Castlevania - Rondo of Blood (e)

Andere Lösungen
-=-=-=-=-= PC Engine Akumajo Dracula X : Rondo of Blood FAQ ver 1.0 =-=-=-=-=- 
Written by TyRaNiD copyright (c) 1999


1)  Introduction
2)  Game details
3)  Characters
4)  Strategy guide to the levels
5)  Endings.
6)  Cheats
7)  Other games in the series.
8)  Revision history
9)  Contact info.
10) Thanx and greetz


1) Introduction

Ever since I saw this game in the UK computer magazine Edge Ive always wanted
a copy. Unfortunately due to it only being released in Japan and not owning
a PC Engine Super CD-ROM system I could not play it. Now due to the wonders
of emulation it is now possible (with a bit of hard cash) to get a copy and
play it on your PC. I am a die hard castlevania fan ever since the first one
was released on the NES all those years ago and this is one of the best CV
games in existance. As there does not seem to be a walkthrough / guide to the
many secrets in this game I have decided to write my own, for everyones
benefit (and just so I dont forget).


2) Game details.

Name : Akumajo Dracula X : Rondo of Blood.

Developer : Konami

Year : 1993

System : PC Engine Super CD-ROM2

Gameplay : Standard castlevania game with alot of levels and secret paths.

Levels : 13 containing 4 pairs of alternative levels.

Difficulty : The game is not one of the most difficult CV games around however
it is more difficult than CV4 on the SNES. However due to the fact that there
is no level time limit you can take each level as slowly as you want.

Objective : The primary aim of this game is to kill Dracula. However there
is a sub plot which you need to fulfill to complete the game properly. This
is to save all the prisoners in Dracula castle and of course it is also a good
idea to find all the level exits. 7 levels in the game have both a normal
exit (which is easy to find) and a secret exit. The secret exit will take
you to an alternative level.


3) Characters

Playable characters

Special Notes

One feature of this game (along with SNES Dracula X and PSX Dracula X) is the
item crash. When you have a weapon and the heart meter is flashing green
you can press select and a special attack will occur. This differs between
weapons and so does the amount of heart points used.

General Moves :

These moves are applicable to both Richter and Maria

Walk : Press left and right on the joypad.
Attack : II button.
Jump : I button.
Item crash : Select button
Fire weapon : Up + II button.
Pause : Run button.
Jump on stairs : Hold up when over the stairway.
Drop off stairs : When on stairs hold down and press jump button.

Richter Belmont / Belmondo

Main weapon : Vampire killer whip. This always starts off as a morning star
unlike previous version. It also cannot be upgraded.

Extra weapons : As always there a extra weapons which are usually critical
to successfully completing the game.

Axe : When fired this weapon will fire in an arc above you. It is quite
powerful and useful for hitting enemies and lamps / candles above your position
You have to be quite accurate in its deployment however as it is sometimes
easy to miss. USAGE : 1 heart.

Item Crash : A ring of axes will appear around Richter and go slowly out.
Ive not found this crash to be very useful against bosses but against and large
numbers of enemies it can be. USAGE : 10 hearts.

Knife : While this weapon has never been very good in my mind however Konami have
improved it somewhat. Now when fired richter throws 3 knives instead of one.
Still a weak weapon. USAGE : 1 heart.

Item Crash : Richter throws a barrage of knives straight ahead. Only useful
on bosses which stay more or less still (very few). USAGE : 10 hearts.

Boomerang / Holy cross: Proably the best weapon in the game. When fired it will 
go only a short distance but it is a powerful weapon and will come back to richter
for a second hit. If fired at the right distance the boomerang will hold for
a brief moment on the enemy. This will cause the most damage possible.
USAGE : 1 heart.

Item Crash : A crucifix will appear in the middle of the screen then
multiple crucifixes will rise up from the bottom hitting anything in their path.
This has good range and can cause alot of damage. One of the best Item Crashes.
USAGE : 15 hearts.

Holy Water : This weapon is normally overlooked with good reason. At least
it has been improved from the original weapon. When fired a bottle will decend
down from richter at about 45 degrees hitting anything in its path. When the
bottle hits a floor it turns into a green flame which burns away from richter
causing more damage. However the damage is not very good and the weapon is
generally not much good for bosses. USAGE : 1 heart.

Item Crash : A rain shower of holy water fills the entire screen. Causes good
damage and has good range. Shame about the hearts required to use it.
USAGE : 20 hearts.

