beat the Hell Cloud, you can enter the castle, and you will 
meet two monsters guarding the castle. They will note that you're no 
ordinary people to be able to get into the castle. They prepare to 
attack you, but then a voice sounds out telling them to stop.  The 
monsters, surprised, identify the voice as Duran, their master. Duran 
says that you are his important guests, and asks them to let you pass 
without harm.

If you've played DQ4 or DQ5, this place should be very familiar to's the Tenkuu no Shiro! (Castle in the Sky)

Items in the castle in the Sky:
Inochi no Kinomi, Sekaiju no Ha (Leaf of the World Tree)

What's going on in the Tenkuu no Shiro:
This castle is supposed to be in the dream world, but the Maou Duran 
has taken it over, sealed away the King, Zenis, and brought it to the 
real world, thus sealing all of its inhabitants off. Most of the monsters 
here are wondering why Duran is letting you come to him.

At any rate, proceed to the top of the castle.  When you reach the 
top, you will be greeted by Duran, who identifies himself ast the 
master of Hell Cloud Castle.  He congratulates you on assembling the 
four legendary pieces of equipment, and said that it was a task that 
many people attempted, but only you could successfully complete. He 
then says that anyone who manages to do so would be an obstacle to 
him.  He says that he's been waiting here for you so that doesn't 
happen. He then asks you to entertain him with his two monsters.

Battle: 1 Killer Mashinga (HP 600) and 1 Land Armor (HP 410).

These guys are normal monsters you will encounter later in the game 
(you may have encountered them already if you fought the 
guardians of the underwater palace) Your primary target here should 
be the Killer Mashinga, since it does *really* heavy damage, and can 
attack twice in a round. The Land Armor will be annoying and often 
cover it, but you should take care of it afterwards. If you have a 
maxed Battlemaster Metal Giri will work great on both monsters. 
Seikenzuki will work on the Killer Mashinga, but rarely on the Land 
Armor.  Don't use any attack magic if possible, since both monsters 
can cast Mahokanta on themselves. If you have a Superstar with 
Hustle Dance, use it every round.  Don't use techniques like 
Kamaitachi or Shinkuuha since both monsters are immune to wind 
attacks.  Fortunately these guys have lower HP than most boss fights 
so you shouldn't have too much trouble.

After killing Duran's monsters, Duran will congratulate you on your 
victory.  But then he'll say that you might not have as easy a time 
against your next opponent, who is a human like you.  He says that 
this human's desire to become strong was so great that he came to 
work for Duran and become stronger.  And he brings forth none 
other than Terry!  He says that Terry gave his soul to Duran in order 
to become the strongest man on Earth. Then he pits you against him!

How to beat Terry

Terry: HP 2500 (Why can't he have this much when he joins you? ^_^)
Although he is supposed to be just a Senshi, Terry will use many 
skills that other classes can use. He'll lower your defense with 
Rukanan, and use Samidareken to attack your entire party. He's also 
awfully good at dodging your spells. He's also irritatingly good at 
dodging your attacks. However, being a fighter, Terry is susceptible 
to most forms of magic attack.  It's generally a good idea to keep 
your defense high in this fight. Don't worry about magical defense 
since he doesn't use any magical attacks.  If you have a Superstar, 
Hustle Dance helps a lot in this fight.

After defeating Terry, Duran will note that you are stronger than he 
expected, and says that it looks like he'll have to defeat you. Then he 

How to beat Maou Duran

Duran: HP 3000
Fortunately you get your life and MP refilled for this fight after 
fighting 3 straight boss battles in a row. Still, this can be a very 
difficult fight. Duran gets two attacks in one round, and can do large 
amounts of damage to the entire party in one attack.  Magic attacks 
are not a good idea since he casts Mahotarn. In addition, Duran can 
use Itetsukuhadou to neutralize all power-up spells, so you might 
find yourself a lot weaker in a tough pinch. However, Duran is one of 
those bosses that's a stickler for keeping his magic shield up, so if 
you cast a cheesy spell like Manusa on him to get rid of his shield, 
you'll often get it so he wastes one of his attacks putting up his 
barrier so that he'll only get to do damage to you once a round.  In 
general, since magical attacks aren't too effective on him, Bikilt is a 
really helpful spell against him. Don't expect to connect with 
Seikenzukis too often though, like Terry, Duran is great at dodging 

After defeating Duran, he will congratulate you, saying it's his 
complete loss and you have done well. He then says that it's not over, 
and since he likes strong people, he'll tell you something. He tells you 
that Mudo, Jamiras, Glacos, and himself are all working under the 
Daimaou, Deathtamoor, and are all much weaker than him.  This is 
the first confirmation that there is a big Daimaou working behind the 
scenes.  As he dies, Duran tells you (the hero) to become stronger and 
stronger, because he wants to have the chance to fight you again 
when he is reborn.

As you try to leave, Terry will stop you, and ask if you if you intend 
to leave him.  Even if you say you don't, he'll get mad at you for 
killing Duran off, saying that he wants to become strong, no matter 
who the opponent is.  He then tells you to kill him, for if you don't, it 
will probably end up that he is going to eventually kill you. If 
Mireyu isn't in your party at the moment, at this point she will come 
in and stop you. She runs up to Terry and asks you not to kill him.  
Then she asks Terry if he recognizes her.  He doesn't.  Mireyu doesn't 
say anything, but then notes that it's probably natural for him not to 
recognize her after such a long time.  She then says even if it has 
been a long time, that he should remember about Gandino, its people, 
and her.  Then Terry will realize who she is, and reveal that Mireyu 
is his older sister!  (If you remember the part about the Gindoro-
gumi, you'll also remember that a kid who was really strong attacked 
them, wanting his sister back--that was Terry.)

Mireyu will be very happy that Terry recognizes her, and Terry says 
that he never realized who she was.  She will apologize to him for not 
paying any attention to him before she was taken away in Gandino, 
and he will apologize to her for not being strong enough to prevent 
her from being taken away. (Now you know why Terry is so 
obsessed with getting stronger)  Then Mireyu will tell Terry that his 
help is needed to benifit the world, and she will ask him to join you.  
Your other party members (as long as they aren't monsters) will then 
make some greeting remark to Terry of some sort, and Terry will 
finally join you!  He and Mireyu will return to the horse wagon ahead 
of you.  Once you leave the castle, it will float up into the air, and fill 
one of the holes in the Dream World, since its seal has been broken 
with Duran's death. 

Now that you have Terry, you will probably have a slight problem 
since your party will probably already consist of 8 members. You'll 
have to decide how to incorporate Terry in your party.  While Terry's 
HP are lower than Hassan's, he is the most powerful fighter-type 
character to join your party. (Amos might be a bit better though, it 
depends on what jobs you give them.)  When you first get Terry, he 
will start out with Senshi maxed, and will be a level 1 Battlemaster. 
(What happened to Butouka?)  In any case, he's quite a tough 
character, but he will probably be vastly weaker than the rest of 
your party at this point, who should at least be on their third or 
fourth jobs.  I usually rotate Terry and my non-Hoimin monster in 
Ruida no Sakaba for awhile until he gets stronger, and then I leave 
my weakest monster in the Sakaba.  Do note that Terry comes with a 
really good set of equipment too, including the Raimei no Ken that ge 
got in Arcbolt.

Also, now that you have Terry, you should go back to Arcbolt with 
him in your party.  Talk to the Battle Rex that he killed way back 
when when he got the Raimei no Ken.  The Battle Rex, Drango, 
impressed greatly with Terry's strength, will offer to join you.  You 
have the option to leave him there, but I advise against it, since 
Drango is a *very* strong fighter, and starts with the secret Dragon 
job, whic learns very powerful techniques.

In any case, with the Tenku no Shiro returned to its rightful place in 
the Dream World, you should go there next to see what changes have 
come there now that its seal has been broken.

Chapter 31: The Pegasus Tower

With the seal on Cloud Castle broken, the people of the castle have 
returned. The guard will greet you and tell you the castle has 
returned to the hands of Zenis.

Items in Zenis' Castle: Sekaiju no Ha
Chiisa na medal x 2: In the center chest of drawers in a room with 3 
lined up against the back wall, and one hidden behind Zenis' throne. 
(where the secret passage was in DQ5, if you played it)

A child in a room of the castle will give you the Seikaiju no Shizuku. 
(Drop of Sap from the World Tree)  This powerful item will heal your 
entire party to maximum HP one time. However, you can only hold 
one at a time. If you use up your Shizuku, go back to the child, and 
he will give you another.

The people in this castle have tons of information on Deathtamoor. 
They say he lives in the Hazama no Sekai, a world of darkness he 
created that is located in a cleft between dimensions. However, they 
say that there is no way to go there willingly, that the only thing that 
can go there is the Pegasus. The pegasus supposedly lives in a tower 
connected to the castle, and therefore Deathtamoor sealed it off.

In any case, you should go talk to Zenis.
Zenis will tell you how Deathtamoor sealed the four legendary 
weapons that you are now carrying, Darma Shinden, the Medal King's 
castle, and Calverona, and the Cloud Castle.   He will tell you the key 
to Deathtamoor's sealing of the castle was because of the winged 
horse Pegasus.  Pegasus has the ability to break the barrier to the 
Hazama no Sekai.  However, Deathtamoor has managed to seal that 
power off.  Zenis will then ask you to bring Pegasus to him by going 
through the well located in the center of the castle, and he will give 
the power to Pegasus again.

Go into the well, and then go right out again. You'll find yourself in a 
different place. You can use the well to go back to Zenis' castle, but 
you'll have to defeat a Death Hole to do so. Death holes have the 
annoying ability to make all magic not work, but they should be no 
problem for you at this point.

Once you get to the Pegasus Tower, you may find that you are unable 
to enter the front door. If this is the case, you haven't found the 
Saigo no Kagi yet; go back to Chapter 23 and finish the part that tells 
about it.

Items in the Pegasus Tower: 
Sekiaju no Ha, Dragon Killer, Inochi no Kinomi, Honou no Tsume
2 Chiisa na Medals: 1 in a treasure box on the first floor; you need to 
use a staircase from the second floor to get to it, and1 in a treasure 
box in the secret room.
1 of the Treasure Boxes here is a Mimic.

The Pegasus tower has a lot of tricky enemies, but it's a great place 
to get powerful monsters to join your party; the Boss Troll, Killer 
Machine 2, and if you're really lucky, the Hagure Metal can all join 
your party here.  This is also an excellent place to build job levels; no  
matter how powerful your party gets in terms of levels, the monsters 
here will always be considered tough enough to advance you. Be 
careful of the Ankoku Madous (Black Magicians) since they can cast 
powerful spells and Zaoriku. As long as you're around level 35-36 
you should be in good shape.  Since you now have Ramias' sword, 
which when used in battle casts Bikilt, you can power up your 
fighters as much as you want without worrying about the magic.

