Dragon Quest 6 (Teil 1) (e)

Andere Lösungen
Dragon Quest 6 Walthrough Part 1 By Ian Kelley v 1.0

Note: There are big plot spoilers in this walkthrough.  It doesn't just 
say how to beat boss X or how to solve puzzle Y, but I've put 
summaries of the entire plot to aid those who can't read Japanese.  I 
won't spoil any of the plot until it is spoiled in the game though.  
IOW, if you don't want to be spoiled, don't read much further than 
you are in the game. I've divided the story into arbitrary chapters, 
but since the game is not entirely linear you won't necessarily have 
to do all the quests/chapters in the order I put them. I've put almost 
all of the items and places in the game in the Japanese terms as they 
appear in the game, (with translations, though) so if you know the 
kana, you'll know which item/skill/place to find/use/go to if I 
mention it.  If you don't know the kana...well, good luck. :) I suggest 
you get a cheap Japanese dictionary, it doesn't take too long to learn 
the kana.

Chapter 1: Intro
Chapter 2: Lifecod
Chapter 3: The Bazaar
Chapter 4: The Festival and the Phantom World
Chapter 5: The Soldier's challenge
Chapter 6: Falshion and the King
Chapter 7: The Phantom World revisited
Chapter 8: Reidock and the Prince
Chapter 9: Gina and Iria
Chapter 10: Barbara and the Mirror Tower
Chapter 11: The Kidnapping
Chapter 12: The King(?) of Reidock
Chapter 13: Chamoro and the Ship of God
Chapter 14: The Castle of Mudo

Chapter 1: Intro

What's going on: The Hero, a big man, and a girl are getting ready for 
an assault on Maou (Demon-king) Mudo's palace, in an attempt to 
slay him and restore peace to the world.

When you first wake up, the girl will ask if you slept well or not. It 
doesn't matter what you answer.  Then the man will return from 
scoping out the castle, and you will get ready to leave.  If you want, 
you can put out the campfire. I don't think this has any impact on 
the game, but I'm not sure.  Go north to the cliff. Talk to the man and 
the girl.  The woman will play the flute and the Dragon will come to 
take you to the castle.
Once inside the castle, head to the exit in the upper-left hand corner 
of the room. All of the doors in the castle are locked and you can't 
enter them.  Talk to the girl and the big man if you like, they will 
follow you as soon as you leave the room.  After you leave, head 
through the hallway and up the stairs.
Once you reach the door to Mudo's room, the man will remark that 
it's too quiet and that it was far too easy to have made it this far 
without getting attacked.  He'll ask you whether or not you think so 
too. It doesn't matter what you say.  Open the door and enter.
The room inside is filled with thick mist and none of the characters 
can see.  They are all levitated and cannot move. Mudo appears and 
calls you all fools for attacking him, and tells you to regret coming 
forever.  He then twirls you around in the air, and then blows up the 
man and the girl in explosions of flame. Then he blows the Hero up 
as well....

Chapter 2: Lifecod

All of a sudden, the Hero falls out of bed; it looks like that fight with 
Mudo was just a dream.  The Hero's younger sister Tanya asks if you 
hit your head. It doesn't matter what you say.  Then she tells you 
that the elder of the village was looking for you.

What's going on in Lifecod: The people of Lifecod, a small mountain 
village, are getting ready for a special ceremony and festival 
involving the worshipping of the mountain gods/spirits.  Most of the 
people talk about the festival, a Bazaar going on in a nearby town, or 
that the elder is looking for you. One person mentions a rumor that 
Maou Mudo is trying to take over the world.

Items in Lifecod: Kawa no Boushi (leather hat), 2 x 10G, Subayasa no 
Tane (Speed seed), 2 x Yakusou (Herb), 3 G, Mamori no Tane (defense 
seed), Dokukeshisou (poison antidote)

After talking to everyone and searching pots and barrels for 
treasure, go to the Elder's house, which is located on the top of the 
hill on the north side of town.  He will ask you if you knew that the 
town's local goods could be sold for a high price. It doesn't matter 
what you say. Then he will go on to tell you that in order to buy the 
"Yama no seirei no Kanmuri," (Mountain Spirits' crown) he would like 
you to sell some local goods at a Bazaar that is being held in a town 
to the south.  If you say no you will be asked the question again until 
you say yes.  Once you say yes, he will thank you and give you a 
large bag and the local goods.  You will have the bag for the rest of 
the game and can put as much stuff as you want into it to organize 
your party's possessions. You can take stuff out of the bag any time 
except when in battle. The elder tells you to go to the town of Shiena, 
south of the mountain, so leave town. Now you have to go down the 

Items on the mountain: Tabibito no fuku (Traveler's clothes), 
Yakusou, Konbou (Club), 20G, 

Once you leave the town you can get attacked, so be careful.  Most of 
the monsters are really weak but so are you.  At the beginning be 
careful of the Mandragoras, because they can do the "Sasou odori" to 
make you not do anything in the attack round, and do a fair amount 
of damage, but even they're pretty easy. 
Once you first start climbing down the mountain you will run into 
Rand, who is taking a nap.  He mentions that Tanya is going to be 
"Kami no Tsukai" (lit. god user) in the upcoming festival, and tells 
you to tell her he's looking forward to it. (Rand likes Tanya)
This is probably the only time in the game where it would be wise to 
build up levels for a while.  If you try and go straight to Shiena in 
one shot, I guarantee that you are going to get killed unless you are 
really lucky and run from almost every battle.  You can rest for free 
at your house, so make forays in and out of town powering up.  I 
wouldn't even advise going much further beyond Rand until you're 
level 2.  You can buy better equipment in town but since you can 
find equipment on the mountain you will save money if you don't.  
Once you get the Traveler's clothes, located off a ledge once you cross 
the bridge on top-left of the mountain, and the club, located in a cave 
off a ledge to the right of the top, your life will be made much easier.  
Getting the club and making it back to town may be difficult until 
you're level 3 though.  Once you're level 4 you will learn Hoimi, and 
if you've collected the Clothes and the Club by then you should be 
pretty safe, and will probably be able to make it to Shiena.

Chapter 3: The Bazaar

Once you get off the mountain the monsters are a little tougher, but 
if you got all the items on the mountain you should be OK. Just run 
from the Shield Kozous because their defense is really high and they 
will probably kill you if they're with any other monsters.  Shiena is 
located to the southwest of the base of the mountain.

What's going on in Shiena: A bazaar is being held in Shiena and is 
just about to end. Lots of different shops are open, buying and selling 
different things.  Most of the people here are shop owners so you 
won't learn a lot of interesting information.

Items in Shena: Yakusou, Subayasa no Tane, 5G.
If you buy a Touzoku no Kagi (Thief's key) from the shopowner in 
the southeast corner of town, you can open the locked doors in this 
town and get an Uroko no tate, (Scale shield) 250G, and a Kimera no 
tsubasa. (Chimera's wing)  But since the key is expensive you might 
want to wait.

Once you're in Shiena you'll want to visit all the shops and take a 
look at what they have.  Definitely visit the man in the northwest 
shop since he sells the map of the world.  It's initially 3000G but you 
can bargain him down to 200.  This is something you should 
definitely buy.  Another shop owner is sells 6 Yakusou and 1 Seisui 
(holy water that keeps monsters away) for 50G; you save 18G over 
buying that normally.  Someone else will sell leather armor for 20G 
more than the armor shop. One guy will say he's sold out and "find 
an extra" left; don't buy it from him. It's just a lid of a pot, which is a 
lousy shield. There are three shops you can sell your goods at; a 
woman in the northeast section of town, or you can sell it at either 
Doga or Boga's shops.  The woman doesn't give you very much, so 
don't buy there.  Neither does Doga or Boga, but you can change that.  
Doga is on the far left side of the bazaar and Boga, his younger 
brother, is on the far right.  They are competing against each other; 
Doga is already a big-time merchant and Boga is trying to become a 
better one.  Initially Boga will buy your goods for 330, which is more, 
but if you go over to Doga and tell him how much Boga is offering he 
will jack up his price so it's better.  If you say no and go back to 
Boga's, he will in turn increase his offer.  Continue this for a while.  
At their maximums, Doga will offer 480G and Boga will offer 450G, 
but I usually sell them to Boga because he's polite and Doga is a 
pompous jerk. ^_^

Once you sell your goods, you can use the money for whatever you 
want since you will later get the crown you need to get for free.  The 
house of the man who makes the crown is in the northeast corner of 
the village, but he's not there.  His daughter says that he went out to 
the western forest to look for wood to make it but has been gone for 
3 days and she's getting worried.  Guess you'd better go look for 

Before you leave town, buy an Uroko no Tate from the shop, and 
maybe Uroko no Yoroi or a Dou no Tsurugi if you can afford it.  Be 
absolutely sure to buy the map, though.  Head west to the forest, 
crossing the bridge.  Soon you'll see a very large hole.  When you get 
close to it, you'll see a man hanging by its edge about to fall.  When 
you talk to him, it's Bilte, the man who makes the crown you need! 
He asks you to help him.  Say yes.  But when you pull him out, you 
slip and fall down the hole...