Stopwatch : I wouldnt bother with this weapon at all. It has no effect on
bosses and only slow enemies down instead of stopping them like in previous
CV games, For the hearts it takes it is useless. USAGE : 5 hearts.

Item Crash : 12 stars appear on screen and destroy everything about. Powerful
but very wasteful of hearts. USAGE : 30 hearts.

Holy Book : This weapon creates a book and pages which circle Richter and damage
anything it comes in contact with. USAGE : 3 hearts

Item Crash : Sends a load of pages forward from Richter in a circle destroying 
anything in it way. USAGE : 10 hearts.

Key : Used to open locked doors once only. USAGE : None.

Item Crash : Try it and find out. Just dont do it on a moving platform over
water as you will proably die :) USAGE : 1 heart.

Extra Moves :

Whip item crash : When Richter has no weapon and the heart meter is flashing
green then doing an item crash will cause Richter to jump forward and fire
a large flaming whip. Unlike other versions this only lasts for one attack.

Backwards walk : Press and hold the attack button and you can walk backwards.
This is useful to move away from an enemy while getting ready for an attack.

Double jump : When walking backwards or standing still if you quickly press the
jump button twice this will make Richter do a backwards double jump. Useful to 
get away from enemies.

Maria Larnedo

Main weapon : Doves. You can fire up to two doves at the same time forward.
These are quite powerful and will follow Maria when returning so it can be
used to get some enemies which are more difficult with Richter. They also 
can be fired when moving.

Extra weapons :

Birds : When fired two red birds will fly above Maria in opposite direction.
Not very powerful. Only useful for hitting enemies above Maria wich cant be
reached with the doves. USAGE : 1 heart.

Item Crash : A pheonix decends from the top of the screen and picks Maria up.
Then a shower of fire balls drop from the sky on any enemy on the screen.
Quite a powerful weapon much like Richters holy water item crash.
USAGE : 20 hearts.

Cats : Maria will fire a small white cat onto the floor. It will jump about
over platforms for a couple of seconds hitting anything in its path. Not
particulily powerful and can only be used against enemies on the ground.
USAGE : 3 hearts.

Item Crash : A big white cat appears and picks up Maria. This the appears
on the same level as the enemies and hits them once. This is resonably
powerful and can hit a boss at any point on the screen. USAGE : 20 hearts.

Dragon : Maria will fire a small dragon which goes slightly above her head
and then straight on. This is marias most powerful weapon but unfortunately
takes alot of heart points. USAGE : 5 hearts.

Item Crash : A big dragon sweeps across the screen causing considerable damage.
This is reflected in the ridiculus heart usage. USAGE 50 hearts.

Turtle Shell : Maria will create a big blue turtle shell which covers her
and acts as a shield. However this severly resicts her movement. Most enemies
cannot penetrate this.To get out of the shell press up + attack. USAGE : 3 hearts.

Item Crash : A big turtle will appear from the back of the screen and attack
any enemies on the screen. USAGE : 10 hearts.

Song book : Maria will sing and cause musical notes to float across the screen
damaging anything thy come into contact with. USAGE : 3 hearts.

Item crash : About 12 musical notes appear on screen. They stay there for a
brief period of time and will damage anything they come into contact with.
USAGE : 10 hearts.

Bird Egg : Maria will drop a birds egg. It will break open and aload of birds 
will fly upwards and attack any enemies in their way. USAGE 3 hearts.

Item Crash : The egg will break open and a ring of birds with a red bird in the 
middle will appear and fly off attacking any enemy in their path. USAGE 5 hearts.

Key : Used to open locked doors once only. USAGE : None.

Item Crash : Try it and find out. Just dont do it on a moving platform over
water as you will proably die :) USAGE : 1 heart.

Extra moves :

Double Jump : If you press jump when Maria is already in the air she will
jump a second time. Useful to reach high places and avoided bits of levels.

Slide : Press the jump button when ducking. It will make maria slide across
the screen on her chest beating her arms (a temper tantrum ??). Diagonals will
make her roll.

Alter-Ego Attack : Press down, up , down-forward and attack. Maria will project
her alter-ego forward, causing major damage. Can be used in mid-air. If you are
using the keyboard to play and is having problems doing this move, try using the
hadouken motion (quarter circle forward) instead of the down-forward key.

What character to use ?