Note from the third floor on the outside rim of the tower, there is an 
entrance to a secret room. Go as far to the right as you can, and you 
will see a small ledge going along the right edge of the tower. Follow 
this ledge to the end and walk into the left wall. You'll then enter a 
secret room with 3 treasure boxes.

When you reach the top of the tower, you will find Pegasus...but it's 
turned to stone! However, Falshion will start to have the same 
reaction that the hero and Hassan did when they found their real 
world counterparts.  However, just as the two are about to fuse, 3 
monsters appear and stop the reaction and attack!

Holo-Ghost: HP 280
Devil Papiyon: HP 310
Lamp no Maou: HP 870

The first thing you're going to want to do in this fight is get rid of the 
Holo-Ghost ASAP. Use Odorifuuji on him for sure to keep him from 
using his Shi no Odori, which can very will kill your entire party in 1 
hit. Also, the Holo-Ghost can use the technique which prevents you 
from casting magic, so you'll want to kill him before he can pull it off. 
The Devil Papiyon does a fair amount of damage and can poison your 
characters with Moudoku, but is probably the least dangerous enemy 
you face. The Lamp no Maou is the strongest and the toughest to kill, 
it does lots of damage, can cast Bagicross and heal all of the enemies 
with Behomara.  If you kill the Holo-Ghost before it pulls off the "no-
magic" trick, use Merazoma and Dein spells to attack the Lamp no 
Maou.  Magic Barrier, Bikilt, and healing spells will also come in 
handy. If the Holo-Ghost seals your magic, cross your fingers. Use 
Ramias' sword to provide your Bikilts, the Superstar's Hustle Dance to 
heal you, and you might want a Sekaiju no Ha handy in case anyone 
gets killed.  The key in this fight is to keep your magic; without it it's 
tough, but with it it's no problem.

With Deathtamoor's flunkies dead, Falshion will fuse with the 
Pegasus and take off. After a brief flight, he will return, and you will 
get the Tenma no Datsuna (Reins of the Heavenly Horse) Try using 
them now, and the horse will take off. You can use this item as much 
as you like, and now you can go anywhere you want.  For now, you 
should go to the shrine that you first went to to get to Zenis' castle, 
and plug in the right symbols on the floor again. You will create an 
energy field that you can use any time to teleport to Zenis' castle.

Return to Zenis, and he will thank you for freeing Pegasus. He asks 
you how it feels to fly.  If you say "no," he tells you to use the 
Datsuna.  He'll then say that with the Pegasus alone, you can't make 
it to the Hazama no Sekai.  Then, as promised, he'll cast a spell, and 
give the Pegasus its full powers again. He then tells you to press the 
Blue button (This is the X button) whenever you're flying with the 
horse to travel to the Hazama no Sekai. He tells you that you should 
not hurry there. Since it's Deathtamoor's dimension, there's no telling 
what would happen to you there, or if you could get back somehow 

When you're ready, go to the Hazama no Sekai.  You should prepare 
before going there, because it's not exactly easy to survive there, as 
you'll soon see. Make sure you're prepared, and then press X while 
flying on Falshion to go to the Hazama no Sekai.

Chapter 32: The Dimension of Darkness

Once in the Hazama no Sekai, you will notice very quickly that there 
has been a serious change to your party; everybody's max HP has 
been reduced to 1, and their max MP has been reduced to 0!  
Basically, if you get fought, run away, or you're dead.  Also, the 
Pegasus' powers have been sealed here, and you can't use your Magic 
Carpet either!  Fortunately, there's a town nearby. You should go 

Items in Zetsubou no Machi (Town of Despair):
Inochi no Kinomi, Kimera no Tsubasa, Mamori no Tane
Chiisa na Medal x 2: 1 in a pot in the inn, and one under the middle 
cross in the north of the town.

What's going on in Zetsubou no Machi:
This is a depressing place. Everybody who is here got sucked into 
this world by Deathtamoor, who gets his kicks off watching people 
fall into despair. Nobody here has a shred of hope left, some people 
don't even have the energy to move or talk.  Those who were stronge 
before got their energy sucked away by the same force that took 
your strength.

A priest here will learn that you came here of your own will, and 
then realized that if you figured a way to get here on your own, that 
there's some hope left that there might be a way to reverse the 
process. But he says the townspeople aren't likely to cheer up enough 
to help.

There's a monster upstairs in one of the houses who asks if you dare 
to defy Deathtamoor. If you say yes he'll attack you. Although he's 
not too tough, due to your party's weakened state, it would be best if 
you say no for the time being.

Downstairs in the basement of one of the buildings, there is an old 
man mumbling about how he'll never make armor again.  When you 
tell him that you came here to defeat Deathtamoor, and that you 
came here through your own will.  He'll start to get excited, but will 
be suspicious and think that you're just a trick from Deathtamoor 
who is trying to get his hopes up. Then he'll ask you to prove 
yourselves.  He'll identify himself as Clarck Ende, the armorer who 
disappeared from Zaxon village!  He asks you to give an item to his 
wife to let her know he's OK, and gives you the Furbita Pipe. (Aged 
Pipe)  Then asks you to bring him his tools which are left in his 
house. He says if you do so, he'll believe you.

Now you have to find a way out of this dimension. Someone in the 
town suggests you go to the western hot springs if you want to feel 
better, and the next town is very far away, so the springs should be 
your next destination.

What's going on in the Hell Herb Onsen (Hell Herb Springs):
All the people sucked in the Hazama no Sekai go here when they 
want to feel better.  The sense of hopelessness in the Zetsubou no 
Machi is much less strong here, but is still present. Nobody here 
gives you any particularly useful information.

Items in the Hell Herb Springs:
Tada No Nuno Kire, Kimera no Tsubasa
1 Chiisa na Medal: On top of the skeleton in the secret room

This place is small, but the way back to the real world is here. When 
you enter the springs, it may seem like a pointless place, but the big 
stone block smack in the middle of the springs is actually a cave. On 
the right face of the cave is the entrance. Enter there, and you will 
find the way back to the real world. Unfortunately, once back in the 
real world, your maximum HP and MP will still be left at 1 and 0. Go 
to Zaxon village like Ende asked you.

Once in Zaxon Village, use the pipe Ende gave you in front of his dog. 
The dog will recognize his master's pipe and grab it in his teeth and 
bring it inside. Then he'll take you with him.

Ende's wife ask you how you got the pipe. She'll ask you if Ende is 
still alive. If you say no she will say she doesn't believe you. :) She 
then goes and gets you Ende's tools.  With the tools, go back to 
Zetsubou no Machi and talk to Ende.

Ende will ask you if you brought his tools. Say yes, and you'll give 
them to him.  Upon seeing his tools, he will realize you made it back 
to Zaxon and will apologize for mistrusting you. Then he'll ask you if 
his wife was alive. If you say yes, he will be relieved. If you say no, 
then he'll laugh at you and say that only his wife knew where his 
tools were so she has to be alive. :)  Then he'll tell you that he'll make 
a piece of armor for you. You get 4 choices:

Kabuto (Helmet)
Yoroi (Armor)
Tate (Shield)
Atode (I'll decide later)

These are the specs on each of his pieces of armor:

Ende no Kabuto (Ende's helmet)
Defense +55  Kakkoyosa +15
Also has the power to reduce damage from spells.

Ende no Yoroi (Ende's Armor)
Defense +90  Kakkoyosa +17
Also has the power to reduce damage from ice breath.

Ende no Tate (Ende's Shield)
Defense +60  Kakkoyosa +8
Also has the power to reduce damage from fire breath.

The Ende equipment is some of the most powerful form of armor in 
the game.  This is a tough decision, but I would reccommend going 
for the helmet. There's a shield you can buy that has the same effect 
as Ende's shield but is only 5 defense points weaker. The Gigant 
Armor is more powerful than Ende's armor yet protects against ice 
and fire. (However, fewer people can use it.) Choose whichever you 
like best, they're all good pieces of equipment.

Once you decide which piece of equipment you want, Ende will start 
to work on it, you will take a rest and when you wake up, you will 
have the equipment. More importantly, your HP and MP will go back 
to their normal levels when you leave the room!

Ende has told everybody about how you made it out of this world. 
Knowing that they can now leave Deathtamoor's world whenever 
they want, everyone feels a lot better and rename the town "Kibou 
no Machi" (Town of Hope.) You can also buy some great weapons and 
armor here. Get the Taiyou no Ougi for Mireyu, it's the most powerful 
weapon she can use next to the Metal King Sword.  You should also 
get one for Hoimin, if you have enough money (and you have 
Hoimin.)  Anyhow, with your HP and MP back to normal, your next 
destination should be the Yokubou no Machi, (Town of Greed) to the 
northeast of the Kibou no Machi.

Chapter 33: The Treasure of Masarl

Yokubou no Machi (Town of Greed) is located northeast of Kibou no 
Machi. With your HP totals back to normal, you should make it easily.

What's going on in the Town of Greed:
This town lives up to its namesake. Everybody here is looking to 
make a fast buck. There is talk about the Dai-Kenja (Great Kenja) 
Masarl from this town that was abducted by Deathtamoor, but left a 
great treasure behind, and a lot of people are after it.  There is also 
talk of people who defy Deathtamoor being brought to a "Rougoku no 
Machi." (Prison town) The mayor of the town Morgan is especially 
nasty, and is willing to take advantage of anyone and everyone.  
Supposedly he sells people to the Rougoku no Machi as slaves in 
return for information and money.

Items in Yokubou no Machi:
600G, Inochi no Kinomi, Utsukushisou, Megante no Udewa (Megante 
1 Chiisa na Medal: In the garden next to the house right under the 
There are 2 treasure boxes in this town that are Mimics.

There are plenty of people here who will try to rip you off. These are 
the ripoffs you should not waste your money on:

The kid who wants to charge you 50G to walk on his mat

The guy who wants to sell you Yakusou for 80G.

The guy who claims that to be running an "establishment with lots of 
cute girls." ;) Only male characters can enter.  He will charge you 
200G to enter, but the only thing in there is a man who will hit on 
you, an old lady, and a bartender. In addition, when you try to leave, 
he will force 1200G out of you. If you don't have it he'll get pissed 
and kick you out. :)

There are some really powerful weapons and armor here, but they 
will cost you a fortune. There is also a casino here too. It is very hard 
to win, but the stakes are really high, and you can win a lot. If you 
get the jackpot in the slots, you'll win a whopping 75,000 coins! You 
can also buy some really powerful stuff here, including the Medal 
King no yoroi, (Metal King Armor) the strongest armor in the game, 
and the Hakai no Tekkyuu, (Iron ball of Destruction) which attacks 
all enemies for massive damage.