You will fall into another world.  There's a town really close to where 
you fell. Go there. The town's called Torukka.

What's going on in Torukka: Just your run-of-the-mill town, nothing 
special is going on here.  But something is strange, none of the people 
can see or hear you!  For this reason, nobody will talk to you, but you 
can listen in on some conversations.

Items in Torukka: Inochi no Kinomi, (Nut of Life) Ki no Boushi, 
(Wooden hat) 20G, Utsukushisou (Beauty plant) Yakusou, Nuno fuku 
(Cloth clothes)
1 Chiisa na Medal: In a chest of drawers at the bottom of the well.

Since most people don't know you're there, you can't get information 
from many people. Since they can sometimes "feel your presence" 
you can have some fun with them though, like at the church. ("God, is 
that you?")  You can stay at the inn for free here since the inkeeper 
can't see you to collect money.  Three things to take note of:  First, in 
the north part of town, two people are planning to kidnap the 
daughter of the richest man in town.  Second, the keeper of the 
weapon shop in the northwest section of town talks to himself about 
a legendary mirror that can show anything's true form.  Third, the 
kids at the well talk about a well in a house to the north that you can 
see dreams at, but has also been rumored that people who go there 
don't come back.  That might be important, so go to the north and 
check it out.  Be sure not to miss the Chiisa na medal though.

In front of the door to the house up north there is a warning that it is 
dangerous to go inside, but go anyway.  Investigate the well.  If you 
try to enter it, it says that a strange light is coming from it, but say 
you want to enter anyway.  When you enter the well, suddenly 
you're outside another well.  Walk a little further away from the 
well, and you'll find you're back in the first world, just northeast of 
the hole you fell down.  Head back to Shiena.

Back in Shiena, the Bazaar is ending. If you ask the mapmaker for a 
map of the new world, he'll just call you crazy.  Doga is getting ready 
to rub his profits in his brother's face.  This is your last chance to buy 
stuff from the Bazaar-only merchants, so if you're going to do so do it 
now.  But for now, go to Bilte's house.  According to his daughter, he's 
been feeling terrible since you fell in the hole and is worried sick.  
Bilte will be very happy to see that you are alive and says that he 
made a special crown just for you, and since you saved his life is 
giving it to you for free.  He then tells you to hurry back to Lifecod. 
If you haven't done so already and have the money, buy a Dou no 
tsurugi and Uroko no Yoroi before you leave though.  Then head back 
to Lifecod.

Chapter 4: The festival and the Phantom World

As soon as you enter Lifecod, the elder will come and take the crown 
from you, and ask if anything out of the ordinary happened to you 
while you were gone.  Then he goes off to prepare for the ceremony. 
The townspeople tell you to go back home and rest.  The old man in 
the bar tells you that he's heard of the strange place you went to and 
that it's called the World of Phantoms.  In any case, go back to your 
house and rest.

Rand greets you after you leave your house and takes you to where 
you're supposed to go.  Then the elder and Tanya, wearing the crown, 
exit the elder's house and makes a procession to the church.  At the 
church, Tanya gives the crown to the priest.  The priest thanks the 
mountain gods for protecting the village for the past year and offers 
the crown in exchange for another year's protection.  After Tanya's 
role is finished, she walks back to you, whereupon something 
happens to her.   Above Tanya a strange woman appears and time 
stops for everyone but you.  The woman tells you that you have a 
special destiny.  She says that darkness is about to engulf the world 
and your power is needed to fight it.  She asks you to prepare, and to 
learn "your true identity."  Then the woman disappears and time 
starts again.  Tanya wonders what on earth happened to her; she got 
dizzy and felt warm.  The townspeople, who didn't see the strange 
woman, are really impressed and think it's because she's a true Kami 
no Tsukai.  The Priest tells everyone to enjoy the evening, but is a bit 
concerned because what happened to Tanya had never happened 
before.  Go outside.  The festival is in full swing and everyone is 
having a good time.  Go to the elder's house and talk to him.  He says 
that he heard from the old man that you went to the Phantom world, 
and says that you should go and find out what is going on.  He gives 
you a pass that will let you enter Reidock Castle, and tells you to go 
there.  Now go outside and go towards the northwest cliff.  The boy 
nearby pulls you behind a tree; he is secretly watching Rand and 
Tanya.  Rand asks Tanya to marry him, but she says she's not ready.  
Rand asks if it's because she's too young.  Tanya says that's not it, 
that something inside herself just feels wrong, and that everything 
feels wrong.  She tells him that she needs to think about it more and 
goes home.  After you're done at the festival, go home and sleep.  The 
game gives you a little summary of what happened, and morning 
comes.  Now you should head to Reidock.

Chapter 5: The Soldier's challenge

Reidock is a little bit south of Shiena. Now that you have the pass, 
you can enter the town of Reidock.

What's going on in Reidock: The people of Reidock mostly talk about 
how Maou Mudo is trying to take over the world and how the 
youthful king fought with him once to a standstill.  There is also talk 
that the king has not slept in several years, and is known as the 
"king who never sleeps."

Items in Reidock (that you can get at this point): Yakusou, Nuno 
Fuku, Dokukeshisou.

Special item: Obasan no Yubiwa (old woman's ring)
Standing by a well is an old woman who dropped her ring down the 
well.  She wonders if anyone would go down and get it for her. If you 
say yes she thanks you, if you say no she says you're right since 
there are monsters down there.  (If you say no you can still offer to 
help later.)  Inside the well is the woman's ring, but a Dark Hobbit is 
guarding it.  The Dark Hobbit is tough and is kind of a pseudo-boss.

How to beat the Dark Hobbit:
Dark Hobbit: HP 65
Even with scale equipment the Dark Hobbit can dish out around 15 
points of damage per attack.  In addition, he also strikes first a lot 
and you'll probably only do about 5 damage/attack.  For this reason, 
you'll have to play this battle really defensively.  If you are at a 
point where two attacks from him will kill you, cast Hoimi. 
Otherwise, attack him.  Since he often strikes first, if you will be 
killed by one hit you often won't get the Hoimi off in time.  If you 
run out of MP use Yakusou to heal yourself, and you should be OK.

Once you have the ring, you can either keep it or give it to the old 
woman.  The ring is an accessory that only gives you a +2 defense 
bonus, but if you give it to the old woman she will reward you with a 
Chikara no tane (Power seed) that will raise your strength, so I 
recommend you give the ring to her.

When in Reidock you'll learn that the king is far too busy to see you. 
In fact, you won't even be allowed to enter the castle.  The only 
people that are allowed in the castle are those who want to become 
soldiers.  Therefore, tell the guard in front of the castle "Yes" when 
he asks if you want to become a soldier.  He'll tell you to look around 
the town, and that when the time for prospective soldiers to 
assemble comes a bell will be rung.  Look around the town if you 
like, but if you want to hurry to the castle head for the church.  
Inside the church a really strong man, who also wants to become a 
soldier, is praying.  He bumps into you and apologizes on his way out.  
He sure looks a lot like that guy in your dream at the beginning of 
the game...

Once you leave the church, the bell will ring and you can enter the 
castle upon telling the guard you want to become a soldier.  You'll be 
directed inside whereupon the captain of the guard, Soldi, will brief 
you.  Go upstairs with the other prospective soldiers.  Soldi will tell 
you that he is glad that you want to be a soldier, but not anyone can 
become one so easily.  Therefore, he is going to test you.  He says that 
in a tower south of Reidock, "Shiken no tou," (Tower of tests) there is 
an item he wants.  He tells you that you have to figure out what it is 
yourselves.  Whoever gets this item and brings it back to Soldi first 
will become a soldier.  Therefore, you should head to Shiken no Tou.  
If you have enough money, you might want to buy a boomerang in 
the weapon shop first; it will attack every enemy you face and is 
very useful.

Shiken no Tou

Items in Shiken no Tou:
Kimera no Tsubasa, 130G
1 x Chiisa na medal: In the chest of drawers in the room behind the 
third door in the room with three doors.

