Flashback (Tasten) (e)

Andere Lösungen
  TAB         = Inventory.
  BACKSPACE   = Inventory.
  SPACE       = Draw gun. (Shift will fire the gun!)
  SHiFT -    = Leap to the side you are facing.
             = Jump up, attempting to get on a
                higher platform.
             = Crunch.
   And      = Walk to the right / left.
  SHiFT -    = Run to the left.
  SHiFT -    = Run to the right.
   -        = Roll to the left.
   -        = Roll to the right.
  SHiFT       = Use object in the landscape.
  ENTER       = Use object you are holding. (From you inventory.)
  SHiFT -    = Pick up object on the floor.

  To leap a fucking long end:
  Hold down SHIFT, then press right (or left)FT key
  keep running and press UP! YEAH!