There is a mine here. Once you're done in the town, you should enter 
the mine. Be warned, however, that the monsters in here are tough. 
The Jigoku no Honou (Hellfires) can breathe Hageshii Honou, which 
can do nasty damage. The Megaborgs, despite their suicidal 
tendancies, can dish out serious damage too. The monsters down here 
seem to be weak to confuse spells, so Medapani Dance will be a 
useful technique here.

Items in the mine:
Chikara no tane.
1 of the treasure boxes here is a Mimic.

There are two people here. One is at the grave of his father. He says 
his father was a fool; in an attempt to find the treasure Masarl left, 
he went into the mine, and got crushed under a rock, joining the 
numbers of those who died searching for the treasure.  The other is a 
priest who remarks about how many people have died searching for 
the treasure and wishes there was a way to free Masarl.

The important item here is at the bottom of the cave-it is a note from 
Morgan. It says that he has information about where Masarl hid the 
treasure, and anyone who wants to know should go to him.

Before you go to Morgan, save your game. When you go to him, he 
will tell you--but he'll charge you 5000G first!  Pay the gold, and he'll 
tell you that northwest of the village, there is a forest with a hidden 
lake in the middle, and the Kenja's treasure is sunken at the bottom 
of the lake. Now that you know where it is, reset your game and just 
go there. :)

When you go to the lake, there are a lot of people there, but they 
can't get to the bottom of the lake. Talk to the guy on the left, and he 
gets mad that nobody can get down there. Then he asks you 
"Wouldn't you sell your soul to a demon to get that treasure?" As 
inappropriate as it may seem, say yes. Suddenly the place gets dark 
and the water drains out of the lake!  Everybody goes rushing to get 
the treasure and starts to attack one another. There are two ways to 
go here; left and right. If you go to the right you can go straight to 
the treasure while everyone is battling it out.  If you go to the left 
the people will die off one by one, killed by other people who want 
the treasure.  When you reach the bottom, two monsters will appear 
and tell you if you don't hurry someone else will get the treasure. All 
of the others die off except for one guy, Debitt. When you talk to him, 
he will attack you.

How to beat Debitt:
You shouldn't be fighting this guy!

If you do go the wrong way, you will be sent back in time to before 
the chaos starts. Don't though; go right and get the treasure.

When you open the box, everyone will notice that....the box is empty! 
Everyone gathers around the box, and realizes that they've been too 
greedy, willing to kill each other over an empty box. They realize 
that this was all a scheme by Masarl to make the people of the town 
realize what they were doing. They decide to go back to the town and 
tell everybody.  Search the box more closely; you will find a secret 
staircase under it.  Go into the staircase into an underground passage, 
but first go back to the Yokubou no Machi; the man who had the 
Dragon Robe there will now give it to you.

Items in the underground passage:

Outside of the passage, you will come upon a well.
Items in the well:
There is an old man who will heal your party there, and a priest who 
can save your game. Stop here and recharge before heading to your 
next destination, the Rougoku no Machi.

Chapter 34: Deathtamoor's Prison

The Rougoku no Machi (Prison Town) is located to the east of the 
well. Go there, and you will find a guard at the front of the town. The 
guard will wonder how you got here, and then assume that you want 
to get into the prison. He says he'll send you to Hell, and then attacks.

How to beat the Nageki no Kyojin (Giant of Sorrow)

Nageki no Kyojin: HP 2500
This guy is *tough.* If you're going to cast any power-up spells like 
Skult or Bikilt, do it ASAP, because he uses a black mist that will 
surround everyone and make it so you can't cast spells. Use the 
Kiaitame-Seikenzuki trick on him because it works well. Bring a 
Superstar and use Hustle Dance. If you have a powerful enough 
Yuusha, Gigas Slash works great on the Kyojin, and will work even 
when your magic is sealed. Also, the Paladin technique Grand Cross is 
also usuable when in the black mist, and it is equally effective. Keep 
your HP as high as possible, since the Kyojin has a tendency to make 
critical hits often.

Once you beat the Kyojin, you will find a Chiisa na Medal after the 
fight, says that you might be the one his younger brother is waiting 
for, and lets you pass. Go and talk his younger brother, guarding the 
gate.  The younger brother is stunned that you beat his older 
brother, and asks what on earth you are, and wonders if the 
prediction the Daikenja made that someone who can oppose the 
Daimaou would appear has come true.  A voice calls to the guardian 
of the gate, and asks him to open the gate, saying that you are the 
ones who will stand up to the Daimaou, and that you will "bring light 
to the people." 

After hearing the voice, the giant tells you that he and his brother 
are the only two remaining members of a race of giants that the 
Daimou wiped out, and they are forced to work under him.  He says 
he has been waiting more than a hundred years for somebody who 
could beat the Daimaou to appear, and allows you to enter.  He tells 
you that the head of the dungeon, Maou Akbar, is very strong, and 
that you should first go see how things are among the prisoners. He 
then gives you the Rougoku no Kagi. (Key to the prison)  Then he tells 
you that that the Daikenja knows how to get close to Deathtamoor's 
castle.  He then asks you to defeat Akbar and free the Daikenja.

When you enter, the two guards inside will think you are new 
prisoners, but are confused since they were not notified that any 
new prisoners were coming.  The guard leader takes you to the 
prison, after waking up the two guards in charge of watching the 
prisoners. :)

Items in the Rougoku no Machi:
Subayasa no Tane, Kusarigama, Inochi no Kinomi, Fushigi na Kinomi,
Chiisa na Medal X 3, 4800G, Hametsu no Tate (Sheild of Ruin)
1 in a pot by the electrified gate
1 in a barrel by the bar in the town
1 in a treasure box surrounded by lava

With the Prison Key, it is very easy to get out of your cell. However, 
if you try to escape, you will get caught and thrown in the cell again. 
Walk over the lava (the spell Toheros will come in handy here) and 
go down the stairs.  There's a guard down there, who is surprised to 
see you, but then recognizes you!  He identifies himself as Soldi, the 
captain of the guard of Reidock from the Dream World!  He then says 
that the day you defeated Mudo (in the Dream World) he was on his 
way back to the castle when all of a suddenly he was in 
Deathtamoor's world.  (Remember how after you turned Mudo back 
into the king, the soldier escort for the king never made it back?)  He 
says that when looking for the exit to the dungeon, he learned of the 
Daikenja, who is behind the gate glowing with electricity. However, in 
order to get that gate open, Akbar has to die first.  Soldi says he's not 
tough enough, but since you beat Mudo, you might be. He then gives 
you 4 guard uniforms.

Change into the uniforms and you can get past the guard. Go into the 
other cells and talk to the people there and they will tell you 
different things depending on whether or not you're wearing the 
uniforms. The nun tells you that you should leave before you get 
caught, and the man in the helmet asks you to rescue Sister Anna. 
(the nun.) When you leave, the guard will tell you to shut the door if 
you're finished. If you use the Rougoku no Kagi while standing in the 
doorway, you can relock the doors, but I've found no practical 
application for doing so.

Once you get out of the solitary confinement area, you will find the 
main "town."  The people here will say very different things 
depending on whether or not you're wearing the uniforms. If you're 
wearing the uniforms, most will be afraid to voice their opinions for 
fear of what will happen to them, but a few will badmouth you.  
When you are in your normal clothes they will give you info. 
Basically, this place is in a pretty bad way.  It's really a prison rather 
than a town, and people aren't given good food, aren't allowed to 
sleep for long, and are being bullied by the guards. Also, they were 
researching seeds to increase strength, but their research was halted 
by Akbar.  You'll also learn about Sister Anna; she has a remarkable 
ability to calm everybody here down despite the fact they are 
essentially living in a concentration camp.  But because of her ability 
to make everyone feel better, she was imprisoned in solitary 

You can't get out of the town in your regular clothes, but in your 
uniforms you are free to wander the castle.  You can also leave the 
town entirely if you wish.  From the other guards, you can learn that 
Sister Anna is going to be forced to marry Akbar, and his magic will 
be able to put a demon's spirit in her and corrupt her heart to evil.  
You will see a guard rying to learn of the whereabouts of the group 
of people rumored to be strong enough to defeat Deathtamoor. (i.e. 
you) You also will see Akbar's head magician Dogma, who is just 
making evil speeches in general. :) You will also learn that soldiers 
anybody else who pisses off Akbar gets decapitated by guillotine in 
front of all the prisoners. (nice. ^_^) You can't get to Akbar because 
the captain of the guard is blocking the way.

After learning of Anna's "betrothal" to Akbar, go and talk to Rui, the 
head of the bar in the town, in your regular clothes. Tell Rui, and she 
will be shocked, then ask if you intend to defeat Akbar. Before you 
can answer, she will say that she can tell you are. She'll reveal 
herself as part of the "resistance," and will tell you to talk to the 
owner of the item store. When you tell him you want to defeat 
Akbar, he'll ask you to come behind the counter to talk to him, and to 
talk to Gon, who's guarding the entrance. Gon will ask if there's 
anything you want. Say yes and you'll tell him about Akbar's 
intentions for Anna.  He'll say that it's a worthless effort to try to 
defeat Akbar, but thanks you for the info, and says he'll let you 
drink some wine in exchange, and let you past.  From behind the 
counter, the owner of the item store will tell you the same thing, and 
give you some wine. He tells you to avoid the wine in the right 
barrel, as it's "special."  

As you leave, three soldiers will enter, and say it's time for 
punishment of one of the people in solitary.  Two soldiers bring out 
the man in the helmet from the prison, and his younger brother 
freaks as he is escorted out. The older brother says he's done for, and 
tells his younger brother to live long, and gets escorted away by the 
guards. Don will take you to the center square, where the man is 
about to be decapitated.  The soldier says "This is what will happen 
to you if you oppose us" and orders the blade to be dropped. Gon 
tries to stop them, but realizes if he says anything the same will 
happen to him. Gon will say "Isn't there anyone to save him?" No 
matter what you say, the result will be the same: the soldiers will 
note your presence, say "If you want to save him, you'll have to beat 
us first!

Fight: 2 Rougokuhei (Prison Guards) 1500 HP each.

If you beat the Nageki no Kyojin, these guys should be no problem. 
They seem pretty strong to most magic, but all they can do is attack, 
so it's easy to plan your attacks accordingly. Even cheesy techniques 
like Otakebi will work on these guys, so just keep an eye on your HP 
and fight them like you would a normal fight.  Butouka, Battlemaster, 
and other physical techniques overall work pretty well on these two. 
You shouldn't lose any sleep over these guys.

Once you beat the guards, three more come to attack you, and the 
captain of the guard, Zozogel, comes to see what the heck is going on.  
The soldiers say that you are defying the execution, and the captain 
of the guard notes that it took guts to do that, but it will do you no 
good. He talks to Dogma, says "Let's do it," and attacks.