Both Richter and Maria have different abilities and so one is normally better
suited to some situation than others. Richter relies on his high energy and
better weapons to get through a level. He is less prone to damage and does not
get knocked back as far as Maria does. Maria has a much lower amount of energy
and if she gets hit she will normally be throw back a long way. However she
is alot faster and has a more powerful main weapon which can be used to get
out of tight situation. Also maria is smaller and can duck under ememy
projectiles and the like. A couple of bosses are also easier to kill with
maria (especially the headless Knight). Basically it seems to me that Maria is
a good character for the beginner and Richter is a challenge once you have mastered
the game.

Non Playable characters

Annette : Richter girlfriend. She has been locked up by Dracula obviously for a 

Iris : Another prisoner. I have no idea who she is.

Tera : Another prisoner. Again no idea whats her story.

Dracula : The evil guy your here to kill.


Food : There are three types of food available and depending on the size depends
on how much energy you recover. If you already have full health you will receive
1000 points instead.

Pendant : A cross-like pendant which detroys everything on screen.

Money bag : This gives you points and cash to spend on viewing the boss movies.
Their value depends on the colour.

1UP : Gives you an extra life. If you complete a level with full health you will 
be awarded a no damage bonus of a extra life.

Potion : Makes you invincible for a short period of time.

Heart container : Increases your heart level.


4) Level strategy/secrets guide.

This section will give a brief description of the levels and contains the
location of secret exits and some strategys for the more diffcult areas in
the levels. If you do not want to know the locations of the exits or the
prisoners then dont read this section.
Note that the level names except for the Prologue are made up by me as I
cant read Japanese. If anyone knows what their proper names are then please
email me and ill correct them.

-= Level 0 : Prologue =-

As Richter is riding towards the town of Veros the Grim Reaper appears to stop him.
Not much to say about this level as it only takes two hits to break deaths scythe
and get rid of him. If u cant do this level then give up now ..

-= Level 1 : Town of Veros =-

You shouldnt have much trouble negotiating this level. Areas to watch out for
are the skeletons throwing flaming barells, and the green skeleton which jump
out of a window at you.

Alternative exit : After the area where skeletons are jumping out of windows at you
you will go down a set of stairs. In this area on your right there is a small
pool of water. Attack the wall on the other side of the water and it will
break open and a large heart will appear. Jump over and collect it. Now jump
up and attack left. The wall will break away and you can walk through.
Follow this round until you find a moving platform. Drop into the pit below it
and you will reach a new area. Goto the right hand side of the room and attack
the wall. Exit through that area, You can goto the left as well but you will
just face a big plant and there is nothing worth getting in the room.

Boss : Wyvern.
Alternative boss : Serpent.

-= Level 2 : Entrance to the demon castle =-

This is the typical first level in the any castlevania game. It is basically
a repeat of the first level of the original Castlevania. However the main
difference is that at one point a massive dead bull chases you across the
screen. When this happens make sure that there is no ghouls appearing in front
of you over the holes in the floor unless you want to go to the alternative exit.
This area also contains the key to open Marias locked room. It is in the third 
candle after the bull starts chasing you. Make sure you dont pick any other weapon
up in this time overwise you might loose the key. When you reach the mermens lair,

two areas away, go all the way to the right and use the key on the locked door.
After you have watched the animation you can change to Maria whenever you die.

Alternative exit : When the bull is chasing you drop down one of the holes in the
floor and you will appear in an underground water area. Battle the masses of enemies
to reach the boss. 

Boss : Werewolf
Alternative Boss : B. Golem ??

-= Stage 2' The aquaduct =-

Watch out in the first areas of this level for crumbling platforms. Sometimes
the bridge will just give way and you can fall through. Also watch out for the
winged demon statues which come to life in the second area. This level should
really be that much of a problem for most players.

Alternative exit : In the second area with the winged demon staues drop down
the hole in the bridge just before the third statue. You will drop onto
charons river boat. He will take you across the water to the exit. This bit
can be very irritating to play as the mermen which jump out of the water can
easily knock you to your death in the water. Stand at the back of the boat and
attack each one which appears in front of you. This scene is quite long as well.

Alternative exit 2 : When you come down the stairs from the area with the winged
statues on the next screen just before you go back upstairs again you will see another 
platform on the right hand side. Jump across the water and continue until the end to
get to the exit. NOTE : this can only be reached with Maria. 