Most of the tower is straightforward.  You can see where many of the 
other potential soldiers got stuck.  Don't listen to the man who says 
he sees something great off that ledge; he's just being a jerk and 
trying to stall you.  Be careful not to walk on the spikes in the first 
room.  Also be careful of the Gizmos, they can cast spells that do a 
fair amount of damage.  Anyhow, there are four tests in this tower:

Test #1: Beat the Tou no Heitai(Tower Soldier)
At one point there is a soldier who says that you have to beat him in 
order to go any further.  If you try to sneak behind him he will catch 
you and attack immediately.

How to beat the Tou no Heitai:
Tou no Hetai: HP 160
The Tou no Heishi is a pretty straightforward mini-boss.  Just use the 
"heal when you're weak" plan, since at this point in the game you 
can't do too much.  He can use "Chikara tame" though; he gathers 
power for a round and hits you for extra damage the next.  If you 
have 13-15 HP and you see him using "Chikara tame," I suggest you 
heal immediately.

Test #2: Arrow room
There's a floor with lots of arrows on it.  If you step on an arrow, you 
automatically slide in the direction the arrow is pointing.  This is a 
pretty easy test; just keep in mind that you need to go on the "island" 
in the room before you can get to the staircase.  From the down 
staircase, the first arrow you need to step on is 1 square south and 2 
squares west.  The second arrow you need to step on is 3 squares 
north and 3 squares west of the stairs.

Test #3: Three doors
There are three doors in front of you.  There is a person in front of 
each door which will tell you which one to choose, but only one is 
telling the truth.  Here is what they say.

Door#1.  "There's nothing interesting behind me. The third door is 
what you want."
Door#2. "Don't go any further young man! You'll just get hurt!"
Door#3. "You'll believe me, won't you?  The only person who tells the 
truth is the man on the far left."

Pretty, easy, huh?  Figure it out on your own, then read further.

The old man behind door #2 is telling the truth; there are spikes 
behind him. Therefore the other two are lying and the door you want 
is #1. If you go through the third door, a man will be there, claim to 
have the item you need, and give you a Kin no yubiwa (Gold ring), 
then tells you to take it back to the castle.  There's also a Chiisa na 
medal in his room.  Even though this isn't the right door, you should 
go here anyway.  Just don't take the ring back to the castle yet.  I 
heard from a friend that if you do so, Hassan will find what you 
really need, but I haven't confirmed this myself. Next time I play 
through the game I will.

Test #4: Beat Nelson, the chief guard of the tower.
Nelson is the boss of Shiken no Tou, and is pretty tough. He says that 
if you don't want to take him on you can jump off the left ledge to 
leave.  But you should fight him.

How to beat Nelson:
Nelson: HP 240
Nelson is pretty tough. He uses nasty roundhouse kicks that can do 
more than 12 points damage and can use Ashibarai which makes you 
unable to do anything for a round.  If you're level 7 or higher and 
have enough MP, you might want to think about using Skara to 
reduce his defense level; you will be able to beat him more quickly. 
Since he often strikes first, you should use the "heal if 2 hits will kill 
me" strategy.

Once you beat Nelson, he will let you enter the last room and let you 
take the Kujikenu Kokoro, (Unbroken Heart) which is what Soldi 
wants. Bring it back to him.

Reidock again
New items in Reidock: 1 x Chiisa na Medal: In a pot in the palace 

Bring the Kujikenu Kokoro to Soldi.  He will congratulate you and 
make you a soldier.  You can then wander the castle, but you can't 
see the king; if you tell the guard that he called you, he will soon 
figure out that you are lying and will not let you pass.  There are two 
treasure chests in the basement, but you won't be able to get them 
for a very long time, so don't worry about them.  In the courtyard of 
the castle there is an old man with a wagon.  The horse who normally 
pulls it is gone, and he wants to see it once again with a horse pulling 
it, so he asks you to bring him a horse.  Tell him you will.  Now you 
have to find a horse.  If you talk to the townspeople, you will hear of 
a strange wild horse in a grove to the west. So go west and check it 

Chapter 6: Falshion and the King

As you're leaving town, Hassan, the man you met in the church and 
in the tower, will call to you to wait up.  After congratulating you for 
your win of the test, he says "You're going to try and catch the horse, 
aren't you?"  But he says you can't do it alone, so he wants to come 
with you.  Even if you say no, he will still come.  Now you have 
Hassan in your group for good!  Before you head out to get the horse, 
return to town and equip Hassan with the best equipment you can 
afford.  Then head to the grove in the west.

Once you get to the grove, start chasing the wild horse around.  Since 
he's too fast, Hassan plans to trap the horse by approaching from the 
west while you approach from the east.  The horse will then run 
north, into a dead end.  Do so, and the plan will work.  Once you go to 
the dead end, you will catch the horse.  It's not that wild though; it 
will take a liking to you and start to nuzzle the Hero.   Hassan asks if 
Falshion would be a good name for it but it doesn't matter what you 
say; Falshion will be the horse's name.  Now that you have the horse, 
head back to Reidock.

New items you can get in Reidock: Kin no Kamikazari (Gold Hairpin)
Once you return to Reidock, you can bring the horse into the castle 
(with a little bit of resistance from the guards) and to the old man, 
who is overjoyed, and asks you if he can attach the wagon to the 
horse.  After hearing that you caught the horse, Soldi is impressed 
and after making Hassan a soldier as well, brings you to the king.  As 
you enter the throne room, the king is telling his soldiers about Lar 
no Kagami. (Mirror of Lar)  He then explains to you that he is looking 
for the mirror because it is fabled that it can show the true nature of 
things and dispel illusions.  Therefore, he wants to use it to fight 
Mudo, since Mudo always disappears in a puff of smoke when 
attacked.  So he tells you to look for the mirror.  He opens the 
northeastern gate so you can pass.  Therefore, you should head in 
that direction.  But before you do so, make sure that Hassan is well-
equipped; this is the last time for quite a while that you'll get a 
chance to equip him.

Before you leave Reidock, be sure to buy some Dokukeshisou because 
the Bubble Slimes you're going to meet soon can poison you, and you 
don't want to run out.  Once you go through the gate head east.  Stop 
at the little church on the way.  You can rest there for free.

Items at the little church:
Utsukushisou, Seisui.

After stopping off at the church, head south.  Since it appears to be a 
dead end, the only place you can go is a small hut in the hills 
southwest of the church.

Items in the little hut:
Dokukeshisou, Ki no boushi

The man in the hut doesn't like visitors, and says "What are you 
doing here, This is my house, not yours, right?" If you say yes he will 
tell you to get out, but if you say no he will call you rude for barging 
into his house and ask if you have any business there. Say yes.  
When he hears that you want to ask him a question, he tells you that 
you'll have to do something for him first before he listens to you. Say 
yes, and he will ask you to build a small house for him with the wood 
he's chopped outside.  No matter what you say, Hassan will get mad 
and tell off the old man, then leave.  The old man then suggests that 
you build the house with him without Hassan.  Once you go outside 
with him, he tries to instruct you how to build the house but keeps 
changing his mind.  Hassan will get fed up and tell you both to stay 
back while he builds the house himself.  Hassan builds a great house 
in a really quick time.  The old man is very pleased.  Hassan wonders 
why he'd be so good at building stuff, but joins you again.  Go talk to 
the old man.

The old man doesn't know anything about Lar no Kagami, but says 
instead he'll tell you about Darma Shinden.  He says they might have 
some connection since they sound similar.  He tells you that Darma 
Shinden was across the river to the east.  He also tells you that to get 
over to the other side of the river, there is a secret passage to the 
other side in a circle of desert surrounded by forests.  Go and check it 
out.  Search while standing on the area the man mentioned, and you 
will find the passage.  Enter it.

Items in the underground passage:
Seidou no tate, (Bronze Shield) 270G

The underground passage is fairly straightforward.  Since the 
monsters usually appear in groups a Boomerang will help you out a 
lot here.  The monsters here aren't too tough, in fact when you 
encounter Tail Eaters they're ususally asleep.  However, there are a 
fair number of Bubble Slimes here so make sure that you have a 
good supply of Dokukeshisou.  Once you get out of the passage, head 
west.  Where Darma Shinden should be, there is a big hole instead, 
just like the one you fell in earlier.  There's a cliff on the north side 
of this hole, jump off it.  You will fall into the Phantom World again.