Fight: Zozogel and Dogma:
Zozogel: HP 3500
Dogma: HP 7000

This fight is basically impossible. After a few rounds, Dogma will use 
a technique that paralyzes your entire party, and it will always work 
on everybody. I've read on some of the newsgroups in Japan about 
some insane people building their levels to 80-90, getting 3 Hagure 
Metals, dishing out multiple Madantes to Dogma and managing to kill 
him, but I'm not going to waste my time trying to do that just to see 
what happens if you beat him. :)

After getting defeated, you will be thrown in jail, given a death 
sentence--and your key and soldier clothes will be taken from you!  
One guard is left to guard you, and the other two go to get drunk. You 
get a message saying how you were tired from the fight and rest a 

When you wake up, the guard guarding you is asleep. Another comes 
and tries to wake him up.  The guard comes by, saying "what is going 
on with everybody being asleep--even the captain?"  Suddenly, three 
of the townspeople come running up to the guard!  The guard 
realizes that they put something in the wine, and the three attack 
and kill him.  Gon will come in and open the door, and tell you that 
since your brave act yesterday, everybody else has gotten a little bit 
of guts and started the jailbreak plan.  But nobody is tough enough to 
take on Akbar, so that job is going to you. They go upstairs and wait 
for you.

Upstairs, everybody is waiting to take on the guards in the upper 
regions of the castle. The guy you saved from the guillotine 
yesterday and the farmer Tonnura are heading the resistance 
movement.   They say they wanted to start this earlier, but there 
was nobody tough enough to beat Akbar before.  Talk to the leader, 
and he'll give you the basic plan: they put most of the soldiers to 
sleep by drugging the wine, and now everyone is going to go and 
clean up the remaining soldiers. In that time, you have to go defeat 
Akbar. He'll ask if you're ready. When you say yes, he will give you 4 
Chikara no Tanes and the Rougoku no Kagi. Then everybody rushes 
out to attack!

When you go upstairs the resistance force is battling it out with the 
remaining soldiers. Dogma is out like a light so he's no problem. If 
you talk to Zozogel on your way up, he will wake up and attack you. 
It's not neccessary to do so, though; you can just go straight through. 
However, if you do choose to fight

Zozogel: 3500 HP
Zozogel uses no magical attacks but his physical techniques are very 
strong. He can use special strikes like Metalgiri or Dragongiri. For this 
reason, don't bring Drango or any Hagure Metals you may have into 
this fight or he will massacre them.  He also will use techniques 
which attack the entire party, so spells like Behomara or Behomazun, 
Hustle Dance, and using a Kenja no Ishi are good tricks to bring into 
the battle. Try and conserve your MP since you'll want it for the 
upcoming fight.

When you enter, the ceremony of putting a demon into Sister Anna is 
about to start.  The two monsters with Akbar tell him that they will 
kill you for him, but he chuckles and says he will fight too.  Akbar is 
surprised that the people he was searching for came here of their 
own will, but says he'll disprove the prediction that you would kill 

How to beat Maou Akbar

Akbar: 3300
2 Guardians: 420 HP each

Akbar is a huge pain in the ass.  Surprisingly enough, Mahoton works 
on him, so use it as soon as the battle starts. Otherwise, he'll cast 
Rukanan on your party and revive the Guardians with Zaoriku. Also, 
since he breathes Hageshii Honou, you should cast Fubaha on your 
party with any Kenjas you may have.  You should *definitely* have 
someone heal the party the entire round as he can also create 
earthquakes, which there is no way to reduce the damage from.  In 
this fight, you will want to kill the Guardians first; since Akbar can't 
summon more, once they are out of your hair it becomes much 
easier. If worst comes to worst, if you have a Yuusha with Meisou 
(you should by now) you can use that technique to your advantage. 
It's really slow, but what you do is attack or use something like 
Seikenzuki every other round, and use Meisou every other round. 
Meisou will heal you to max at this point in the game, and doesn't 
take any MP. Akbar usually won't deal out enough damage to kill 
you outright in one round, so you should be OK. Unfortunately, this 
plan only heals the Yuusha, so the other characters will probably end 
up dead. Use this only as a last resort.

Once you kill Akbar, he will be shocked that the prophecy was true,  
says "those two must not meet," and dies.  At this point, Tonnura, 
Gon, and the item store owner come in and congratulate you on 
killing Akbar. They say the moment Akbar died, the soldiers they 
were fighting just vanished.  Then they take Sister Anna to a bed. 
Soldi comes running in; he wanted to help you fight Akbar but was 
too late. Tonnura says it's OK, that he did enough, and everyone is 
free now.  Now that Akbar is dead, the seal on the door to the 
Daikenja's room should be broken. You should go there now.

Chapter 35: Masarl's Brother

Soldi will be waiting for you in the dungeon.  He asks you to open the 
door. When you do, Soldi will go running in, and will ask you to 
unlock the manacles that Masarl is bound in. Use the Rougoku no 
Kagi to unlock them. Masarl will fall to the ground, but manages to 
stand up.  With all the years he's been in the dungeon, his eyes have 
gone blind, bu the can still hear.  However, he will reveal himself to 
not be Masarl, but Krimut, Masarl's younger brother!  Krimut says 
that Masarl is being held in Deathtamoor's castle.  He feels a strong 
power from you and realizes that you are the ones that the Daimaou 
was afraid of.  He says that Masarl is waiting for you, and although 
he isn't as powerful as his brother, he can help you find the way 
there.  He casts a spell, and creates an ball of light.   Krimut says that 
is the "Shinjitsu no Orb" (Orb of Truth) and you can see the true form 
of the world with it standing on the cape in front of the Sea of 
Nothingness to the north.  Then he falls asleep with exhaustion.  Talk 
to Soldi, and he will tell you that from the time he first met you he 
felt a strong power from you, but talk comes later since Krimut will 
wake up and he has a job to do. He leaves.

You see a sequence saying that the freed people celebrated all night 
long.  However, that night, a voice sounds...
"If I let them play, they start to get overconfident...pathetic humans, 
remember my power!"

Through Deathtamoor's power, everyone is either turned to stones, or 
turned into dogs or cats. You are OK, and so is Krimut since he was 
able to shield himself, but everybody else is not.  Krimut will ask you 
if everyone is OK, but even if you say yes he will know what 
happened.  As you leave, he tells you to use the Shinjitsu no Orb on 
the cape of the Sea of Nothingness. You should do so; go as far as you 
can north on the cape to the NW of the Rougoku no Machi. Use the 
orb there and you will be teleported to an island with a very large 
mountain on it. In front of the mountain will be a small house. Go 
there. This is the Nageki no Rougoku (Dugeon of sorrow.)

Nobody has been in the Nageki no Rougoku for a long time. There's a 
corpse of a monster on the top floor that is long dead and is rotted 
almost completely away. Proceed further and you will find a man 
chained to the wall.  The man can't respond, but he's not dead. Your 
other characters will note that he looks like Krimut.  As soon as you 
talk to him, you will be enveloped into his mind.

The man is being confronted by two monsters, who are demanding 
that he pledge his loyalty to them, and they want him to give his 
power to the Daimaou. The monsters will identify the man as the 
Daikenja Masarl!  Masarl refuses to help them, but the monsters say 
that since they are in his mind, they can continue to make him 
weaker until he gives out.  They show him a scene of Krimut being 
brought to the guillotine, and they say that if he doesn't give his 
powers to the Daimaou, they will execute him.  Masarl still refuses to 
help, so he has to watch as Krimut is beheaded.  The monsters don't 
care, they'll just show the scene to him again and again until he gives 
out.  Then you will be teleported out of his mind.  Return to the 
Rougoku no Machi and talk to Krimut.

Krimut will ask you if there's something wrong. Say yes.  Upon 
hearing your story, Krimut will ask you to take him to his brother, 
and say not to worry about him since he healed himself.  With 
Krimut in your party, return to Masarl.  When you get there, Krimut 
will note that the Daimaou has sealed away Masarl's consciousness.  
Masarl's spirit is not in his body, but Krimut says he might have the 
power to bring it back.  Krimut talks to Masarl and casts a spell.  You 
and Krimut both teleport into Masarl's mind again.

The monsters are still trying to get Masarl to go along with them, and 
Masarl is getting weaker.  They show Krimut being executed again, 
but this time Masarl stops them and agrees to pledge allegience to 
the demons.  But Krimut calls out and says that they're just trying to 
trick him, and that he's OK.  Masarl is glad to see that Krimut is OK, 
and there is a quick reunion which is quickly halted by the two 
monsters. Neither of them know how you managed to get into 
Masarl's mind.  Masarl asks who you are, nad Krimut identifies you 
as the people who are working against the Daimaou.  Masarl and 
Krimut start to leave, but the monsters get really mad, and consider 
killing Masarl and Krimut, but eventually decide against it since they 
wouldn't be able to use their power.  While they are trying to decide, 
Masarl and Krimut start to work together to teleport you all out. 
You're about to get out, but the monsters stop you, and decide to kill 
you instead.

How to beat Shoukaku and Zuikaku

Zuikaku: 2500 HP
Shoukaku: 4000 HP

Shoukaku and Zuikaku both go heavy on physical attacks, so you 
should use spells like Skult and Skara to raise your defense level. 
While Shoukaku has lots of HP, you can reduce his defense power 
with Rukani, plus he does tons of damage, so I usually go after him 
first. Although Zuikaku has fewer HP than Shoukaku, he usually will 
take longer to kill since he uses technqiues like Meisou and has a 
high defense power, so save him for later. Often he doesn't attack in 
his turn, so he won't pose as much as a problem. If you try bothering 
with him while Shoukaku is still around, you will have a hard time 
trying to keep both off your back, so finish off Shoukaku first.  
Zuikaku can use Ganseki Otoshi, which does heavy damage to all your 
party, so you should have somebody that can use Hustle Dance, or 
someone who can cast Behomara and/or Behomazun.  Both are really 
strong to magical attacks, so concentrate on physical attacks. 
Seikenzuki can connect so use it a lot. Senshi, Butouka, and 
Battlemaster all come in handy for this fight. 

When you beat the two, you will get a Chiisa na medal from them, 
and Masarl will come to.  Masarl breaks his chains, and the two of 
them thank you for your help.  Masarl says that only because of you 
could the two of them meet.  Together, they have a strong power, a 
power that "can supercede the air."  They can create a "traveller's 
door," a portal between dimensions, and create pathways normally 
impassable areas. That is the power that the Daimaou wanted and 
thus captured them.  They say they will show you their powers, and 
cast a spell which has a double effect; one, it destroys the mountain 
Deathtamoor's castle is on, bringing it down to an accessable level, 
and two, creating a portal to the real world in the floor.  They note 
that their power wasn't enough to damage the castle, but now you 
can make it.  Now that Deathtamoor's castle is accessable, when you 
think you're ready for the final battle, make sure you have all the 
necessary preparations and go in!