Boss : Werewolf
Alternative Boss : B. Golem

-= Stage 3 : The chapel =-

Alternative exit : Keep going through the level as you normally would but dont
fall down any pits as this will stop you from getting to the secret exit. Eventually
you will reach a room with loads of candles. At the end of that room kill the jumping
jack enemy and youll see two lifts, one of which has a big rock over it. Jump on the
lift with the rock to raise the other lift up. Jump on the other lift and keep attacking
the rock. After 3 to 4 hits the rock will break and your lift will be propelled upwards
to the alternative boss. If you find you cant hit the rock anymore just jump on the other
lift again to raise it back up.

Boss : Minotour.
Alternative Boss : Dogether.

-= Stage 3' : The Cemetery =-

There is a secret weapons room on this level just as you start. If you go up the
hill type area at the start, the one with grave stone on the top. If you walk next
to the grave stone from right to left you will notice the stone moves. If you keep
pushing eventually you will fall into a new room. This room contains weapons for
you to collect and also a 1UP. 

There is a prisoner on this level. At the end of the first area there is a door above
and a wall below. If you destroy the wall and go to the next area you will see the 
end of a red staircase. Go down it and you will save a prisoner.

Alternative exit : Go through the level until you find the area with spiked balls
on chains moving up and down. Attack the chains just above the spiked ball on the 
second one. The ball will drop drown to the next level. Go back down a level and
you will find a new hole has appeared in the floor. Drop down the hole to the 
alternative exit. Note however that there is the spiked ball at the bottom of the 
hole. Im not sure you can avoid it so make sure you have enough health. 

Boss : Minotaur.
Alternative Boss : Dogether.

-= Stage 4 : The main hallway =-

Alternative exit. The way to the exit is in the area with the swinging spiked 
balls. When you reach the section where there is a spiked ball and platform on
chains go to the right side next to the large wall and attack the bottom block
of the wall. You will see a bomb there so attack the fuse and it will blow up
detroying the wall and allowing you access to the secret area.

Boss : Dullahan.
Alternative boss : Carmilla.

-= Stage 4' : The water vein =-

The most annoying enemies on this stage are the frogs. They can be difficult
to hit so try and get them before they have a chance to move. The first major
secret on this level is a prisoner. I dont know what her name is but if anyone
can enlighten me then be my guest. To get the prisoner first go to the second
area. You will find 2 small frog statues at the beginning and end of the area.
If you hit the first one then goto the end hit the other and return on yourself 
you will find a bridge has been dropped. Go down and youll find the door to get
the prisoner.

Alternative exit : In the second area you will see at the start a small
waterfall with little rafts on them. Drop onto a raft and you will be propelled
down a large incline. Some birds will appear. If you hit the box underneath
them you will release hearts or weapons. Or u can just kill them. Skeletons will
chase after you and will resurrect when killed so it might be a good time
to get some points. Be careful at the end as you need to jump onto a platform
without hitting the bird droppping the sign or getting hit by a skeleton behind
you. Now you meet charon and his boat again. Jump on the boat and go to the other
side of the water. Now you need a key. One way is to get it from killing the bats
when you are going across the water. However that is very difficult to get and 
would proably get you killed, so jump back on the boat and charon will say something
and hand you a piece of food. Do it again and he will throw you a key. Now go to
the right avoiding and killing the bats and go through the door. 

Boss : Dullahan.
Alternative boss : Carmilla.

-= Stage 5 : Ships graveyard =-

Secret and way of getting past the irritating floating weapons. When you come down
the stairs into the area which the floating weapons are, at the bottom of the level
you will see a steel girder underneath some of the floor. Go down to the left of if
and destroy the two bits of floor above it. Now push the girder until the middle bit
drops down the hole. Go to the other side of the girder and detroy the blocks situated
above the hole. Drop down and youll be in a secret area. You can destroy the engine 
to get an extra life. Also if you are maria you can jump over the engine and slide 
under a small pathway. This will lead you up to a room with about 20 hearts in it.
When you come out of the engine room you will have avoided the floating weapons enemy.

Be wary of the painting as if it touches you it will immediately kill you :/ Just keep
attacking it as it comes close and it should never touch you.

Boss : Grim reaper.

-= Stage 5' : Alternative ships graveyard ??? =-

Note : This stage seems to be only accessable after killing dracula.

This level seems to have two routes through. On the path which leads upwards you have
a confrontation between two pretty hard knights. The other route is harder to tranverse
but there are no knights to greet you. There is no boss at the end of this level.