Chapter 7: The Phantom World revisited

As soon as you fall into the Phantom World, you'll be dropped right 
in front of Darma Shinden.  Go inside.  The Shinden is pretty 
wrecked, and is just ruins.  Nobody is there except for a looter, who 
runs away as soon as you get near since he thinks you're a ghost.  
Darma Shinden is totally cleaned out of all treasures, except that on 
the lower floor you can find the Fushigi na Chizu (Amazing map) that 
serves as a map of the Phantom World.  As you explore new areas, 
they will light up on the map.  You should be sure to pick this item 
up.  After you get the map, leave and head west to the city of San 

What's going on in San Marino: This is just an average town, and the 
people are going through their daily activities.  Since nobody can see 
you, they won't talk to you either.  A few points of interest here: A 
sign on the door to the shipyard says "Ferry to Reidock;" Hassan gets 
confused since there's no way to get back to Reidock since you fell 
down a hole to get to San Marino.  In a carpenter's house, they are 
talking about if their son Hassan will get back.  Hassan is interested 
since their son has the same name as he does.  Also, in a room north 
of the inn, a girl, Amanda, is plotting to "keep Sandy away from 

Items in San Marino
Take no Yari, (Bamboo pole) Yakusou, Utsukushisou, Tetsu no Tsume, 
(Iron Claw) Kegawa no Hood (Fur Hood)
1 x Chiisa na Medal: In a pot located in Amanda's kitchen.
There are items in the prison, but you won't be able to get them until 
much later in the game.

On the south pier, a girl, Sandy, is talking with someone named 
Joseph.  Joseph is the son of the town elder and Sandy is their maid.  
Joseph wants to marry Sandy but his father won't permit it.  Joseph 
says he'll run away from home if his father keeps saying he can't 
marry Sandy, but Sandy doesn't want to come between Joseph and 
his father, so refuses to marry him, even though she wants to.  Since 
she has work to do, she leaves and goes to the elder's house.  Follow 
her to the elder's house.  She is making dinner for Pero, the elder's 
very much prized dog.  Then she goes upstairs to clean.  While she is 
upstairs, Amanda comes in and puts poison in Pero's food, thinking 
that when Pero gets sick, Sandy will think she's unlucky and quit, 
thus keeping her away from Joseph.  Amanda leaves, and Sandy 
comes downstairs and feeds the dog.  When you go outside, the elder 
will come to say hi to Pero, and the dog will fall over sick.  The game 
then tells you that the priest was able to save Pero, but Sandy was 
thrown in prison.  Joseph tries to talk his father into letting her go, 
but he won't.  Amanda is feeling guilty since she didn't think Joseph's 
father would go that far.  Anyhow, now you should go to the 

In the shipyard, the girl from your dream at the beginning of the 
game is there, and she greets you and introduces herself as Mireyu.  
Hassan is suprised that she can see you, but she says she will explain 
how she can see you if you follow her. She'll wait outside the town, 
so when you're ready go outside.  Mireyu will take you south to a 
house where an old woman, Granmaz, lives.  Granmaz explains that 
she is a fortune teller that can interpret dreams, and Mireyu is her 
assistant.  She asks you to stay the night and she will explain what 
she wants in the morning.

Items in Granmaz's house:
Hoshi no Kakera, (Star fragment) Fushigi na Kinomi (Amazing Nut-
raises maximum MP)

Talk to Granmaz.  She will ask you if you are inconvenieced by 
having nobody be able to see you.  It doesn't matter what you say, 
but she will suggest that you are thinking of doing of bad things if 
you say no. ^_^  Then she says that in order for everyone to see you, 
you need to go to the altar of Dream-seeing in a cave to the south, 
and drink a Dream-seeing drop.  Then, everyone will be able to see 
you.  Mireyu would have gone but Granmaz wouldn't let her go by 
herself so she'll ask you if you will go there for her.  If you say "no" 
she will warn you that she'll only ask once more.  If you say "no" 
again, she will kick you out of the house and lock the door, leaving 
you to go to the cave on your own.  If you say "yes," she will tell 
Mireyu to go with you, and give you 10 Herbs.  Those Herbs come in 
very handy in the cave so I advise you say yes.  Then head to the 
cave.  If you want to, you can fight the Ido no Majin in the well near 
Granmaz' house.  It can be pretty tough if you're a low level.  If you 
choose to fight it I highly advise that you don't cast magic on it 
because it has an automatic Mahokanta, so any spells you cast on it 
will be reflected back at you.

The Cave of Dream-seeing

Items in the Cave of Dream-seeing:
Kimera no Tsubasa, Mamori no Tane, 230G, Bronze Knife, Kegawa no 
Manto (Fur cloak)

This is the longest dungeon you'll enter yet, so make sure you're at 
maximum health when you enter.  I advise that you use the Yakusou 
that Granmaz (may have) gave to you for healing instead of casting 
Hoimi, because you are going to need as many MP as possible to beat 
the boss of the cave.  A few things to take note of in the cave: The 
Baby Goyles can cast Gira, which does a fairly substantial amount of 
damage to everyone in your party, so be on the lookout for them. 
Also, the Hell Hornets can Mahi (paralyze) you, so be careful; if your 
entire party is paralyzed everyone is counted as being dead and you 
go back to the last place you saved and lose half your GP.  On the 
other hand, you can kill them fairly easily with Hassan's Tobihizageri, 
which you should have gotten by now. (If you haven't, chances that 
you will survive this cave are slim.)  The Pipos here can cast 
Rukanan, which reduces your defense level and can be really 
annoying.  Aren't you glad you remembered to equip Hassan before 
leaving Reidock? (you DID remember, didn't you?)  Finally, once you 
go deep into the cave and enter the large caverns, you can sometimes 
fight Metal Slimes.  If one appears focus all of your energies on it; 
they run away a lot, but if you kill one it will give you more than 
1000 EXP, which at this point in the game almost guarantees you a 
level-up.  Once you get to the bottom of this dungeon you will meet 
Bloody Paw, who is drinking the Dream-seeing drops.  If you tell him 
that you want to drink it too, he will attack you.

How to Beat Bloody Paw
Bloody Paw: HP 370
You should have your MP as high as possible for this fight.  Bloody 
Paw can cast Skara, which raises his defense power, so you should 
have the Hero cast Rukani every time he casts it.  He can use Rukani 
as well, so your defense powers will likely go down as well.  With 
lowered defense power, Bloody Paw's attacks with his tail can do 
more than 30 HP damage, so I suggest you spend your MP on 
bringing his defense down with Rukani, and use the Yakusou that 
Granmaz gave you to heal yourself.  If you bring his defense down 
you will be able to defeat him more quickly, and will have a better 
chance of surviving.  Also, when you lower his defense, he will often 
waste MP bringing it back up again rather than lowering yours.  You 
might also have Hassan attack with his Tobihizageri, since that tends 
to do more damage than his standard attack. If you're using the Iron 
Claw it won't make much difference though.  One nice trick that 
works on Bloody Paw: If you got the Hoshi no Kakera from Granmaz' 
house, you can use it on Bloody Paw in the battle to confuse him. It 
works quite well. :)

Once you beat Bloody Paw, take the Dream-seeing drops, and return 
to Granmaz's house.  She will be waiting for you outside.  If you got 
kicked out of her house Mireyu will be there too.  She congratulates 
you and tells you she'll do the rest tomorrow.  The next day, she will 
take your Drops, cast a spell on them and sprinkle it on you, and then 
you will be able to be seen by the rest of the world.  Mireyu explains 
that the reason she could see you is that she too came from your 
world.  When Hassan asks Granmaz why she could see you, she tells 
him that it's a secret.  At this point, Mireyu will join you.  Now that 
you can be seen by the rest of the world here, return to San Marino.

Chapter 8: Reidock and the Prince

Back in San Marino, talk to the village elder about Sandy.  When you 
tell him about Amanda putting the poison in Pero's food, the elder 
will say it's too late to do anything, since Sandy left town with a 
traveling merchant, who wanted her to be his assistant.  The elder 
says that if you're telling the truth, he did something awful.  Go 
upstairs and talk to Joseph.  Joseph is glad you told him and goes out 
to search for Sandy, but he is a little annoyed that you didn't come 
forward before.  If you talk to Amanda she is feeling very guilty 
since she drove Sandy out of the village.  After learning about Sandy, 
go to the carpenter's house.  When you talk to the carpenter's wife, 
she will see Hassan and get excited and exclaim that Hassan is home.  
Hassan explains to her that she's gotten him mixed up with someone 
else since he's never seen the house in his life and is a wandering 
Butouka, not a carpenter's son.  Once that's done, head to the 
shipyard.  Now that the ticket salesman can see you, you can buy a 
ticket to Reidock.  Do so, (it'll cost you 150G) but be sure to buy 
Mireyu better equipment before you go. You should already have 
some extra equipment for her so you probably won't need to buy 

Once you've traveled across the ocean, you can save at the priestess, 
and then head towards Reidock.  The farmer tells you that it's a bit 
north and then a bit west, so that's where you should head.