Chapter 36: The Final Battle

Deathtamoor's castle is longer than any other dungeon that you'll 
have been in so far, and the monsters are tougher than anywhere 
you've been before. I reccommend that you don't even set foot in the 
last dungeon until you're level 40, and I wouldn't dream of trying to 
take on the last boss until you're in your low-mid 40's, and have at 
least each of the following classes maxed somewhere in your party: 
Yuusha, Kenja, Battlemaster, and Superstar. A maxed Paladin or 
Mahousenshi will also be great assets here. If by chance you have a 
maxed Dragon, you're set! ;) But that will probably be unlikely at this 
stage of the game unless you've been building job levels a lot.

Items in Deathtamoor's castle:
Demon Spear, Ougon no Tiara, (Golden Tiara) Dragon no Satori, 
(Knowledge/Elightenment of the Dragon) Princess Robe.
2 Chiisa na Medals: In a treasure box in the swampy basement, and 
in a treasure box in the misty room.
2 Treasure boxes are Mimics.

Before you try to take on Deathtamoor, it's generally a good idea to 
clear out all of the items in the castle, leave, save your game, and 
then go for a final run to the boss, using as little MP as possible so 
that you'll have lots for the fight. After getting the items out of here 
you will also probably be able to get all the items in the Kakkoyosa 
contest fairly easily. In addition, you'll want to go back to Darma 
Shinden and give everyone the best hybrid job they've already 
maxed. This will make it much easier to beat Deathtamoor. If you 
need to build up experience levels, the area right in front of 
Deathtamoor's castle is the best place in the game to do it. There you 
can fight lots of Metal Kings, who give your party 30010 XP each! Use 
Majingiri on them, it will kill them in 1 hit. 

On the second floor of the castle is a room with arrows on the floor 
like the test you underwent in the tower to become a soldier way 
back in the beginning of the game. The arrow puzzles here are 
slightly easier here than they were before though. Just try to see a 
way that will get you as close to the switches as possible; if you step 
on the switches the arrow-floors will revert to normal floors. Later 
on in the room are arrow-floors that will drop you into a pit if you 
step on them wrong. It's actually a good idea to go into the basement 
first though, since there is a Chiisa na medal down there that you 
might want to pick up. The correct pathway you'll want to walk on is 
on the lower-left in case you get really stuck. (not likely) Note that 
halfway through this room is a staircase to a room upstairs with a 
healing spring. You'll want to stop here before going on, this is the 
last spring like it in this dungeon. To go there you'll have to 
deactivate the moving floor though, and if you want to proceed 
afterward, you'll have to reactivate the floor using the switch. Don't 
forget to pick up the Demon Spear in this room; it can kill enemies 
instantly like the Dokubari.

The next room is a room with lots of springboards. If you step on the 
wrong springboard, you will be vaulted into a pit and have to start 
all over again. Each springboard will vault you 5 character-lengths to 
the left/right, depending on which way it is facing, so you can judge 
whether or not the board you're going to step on is going to kick you 
into a pit.  Halfway through the room you will find a staircase down. 
Inside the small room there, you will find a switch. Step on the 
switch, and the small room you are in will be levitated up a floor. Be 
sure to pick up the Ougon no Tiara before you leave this room.

The next puzzle room has many doors in it, all but one of which will 
bring you back to the same room. It's not too hard to find, but the 
right door is the northernmost one in case you're in a hurry.  The 
Dragon no Satori is located here. This item will let you change jobs to 
that of the Dragon, so be sure to pick it up! 

The next room is really tricky. It's like a maze, except you can't see 
the walls at all except when lightning strikes occasionally. It's really 
easy to get caught in an eternal loop here, so here's a map of the 

   |   |       |   | *                   |
   |       |   |   |------------------   |
   |   ____|   |                         |
   |   |   |       ----------------------|
___|   |   |_______|                     |___
|      |           |   --------------        |
|   ___|___    |   |_____________    |___    |
|              |         |       |   |       |
|---   --------|------   |---    |   |       |
   |   |       |             |       |   ----|
   |   |   |   |      *      |   |   |   |
   |   |   |   |   *     *   |   |   |   |
   |       |   |             |   |       |
   |-------|   |-------------|   |-------|
           |                     |
           |                     |

(Forgive the cheesy ASCII Art) The "D" indicates a door, the bottom is 
the entrance, the top is the exit. The stars are the treasure chests. It's 
easy to get caught in the loop on the right, so you'll want to be going 
left. Be sure to pick up the chests, one of them is the Metal King no 
Ken, (Metal King Sword) which is the most powerful weapon in the 
game next to the Gringham Whip/Sword of Ramias lv 3, plus any 
character or monster in the game can use it!

After this, there's only one last empty room before Deathtamoor! If 
you're going to go back and save your game, get items from the Slime 
Arena or Best Dresser Contest, or change your jobs, do it now!

Once you fall into Deathtamoor's room, nothing will attack you, so 
make a character with the Shiawase no Boushi heal everybody, walk 
around, regenerate his/her MP, and then talk to the old man.

The old man says that you have probably overestimated yourselves 
since he let you "play around" for so long. He says that he's going to 
kill you himself, and congratulates you for making it this far. He then 
identifies himself as Deathtamoor himself! Then he attacks.

How to beat Deathtamoor
Deathtamoor: HP 2000

Deathtamoor uses lots of powerful attacks. The sphere to his left uses 
a powerful Ice-breath type attack, and the sphere to his right uses a 
powerful fire-type attack. For this reason, you'll want to cast Fubarha 
on your party to reduce the damage. Deathtamoor can also use his 
spheres to attack you with a powerful physical attack, so casting 
Skult is also a good idea. He downplays on the magic attacks, casting 
only an occasional Ionazun, so don't worry too much about spells like 
Mahokanta or Magic Barrier. Try to do as much damage as possible a 
round, since he can use Meisou to revive 500 of his HP.  
Unfortunately, Deathtamoor is too fast to hit with Seikenzuki so using 
the Bikilt-Kiaitame-Seikenzuki technique won't work. Bikilt is a good 
idea on him since physical attacks tend to do more damage than 
magical ones. However, techniques like Gigas Slash and Grand Cross 
work really well on him. If you think you can risk a round without 
healing, casting Minadein will take about 1/3 of his HP. Using Hustle 
Dance, the Kenja no Ishi, or spells like Behomara and Behomazun are 
really good if you need healing. Throughout the last boss fight, if 
somebody gets hurt badly, switch them with somebody in the 
horsecart. Then, by using spells, skills or items that heal the entire 
party, you can heal those hurt characters that are now in the 
horsecart. Switch characters as much as you need to, doing so will 
help you a lot.

Once you kill Deathtamoor, he apologizes for appearing as an old 
man, and says he'll fight you for real. The two spheres that 
Deathtamoor was using merge together and the real Deathtamoor 
comes out!

How to kill Deathtamoor (stage 2)
Deathtamoor: HP 3000

In his second state, Deathtamoor is a lot tougher than he was before. 
Deathtamoor can use Shakunetsu, which does lots of damage, so use 
Fubarha, or Oikaze with any Rangers you might have.  He doesn't cast 
much magic, but his regular attacks do quite a lot of damage, so 
casting Skult and Skara is a good idea. Also, if he uses Bikilt on 
himself, have your Yuusha use Itetsukuhadou on him immediately to 
cancel it, otherwise things will get REALLY messy. Same thing goes if 
he casts Skara on himself. Gigas Slash and Minadein work really well 
on him. In this state, Deathtamoor can be hit with Seikenzuki so the 
Bikilt-Kiaitame-Seikenzuki trick works well. If you can summon 
Bazuu with a high-level Kenja, it will make it much easier. The best 
thing to keep in mind for this fight is to keep your physical defense 

Once you beat Deathtamoor's second stage, he laughs at you and says 
that it's time to stop playing around. and he transforms to his 
strongest state!

How to beat Deathtamoor (final State)
Deathtamoor: 2400 HP
Hidarite (Left Hand): 1700 HP
Migite (Right Hand): 1500 HP

Deathtamoor in this state is powerful in all aspects; he can use all the 
maximum-level attack magics, does heavy phyiscal damage, can 
breathe powerful fire or ice blasts, and can use Itetsukuhadou to 
cancel any magics you cast on yourself.  Therefore, you'll want to use 
all the different kinds of defense you've got; physical, magical, and 
breath weapon.  If Deathtamoor uses Itetsukuhadou, bring your 
defenses back up again.  The first thing you should do in this fight is 
bring in Barbara and cast Madante. Madante does triple damage on 
Deathtamoor so it will take a very large chunk out of his HP. Gigas 
Slash, Jigospark, and Grand Cross all also work very well on 
Deathtamoor. If you have Bazuu summoned, sometimes he will cast 
Jigospark too, which helps a lot.  Ganseki Otoshi will work on the 
hands, but not on the head, but is a good choice for a Battlemaster.  
The first target you should kill is the Left Hand. The left hand can 
cast Zaoriku, so any other parts you killed will be revived 
immediately upon its death. The right hand can cast Behomara to 
heal Deathtamoor, and if you kill the head first it will just revive the 
head with Zaoraru, so the right hand should be your next target. With 
the hands out of the way, go for the head and kill it off. The head can 
dodge Seikenzukis, but neither of the hands can, so the Bikilt-
Kiaitame-Seikenzuki technique works well on them.

Once you beat this final form, you've done it! Sit back and enjoy the 

Chapter 37: The Ending

While I couldn't do a raw translation for the rest of the game (way 
too long) I'll do just the ending here. For the main character's, I'll just 
use "Eiyu," (Japanese for "hero" ^_^) so just substitute whatever you 
named your hero for that.

Some basic untranslatable forms of address in Japanese you'll want 
to know for this:

"-san" Kind of the equivalent of "Mr./Mrs." A polite suffix used when 
calling people by their name.
"-sama" A very polite "-san." A very polite suffix used to those better 
than oneself.
"-dono" An old, formal, polite suffix, similar to "-san" and "-sama." 
Tough to explain what kinds of situations it would be used in.
"-niichan" Literally "Big brother." Said when talking to your big 
brother. ^_^
"-chan" An informal suffix used to indicate someone you know. 
Usually used only for girls.
"Aniki" Literally "older brother" but used in the sense of "boss," or 
some other type of superior.
Once you see *that marks people you don't have to talk to in the 
ending, but can.

The Ending:

Deathtamoor: Ugh...Wh, think that I could be defeated by 
these bugs...
Deathtamoor: My consciousness is fading...My, My falling 

Masarl: Eiyu! Eiyu! Can you hear me? It's me, Masarl!
Masarl: Get out of there quickly! I don't know why but this world is 
starting to fall apart!
Masarl: Huh....! C, could it be that you defeated Deathtamoor! I see, 
that must be it!
Masarl: OK, got it! We'll save the people who are trapped in this 
Msarl: We can't help you but you should be able to get out on your 
Masarl: Let's go Krimut!
Krimut: Yes big brother!