-= Stage 6 : Boss level =-

This level just consists of 5 bosses which each attack one after another. You
must do it on one energy bar.

Boss 1 : Vampire bat. This is quite an easy boss especially with Maria as she
can jump up to it and hit it with 2 doves each time. You shoudlnt need to lose
any energy on this or use any heart points :/ Its two attacks are to fire a 
ball of fire at you which can be whipped away. The second attack is the bat 
turns itself into a big drill and attacks you on the floor. Both attacks are 
predicatable and easy to avoid, just keep hitting it. It will change into a 
load of hearts when it dies.

Boss 2 : Medusa. A bit more difficult but still quite simple. She has three main
attacks. Pertify, jumping and whipping with her tail, and throwing 3 small balls 
which damage you if they touch. The petrify glare will pass over you if you duck 
or if your Maria whether you are ducking or not. For the jumping move she will
stop moving for a second and then jump. When that happens just run in the other 
direction. The final attack is easy to avoid. Just whip the balls to get rid of them.

Boss 3 : Mummy.
Boss 4 : Frankenstein.
Boss 5 : Shaft.

-= Stage 7 : Clock tower =-

To get the Anette from her cell you must first pick up a key. On the first upwards
area of the clock tower at the top youll find a door like wall on the left and a 
cog above it. Hit the cog until the door opens then go inside. You will find a bird
with the key around its neck. Kill the bird and you have the key to open the door. 
The door is located two areas away on the left on the ground floor.

Boss : Shaft.

-= Final Stage : Dracula's tower =-

There is one small secret on this level. When you first go up the stairs jump just
under the doorway and hold up. You will land on some invisible stairs. This secret
only contains money bags.

Boss : Dracula (duuh).

5) Endings

I think there are only two ending on this game, and neither are particulaily
different from the other.

Ending 1.

You get this ending if you do not save all 4 prisoners. The first part is a movie 
like ending with Richter or Maria talking to Dracula. Then you get the credits.

Ending 2.

You get this ending if you save all the prisoners. The only difference ive seen is
that you get pictures of the 4 prisoners when the credits role. 

Is there anymore endings ??


6) Cheats

Level select : Enter X-X!V''Q as your name at the load screen. You can now select any
level you want.


7) Other games in the series

If you liked Dracula X on the PCE CDROM these are most of the other games in the 
castlevania series. Most of them can be found on emulators and the roms on the
internet. While I dont condone the illegal use of roms the very fact that most
of these games cannot be bought from their original sources any more means that
no matter how you argue it Konami are not losing out , sort of anyway. However to
on a moral standpoint only pirate these games if you have no other way of getting
them. Oh course you could wait for a couple of years in the hope of konami releasing
a castlevania anthology ;)

-= SNES =-

Super Castlevania 4 / Akumajo Dracula (jp) : If you can get the Japanese version
as this contains blood and religious icons which were removed in the US and Europe

Dracula X / Dracula XX (jp) : Once again get the japanese version for blood and
crucifixes. :)

-= NES =- 

Castlevania / Akumajo Dracula (jp).
Castlevania 2 : Simons Curse.
Castlevania 3

-= Mega Drive / Genesis =-

Castlevania : Bloodlines / Vampire killer (jp).

-= Gameboy =- 

Castlevania 1
Castlevania 2
Castlevania Legends.

-= X68000 =- 

Akumajo Dracula. Get this game for the EX68 emulator its incredible.

-= PSX =- 

Dracula X : Nocture in the Moonlight.

-= Saturn =- 

Dracula X : Nocture in the Moonlight.

-= N64 =-

Castlevania 64 (not emulated I hear and from reports it not even that good).


8) Revision History 

28/07/99 ver 1.0 Initial release.


9) Contact infomation

If you have any correction, problems, ommisions to contribute then email me.

TyRaNiD (James Forshaw)


10) Thanx and Greetz

  Vitor : thanx for helping me get a copy of dracx, telling me where the prisoner on
  stage 3' was, giving me help on my spelling even though he is Brazillian :/ 
  and also giving me all those cracking problems :)

  Kurt Kalata : For providing the only catlevania site worth visting on the
  internet. Castlevania Dungeon

  Kaku : For helping us all get X68000 castlevania working on the emulator.

  Thanx to all the guys (and gals :/) on the Efnet IRC channel #X68000 for ignoring 
  me until I cracked Ex68 for you :P except for Arale, Albx ,droog and a few others.