What's going on in Reidock: This Reidock looks exactly the same as 
the Reidock from your world!  Here, the villagers talk about the King, 
the Queen, the Prince, and Mudo.

Items in Reidock:

When you talk to the people in Reidock, you learn that the King and 
Queen have been sick and have been asleep for more than 1 year.  
The Prime Minister Geban has been doing the ruling while they 
cannot, but he is very strict.  Also, the Prince, who had gone out to 
find a way to wake his parents, is missing.  The townspeople note 
that you (the Hero) look an awful lot like the prince but can tell 
you're not him since you don't look like a prince.  Anyhow, since 
there seems to be a problem with the King and Queen, you should 
check it out.  But you're not allowed into the castle, so you have to 
figure out a way to get in.  Getting into the castle can be a tricky 
puzzle if you don't pay careful attention to what people in the town 
say, since you only get vague hints at what you're supposed to do. If 
you want to figure it out for yourself, skip ahead.  If you don't know 
any Japanese you might have some trouble getting this one, so you 
might want to read on so you don't get frustrated.

How to get into Reidock Castle:
Nobody tells you how to get into the castle, so you have to figure out 
a way to get in on your own.  The key here is that you resemble the 
Prince.  The man with a helmet in the center of town thinks you're 
the real prince for a second, and gives you a really big hint: "If you 
were dressed more like a prince you might have fooled me."  
Therefore, go to the armor shop and buy some Kizoku no fuku. (Regal 
clothes)  They cost 800G so make sure you don't blow your money 
first on something else.  If you're wearing Kizoku no fuku, then you 
can trick the palace guard into thinking you're the prince.

Once you get into the castle, the captain of the guard, Tom, will run 
down to greet you and ask that you let everyone know you're all 
right.  Now you can explore the castle freely.  However, when you try 
to enter the throne room, a guard says that he can't let you through 
since he was ordered by Geban not to let anyone in the throne room.  
Tom will come up and order the soldier to let you through, saying 
that he will take full responsibility.  In the throne room, you can see 
that the King and Queen are in a deep sleep and cannot be awakened, 
but the Queen is mumbling something about a mirror.  While you're 
in the throne room, Prime Minister Geban will return.  He's glad the 
prince is back, but notes that you're not acting like yourself.  Tom is 
disturbed and asks Geban if he's suggesting that you're an imposter.  
Geban says that he heard that a young man with two friends bought 
Kizoku no fuku in the town armor shop.  In order to prove that 
you're the prince, he asks you what the name of the Prince's younger 
sister who died of an illness is.  You can choose between "Tanya," 
"Clarice," "Vanessa," and "Sara."  It doesn't matter which you choose, 
they're all wrong.  Once you reply Geban will say that it's just as he 
thought, and that you're a fake.  He orders the guards to kick you out 
of the castle, and tells Tom he will take responsibility tomorrow. 
Unfortunately for Tom, this means execution. (Whoa, Geban sure is 
strict)  You're kicked out of the castle and you can't reenter.  If you 
haven't equipped yourself already, do so.  If you have enough money 
pick up a Yaiba no Boomerang (Bladed Boomerang) since it will really 
come in handy.  You might want to wait though since you can find 
one fairly soon.  Once you're ready, head for Amoru. You can get 
there by heading NW, and then S from the sign.

Chapter 9: Gina and Iria

On your way to Amoru, you might want to stop by in the nearby 
cave. There's an old man there saying he's looking for a "lost dream."

What's going on in Amoru:
Amoru is a town famous for its water with special healing properties. 
A few points of interest here: People talk about two thieves who 
came to the town 20 years ago. They went to the north cave to 
search for treasure, but only one came back. That one thief is Gina, 
and she works in the town church.  Also, a man says that "you need 
the mirror key to get into the tower."

Items in Amoru: Kimera no Tsubasa, Amoru no Mizu x 2, (Amoru 
Water) Seisui, 
Chiisa na Medal x1: In a chest of drawers in the house near the well.

You'll notice here that the inn and the church are both closed. In 
order to get the church to open, you have to talk to all the people in 
the town. Once the church opens, talk to the priest. Since you don't 
have a place to stay, he'll let you stay in a room downstairs. Go into 
that room and talk to Gina. She says all she has is bad dreams in this 
room, but you can stay. When you go to sleep, something strange 


Items in Amoru: Usamimi Band, (Rabbit Ears) Amoru no Mizu, 50G, 
Chiisa na Medal x 1: In a pot in the room below the church

Once you get out of the church, something strange happens...the 
waterfall in Amoru turns to blood! The entire town freaks, and says 
that it must be because of Iria and Gina, two thieves who came to the 
town a few weeks ago and went to the north cave to look for 
treasure.  Since the water from the waterfall comes from the cave, 
they say something must have happened there. So leave the town 
and go investigate the cave.

The North Cave of Amoru

Items in the North Cave: Inochi no Kinomi, Utsukushisou, Fushigi na 
Kinomi, Yaiba no Boomerang, 410 G, Tetsu no Tsume, Mahou no Seisui 
(Magic Holy Water)
Chiisa na Medal X1: In a treasure box on the far left side of the third 
level down (the one with all the floating logs)

In the Cave of Amoru, a young woman, Gina is washing a sword in 
the river, but no how matter how much she washes it, the blood will 
not come off of it.  She is very distraught, and tells you if you talk to 
her that there is no treasure, only the body of her boyfriend, Iria, 
who she killed.

This is a pretty straightforward dungeon, and as long as your hero is 
around Level 11-12 you should have no problem. If you want to 
build levels or money, here might be a good place since there are lots 
of Metal Slimes, but it's not necessary to do so. When you reach the 
bottom of the cavern, a man is there saying he wants to get the 
treasure but a man with an awful wound is fighting a monster. Run 
in and help the man fighting the monster.

How to beat the Horror Beast
Horror Beast: HP 380
This guy can be a major pain in the butt because with his Medapani 
Dance he can confuse your entire party.  In addition, he can blind 
you, making it tougher to hit him. My advice is to have your Hero 
reduce the Horror Beast's defense as low as possible with Rukani, and 
have Mireyu raise everyone's defense with Skara, while attacking 
with Hassan's Tobihizageri. Once his defense is down and all your 
characters are shielded, have your Hero attack, and have Mireyu cast 
Hyado if she has it, if she doesn't have her attack. If you need 
healing do so.  Not a very tough boss, overall.

Once you beat the Horror Beast, the wounded man will thank you for 
saving him and introduce himself as Iria, Gina's boyfriend! He says 
that when he opened the treasure box, he was attacked by the 
monster, and Gina, who charged at the monster, accidentally hit him 
instead.  He will realize that Gina must think he is dead and asks you 
to guide him to the surface.  Agree, (you can't say no, anyway) and 
take him there.  Once you get to the top Gina is be very surprised to 
see him alive. She is quite relieved, and it turns out that she got the 
Mirror Key on her way out! Before the two leave together, Iria will 
give you the Hayate Ring (Speed Ring) in thanks. The Hayate Ring 
will boost your Subayasa by 30 points!  They will also mention that 
the Mirror Key will open the Tower within which the Lar no Kagami 

Upon returning to the town, you will hear that Iria and Gina have left 
to find Lar no Kagami. If you go to the church, a man will ask you if 
you'd like to rest. If you do so, you will return to Amoru in the other 
world.  Once back, old-lady Gina will freak at seeing you since you 
disappeared from the bed.  She will say that her bad dreams are 
gone and that you looked just like the people in her dream. She will 
also note that the ring you have is just like her old one. Then an old 
man will come in looking for Gina.  Gina will not know who the old 
man is, but he will introduce himself as Iria!  Iria will say he came 
because he was intrigued by a strange dream he had.  Then Gina will 
give you the Kagami no Kagi! (Mirror Key)  Since Iria is back she no 
longer needs her memento of him.  So there's a happy ending to this 
little bit of the story. :)

Chapter 10: Barbara and the Mirror Tower

Now that you have the Mirror Key, you can go to the Mirror Tower. 
It's located north of Reidock.