Zenis: Well done Eiyu! Deathtamoor's dimension of destruction has 
Zenis: The people trapped in that dimension were all saved by these 
Zenis: Now the world will truly be peaceful.
Zenis: This is all thanks to you. You all did really well.
Zenis: If it weren't for you, both the real world and the dream world 
would have fallen into the control of the Daimaou.
Zenis: As king I thank you on behalf of all the people in the Dream 
Zenis: Thank you Eiyu. And you others also did really well!
Zenis: Well then.... It looks like it's time to say goodbye.
Zenis: This is the Dream world, you should not exist here...
Zenis: The power of the Daimaou which was used to change the 
nature of this world in order to conquer it has started to fade.
Zenis: Thus you, as people from the real world, will no longer be able 
to see this world and the people in it.
Zenis: But don't worry. The world is simply returning to its true 
Zenis: You should go. Everyone is waiting for you to return.
Terry: Well then, I guess I'll go...
Terry: I'm not good at stuff like this. Sorry, but I'm going to go ahead 
to the horsecart.
Mireyu: Hey, wait! You don't have to hurry so much!
Mireyu: There's nothing you can do about him.
Mireyu: Sorry, Eiyu. I'll have to go back ahead to the horsecart too.
Mireyu: Feel free to take your time.
Mireyu: Well then, King Zenis...
Zenis: Yeah.

*Zenis: Come to think about it, if it wasn't for the Daimaou trying to 
take over the Dream World, I would never have met you.
Zenis: Fate is certainly a mysterious thing.
Zenis: This is the Dream world, you should not exist here...
Zenis: The power of the Daimaou which was used to change the 
nature of this world in order to conquer it has started to fade.
Zenis: Thus you, as people from the real world, will no longer be able 
to see this world and the people in it.
Zenis: But don't worry. The world is simply returning to its true 
Zenis: You should go. Everyone is waiting for you to return.
*Masarl: I had no idea this castle existed.
Masarl: To tell the truth this is really interesting. I need to speak to 
King Zenis a little longer.
*Krimut: We're going to stay here a little longer.
Krimut: You all really helped us out. On behalf of me and my brother, 
I really have to thank you. Thanks, Eiyu.
*Soldier: Thank you!
*Soldier: We will guard the people of the world in this castle. Please 
stay well...
*Girl: The Dream world is the phantom version of invisible 
world that exists in the hearts of people.
Girl: But if people don't stop believing in their dreams.....
Girl: Then they surely will be able to see the castle floating in the air.
*Dancer: A new future will be born from the egg...
*Dancer: You can hear the sound of life from within the egg...
*Dancer: Everyone's future shines within the egg...
*Man: We will continue to research so that the peace this world has 
attained does not fall into ruin again.
Man: Eiyu-san, please stay well...
*Old Man: Deathtamoor's magic power was supposed to be dreadful. 
But to think that humans could stand up to it!
Old Man: That that would be possibile wasn't written anywhere.
*Scholar: Eiyu-dono, you have my utmost respect.
Scholar: Please use that power you have to help everyone from now 
*Well Guard: Even though this world becomes only an illusion to you, 
we will still exist.
Well Guard: Please don't forget that.
*Girl: The world below....I wonder what kind of a place it is?
(Both yes and no): Oh, don't say anything! You don't need to answer.
Girl: Someday I'll see the world below with my own eyes! (chuckles)
*Boy: Eiyu-san, you're incredible! I'll continue to do by best raising 
the World Tree.
*Farmer: I'm taking care of this egg that the King left to me.
Farmer: Our future is said to be held within this egg...
Farmer: See, it'll be born any minute now.
*Nun: King Zenis is always watching over the world.
Nun: Please remember this castle and the Dream world, Eiyu-sama.
*Priest: How can I thank you, Eiyu-dono...
Priest: I hope that someday I can at least repay what you have done 
for us...please stay well.
*Doorguard: Thank you so much for everything! Please stay well.
*Man: Pegasus will take you to all your towns. Please stay well!
*Guard: You're going already, aren't you. We may never meet again, 
but please stay well.

Next stop: Reidock

Guard: Oh, It's Eiyu and Hassan!
Guard: The king is waiting for you. Please enter.

*(If you try to leave): Hey, where are you going?
*Guard: The world has become peaceful and Captain Soldi has 
returned! (starts to cry)
*Guard: Hey! Eiyu and Hassan!
Guard: I heard from Captain Soldi! You defeated the Daimaou! That's 
some accomplishment!
*Cook: is a job that really requires power...Oh, the lid of 
the pot is burned!
*Cook overseer: Hey hey, if you continue like that you won't make it 
in time for tonight's celebration!
*Old man who had the horsecart: Hey, it's you guys! To think that 
newbie soldiers like you would save the world.
Old man who had the horsecart: To know that I was the one that 
gave you that horsecart makes me proud.
*Girl: The monsters are gone! I'm so happy!
*Man: Did you hear? All the big holes that were in this world were all 
filled up.
Man: Land came up from the holes, but that kind of thing shouldn't 
*Scholar: So there really was a Daimaou stronger than Mudo. Hmm...
*Geban: Something big seems to be going on out there...but when are 
they going to let me out of here?
*Soldier: Reidock, Banzai! Captain Soldi, Banzai!
*Soldier: Have you seen Captain Soldi yet? I'm sure he'll be really 
glad to see you!
*Woman: Hey, it's you! Everyone's waiting for you upstairs.
Woman: But to think that you would defeat the Daimaou...I'm really 
*Prime Minister: Oh, Eiyu and Hassan! You have done magnificent 
Prime Minister: After you defeated Mudo I was worried about the 
King, but to think that he gave you your directions...
Prime minister: That's King Reidock for you! He's our king!
*Soldier: Your battle with Daimaou Deathtamoor will most likely go 
down in history.
Soldier: Damn! I wanted to gone too!
*Soldier: Hey, I heard Eiyu! The king was telling you to defeat the 
Daimaou from the start!
*Soldier: This is the first time I've been up to the king's chamber.
Soldier: Now both me and my father have become true soldiers. 
(starts to cry)

Soldi: Oh, you came back all right, Eiyu and Hassan!
Soldi: I also was able to get back with the help of Daikenja Masarl-
dono and Krimut-dono.
Soldi: You really helped us out. I thank you.
Soldi: By the way, the king hasn't been around for the past bit but...
Soldi: He left a note for you.
Soldi: Umm..."Eiyu and Hassan, good job. Soldi, I'm glad you're OK 
Soldi: "I'll be waiting for you below, be sure to show me your faces. 
--King Reidock."
Soldi: Hmm....I wonder what this means...

Next Stop: Calverona

Calve: Well done, Barbara. You released the world from the Daimaou's 
Calve: You've already gotten enough power so that it would be fitting 
to call you the Great Sorceress.
Calve: The elder would have been very happy...
Old woman: But I can't act as elder any longer...
Barbara: So are you telling me to become the elder?
Calve: No, we're not saying that. You're young. You still have many 
things you'll want to learn.
Calve: I'm going to go study under King Zenis.
Calve: Possibly while I'm there I can learn of more hidden unknown 
Barbara: Hmm....But I'll think about it a little longer. I want to decide 
what to do on my own.
Calve: Yes, that's a good idea.
Barbara: Sorry, I still don't understand myself yet...
Barbara: Let's go, Eiyu. We still have to see everyone else off.

Next stop: Lifecod

Man: Yo, Eiyu! You came back!
Man: Everyone's talking about you. Come with me!
Elder: Oh, Eiyu! I've been waiting!
Elder: Is this all really because of you?
(Yes/no both the same)
Elder: Oh, I know even without you having to say anything! That's 
because all the monsters have disappeared.
Elder: I thought, "This must because Eiyu defeated some big boss of 
the monsters."
Elder: Oh yeah, come celebrate with everyone! You did great Eiyu!
Elder: Today everything's on me! Everyone drink to their heart's 
Elder: Yes, Eiyu, and all your friends, you all did great.
Elder: Wa ha ha! This is great! It's been a long time since I've felt this 

*Man: So the one who saved the world came from this village! Eiyu, 
Banzai! *hiccup*
*Judy: Hey, Eiyu, that was incredible!
Judy: I wish I had married you.  I guess it's my loss.
*Farmer: Eiyu's not only the hero of this town, but the whole world! 
Wow, that's awesome.
*Woman: Welcome back Eiyu! Everone's been waiting for you.
Woman: Tanya-chan can finally be together with you. That's great.
*Merchant: Eiyu! You really did great. It seems the mountain spirits 
really were with you.
*Old man: Bringing back peace to the world with that youth was 
great, Eiyu!
Old man: I guess my generation is over now.
*Bartender: Heh, everyone's drinking and eating so much! But then 
it's a celebration! You've got to live it up!
Bartender: And it's all thanks to you.
*Old lady: Oh Eiyu. Tanya and Rand are waiting at your house.
*Rand's dad: That was a great accomplishment Eiyu! I wish you'd 
teach Rand to be like that!
*Old lady:  It seems my granddaughter has finally improved.
*Granddaughter: Kattan Cotton...Look! Loke at the way it flows!
*Cow: Moo moo!
*Shop owner: Oh, Eiyu, welcome back. You've been to the tavern, I 
Shop owner: I wonder if I should clean up my shop and go join 
*Man: Hey, Eiyu, you've certainly returned to your home town in 
Man: Thanks to you there are no more monsters and I can finally go 
to the foot of the mountain.
Man: But before I do that...I've gotten kind of sleepy...(yawns)
*Nun: I thank you, your friends, and the mountain spirits, Eiyu...
Nun: I hope this peace can go on forever...
*Priest: Oh, Eiyu! It really seems that at the ceremony of the spirits 
this year you...(yawn)
Priest: (yawn) Huh! Hmm, I've gotten sleepy all of a sudden (yawns)
*Cat: Meeeeew!
*Rand: Oh, Aniki, you came back! I've been waiting for you.
Rand: Even though the monsters are gone, Tanya-chan is lonely. I 
can't seem to do anything...
Rand: But I'll wait. I'll wait until the day Tanya-chan opens her heart 
to me!

Tanya: Oh, welcome back! I'm glad....I was starting to think you 
wouldn't come back....
Tanya: Eiyu-niichan! Promise me! Promise you won't forget about 
Tanya: Ah....sorry, what am I saying all of a sudden? But...
Tanya: Hey, Eiyu-niichan. I get the feeling that I understand what's 
really going on, at least a little.
Tanya: Eiyu-niichan I...
Tanya: I've gotten kind of sleepy...
Tanya: Goodbye Eiyu-niichan. But we'll most certainly meet again.
Tanya: Eiyu-niichan, I love you...goodbye...

