Extreme Assault (e)

Andere Lösungen
Extreme Assault - Secret Area Guide

(c) by El Brutalo 
w/ some help from Blue Byte's Webpage

Ok folx, here it is, a list of secret areas for Extreme Assault. This list
does not claim to be 100% complete, so if you find more secrets, please mail
them to me.


Mission 1: Shoot the hanger floor to uncover a secret area. Besides extras,
you will also find a teleporter which will take you to the final mission of
Operation Area 1.

Mission 2: Blast the hillside between the two trees located at your 4 o'clock
when you start the mission.

Mission 4: Take a closer look at the church clock  it works! Destroy the
steeple of the church to obtain some extras.

Mission 5: As you are going up to the village, you will see a single tree
on your left. Shoot the base of the mountain behind the tree and a secret
place will be revealed. Here you can switch from the helicopter to the tank.

Mission 6: Return to the tunnel you passed through before the mission started.
Destroy the giant fan. It's blocking the entrance to a secret area.

Mission 8: Descend into the castle ruins for some more power-ups.

Mission 12: Go in the opposite direction as the green arrow is pointing to get some extras.


Mission 1: At the beginning of the mission, you can reveal a secret area if turn
around and shoot the wall behind you.

Mission 3: When the mission starts, do a 180 turn and take out the gun turret
positioned in the alcove. Then destroy the wall behind it to find a secret area.

Mission 9: At the start of the mission, turn around and shoot the gate on the
back of the rock bridge.


Mission 1: Descend into the volcanic craters to find some extras.

Mission 2: Blast all of the crates in the first room. At the end of the mission,
there is an entrance to a secret room on your right.

Mission 3: First, fly to the aircraft carrier to collect power-ups. Next, go to
the border of the mission area. Wait a short time and you will see an airliner
approaching. Shoot him down with a guided missile and then check out the beach.
In the jungle you will come to a fork in the road. Shoot the tree with the birds
in it.

Mission 4: Destroy the statue in the village for some power-ups.

Mission 5: When you come to a cave with a shattered bridge, descend to collect
some extras. Then fly straight ahead and shoot the apparent dead end to enter a
secret area.

Mission 6: One way to complete this mission is to first destroy the generator.

Mission 7: You'll find extras behind the first moving wall and after you shoot
a hole into the cave wall above the rock.

Mission 8: Drop down into the highest crater and revisit the hall found in Mission
2 for some nice suprises.

Mission 9: At the moving walls go straight, down, then straight and blast a
hole into the end of the tunnel for some extra ammo.


Mission 1: Shoot gate number three to collect some more extras.

Mission 6: In the room with the descending ceiling, there is a secret passageway
to the right.

Mission 8: Shoot the wall, by the ramp, next to the left generator to get a
few power-ups.

Mission 9: Some of the walls hide secret rooms. Which walls? Start shooting.


Mission 1: Kill the two friendly helicopters after they help you.

Mission 2: Under the rock bridge is an entrance to a secret area.

Mission 3: Check out the area where the tanks are coming from.

Mission 10: At the beginning of the mission, fly to the right just outside the
tunnel for some extras.


Mission 4: Follow the ice flow path to a cave that hides some extras.

Mission 6: Find the bridge on your radar and then and go up to collect your bonus.

Mission 7: Shoot the right corner of the large building for help in defeating
the final boss.


Use the name of HAMMER when you begin a network game. You'll be able to use a
unique series of pre-recorded messages.