Items in the Mirror Tower:
Tetsu no Muneate, (Iron Breastplate) 200G, Chikara no Tane, 
Subayasa no Tane

You may notice that the first floor of the tower is an apparent dead 
end.  There is a way in further. If you want to figure it out yourself 
don't read the next paragraph but here's a hint:  Look reeeally 
carefully at those big mirrors--see anything strange?

If you notice, the staircase on the far left isn't reflected in the mirror! 
Check it out. Eventually, the "mirror" will give up, show its true 
form--and attack you.

Boss: Three Poison Zombies
3 Poison Zombies: HP 370 each
Not only can these guys heal each other with Hoimi, but they also 
have Moudoku no Giri, which will hit you with a strong poison that 
can hurt you even during the fight! Therefore, if any of your 
characters get poisoned with Moudoku, you should have Mireyu heal 
them with Kiari immediately. Don't worry if you just get poisoned 
regularly; you can cure that after the fight.  If nobody is heavily 
poisoned, you should have Mireyu attack with Hyado, (you should 
have it by now) or heal with Hoimi if necessary. Have Hassan attack 
or use his Tobihizageri, (or Sutemi if you have both it and guts) and 
have your Hero either attack, (A boomerang comes in real handy 
here) cast Rukani, or heal with Hoimi.

After taking care of the Poison Zombies, you might want to head back 
to Reidock to refuel at the inn.  The Tower is a rather long dungeon 
with some pretty tough monsters and you'd best be in good shape 
before you start it.  A level around 14-16 would probably be 
desirable here.  Here is how the Tower is set up: There are two 
symmetrical towers stemming from a single base, and at the top a 
room is being held in midair suspended by four magic beams. You 
have to destroy those beams in order to lower the room so it's 
accessable. Since the left tower is locked, enter the right one. Take 
care, since the monsters here are tough; the Akuma no Kagamis 
(Demon Mirrors) can use Moshas to imitate your characters, the 
Death Farenas can dish out some heavy damage with their 
Kamaitachis, and the Shadows have annoyingly high Defenses.  But 
the Kotodamatsukais (Word-spirit-users) are the biggest pains since 
they can call friends and cast Bagi.

In the right tower you will find a girl, invisible like you were when 
you first fell into this world. She asks if you can see her. It doesn't 
matter what you say. (if you say "no" then she will say "If you can't 
see me then you wouldn't have talked to me")  She is overjoyed to 
meet someone who can see her. She notes that she doesn't appear in 
the mirror, and says that she's looking for Lar's Mirror, since that 
might be able to make her visible.  She asks you to take her with 
you. Hassan notes that she looks tough.  Even if you say "no," Mireyu 
will force you to let her into your group.  The girl will introduce 
herself as Barbara, but says that's basically all she can remember.

In the right tower, you will find a lever which will open the door to 
the left tower.  You will notice that there are some pushable purple 
spheres in one room. If you push them so that they are not reflected 
in the mirror, they will explode and the beam they are sending to the 
suspended room will disappear. Repeat this pattern for both the left 
and the right towers, and the room will descend to the second floor 
of the tower. Note that there is room with apparently no staircase up; 
look in the mirror and search where the stairs should be to find 
them. Also there is a lever here to lock the door to the right tower. 
(whoopee...)  Also note that there is a place to jump off the tower to 
make the trip down shorter.

Barbara will be happy to find Lar's Mirror, and she can see her 
reflection within it. But still, nobody can see her. Hassan and Mireyu 
say that "that" might work on her. They're referring to the Yumemi 
no Shizuku (Dream-seeing drops), which you got from the cave. Use 
them on Barbara, and she will become visible like the rest of you.  
After scolding you for not using them earlier.  She's about to leave, 
but then realizes she doesn't know what to do next, so she asks to 
join you. She will start whining if you say no, so say yes. You'll have 
to anyway. :)  Don't forget to get the Mirror before you leave!

Chapter 11:  The Kidnapping

Now that you have Lar's mirror, you should go back to Reidock on 
your world. Cast Rura and go to Darma Shinden, from there you can 
take a well to get back to your world. But before you go to Reidock, 
there's a sub-quest you might want to complete. If you don't want to 
do this quest you don't have to, just skip ahead to Chapter 12.

Remember Torukka? That town in the Phantom World you fell into 
at the beginning of the game? Go back there through the big hole 
near Shiena.  Now that you're visible, you can talk to people here.

Back in Torukka, the guy at the store mumbling about Lar's mirror 
will ask to see it. If you show it to him he'll tell you he doesn't have 
enough money to buy it and will return it. But you don't want to sell 
it anyway.  When you enter the house of the mayor, he will come 
and accuse you of kidnapping his daughter, then realize you're not 
the ones and apologize. If you talk to him, he will show you the 
ransom note, which says "Bring 5000G to the well up north." Then 
he'll go out to try and get together the money.  But you want to go up 
to the well.

When you go to the well, you will meet the man, Bigg, you saw 
earlier planning to kidnap the mayor's daughter. He will ask you if 
the mayor sent you. If you say no, he will tell you not to bother him. 
If you say yes, he will ask you for the 5000G.  You'll ask him to show 
the girl, Eliza, first, and he'll do so, ordering his flunkie Smock to 
bring the girl.  Then he'll ask you to pay him the 5000G.  If you do 
pay Bigg (and have the money), he and Smock will leave. When you 
set the girl free, the mayor will come and ask you if you paid off the 
kidnappers for him. If you say yes he will refund you, if you say no 
he will say "oh then you must have beaten them," thank you, and 
leave without paying anything.  But you shouldn't pay them in the 
first place.  If you refuse to pay them, or don't have enough money, 
they will attack you.

Boss: Bigg and Smock
Bigg: HP 500
Smock: HP 330
Bigg is the real damage dealer of the two kidnappers, but Smock is 
immensely annoying, blocking attacks on Bigg and healing himself 
and Bigg, so you should get rid of him first.   Once Smock is out of the 
way you can get rid of Bigg.  Although Bigg has a lot of HP, these 
guys are overall not very tough, so you don't have to worry yourself 
with spells like Rukani or Skara, just concentrate on attacking, and 
heal if you need it. If you made it through the Mirror Tower in one 
piece this fight should be a snap.  You'll get a pair of Suteteko Pants 
(a big sarcastic whoopie...) after beating the two. 

After beating Bigg and Smock, they will run away, and after freeing 
the mayor's daughter, he will come and do his bit about asking you 
whether or not you paid the kidnappers off. If you say yes, he will 
pay you the 5000G.   When you return to the town and talk to the 
mayor, if you took the 5000G he will say that Eliza informed him of 
what really happened but after making a snide comment about your 
character, says he doesn't really mind as long as his daughter is back. 
If, however, you didn't take the money, he will give you an Inochi no 
Kinomi.  Actually, if you did pay off the thugs, you can still get the 
Kinomi, but I don't think one lousy acorn is worth paying 5000G for. 
:) So take whichever you want, the gold or the Kinomi.

Chapter 12: The King(?) of Reidock

When you return to Reidock, Soldi will be waiting for you, and he'll 
ask you if you have the Mirror. If you say yes, he will be thrilled and 
will take you straight to the king.  When you talk to the king, he will 
thank you heartily, and say that with the mirror, they can see 
Mudo's true form and therefore fight him.  He says he is going to 
make a plan for the attack, and wants you to help. He wants to meet 
you all in the evening on the soldier's room on the second floor for 
the briefing.

When night comes, the King still won't come, and Hassan will start to 
complain.  Then Soldi will come up and say that he wants to see you 
in the King's chamber.  Up in the King's chamber, he and the Prime 
Minister are very worried because the King is in what appears to be 
great pain.  Soldi will ask you if the mirror you brought is real, and it 
doesn't matter what you say, he wants you to use it to find out 
what's wrong with the King.  The King will say "I'm not..." then 
radiate power, knocking you all back.  Lar's Mirror will start to glow, 
and the king turns into....a woman!  He (she?) takes a few steps 
forward, and collapses.

Once the King(?) comes to, she will say that this his her true form, 
and that she's not the King, her name is Shera.  The Prime Minister 
will say "I've heard that name somewhere..."  but then ask "If you're 
not the king, then where is he?"  Shera will say that he is where 
Mudo is.  She then will go on to say that she thinks Mudo *is* the 
king, but she doesn't know why she knows.  Then she'll ask Soldi 
"You believe me, don't you, Tom?"  Soldi, very confused, says that his 
name is Soldi, but the name "Tom" really irritates him for some 
reason.  After asking whether or not you're really [whatever you 
named the hero] she will ask to come with you to go to Mudo's castle, 
to defeat him and find out why she turned into the King.