Next stop: Real world, Granmaz' place.

Mireyu: I'm back, Granny! Terry's with me too.
Granmaz: Yes, yes, it's good to have you back. And...
Granmaz: Same thing goes to you too Terry. Although this may be the 
first time for you, I've always been watching you.
Terry: ..............
Granmaz: Anyhow, to think that you would defeat Deathtamoor...
Granmaz: Seeing dreams is a good thing. Dreams give birth to hope, 
and hope gives one the power to live.
Granmaz: But sometimes dreams give birth to greed......
Granmaz: He [Deathtamoor] certainly got engulfed in the greed 
produced by his ridiculous dream.
Granmaz: But you all fought well. You defended both worlds.
Granmaz: Now peaceful days will come like before.
Mireyu: Um...Granny?
Granmaz: What is it, Mireyu?
Mireyu: I want you to take me as your student. I want to use my 
power to read dreams and tell fortunes to help others.
Granmaz: Ho ho you say so. That was my intention from the 
Mireyu: Thank you Granny.
Granmaz: You don't need to thank me Mireyu. Well, should I treat 
you all to a great feast?

Mom: Dear, if you don't rest some....
Dad: No. While my idiot son is out there risking his life I can't rest!
Mom: Hey've said what you really think about about Hassan 
not being here.
Mom: Dear...
Dad: Hm?
Hassan: Hehe...I'm back...
Mom: Dear, it's Hassan! Hassan's come back!
Dad: Yeah, I know...
Hassan: Mom, and dad too...sorry for making you worry.
Dad: What's with you, making a satisfied face like you've finished a 
normal job like that?
Dad: Hmph! If you've become a man amazing enough to take on that 
type of job, then do some engineering!
Mom: D...Dear?
Hassan: ....and that's how it's like, Eiyu. I'm going to follow in the 
footsteps of my dad and become a great engineer.
Hassan: We've been together for a long time, but now it's time for me 
to split up from you all.
Chamoro: .............
Hassan: Hey, hey, don't be making a sad face like that. We're all just 
going back to our own homes.
Chamoro: That's right, isn't it....we can meet again at any time....
Hassan: You got it!  See you later Eiyu, Mireyu, take care.

Next stop: Gent

Man: Hey! Chamoro-sama!
Man: I see! Since you've come back now, you must be coming back 
for good!
Chamoro: Is Grandfather inside?
Man: No...just a little while ago all of a sudden the Kami no Fune came 
back, and he went to check it out...
Chamoro: Then he's in the palace.
Chamoro: Grandfather, I'm back.
Elder:  You've come back, Chamoro! Oh, you've become almost like a 
different person. Well done!
Chamoro: Grandfather, how did the ship...
Elder: It's quite amazing. It came back on its own as if its job was 
Elder: Anyhow, you did well. You all saved the future of both Gent's 
skills and of those people who need healing.
Elder: The god of Gent is most certainly pleased.
Chamoro: Eiyu-san, I now have to continue working at this village to 
heal sick people.
Chamoro: If you ever get injured, sick or hurt, please give me a call.
Chamoro: Well then, may the god of Gent bless you all.

*Chamoro: Eiyu-san, I now have to continue working at this village to 
heal sick people.
Chamoro: If you ever get injured, sick or hurt, please give me a call.
Chamoro: Well then, may the god of Gent bless you all.
*Elder: The world will come to attain true peace now.
Elder: It could be that the true journey starts now.

Next stop: Gandino

Dad: Is it really you, Mireyu....and you, Terry?
Mireyu: Yes, Father.
Dad: You still call me father, even after I sold you!?
Mireyu: Of course. After all, you are the ones that brought us up.
Mireyu: The fact that we turned out the way we are now is because 
of you.
Dad: Oh, Mireyu!
Terry: ...........
Mireyu: By the way, I want to become a dream fortune-teller. I want 
to study under someone named Granmaz.
Dad: Just for me to know that you two are still alive is enough.
Dad: Just coming again to see us is enough.
Dad: So do whatever you'd like. Don't worry about us.
Mireyu: Thanks, Father, Mother.
Terry: Hmph!
Mireyu: I guess we should split up now, right Eiyu?
Mireyu: I'd like to speak alone with my parents and Terry.

*Dad: Mireyu, Terry and you all will certainly build a great world.
*Mom: I can't believe that Mireyu and Terry grew up to be this 
*Mireyu: Eiyu, thanks for all you've done for me.
Mireyu: The fact that I can return home like this and meet Terry 
agin is all because of all of you.
Mireyu: Thanks a lot.
*Terry: You didn't do all that much for me, but thanks anyway.
Terry: I'll see you again adventuring in some cave or somewhere!

Next stop: Lifecod

*Barbara: I wonder what's up? Nobody's around.
*Elder: Oh, Eiyu, you've come back!
Elder: Although I guess I'd better stop calling you Eiyu. 
Elder: You are the prince of Reidock after all, Eiyu-dono.
Elder: But you saved the world.
Elder: By the way, prince, have you been back to the castle yet?
Elder: should have met everyone there...
Elder: They're holding a festival at the castle...
Elder: Tanya, Rand, and everyone has been called to the castle and 
has gone there.
Elder: I was called too but I'm not good around castles and the like.
Elder: So I'll just watch the town while everyone is out.
*Elder: Hm...It feels kind of strange with everything changed all of a 
Elder: Even if you return to the castle, please remember this village 
every once in a while.
Elder: Well, well, go now Prince Eiyu. Everyone's waiting for you to 

Next stop: Reidock

King: Well done coming back, my son!
King: The Daimaou was destroyed due to all your efforts!
King: Look how clear the sky has become! Feel how good the wind 
has become! This is all a sign of true peace!
King: To know that you are my son makes me very proud!
Shera: Eiyu, you worked really hard. Your destiny has finished.
Shera: Now return to your life as prince of this country.
King: By the way it's been bugging me, but who's that cute girl with 
Barbara: Huh? Huh? Are you talking about me?
King: Never mind, never mind. But Eiyu, you're a lot like me in that 
you can pick up chicks really well.
King: I'm impressed that you could bring a babe like that back with 
Barbara: ...........
Shera: Dear....
King: Oh yes!  That's right! We have to prepare for the banquet!
King: Eiyu, I've invited all your friends! Let's celebrate, let's 
Soldiers: Yeah!!

*King: What's wrong Eiyu, why don't you dance too?
King: Why don't you bring that Barbara girl down here, she suits you.
*Shera: How many years has it been since I've danced like this?
*Mireyu: Eiyu, if you ever want to see your future, come see me.
Mireyu: I'll fortell what a great future you have ahead of you.
*Soldier dancing w/Mireyu: This woman was your friend...she's really 
*Girl: See you come back in one piece makes me really happy.
*Soldier dancing w/girl: Prince Eiyu! It's all because of you that peace 
has returned. Thank you!
*Chamoro: My legs are getting tangled....Eiyu-san, would you like to 
take my place dancing?
*Girl Dancing w/Chamoro: Yay, yay!
*Rand: Eiyu! So you were the prince all along! That's really 
Rand: But even if you're the prince I won't let you have Tanya!
*Tanya: Eiyu-niicha....or should I say Prince Eiyu-sama...
Tanya: Thank you for what you've graciously done. You did very well 
on your journey to defeat the Maou.
Tanya: Oh then it's OK to call you Eiyu-niichan from now on.
Tanya: I love you Eiyu-niichan!
*Soldier: Well done, Prince Eiyu!
*Gate Guard: Heheh...I've gotten a little drunk....*hiccup*
*Gate Guard: Peace has finally come, and it's all thanks to you. Thank 
you so much!
*Guard: Prince Eiyu! Peace is gate, isn't it.
*Guard: Prince Eiyu-sama, it is an honor to be near you!
*Hassan: Hey, Eiyu. When I take a look this castle is kind of run 
Hassan: When you become king you'd better fix it up.
Hassan: Then you'd better leave it to me! Got it, that's a promise!
*Franco: Prince Eiyu, I knew your important fate would be fufilled.
Franco: Prince, from now on, please protect this country as king.
*Terry: I'm not really good around celebrating people like that.
Terry: I guess I just came here out of a sense of honor...
Terry: I'll go in a little while.
Terry: Tell my big sister for me, will you?
*Bard: It bothers me....that girl upstairs seems awfully sad 
Bard: Even though it's such a happy day...

Barbara: Oh, Eiyu...
Barbara: It's sad, but it looks like it's come time to say goodbye...
Barbara: See, unlike everyone I don't have my own body as a 
resident of the Dream World...
Barbara: Goodbye Eiyu...
Barbara: Say goodbye for me to everyone...
Barbara: I'll never forget any of you...

Note: Watch Terry very carefully during the credits! He gives you a 
hint that is the key to getting into the bonus dungeon!

*Franco: Peace really is a good thing.
Franco: And it's all because of you, Prince.
*Shera: Eiyu...You've become very strong and independant, but to us 
you're still a child.
Shera: You should decide your own path in life without worrying too 
*King: So how is it? Have you thought about coming King yet?
King: Oh! That's my son for you!
King: Oh...Oh, all right. I'll wait until you feel like it.
*Soldier: Are you leaving, Prince? Come to think of it you were 
supposed to meet with your friends today, weren't you.

Mireyu: OK? All right then, we'll begin.
Hassan: Hey, what's beginning. Why did you call us here...
Chamoro: Shh, be quiet...
Terry: ..........

Barbara:'s time, isn't it...
Farmer: It's going to hatch, it's going to hatch!
Zenis:'s finally been raised, our future.....
Barbara: I wonder what it will be like, our future....Oh! It's started to 


Chapter 38: It's not over yet! The Bonus Dungeon

Once you've finished the game, you will get access to the trademark 
bonus dungeon of the Dragon Quest games. If you want to figure out 
on your own how to get to the bonus dungeon, skip the next 

The secret to getting to the bonus dungeon is in the torch room of 
Darma Shinden. Each of the torches in the bonus dungeon 
corresponds to one of the jobs. As each job gets mastered by 
someone in your party, the torches light up and  burn brighter as the 
jobs advance. Once you bring a job up to level 6, the corresponding 
torch to that job burns as bright as they will get. Once all 18 torches 
are burning as  bright as they can, you will gain access to the bonus  
dungeon. You don't need to max all the jobs on one person to  do so, 
all you have to do is have each job brought to level  6 or above 
somewhere in your party. This includes the two secret jobs, Dragon 
and Hagure Metal. However, in order to become these jobs, you need 
the Dragon no Satori and the  Hagure no Satori respectively.  You can 
find the Dragon no Satori before you win the game, but you can only 
find the Hagure no Satori on a save file on which you have already  
won the game at least once. The Hagure no Satori is very well 
hidden, but watch the ending very closely, there is a very big hint as 
to where it is hidden. There is only one Hagure no Satori in the game, 
so choose who you give it to wisely. There is actually a way to get 
more Hagure no Satoris, which I'll describe later in the chapter, but 
it is very difficult and you will probably not get another for a very 
long time unless you are extremely lucky. I reccomend you give it to 
someone who has maxed the Dragon or Yuusha classes; since the 
Hagure Metal class is really really fast, the character would be able 
to use the really powerful  dragon breath or Yuusha techniques 
before any of the other monsters could attack. Anyhow, once you've 
lit all the torches in Darma Shinden, return to that room and the 
entrance to the dungeon will open.