Mudo's castle is underground, far to the southeast.  You'll find out at 
the gate that blocked your way before, the guards are dead.  The 
cavern entrance to the Castle is in the middle of an island; you'll have 
to travel through swamp to get there.

Chitei Majou-The Underground Castle

Items in the Underground Castle: Fushigi na Kinomi, Tetsu no Kabuto, 
Mahou no Seisui, Odoriko no Fuku (Dancer's Clothes)

You may notice that once you go there, the Underground Castle crops 
up as a spot that you can travel to using Rura. That's because this 
dungeon is *not* trivial.  It's fairly long and there are really tough 
monsters there.  You will need a *lot* of luck trying to make it 
through and beat Mudo in one shot under level 15-16.  Therefore, I 
recommend you take this dungeon in steps, making forays back and 
forth between the town and the dungeon, exploring a little more each 
time, rather than trying to clean it out in one shot.  Avoid the Stone 
Beasts with your life, as they can cast Begirama which will do major 
damage to your party at this point. If you want to try and fight them, 
try and put them to sleep with Rariho and reduce their defense with 

Once you make it into the castle itself, Shera will make you pull out 
the Mirror to reveal any traps.  To open the two big locked doors, go 
down the staircase and hit the two switches.  You'll notice that at one 
point, you'll find yourself in a pitch black room with lots of open pits. 
In order to make it through without memorizing the place through 
trial and error, you'll have to open the four grates on the upper level 
and let light in through them.  To open the final, fifth grate, you'll 
have to circle around the dark room to get to Mudo's chamber.  When 
you meet Mudo, he will give a usual big bad guy speech, and then 
attack you.

Boss: Maou Mudo
Mudo: HP 900
When you go through the Underground Castle and intend to fight 
Mudo, make sure you don't use any magic, and take a lot of Yakusou 
to heal you to full strength before the fight.  If your Hero is using a 
Yaiba no Boomerang, (I usually do until Darma Shinden is revived-
they're really useful) change him to a Hagane no Tsurugi. (Steel 
Sword) Mudo is really annoying with his fire attacks; he can cast 
Merami or use Fire breath, so have Mireyu on the ready with her 
Behoimi spell. (If you haven't gotten this by now-you're in big 
trouble) Have Barbara and your Hero reduce Mudo's defense with 
Rukani; if they both cast it the first round you can reduce his defense 
to 0.  Afterwards, have the Hero and Barbara attack.  Have Mireyu 
cast Skara on all four of your characters, (I usually start with 
Barbara since she has the lowest HP) then have her cast Hyado.  
Make sure she has enough MP left for healing at all times though. 
Your Hero can also provide backup healing.  Hassan, as usual, should 
use Tobihizageri, or Sutemi if you're feeling courageous or have full 

Once you defeat Mudo, he will disappear in mist and try to escape. 
Shera will tell you to use the Mirror.  Do so.  The mirror will not only 
reveal Mudo, but change him into his true form, back into that of the 
King.  The King will recognize Shera immediately as his wife, i.e. she 
is the queen.  He has no idea what he is doing in the Castle, and Shera 
tells him he was Mudo.  The King can't remember anything, and then 
says "It's like it was a dream..." Then he realizes something, and 
reveals the biggest secret in the game so far: The world that you all 
thought to be the real world is actually the "Dream World," created 
from the dreams of the people in the real world, what you had 
thought to be the "Phantom World."  This explains the little thing 
between Iria and Gina, and also explains why Soldi looks so much 
like Tom; Tom hated his name and wanted to be called Soldi, 
therefore in the dream world he *is* Soldi.

The King says that you (the party) must be residents of the Dream 
World and also notes that you (the Hero) looks a lot like his son.  
Soldi comes in with a whole mass of soldiers to try and back you up, 
and then notices that Mudo's not there.  The King calls Soldi Tom and 
once again confuses him.  After a quick explanation to Soldi, the King, 
Queen, Soldi and the soldiers will all leave for the castle, and the King 
will ask you to come to see him.  Leave the Underground Castle, and 
return to Reidock. 

Chapter 13: Chamoro and the Ship of God

When you return to the Castle, nobody will be there. When you 
explain to the Prime Minister what happened, he will say that 
nobody came, and will ask if the King really was Mudo. Not that what 
you say makes any difference. :) He asks you to wait until they get 
back.  After a day they're still not back, and the Prime minister asks 
you to go look for them.  Hassan wonders where they are on the way 
out, and asks you if you think they're doing it deliberately to tease 
you.  Again, what you say makes no difference. :)  Later, Barbara 
realizes what's going on.  "The King said to go to the castle, so we 
should go to the castle!"  Then she asks if you understand.  If you say 
no she'll just tell you flat out to go to Reidock in the other world.  Do.

When you get to Reidock in the real world, the townspeople are 
excited that the king is awake.  When you talk to the guard in front 
of the castle he asks you excitedly if you were the fakes that came in 
earlier. Say yes.  He will say that he's been waiting for you, and asks 
you to follow him....and then throws you in the dungeon.  The 
soldiers are pretty pissed at you since Tom is dead because of what 
you did.  The soldier in the next cell will call to you and will call you 
idiots for coming back to the castle.  Then the soldier will run back in 
and apologize profusely, saying it was his mistake for throwing you 
in prison.  He'll take you to the king.

The King will ask you to forgive the soldiers, and then ask if you're 
the ones that helped him in his dream. He will keep asking until you 
say yes.  Then he explains what happened to him.  He was on a ship, 
travelling to fight with Mudo, then suddenly a strange air 
surrounded him, knocking him into a deep slumber, and he doesn't 
remember going back to the castle, but when he came to his senses 
he *was* Mudo!  That is, the Mudo you fought.  He thanks you a lot, 
then asks you to follow him outside.  When you talk to him outside, 
he asks you to help him, and fight the real Mudo in his stead.  You 
can say no and leave, but the game won't progress until you go and 
tell him you will.  But he says that there are no ships in the castle, 
and asks if you know of the Gent Clan.  Doesn't matter what you say, 
his response is the same.  He tells you that they are a holy clan that 
have a boat called "Kami no Fune" (Ship of God)  He says that he has 
written a form to introduce you and that if you show it to them they 
will surely let you use the boat.  Now, you should go to the village of 
Gent.  You can get there by going north through a gate.

What's going on in Gent:
Despite being very close to Maou Mudo's castle, the village of Gent is 
a rather peaceful place, and has a kind of "holy" aura to it.  Sick and 
injured people from all over the world are coming here to be healed 
by the town elder, and all are makijng speedy recoveries. Two things 
to note here: The horse you see is the grandchild of the Tenma,  
(Tenma=Pegasus, more or less) which came to the village many years 
ago.  Also, a woman talks about the healing properties of the Gent no 
Tsue (Staff of Gent.)

Items in Gent: Mamori no Tane, Nuno Fuku, Fushigi na Kinomi, 
Tongari Boushi (Pointed Hat)

When you go to see the elder he'll ask you what business you have 
with him, and you'll give him the letter from the King.  The Elder is 
surprised as he says there should be ships at the castle.  But he says 
that even if the King asks, he's not allowed to let people who are not 
from Gent use the ship.  He apologizes and tells you to take care as 
you leave.   As you're about to leave, a young boy enters.  The Elder 
has a quick exchange with the boy, Chamoro, and then he notices 
you.  When told why you're here, Chamoro starts at the notion that 
you'll use the ship, but calms down when the elder tells him that he 
refused.  As you're about to leave, something strange happens to 
Chamoro, and he hears a strange voice telling him not to let you (the 
party) leave, and instructs him to help you.  After hearing the voice, 
Chamoro tells the Elder to let you use the boat, and he will go with 
you.  When he explains his change of heart, the elder is very 
surprised and says "Then they must be the legendary heroes!"  
Chamoro replies, "Maybe, maybe not."  Then you leave with him.

Chamoro will take you to the ship.  When you enter, he will ask you 
if you are ready.  If you say yes, then Chamoro will join your party.  
He will chant a strange incantation to release the seal on the ship. 
Then the ship will go to Mudo's Castle.

Chapter 14: Mudo's Castle

Once you reach the island, Barbara will stay behind to watch the 
ship.  You will note there is another run-down ship already at the 
island; Hassan notes upon leaving that someone else must have 
already gone into Mudo's Castle.  You can now enter the cave which 
leads to Mudo's castle.  But beforehand, you should cast Rura to go 
back to the town and equip Chamoro, and your other characters too. 
Get at least one Haja no Tsurugi. (Evil-breaking-sword) When you 
use it in battle it works like Gira, and is powerful too. *****DO NOT 
GET RID OF THE GENT NO TSUE*****  It's the weapon Chamoro starts 
with, and it may be a really weak, but when you use it in battle as an 
item, it heals 90 HP of damage and can be used as many times as you 
want.  This item will save your butt many a time.

Mudo's Island

This dungeon is HARD. It's one of the longest dungeons in the game, 
and the monsters are tough too; the Maddrons can cast Zaki, which 
will kill the target immediately.  This is the only point in the game 
other than the very beginning that I strongly recommend you build 
some levels.  At least build Chamoro to level 13.  Then he gets 
Zaoraru, the resurrection spell, which will really help; up until now 
you've had no way to revive dead characters in the middle of a 
dungeon.  Speaking of dead characters-If anyone dies, you can go 
back to Gent, and the elder will revive them all for free.

Items on Mudo's Island: 1150G, Hagane no Yoroi, (Steel Armor) Chain 
Cross, Inochi no Kinomi, Mahou no Seisui.
3 of the Treasure boxes here are Hitokuibakos. (Man-eating boxes)

The first section of the dungeon is filled with lava, which does 
damage when you walk on it.  Unfortunately, you're going to have to 
go right through it; the staircase to get to the end of the dungeon is 
smack in the middle of a very large pool of lava directly northeast 
from the entrance to the cave.  The exit to this dungeon is 6 floors 
up. Note that once you leave the exit on the 6th floor, there's no 
turning back.  You won't be able to go back to a town until you either 
kill Mudo or all die.  I recommend that when you do decide to attack 
Mudo that your Hero and Hassan both be at least level 20. 

Once you exit the dungeon, you will camp out in a clearing.  It should 
look pretty familiar. ;)  Once you wake up, you will get a complete 
rerun of the opening sequence of the game.  Except that Chamoro will 
ask you what's wrong, if you've seen this place before.  Hassan and 
Mireyu, also, will have a sense of deja vu.  Mireyu blows the flute 
and the dragon comes, just like before, and the four of you are taken 
into Mudo's castle.

Now you're in Mudo's castle. Talk to Chamoro, he will cast a spell so 
that you can return to the castle without going through the dungeon 
if you all get wiped out.  There are two things you can do here; either 
go straight to Mudo, or you can search the castle for treasure.  
Whichever you do, I strongly recommend that you NOT use any MP. 
Therefore, bring a busload of Yakusou if you plan to search the 
castle.  If you want to search the castle, you're going to need the 
Touzoku no Kagi to open the locked doors.  If you choose not to 
search the castle, you can always come back later.  Whatever you do, 
make sure not to let Chamoro die since he's the only character that 
can cast Zaoraru.

Items in Mudo's Castle:
Tekkamen, (Iron Mask) 1800G, Honou no Tsume (Flame Claw)
1 of the chests is a Hitokuibako.  

When you enter the first room, you will find a likeness of Hassan.  
Hassan will freak, and see if he's dead.  But it isn't, it's just in a 
sleeping state.  He wonders why there are two of him, and there's a 
strange reaction between the two, and they fuse!  Hassan remembers 
that he *is* the son of that family back in San Marino, but he left and 
met you and the others.  And he fought with Mudo, but Mudo sent 
his spirit to the Dream World, as a traveling Butouka.  Looks like that 
wasn't just a dream you had at the beginning of the game. ;)  At this 
point, Hassan remembers Seikenzuki, a *very* powerful Butouka 

If you decided to search the castle, you will probably run into a very 
annoying monster--the Hellbeast.  They're not too tough, but when 
they cast Rukanan, you'll want Yakusou to heal that extra damage 
taken.  With Hassan's Seikenzuki, though, they shouldn't be too 
tough.  As usual, the Gent no Tsue will come in handy.  There's 
another annoying monster here-the Akuma no Tsubo. (Demon Pot)
If you want to risk it, search the pot on the second floor and fight 
him.  It casts Zaki, so you'll want to be careful.  It also casts 
Mahokite, so don't cast any spells on it.  Also, almost every one of its 
attacks will be a critical hit, so be very very careful. I say avoid it. :)

In the castle, a monster, when you talk to it will say-"You're the ones 
that Mudo sealed in the dream world!"  This proves that what you 
saw at the beginning of the game wasn't a dream.  Then he fights 
you.   He can use Moudoku no Giri, which is really nasty when you're 
trying to conserve MP. But he should be no problem with Hassan's 

Once you get to the door before Mudo, heal your characters to full 
strength with Yakusou. Give Mireyu the Gent no Tsue.  Before you 
enter, Mireyu and Hassan talk about how this time won't end up like 
last time, and to use what they've learned in the Dream world 
effectively.  However, once you enter, you are again caught in the 
strange mist.  Mudo levitates your party in the air and laughs at you, 
saying no matter how many times you come to attack him you can 
never win.  Then he blows up all your characters just like before, and 
you wake up on the floor of your house back in Lifecod. Not again...

However, the Mirror of Lar came with you.  Tanya notes how it's 
pretty, but her reflection doesn't look too healthy. She wonders why.  
When you look into the mirror, it glows, and you all return to Mudo's 
palace.  Since his magic won't work, Mudo attacks you.

Boss: Maou Mudo and his henchmen
Maou Mudo: HP 650
Kirisaki Pieros: HP 110 each
Devil Armors: HP 75 each
No matter how annoying those Kirisaki no Pieros are, leave them 
alone and focus your attention on Mudo. If you kill them Mudo will 
only summon more.  First have Mireyu cast Skult. (If you haven't 
gotten this spell yet you are in big trouble.) Then have your Hero and 
Chamoro attack Mudo, and have Hassan use Seikenzuki on Mudo.  
Mireyu should either continue to cast Skult or use the Gent no Tsue if 
people are injured. Try not to have Chamoro cast spells as you'll want 
to save his MP to resurrect dead characters.  Once Mudo is dead get 
rid of those Pieros. When you're down to one Piero, have Mireyu use 
the Gent no Tsue to get everyone's HP as high as possible before 
beating the last one.

Once you beat Mudo, he will shed his shield and show his true power. 
You must fight him again.

Boss: Maou Mudo
Maou Mudo: HP 900
This is the big one!  For the first round, be *sure* to have Mireyu cast 
Skult, because she's probably going to be spending the rest of her 
time healing people with the Gent no Tsue.  Have Hassan attack Mudo 
with Seikenzuki or attack, and have your Hero attack if everyone's 
HP are high, otherwise act as a backup healer. Try and save 
Chamoro's MP for Zaoraru but have him heal if necessary. Mudo is a 
very, very annoying boss; he can attack twice in a round, breathe 
cold or use lightning to attack your entire party, blind your party, 
put characters to sleep....he's not easy to beat.  Mudo is rather weak 
to flame, so the Tetsu no Tsume or the Haja no Tsurugi are nice 

Now Mudo is dead for good.  This is the major turning point of the 
game.  The Hero hears a strange voice saying, "Congratulations, you 
beat Mudo, now go back, everyone is waiting for you."  When you go 
back to Reidock, the king is very happy, although a bit surprised, 
that you were able to beat Mudo.  He says that now the world can 
live in peace, and it's all thanks to you.  He says your journey is over 
and thanks you on behalf of the entire world.  Then he offers you a 
gift in thanks for your troubles, and asks if you will take it.  Even if 
you decline, he will insist and give you the Ikazuchi no Tsue. 
(Lightning staff)  He will say that Shera has something she wants to 
say to you in private and asks the others to leave.  Mireyu says 
they'll all be waiting downstairs.

Shera says that she believes that you are truly Prince [Whatever you 
named your Hero], but you're different than the Prince they know; 
you are just like they dreamed you could be.  She asks you to search 
the world to find out who you truly are, and the answer will come to 
you just like it did for Hassan.  So there you have your new quest.  
The people in the King's room give two crucial pieces of information; 
the elder of Gent has given you permission to use the Ship of God for 
whatever you want, and, more importantly-Darma Shinden has been 
revived in the Dream World!  Before you start exploring the world to 
"find yourself," that should be your first stop.  You can get there by 
going through the well in the Darma Shinden of the real world. 
However, note that once you kill Mudo, you can go back to Lifecod 
and buy the Seirei no Yoroi for 7000G. The Seirei no Yoroi is 
awesome armor for this part of the game; you won't find more 
powerful armor than it for a long time, and it reduces all magic 
damage to the wearer.  You can get it now or later, whenever you 
want. But your next destination should be Darma Shinden in the 
Dream World.

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