Right before the entrance to the bonus dungeon opens, you  will hear 
a voice, speaking to "the ones who have obtained many skills," and 
will tell you that you are now allowed to enter. Be sure you are 
ready to enter, because the monsters  in the bonus dungeon are 
really really tough.

Items in the first half of the bonus dungeon:

Chikara no Tane, Mamori no Tani, Shinpi no Yoroi.

1 Chiisa na Medal: in a chest along the far right wall in  the first 
room in the dungeon.

The theme of the bonus dungeon is kind of a "cave of time."  It 
consists mostly rooms from many different dungeons you have 
visited before, except that the monsters are different, and towards 
the very end it starts to differ slightly from the areas it is repeating. 
The monsters here are very tough, and unless your characters are 
level 50 or over it might be very tough to make it to the halfway 
point. If you enter  when your characters are under level 50, have 
someone use Shinobi Ashi to reduce the number of monster fights, 
and it helps to have a Hagure Metal with powerful skills from other  
classes since its speed will really help you out. Some  monsters to be 
on the lookout for: The Muscle Animals can use Chikara Tame and 
dish out 200+ points of damage in 1 hit. Io- and Dein-type spells, 
along with breath weapons work well. Moudokugiri is really helpful 
since it will drain 150 of their HP each round, and Medapani dance  
sometimes works too.  The Daimajins are *very* hardy with high 
defense power, do 150+ points of damage a hit, and are really strong 
to most magic. Use Dein or Io spells on them, and use Bikilt to beefen 
up your physical fighters.  The Evil Frankens are the hardest 
monsters in the first half of the dungeon. They have really powerful 
physical attacks, and are very strong or immune to all magics except 
Mera and Dein.  Don't use breath weapons on them since they can 
send it back at you with Oikaze. It might be a good idea to run away 
from them at first, but once in a very long while they will  drop 
Hakai no Tekkyuus.

At one point, you will enter a doorway and will go back in time to 
Lifecod! The elder comes up to you, and congratulates you for getting 
the Crown. (remember the first quest in the game to get the crown?) 
He thanks you and tells you to wait for Tanya to come out as the 
Kami no Tsukai.  If you walk around the town, however, you'll note 
things are  slightly different than the first time you got the crown;  
instead of this being Lifecod in the Dream World, it's actually Lifecod 
in the real world! People in this town talk about you Tanya finding 
you on the cliff and "adopting" you as her real brother. (remember 
that in the first quest, you were bringing the crown to the town in 
the Dream world where you *were* Tanya's brother.) Also, Rand will 
act arrogant towards you, like the Rand in the real world does.  If 
you talk to the girl in Tanya's house, she will ask you "if it's OK yet." 
Once you say yes, she will show you the true form of the town--the 
town of monsters, Deathcod.

Items in Deathcod:

4G, Yamabiko no Boushi, (Echoing Hat)

1 Chiisa na Medal: In a pot on the straw mat outside.

There are a lot of characters from earlier Dragon Quest  games that 
you can meet in this town. Toruneko, the merchant from DQ4, is in 
the inn, and the little sister of Minea, also from DQ4, is in Tanya's.  
addition, in the basement of the elder's house is Sancho and two kids 
"looking for their parents who had been turned into stone by 
monsters." (A DQ5 reference) There is also a really good store here,  
where you can buy Dragon no Satoris!  They cost a hefty 30,000 GP 
each, but it's worth it. There is a demon in the town that tells you 
that his treasure is hidden 5 steps west and 5 steps north of the well 
in Calcado. If you go back to Calcado and search there, you will find 
the Orihalcon no Kiba. (Orihalcon Fang) Only some monsters can use 
it, but it is more powerful than even the Gringham whip! 
must talk to this demon before you can pick up the treasure.  In the 
basement of the elder's house, the exit to the  second half of the 
dungeon.  Make sure you're really ready before you go here though; 
it gets much tougher. If you teleport out of the dungeon now, you 
can return to Deathcod by using Rura instead of having to go through 
the first half of the dungeon.

Items in the second half of the dungeon:

Chikara no Tate, Chikara no Ruby, Tenshi no Leotard (Angel's  

1 Chiisa na medal: On the skeleton in the cave section.

The layout of the lava part of the dungeon here is slightly  different 
than the lava dungeon before, so you'll have to do a little exploring 
to find the way out.  The monsters here are much tougher than 
before, so be careful.  Killer Machingas appear here as random fights, 
and they can be a pain.  If you get into a fight with a group of Death 
Staffs, run. They are immune to nearly all magic/breath damage, 
have a defense power higher than any other non-boss monster in 
the game, and can do 100+ of damage to your entire party with their  
breath weapon. One can be a pain, but a group is lethal.  The Demon 
Kings here are the toughest monster in the game that's not a boss. 
There is no type of magic or breath weapon that they don't have 
some resistance or immunity to, and even then some of them bounce 
off all magic naturally.  Those that don't can cast Mahokanta to make 
it that way.  Plus they have almost every really damaging attack 
there is.  Basically, be careful.

When you get to the end of the dungeon, you will be at a  place that 
looks like the ceremonial area where the king of Castle Grace 
summoned that demon that torched his castle. If you go up to the 
central area, you will hear that you sense  an evil aura and will have 
to choice to meditate. If you do, you will summon that demon, and 
not only that, you'll have to fight him.  The boss of the bonus 
dungeon is none other than Dark Dream, the demon which destroyed 
Castle Grace, and rumored to be more powerful than Deathtamoor!

How to kill Dark Dream

Dark Dream: HP 13,000

Deathtamoor is nothing next to Dark Dream. These are a few of the 
attacks in Dark Dream's arsenal: Grand Cross, Shakunetsu, Kagayaku 
Iki, Gigadein, and Merazoma, among several other nasty attacks.  
Considering all of these do more than 100 points of damage, (some of 
them can do as much as 300+ points of damage) this makes Dark 
Dream extremely dangerous.  And that's just the start. Dark Dream 
can attack twice or even three times in one round, always strikes 
first in a round, even with a Hagure Metal in your party, and is  
immune or strong to every type of magic and breath weapon.   
Basically, you've got to be really ready before you take him on. 
Fighting him before your characters are level 55, no  matter how 
many jobs they've mastered, is suicide.  Even after that, you 
probably won't have a great chance until you're in your 60s.  Once 
your characters are in their late 60s-early 70s, Dark Dream becomes 
about a fairly even fight.  First off, make sure that going into the 
battle each character is currently in whatever hybrid job he or she 
has  maxed that you think will work best. At the highest level of  
each job, you get at least a +20 bonus to some statistic,  which should 
help you in this fight. (except for the Superstar, who gets a +15 
bonus to Kakkoyosa which won't help  you anyway in this fight.) You 
should play this as a defensive rather than offensive fight. If Dark 
Dream casts Bikilt on himself, immediately you should have a 
Yuusha use an Itetsukuhadou to take it away.  Fubarha, Magic  
Barrier, and Skult are all a must in this fight unless you are a really 
high level. If Dark Dream uses an Itetsukuhadou, cast the spells 
again on your party.  One of the best weapons against Dark Dream is 
the Yamabiko Boushi.  Whoever wears the Yamabiko Boushi will 
have a "double magic" attack; whatever spell that character casts will 
"echo" and be cast again after the first spell is cast, and it doesn't  
even take any more MP.  There are two really effective uses for this. 
The first is with casting Behomara. It will heal your entire party, 
even those in the horsecart, and combined with the Boushi, will 
double to heal your entire party 200+ points. Also, if Chamoro, 
Mireyu, or Barabara is a maxed Yuusha, give them the Boushi, and 
have them cast Minadein; the most powerful spell in the game  
doubled can do more than 1000 points of damage to Dark Dream if 
you're lucky.  If you can spare all of one character's MP, Madante 
works really well on him too. Other than that, the Bikilt-Kiaitame-
Seikenzuki technique works well; characters like Hassan and Terry 
will do more than 1000 points of damage with one if they're strong 
enough.  Remember: the more Kenjas and Yuushas in your party, the  
better. Good luck! This is by far the toughest fight in the  game.

If you beat Dark Dream in more than 20 rounds, after the fight he 
will tell you that since you took so long that you didn't truly defeat 
him, and that he will wait for you to challenge him again.  If you do 
defeat him in less than 20 rounds, he will admit defeat, and tell you 
that although he takes orders from no one, he will do a job for you. 
Afterwards, you will see a special ending.

Another thing about Dark Dream is that once in a while, he will drop 
Hagure no Satoris!  This is the only way you can get a Hagure no 
Satori aside from the first one that was hinted at in the ending, so it 
is profitable to fight Dark Dream a lot to get Satoris from him. If you 
are trying to get Hagure no Satoris from Dark Dream, make *sure* 
that you defeat him in more than 20 rounds. Otherwise you will go 
to the second ending, and since the game ends, you won't be able to 
keep any Hagure no Satori that you might have gotten from him.  
Dark Dream almost never drops Hagure no Satoris, but there is a way 
to get the Satoris more consistently. If you go into the fight with *all* 
of your characters as maxed Touzokus, then you will steal a Hagure 
no Satori from him about 70% of the time. Note that unless your 
characters are pretty high  level, it will be very difficult to kill him 
with nothing but Touzokus in your party, so you may have to build 
your levels a bit before you can defeat him this way. With unlimited 
Hagure no Satoris gained from Dark Dream, you can make your 
entire party perfect!  Once I maxed every job for every character in 
my party, I managed to kill Dark Dream in only two rounds! See if 
you can figure out how to! ^_^

Well, that about does it for DQ6; if you've gotten this far, 
congratulations! Thanks to everybody who helped with this 
walkthrough and goaded me to finish it. If you find anything in DQ6 
that I've neglected to put in either the FAQ or the walkthrough, 
please let me know!  I am especially looking for the location of the 
Hoshifuru Udewa. (Falling Star Armband)  I have played through 
DQ6 3 times and have searched everywhere but I have not found 
this item yet.  Find it and let me know, and you will get it credited to 
you in the walkthrough, and my thanks too. ^_^

--Ian Kelley 6/9/97

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